Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Returning Poles

According to the BBC around half of the East Europeans who migrated to Britain since the enlargement of the EU have returned or moved on...

Some businesses, hotels, fruit growers etc. are getting worried, because they can't get dole bums to work and they still want people who will tolerate hard work and low wages.

Meanwhile all those who've cried crocodile tears when parts of our inner cities became White again, and used the Poles (etc.) as a politically correct way to moan about immigration will have to look over the situation again.

The Poles came here. Worked hard. Now they appear to be returning.

If only the millions of Asians and Afro-Caribbeans would do likewise...

Yet to the pc brigade, the Neo Cons and many others the non-Whites are "British" whilst our White European cousins are "immigrants."

Poles, Italians, Lithuanians and others came here before and after WW2. They settled, married, and became good citizens.

What's the difference? It's about the word they all dread to mention: RACE.

Monday, 28 April 2008

Israel "defends itself" and Kills Children

The BNP says: "We support the right of Israel to exist and defend itself against the relentless terrorist attacks of Islamic fanatics."

Today the Israelis bombed a Palestinian family having breakfast. Four small children were killed.

It is time for the BNP to grow up and stop the betrayal of decades of accepted nationalist policy on the Zionist bandit state.

The blood of these children is on the hands of the Israeli terrorists and those who support the State built on terrorism and kept in place via state-sponsored terrorism.

BBC News (inc video)

Al Jazeera

Sunday, 27 April 2008

BNP Courts Zionists. BNP is Zionist.

The BNP says it is not Zionist.

In the same piece it says: "We support the right of Israel to exist and defend itself against the relentless terrorist attacks"

The Zionist Board of Deputies says: "The BNP website is now one of the most Zionist on the web - it goes further than any of the mainstream parties in its support of Israel."

The BNP is Zionist.

Above Right: Hillary knows. You want any political power - you have to appease the Zionist lobby. Has the BNP been bought and sold? It is certainly trying very hard!

BNP web site - 23rd April 2008

The BNP and Anti-Semitism:

A Response to the Board of Deputies

By News Team

The Board of Deputies of British Jews - working with the London Jewish Forum and Community Security Trust - has launched a misguided campaign, with the slogan, ³Your Voice or Theirs². Board of Deputies president Henry Grunwald told the Jerusalem Post: ³The higher the turnout across the country, the harder it [will be] for the BNP to succeed.² Every vote for a mainstream political party isŠ a vote against extremism,² Grunwald added.

Is Grunwald right? Should the Jewish community vote as a bloc to deny the BNP representation? Are they a monolithic community or one which contains different opinions within it? Pat Richardson is a councillor and a member of the British National Party (BNP). She told the Guardian recently: ³I¹m in the BNP because no one else speaks out against the Islamification of our country,² Support for Israel

We support the right of Israel to exist and defend itself against the relentless terrorist attacks of Islamic fanatics. This seems to be what led Ruth Smeed, of the Board of Deputies, to tell the press that: ³The BNP website is now one of the most Zionist on the web - it goes further than any of the mainstream parties in its support of Israel.²

Natural allies

The BNP has made its position clear many times. We are not ŒZionists¹, our overall concern is to look after the interests of our own country, and not to bother ourselves with or interfere in the affairs of other nations. But we have repeatedly denounced the neo-Nazi cranks who infest the fringes of British politics, and we reject anti-Semitism as part of a dangerous and outdated cycle of last-century hostility between Jews and Gentiles - a hostility that can only benefit our mutual enemy, Islamic imperialism.

Loyal British Jews are our natural allies in the fight against the Islamic fundamentalists who want to destroy the Western civilisation so many of whose core values we hold in common. That is just one reason why many Jews will be voting for the BNP. Let¹s remember also, however, that this is only one reason. Jews will be voting British National Party for other reasons too: because they are concerned about crime, because they are worried about the economic decline of our country, because they are concerned about the disintegration of community spirit and decent values. In other words for the same reasons as so many other British voters, including many Sikhs and Christian West Indians. As Martin Wingfield commented in our paper Freedom recently:- ³today there are an increasing number of Jews campaigning for the BNP and feeling very comfortable with their political choice.²

When the Chief Rabbi a few years ago wrote a book entitled ³Will Our Grandchildren Be Jewish?² he articulated precisely the same concern that we have for the future of our people in the same overcrowded multi-cult nightmare that threatens traditional Jewish and British identities alike. Just because a Jew wants to preserve and celebrate his ancestral culture and identity doesn¹t make him a Œhater¹ of Gentiles, and nor does our wanting to preserve and celebrate our ancestral culture and identity make us Œhaters¹ of Jews, or any other ethnic group for that matter.

Anyone but the BNP?

Jews are also rejecting the call to vote against the BNP for other reasons. They are being asked to vote for Establishment parties. Few believe they have any solutions. Many know that the tide is slowly turning against them. ²It is important that olim [immigrants to Israel] vote, because any vote is one to keep the BNP out. It doesn¹t matter who you vote for, so long as it isn¹t for the BNP, and that will help keep the BNP out of the London assembly,² said Jenni Woolf, National campaigns fieldworker for the Union of Jewish Students (UJS).

