Friday, 29 February 2008

Guardian Smears Roberto Fiore's Business

The Guardian today ran the usual smear piece that we've been used to on Roberto Fiore and his business[es] in London.

Right: Is the black gent (saluting at bottom left) from the language school in question?

We've had (baseless) smears before about people being threatened, appalling conditions etc. Now we have smears about Africans and small profits.

Do the Guardianistas not realise that if you run a business in England, it is illegal to turn away people on account of their race?

What do they expect any legitimate school to do? Fiore's businesses have been well known for helping many Europeans visit England, find jobs, learn English etc. Not so long ago one of the many smears were that many of these people were "fascists" - I seem to remember Searchlies stating such a thing last year about "nazi Poles" etc. etc.

Shock horror!

Mr. Fiore imports nazis.... and he imports Africans. What are we to believe??? Erm... neither?

As an aside I do have a European friend who studied at the school and he told me it was excellent with great facilities, friendly staff and most of the students were civilised too! That's quite a feat in London.

As well as getting accommodation in Central London, as I understand it, the students also get lessons and jobs - all at an excellent rate, which would explain the figures. Again, from the little I know third hand, the job placement is provided free of charge - The Guardianistas (with their profit motif) must be apoplectic at such an idea!

On other issues, let's ask what the figures are for The Guardian? Does it like Murdoch's papers use tax avoidance procedures including tax havens?

Right: Forza Nuova has taken a stance against kosher-patriots like Fini

As for the BNP link - the Guardian is reaching here. Fiore's Forza Nuova is nothing like the Kosherised Anti-Muslim pressure group that the BNP has become. The FN has condemned those (like Fini) who have tried to kosherise nationalist politics in Italy.

You'll notice in the report that The Guardian uses a very long-winded and intricate explanation of Fiore's exile. They know that many newspapers in England, Italy and elsewhere have already been successfully sued by Mr. Fiore for stating he is/was a "terrorist" etc. when the Italian courts have started categorically that not only is Fiore innocent of all charges, but was in fact a victim of the real bombers - because of his forced exile and the many smears against him.

Still, it is interesting that The Guardian chose this moment to raise this story, perchance to have a dig at Mr. Fiore's business (again!) and to try and embarrass the kosher BNP, especially when they could have run stories on paedophilia, orgies, burglary and more.

Maybe talk - however tenuous, not to say absurdly untrue - of "terrorists" is more juicy for a journalist?

I'm looking forward to the next chapter: Fiore loses money by importing Nazi Africans.


Guardian Attack on Fiore's Business

FC Poll Result on Princess Diana

The results for last week's poll were:

Was Prince Diana:

11 (35%)
Killed in an Accident?
8 (25%)
A survivor - Now Living with Elvis in Norwich?
12 (38%)

With an evenly answered poll like this it seems obvious that few people take the matter so seriously.

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Social and Ballad Evening

We are in the first tentative stages of organising a social and ballad evening.

There is still much to do, and who will be involved remains to be seen... but watch this space.

Comrades who are interested should get in touch so we can keep them informed.

Many patriots will remember the London ballad evening, which FC was involved with, at which Sisco, Frank Rennicke and others played.

150 nationalists came together for that evening of fine music, camaraderie and nationalism.

Here's hoping we can do it again...

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Michael Martin MP - Warnings for Nationalism

The case of Michael Martin, the Glasgow MP and Speaker of the House (who's chairman of the committee overseeing changes in rules on MPs expenses etc.) has some salient points for nationalists.

Above Right: The Root of all Evil. So many will sell their souls and their cause for a wad of wonga.

For a man who must be on a decent wage to be involved (whether strictly legal or otherwise) in grubbing about for money strikes me as distinctly sordid.

The allegation is that is wife claimed £4K in expenses for taxi fares whilst traveling on personal business with a friend and that the MP claimed £75K of pounds for a second home in Scotland, even though he had no mortgage on the house.

All the usual cronies have run to his defence and we're told that most of this is "legal" -- but it doesn't make it right; and when politicians concern is to do the Tel Aviv breaststroke (i.e. grabbing armfuls of filthy lucre) before earning their wage and making the country better then it makes us all feel betrayed, ashamed and angry.

This is important for nationalists because:

1. We can see what angers people about politicians.
2. People holding the pursestrings shouldn't be the ones to pass judgment on themselves!
3. It is vital that nationalist leaders steer clear of money-grubbing, nepotism, cronysim etc.
4. When the media view you as an enemy, corruption and expenses-fiddling is grist to the mill.

With the BNP currently spending less than 6% of its income on campaigning (and a furore arising re. the BNP leader charging his own party £19K a year rent!) - the rest filling pockets of leaders and cronies - every nationalist needs to be aware, because when the media no longer need an anti-Muslim pressure group and go for the jugular all the corruption, money-grubbing, nepotism, immorality, paedophilia, burglary and more will come back to haunt not just a handful of cronies at the top of the BNP, but nationalists as a whole as the media will be happy to paint us all as degenerate crooks.

When that day comes - as I'm sure it eventually will! - nationalism will be set back 20 years; and those with their pockets bulging with shekels will have retired to their haunts built up via their (94-95%) cash cow.

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Stormfronters Vote AGAINST Nick Griffin

Stormfront members turn against Griffin.

In the UK section of Stormfront, whose moderators have been known to shut down debate and silence critics when it comes to Nick Griffin and his control of the BNP, it seems that anti-Griffin forces have become strong enough to outnumber those in favour of Mr. Griffin.

This is quite an event as hithertofore Stormfront UK was known for being so packed with Griffinites and cronies as to make it pretty useless as any form of debating chamber.

Quite a few Stormfronters were even kicked off for being stridently against Mr. Griffin, whilst moderators often turned a blind eye to those who broke the rules in their defence of the BNP boss.

No doubt the BNP will say this vote means nothing, but we all know that the BNP leadership regard Stormfront as important enough to spend their own time in there arguing their corner, and getting their sycophants to be moderators.

It is symptomatic of a general turn (in wider nationalist circles per se) against Mr. Griffin's leadership of the BNP by many "hardliners" and even "liberals" on the matter of BNP finances and immoral/illegal behaviour in the upper strata of the BNP.

It has been interesting to see various puff pieces in the London and general media for the BNP in London and the South east, as if some people out there have a vested interest in propping up the current BNP leadership and helping their chances of a good vote in the London Assembly elections which, amongst much else, will effectively kill off the 'Enough is Enough rebellion' (that some say has already run out of steam).

Conspiracy theorists are already having a field day: is this the "Barbara Amiel effect" of a proto-Zionist BNP getting an easy ride from what should be an enemy media?

Time will tell.

