Sunday, 30 December 2007

BNP: The Corrupt Ask for More Money!!!

Just as people are seeing through the corruption, cronyism and contempt for members at the top of the BNP... the leadership reacts by mailing out to appeal for more donations!

A party that spends money on its own leader's house extension (it publicly attacked UKIP for similar) and which has been shown to act as a fund-raiser for the leadership's own wages and scams... which now has a rebellion of circa 60 organisers and councillors (leading many more) who are holding back donations, is now asking the plebs for more money!

You couldn't make it up!

And the party which includes practicing homosexuals, which includes the mixed-race and race-mixers and whose leadership uses Christianity as a cloak for its own Machiavellian schemes and Neo-Con aspirations, and whose leader wants an EU sinecure so as to grab a pension-for-life has the nerve to attack "militant homosexuals, immigrants and Eurocrats" - as well as its CIA-style bogeyman "radical Muslims."

Sheesh. Who are they trying to fool?

Seems some people never learn.

The more money they trouser, the more they want. Affordable Cars. House Extension. Great White Records. Collett's leaflet-printing scam... Money is taken in, skimmed and recycled amongst the corrupt cabal.

How much has been wasted on half-baked business schemes? How much has been wasted on plush hotel rooms? How much has been trousered along the way? Over the last 7 years it has to be dozens and dozens of thousands of pounds.

But still they want more.

Previous money-making scams centred around a Welshpool PO Box (NG). This one comes from a Leeds PO Box (MC).

Seems like the apprentice is learning from the master.

It used to be for Race & Nation.

Now it's for Shekels & Pension(s).

Why should a working class white family struggling to pay their mortgage or a little old white lady send these shysters £20 just to add to the large bundle of 'wonga' they are already skimming off in wages and expenses - not to mention their little side-lines they're conning their own members with?

It's all the more galling as the impression gained is they're doing this to cover the hole left from donations stopped and memberships withheld by those who have seen through the cronyism and corruption at the top, as if they're saying "you lot don't matter, a couple of mail-outs will fill the gap."

And to run it from Collett's PO Box in rebel-held Leeds when Collett is the reason for much of the rebellion?

if I was one of the rebels I'd be incandescent with rage.

Money-Grubbing and Corrupt
What To Do With The Form

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Saturday, 29 December 2007

FC Poll Result on Zionist Wars

Support Zionist Wars
1 (1%)
Oppose Zionist Wars
67 (88%)
Stay Neutral
8 (10%)

Some interesting points. Apologies for not keeping the results of our first Poll on what nationalism should stand for; but that poll was quite clear that repatriation and opposition to race-mixing and opposition to homosexuality were important.

With the above results (Poll ended 29/12/2007) it's clear that nationalists know their onions.

We don't know who the one voter in favour of Zionist wars was... we can only assume that his boss (Mr.Wolfowitz - left) let the Legal Chaffinch Lee 'Barmy' Barnes find his way to this blog.

Please feel free to take part in our new poll.


24 Hour Boss Intrusion?

There's an advert on TV - or there was, I haven't seen it for a while - which goes to show how twisted and retarded advertising execs and the dicky-bow'd "blue sky thinkers" of 'Ad Land' are.

Left: "Commuters of the world unite - you have nothing to lose but your trains" (sorry).

The ad was for some Mobile Phone company (Vodafone I think) and tried to tell people that by getting their e-mails on the move they would gain more freedom.

Now stop laughing!

How many office-dwellers really think that 24 hour emails would be a good thing?

Imagine a boss on Monday morning going red at the gills because an e-mail you received at 8pm on Sunday wasn't "actioned."

It reminded me of an article written by the Distributist Fr. McNabb when he wrote about the railway system.

He said when people started to commute to work the powers-that-be said it delivered freedom
by allowing people to live wherever they liked.

In reality all it did was give the people who Capitalism had forced off the land the chance (if they could afford it) to move out to suburbia and then sit in a glorified cattle-truck for upwards of an hour a day.

Surely freedom would be to let these people live on the land and not force them off it in the first place?

When you consider most were forced off, against their will, to work in scandalous factories and similar environs where they were treated as expendable cattle it is even m ore of a twisted mind that thinks commuting is "freedom" especially when the commuters have to sacrifice a family to work all the hours to pay the large mortgage that commuter-belt living carries (or if they do have 1.2 children, rarely seeing the child(ren) Monday - Friday).

So what do Ad Land and mobile phone companies think will give more freedom to the 9-to-5 commuting "lifestyle" - emails in that enforced train or car ride!

Ah freedom!

Do we have any idea what real freedom is any more?

Petty Napoleons preach to us about Freedoms whilst insisting on our enslavement and treating us like mushrooms (kept in the dark and fed on... well, you know the rest).

It's time we regarded freedom as what it should be:

Freedom is owning (not mortgaged for life) a home and some land.

Freedom is not being taxed to death.

Freedom is not having a government tell you and your children how to think.

Freedom is minimal interference by government - local and national.

Freedom is living under basic moral laws without 1001 Westminster and EU edicts micro-managing our lives.

Freedom is daily involvement in local politics and community decisions, not putting a cross on a piece of paper every 4 years.

Freedom isn't being forced to commute, forced to pay banks interest for most of our lives, being forced to be at a boss's beck and call 24 hours.

It reminds me of those who say the internet and online voting would deliver "more freedom." Circa 1999 in overthrowing John Tyndall a certain nationalist leader proposed this.

Goes to show the old adage 'There are none so blind as cannot see' is true.

Where computerised vote counting has been used in Ireland and America there have been suggestions of rigging the vote (I think here especially of accusations by Pat Buchanan and Irish Pro-Lifers).

Do you honestly think any Westminster regime, and certainly any EU regime, would be above any rigging of the vote - "for the greater good" of course!

If you think postal voting was a con - imagine the same mentality (a judge said it was worse than a Third World 'Banana Republic') let lose on computerised voting?

You'd have to be a moron of the first order - or desperate to appear "trend-setting and modern" to even suggest it.

Rant over.

Friday, 28 December 2007

Gulag Canada Threatens Christians

Dear Free Speech Supporter:

As we've warned before, Canada's wacko human rights mafia and out-of-control social engineering courts are now clamping down on Christians in their expression of their faith.

Left: Like the Soviet Commissars before them, the "Human Rights" Commissars are out to gag and/or imprison Christians in the name of "equality."

If you missed the Gulag and being clapped in prison for expressing your religious views, you may soon get to enjoy such tyranny in Saskatchewan.

The Saskatchewan Court of Queen's Bench, December 11, 2007, upheld a Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission's lifetime ban on Catholic activist Bill Whatcott from expressing his Christian beliefs that homosexuality is wrong.

The time has come for the abolition of all human rights commissions in Canada.