It doesn¹t matter who you vote for? Really? Jews are asked by some of their self-appointed Œleaders¹ to identify themselves with a political class that is increasingly despised and distrusted purely to deny the British National Party - and our growing number of voters - representation. This seems cynical, immoral and unwise to many.

A Jewish Green or Socialist? Bad Luck!

In addition to advocating a pro-Establishment vote the Board of Deputies campaign is bad news for Jewish Greens, Jewish Socialists and Jewish Independents. The campaign is based on boosting voter turnout to lower the percentage the BNP is likely to achieve. Presuming this worked (and we don¹t think it will) it would also have the effect of denying Greens, Socialists and Independents representation. Does anyone really want a London where political diversity is shut out? Would the election of two or three BNP members to the GLA, a Green and a Socialist be such a bad thing? Wouldn¹t a BNP voice act as a check or balance on some of the crazier ideas?

The ŒRed Ken¹ problem

In London there is a particular problem - ŒRed Ken¹. One Jewish BNP supporter puts it like this:-

Q. Who Compared a Jewish journalist to a Nazi guard?

* Portrayed young British Jews as potential soldiers in the Israeli army, thus raising the accusation of ³dual loyalty² (it is well-known that only Israeli citizens can serve in their country¹s army)?

* Edited a newspaper which ran a cartoon showing then-Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin dressed in an SS Uniform and captioned with the words ³The Final Solution² in Nazi-style Gothic script?

* Embraced Sheikh Yusuf al Qaradawi, a leading ideologue of Islamist terror and an avowed anti-Semite?

A. Not the BNP but Ken Livingstone.

Many in the Jewish community are aware that anti-Semitism is widespread on the Labour Œleft¹. Often it is cloaked by a terminology which is anti-American or anti-Zionist but the motive is clear. Why then do the Board of Deputies and CST single out the British National Party for attack on the basis of arguments and positions we left behind in the last century, while saying nothing about the current radical Islamist agenda of ŒRed¹ Ken¹s core Muslim constituency? Are they as out-of-touch with their community and its interests as our own political Œleadership¹?

We wouldn¹t be surprised, which is why we urge all concerned to ignore the self-serving and backward-looking bias of those (neo-Nazi cranks and professional Zionists alike) who would foster suspicions between the British National Party and the grass-roots Jewish community in order to maintain their own power-bases, rather than facing up to the realities of the Era of Global Jihad: We hang together, or we hang separately.

Roland Arnall: Criminal, Fraudster, Zionist Neo Con

Time for a Sub-Prime/Credit-Crunch Election Leaflet?

Lat month a man slipped from this mortal coil and passed on, to his eternal reward.

He died, in America, on St Patrick's Day: long a day of celebration and the occasional (!) drink.

So many people here struggle on a relatively lower income as fuel and food prices rise well above the so-called inflation levels; many face huge mortgage rises - even as the financiers at the Bank of England (sic) cut rates to try and save other bankers - because their own banks rake in more money by hiking up mortgages in spite of these rate cuts.

As many face mortgage hikes and even repossessions they may not have noticed one soul pass on on St Patrick's Day. Perhaps they were too worried, juggling the bills, making cuts to the family food bill etc.? Or perhaps they were drowning their sorrows with a glass of Guinness or Bushmills?

Either way, chances are the death of Roland Arnall didn't even register with those struggling to make ends meet due to a crisis started by greedy bankers out to make billions by getting those on its books who couldn't really afford mortgages - yes, we're on about "subprime mortgages" and the "credit crunch."

So why should Roland Arnall's kicking of the proverbial bucket matter in the lives of these people?

Because that man is the greedy usurious bastard responsible for their current predicament.

So who and what was he?

Arnall founded a mortgage company - Ameriquest - in 1979. With its ctachphrase "proud sponsor of the American dream" Ameriquest became America's largest "subprime" lender, raking in huge profits and even sponsoring a Rolling Stones American tour in 2005.

The remnants of Ameriquest were sold to Citigroup last year and Arnall's personal fortune was reckoned at $1.5 billion. His wife donated to both political parties (!) but especially to the Neo Con George W Bush. The Arnalls raised over $12 million for Bush Jr making them - like Lord Levy here for Tony Blair - the most important fundraisers.

Ameriquest was taken to court a few times, once for adding extra fees to "older, female and minority borrowers" and another time for systematic fraud. The first case cost it $3 million, the second cost it $325 million.

Arnall became (bought?) the American ambassador to the Netherlands in 2005, but only just after even the Republican-controlled Congress vetoed his appointment several times. He was already known as a huckster and a fraudster.

So why should we make special mention of this man?

Well, as the "founder" and chief profiteer (using fraud!) of the Subprime fiasco we might say that (almost) single-handedly this man has brought so many of our people to their knees!