The Stormfront UK results (sent into FC by email):

For record purposes, the final tally - JB wins by 72 to 60

Nick Griffin

.:.BNP.:., amy_bnp, aussie_lad, barrow, BILDERBERG, Bluenose1957, Bob Blatchford, bozley, Brighton Rock, british fascisti, CELTIC STORM, cymrubach, Daffy duck, Definite_Article, demo079, Eastman, essex girl, FBtheC, fraser, Fyrdist, Green Arrow, independant nationalist, Irish=White, JOHN OLDHAM ENGLAND, JohnJoyTree, JoinNewBritain, Knave, Krux, List, London_Brit, Lord Kitchener, loyalandtrue, MattP100, MB, Momofsix, Mrehomme, MrRS, MyEngland, nf essex, Nightshade, Norvic, PaganBrit, paganwarriorUK, Richard L. Lee, Saddleworth Historian, Shove The Dove, StGeorgeIsCross (Sid Williamson), The Boatman, ThePotatoWarrior, This England, TYPSY MAN, Viking Invasion, Walk towards the light, White Pioneer, white power uk, white-man, WhiteMakesRight, whitey1966, white_man_marching, young soldier

60 [45.45%]


Jack Black

Aistulf, always white, Andy Ritchie, Anglezarke, Another Day, BARTXX, Brighton Pebble, Brit Dave, BritishPatriot, bulldog 69, Caradoc, CleanseByFire, CooDayTar, decker, Doriot, Dux90, eddiefrombradford, eurowarrior14, Evaline, Forgotten sister, friedrich braun, G2QD, GeorgeWilliams, Gordon of Khartoum, Gr√ľnaugen88, hazardouswaster, HellBilly14, Helmsman, Jack Black, joefrombradford, Karl27, liesbedamned, lowlife, maximilian, Middlesex, Norsepupil, Number Five, nurse1969, Octavian, odinsdaughter, Oldham White, PATRIOT333, Purging The Droid, Radian_Born, raffles, Room 306, Saintrotter, scooterist, Sea Vixen, Seaforth (JiB), sidv, still standing proud, Stilus Virgo, Stockportloyal1690, SuffolkSkin, Svarog, Teardown, the wolf, The_stormer, ThoughtCriminal14, troapler, Uncle Stormy, vanguarduk, ViV, Waterloo, waylon, WhiteChick666, WhiteLight., White_Australian, William Joyce, Window Cleaner, zippy14-88

72 [54.55%]

Voters: 132.

Auschwitz Trips ARE a PC Gimmick

David Cameron is coming under fire from "Jewish groups," government ministers and Tory Zionists for daring to call a government initiative that will send thousands of schoolchildren to Auschwitz.

What did he expect?

Of course, in this instance, he is correct. It is a gimmick.

It is the most corrupt misuse of public funds to prop up a discredited regime (Israel) to ignore the 100 million murdered by Communism (many cabinet ministers are ex-Communists) and an attempt to politicise children,

As a previous report stated, some of the children came home and campaigned against "far right" candidates.

Perhaps visits to gulags might have them campaign against lefties? Or visits to slums around the world might help them "decide" to campaign against banksters and big business???

I for one am sick to death of the increasingly desperate attempts by corrupt politicians to justify Zionism and to make more of our children into politically correct homogenised "activists" for whatever right-on cause the government can find - from anti-racism to global warming.

When drugs, guns, muggings, knives, burglaries and more make our streets unsafe, how encouraging to know our government can afford to send school children on politically motivated jaunts to places reconstructed by Soviet commissars.

Friday, 22 February 2008

Support Serbia! Fly the Flag

With Serbia under another attack (territorial rather than terrorist this time) from America and the Neo-Con powers, there's never been a more important time to show that Serbia has supporters in the West (and not just in the historically Orthodox nations).

Furthermore, if we as people do not shout about American Neo-Con hegemony now, this will come back to haunt us in a way that will make the bombing of Serbia and the bombing of Iraq (with uranium-tipped bombs to poison the soil and the gene pool) look like some kind of Disney-esque holiday.

So order your flag today! At £5 and fixed postage you really can't go wrong!

Why not add the flag onto an order and grab a great CD, t-shirt, badge and/or FC mag subscription at the same time?

And don't forget our great range of Serbian Nationalist and Militaria badges (see 2nd link below).

Serb Imperial Flag
Serb Badges

Spies, Lies and Dodgy Alibis

Sir Richard Dearlove, MI6's 'C,' has said that MI6 agents do have a 'licence to kill' but, during his 38 year career, they have never used it!

He stated this to the coroner at the Diana Inquest.

The ex-MI6 boss must have been under some kind of oath - so can we expect charges of perjury for this Fairy Tale?

Whatever next???

They'll be telling us next that extraordinary rendition flights have never set foot (or wheel?) on British Crown soil... oh. Hang on. They've already spun that lie and been exposed.

This sequence of lies has echoes in the past from WW2 to Suez, from Iraq to Dr David Kelly (bumped off by the Sea Scouts no doubt).

How much more of this well chewed crud can be dished up to us without the people involved being held responsible for their lies, subterfuge and cover-up?

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Another Californian Morning

This is just to prove that we really ARE touchy-feely!

Now will Babs Amiel send us some shekels? ;-)

Ron Sandler: Loyalty to God Knows Where

Well, well, well.

What a surprise!

Right: Ron Sandler is a tax evading "non dom."

Can those who ran to the defence of the bankster, Capitalist fat cat and all-too-kosher government hireling Ron Sandler please explain why he is classed as a "non dom?"

To those not in the know, non doms are registered for paying tax overseas, which means they pay vastly reduced taxes to the UK government.

The so-called great economist Gordon Brown was supposed to be clamping down on non doms (as the banksters and City of London wide boys screeched about "driving away entrepreneurs") he then employs one!

With all the talk about clamping down - quite rightly - on benefit cheats, its about time the mega rich paid the same proportion of tax as the average working man.

It seems to me that the working man, with a family to bring up, is getting the poohey end of the stick - squeezed on one side by benefit layabouts who think the world owes them a living (and a house, and food etc. etc.) whilst on the other he is squeezed by non dom mega-rich banksters who pay a pittance of tax whilst awarding each other millions in bonuses even when they fail!

Left: Whilst the mega-rich Masons, Zionists and Banksters go "non dom" the big businesses shift their operations abroad to maximise profits. What about loyalty to this country and its workers?

Still as Mr. Sandler owes no loyalty to this country (does he know he has the right to "return" to Israel?) it's hardly surprising he's chosen non dom status.

Yet more shekels floating around in the trough at which the banksters and Masons feed.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

FC Poll Result on Britain's Future

Last week's question in the FC Poll was:

Independent of the EU, should we:

Go back to the British Union with no devolution?
13 (32%)
Keep the current status quo?
0 (0%)
Have the Union - but with more powers devolved?
4 (10%)
Have a Confederacy of Nations retaining British institutions?
2 (5%)
Independence for England and the Celtic Nations?
21 (52%)

This produced a number of interesting results.

Right: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is circa 300 years old. Will it last much longer?

We envisaged that there would be a clear-cut division between the positions we'll label "unionism" and "separatism," which was borne out in the voting patterns.

Interestingly, those favouring English independence were over half of the voters, possibly a stronger vote than may have been garnered in years gone by.

