Saturday, 29 September 2007

Happy Michaelmas!

Today is Michaelmas - or St Michael's Day.

Right: The Michaelmas Daisy.

For hundreds of years the people of England and Europe kept this day as a special feast, almost on a par with Christmas... in the days before multi-culti mass immigration, before the mines, 'Satanic' mills and furnaces of industrialism and before the rampant usury of the Bank of England, founded in 1694.

Still after the dilution and chaos of immigration, the slavery and maltreatment of industrialism and the huge taxation and asset-stripping of the banking swindle... why should we want to remember the days of 'Merrie England' when our peoples were indigenous, our whole culture was Christian, and our people and our soil were inextricably linked?

After all haven't wage-slavery, miscegenation and usury-taxes "enriched" us all?

Left: Perhaps the most widely used image of St Michael.

So a very Happy Michaelmas to those brave souls out there who remember the freedoms and customs of our forefathers.

Maybe one day we'll celebrate this day again? Maybe one day we'll live in a land of freedom and identity? Maybe one day the land will be full of small-holdings in which Michaelmas will herald a full table, a lit candle and a home full of merry-making?...

A great darkness covers our land.

But we await the dawn: despite the traitor politicians, despite the usury bankers, despite the profiteering Capitalists...

In the meantime raise a glass for Michaelmas and let us rekindle the traditions of our forefathers!

Right: Michaelmas. by Graham Sutherland, 1928.

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Iran is no threat: but the Neo-Cons are!

Dear reader, grizzled veteran that you are, your Bull####-Meter must have had its needle on red almost continually for the last few days.

For not only has the Labour Party conference followed hot on the heels of the Lib-Dems, but we've also had the American media and Whitehouse response to Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad appearances in New York and its environs.

Left: He's started no illegal wars, he's not bankrolling any state with illegal nuclear weapons, he's not sending torture victims around the world...

What was the top moment of hyperbole and hypocrisy for you? I'm sure everyone has their favourite...

Mine was a Whitehouse spokesman complaining of Iranian involvement in Iraq.

Yes: Iran's involvement.

Not America's illegal war against Iraq.
Not America's nonsense over WMDs.
America's involvement in a sovereign nations thousands of miles away.

Not America's army and mercenaries killing Iraqi civilians.

Right: An image to break a thousand editorials. Approx 25,000 Jews live in Iran and despite specific financial inducements to live in Israel only a handful chose to leave. They enjoy civil and religious liberties in Iran. Here the President greets an anti-Zionist Jew at a Holocaust revisionist conference.

No... Tsk tsk.

Can't you see you fool??? It's all Iran's fault!!!

Isn't it all so clear?

Israel bomb, strafe and invade Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Egypt... and no warning from America (even after they bombed the USS Liberty!)

Iran are a neighbouring nation to Iraq and they played no part in sabre-rattling for the war, or instigating the war...

But do not blame Bush & America.

Do not blame his poodle Blair & the Westminster marionettes.

Do not even blame Israel for their foreign policy dictating Middle East conflicts or their lobby's control of Washington DC, or their possession of illegal nukes!!!

No: blame the guy who asks for open debate of history. Isn't that a threat to world peace? Ha ha ha!!!

Left: Kosher protesters use a Kosher newspaper front-page to push the US administration's Kosher message. Are they now trying to blame "911" on Iran? They tried that with Iraq and it was laughed at.

In a post-Saddam world the Neo-Cons need another "Mr Nasty" and whilst most of us would line up a Neo-Con, they've chosen Ahmadinejad, as the current bete noir of the Zionist warmongers.

Now wait for all their Neo-Con buddies and Kosher Tories (in the media and in political parties) line up to denounce Ahmadinejad as a holocaust-denier, as a war-monger and as a "mad Muslim."

By their fruits shall you know them... in other words: wot speaks like a Kosher Neo-Con IS a Kosher Neo-Con guvnor, no matter how they spin it out.

For more info and analysis see the FC e-zine #2901.

Iranian Speech to the UN
Iranian Speech at Columbia Uni

Quote to annoy Zionist supremacists and "Chosenites":

Human beings are all God's creatures and are all endowed with dignity and respect. No one has superiority over others. No individual or states can arrogate to themselves special privileges, nor can they disregard the rights of others and, through influence and pressure, position themselves as the "international community".

Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Searchlight "Homophobes?"

The September issue of Searchlies has all the usual mix of... well you know: the usual diatribes, half-truths, tittle tattle etc.

But what is it on the back cover? An advert for an anti-fascist Calendar (write "pick up my giro" on every other Thursday) which has a main picture of a man crusty kissing a woman crusty.

Now admittedly you have to look twice because of the preponderance of hair, but judging by the length of the stubble, one of them is a female of the species.

Tsk tsk.

Whatever would Gordon Brown say? Such a blatant promotion of "heterosexuality" (what normal people call "normalness").

Not so inclusive...

The Homosexuals Against Fascism And the Bigotry Of You (Hafaboy) have denounced Searchlight as "typical post-Stalinist Communist revisionist renegades moving against the communal spirit of the Fourth International."

A spokesman for Searchlight said "Well, I'll be buggered!"

A spokesman for MI5 responded: "Hang on then, I'll phone Peter Marriner."

Brown = No Change

Tony Blair has moved his B.S. machine from Downing Street out to Tel Aviv, which seems somehow fitting.

Gordon Brown promised "change."

To tell us all that things had... er... changed - we had a constant mantra of "change."

Now the Labour Party is decamped to Brighton and yesterday we had the joy of a speech from Commissar Brown himself.

Change was still prominent. No change there then... (sorry).

Yet the buzzword of the day/week was "STRENGTH." Brown is a strong leader see -- geddit?

Oh how lucky we poor proles are to have such a strong leader!

Things may be crumbling and crime endemic and a police state unfolding and identity lost everywhere and... well: you get the picture.

But fear not oh reader of The Sun and watcher of Eastenders, you valiant breed of the braindead: Mr. Brown is STRONG and there has been CHANGE. So all is well.

Were that it were so.

Take my hand, dear reader, and follow me as we skip down memory lane betwixt the failed politicians and discontinued sweets of our youth. Ah! Bitter sweet memories.

As we gaze around at all the failures, tyrants and con-men of the past we begin to wonder at how people can be taken in so many times.

Suddenly we're back in the present and we look at Brown's slogans and promises with renewed skepticism. Where is this change? The same regime blurting out the same hackneyed multi-culti soft-lefty Capitalist garbage.