Arnall was the archetypal usurer.

And is if to fit in with so many stereotypes Mr. Arnall was Jewish. In the 70s he helped to found the Simon Wiesenthal Centre (a centre for extremist Zionism and the political castration of anyone critical of Israel and the Zionist Lobby).

So we have a Jewish extreme Zionist, active in the Zuionist lobby since the 70s, active in usury since the 70s, bankrolling and fundraising for the Neo-Con Bush, a convicted fraudster, and a billionaire profiteer on the backs of the very poorest in American society.

A Zionist started and profited from the whole Subprime fiasco.

yet whilst "nationalists" put out ridiculous leaflets blaming Muslims for the heroin trade (don't the Neo Cons run Afghanistan? Don't the CIA and Mossad control the heroin routes?) don't expect these people - with the most Zionist website of all the parties! - to publish the facts about Roland Arnell.

You see a Neo Con, Zionist, revisionist-buster, usurer who has brought about the whole "credit crunch" is just so "irrelevant" to all the Zionist political parties (Lib-Lab-BNP-Con) and no doubt to bring up these facts is "hate" and the ravings of a "conspiracy theorist."

Whoever said the Truth is no defence?

So the next time you see the Credit Crunch mentioned on the electronic Talmud; the next time you hear someone mention that they're struggling as mortgage rates rise; the next time Northern (c)Rock and the tax-payers bankrolling of it to the tune of billions comes up: tell everyone concerned and within earshot that the Zionist Roland Arnall is to blame.

As I said earlier, Mr. Arnall has slipped off to his eternal reward. The more I read about the uber-rich and their dodgy financial deals and shady links to war profiteers and misery in the very poorest communities the more I find myself thinking of the words of Christ, i.e. that it's easier for the camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter heaven.

As a Talmudic profiteer in misery and Neo Con illegal war fundraiser I think Mr. Arnall will have his work cut out for him indeed!

He's no doubt found out already that St Peter can't be bribed with money, especially that imbued with peoples' misery and dripping with Arab blood... though Old Nick will love such currency!

LA Times
The Times
Forbes Rich List


To answer Suzy Jaggers column: "Who caused the sub prime banking crises?". Look no further!

Will Hart, Eagan, US/ Minnesota

Friday, 25 April 2008

Vote Pink?

How wonderfully "inclusive" the London mayoral election is.

The Lib Dem candidate is a homosexual.
The Labour candidate is a pro-homosexual red.
When asked if he had "sex with a man" the Tory candidate answered "not yet."

Seems all tremble with fear in the face of the Pink Mafia and the potential label of "hater."

And goodness knows where the other candidates stand... or what they are!

Thursday, 24 April 2008

FC Online Fund 2008 - 4th Update

Another big thanks to:

Harry from Cumbria, England for a further £10 donation towards our 2008 online costs.

This raises our tally so far to £57, so we've now raised over a third of the total £160 needed.

Come on White Nationalists!

There are people out there pumping money into people and parties that want to turn nationalism into the street voice of Israel and the defenders of international Zionism.

All we're asking is for a few decent nationalists to make relatively small donations to help the running costs of the FC site.

Other donors to date are:

Piers from Cornwall, for a £20 donation.
Rob from Walthamstow
, England for a £11 donation towards our 2008 online costs.
Deric from Dublin, for a £5 donation.
Roger of Lancashire who made a £6 donation
and Harry of Cumbria who, of course, already made a £5 donation.

You can drop us a line (finalconflict@dial.pipex.com - "FC Donation" in the subject box) or you can use the Donations section in the FC Online Shop.

Get your name and area in the FC Roll of Honour for those prepared to put their money where their mouth is!

If your situation etc. means you want to be anonymous - so be it, we can honour that. The important thing is to put a few pounds (euros or dollars) into a genuine nationalist cause.

Where are our American comrades?

What about our European supporters?

There is still silence from across the Channel and across the Atlantic...

Let's get the £160 in and move on!

Wednesday, 23 April 2008


Ladies and gentlemen, we have some bad news.

For specific technical reasons, we have had to revert to the Blogger commenting system, and as a result, we are sorry to say, any old comments which have been made on this blog since its inception are now kaputt.

The reasons for this were pretty straightforward.

When we started off, I (yes, me, creagh1904, the imperfect web designer extraordinaire) felt that the existing Blogger comments system was not up to scratch. We opted for a nice, tidy Haloscan pop-up comments system instead, and had no problems for a while.

But since then, there have been negative developments. We looked on in disgust as Haloscan began to manifest tacky, Adware-laden advertising. What's more, they also began to charge for their service, rendering us unable to moderate comments (thus preventing spam and abuse) without shelling out shekels for the privilege.

Knowing the possible implications for debate on the site, and with respect to Blogger's new and improved comments system, we decided to pull the Haloscan system in its entirety, including all comments made over the past 18 months.