Paul Fromm

Catholic Activist "Banned for life" From Publicly Criticising Homosexuality

Saskatchewan Court Upholds Human Rights Commission Ruling

By Hilary White

REGINA, Saskatchewan, December 13, 2007 ( - The Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission's decision to impose a "lifetime" ban on a local Catholic's freedom to publicly criticise homosexuality, was upheld this week in its entirety by Saskatchewan Court of Queens Bench.

Bill Whatcott, a licensed practical nurse who lives in Saskatchewan, is a campaigner against the homosexual political movement that is sweeping the Canadian legal system. In 2006, the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission (SHRC) ordered Whatcott to pay $17,500 Cn. to four complainants who complained that their "feelings" and "self-respect" were "injured" by Whatcott's pamphlets denouncing the "gay lifestyle" as immoral and dangerous.

Whatcott responded to the decision, "This fine is for telling the truth [that] homosexual sodomites can change their behaviour and be set free from their sin and depravity through the forgiveness of sins and shed blood of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ."

He added, "Shame on the Saskatchewan Court of Queens Bench for pandering to homosexual activism and ignoring the truth."

In its 2005-2006 Annual Report, the Commission noted that Whatcott was "ordered to discontinue distributing any materials that promote hatred against people because of their sexual orientation."

Right: A website run by B'Nai B'rith - the Freemasonic, wholly Jewish, and extremist Zionist sect which is bankrolled by Israel and has (in America) been found guilty of running spy rings and holding information on innocent citizens.

The tribunal held that "preventing the distribution of such materials was a reasonable limit on Whatcott's right to freedom of religion and expression as guaranteed by section 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms".

Whatcott appealed the decision to the Court of Queen's Bench and received the news on Tuesday that the court would not overturn the HRC's ruling.

Whatcott himself says he was fined for his pamphlets that used "verbatim" a text from a classified personal advertisement in a local homosexual publication that ran, "Man seeking boys.... age not so relevant".

Canadians concerned about what they see as the erosion of basic democratic freedoms are calling for a stop to the extra-judicial powers of the Human Rights Commissions in which the usual rules for due process of law do not apply.

In connection to a similar Human Rights Commission case currently levelled by the Canadian Islamic Congress against the popular conservative political author Mark Steyn, Ottawa Citizen columnist David Warren wrote this week that freedom of speech is "the most fundamental right," and that the Human Rights Tribunals represent a significant threat to democratic freedoms.

Freedom of speech, he wrote, is "the queen bee in the hive, as it were. Every other freedom depends on this freedom. Take it away, and we no longer have a free country".

"Like so much in civil society, we put up with it because the alternative is worse, and we'd rather cope with free speech, than with the free intimidation that results from its suppression."

Warren voiced the concerns of many in Canada who believe the Human Rights Commissions' powers and zeal for the far left ideological position makes them an ideal vehicle for the suppression of basic democratic freedoms.

Warren blasted the Human Rights Tribunals, calling them "kangaroo courts" and "star chambers" with "quasi-legal powers that should be offensive to the citizens of any free country... in which the defendant's right to due process is withdrawn."

"They reach judgements on the basis of no fixed law. Moreover, 'the process is the punishment' in these star chambers -- for simply by agreeing to hear a case, they tie up the defendant in bureaucracy and paperwork, and bleed him for the cost of lawyers, while the person who brings the complaint, however frivolous, stands to lose nothing."

Conservatives in Canada are supporting a petition, addressed to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, to abolish or at least curtail the powers of the Human Rights Commissions.

Sign the petition to stop the Human Rights Commissions

Many Thanks for Your Help in 2007

A big thanks to all our supporters, readers and customers who've stuck by FC in 2007.

Left: Thanks to everyone who's helped FC in 2007, even buying a shirt helps us raise funds and spread the word!

It's been great to have so many old comrades keep in touch, and it's always a joy every time a new supporter gets in touch.

With all the gossip and the multitude of liars (especially in cyberspace) and the continual sell-out and betrayal in some quarters, it's great that we have not only continued through 2007 but won new readers and supporters.

A big thanks to all those who've helped - from our distributors to those who send in info; from all those who've bought books, CDs, shirts etc. to those who send in stamps to help our mail-outs.

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If you're new to FC - perhaps you've read this blog a couple of times, or have just ordered something from the FC Online Shop for the first time - we'd love you to help us however you can in 2008.

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In closing, if you have any special skills or contacts please drop us a line. Contacts for design, internet skills, printing, publishing, production, distribution etc. etc.

Don't be afraid to get in touch. FC is run by nationalists for nationalists - so all help is appreciated.

With your help we can push the message even further.

For Race & Nation.

Thursday, 27 December 2007

Winston Churchill & The Illuminati?

Winston Churchill Illuminati

An interesting discussion piece for those "patriots" who consider Churchill a 'patriot.'

Churchill Illuminati

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

From Tsar Alexander I to Lady Bracknell

Just prior to agreeing to meet the Emperor Napoleon at the 1808 Congress of Erfurt, held in the capital of Thuringia, Tsar Alexander I received some advice from his mother that some today might well heed.

Left: Treaty of Tilsitz 1807 by Adolphe Roehn (1799-1864).

Alexander had already met Napoleon, fearing an invasion of Russia and its satellite states following military defeats, on a raft on the Nemunas River where the Treaty of Tilsit was signed.

Many Russians thought the Treaty (which, in part, created the Grand Duchy of Warsaw) was a shame and that it belittled Imperial Russia. They feared that Erfurt would heap shame upon shame and so his mother wrote to him:

"Alexander, in the name of God avoid your downfall; the esteem of a people is easily lost but not so easily regained; you will lose it through this meeting, and you will lose your empire and destroy your family..."

Now given that the BNP leader has attacked and cast out excellent activists and sincere nationalists before, primarily because they had poised questions over finances, the above advice may have been given the leader before his actions against the 'enough is enough rebels.'

Oscar Wilde once observed, through the character of Lady Bracknell in The Importance of Being Earnest, that "to lose one parent ... may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both looks like carelessness."

Right: Alan Stanford as Lady Bracknell.

Suggestions for alternatives:

"to lose one group of organisers ... may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose more looks like carelessness."

"to organise one dubious house raid ... may be regarded as a misfortune; to organise more looks like psychosis."

Buy the Imperial Russian Flag

That Christmas Menu

Last year it was de rigour for certain people to publish their oh so middle class cosy-family Christmas menus. In light of recent events involving alleged illegality, we suggest the following menu for next Christmas:

Prison Menu

Complimentary Drink:

Sparkling Mineral Warder
Black Russian (for Cellmate)


HMPea Soup (with dash of salt)
Toast with Neo-Conserve.