They promise us the world and deliver us a slum to rival Imperial Calcutta.

As long as these shysters are fettered to the banking swindle and usury they cannot escape the debt bubble which will yet ruin more people, families and small businesses.

As long as these traitors are shackled to the failed multi-culti experiment they cannot deliver "pride," "identity" or "community" all of which they have done their utmost to destroy for decades.

(Left a horribly White 1957 socialist poster from New Zealand. Just think how "enriched" we've all become since 1957...).

As long as these hucksters are members of the same Lodges as the newspaper barons and top policemen they will not stop the country rolling inexorably towards a Big Brother police state. "It stops crime" they wail and entreat - forgetting to tell us that they are the ones who created the crime and this lawless society.

As long as these profiteers are chained to the corrupt bureaucracy in Brussels whatever we may wish is inconsequential because laws to worsen our situation will be made for us by our Socialist overlords.

So what change can there ever be?

Will Brown close the door on immigration?

Will Brown stop the slaughter of the innocents?

Will Brown stop the usury and debt?

Will Brown stop the rampant greed of Big Business?

Will Brown stop the slide to an EU-USSR?


So Change is a term which means nothing.

Perhaps the cherry on the cake, oh long-persevering reader, was when Brown used a Biblical quote to justify not supporting the family!

This Big Business-hugging usury huckster wants us to believe that somehow supporting the institution of marriage is "unChristian."

Of course, coming from a regime that has done more than any in 100s of years of history to promote buggery and the "rights" of homosexuals this is a farce.

Brown would have us believe that his abortionist, homosexual, Masonic-banking, humanist-drivel charabanc is Christian!?!?

Blair is gone. Brown is regent.

The Spin is dead! Long live the spin!

Monday, 24 September 2007

Pizza-based philosophy

Our intrepid hero stirs from his semi-conscious daydream.

He is surrounded by matching decor, modern chairs, gut-wrenching murals celebrating "life" and there seems a preponderance of very large windows allowing him to view the grey skies which are, at least, more alive and natural - unlike the charade unfolding before him which is interrupted only occasionally by the cries of a small child (or two).

The mind-numbing banality of the "trendy" building (which is vaguely round) has seeped into his very being and he looks bemused at the rest of his family as one of the servers busies him or herself clearing away items off the table in front of them, while the boss (in charge of the proceedings) looks on from the side with a glib look on his face, his hands clasped in a all too smug pose.

Where was our brave adventurer? At some happy clappy, evangelifish, ecumenical open-plan Church of Latter Day Morons?

No, dear reader, though apart from some large black ladies wobbling around and "praising the lord" there was little difference.

This was one of those chain pizzerias and the hero of the tale was loathe to be there, but as the Peruvians say, "needs must when the devil vomits in your shoes" etc.

And so what passes for pizzas were dished up, one in the latest fashion of these things (there's been square ones, quartered ones, stuffed-crust ones and so on). A pizza for all seasons.

Oh joy. If hell really is other people, then a long time in purgatory must be these kind of "restaurants" to stretch the term beyond all meaning and recognition.

Still, this particular visit to one of America's execrable exports went with one memorable and humorous moment as, sandwiched between a moment of Simpsons-esque chomping with food and beverages flying in all directions, one of the sprogs made a pleasantly refreshing observation.

Some of the regular blog readers may remember how one of them made the link between noise and students as we played eye-spy in a pub-outing in the Summer. The very same sprog had us laughing uncontrollably again with yet another pertinent pronouncement on this occasion.

We had been generally swapping moans, rants and funny asides in the jocular familial way many of you will be familiar with.

Somehow or other the word prostitute came into the conversation, which had the two youngest sprogs looking blankly whilst the eldest coughed politely and looked into his glass.

"What's a prostanute" asked the tiniest sproglet in all innocence, to which the other innocent - honestly, I kid you not, replied "It's something to do with the government."

Cue the laughter!

Out of the mouths of babes... etc.

Clearly my years of ranting, finger waving and controlled foaming at the mouth have paid off!

Needless to add, I decided against opting for the tart for dessert. I don't think my double-entendre meter could stand that kind of pressure.

Sunday, 23 September 2007

ISD Memorial Concert 2007

Hello to all the friends - old and new - we met at yesterday's Ian Stuart Memorial.

There were some old (very old!) friends there (I'm naming no names) and a good opportunity to chat with nationalists from across GB and Europe.

Band of the night had to be the ever-popular Blackout, for my money closely followed by John (of Nemesis doing his ballads) and Brutal Attack; but well done to all concerned - bands and organisers for no mean feat of such a well put on show.

Word was the turn-out was circa 1000, at a guesstimate.

Well done to all concerned.

P.S. B&H mag #37 - brand new out - is now available from FC (£2 plus postage).

Friday, 21 September 2007

Old Fashioned?

You are setting yourself up for a punchline if you ever say (aloud!) "I think I may have been born in the wrong century."

Some of you may remember John Tyndall being made the butt of jokes in Searchlies when he wrote to an Irish woman that he had one foot in the 19th Century and one foot in the 18th (not quoting verbatim obviously).

I can empathise to some degree though.

When we see the family crumble, when we see men turned into wage slaves or dole bums, when we see morality brushed aside as an inconvenience on the motorway to hedonism and/or big bucks, when we see whole communities brought to their knees through drugs and the crime endemic that drugs brings about; it does beg the question - why does it have to be this way?

That is not to say that I am ever misty eyed about the past, nor do I see our history through rose tinted specs (yeah... "shoulda gone to Specsavers!").

To take JT's analogy, the 18th Century was surely the time when most of our people were thrown off the land. The big businessmen made a lot money, the bankers ruled the world, Freemasonry was in the ascendancy.

The 19th Century was little better, in fact things got worse. Our people lived in single-room slum dwellings with no running water in cities like London, Manchester, Bristol etc. Men were worked like slaves (though "we" aren't allowed to demand reparations) in woefully poor conditions and to alleviate the slave-conditions, boredom, danger, monotony many turned to alcohol.

Those whose forefathers had farmed the land, who had formed the yeoman armies to defend the country, who had mixed work and leisure six days a week, who had drank alcohol in controlled quantities day in day out (akin to the French with their respect and love for wine today I guess) were turned into the worked-to-death, wage-slaves, slum-dwelling alcoholics of the 18th and 19th century cities.