It's a regrettable decision, but please bear in mind that our resident scribbler FC has lost a considerable amount of his own jottings in response to the blog's loyal readers.

So, feel free to have your say on the new system - politely and intelligently - and once again we extend our sincere apologies for what can only be described as Kommentator-dämmerung.

Somewhere outside Ramadi, Iraq

P.S. See the envelope icon at the bottom of each post? That means you can now e-mail posts from FC directly to your friends (yes, we realise this is not a new thing, and no, this is not some wicked ploy to distract you all from the comments problem - Ed. :D)

When Genocide Wins Votes

So Hillary "I dodged bullets in Bosnia" Clinton has said she is willing to "obliterate" Iran if it attacks Israel.

Hmmmm. And what section of voters is that little peach-of-a-speech aimed at?

Is this Hillary the Peacenik? Is this Hillary the Liberal? Or when push comes to shove, when the shekels are down, will Hillary back the Neo Cons' machinations - just as she did when Iraq was first invaded?

She tried to paint herself as an opponent of the war when this electoral train left the station, but we can now see how much pigswill that was.

The question we should all be asking now is if Hillary the Peacenik and Hillary the Liberal will agree to "obliterate Israel" if Israel attacks Iran (as it has threatened to do).

If not - why not?

Or should we believe that a certain group would not tolerate that kind of talk? Is obliterating one state "hatred" whilst obliterating another is just vote fodder?

Who mentioned a conspiracy?

Happy St George's Day

A very Happy Saint George's Day to all our English readers and to everyone of English descent.

"George was adopted as the patron saint of soldiers after he was said to have appeared to the Crusader army at the Battle of Antioch in 1098. Many similar stories were transmitted to the West by Crusaders who had heard them from Byzantine troops, and were circulated further by the troubadours. When Richard 1 was campaigning in Palestine in 1191-92 he put the army under the protection of St George."

Was Saint George stationed in Celtic Britain at Caerleon (Gwent) and Glastonbury? Certainly his adoption by the Crusaders as a Warrior who gave up his life for his Christian Faith led the returning Crusaders to promote him and eventually adopt him as the Patron Saint of Norman England.

Perhaps the fact that George the soldier saint replaced the Saxon martyr king, St Edmund, led to the flourish of military endeavours by the English, though perhaps he just added a patriotic seal to the wars with France and later to other wars too?

'I see you stand like greyhounds in the slips,
Straining upon the start. The game's afoot:

Follow your spirit; and, upon this charge

Cry God for Harry, England and St George!'

Shakespeare's Henry V, Act 3, Scene 1, l. 31

St George's Patronage and More Links

St George by Michael Collins MA
Various Anglo-Saxon Texts Read Aloud

"We Need Roots!"

Take the time to watch and listen to the new video link at the side of this blog.

The song, Roots, is a great lament for the loss of what the English once possessed.

It was G.K. Chesterton who derided the ruling elite (with their "bright dead alien eyes" - or as the great Welsh nationalist Saunders Lewis would have it, their "Hebrew snouts" stuck in ledgers) because they "knew no songs."

Now we have bred a generation of Englishmen who "know no songs" -- unless one counts the mass produced Cola-anthems.

I think I've said before, somewhere or other, that I have enjoyed the proverbial pub "lock ins" and late night singalongs in Welsh, Scottish and Irish pubs, where the ale and whisky has flowed. In one Scottish pub someone grabbed a squeezebox and we all sang Scots songs with a few Irish ones thrown in. I think there was even a Welsh one sung too. That was a night I'll never forget because there was a real sense of camaraderie there, we were all just friends, neighbours etc. and afterwards we all walked through the fields and roads to a friends house where we carried on till the break of dawn (it's rude to put the lid back on a whisky bottle!)

You had the feeling that this was a ritual long practiced, and the farmers, fishermen and handymen there could probably look back several generations and know that they did much the same.

Walking past an Australian themed pub near Tottenham Court Road (central London) I saw a sign outside asking for information about a vicious assault on a customer there.

At 3am walking through the West End of London you get the stench of fast food, the "boom boom" of coloureds cruising around in their little box cars with the bass turned right up, and the fear of someone from the duskier end of town approaching you "for a light."

Compare that to tottering through a field by moonlight en route from a lock-in to an impromptu (albeit discrete and cosy) house party...

I think that's what too many of us have lost. No drunken fighting and sprawling, no silly night club clothes (men or women!), no sparring up for a fight with strangers or screaming abuse at the police, no cheap salmonella fast food and vomit "pizzas" littering the streets: just a sense of shared culture, shared history, shared songs and a good time had by all.

Maybe it's not too late, but I still think the English need to grasp their history, their culture etc. and reclaim it from both the "inclusive" multi-cult "new labour" crud that's offered today (with "Swing Low" pumped out on speakers sung by UB40) as well as Tory-style pining for a lost Empire and a Union that is fast crumbling.