Main Course:

Whole Worm-Wood (Stool) Pigeon
B-Wing of Chicken
Stewed Rabbi(t) (in a) Curry

optional extras:
Solitary Cellery
Welsh Carrot (trans: Moron Cymraeg)


In-a-Jam Roll with Custardy
Breaking Rocks Cake

All food is Kosher.

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Have a Wonderful Christmas

Everyone at FC sends their heartfelt Christmas wishes to all Nationalists, Patriots, Revisionists, Pro-Lifers and all defenders of the Family, upholders of Truth and faithful servants of the Nation.

We have been through so much, and there is so much more to do.

We face betrayal alongside loyalty, losses alongside victories, defections alongside recruits.

What is important is to keep your feet on the ground in the good times. Do not let euphoria overcome you, do not become self-centred and boastful. Remember that you are one more patriot amongst a movement.

In the bad times do not give in, do not give way to bitterness when you are stabbed in the back, do not give way to nihilism when your enemies seem all-powerful. Remember that our enemies are a conflicting mass of degenerates and we have Truth on our side. Remember that you are defending your home, your family, your nation.

So have a great Christmas and, if you get the chance, raise a glass to FC and nationalism.

Now, after sleep deprivation to rival anything the CIA could throw at me, I need to fight my bleary-eyed way through all the Christmas wrapping paper, various sprogs and their toys, discarded boxes and scattered packaging to find the headache tablets!

Merry Christmas!

Monday, 24 December 2007

Do Right and Fear No Man.

I thought this an apt poem considering the world we live in and especially as people, this Christmas Season, face the cruel arrows that are the calumnies, half-truths and outright lies fired by the self-seeking, corrupt, money-grubbing, degenerate and psychotic, it would do well for Brave Souls to read this and live by it.

There are always people queuing up to denigrate us, castigate us, belittle us and calumniate us. 'Twas ever thus, but it should never stop anyone from doing what is right - even as it didn't stop the innocent child born in poverty over 2000 years ago, who would (33 years later) face the howling mob, whipped by the Jewish powers, which screamed: "Crucify Him! Crucify Him!"

Mother Teresa's Anyway Poem

People are often unreasonable, illogical and self centered;
Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives;
Be kind anyway.

If you are successful, you will win some false friends and some true enemies;
Succeed anyway.

If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you;
Be honest and frank anyway.

What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight;
Build anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous;
Be happy anyway.

The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow;
Do good anyway.

Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough;
Give the world the best you've got anyway.

You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and God;
It was never between you and them anyway.

[Inscribed on the wall of Mother Teresa's children's home in Calcutta]

Parliament: Can it be Mended?

Can It Be Mended?
by Hilaire Belloc and Cecil Chesterton

When the question is asked: "Can a dying institution be revived?" it is in the whole tendency of modern learning to answer that it can not. The House of Commons has ceased to be an instrument of Government. Its ancient functions have been killed under the prolonged and continuous action of hypocrisy. It affords to-day (if we except the three Irish parties, which have a definite political object and pursue that object) no more than an opportunity for highly lucrative careers. That career is founded upon the bamboozlement of the public (whose faculty for being duped these professionals hope to prey upon indefinitely), with the complicity of nobodies content to write M.P. after their name as a sufficient reward for supporting the Party System: to whom, of course, must be added the lawyers and business men for whom Parliament offers definite financial rewards, and that in proportion to their indifference to their representative duties.

All modern scholarship, we repeat, would tend to say of any institution which had fallen into such a condition that it was past praying for; and history is there with a hundred examples to support this modern conclusion.

We have in history case after case of a national institution falling into contempt and some other more vigorous organ supplanting it. The greatest case of all is, of course, the slow substitution of the Empire upon the ruins of the ancient Roman system of government.

It is here precisely that the crux of our problem comes in. Nothing is appearing that can take the place of Parliament. In its decay and futility it still makes our laws, and makes them and unmakes them at a greater rate than ever it did before. True, most of those laws are the work of the permanent officials; but some of them, or some parts of them, are due to the professional politicians.

In other words, the House of Commons, though fallen into a universally recognised decay, is still our only instrument for making laws. Nothing is rising to take its place, and in its decay it continues to work very appreciable evil.

The progress of the disease is now so rapid, its probable future effect so menacing, that, desperate as it must always be to attempt to revive a dying institution, it is the business of every man who cares for his country in the crisis through which it is passing to ask whether some remedy might not be devised.

Electoral changes will do nothing. A mere extension of the franchise, if the party machine were left as it is, would make little or no difference. Where to-day ten thousand apathetic men are seized by the paid agents of the machine and worried to the polls in groups as nearly equal as can be arranged by the managers of the show, to-morrow twenty thousand would be similarly drilled and run. The abolition of plural voting is common sense, but it would go nowhere near the root of the trouble. If it gave to one of the two teams a permanent preponderance over the other, the honour which obtains among gentlemen would compel the two in combination to devise some cry which should make the parties more nearly equal again.

To forbid canvassing would have the effect of course of enormously reducing the number of voters, the vast majority of whom vote under a sort of moral compulsion, and after several days of heavy badgering, concluded by a forced march to the polls. The bulk of men can never really care for the issues, either false or unimportant, which the bosses provide them with: nay, in the last election there was no issue at all, and the people were too weary to invent one for themselves, as they had done in the Chinese Labour Agitation in 1906.

But this decrease in the actual number of voters, though it would show up the nonsense, would have no practical effect: the game would still be played just as it was played before, and the actors would be of the same general competence in human affairs.

Payment of election expenses and payment of members are measures obviously desirable in themselves, but they would do little to break the Party System now, though they might once have done much to prevent its coming into existence in its present form. The official expenses of an election are a very small fraction of what the candidate has to find, so that their payment by the State would still leave the independent at a grave disadvantage as compared with the party hack, who could draw without limit on the Party Funds. The payment of members might make it easier for an honest man to remain independent, but it would in no way restrain the Front Benches from corrupting members by the promise in the future of pecuniary rewards larger and of a far more stable character. To the contractor, the merchant, the newspaper owner who enters politics with an eye to their corruption, the little sum thus guaranteed is insignificant. The great press of lawyers are looking for posts, the least of which will be a matter of 800 a year, the highest of 10,000 and 15,000. The professional men, to whom this or that permanent job as an inspector or departmental chief is the bribe, would not be the less eager to take money because he had already received it.

It has been suggested that the auditing of the secret Party Funds might undermine the Party System. To inaugurate such a practice would certainly deal the Party System a heavy blow, but the success would not be final. Side by side with the officially audited Party Fund another secret fund would at once spring up. A drastic penalty might indeed be attached to any such form of secret bribery.