There was an interesting programme on TV last night wherein the comedian Griff Rhys-Jones traced his family back to Merthyr Tydfil and Llanelli in South Wales. One of his forebears died in a drunken street brawl (in Llanelli) and another died in a pit explosion (in Merthyr).

When Rhys-Jones read a London newspaper's account of a visit to the pit his great grandad (?) died in he was horrified. The conditions, the health risks, the high mortality etc...

In a report (at the time) of the death of his ancestor the blame was put on the laziness of the workers. It was a lie. The men (he wasn't the sole death) died when underground gas ignited because they had to work by a naked flame.

As Rhys-Jones explained, the safety-lamp had been invented by then, but the men were made to buy them themselves... The mine owners (who built such fine, grandiose stately homes with their obscene profits) wouldn't even supply safety equipment to the men who worked, sorry... slaved, in those mines.

What a life!

Those were the days when if a man died he left a family behind with no means of support - again as the programme showed with the death of the man in Llanelli, whose family was then split up and sent off to become "inmates" at school-institutions (still, better than the horrors of the workhouse that many ended up in).

So there we have it.

I do wish we could revert to the days when the family was sacrosanct, when people felt an affinity to the land, when community was more than a pc "buzz word" and so on...

But to those who think the Victorian or similar times were somehow rosy (I guess we could label them reactionaries or some kind of conservatives) we need to be aware of the equally squalid nature of those times, although the people were affected in different ways.

The problem really is Capitalism. That is something that many nationalists have been loathe to understand or even recognise!

As an aside, I remember 20 years ago talking about this with a local treasurer for a "patriotic party" who then went off to complain that I was a "Communist."

In America, some circles of erstwhile "patriots" (albeit some are vaguely Neo-Cons) busy themselves denouncing people like Distributists, agrarians and similar as "Communists."

These kind of people have no understanding of history, politics and reality; many of them also seek to defend Capitalism as if it were somehow the patriotic, even the Christian option!

Let's recap:

Capitalism enclosed the land.

Capitalism forced our people into the slums, into the factories and down the mines.

Capitalism created the power of the banks and the tax system.

Capitalism has attacked the community and the family through policies designed to maximise profits - cheap foreign labour etc.

Capitalism has also tried to teach our people that morals don't matter, loyalty doesn't matter, nationhood doesn't matter: as long as the larder is full and a decent wage comes in - all else is secondary.

That is what Capitalism has done and what it is. It is not patriotic, it is not Christian, it is not moral.

Capitalism is all about profit, all about money. All else is secondary or an inconvenience.

What a shame the folk couldn't stay on the land. What a shame we couldn't retain that self-sufficiency, that minimal taxation.

What a shame that modern advances in medicine, for example, couldn't have been coupled with a retention of freedom, and of values that have all but disappeared.

Oh well...

As we are surrounded by immorality, by drugs and crime, by adulterers and profiteers, we should remember that our great grandfathers had it little better; but it shouldn't stop us (as brave souls did in their times) trying to right the wrongs, whilst exposing the Reds who offer paradise-on-earth but in reality offer the same slums, factories and wage-slavery (but all owned by the State fat boss instead of the Capitalist fat boss - as we've seen in Russia a few years ago, oft-times the very same men...)

Food for thought.

In 1851, a boy born in inner Liverpool had a life expectancy of only 26 years.
What is Distributism?

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Northern Rock Bottom

And so after the government stepped in to prop up a banking system based on debt and meaningless bits of paper... the queues dissipated outside the Northern Rock branches yesterday.

Except for just one.

Where might that branch of the Northern Pebble be?

Yep: Golders Green!!! Oy Vey!

How very stereotypical!

Monday, 17 September 2007

Blood n Guts in Golders Green

For those of you following the rugby World Cup, and still mopping about after England's defeat by South Africa and Wales's defeat by Australia... all is not lost.

Apparently both "home nation" rugby squads are taking steps to strengthen their attack - especially in scrums, rucks and mauls.

Word is the team coaches have been showing the teams video footage of the "queues" outside the Northern Rock bank's Golders Green branch at the weekend!

For overseas readers: Northern Rock bank has had a rush on with customers withdrawing £2 Billion in two days, after a scare linked with the American sub-prime mortgage fiasco - and Golders Green is a heavily Jewish area of north London.

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Happy Owain Glyndwr Day!

A very happy Owain Glyndwr Day to all our Welsh readers and those of Welsh descent.

Glyndwr is an inspiration for all those who fight for National Freedom; his story is one of sacrifice, victory, overwhelming odds and finally defeat and exile.

He wished Wales to be independent, to have its own University/ies, to be recognised by the Church as a sovereign nation, and who knows if the decline in the Welsh language of later centuries might not have happened had Glyndwr won the day.

The Owain Glyndwr 5 x 3 foot flag is available to buy at the FC Online Shop (contact us for details if you wish to pay via paypal).

Nationalism: Sweet and Sour

It's funny isn't it? - but when you're a youngster, in your teens especially, the world seems in the palm of your hand, and - full of the vim and vigour of youth - you set out on your crusade to "change the world."

Now far be it from me to burst any bubbles, but very rarely do any of these idealistic dreams of youth come true.

As Paul Weller of The Jam once sang: "The world is your oyster but your future's a clam."

Sure you'll meet and convince people of the truth, you may even turn an area into a thriving one for nationalism.

I remember doing all this and more, and losing some old friends and even getting in rows with family members etc. etc., all cheerfully done, of course, for "the party."

I don't want to burst any bubbles, especially for the youngsters out there embarking on the nationalist road but let's get a few things straight:

1. As a nationalist you're more likely to get shafted by a fellow nationalist, despite the attacks you may occasionally suffer from reds or immigrants.

2. All the work you do for "the party" will probably be undone by the party leadership, and lost when you leave having seen through the facade, or when there is factionalism within or without "the party."

3. Very little changes in this world unless it has the tacit approval of the Freemasons. That encompasses Big Businessmen, media moguls & editors, politicians, top policemen, etc.

As such, setting out on the nationalist road is a pretty thankless task because you are likely to sacrifice much for little gain, you are likely to be shafted by those you place your trust and loyalty in, and at the end of it the country will probably be no better than when you started.

So why do you, I and others do this thankless task, where if you don't do well people will point the finger and scream "failure" or if you do well the same people will point the finger and scream "egotist?"

There is the Truth of course.