Reclaim England for the English. Return to your roots. Reclaim the pre-Mass Immigration indigenous communities. Reclaim the pre-Industrial revolution landscape. Reclaim the towering cathedrals with the tombs of warriors and saints. Reclaim the Saxon villages and farmsteads.

The Welsh, Scots and Irish know their roots. They know their history, their struggles, their cultures, their identities because they have been forged in struggles to regain/reclaim their nationhood.

Now it's time for the English to do likewise, and that is no bad thing!

So start today, and have a listen to the song "Roots" -- it has a valid message.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Ancient Irish Laws or Masonic Brussels Babble?

I picked up a wonderful little pocket book of 'Irish Laws' the other day, beautifully illustrated by Ian McCullough, which detail the ancient 'Brehon' laws of Ireland.

As one writer has it:

"Irish Law was practical, "down home" law and Elizabeth had it banned. English common law was substituted and that was the end of Gaelic order, which as far as I can determine, was far superior to anything the English offered, and from a practical point of view seems superior to anything we have going for us today."

From before the time of Caesar, these laws draw from common sense and Ireland's tribal nature. They speak of a time when justice reflected on families and small holdings, not on filling the coffers of a separate and aloof bureaucracy.

Here are a few of the laws:

"When you become old your family must provide you with one oatcake a day, plus a container of sour milk.

They must bathe you every twentieth night and wash your head every Saturday.

Seventeen sticks of firewood is the allotment for keeping you warm."

Which ties in with what we were saying about today's elders pushed into uncaring "retirement homes."

"If an accident occurs while a building is under construction no fine is due for injury to the bystander who is present only out of curiosity. Should the owner of the building have knowledge of danger or defect, however, full payment shall be made to those present on legitimate business, and to beasts. But only half payment to idlers."

If only local councils had such a law today, most council workman, leaning on their shovels, might fall into the latter category.

"No fools, drunks or female scolds are allowed in the doctor's house when a patient is healing there. No bad news to be brought, and no talking across the bed. No grunting of pigs or barking of dogs outside."

This might be brought ot the attention of the NHS today given news the other week of what nurses discuss across a sickbed!

There are many more laws to do with living within your community, your hospitality duties to travelers, common courtesies - even when drinking, and restitution due for actual bodily harm.

Better these laws than the "human rights" rot that emanates from the Freemasons in Brussels.


The Brehon Laws by the Irish Cultural Society
The Brehon Laws - Catholic Encyclopadia (written by Douglas Hyde, I don't know if it's the leading ex-red who wrote "I Believed" -- a great book btw).
The Brehon Laws - by the Woodland League
The Brehon Laws - Library Ireland's full handbook

Tory MP Switches to UKIP

In the news today an Essex MP has switched his allegiance to UKIP.

I'll post more news when I can get some free time...

This is very interesting and UKIP become the first non-Tory "right-wing"/Eurosceptic Party to get an MP!

David "call me Dave" Cameron must be livid.

FC Poll Result on the BNP's "Most Zionist" Website

Last week's FC Poll was:

Are the BNP right to promote their Jewish candidates and make their website 'the most Zionist of any party?'

Yes - if it helps get more councillors
1 (4%)
No - it betrays nationalism for no real power anyway.
19 (79%)
Who cares - the BNP are irrelevant.
4 (16%)
I don't know.
0 (0%)

It was pleasing to see so few people were taken in by the Kosher line the BNP are now taking. After a long line of U-Turns and betrayals on Zionism, Race, Homosexuality and more, one has to wonder what they would do if they were offered any real positions?

If a party becomes right-wing Capitalist, Zionist, race-mixing, etc. etc. is it "nationalist" any longer?

After all, Fini's "post fascist" Alleanza Nazionale has been in government in Italy and achieved... nothing!

Well, not true. It achieved the total alienation of its grass roots and guilt by association with a plethora of Freemasons and system-stooges.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Silence About the Porno Kings

There are two ways to look at this very interesting link:

1. Imagine the people behind this reprehensible (and very profitable!) trade were Muslims. Do you think the Neo-Cons, Zionists and their Kosher hirelings would remain quiet about their detrimental impact?

2. When people wonder why paedophiles, orgy-attenders, people who download bestiality porn, known pooftahs etc. aren't expelled from the BNP... Could they be paying lip-service to their spiritual mentors?

As for the facts of this report: don't expect to read them in the mass media, or see a feature on the News at Ten. Nor for that matter on the most Zionist political party website: that of the BNP!

Who mentioned a conspiracy?

Who's Behind the Porno Industry?

Friday, 18 April 2008

BNP Lies About ex-Councillor

A BNP Councillor who quit the party in disgust is now the victim of the Stalinist airbrushing of history to be expected by any who cross swords with "the dear leader."

Right: What an opportunity to present a new era for politics! Have we been sold short before the race is begun?

What's amusing here is that - as we've seen before - in its rush to be a Neo Con pressure valve on a purely anti-Muslim ticket, the BNP is saying that the councillor was "sacked" for a speech "about 911."