Also interesting is the fact that no-one voted to keep the status quo, presumably no-one happy with a "half way" house.

Is - or has! - nationalism changed and would nationalists be happier with the nations of these isles modeled on the Scandinavian model (friendly, independent, confident various-sizes neighbours with some common history living harmoniously side-by-side) rather than a Belgian model of forced political Union?

When (the currently English border town) Berwick Upon Tweed has voted by almost 80% to rejoin Scotland, there is clearly something in the air.

Many observers think Gordon Brown (as a Scot who has to prove he's "ultra British patriot" as UK Prime Minister) will block any act of parliament allowing Berwick to return to Scotland.

Left: Berwick Upon Tweed, now most residents want the border moved Southwards so the town returns to Scotland. The dotted line is the existent English-Scottish border.

After the farce of Brown's crony/hireling Milliband (offspring of rich, Jewish Marxists) telling other European Nations that the (Neo-Con backed) illegal actions of the Albanians in Serbia won't set a precedent, who would be able to take Brown's blocking of the democratic wishes of the townsfolk of Berwick seriously?

Still unless Berwick becomes a US air base or home to a CIA station, America won't force the issue...

Monday, 18 February 2008

Ron Sandler: It's Them Again

Could the government have chosen a more Talmudic looking fat cat to run its newly nationalised Northern Rock bank?

First the Tories made Talmudic bankers rich via their privatisations in 80s, and now this.

Mohammed Al Fayed may come across as a bit of a nutter with his accusations including almost everyone in the murder of Princess Diana, but to think these networks of Spooks and Masons don't fill each others' pockets and follow their own agenda is naive in the extreme.

Still, as the tax-payer now bankrolls Northern Rock - in every sense - how comforting to know that we're paying over £1 Million a year for Mr. Sandler's services.

It all seems so very Kosher!

Separated at ("Kosovo's") birth

Prime Minister of "Kosovo", Hashim Thaci.

Corleone henchman Luca Brasi, in happier times (i.e., pre-sleeping with "the fishes").

Spot the difference?

There's not much to tell them apart. Both of them could be mistaken for Lurch; both are criminals with a considerable amount of blood on their hands. The only difference is that Thaci is having better luck right now than poor old Luca did in The Godfather.

But this can only be so for as long as the Serbs tolerate him and his bandit state, or as long as Kosovo's mineral resources keep U$rael ticking over.

Long live Christian Serbia, free from the manipulation of Washington and Brussels!

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Penrhys - A Community Reborn

As a young lad I traveled to a small housing estate (of the kind labeled "sink estates") in the Rhondda Valley in a town called Ferndale. The estate was called Penrhys.

Right: Penrhys, just another 1960s sink estate in the Rhondda Valley.

I was with a friend and we were visiting a Welsh-speaking NF comrade who had moved up the valleys to see him and his young family.

In the middle of this really quite grim 1960s housing estate with all the 'flotsam and jetsam' of wrecked cars and swirling rubbish, was a strange statue on a large pillar. It was of the Virgin Mary and the Infant Christ.

It seemed strangely out of place, to the extent of almost appearing as a strange discovery, by myself, of an unknown artifact.

Having a love of all things historic, loving travel and being quite the amateur photographer in those days of 35mm and sending your film off to Truprint (you got a free one back y'know!), I got my friend to take a photo of me (budding Indiana Jones that I was) by the statue.

I thought nothing more of it. I still have the photo somewhere, in a box amongst the keepsakes and bric a brac of a dozen or so house moves.

Well just the other day I was speaking to someone originally from the valleys and the name Penrhys popped up.

I was intrigued. It rang a faint little bell at the back of my mind.

He told me that the community there was trying to reinvigorate itself and bring a bit of pride and a sense of belonging to an area long ago written off by many.

A part of this has been the study of the pre-Reformation pilgrimage to the statue which had a particularly special place in the hearts of the Welsh people, but was in fact second only in popularity in the whole of the Britain to the famous Walsingham Marian pilgrimage, which was supported by Royalty and the powerful.

If you read the pdf document which details the history of Penrhys, you'll even see that Owain Glyndwr may well have attended an Eisteddfod at the Monastic grange established there by the Cistercians.

What I think is particularly good about this project is that it is helping one of the poorest areas (hitherto ignored as the "inner cities" and multi-culti deprivation soaked up money to no avail) which is almost wholly indigenous.

As part of the renovation of a real community, the history and heritage of the local land is playing a central part and so what was a grimy, underprivileged housing estate is learning of its past as a part of Welsh history, and a place that was regarded by people thoughout Europe as a great place of pilgrimage, with a special loyalty of the poor.

Left: The current reconstruction of the original Penrhys statue.

What Henry VIII and Thomas Cromwell tried to wipe out like thieves in the night for fear of a "local uprising" and what the bards of old had written and sung about as a wonderful place could well be reborn... and short of some shipped in corner shop Hindus to appear all "inclusive" this will see a small corner of Wales retain what was once its position as a beacon for our people, in showing what a local community - when it still has a sense of community - can achieve.

Link: click on Pennrhys Pilgrims (pdf download file)
The Cistercian Way to Penrhys

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Last Week's Quote

"Freedom or death - better to perish in battle than live... as slaves."

attributed to Boadicea, Queen of the Iceni Celts.

Multi-Culti: No Kosher Answer

BBC1's Question Time on Thursday Night was very interesting.

Right: "Mad Mel" Phillips has no answers because she accepts multi-culti as long as it is Israel friendly. She cannot, for example, attack barbaric Halal butchery without undermining the barbaric Kosher butchery (and the Kosher tax con!) which is just as awful and non-European.

Our old friend Melanie "Chewing the Carpet" Phillips was there and you could sense she was chomping at the bit to discuss the whole Archbishop of Canterbury/Sharia Law controversy!

Oh yes!

The arch Neo Con's eyes were gleaming! Her furtive Talmudic mind was turning over the various arguments she could make to come across all "British Patriot" to her Daily Mail reading, BBC watching public.

Sad to say (for Mad Mel, not me) there was a CofE cleric, the Bishop of Hulme, on the panel too.

He wasn't going to sit there and take Mad Mel's Talmudic onslaught. Although he was woollier than a sheep atop a Welsh mountain in midwinter when it came to multi-culti, multi-faith, Muslims and Jews, he launched into a broadside immediately he was asked about this topic and undermined Mad Mel's premise.

How so?

His most pertinent point was that Jewish courts (dealing with family issues and more) are already recognised in Britain.


What could Mad Mel do?

Attack her own people???

After all - when are assaults on the "rights" of the Jewish people and their Talmudic religion ever allowed?

These are all problems and issues in the multi-culti nightmare we've created, wherein anti-Christian religions and hatreds are permitted (and there is none more hate-filled than Judaism) and given free rein on the media to espouse their awful worldviews.

That is why for these multi-cults, it's great for non-White, non-Christian and (m)any others to come here, as long as they are "loyal" as long as they comply with "our" laws.

Hmmm. Even if they (pretend) to... no thanks!