Just because the Freemasons are in the ascendancy and seem to rule all today, it does not mean that we should walk away and surrender. Our own form of political guerrilla warfare, picking the time and place we fight, defending the truth and attacking the lies of a vast bloated enemy is important.

The Truth deserves to be defended no matter how popular or unpopular it is, no matter the vast scale of moral relativism, political vacuousness and the sheer greed and opportunism that surrounds us.

Every now and then you will find a fellow traveler, a kindred spirit, who has also discovered the truth and suffered the slings and arrows of a disingenuous hydra-esque enemy, and when you look into his or her eyes and see the same zeal for the truth, coupled with the humility to put the cause before personal benefit, and the ability to smile in adversity, then it all becomes worthwhile.

Furthermore if you are blessed in having a family, there is little that can be more satisfying in bringing up children to understand the truth, to know about history, to understand morality, to know right from wrong.

I can honestly say that, as an individual (not as a husband or dad) that visiting a comrade's house and being surrounded by children who are happy and healthy and brought up to be loyal to the truth and our traditions, it does lift the spirit.

How much more important is that than the banal posturing of some post-adolescent should-know-better ne'erdowell on some Channel 4 documentary about "nazis."

Yes, I have come through the "I'm gonna change the world" idealism of youth, I have seen leaders betray, I have seen 'comrades' stab-in-the-back and let loose a myriad of slanders, I have seen events twisted and false accusations fabricated; and doubtless in the perfect 20-20 vision of hindsight there are things I would have done differently, but truth be told there is little I would change drastically.

The key things for all nationalists of any age, IMHO are:

1. Be true to your beliefs. This goes beyond personalities, beyond parties or any other vehicles.
2. Hold fast to genuine comrades and friends. Even if some temporary spat might make you want to walk away from them, today's argument is tomorrow's talking-point.
3. Avoid shysters and con-men. You can usually spot them a mile off. They will offer you inducements, they will massage your ego, they will offer you key positions...
4. Keep a sense of humility. The loud voices and stirrers will undo themselves and probably won't be around in a few years. By all means defend your honour and what is right: but don't be drawn into the intricacies of those who are probably enemy plants in the cause.
5. Do not suffer attacks on the truth. Those who try to make the unacceptable acceptable should be confronted, openly, truthfully and in a spirit of charity. If your "superiors" attack you for it, you will know (sooner rather than later) that they place transitory matters before what is right.
6. You will be tempted to walk away. Don't. Count to 10. Take time off. Ultimately you have a duty. Whatever the reason, talk to those you trust.
7. Have fun. The cause should never be above a bit of a laugh. Some of my funniest memories are of my nationalist travels or events which had me in tears of laughter.

Above all realise that nationalism is only as good as the people in the cause and we all know some of their defects; but at the same time nationalism is a cause above and beyond the transitory membership and certainly not the property of any one leader, group, party or individual.

Read. Understand history. Understand tradition. Understand the banking swindle. Understand Freemasonry. Understand Zionism and its precursors. Understand the attacks upon the family.

When you understand all these things, when you have the bigger picture, when you can see back through history you will understand that you are just one person in a long history of victories and defeats, glories and ignominy, heroism and treachery, freedom and slavery.

Then you will understand that we do have the free will to accept the mantle of struggle and sacrifice, or to walk away and be materialist slobs, acquiescent in the destruction of the last remnants of Christendom.

That is the reality of the choice we face.

Make it. Decide between right and wrong.

You may not change the world, but as long as you change the character of your soul and remain loyal to the Truth, all else is secondary.

History is littered with those who sacrificed all and even paid the ultimate price for National Freedom and Social Justice, for Morality and Truth. Some barely knew anything other than betrayal, bitterness and defeat.

Be inspired by their example, keep your feet on the ground, keep a sense of humility and a sense of humour... and you will change far more than those who think they will "change the world."

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Just an Old Fashioned Dad

Sorry everyone, one of my wee bairns (aka Candidate Cadres) has put me right (and not for the first time). Apparently shell suits are not the plate de jour these days in the circles that enjoy long-term Layaboutitis and severe Giromania.

Apparently it's track-suits these days: the difference may appear subtle to some, but I'm sure it does matter... to someone, and as regards my journalistic integrity (and isn't that an oxymoron!) I feel honour-bound to correct such a blatant and flagrant break of Blog etiquette.

Still, to many out there in Blogland, the irony of dole bums whose idea of a workout is smoking two spliffs in a row wearing any sporting apparel will not be lost.

Britain for the British??? Ha ha ha.

Ta-Da! This is the 200th Post of the FC Blog!

So a big thanks from me and Creagh1904 to all of you for your forbearance, patience and fortitude in sticking with this Blog, through all the rants, all the finger-pointing and all the navel-gazing.

Hopefully much of it has made some sense and even if it helps the patriot see through some of the smoke-screens and spin of our enemies, job done!

Anyway, onto today's point.

What was it I heard Gordon Brown say last week? Something about "BRITISH JOBS FOR BRITISH WORKERS?"

It's funny that, because that's what NF activists used to paint on walls (there was a big slogan on a wall as the train pulled out of Cardiff Central Train Station for years - sadly faded and overgrown the last time I went by there) to the disdain of the multi-cultis, at the same time the Trade Unions were busy welcoming the mass immigration that deliberately undercut wages and lost the indigenous people jobs.

Perhaps this obscene sloganeering is all part of Brown's wish to appear attractive to "Middle England" and no longer the dour lefty 'Son of the Manse' Presbytarian Scot; though of course at the same time he's playing a game with Labour traditionalists of distancing himself from Iraq and the love-in which Tony Blair had with George W Bush.

All things to all men?

You betcha!

In a pastiche of the Private Eye "Prime Ministerial Decree" in which control-freak Brown is painted as an old-school Stalinist (after publicly being called the same by a civil servant), Brown even made reference to "full employment."

Which got the old grey matter ticking over. Really? Everyone in work? No jabbering immigrants or shell-suit brigade climbing out of bed midday to go cash their giro at the post office?

What kind of dream world is Comrade Brown living in?

Right: A Welsh worker thrown on the dole by Marks & Spencers decision to switch to buying Far East imports protests outside M&S - whose, like all good Capitalists, first loyalty is to profit.

But before I get onto that I was given a rude awakening and a glimpse of the truth when some kind radio commentator had the temerity to explain what full employment actually means.

He explained it meant 80% employment!