Martin Wingfield, the BNP newspaper editor - for 'twas he who made the comments, see below - has admitted to being a paedophile.

Left: Martin Wingfield was the election agent of Charlie Bickerstaffe, and the editor of the newspaper that ran this glowing tribute!

Seems anyone who questions 911 is more acceptable than a self-confessed paedophile.

How wonderful that we are being offered such a new broom to sweep out the Aegean Stables that is UK politics.

Wingfield's Website Lie

FC Online Fund 2008 - 3rd Update

A big thanks to:

Piers from Cornwall, for a £20 donation, and

Rob from Walthamstow, England for a £11 donation towards our 2008 online costs.

This raises our tally so far to £47, so we've now raised almost a third of the total £160 needed.

Come on White Nationalists! There are people out there pumping money into causes that would make mixed-race families "good nationalists!"

All we're asking is for a few decent nationalists to make relatively small donations to help the running costs of the FC site.

Other donors to date are:

Deric from Dublin, for a £5 donation.
Roger of Lancashire who made a £6 donation
and Harry of Cumbria who made a £5 donation.

You can drop us a line (finalconflict@dial.pipex.com - "FC Donation" in the subject box) or you can use the Donations section in the FC Online Shop.

Get your name and area in the FC Roll of Honour for those prepared to put their money where their mouth is!

If your job etc. means you want to be anonymous - so be it, we can honour that. Te important thing is to put a few pounds (euros or dollars) into a genuine nationalist cause.

Where are our American comrades? What about our European supporters? There is still silence from across the Channel and across the Atlantic...

Let's get the £160 in and move on!

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Families Disintegrate: Nations Fall Apart

I will start this post with a disclaimer.

Not because I want to disassociate myself from my own comments (zoiks!), but because there are plenty of people out there who get confused over arguments and discourses that are anything more than monosyllabic.

I remember one post wherein I defended the rights of Christian communities in Palestine, only for one individual to attack FC in a forum along the lines that we were "on the side of the Muslims." Incredible, but true.

But worse than that are those who do see past the Sun editorial-level politics, yet choose to twist and misquote postings just to further their own half-baked ideals. Call it Machiavellian opportunism, call it abject dishonesty, call it downright shysterism - however it's labeled it is an attempt to justify their own vivid shortcomings and policy betrayals by creating a "monster" and argument that didn't even exist in the first place.

We've all seen it dozens of times, and the sad thing is some people are bamboozled by the weasel words and the lawyer-style twisting of facts.

Anyway, that's my initial preamble out of the way, my undercoat if you like. Now prepare for my high sheen glossy finish! ;-)

Earlier today in between business appointments I found myself in a delightful little cafe, tucked out of the way in a backstreet. To buck the seasonal trend I ordered a turkey and stuffing baguette with chips (these kind of details are all the rage in blogs dontchaknow!) as did the person accompanying me.

Regardless of the abattoir fodder due to be served up to us, we sat and chatted, discussing business, the news, politics etc. Then we became aware of a family at the next table who we'd already exchanged pleasantries with. They had some relatives walk in and stand around their table to talk to them.

To paint the picture, they were very middle class with two well polished children and it soon became clear (via highly audible conversation with the newly arrived relatives) that they were over from America.

OK, so nothing untoward or controversial so far.

Then their conversation - which was very audible - turned to the family's grandmother and it became clear that had just put this woman in a home.

Here was a family with money, well to do, clearly pan-continental and with not a few members scattered hither and thither.

It brought home to me how, as a society, we are so keen to palm off our parents and grandparents into soulless retirement homes which tend to speed up the processes of senility and decrepitude faster than a newly elected MP fills out his expenses form for John Lewis curtains and sofas.

I always thought it was the sign of a civilised society to treat the elderly with respect (and I don't mean the black gangsta gun-totting BS).

For centuries our people - Saxons, Celts, Picts etc. - treated the elders with great civility. Even in fairly recent history they were repaid for the sacrifice and love they showed in bringing up their children and the daily fight to keep food on the table and a roof over the family's head with equal sacrifice and love by their offspring, in looking after them.

How many of the elderly are out there, thrown into these homes for the decrepit with no hope, no escape whilst their family forget them as they go to shopping "malls" or sit in front of the TV or Playstation of an evening?

We, as a people, as a country, as a civilisation, have lost our way.

I do not have a false image of the old. I think some are as pathetic as the young. Many are as shallow, as consumerist and as rude in their mannerisms as the young. Some of yesterday's parents are responsible for the underclass of dole bums, ne'erdowells and drug-users today.

There are as many amongst the old who buried their heads in the sand about the evils we face, as there are blinkered in today's generation of twenty-somethings.

However, I do think that - as a whole - it reflects badly on us that we are so quick to farm off those who brought us up into a growing form of profitable business where we do not know who is caring for them, we do not know if they are being abused, ignored or slowly left to waste away.