Mad Mel cannot pretend to be against this multi-culti quagmire because she - and her ilk - are, like woolly minded multi-culti CofE clerics, part of the problem: not part of the solution.

Question Time. Watch it and take part in feedback

What is Identity?

A recent report says that mass coloured immigration has been badly managed and that the British fear they are losing their identity.

It got me to thinking.

If you travel in Wales and Scotland (that is if you don't live in either) you'll find a people who are, to a large extent, comfortable with their identity.

Right: Scottish Identity is much older than the 300 years of a Union forced on the Scots by a small, vocal, powerful, political and merchant class (lessons there for us as the same class push us all further into the EU).

Welsh and Scottish identity (if not Patriotism and Nationalism) are facing a resurgence. Now we can all say that this has been stage-managed to a degree, and that it isn't done to undermine "multi-culturalism" (eg. the powers-that-be make sure all manner of immigrants are seen to be "Welsh" or "Scottish") yet there is no doubt that to the people there, they have a renewed confidence, their heritage is celebrated.

Visit an eisteddfod or a highland games (and all manner of lesser events) and you'll find people flying their flag, unashamed of their history, celebrating their past etc. etc.

So where is this lack of identity? Where is this ambivalence, this uncertainty?

In a word: England.

A friend of mine, born, bred and living in England once told me that to the average Englishman and woman the words "Britain" and "England" were interchangeable, i.e. unless you were acutely politically aware they thought of their nation, their country.

These are the people whose identity is under threat. These are the people who feel they are losing their nationhood.

Whilst Britain is slowly reverting back to a Scandinavian model of separate nations living side by side, it is the English who have had their history whisked from them, whose self-confidence is undermined by a lack of awareness, by a lack of comfort in their heritage.

To my mind there is one overwhelming reason: RACE.

Mass coloured immigration has made most English cities non-English.

London is the prime example, of course, but even lesser cities where the coloureds aren't about to become the majority, they are still a sizeable and very vocal minority.

How can the people of Nottingham retain any pride when their city is now known not for its past in the Saxon Vs Norman struggle of Robin Hood but for the number of urban gun crime, primarily undertaken by coloured thugs and hoodlums.

Right: Cymdeithas yr Iaith Cymraeg (Welsh Language Society) activists wear the "Welsh Not" signs that were used to try and wipe out the Welsh language from 19th Century schools, a form of cultural genocide of one of Europe's oldest languages, the remnant of the language of the Ancient Britons.

This very real terrorism on our streets is not "Islamic" - there is no "war on terror" here, no determination to stamp out this terror whatever the cost despite the fact that more English people are affected by "West Indian/African" muggings, gun crime and/or drugs crimes than any "Islamic terror."

I believe this whole impasse can only be resolved when the English people retake the reins, and start to assert themselves.

"Take Back Our Country" is a kind of nationalist slogan and can easily be dismissed as purple prose, but what choice do we have? There has to be a mind by mind, house by house, street by street and community by community raising of the standard of St George, the Jerusalem Cross, the banner of the Crusaders.

The English must re-assert their nationhood. Stop this silly internecine warfare in blaming the Scots, arguing over tax revenues, payments and even North Sea Oil profits... It becomes demeaning and forces the focus on the people who are not to blame.

Too many English patriots spend time moaning about money (they perceive, rightly or wrongly) going to Glasgow or Edinburgh, when so many millions are poured into the immigrant areas and corrupt multi-culti quango led initiatives in London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Bristol... etc. etc.

So there we have it: discuss.

Our Poll this week shows an almost clear-cut opinion with (so far) circa a third of voters favouring a strict Union run from London, with about a half favouring independence for England and the Celtic Nations.

Whatever our future holds, unless the English grasp the nettle and start to re-affirm their nationhood it seems to me that if immigration continues apace, it will eventually wipe out large areas of Wales and Scotland too (not just Cardiff, Swansea, Glasgow and Edinburgh), not to mention the vast numbers of English who will continue to seek shelter in Wales and Scotland (as well as France and Spain).

Left: An English village. Does this deserve rap music? Drive-by shootings? Muggers? Negroid graffiti?

Despite what some may say, and amidst the interesting environment of even Unionist organisations pushing forms of independence for England (seemingly contravening their beliefs!) this will all come back to whether we accept or oppose non-White immigrants, their descendants and dependents.

After all, how can English nationhood and history be understood in classrooms where most of the children aren't even European, let alone English? Might the English family's duty be to have more children as well as to fight to return immigrants to their ancestral homelands?

Maybe we can learn from the Indians!

The British Empire ran India for many years and shipped a lot of people out there.

The Indians won their independence decades ago and took back the reins of power, and the Brits left. Might not the reverse happen or is justice, nationalism, culture, freedom and identity only a right of Indians and not of the English?

Scrabbling to retain control of the Celtic Nations from Westminster (or indeed Brussels - but that's another huge argument!) seems to pander to the political class, obsessed with their own importance.

Why should any Englishman lose a single nights sleep over the first allegiance of the men of Cardiff or Edinburgh when he cannot even count on the first allegiance of most of the population of his own capital city?

WMD Lies: The Ultimate Videoclip!

If ever there was a perfect indictment of the Zionist liars and cheats who led the world into an insane and unjust war in Iraq, it's packed into this six and a half minute YouTube video. Enjoy!

Friday, 15 February 2008

FC Software Appeal

If anyone out there has a spare copy of Quark (preferably Version 7 or something close to it) and/or a new-ish copy of Adobe Photoshop we'd love to hear from you.

It could be you've replaced a recent copy with a brand new one... maybe you've replaced it with other software, or maybe you have multiple copies for work.

Whatever, if you can help in any way please e-mail: with the subject header 'FC Software.'

Many thanks.

911 - Iran to Blame?

Was I dreaming?

In my half-asleep dotage yesterday I heard some talking head on TV claim there was a link between "911" and Iran.

Right: Will 'Rummy' claim "the WMDs are there, they are increasing their capabilities, we know they know that we know."

Yes, Iran!

So first we had Afghanistan. Then Iraq. Now Iran.

Do the Neo-Cons really think we are brain-dead automatons with no memory, no faculty for logical thought and no ability to smell grade A horse manure when we're spoon-fed it?

Do they think our leaders will send more men to die in futile conflict?

Er... yes!

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Masons Want Laws to Jail Nationalists

It's time to ruffle some feathers.

I'm glad the Muslims who looked at or downloaded "terrorist" material from the internet have been freed.

I'm glad the North African airline pilot has been released from jail.

That's got the Neo-Cons, Kosher Tories and their heavy mob screeching.

Why am I happy?

The reasons have more to do with White Nationalism, Third Positionists and those of us who oppose the New World Order and the Judeo-Masonic elite that have our people running around like headless chickens as they create/fight their eternal bogeymen (Orwell called it Eurasia, we call it AL Qaeda).

CIA created, backed, financed and whipped-up "terrorists" are there to make it possible for the Temple Elders to pass repressive laws, to socially control us all and to (try and) dampen down opposition to their Zionist aims and "utopia."