So 20% of the population is on the dole and Comrade Stalin... er Brown, says 'full employment' - was ever anything so obscenely twisted? Is Capitalism admitting that their is a constant underclass that will never work?

Anyone who lives in the real world - by which I mean those who don't live in the Westminster bubble, or who live halfway up a mountain admiring the views that their money has afforded them as they've chosen to flee the mess - knows that there are a large number of people who live on the dole, just as there are women who chose to have a one-parent "family" so they can get a free house, free income, free rent, free everything...

I hate to sound like a hard-hearted Colonel Buffinton-Smythe, but the fact is that what was supposed to be a safety net for the working man, so that his family needn't suffer months with no income (after families were forced from the land and self-sufficiency to mine, factory, workhouse and wage-slavery) has so obviously become a way-of-life for a type of person who expects eternal hand-outs.

We rightly moan about the immigrants who flood in and expect free housing, free healthcare, free schooling etc. and the millions in taxes that go to pay for it all.

We rightly complain about the banking swindle that creates servitude and high taxation for the working man.

But what politician will ever have the honesty to attack the immigrant offspring and the lazy indigenous deadbeats who choose to live life on the dole?

The dole (and its "free" housing) has become not only a lifestyle for a large swathe of people, but it is also a form of bribery by a class of politicians who are just as busy filling their boots with tax-pounds at the other end of the financial spectrum.

So we have:

1. A "socialist" Prime Minister with no back-tracking from Private Finance Initiatives (PFI) deals and privatisation by stealth.

2. A "socialist" PM who still hob nobs and is bank-rolled by the same corrupt tax-avoiding super-rich.

3. A "socialist" PM who plays footsie with the anti-War, anti-Zionist brigade whilst keeping troops in Iraq and Afghanistan (troops who are still dying).

4. A "patriot" PM who speaks of British Jobs for British Workers, who leaves the flood gates open, keeps up the pc anti-racist tirade, and basically changes little.

5. A "patriot" PM who says that immigrants "must speak English" when he knows that the vast number of African asylum seekers will have to do no such thing, and the huge number of Asian "family members" joining those already here will, again, have to do no such thing.

Oh this country is in a mess and we all know it.

Just this morning the Archbishop of Canterbury (Rev Dr. George Beardie) was on the radio condemning the rate of abortion in the country as out of control.

Every news bulletin shows a glimpse of the street crime, and growing gun crime (despite our strict gun laws) and our own eyes and ears tell us of increasing anti-social crime in our own communities.

So who will fix it?

The last thing we need is another "all things to all men" vacillating politician who spins headlines about "British Jobs" whilst doing nothing to stop Chinese power, debt and international Banking strength and increasing globalisation, or who plays at being against Zionist wars whilst keeping our troops in Iraq for insurgents to play target practice with.

To sum it all up one of the PM's new appointments in the "Age of Change" (yeah, right...) condemned spin tactics by the Tories this week.... just as Labour announced their new advertising campaign, handled by Saatchi.

Left: A Saatchi advert for Thatcher's Tories. If only we knew back then that 20% unemployed means "full employment."

Footnote: Lord Saatchi is that breed of uber-Capitalist Tory who would be eligible for Israeli citizenship and the "right of return" to Israel despite not being born there. Saatchi spearheaded Maggie Thatcher's successful election campaigns.

The more times change... etc.

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Online Payments

It seems that our enemies have been at work again - we can no longer take payments direct through the FC Online Shop.

Those supporters, especially from overseas, who wish to avail themselves of our great range of merchandise - coupled with our fantastic 24 hour turnaround - can still pay by paypal.

If you wish to order from us, either use the paypal address you've used for FC in the last few months, or contact us for details.

Thanks for your support.

Pictured here are two of the newest flags we have in the FC Online Shop.

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Saving the Planet

Andrew Marr's show is the political talking shop of a Sunday Morning on the BBC - and it delivered a gem this morning that proves exactly how shallow, vacuous, big business-driven this world is.

Oh we had the Tory (read rich son a rich Zionist) Zac Goldsmith telling us all how we can "save the planet" (copyright).

Why do the politicians tell us such things?

Just yesterday I ranted to the sprogs (much to their glee and to much applause) how the traitor politicians turn to "saving the planet" because they cannot even clean-up London (where most of them are based) of street-crime, drugs, burglary etc.

Why deal with the non-pc issues of today (beyond sound-bites and spin) when you can dreamily aspire to save the whole planet in the next 10 years???

It has all the substance and consistency of Prescott's plans for infrastructure, travel, the roads etc. had 10 years ago: i.e. lots of spin, no results, things will worsen etc., but it won't stop the politicos announcing great initiatives (usually announcing many of them several times over).

Back to the BBC's Andrew Marr Show though.

The best was still to come. Some non-entity actor came on (Mr. Who-He) about how he has started World Peace Day. Oh the tears flooded out back at the FC hovel.

He was a normal actor and realised one day that he wanted to change the world. (Can you hear the polite applause rippling across suburbia? Neither can I)

So what did he do? He approached the UN....

Oh yes - the UN. That bastion of humanistic bureaucracy!

So now we have a UN Day of Peace.

Stop selling guns Mr spook-backed big businessman! Stop torturing innocents Israel! Stop the extraordinary renditions America! Peace has arrived!!!

Cue the flowery music.

Then Andrew Marr turned to Annie Lennox (who's involved with the Peace thingy) and said "many people are cynical" when pop stars (for she is such) get involved.

"Yes, but if I wasn't involved this wouldn't happen" replied the aging Scots liberal in a typically pop-star's way, full of humility.

Then in the quickest and cheesiest topic-change in recent history, Marr intoned "so tell us about your latest album" and the BBC cut to a video of one of her songs.

Yes, we then had more minutes spent discussing Ms. Lennox's new album, her time with the Eurythmics (have I spelt that right? Do you care?) etc. ad nauseum.

World Peace was finished with. Presumably World Peace was delivered and "sorted" - and onto the far more serious business of shifting albums!


I had tears in my eyes. Perhaps tears for the victims of vicious regimes murdered and tortured today - but moreso tears of laughter for Ms. Lennox and her Crusade to... flog her new album!

It was a treat to behold dear reader!

The postscript of that gem was our Home Secretary appearing on thew show to say that she was tackling immigration (pertinent after talking about crime, local services and house building).

"How so?" You ask. And I will tell you dear reader.

Our beloved Home Secretary Ms. Smith has started a quango on the path to producing a report on immigration's impact on local services...