Now comes the part which will get the Neo Cons and others screeching.

Those who point the finger at immigrants should take a closer look at their own "community."

Of course we can discount a large section of the Afro-Caribbean community which suffers disproportionately from family break-up and specifically from absentee fathers with all the ramifications that has for urban crime, drugs gangs, mugging etc.

I'm thinking here rather of the Asians - that is what Neo Cons like to break down to Hindus and Muslims.

How do these communities act towards their elders?

Do they palm them off? Do they stick them in out-off-the-way care homes - out of sight, out of mind?


They respect them. They learn from them. They make use of years of accumulated wisdom.

It seems to me that we could all learn a helluva lot from the Asians (Americans note, this means Pakistanis, Indians etc. - not Chinese etc. whom we call Orientals).

Who look after their elderly?

Who raise large families?

Who look out for each other?

Who shop amongst their own?

Who push their kids to marry their own kind?

Whilst all too many of our own people kick out their parents and grandparents at the first chance; have childless marriages or one or two kids to have their "careers" or holidays; kick their own people in the face for the chance to make some money; shop in Asian corner shops or Jewish supermarkets; stifle any concerns as their offspring shack up with coloureds.

Now don't get me wrong, my entire loyalty lies with the White, European and Christian, peoples, cultures and nations of these isles and this continent.

My point is this, whilst too many Sun readers point the finger at large Asian families with grandparent(s) living with them and five, six or more children, they can't see their own dysfunctional families are dragging us down!

Who are the more backwards? The people who promote family unity, defend their religion, promote their culture, keep their children amongst their own kind, raise large families, start their own community businesses and stand together in good times and bad; or the shallow, consumerist, race-mixing, degenerate, careerist post-nuclear "families" who dump the elderly at the first opportunity?

Perhaps if we took a few leaves out of the book of the Asians we wouldn't have give in to having our lands invaded so readily.

They managed to kick the colonial powers out of the Indian subcontinent in the late 1940s and took back Asia for the Asians...

Do we hope to do the same and take back Europe for the Europeans? At the moment I fear we are too self-centred, too soft, too willing to accept our own mixing it, taking drugs, turning poof etc.

Maybe it will take an economic downturn that so many are predicting? Maybe it will take the indigenous people to become a minority in ever more towns and cities?

An old friend now passed away (RIP) once told me how his Blackshirt elder brother flung his dad's Great War medals on the floor shouting "you can't buy jam with these."

Maybe it will take our soldiers, policemen and officials to have jam-less larders before they realise things are a mess and Capitalism has failed us, destroying our people and ripping apart our families?

GK Chesterton warned the powers-that-be that the people of England were slow to anger, but that once loosed they would be a force to reckon with.

In this instance I hope he will be proved right.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Last Week's Quote

"I never wish to see another battle; this had been so shocking. It had been too much to see such brave men, so equally matched, cutting each other to pieces as they did."

The Duke of Wellington, the night of the Battle of Waterloo.

FC Online Fund 2008 - 2nd Update

A big thanks to:

Deric from Dublin, for a £5 donation towards our 2008 online costs.

This raises our tally so far to £16, so we've got just 10% of the £160 needed.

Come on White Nationalists! There are people out there pumping money into causes that would make Zionist Jews "good nationalists" or pooftahs into "patriots."

All we're asking is for a few decent nationalists to make relatively small donations to help the running costs of the FC site.

Other donors to date are:

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You can drop us a line (finalconflict@dial.pipex.com - "FC Donation" in the subject box) or you can use the Donations section in the FC Online Shop.

Get your name and area in the FC Roll of Honour for those prepared to put their money where their mouth is!

The internet is full of armchair warriors and those who brag a lot and do little: let's see if there are any folks of sound character out there prepared to help genuine nationalism in this small way.

Where are our American comrades? What about our European supporters? Let's get the £160 in and move on!

Sunday, 13 April 2008

FC Poll Result on Animal-Human Hybrid Chimeras

In our last poll of readers we asked:

Do You Trust the Government in Creating Animal-Human Hybrid Embryos (Chimeras)?

0 (0%)
27 (96%)
Don't Know
1 (3%)

What's interesting here is that most visitors are plainly wary of the government, if not overtly opposed to what's been called "Frankenstein" science. The media have tried to paint this as facing opposition primarily from a few Catholic Bishops... the truth is that a wide range of people feel uncomfortable about this.

As we've seen from the abortion "debate" (stop laughing!) the BBC et al will often paint opposition as merely 'clerical' whilst giving copious airtime to "experts" (often those, with abortion and chimeras) who look to profit from the questionable practices.

As we've seen from one of our previous weekly quotes, the BBC has acknowledged it is crammed full of homosexuals and lefties: is it any wonder it presents slanted material on these moral questions?

Real Terror and Real Zionists

Today we saw the Tweedledum of government Neo Con policy to the Tweedledummer of the Zionist opinion-moulders of the Mad Mel Phillips and Nick Griffins sort.

