Sunday, 2 November 2008

Jonathan Ross, Russel Brand, BBC Filth and Satanic Sluts

"Who cares?" - is probably your first response to this entry in this blog.

Ross and Brand have been chastised by the Beeb (the former on 3 months unpaid leave, the latter's resigned) and even the Radio 2 controller has resigned.

All for a series of phone calls wherein messages were left on Andrew Sach's answer machine that Brand had engaged in "Ugandan discussions" with Sach's granddaughter.

Right: The "innocent child" at the centre of the BBC brouhaha is a Satanic Slut!

Almost 30,000 people complained.

My take on this is that the two are degenerates. Brand is a druggy sex-addict who often holds up his (former?) days of drug taking as something to be cheered on, as if he were some sort of role model. Ross himself is just a potty-mouthed buffoon who constantly promotes homosexuality.

It would be interesting to find out more about Brand, but the main players in this seem to be Jewish (imagine the uproar on Neo Con sites and forums if they were "muzzies?").

Ross himself is married to a Jewess, so his children are (according to the rabbis) legally Jewish. Sachs (the aggrieved party) is a Jew and therefore his granddaughter (whom Brand said he was involved with) can be assumed to be Jewish.

Remember she is the "erotic dancer" in a troupe called Satanic Sluts who has now sold her sordid story (including information on her sexual proclivities) to the News of the World newspaper.

So much for her grandfather's hurt feelings... So much for her right of privacy! The Satanic Slut's chance for a few shekels must have overridden her concerns to protect her granddad from further hurt!!!

Even the week before the offending Russel Brand show his guest was David Baddiel, a Jewish comedian.

At this stage the Neo Cons, Israel-Firsters and Kosher Tories will be tut tutting, pointing a finger and righting this off as extremism. But let me ask again, what would their response be if there were a 'Muslim' thread running throughout this story in which filth on a Talmudic level rears its ugly head?

But to get back to the facts of the story, it's clear that most of the 30K complainants didn't hear the programme and are just using it as a brickbat to bash the BBC with.

So what?

Good luck to them!

The BBC has got away with a lot of filth for years. Ross's Friday Night show was interlaced with filth. On the Brand show in question there were far worse moments (including performing cunnilingus on an orange!) all of which was treated with titters and guffaws like two privately educated schoolboys in their dorm room!

People have had enough of this puerile (dare I say?) Talmudic filth. The way these people talk about drugs as if its "sugar candy" and not substances that are ruining our (working class) communities, wrecking families, and producing burglaries and other crimes that damage lives.

Little Britain is another show that the BBC shouldn't touch with a bargepole. Admittedly it is funny in parts, but the constant (and I mean constant!) going on and on (and on!) about homosexuality to the point of distraction says more about the mental state of the presenters than anything else.

Matt Lucas, one of the Little Britain "stars" recently got "divorced" from his 'Civil Partner' of a relative handful of months (oh yes: they made a 'lifetime commitment' dontcha know) showing what a mess his life is, and this is mirrored in his "entertainment" offerings.

E Michael Jones has written a book (which I've just bought, but haven't read yet) that shows how the modern form of architecture (eg Bauhaus) is a reflection of the sexual proclivities and basically messed-up lives of degenerates (it's a theme he returns to on a wider scale in his tome Degenerate Moderns).

So can we say in truth that the filth, degeneracy, promotion of drugs and homosexuality etc. etc. in so many BBC programmes (not just the ones listed above) aren't the product of the degenerate nature of the "artistes" and producers responsible?

That is the only logical conclusion - and certainly the likes of Brand, Ross and Lucas would seem to bear this out.

We have to ask if promoting sexual perversion, extolling homosexuality and glamorising drugs are things that we want our children and grandchildren watching and/or listening to.

If you, dear reader, aren't that bothered then I'm afraid that you are, in part, responsible for the downward spiral of this nation and of the corruption of our standards.

We cannot dodge the bullet. We cannot (always!) point the finger at others and blame them.

We have to take some personal responsibility. We have to set standards - in our own lives and in the lives of our families.

By happy chance (in life's erratic tombola) I sat on the tube (London Underground train) opposite Matt Lucas not so long ago. He was a nervous, fidgety, twitchy, self-conscious person. If he was just a "bloke on the street" you'd think there was "something wrong with him" or "he's a bit weird" -- in light of his personal life and his televisual offerings this seems to be perfectly true.

The BBC belongs to all of us.

The BBC won't allow revisionist, nationalist, traditionalist voices on. Only in very rare cases will they even allow Pro-Life (anti abortion) or Pro-family (anti-homosexual) voices on: and then in heavily edited and often slanted soundbytes.

So to allow Brand, Ross, Lucas et al on the grounds of "freedom of speech" just doesn't wash because so much which the Zionists, Multi-Cultis, Pooftahs and Reds who populate the BBC find "offensive" doesn't get aired and is edited out of existence.

It is about time that the 'degenerate moderns' were hounded out, and if takes the "excuse" of an affronted 'Satanic Slut' then so be it!


For further links between groups who promote Satanism and Judaism read FC's SATANISM AND ITS ALLIES - THE NATIONALIST MOVEMENT UNDER ATTACK book.

If you think the Satanic Sluts is just harmless "fun" then think again. Their site is full of Satanic imagery, they even use the slogan "Blood and Dishonour" (pure chance eh?). They also use a perversion of the National Socialist slogan by saying: "One Faith, One Creed, One Order, 666."

Why is it that these Satanist groups ape National Socialism, very much in a Hollywood style, yet contain more than a sprinkling of Jews? Is it because they seek to paint all nationalism as "weird" and dysfunctional?

A basic study of Anton le Vey's (another Jew!) Church of Satan will show you that they (throughout their history) have used "cultural" means to promote Satanism. This includes music, sexual material etc.

The 'Satanic Sluts' fill their modus operandi perfectly.

They offer the "Do What Thou Wilt" creed of Aleister Crowley to the Nth degree, as do Brand, Ross and Lucas.

Homosexuality, Drugs and Perversion were, after all, grist to the mill of Crowley, Le Vey and any other Satanist creep worth his salt.

Satanism and its Allies


League of Welsh said...

What number Protocol are we on now?

Anonymous said...

I am unable to let my children listen to the afternoon play on BBC Radio 4 any longer, or indeed anything else unless I have heard it first.Which is a shame because until recently, this was untrue, and my children when younger rarely saw me put the television on.The radio would play all day.

Cultural Marxism uses media to destroy the moral core of the country. Brand and Ross are only two examples of this - Norton, Lucas & Walliams, 'Mock' the Week crew....

How right- whether you loved or loathed her - Mary Whitehouse was.

Anonymous said...

Matt lucas is a fat jewish bastard

Watch brand in action against the BNP on the link below:

League of Welsh said...

Ooops, a bit of a boo-boo, I've just found out that the Protocols were a forgery, so no need to panic....

Final Conflict said...

Anon - yopu're right of course.

I'd completely forgotten about Graham Norton! Another degenerate scumbag paid megabucks by the media.

These potty mouthed filth merchants should be kicked off the TV and put in the stocks.

Anonymous said...

That irish poof Norton will fill Woss`s old slot, maybe even literally LOL!

Anonymous said...

Well written their is so much in culture today that literally stinks-music, art, comedy and people in media.
You can use your free will to get beyond this stinking filth. Meditation, contemplation, organic nutritious food,trash tv, avoid cell phones around your head, harmonious music and I read old books and choose some uplifting nice movies.And this and some other things make me happy smiling.

Anonymous said...

BAHAHAH nazis are too liberal.

u mad?


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