Oh!!!! That's that "sorted" then.

What were we worried about???

What will the report deduce? That mass immigration (in the millions) does impact on housing, schools, hospitals etc.?

It might also discover that bears poop in forests and that the Bishop of Rome attends Mass!!!!

Still, by the time this body, this quango, this committee finally reports a few more million will be through the door and we'll move onto the next problem...

That's how politicos sweep news under the carpet.

Sir Humphrey eat your heart out!

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Michael Easter expelled from the BNP?

I just received a text from a longtime BNP organiser friend who stated that Michael Easter has been expelled from the BNP.

It was rumoured for a few weeks that Easter had charges of financial mismanagement leveled against him (for not providing local account, receipts or similar).

I needn't mention that the national BNP hadn't delivered their accounts for a long time (in danger of being fined for it) or the kerfuffle over the (two) Solidarity Union(s) and the receipts and accounts mismanaged by an Executive member who then went off to form his own new version of the Union!

Some said Easter would be expelled and that the trumped up charges were a convenient smokescreen - no matter what defence he gave, because of his involvement in the democratic process of being the election agent of the BNP leadership challenger Chris Jackson, for which all involved were labelled "vermin" in the Blog of the BNP leader.

And so we see how democracy works... you are free to have your own opinions, only don't air them or you'll be expelled (remember how a sitting councilor was forced out recently, ostensibly for openly debating 911).

After the resignation of Jonathan Bowden over scurrilous attacks on his reputation (BNPer "loyalists" openly called him a paedophile on a website - an outright lie) and now this (Mr. Easter was, so I understand a founding member of the BNP) one has to wonder: who's next?

It's sad that nationalism has to be like this, after all one reader said after my post on the worship of "Choice" he was upset that this blog made so much sense yet continued to have a go at the BNP.

There is a dilemma there, because others in the BNP - including modernisers - often say "why don't you join the BNP" (often whilst belittling our efforts - either they want us or they don't!!!) but the sad fact is that a post like the one on Choice would see anyone expelled from the BNP (for anti-Semitism if nowt else) as well as condemned for being Christian extremists, pro-Muslim conspiracy cranks, Pro-Life extremists, anti-homosexual bigots and all the rest of the liberal mantra which seems to hold sway these days.

As a colleague said recently, when we see Bowden, Smith, Easter, the Edwardses, Newlands, Ebanks and the other myriad of intelligent people who have been dumped on by the BNP (primarily over issues linked with accounts and finance - not policy) one does tend to think "there but for the Grace of God go I..."

The debate will go on, of course, but as long as a nationalist party contains practicing known homosexuals, as long as a nationalist party soft-soaps on Israel and Zionism, as long as a nationalist party takes an unclear line on race-mixing and immigration... I and many others cannot give it our support.

To be honest even if we did, as "neo-Nazis, anti-Semites, bigots, political dinosaurs" and all the other pc buzz-words attached by liberals, how long before such support were thrown back in our face?

I'll ask Mr. Easter...

Pip pip!

Booing the Israelis!

Sitting watching the start of the England V Israel match, I was shocked to hear so many fans boo before AND after the Israeli national anthem - and boo each of the names of the Israeli players.

Oh the shock! The sheer hatred!!! Such anti-Semitism...

Ha Ha!

It seems all is not lost, and the English patriotic football supporter is not taken in by the propaganda and soft-soaping of the "kosher patriots" and "modernists."

Imagine the columnists in the week... how many holocausts will they endure over this???

Just keep up the mantra "Oh the hatred" and you'll go some way to understand their (renewed) suffering over such blatant anti-Semitism!

Just one question... which team did Lee Barnestein support? ;-)

John Motson said Israel are playing "bodies behind the ball..."

Makes a change from bodies behind the wall (like back home).

Speaking of which if England do get a free kick and someone tells the Israeli players to make a wall, will they get in the bulldozers and seal off Wembley from the rest of London?

Friday, 7 September 2007

We Have No Choice

I was reading a book the other day by an author - Carol Robinson I think her name is (no, I'm not lazy, I don't have the book to hand) - who can only be described as a Christian Sociologist.

She'd probably be horrified by that expression, because in part she tears into sociologists with their inbred materialism.

Anyway, I just reached a part in which she deals with agony aunts. She spares little ire for them, and especially the liberal wishy-washy way in which 'everything is right.'

Of course today (the book was published circa 1991, and I think most of her material was written some decades earlier) most of us will recognise this as the modernist mantra of "choice."

Oh yes. Consumer choice is all the rage. 1001 varieties of crap. We are told we have a choice in where to school our kids. We're told we have a choice in where to have our operations... and, of course, there's the choice we have in where to put an 'X' every four years.

And what a lot of horse poo it all is.

Education standards fall. Schools turn our kids into brain dead morons or materialist junkies. We are lucky to be operated on at all. And as for democracy... we get to choose between one lot of Freemasons over another in this land of Tweedledum and Tweedledummer politics.

In the car today I heard some expert being interviewed. This daft bint was a doctor (stone the crows!) and not only that, but she was just made a key advisor to the government... God help us!

She was advocating sex education for three year olds. She was praising books for pre-teens with some pretty graphic material in them.

But even this pornographer to the (once, supposedly) innocents, carried on the mantra of "choice."

It went something like:

"Handle it in your own way. Some are uncomfortable in talking to their young children about such things... but if you can, that's great... blah blah."

These bastards drag us, our families, our children, our society down into the mire - yet all the time they carry on their liberal mantra of "choice."

How many of us would like the choice to live in a White, Christian society? Where the elderly are treated with respect, where marriage is upheld and supported, where crime is stamped upon, where usury is illegal, where the rights of the citizen to live free from fear, intimidation and obsessive taxation are seen as normal?

Where are these choices?

Instead all we get is the crap spouted by liberals.

How many times have you seen an Agony Aunt in a newspaper reply to some sad, confused young kid taken in by faggot propaganda that he should "experiment and see what feels comfortable" and so on?

These people, who think they can advise us - and certainly advise a government (which has passed so many laws in favour of faggotry that even the Church of England has reported that it will soon be illegal for Anglicans to openly question the morality of homosexuality) - have the morals of a stray dog.

There is little wonder that the roots of the Agony Aunts can be discovered amongst a certain people, and that the psychologist trade does best in the "internationalist" areas such as New York and Los Angeles.