Our anti-terror laws here already make it plain that if the Muslims had downloaded videos etc. AFTER a certain date (i.e. an new anti-terror law is on the statute books NOW) they would have been found guilty.

So should anyone who looks at or downloads material from websites supporting ("glorifying") the IRA or UVF be jailed.

I think not, as much as I disagree with the tactics and activities of both groups.

If a man visits websites extolling the virtues of the Red Army Faction he may be an idiot wearing (very) red-tinted glasses, but he shouldn't face jail!

Personally, I could say that if a war is illegal (e.g. the invasion of Iraq) are people who visit the MoD website with info on Iraq, or if they watch US Army bombing on Utube (or CNN etc.) does that mean that they should face jail for supporting illegal violent acts?

Of course not!

The fact here, for we as White Nationalists, Christian Patriots, Third Positionists etc. is that the CIA ghost "Al Qaeda" was created to pass the very laws that can now, here, today see you, I, him and her (all "hideously White" to quote Greg Dyke ex BBC chief) facing jail for seeking out websites that offer a different worldview to the Kosher Zionists.

Now let's deal with the North African pilot who has now been released after serving time as a "guilty" part of the "911 plot."

Again, after changes in the law passed on the back of the Orwellesque never ending "war on terror" if the (as we now know) innocent pilot were arrested TODAY, he'd be on a plane to America within a very short time (with no account to the Court of Appeal - the court which released him).

Watch out White, Christian Briton!

Bang the tabloid gutter press drum today about the "muzzies" getting off and "terrorists" walking free all you like.


Visit a Nationalist web site. Clang!

Sign a Patriotic online guestbook. Clang!

Download an anti-Israeli video. Clang!

Sign a petition to free a jailed revisionist. Clang!

Write an email supporting a Pro-Lifer being hunted down. Clang!

That "clang" is the the sound of the cell door being slammed shut behind YOU.

And as the Eastenders-watching, Sun-reading, Kosherised sheeple have cheered on the need for these new strong laws to fight "terrorists" your voice claiming innocence will get no hearing.

You'll be just another "extremist." Another "terrorist." Another "hater."

There will be no Court of Appeals for you. You will lose your job, home, family, freedom and - if you're whisked off to the USA on the back of the one-sided extradition laws - you could even lose your very life.


One pilot could so very easily have been whisked off to America and been put on death row, but for the timing of his arrest. He was innocent.

The next time you read of some Nationalist idiot (plant, agent provocateur, moron, patsy, set-up or otherwise) playing with explosives, handling "hit lists" etc. - and we can all think of people linked to C18, the BNP, the BPP in (very!) recent years - then remember that you could face guilt by association if you ever met them, sat by them in a meeting, had an e-mail from them, received a phone call from a joint associate etc. etc.

Think it couldn't happen to you honest, White, Christian?

Think again!

Wake up and smell the coffee.

It has already happened to people just like you. Honest, innocent, patriotic people.

Our Italian Comrades back in the early 1980s faced guilt by association, faced jail for opposing the Masonic-backed nationalists, faced murder in jail cells, faced trumped-up charges by Communist magistrates, faced calls for extradition on no evidence etc etc.

Years later the men in question were cleared of all charges and were named, in court, as official victims of the real terrrorists (Masonic policemen).

But years earlier they faced real terror, life on the run, (Spook backed) media smears and worse.

If they were to happen to us today (it would only take one act of Masonic terror - and this is no fairy tale, the Masons backed terror in Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, Germany etc. via "left" and "right" and we can all remember C18 - a perfect honey trap) there would be little chance of a fair hearing.

We would face a nightmare which would make the loss and sacrifices of our Italian Third Positionist comrades of the 80s look like a trip to Disneyland (which is bad enough!).

Of course all this is supposition, and despite the morbid souls out there, I don't think things would really get so bad (isn't there still a very English sense of "fair play"?) but my point is this:

Nationalists - be aware. Oppose laws that undermine our ancient freedoms.

Those who take the side of the Zionist politicians, Masonic press barons etc. should be ostracised.

It is time for Nationalists who know the truth, who are aware of the bigger picture, who see through the lies and nonsense of the New World Order and globalists to speak up.

Those who fail to speak up for short term gain, for "popularity," for shekels or because of fear are traitors. They are siging our freedoms away and setting all of us up as potential fall guys.

No I'm not a "Muslim lover," I'm a White, Christian Nationalist who favours the re-settlement of ALL non-Europeans (Muslim, Sikh, Hindu etc.) to their lands of origin.

No I'm not a "Terrorist supporter," I oppose terrorism whether Islamic, Israeli or MoD-sanctioned.

No I'm not a "Conspiracy nut," I don't think the Duke of Edinburgh is a 300-year-old lizard.

But neither am I a brain-dead moron corralled into supporting the methods, aims and ideals of the Freemasonic elites who want to destroy all Nations, all peoples.

I will not apologise for defending my freedoms, my Faith, my nation and the rights of families.

Those who hate me and my heritage (usually atheistic Marxists or Kosherised Neo-Cons) can wail all they want, but I will not sit by quietly while they use so-called "Muslim Terrorists" to pass laws to build the politically correct all-controlling state they desire in which patriots, nationalists, pro-lifers, Christians, family rights and other decent people are terrorised into silence.

Either nationalists speak up now, or we allow for the jailing and worse of our comrades and innocent patriots in the future.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

File on 4 Nationalist Comment

Many people are cogitating over the Radio 4 show.

This will roll on...

NW Nationalists

Lots of Flags: Great prices

The prices of MOST flags on the FC site are being lowered.

The flags in the Confederate and British categories have already been revised. More will follow.

Above Right: The Richard the Lionheart flag - one of the most populat patriotic flags. relive the crusades and fly the flag!

In the near future we also hope to add more new flags.

So watch this space.

So many great patriotic 5 x 3 feet flags for just £5 each???

Fill yer boots!

Flags in the FC Shop

1861: Jews Stopped Cross on CSA Flag

Whilst doing a search to look up the provinence of the Confederate flag I found this little gem on Wikipedia.

Now I know Kikipedia has its detractors with facts skewed and many errors put in - knowingly and otherwise - but if the following is correct, it shows (yet again) how much inbred hatred of all things Christian there is amongst the Jewish people.

Are they really so blinded by hate as to reject a simple cross on a flag?