But the law would tend to be a dead letter in the absence of an alert public opinion behind it; for secret bribery, when it has become a national custom, is not so easy to eliminate. Nothing is less easy to prove, since all parties to the crime are concerned in defending it and in hiding it, and no one person can feel himself aggrieved. It may further be urged that the very high expenses of an election remaining what they are, the depletion of the Party Funds, which would probably follow the publication of their accounts, would advantage the wealthy candidate as against the poor one. The independent candidate would indeed benefit, for his funds would be no less than now, while those of his official opponents might probably be reduced; but the poor man financed by the Party System would probably suffer. Whether or no this would be an advantage in other words, whether the direct rule of the rich is better or worse than the rule of their hired dependants may be an open question. In any case, with the payment of official election expenses by the State, and the stricter limitation of unofficial expenses, this tendency might be checked.

We're NOT Free!

It doesn't take much to start a panic.

Remember the petrol strikes (of 2001 if my ever-failing memory is right)? Or the floods of last year?

Left: Bankers and Capitalists view us as cattle to be milked for their profits; they have no loyalty to Faith, Family or Nation.

In the former the shelves of shops emptied of bread, milk and other 'essentials.'

In the latter people in some of the effected areas where water-supply was hit were even endangering themselves by drinking non-purified water.

We like to think in the 21st Century were are immune from disasters and oh so much more advanced than our ancestors who were philistines and neanderthals by comparison.

The truth, I'm sure, is not like that at all.

We have made huge advances, but pull the plug on the national grid - i.e. take away our fridges and computers, and just how "advanced" would we be?

Our people have been forced off the land centuries ago. We are no longer self-sufficient. Look at the privations when the U Boats cut off the trans-Atlantic imports!

Who amongst us has food stored for the winter (and I don't mean the glut that temporarily fills our fridge and larder over Christmas)? Who, if the water supply were cut-off would last more than a few days before becoming desperate?

We have become dependent on outside suppliers, and dependency equals slavery.

As Distributists we should make it clear that a self-sufficient population (with means of producing the basics - food and water at the very least) is a free population.

The BBC did a report on the foodstuffs shipped across the world (shrimps and fruit) the other day and how - in this age of "Global Warming" and "Carbon Footprints" - it was bad that so much time and effort should be spent thus.

Quite so!

All these greens and suchlike are merely nibbling at the edges of Distributism, albeit for possibly erroneous reasons, but they are also missing the bigger picture.

A family that produces its own food and drink makes no "Carbon Footprint" - but more so it is independent, it is free.

Communities that barter, that have sources of meat, fuel and more within their locality do not rely on motorways. Furthermore, communities that barter and who use locally issued money or "tax vouchers" are free of usury and the artificial peaks and troughs of the banksters and international cabal of usurers.

It's a daydream? Yes it is - but no more of a daydream than stopping immigration, stopping the mass-murder of abortion, stopping the endemic of street crime or stopping the unparalleled promotion of homosexuality and the state-sanctioned attacks on the family.

We don't have to live as families of centuries ago, we can still enjoy the advances of the modern age where beneficial and practical, so this is no "step backwards" as many Capitalists would have you believe... besides how can a family and community free, independent, self-sufficient, usury-free and not under threat of repossession, the dole, inflation, empty shop shelves etc possibly be regarded by any - except those who wish to control and profiteer from our families and communities - as "backwards."

If freedom is "backwards" then Capitalism, slavery and state-control is positively prehistoric.

Yes, we live in the 21st Century - we're not Luddites - but we need to be aware of what freedom is (it's not putting a cross on a piece of paper every four years - and it's sure as Hell not the sloganeering of oligarchic politicians, Socialist or Neo-Con, Liberal or "Right Wing"!) and how to achieve it.

Just today there are people sat in hotels around Heathrow because their 'Christmas flights' were fog-bound. Some people like to think that the modern world is all-powerful and omnipotent.

Perhaps the occasional wake-up call to remind us just how fragile this whole set-up is, is no bad thing.

Right: Love Freedom? Stick a Distributist supporting GK Chesterton 'bauble' on next year's Christmas tree!

When the next Wall Street Crash happens how many more lives will be ruined?

It is up to Nationalists to show our people how we can be free of Capitalist slavery and Socialist bureaucracy.

Buy the Chesterton ornament for next Christmas...

Merry Christmas everyone!

It's that magical time of year again - my favorite part of Christmas: Christmas Eve.

I remember as a youngster (set memories to sepia tone) opening the big double-door on my Advent Calendar to reveal the Nativity Scene, realising that Christmas was almost upon us.

More than a few years I'd go to bed early (trying to prove just how good I was!) only to spend ages looking out the window at the skies, to recall the large star over Bethlehem and also, perchance, to get a glimpse of a certain sleigh as it whisked across the horizon.

In a most Keatsian fashion, the anticipation was - to some degree - almost better than the day itself, purely because all the excitement was still ahead, the other side of dawn (including another pair of novelty socks from another one of my myriad of Auntie Mary's).

Well here we are again, and now I can see the same anticipation and excitement in the eyes of the youngsters as they too get tucked up in bed just slightly too early as if to prove how "good" they've been all year!

Some highlights of this Christmas:

The best Christmas card award must go to a certain gent called Stuart who excels himself every year with his homemade cards. This year was a front cover of a Winter-Fund certificate (German circa 1942) with a 'White Eagle of Snowdon' motif on the back cover.


Smallest card award goes to (old friend) Chris who now lives in exile in a slightly less advanced nation... ;-)

Tightest, stingiest non-Christmas card award doesn't stray far this year. Partly due to work, partly because I kept thinking "It's too early" and much else besides... Even folks locally only received them as a last minute thought this weekend past.

I did phone one friend this morning to wish him Merry Christmas and to say I was avoiding cards to stop the "rampant commercialism taking over Christmas." That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Still there is a glimmer of hope. The eldest sprog has just declared "you don't need presents to enjoy Christmas." When he saw the glint in my eye he quickly recanted... but what a glimmer of hope for the future! Ho ho ho!

So, in closing, a Merry Christmas to one and all - well almost all.

As the angels proclaimed: Peace on earth to ALL MEN OF GOODWILL.

I don't think that includes those who arrange for Nationalist homes to be raided just before Christmas - Alex Carlile MP and other crypto-Zionists take note!

Track Santa

A web-site for all the kiddies. Play lots of North Pole games, and track Santa's movements across the world...

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Ex-BNP Security Man Raided

Another interesting twist...

Griffin's Political Coffin Nails

The Wages of Death: Immigration!

Using official government statistics (Department of Health, ISD Scotland, Hansard, Office for National Statistics), these are the facts:

Left: 6.7 million of these moments have been written off. Since 1967 6.7 million of our compatriots have been murdered, over 98% for "social reasons."

Since the Abortion Act of 1967 there have been 6.7 million abortions.

Of the 5.3 million abortions carried out in England & Wales:

  • 0.4% were because of risk to the mothers life.
  • 1.3% were because of foetal handicap (including cleft palate and other non-threatening conditions).
  • Over 98% were recorded because of "social reasons."