People whose lives are messed up, who cannot find love, who are lost in a haze of drugs, who may not even know of a stable family life, who understand nothing of their history, whose only knowledge of worth is how much they earn/steal a month... turn to these materialist, liberal waffling "advisors."

Oh yes... and the rest of the brain dead herd look up to the "celebrities" who spend so much of their time in and out or 'rehab' and on and off the psychiatrist's couch.

What a truly vacuous world we live in, where man is told to worship at the altar of "Choice" (kill your unborn or child or let him/her live - it's your choice) and as long as you do not take a moral stand, as long as you do not rock the boat, as long as you do not dare to gainsay this liberal religion, then you can get by.

And that my friends is where they get us. If you do all that is right by you and your family, yet keep it purely within your four walls, then you are as guilty as the Agony Aunts, Psychiatrists, Politicians and the rest of the choice worshippers: because you are saying whilst morality, normality, justice and so on will be observed and promoted at home and amongst ourselves, we'll abide by "choice" and let our friends, relatives, neighbours, workmates etc. choose what's best for them.

We become guilty by omission.

We're saying that our way is just another "choice" in a myriad of "valid options" or (sick bucket to hand oh brave reader) "lifestyle choices."

It's not popular to say it, but there is right and wrong.

If we fail to speak out against immigration, against homosexuality, against Zionism, against muggers and rapists, against burglars and liars, against abortion, against Communism and Capitalism... then we play into the hands of the liberal enemy.

I am not suggesting for one moment that we turn into raving loons, foaming at the mouth and shouting at passing cars as we do the weekend shopping; but do not let situations pass you by to stand up for what is right.

Do it sensibly. Do it in a calm, measured way. Do it by means of an argument that suits the situation. Learn facts and know your onions before engaging a subject.

You'll be surprised once you broach a subject, or if someone talks to you in work, on the train, at the school gates, in the pub, at the post office, at sports practice or matches... wherever that if you push the correct line they will appreciate it.

They may not agree. They may even argue back... but having someone actually make a stand and not come out with the liberal mantra will make them think.

If they are one of our enemies, it will remind them that there are people out there who do not swallow their lies and propaganda. If they are supportive, it will give them courage to make a stand too - and it will have a knock on effect.

Most people are sick of immigration. Most people are fed up of the homosexual agenda. Most people are critical of Israel. Most people hate the banks. Most people are wary of police powers and ID cards... and so on. But most people are afraid too.

They are conned into being afraid.

They are conned by the "choice" argument, so they either think their opinions are old fashioned, or they fear to speak to others about any number of issues.

So the next time (as has happened to me in each of the following examples) someone at a rugby match moans about the amount of immigrants in Manchester; or someone in the Post Office complains of all the queers on TV; or someone in the street talks about the banking rip-off... engage that person in conversation. Give them some examples to go away with.

The next time they see you they won't be afraid to talk about it again.

I met a comrade (for the first time) recently who has gone on to be a huge help with various initiatives.

He got involved in the last year or so after his mother overheard another Comrade talking in the Post Office about Freemasonry. She knew her son was interested in things she knew little about (the Bilderbergers, the New World Order etc.) and so after a quiet word, put the two of them together... and that was how just one person was put on the straight and narrow.

We all know that leaflets and stickers have their place and certainly still bring in supporters... but the old fashioned word of mouth can do a lot more, because how many people in this day and age take the time to read another leaflet in amongst the reams of junk mail? Or how many people driving to and from work see a sticker in the street?

Yet that one, albeit small, conversation just touching on some ill or other, could be enough to get them thinking.

Try it...

Don't let the values we hold dear die on your doorstep.

Don't let the golden calf of "choice" batter you into submission.

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Pop Theory

A report in The Lancet says certain additives to be found in fizzy pop and sweets might make children hyperactive...

Apparently there was also a report that Bears are likely to defecate in wooded environs!

A similar report suggested that the Pope may well be of a Catholic persuasion!

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

The Stuff of Nightmares

Has Private Eye's Justice Cocklecarrot come to life?

So it would seem today as reports of a judge calling for compulsory DNA testing of every person in the UK, and of every visitor to the UK.

What's the whirring noise?

Why! 'Tis George Orwell spinning in his grave!

Meanwhile we hear reports of "scientists" getting permission to create embryos (i.e. unborn living creatures) which are half human and half animal!

These kind of chimeras used to be the stuff of legend, of nightmares... of grandma's spooky stories.

No longer.

We live in a land which is suffering crime at every level, and the Police State cannot stop it.

We live in a land where the sanctity of life is increasingly meaningless as the abortuaries kill millions and the elderly are shoveled into care(less) homes.


Yes, once upon a time... No longer dear reader, no longer.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Helping Our Dead Comrades' Children

Some of you may be aware the FC prides itself on raising funds for the Violent Storm families - which we've done for the last few Christmases. We'd like to do the same this year.

Indeed, we were contacted only recently by one of our dead Comrade's sons to say how happy he was with the new edition of the Violent Storm CD (see advert above) and to say thanks for the money raised via the sales of Blood & Honour Wales shirts.

We'd ask FC readers:

1. To support this aim by purchasing the Violent Storm CD from us (and beware - a cheaply made bootleg was run-off recently, without the blessing of the families and surviving member - needless to say the profiteers behind that gave no money to our friends' children.

2. To order the B&H Wales shirts and the Violent Storm badges, again to help raise funds.

3. With their next order on the FC website, to add on some of the Violent Storm flyers (see below) which are available in the leaflets section of the FC online shop. Even just a few can be handed to friends, enclosed in letters or even given out at meetings, socials, concerts etc.

Show your support of our fallen friends and comrades (15 years on and not a day goes by when we don't think of them).

Violent Storm, RIP.

FC Back Issues

A supporter was in touch recently asking if we had a copy of FC magazine #7 as she wanted to complete her collection.

Sad to say, we don't have any copies of that issue. It's one of several issues we have completely sold out of.

There are several others which are very low in stock too.

As well as being able to hold your head high in public (and being the talk of the town!), obtaining FC back issues is also a great way to read up on a wealth of nationalist insight, history, interviews and more...

We have all available FC back issues available to order on the FC Online Shop, just a couple of clicks away on your mouse...

So go visit today and get an armful of FC back-issues winging their way to your current abode (country mansion or cardboard box under the pier).

All you'll have left to do is buy in a case of beer and a four-pack of pork pies and you'll have all the ingredients of a great night in!