Here's the blurb (the original link is below):

The flag that Miles had favored when he was chair of the Committee on the Flag and Seal eventually became the battle flag and, ultimately, the most popular flag of the Confederacy. According to historian John Coski, Miles' design was inspired by one of the many "secessionist flags" flown at the South Carolina secession convention of December, 1860. That flag was a blue St George's Cross (an upright or Latin cross) on a red field, with 15 white stars on the cross, representing the slave states, and, on the red field, palmetto and crescent symbols. Miles received a variety of feedback on this design, including a critique from Charles Moise, a self-described "Southerner of Jewish persuasion". Moise liked the design, but asked that "the symbol of a particular religion not be made the symbol of the nation." Taking this into account, Miles changed his flag, removing the palmetto and crescent, and substituting a heraldic saltire ("X") for the upright one. The number of stars was changed several times as well. He described these changes and his reasons for making them in early 1861. The diagonal cross was preferable, he wrote, because "it avoided the religious objection about the cross (from the Jews and many Protestant sects), because it did not stand out so conspicuously as if the cross had been placed upright thus." He also argued that the diagonal cross was "more Heraldric [sic] than Ecclesiastical, it being the 'saltire' of Heraldry, and significant of strength and progress."[15]

Although Miles described his flag as a heraldic saltire, it has been erroneously described since the latter part of the 19th century as a cross, specifically a Saint Andrew's Cross. This folk legend sprang from the memoirs of an aging Confederate officer published in 1893. According to Coski, the Saint Andrew's Cross had no special place in Southern iconography at the time, and if Miles had not been eager to conciliate the Southern Jews his flag would have used the traditional Latin, Saint George's Cross. A colonel named James B. Walton submitted a battle flag design essentially identical to Miles' except with an upright Saint George's cross, but Beauregard chose the diagonal cross design.

Wikipedia on the CSA Flag(s)

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Trafalgar Club - the Tel Aviv Breastroke!

The Radio 4 File on 4 story about the BNP is on in just a few minutes.

Here's a link to the "hard copy" promo piece.

The File on 4 should be available on 'listen again' on the Radio section of the BBC site for international listeners.

Radio 4 story

Monday, 11 February 2008

Lessons for "Modern" Nationalism

The superior man knows what is right.
The inferior man knows what will sell.
- Confucius.

File on 4, Radio 4, Tuesday 20:00 GMT

Tomorrow (Tuesday) night.

Radio 4.

8pm GMT.

File on 4.

A special programme looking at the funding of the BNP. Will the BNP come out of it looking any cleaner than New Labour or Cameron's Tories?

With interviews expected from the BNP 'Enough is Enough' rebels and Freedom Party (BNP 2001 rebels) it could be a very interesting programme.

File on 4
Tuesday's Radio 4 schedule

Sunday, 10 February 2008

This is Ethnic Cleansing!

In today's Sunday Telegraph Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Conner says that multiculturalism threatens the nation's unity.

Quite so.

Now will society at last state what an untold disaster mass immigration has been?

It wasn't wanted, wasn't needed and has brought nothing but loss of identity, loss of community, loss of security and loss of social cohesion.

Why did the politicians and big businesses need to bring England to its knees (followed years later by Scotland and Wales)?

Now it's time to state that the multi-culti, multi-racial, multi-ethnic and multi-faith experiment has been an unmitigated disaster!

We had existent, established European communities which gave us different cultures without the violence, without the destruction, without the crime.

Mass coloured immigration has been a complete disaster.

Were our parents and grandparents in the 50s, 60s and 70s told that MILLIONS of Africans and Asians would be let in?

Just yesterday I was looking through a history magazine for an old picture of GK Chesterton I'd noted previously and I came across two pictures that I had to show my kids.

Taken at different ends of the country from two very different communities in the 30s.

One was of German first communicants in a parade through the streets of East London, looking resplendent in their little suits and white dresses. One was of Italian children carrying a Saint's statue in a procession through the streets of Manchester, all carrying ribbons and casting flower petals around. These were European customs dating back over a thousand years that even our forefathers would have no problem recognising.

These people had brought their customs and ways to the streets of England creating no animosity, no hatred, no divisiveness, no ghettos. They didn't fiddle the system, they didn't have drugs, guns, mugging... They didn't ship over thousands upon thousands of relatives to milk the tax-payer.

That was real multi-culturalism!

What we have today is plain and simple ethnic cleansing designed to undermine the Christian English, organised by the Masonic politicians, the Zionist "Race Relations Industry" and the long discredited ideological offspring of Marx.

Time to stop the rot and demand a return to sanity before it's too late!

The Indians won their independence from England. Africans won their independence from England, France, Portugal etc.

Now we want OUR independence - and it's high time the settlers from Africa and Asia were asked to leave.

Last Week's Quote

"There is no United States as people think of it. It's just a puppet in the Jews' hands. It's a plaything for the Jews. . . The US government and American Jewry are virtually interchangeable. . . They're lying bastards. Jews were always lying bastards throughout their history. They're a filthy, dirty, disgusting, vile, criminal people. . . They're just unbelievably wicked bastards."

ex-world chess champion Bobby Fischer, on Mombo Radyo, Phillipines.

FC Poll Result on Nationalism & Morality

Last week's poll was:

Is Morality in the Nationalist Movement:

Important - we should set an example
45 (100%)
A Propaganda tool - to talk about, but ignore in reality
0 (0%)
A side show - we should be like Labour, etc.
0 (0%)
Irrelevant - who cares if some cheat, take drugs etc.
0 (0%)

Votes so far: 45

An interesting vote in that we expected a few to embrace the "realpolitik" outlook of some Kosherised "modernist" patriots.

Of course with a 100% vote for the line we have pushed for many years many visitors won't have bothered voting (as they may have if there was a "closer" vote, perceiving their viewpoint to be adequately 'covered' by those who had already voted.

With irrefutable evidence of paedophilia, adultery, orgies, animal pornography, cronysim, skimming money, skewed expenses and more in a 'nationalist' party, this vote should be a clear shot across the bow that nationalists have had enough (and FC does attract visitors from across the nationalist spectrum).

Nationalists seem to be fed up with immorality and demand that their own people set an example, instead of covering-up for cronies.

Food for thought

Friday, 8 February 2008

The Archbishop, Sharia Law and Christian Truth

A Message for the Archbishop of Canterbury, his druidness hissing sid:

Never mind Sharia Law - let's have some CHRISTIAN LAW!

Right: Rowan Williams in his previous incarnation as Anglican Archbishop of Wales (note the top shield includes a St David's Cross).

The Established Church (CofE) has remained woefully inadequate or impotent in the face of rampant governmental humanistic, Masonic, atheistic, quasi-Marxist laws on matters such as abortion, the family, homosexuality, stem cell research, schools, communities, "hatred," and much more.

Usury is RAMPANT and is threatening (as is its cyclic effect) to send millions to the wall.

Divorce and single parent families are out of control in the sense that the system makes it more cost-effective NOT to get married, and men have less sense of duty to their offspring.

The mass-murder of abortion is out of control and is used to back up a contraceptive-mentality which has seen the native birth rate plummet until we are not only not replacing ourselves - as a people we are DYING.

Capitalism sees our people used as cogs in a machine with the fact that many choose not to have families because they "can't afford it."

And in the background we have our soldiers sent off to fight in ILLEGAL non-winnable wars in which hundreds of thousands die.


Many of our laws used to be Christian, only overturned in the 60s and 70s. Many people were against the changes, but (as usual) they were steamrollered through by a political class that has more loyalty to Marx or the Lodge.