It should be obvious to all that babies are being killed for no-good reason(s).

Are we saying that people are "too poor" to have children?

Of course many children are killed by the well-off to secure their "careers" (the same people later might struggle to conceive thus making the NHS pay-out more on IVF treatment).

For those who are too poor - are we saying it is justifiable to kill even one child (let alone millions!) because of poverty - perceived, actual or otherwise.

It always annoys me when "socialists" rant on about the right to murder. Do working class kids not have the right to live? Shouldn't a caring (socialist or otherwise) party or government seek to help poor kids survive rather than sanction their mass-murder?

Right: "Samuel Alexander Armas, a tiny baby boy who, at 21 weeks' gestation, underwent spinal surgery while he was still in his mother's womb.' A photographer named Michael Clancy was on hand for the procedure and captured a powerful and heart-wrenching image of Samuel's hand extending from the womb and grasping the finger of the surgeon. This dramatic photograph should have been seen by people around the world, because it illustrates the marvelous humanness of a preborn child. Unfortunately, most of the major news outlets refused to share it with the public. Given their pro-abortion bias, it isn't difficult to figure out why." Dr. James Dobson

Last week I listened to "Any Questions" on Radio 4. It was held in Aston, Birmingham and a good number of the audience and panel were non-Europeans (to put it politely).

One of the panelists went on about how we "need immigration" for workers to pay taxes, to pay for the increasing number of pensions.

What hogwash.

Rid this country of its insistence on a culture of death, alongside which get our working class people filling the posts needed to be filled (from plumbers to cleaners, skilled to unskilled) - hey remember "education, education, education?" - and we'll have enough youngsters to do the work needed and pay the taxes needed: and we won't need to rob the rest of the world of its skilled and unskilled labour.

The idea that we can kill millions of our people whilst letting in millions of aliens is a joke!

The socialists and their fellow-travellers want to see more kids killed whilst the floodgates are left open...

They've created one problem and want to "solve" it by worsening another problem.

Now there's "short-termism" for you!

Nationalists have to be crystal clear that we are currently murdering hundreds of thousands of plumbers, scientists, policemen, road-sweepers, taxi drivers, cleaners, accountants, entrepreneurs, architects, writers, artists etc. etc. each and every year: people who would be born here, raised here, whose first loyalty would be to the country of their birth...

Need I say more?

Pro Life Badge

More BNP Expulsions

Freedom? Democracy?

Autocracy! Oligarchy! Fiefdom!

In the modern kosher BNP you're not even free to rattle your chains!

More Expulsions?

Practice What You Preach

The life of a political party can be strange.

Or rather, life within a political party can be strange.

As some might say, "there's nowt as queer as folk."

Left: Pim Fortyn, despite publicly proclaiming on Dutch TV that he'd like to bugger an Arab boy was still a pin-up for the kosher right and neo-con modernisers.

Given mankind's nature, it's no wonder party political life is so weird - because you cram people together who share vague ideals (if they're lucky) then you add in a good mix of the doublespeak lawyer-class, a sprinkling of ne'erdowells out to garner some kind of wage, plus the mildly (and not so mildly) psychotic who want to be the big fish in whichever pond they dwell.

Place them in the limelight of media attention and (some) public scrutiny, plus the necessity of parties to close rank, to cover-up indiscretions so that they might continue to "win elections" and garner donations and it's a heady mix with all the ingredients for regular disasters.

So we've witnessed, in recent years, with politicians now being regarded of a similar nature to gutter journalists and ambulance-chasing solicitors.

In the recent furore surrounding those who have resigned their posts and/or the party whip in the BNP, one of the background stories was that of Messers. Hannam and Collett who allegedly brought two underage girls back to their hotel room(s?) at a BNP Conference.

Not only do they belong to a party that takes a line against paedophilia, but their antics were carried out at an official party function! They have made their excuses - but ignorance (!) is no defence under the law.

I'm surprised though, given the central role of the BNP Security, according to the offended person(s), in burgling two activists' home (i.e. gaining entry by deception) that so little is heard of another "episode" in dodgy sexual behaviour.

Not so long ago rather disturbing photos of a key person were sent around the internet. They were of him in what can best be described as a "tryst" involving him, his "other half" and what I believe they call a "same sex relationship/activity."

If these were fakes they were damn good ones (there were several) and, if proven to be, I'd be the first to expose them as such with a fulsome apology... but despite their widespread distribution on the samisdat press there has been no denouncement of their veracity.

Given the BNP's promotion of family values, and the fact that this chap is named as an official head of a department on their website, it leaves a funny taste in the mouth (no pun intended).

Now we all know that no-one is perfect, but when politicians are caught in flagrante delicto it often behooves nationalists to point the finger and detail the offending person's hypocrisy (one thinks of Ron Davies's badger-watching, Mark Oaten's three in a bed fecal antics etc.) especially as we'd like the country to be run by honest, moral, family-orientated people.

Indeed, a leading BNPer has a blog set up to expose just such antics from the "major parties" and their hirelings.

We have to ask if this behaviour (attempted paedophilia and orgies with homosexual antics) with BNP department heads involved (never mind practicing homosexual candidates) how can the BNP point the finger at other parties, when these people retain their status in the BNP.

As with the corrupt EU in Brussels - it seems that only the whistleblowers get the sack!

Those who ask for good behaviour (and not just the easily assembled verbiage which calls for "family morality") get the finger pointed at them and are called "stirrers" or "purists."

As I say, the BNP does this itself with great joy and gusto with the other parties... This has to be a case of what's good for the goose... surely?

Otherwise what difference is there between one batch of amoral political pundits and another?

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Is Mr. Griffin Telling Fibs?

Despite a rather conciliatory post on the Enough is Enough blog from Peter Phillips (I think there was a BNP candidate of the same name in South London who was a practicing homosexual...), the tension seems to have racked up a little.

In the two most recent posts - linked below - the authors of the site accuse the BNP of fabricating yet more "evidence."

It's also clear that the police are looking into the burglary of Sadie Graham's house and the removal of her personal computer and the fact it has been trawled through.

Reading Sadie Graham's "Sadie's Story" it is clear that this time more people are seeing through the shortfalls of the BNP leadership (hate to say "told you so") and that the desperation of the leadership to keep its little pot of gold is increasing the pressure - with the more extravagant claims leading to more entrenched positions.

Let us hope more people have the guts to stand up for decency and honesty, for the long-term benefit of nationalism, instead of being pressurised into staying quiet.

This story just keeps rolling on...

Screenshots on BNP Site Prove Nothing
Sadie's Story

Littlejohn's CIA World & Burkha Vs Micro Skirt

You may want to keep a bucket, bowl or similar receptacle nearby as you start reading this - for fear of projectile vomiting.