P.S. Check out our CD Roms as (along with films, online links, software etc.) they have some back issues (including sold out ones) scanned on them.

Monday, 3 September 2007

Take Back the Land!

In a recent post (Viva Le Crusties) I marked out, albeit briefly, the way in which I foresee the nationalist cause taking back this land for the people: the way in which we revitalise our land and bring it back to life.

"This Green and Pleasant Land" is a refrain often heard, but it is pretty much meaningless drivel.

Who enjoys the land?

Those parts that are infested with concrete tower blocks, overpopulated conurbations, graffiti-sprayed edifices sprawl as far as the eye can see. These parts - which most of our people live in, are neither green nor pleasant.

What of the rest?

Vast tracts lay empty, farmed by the sort of profiteering, chemical spraying agribusiness that is fast bleaching the land, our soil, of its health and vitality.

Oh yes, it's green and pleasant in its own little way, but much of it lies empty, so it can be admired from afar by commuters on motorways or by buses full of American or Japanese tourists.

The Scottish Model

Anyone who's been to Scotland, from the huge open tracts of Sutherland to the beauty of the Cairngorms cannot but be filled by wonder and awe. The land is awful in the original sense of the word: it fills you with awe.

But to anyone who knows their history the huge empty swathes of land are awful in the modern sense too. This land once bristled with native homesteads. Farmers, albeit subsistence farmers scratching a living from land not entirely best suited to crops, dotted the land.

People lived on that land and passed their smallholdings from father to son. They lived on the land, they fought for the land, their blood soaked the land and their bodies went back into the land... Ashes to ashes.

Of course the future was bleak as it ended for most of them with the Highland Clearances, when their gentrified Clan Chiefs put the value and profits of sheep farming before the rights of the Highlanders and the duties of a Clan Chief to his people (in essence what was once considered his extended family).

The clearances were also tied in, of course, with Westminster politics - i.e. an easy (if nasty) way to clear out those last remnants who were likely to oppose the government and/or Monarchy (viz the 1715 and 1745 Jacobite Uprisings).

And so, dear reader, you now think I'm warbling on about something tragic, yet romantic (or romanticised to be more truthful, for what is romantic about ripped away from your home, your land, your people and often your very nation?).

What have events hundreds of years ago, north of the border, to do with England (and Wales) today?

Well, oh patient reader, it has everything to do with us. Our people were also (if you'll excuse the pun) turfed off the land and made into wandering servants of employers, rather than free men working their own land, when the land was "enclosed."

In the Summer holidays just gone I went with the sprogs to a Norman castle out in the back of beyond which we hadn't visited before. Most of it was ruined (in The English Civil War) but one tower especially remained, and so we went all the way up it.

It was quite some way up and atop it you could see for miles, as Norman sentinels must have done not a few years before.

Atop this tower you could see some fields outside of the town, where local residents were still allowed to farm the land in the strip system (the medieval way of providing food for families) right up until the 1970s (yes, just 30 short years ago).

It was a beautiful sight. Even though the fields were now little more than meadows (presumably grazing sheep) the patched vision of land, in which you could easily imagine a patchwork of various plants, crops etc. grown for the townsfolk was a reminder of how our people used to be far more self-sufficient.

And so I do believe that we must, as nationalists, as Distributists, as patriots who desire freedom and self-sufficiency for all, strive for the day when our land is also a patchwork of small holdings, with greater abundance and a wider variety of crops, fruit, livestock etc.

Green fields stretching on forever may look "pretty" (and believe me, there's nothing I like more than a real wild meadow) but they in truth reflect how our land is now used for agribusinesses. Sometimes used to farm huge herds which in turn are exported, othertimes acre after acre of chemically treated crop to travel the country to fill supermarket wharehouses.

Just as we have been robbed of much of our woodland, by sheer short sighted-ness, so we have been robbed of our farmland.

The Scottish highlands are bare of people, and the way those people were torn from their ancestral lands is well documented.

They way in which the peoples of England and Wales were torn from their land - to become the factory slaves of the 18th and 19th Centuries - is less well known; it certainly is no folk-memory, as it should be.

This land belongs to us!

In reality one part of it should belong to each of us.

A land in which there is a greater breadth of foodstuffs and animal husbandry, in which the smallholdings are encouraged to barter (not only crops and foodstuffs, but also services), and in which the townsfolk enjoy the healthy organic food of more farmers' markets, not to mention more town and city farms and farmsteads, would be a land less dependant on foreign imports - and much healthier and happier.

At present there are huge waiting lists for allotments of land in towns and cities. People recognise the peace these small parcels of land can deliver; the joy to be gained in tilling the soil; the superior standard of food that comes from these places.

Try eating a homegrown tomato, full and juicy. Compare it to a supermarket one: there is no comparison! The supermarket one tastes of nothing. It's like eating water. The homegrown tomato tastes like an actual tomato!

How true is that of all foodstuffs; of all animals, their meat and their milk or cheese?

In an age when there is more insecurity than ever before; where children seek solace in made-up worlds online or via Playstations; in an age where people are searching for their roots; in an age where people are revolting against shipping foods across the world; when organic food is prized above all other: we can offer people a real future.

I have sat on a dry-stone wall of an afternoon with my bairns and watched field mice run in an overgrown wild field and just spent hours in amongst nature. It beats Ninja films, Tandoori takeaways and Grand Theft Auto games any day of the week!

You might think we live in a "Green and Pleasant Land" - I don't.

Half is alien and overpopulated; the other half is chemical agribusiness, absentee landlords and woefully underpopulated.

Our people are looking for answers, and all manner of degenerates and ne'erdowells are rushing to the fore to offer their "solutions" from centralising Socialists to unicorn-hugging New Agers, from wannabe-green Neo Con types with the latest environmentalist fads to bankers and profiteers who want to buy-up the land for their second-home markets.

We have to show our people that only we stand for freedom, for the ancient rights of our people to raise food on their own land, for the future of our children to be free on the land: free from crime, free from immigration, free from government intrusion... free to live a real life!

When our people were forced off the land by the profiteers who put gold before blood, they must have hoped and prayed that one day they, or their descendants, would return to the land.

The same breed of profiteers (albeit possibly richer ones) are still keeping the bulk of our people from the land and the Communists/Socialists etc. offer nothing but more cities, more factories, more race-mixing, more immigration, more lego-home housing estates, more degeneracy and faggotry etc.

It is up to us to build a land for a free people; and to allow a free people back to the land!

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