If you are a Christian, Archbishop (I ask the question in all seriousness because we've all seen Bishops, Protestant and Catholic, who clearly are not Christian or whose loyalties lie with outside agencies or political correctness a.k.a. moral relativism) then do not concern yourself with Islamic, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, animist or any other "moral code."

Your duty, to your parishioners if not the country and what used to be called Christendom, is to promote Christianity (not merely to defend it, though very few Bishops actually do that).

A start might be to lead a crusade into the City of London against the usurers and the Lodges who so utterly control us economically and politically.

Or perhaps you should just have another cup of tea and spout of some meaningless multi-culti rubbish designed to get the Neo-Cons chomping at the bit about the rights homosexuals enjoy which would be under threat from the Muslims?

After all, who in the CofE wants any serious return to Christian morality, let alone any Christian laws being enshrined in the courts and parliament?

Unfortunately too many churchmen put their position and pension well ahead of any sense of duty, sacrifice and defence of Christian Truth.

As society crumbles around them, they share a heavy burden of responsibility. St Peter was amongst the disciples who hid away "for fear of the Jews" yet went on to be crucified for his Faith, so I suppose there's always hope of some courage amongst the clergy and its upper echelons.

Doesn't seem likely today though in the era of post-Blair Britain.

Archbishop of Canterbury's Official Site

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Caring Capitalism? Make Billions - Sack Thousands

Some people try and defend Capitalism. They may think it "the lesser of two evils." They may think it "Christian." They may think it helps people more than it hinders them.

Right: BP Forked out circa £30 Million in Lord Browne's dismissal package but can't afford to pay 5000 workers out of its Billions?

So let's take BP. British Petroleum.

Surely a corner-stone of Capitalism here in the UK?

Well, for a company that announced "Soaring Profits" which was also transmitted via news agencies as profits that had dropped slightly (confusing in and of itself) it reacts in a bizarre way.

As one recipient to the second link below says, BP makes 24 million pounds profit EACH DAY.

Now, isn't that enough?

These companies and their bosses pay scant tax (as a percentage these people tend to pay far less then a low paid worker) and make BILLIONS every quarter, yet they still felt the need to send 5000 people to the dole office.

That's 5000 families put under stress. That's (presumably close to) 5000 mortgages placed in jeopardy.

From a company making millions in profit each and every day.

For me, that is what makes Capitalism wrong, inhumane, unChristian and as evil as a system that demands we all trudge into factories.

The end has become profit for profits sake, and not the needs of the family, the duty to ones staff, the good of communities etc.

When BP can pay-off its former boss, the pink fudge-packer Lord Browne (undone by his penchant for rent boys) in a golden handshake and pension package worth almost £30 million, what a comfort (for the 5,000) that their sackings will help BP edge their profits up by a few more million.

That, oh caring and conscientious reader, is the true face of Capitalism.


BP Profits Soar
BP Lays Off 5000 British Workers

Make Billions - Lay off Thousands
BP Faggot Boss's Millions Pay-Off

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Britain in the Age of the Saints

After my last post I found this great map of Britain circa 600.

Genetically the people of Cumbria are still very close to the Welsh (the original Britons) and we can see here how the Cornish were/are a Celtic people, who still retain their own language which is closely related to Welsh.

The area North West of the Northumbrian Saxons (the Kingdom of Strathclyde) was displaced by the Scots who migrated from Ireland. Certainly the Royal family of Strathclyde and others resettled in Wales where they were known as the Men of the North.

The original Britons would have spoke Old Welsh (from Cornwall to lowland Scotland) and the Anglo Saxons would have spoken Old English (from which we get the word "Welsh" coming from the Anglo-Saxon for 'foreignor,' Walloon has the same Saxon root).

St Edwin of Northumbria c. 586 - 632/633
5th & 6th Centuries: the Age of Saints
St David & Irish/Welsh/English Christianity

Happy Pancake Day!

Today is Shrove Tuesday (from the Anglo-Saxon term for Confession) the last day before Lent.

I hope you've enjoyed your pancakes (traditionally cooked to use up eggs etc. before Lent). See the link below which has details of the famous pancake race in Olney in Bucks, which started in 1445 when a housewife was cooking pancakes, heard the church Shrivening bell and raced to the church, frying pan in hand!

So tuck into those pancakes if you haven't already - and keep our traditions alive!

Just forty days then to the Hot Cross buns...

"... as fit as a pancake for Shrove Tuesday."
William Shakespeare (All's Well that Ends Well)

Shrove-Tuesday, at whose entrance in the morning all the whole kingdom is inquiet, but by that time the clocke strikes eleven, which (by the help of a knavish sexton) is commonly before nine, then there is a bell rung, cal'd the Pancake-bell, the sound whereof makes thousands of people distracted, and forgetful either of manners or humanitie; then there is a thing called wheaten floure, which the cookes do mingle with water, eggs, spice, and other tragical, magical inchantments, and then they put it by little and little into a frying pan of boiling suet, where it makes a confused dismal hissing, (like the Lernean Snakes in the reeds of Acheron, Stix, or Phlegeton) until at last, by the skill of the Cooke, it is transformed into the forme of a Flip-Jack, cal'd a Pancake, which ominous incantation the ignorant people doe devoure very greedily.

John Taylor, English poet (1580 - 1654) ; Jack-a-Lent, His Beginning and Entertainment (1630)

Left: Shrove Tuesday - a name with its origins in Anglo-Saxon times, yet with even older roots.

Shrove Tuesday
Olney Pancake Day Race

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Kristallnacht? No - Just Bolshevik Terror

How many times must we hear stories of Kristallnacht? The holohoax? The hatred against Jews?

Right: One of the images of Kristallnacht always
pushed on our school children. Why not the pictures of anti-Italian violence in 1940 or the Red Terror in Spain 1936, the Reign of Terror in France 1789, or the Red Terror in Russia 1917?

Well, we've just suffered "holocaust day" of course - though why this should be foisted on the British who, if anything, took in Jews before WW2 and invaded Germany in 1945 at the behest of World Jewry (who declared war on Germany in 1933) is beyond the ken of many people.

Isn't it time for another Hollywood blockbuster -- perhaps about the handful of synagogues with their windows smashed after a German diplomat was assassinated in France by a Jew?

One might ask, after the declaration of war by World Jewry in 1933 why any synagogues were left in Germany, but I digress.

Left: You got it! Yet another Kristallnacht commemoration. Why do we have a special day to remember the Holocaust when Masonic/Red mass murder is not only neglected but sidelined in favour of the 'suffering' of just one people.

You see, I've been delving into some books lately concerning English newspapers in the years 1933-45.

One, the Daily Mail, showed Italian cafeterias and shops in Britain having their windows smashed (after the Italians joined the war in 1940). of course the Italian men were sent off to the concentration camp on the Isle of Man.

Remember - this was after Italy declared war on England in 1940. International Jewry made a formal declaration of war on Germany in 1933, yet most Jews remained at liberty in Germany (with leave to travel abroad) for many years.