You see I'm sat here this morning in my (Celtic Cross festooned - of course!) dressing gown busily avoiding any trips into over-crowded town centres.

There. That's scared off the faint of heart, the kids and the elderly.

As I chomped through my toast, washed down with a big mug of tea (not as big a mug as a certain builder/plasterer in Normandy uses - but that's another story!) I picked up a copy of yesterday's Daily Mail.

Oh dear.

As the Italian captain on 'Allo 'Allo used to say:

"What a mistaka to maka!"

First of all there was the control-spin story of the "BNP Ballerina" getting engaged and thinking of standing for the party. No mention of the rebellion over corruption, cronyism, bugging and burglary... just a control piece. Who's doing who a favour?

It seems that Cllr Richard Barnbrook, the lucky fiance (sorry - no accent), doesn't mind that Simone Clarke (for it is she) has a half-caste kid because "she speaks good English."

That's OK then. Ding dong.

(No that's not the name of the kid - whose father is oriental, I meant it in a mustachioed Terry Thomas kind of way - see film history)

Elsewhere in the same issue was a diatribe from Mad Mel Phillip's mate Richard Littlejohn on the "Islamonazis" being released from Guantanamo.

Whilst Littlejohn is correct insofar as he says these people are not British (he says because they don't hold passports - for him it's never about race, surely one of - if not the - determining factor of nationality?). Presumably if they did hold a little piece of paper saying they're "British" RL would have to grudgingly accept that?

What made me struggle to keep my tea and toast down was the fact that RL constantly harps on defending the CIA, Guantanamo and Zionist wars in his "cheeky chappy" 'The Sun'-homed banter of yer 'Cock Sparrer' style guvnor, with a nod n a wink.

The only problem is that he comes across more as an ignorant Arfur Daily type whose best-mate is a tacky football agent called Gluckstein.

He is always excusing the terrible actions of the Neo-Cons without realising it is these very actions that put our people, and our troops (sent on their Neo Con excursions) in a very real danger.

At the same time he is the first one to cosy up to the immigrants who "speak like us" (oooh - a tie-in with the BNP story there) and who 'share our values.'

I always wonder what it is with these people.

If the millions of Muslims living in UK plc converted tomorrow and became Christians they would have to accept their presence.

Just see how they bat not an eyelid over the presence of millions of Afro-Caribbeans who are (nominal) Christians.

No matter that the children and grandchildren of Afro-Caribbean immigrants fuel quite a bit of crime in places like London and Birmingham.

Presumably if the hypothetical Asian mass-converts continued to make parts of our cities no-go areas, and their children and grandchildren were just as rootless and disenfranchised, because they were no longer "Islamonazis" the likes of Littlejohn, the BNP and Mad Mel Phillips would have to accept them?

Have them dress in Man Utd and Chelsea tops n jeans. Have their women wear micro skirts and get paralytically drunk every Saturday night. Have them support "democracy" and "Brave Little Israel." Have them munching McDonalds and politely clapping America's latest cultural gift to the world...

Such would be anathema to most racial nationalists; and therein lies the difference.

You see the likes of Littlejohn, Phillips and their ideological compatriot Aaronovitch, as well as the leadership of the BNP, is that this is all about Islam and the language of the journalists on the CIA and Mossad pay lists.

It's not about Race for these people. It's not even about getting Islam (just "Islamonazis"), Hinduism and the Sikh religion - never mind Judaism! - out of the country.

I would rather a Muslim woman speaking Punjabi in a head-to-toe letter-box outfit.

Better that than a "British Asian" in jeans n boob-tube trying to mix it with my kids.

I know which one will refuse to mix, and which one will be easier to send home.

Friday, 21 December 2007

But... He's in my Seat!

Send this to a liberal!

This is what happens under the fuhrer-prinzip.

If only Hitler had worn a stripey waistcoat...

Neither Islam Nor Israel

One of the best-selling badge designs over the last few weeks has been our NEITHER ISLAM NOR ISRAEL - ENGLAND FIRST badge.

Available with a red (pictured), white or blue border - it has been a bit of a hidden gem thus far, but with word spreading fast, it seems more nationalists are spreading the word and grabbing the badges whilst stocks last.

It's funny - because those who claim to be "neutral" all too often aren't. An FC supporter had an argument with a "moderniser" on a public forum going back a while, and it was amusing to watch. The "moderniser" made out he was totally neutral and would only seek to "defend Britain" and yet he was happy for our troops to be sent to Iran on the back of dodgy 'intelligence' whilst any time the subject of Israeli illegal nukes, Israel breaking UN resolutions, Israeli state-sponsored terrorism etc. etc. he made excuses and made out that it wasn't in 'our interest' to attack Israel.

You see these people are bashing a Zionist drum. Some of them know they are, some of them kid themselves they're not - but their language, their leanings, their direction is 99% Zionist.

So don't let the Neo-Con shysters steal nationalism. Spread the word and wear the badge: Neither Islam Nor Israel!

Groovy badge

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Happy Christmas? Sheep and JD?

Christmas is a fun time, after all we all like to meet up with friends and family and enjoy ourselves for the time we have together.

But it can be a scary time too - as I discovered to my cost when this turned up in my inbox:

I just hope the nightmares fade away before next Tuesday... though I think deep ingrained mental scars will always be there, in the background.

Nadolig Llawen indeed boyos!

TV Reports on the BNP: Spin & Lies

This was published as a comment on the Enough is Enough Blog:

Guessedworker said...

Transcript from the BBC’s flagship Newsnight on 18th December 2007. Reporter Paul Mason, speaking in the studio to Jeremy Paxman:-

"Well, there’s a bitter factional struggle going on inside the BNP right now, with people openingly accusing eachother on blogs of being “state assets”, which is code for MI5 agents, and the leadership calling the opposition, “neo-Nazis”.

Now, there’s essentially a personal spat going on between a senior BNP councillor in Nottingham, Sadie Graham. She was sacked as a party official, her computer was removed from her home by BNP security people, and subsequently to that a sound file of one of her telephone conversations appeared on the BNP’s website. As a result of all this, upwards of fifty local officers in the BNP have resigned. And today, on top of all this, the Labour MP John Cruddas, a man under pressure in his own constituency because there’s been a growing BNP influence there, put this dossier to parliament - 22 pages of detailed financial allegations under parliamentary privlege, the upshot of which was this ..."

[short excerpt from Cruddas’ statement in the Commons]

"Now I have spoken to the BNP’s Deputy Leader Simon Darby who points out that Mr Cruddas has a vested interest in slagging off the BNP. He says everything’s untrue. They’ve produced a detailed rebuttal on their website. Mr Darby said they would tomorrow produce their long-awaited 2006 financial accounts for the Electoral Commission ... that they’ve sacked the man responsible for delaying them ... and it was Mr Darby who used the words to me about the opposition that they have been discovered to be, he says, “hardline neo-Nazis”."

It is startling that Darby can try and cover-up by accusing Sadie Graham and Co. of being Neo-Nazis, given that not only were they in the upper echelons of the BNP until very recently, but he also knows that they in fact are "modernisers" sick, in part, with Collett's sieg-heiling antics.

Here is a link to a Channel 4 news report of the split. Notice that Channel 4 does not mention the burglary of Sadie Graham's home. As the BNP continue to spin against the "rebels" they are making this more acrid and increasing the resent felt by the "rebels," making more public pronouncements against the leadership's alleged criminality more likely.

TV Report on BNP Split

We are Threatened by a Rogue State!

I came across a great headline the other week in the Daily Mail from Melanie "Mad Mel" Phillips (see past blog entries).

Left: Mad Mel. regularly praised by modernisers in the BNP and its leadership. In the real world she's as popular as a pork pie in a synagogue.

Mad Mel is known for her skirting-board-chewing rants which make our own Ranting Ron look like a dyed-in-the-wool liberal.

In fact Mel is second in her gut-wrenchingly sickening fawning Zionist diatribes in favour of "civilisation" (sic) only to the liberal-lefty turncoat and Neo-Con apologist David Aaronovitch (remember him - 'twas he who was unilaterally informed that a certain party was like an oil tanker which took time to turn around... Yikes!). Both pop up with worrying regularity to defend events in Iraq and to spout forth on Iraq and related matters.

This headline was so good I tore it out of the paper and put it to one side.

Mad Mel is a keen Zionist and a key-player in Mossad-style scare tactics. You know the type: Iran should be attacked right now. Israel is our greatest ally. We must support our brave American allies. Islam is the only threat we face... etc. (Yes, Mad Mel is the ideological guardian angel of the modern BNP).

Well, we all remember how Iraq was really behind '911.' Then how Iraq had WMDs and was a centre of world terrorism. Yes... indeed. Aha.

And now we know this was all Zionist B.S. The CIA had previously warned that this was so and that invading Iraq would be a disaster on multiple levels. The Zionists didn't care.

Then we heard how Iran was the "big threat" and... was trying to get nukes... and is a centre of world terrorism. Yes... indeed. Hummm.

And now we know this is all Zionist B.S. The CIA knows now that the Zionist shrieks are nonsense and that an attack on Iran would backfire. But guess what? The Zionists don't care.

Right: We put with Donald "Rummy" Rumsfeld's nonsense before, during and after the invasion of Iraq. Now he has been shown to be an outright liar will he apologise for the lives ruined?

So, let's backtrack. Iraq was no threat. Iran is no threat. OK.

So is there any real "rogue state" that threatens us? Perhaps a state that was founded on terror and ethnic cleansing? Maybe a state that continually breaks international law and treaties? Possibly a state that has used industrial espionage on friend and foe alike to gain nuclear secrets? Could there be a state that already has illegal nuclear weapons and blocks any kind of independent monitoring?

Let's ask Mad Mel!

On the 3rd of December her column (nuttier than a bowl of Nutty Clusters with a sprinkling of Brazil nuts, garnished with peanut butter, dished up on a pecan platter) declared in a large bold headline:

"Labour's spineless response to a rogue state that threatens us all"

Man the lifeboats! Hide in the Anderson shelter! Start the four minute warning klaxon!

We are "under threat" from a "Rogue State" again. Oh woe is me! Is my will up to date? Is my estate in order? Have I unplugged the washing machine? Have I got clean undies on? Is my supply of a years worth of powdered egg secure?

But hang on.

Before I tape up the windows, buy in my canary-inna-cage and hide under a blanket draped table... Just who is this "Rogue State that threatens us all" Mad Mel?

It's The Sudan! :-O

Left: The next cause of international concern for Mad Mel and her Zionist chums. Juan Leg O'Toole, the Cuban-Irish terrorist and supplier of nukes to the Arabs. "He hides nuclear components in his unfeasibly, unnaturally large cigars" says Mad Mel, "he is a danger to us all! National emergency level 5 - code colour purple!"

Oh. Hmmm. Bugger! The Sudan eh?

Do you think the army surplus shop will take a year's supply of powdered egg back?

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

BNP: Who'll be Sacrificed?

After the 'Solidarity Union' scandal how many BNP organisers are sleeping soundly in their beds?

Spying claims rock BNP

Matthew Taylor and Hélène Mulholland
Tuesday December 18, 2007
Guardian Unlimited

British National Party chairman Nick Griffin
British National Party chairman Nick Griffin. Photograph: Gareth Fuller/PA
The British National Party has been engulfed by a bitter internal row with around 50 senior figures resigning the party whip amid claims the leadership has been spying on private emails and telephone calls.

Nick Griffin, the leader of the far-right group, is facing widespread criticism over his handling of the situation, while police confirmed yesterday they were investigating claims that a BNP security team stole files and computer equipment from the home of a regional official.


BNP Leadership in Trouble

As there is no independent report on the Nick Griffin organised Leeds meeting to come to terms with the "rebellion" of leading members over the BNP's action in burgling one official's home and in bugging other officials' communications, we publish here a link to an account from a left-wing source:


We'll be happy to publish other accounts when we get them.

On the reported actions of 'Tony Mac' in the report we can state that a leading FC activist met Tony at a recent nationalist shindig and he was a perfect gentleman and obviously a hard-working and well-meaning nationalist.

If the report is factual in this regard we can only imagine the incredible provocation that must have proceeded the uproar.

One thing's for sure though, even if there are tweaks and twists to the story here, any account on the BNP official site of (yet another) "successful" meeting for the corrupt leadership will have to be seen for the Blairite spin that it is.

Speaking to another FC activist who has met both Chris Beverley and Mark Collett his words were: "

Chris was a nice bloke, genuine and sincere. He was happy to work with us and to network with other nationalists to the betterment of nationalism, without compromising the BNP. Everyone who mentioned him before and after had nothing but nice things to say about him.

"Collett on the other hand is a nutter. He approached a couple of us and flew into a spittle-enducing rage about 'Creationism' as if this was intended to "wind us up." He came over as a megalomaniac, puffing his chest out like a hard man, who follows Griffin's line to the nth degree. Contrary to Chris Beverley, everyone who has spoken to me about Collett says he is corrupt, degenerate, a disgrace and a waste of space.

"You could not have two characters further apart in style, substance and character."

P.S. In the Comments section of the left-wing/Zionist post someone has posted a similar account of the meeting - allegedly published by Martin Webster - the homosexual ex-NF National Activities organiser of the 70s. If that is true, both reports seem to concur on the events

Taking Back Christmas for our People

It's funny how times change and yet in many ways events stay very much the same. Doesn't the saying go "The more things change the more they stay the same?"