The terror unleashed against Italian properties was "populist" because of the war - yet when the German state said the same after the murder of their diplomat by a Jew the entire Western media machine swung into operation, blaming the German state for hotheads smashing a few windows.

Still, 60 years later we're still living through war propaganda - unbelievable though that is. Why don't we hear about the anti Italian hatred? Why don't we get calls for reparations? Memorials?

Given the State of Israel (and its satellite America) depend on that stale war propaganda about the suffering of Jews, we shouldn't really be surprised it's regurgitated nor that we are spoon fed this gastric effluvia on a regular basis whilst people are bombed, tortured and starve to death on a daily basis NOW.

Tell an Iraqi whose family has been wiped out, or a Palestinian whose whole community has been expelled from their own land to live in a shanty town, or even to a Rwandan whose suffered tribal warfare and mutilation that they haven't suffered as much as people 60 years ago.

The whole holocaust industry has been condemned, even by some Jews, as propping up the bandit state of Israel; not only that but it kind of smacks of 'racism' for hardline Zionists to tell anyone- whether Europeans, Arabs, Africans etc. - that their genocide (one thinks of the Ukrainians, the Armenians, the Rwandans and the Palestinians) does not match that of the Jews.

And it doesn't come down to numbers. Circa 30 million Ukrainians were killed by the Communists in the early 1930s (amongst a total of circa 100 million killed by Communists worldwide).

Nor does it come down to racial/religious exclusivity, for the Armenian people/nation was all but wiped out by the Turks and yet Zionists have been lobbying to stop the Armenian genocide from getting even an "equal" footing with the holohoax.

Armenia was, of course, the first nation to be officially Christian (even before the Roman Empire) so looked at from the perspective of the (Jewish) Zionists or the (Islamic) Turks the blocking of the recognition of the genocide of the Armenians is understandable: even more so when one adds the Masonic nature of Zionism (esp in America) and Turkey.

But leaving all this aside (though why should we?) surely - the liberal, multi-racist or Kosher Tory will argue - we can't ignore the hatred towards the Jewish religion? Surely none have been persecuted in this way through the centuries?

Hmmm. Well the Armenian example might disprove that. The Ukrainians were Christians of course, purposefully starved to death by NKVD commissars who were, and whose bosses were, disproportionally Jewish.

Not idle chit chat or speculation - nor "anti-Semitism" - just plain old fashioned fact. What was it Rabbi Robert Wise famously said? "Communism is Jewish."

That is why the Baltic peoples were so pro-Nazi and anti-Soviet after Soviet occupation and their emancipation by the Germans. The Soviet commissars murdered, raped, tortured and expelled Balts in horrifying numbers (one speciality was to peel the skin from the hand, known as "the glove").

It was the same breed of Soviet commissars who traveled to Spain as the Spanish Civil War raged. This war is painted by Communists and "anti-fascists" as a battle against fascism to "defend democracy" - though they chose to forget a Socialist revolt against the Spanish government some years before.

Nonetheless the dumb and the gullible tend to swallow this claptrap. Ooooh the 'nasty nazis' sent some planes to Spain and the 'foul fascists' sent support too. They tend to forget that the largest contingent of foreign troops were the Moroccans who were loyal to Franco and the huge volumes of Soviet arms, tanks, planes - as well as the Commissars sent over to Spain.

The Moroccan troops don't fit the Reds' image and mythology. Franco was a fascist see!

But let's return to Spain and this great Spanish socialist democracy that the Communists are so keen on defending.

What was this worker's paradise like? This paradise on earth? This Shangri La for the peasants? Peace and love reigned o'er all? Democracy ruled over all as the workers chewed the fat and debated the big questions of life?

Not quite. In a mirror image of their "Russian" Bolshevik cousins, or of the Masonic-inspired Terror of the French Revolution, the Communists in Spain set about their own Red Reign of Terror.

As The Illustrated London News showed (in words and hard-hitting photographs) in 1936 the Spanish reds were anything but "democrats" (Searchlight and fellow Zionist and Marxist extremists take note).

On seizing power they set about:

Burning down churches throughout Spain. No outcry, no films about this State-sponsored Kristallnacht on a huge scale.

Wrecking and destroying "right wing" printing presses and newspaper offices. No outcry, no Socialist tears and liberals proclaiming 'freedom of speech.'

Wrecking and burning of politicians' homes and belongings. All in the cause of "democracy" of course!

Public burning of religious books, convent-property etc. on huge pyres. This included not only books and church statues, but also historic documents dating from the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries as well as historic architectural material. No film footage constantly re-played as of German youths burning Marxist and pornographic books.

Theatres burnt down for being "bourgeois." Where are the films decrying these acts of cultural and artistic vandalism?

War criminals and mass murder. Refugees in Gibraltar spoke of mass graves in Malaga where 'the reds' made prisoners stand near pits, then shot them in the head. Hostages in Guadalupe executed. Where are the war criminal hunts, TV documentaries and denunciations by politicians?

Neutral shipping bombed. 20 German sailors were killed by red aircraft as their ship was at anchor in the Mediterranean, the injured Germans were treated by the British in Gibraltar.

All of this is indisputable fact. Where is the "democracy?" All we see is terror, murder and criminality.

Right: Spanish Communist propaganda calls for a "ordered republic" - and sought to bring about their Masonic "Paradise" via murder, sacrilege and outrage.

Yet still we have a ridiculous situation where a few smashed windows of synagogues in Germany is given priority over the mass destruction, churches burnt down, books and materials burnt on pyres, and even the bodies of dead priests and nuns exhumed and left in the Spanish heat: not to mention priests, nuns and loyal Churchgoers murdered.

How can one instantaneous series of sporadic protests, which were suppressed by the police after one night, be equated with this reign of Communist hatred and terror?

How can even 6 million dead (if one accepts the figures) be equated with 30 million dead Ukrainians or the complete annihilation of Armenia - a Christian nation?

There is a hidden message of Jewish racism, in the same way that Israel can obtain illegal nukes, can ethnically cleanse Arab towns and villages, can start illegal wars and can break the Geneva Convention with impunity.

Left: Communist commissars carried out a Reign of Terror across Europe in the 20th Century.

Zionist America rules the political world so all this is hushed up.

Zionists rule Hollywood and the media, so history is skewed to benefit Israel.

They don't care about genocide, terror, burning books, ethnic cleansing etc. - otherwise we'd have films and documentaries - not to mention memorial days - for the victims of Communist and Masonic-inspired terror across Europe and further afield.

Or maybe Steven Spielberg is putting a film together right now which will condemn his kinsmen who formed the commissar-class that brought terror to the streets of Spain, Russia, the Ukraine, Hungary and many other nations too?

Don't hold your breath. There's still a few anti-Communist east Europeans to "hunt" down by those who make billions out of the Holocaust Industry.

Why should they care about all the genocides of gentiles and the Red Terror which swept Europe?

That wouldn't bring them or Israel a brass farthing!

Behind Communism: Who were the Reds who Unleashed the Mass Murder?
Communist Murderers become "Holocaust Survivors"

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