This morning was particularly crisp and icy and as the sprogs gathered their belongings and the house was preparing for the working day I took a few minutes to throw out small scraps of bread to the birds as the ground seemed frozen.

Left: A stain-glass window. The scene is adapted from "The Nativity," a religious painting by German artist Bernhard Plockhorst. He was born in Brunswick in 1825, studied in Munich and Paris, became a professor at the Weimar Art School, and devoted a large part of his life to portrait work in connection with religious art.

Plockhorst incorporated a tiny "Christmas rose" in the lower left corner of the window. It is based on the legend that the little sister of the boy holding the lamb was crying because she had no gift for the Christ child. An angel appeared to her, and upon learning of her sorrow, extended its arm and immediately wild pink roses sprang up all over the hills of Palestine. The little girl picked the flowers and presented them to baby Jesus.

The botanical name of the flower is Black Hellebore, and to this day they bloom only during the Christmas season.

With the icy white ground and the bushes and trees nearby and far giving off a silvery sheen, I was momentarily transported back to times gone by. To the Victorian era with its re-invention of Christmas whilst many lived in slum conditions; to the era of the Commonwealth with Christmas banned by the puritans as they traversed the land smashing statues of the Saints and ripping out beautiful fittings from churches (like 1960s trendies before their time); to the medieval period when "Merrie England" knew how to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas with great pomp yet simple faith (long before Cohens... sorry, Tescos decided Christmas profiteering should start at the end of October).

In the semi-darkness, still and quiet of an (almost!) Winter morning, I thought of the history and changes...

Inside the house one of the sprogs was gathering old Christmas decorations to take into school to help brighten up the classroom a little, and as I saw the old tinsel it reminded me of my own childhood, when we'd take yard after yard (NB: Not metre after metre) of tinsel down from the attic (blowing off the accumulated dust) and festoon the tree, each room, the hallway, the banisters and anywhere else within reach of human hands with this silver, red, green, blue and any-other-colour-under-the-sun festive hanging decorations that some might have considered gaudy, but in our rush to make the house look as 'Christmassy' as possible we ensured no surface was left un-festooned.

I'm sure even the cat would have been decorated had she sat still (in fact I think sometimes she was, even though she ran for it!).

And so I return to today. A world full of cynicism. A world with more than its fair share of shysters. A world in which the daily struggle to pay the bills is only outdone in degrees of importance by the lifelong struggle to do what's right for 'Faith, Family, Nation.'

Was it so very different in the past?

I'm sure the slum-dwellers felt these pressures just as keenly, if not moreso. My grandparents grew up in an area that was later part of the slum clearances of the 50s and 60s and things were pretty tight (I won't let on about one uncle who marked his bottle of lemonade to stop the siblings sneaking some, only for them to top it up with water), but did Christmas mean more to that immediate family numbering in double figures crammed into its two-up, two-down mean more and have more resonance?

Whilst our struggle is (or should be) all about providing for our people and (re) creating a society that views our folk as made in the image of God, and not (laboratory) made to be as cogs in a machine for profiteers and banksters to use to maximise profits; sometimes I do wonder if all the consumables, all the consumerism and the shop-till-you-drop culture is making us soft, and obscuring our view of what Christmas is all about.

Right: If this man (or one like him!) leaves you a sack full of money please be careful. He is not Santa, Father Christmas, St. Nicholas or similar. His tribe do not celebrate the birth of Christ and this latter-day Herod will only cause you grief. Mark the sack "return to sender" and leave outside the nearest Israeli consulate.

I mentioned earlier that the Victorians had recreated (albeit with their own slant) an earlier memory of Christmas enjoyed in pre-Reformation Merrie England, before the hard-nosed abstentionist Puritans banned Christmas.

Yet what the Puritans tried to do by forcing Christmas underground and denying the English their desire to truly celebrate the birth of Christ, the Capitalists have in turn (in typically perverse manner) almost achieved.

As so many kids (from pre-teen onwards) now argue over whose had the most expensive gifts and spend Christmas Day playing Grand Theft Auto (with its gratuitous language and sexual aspect) we have to wonder if this is what it's all about.

I think it's time to reclaim Christmas.

Yes we must "eat, drink and be merry." The Welsh call the season of Advent "Winter Lent" because in centuries past they would prepare for Christmas as they prepared for the more important festival of Easter - by fasting, prayer, penance and alms-giving.

So the idea of feasting at Christmas is something that harks back to our forefathers who knew how to enjoy themselves, as the reverse side of the coin to the preparations they made for Christmas.

We must also take Christmas back from the Cohens (sorry... Tescos), those profiteers who just view us as cattle to buy their cheap shoddy crap and who fill up our larders and freezers with their mass-produced chemically enhanced "food."

We should also take back Christmas from the Communists and Liberals. These are people (headed by a - 13th? - tribe) who hate Christianity and all it entails. As part of a 2000 year old war, they want to eradicate Christmas, and they often use the excuse of "multi-cult" and "multi-faith Britain" to get rid of Christmas.

If some minorities do not like it then they can leave a country that has been Christian for most of the last 2000 years, though in fact most of minorities do not even mind Christmas - it tends only to be the hardline Communists and Liberals who use them as an excuse, and most of those are either Jewish or nominal Christians.

So as our people scrabble to retain any identity in the tidal wave of mass immigration and the attacks of anti-Christian forces seeking to undermine our history, our faith and the family (I think primarily of Reds, Homosexuals, Zionists and some CIA-backed Muslims) let us learn to celebrate Christmas properly!

Left: The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is a typically Talmudic/Communist atheist set-up. Like the Red councils and pressure groups over here, the ACLU tries to wipe out all connection to Christianity (even a watered down version), in favour of "inclusive" events for Jews, Sikhs, Muslims, Homosexuals, Atheists and more. This breed of people won't be happy until Christianity is expunged and replaced with their own Communist creed of the "brotherhood of man" which in reality leads to the "brotherhood of the gulag."

We as a family do try and celebrate Christmas properly, and I can tell you this: if done correctly, traditionally and in the right spirit the children enjoy the festive season even more. Yes they still can't wait to see what Santa's brought them... but it isn't the be-all and end-all for them, and it certainly makes Christmas and the importance of Christmas last for much longer than a few hours early (too early...!) on Christmas morning.

Standing in the frosty silence this morning I could feel the folk-memory of my forefathers, those who had struggled and fought to ensure future generations lived, those who had known how to celebrate Christmas and without the "benefits" of consumerism or atheist (local) government knew what the season of Advent was all about.

It stirred the soul.

P.S. In light of the above, if anyone dares to say "Happy Holidays" to you, you have my full permission to punch them in the nose whilst stating "it is Merry Christmas you dimwit."

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