Why do we need new police state laws with those deemed to oppose the state locked up without charge for 45, er 92, er 180 (it's like lucky dip numbers or local pub darts scores - not serious political debate) days?

Because our latest Home Secretary (Jacqui Smith) says we face 30 current terrorist plots. Oh how the black-ops and psy-ops teams must be doing overtime!

Remember this is the very same Jaqcui Smith who needs an armed police guard to go buy a kebab in London, who wears a police stab vest when visiting London council estates, and who fluctuates from stating our streets are unsafe at night to telling us how wonderfully safe they really are! Really!

As I've said many times before, the real terrorists are the muggers, burglars, druggies and deadbeats who keep us terrorised on the streets, in the town centres, in our homes etc.

We have a police force that increasingly ignores violent crimes - against person and/or property, whilst demanding ever more police powers against "terrorists."

Perhaps if they were to use the powers they have to clear London's streets of gun gangs, muggers etc. London's populace wouldn't feel the need to place bars on their windows and doors?

I am convinced that the BNP has become the sharp end of an establishment policy to frighten us rigid about "terror" in order to further the Neo Con's next objective, i.e. more powers to the police state, and the softening up of the populace for another unpopular war (whether our troops are directly involved or not) against Iran.

We all know the Neo Cons are capable of pulling off another big "terror attack" in which the hand of the Iranians will be "proved" and who then will have the cajones to stand up against the fecal tidal wave of "anti-Islamification" and "anti-jihadi" kosher spin that has been built up by those who either dance to Israel's tune or who want tiny crumbs from Westminster and Fleet Street's table.

With the BNP's number two (how apt a label!) Simon Darby dismissing those who question "911" as being apologists for Islam, we can all see which way the wind is blowing. This is the same man - according to the Nationalist Truth blog (see link on this blog) - who has set up a business front with links to liberal democrat candidates and has been involved in persuading young nationalists to handle (possibly illegal) firearms. The previous BNP No 2 (Tony Lecomber) was involved in asking other nationalists to take part in terrorist assassinations of government ministers!

Oh discerning reader and fellow patriot: join the dots and see the image. It is a fluttering flag with a big star in the middle.

Just a few years ago the BNP leadership moaned to some mutual contacts about the "attacks from FC" in an attempt to silence our criticisms. This was the same time as other nationalists - notably from the Freedom Party and Third Way - were being courted to join the BNP or set-up lucrative front groups and so become BNP allies.

In hindsight all the small betrayals and subtle double-plays which were done with a nudge and a wink and a "we're all still on the same side" e-mails, messages and whispers have been playing towards this moment.

So we can be confident that the BNP is working towards defending our "Jewish and secular traditions" (aka Kosher and Humanist betrayals) and if we're in any doubt the No. 2 on the BNP's London list is yet another Tory convert publicly exposed for stating - in his blog - that rape isn't a serious crime and that women ' deserve a slap.' The man in question is believed to be a Stormfront poster who constantly defends the worst Zionist excesses of the party whose material is now described as the most Zionist of all the political parties!

And who came to this Tory rapist-apologist's defence? Simon Darby!

It's enough to make you convert to bagels!

Friday, 11 April 2008

Which is the Most Zionist Political Party?

First of all I should apologise for the dearth of blog entries here over the last week and a half.

Sad to say the monotonous daily slog of working life and a few extra jobs, long promised which finally caught up with me, took their toll.

So much has happened over the last week or so, it's hard to know where to start.

In my car the other day I heard some "expert on terrorism" (usually a by-word for MI5 muppet, on the payroll) wail that there were 2000 known "jihadists" in England with a further 2000 "unknown."

That's as maybe, but it proffers some interesting questions for the astute nationalist.

1. Are our "feds" to be believed or are the cooking the figures?
2. How do they know there are 2000 "unknown" 'terrorists' - seems a nice round figure.
3. So are these like Rumsfeld's "known unknowns" or his "unknown unknowns?"
4. As ex-Mossad man Viktor Ostrovsky (I hope I got that name right from memory) admitted there were 2000 Mossad agents in London alone (that's right - just in London, not including other Zionist hot spots like Manchester, Gateshead etc.) why doesn't this get mentioned?
5. If the Mossad have their people on the payroll of media, government, banking, big business etc. - as can be safely assumed - are these more dangerous to our national security than a few nutters who get on TV because they go paint balling???

meanwhile, all this got the attention of one Melanie "Mad Mel" Phillips, the carpet chewing poster girl (OK, sorry, that's a step too far!) for the Zionists and their mouthpiece in the media who bewailed all these Muslims running riot and that London was now a magnet for Jihadis.

As we can assume Mad Mel is on the Mossad payroll one can't see her bewailing Zionist manipulation of our government, media et al.

meanwhile a Zionist went to the media moaning about a group who are pumping out material that is far more Zionist than any of the main political parties. Weird you might think: why on earth should he moan about a way-out Zionist outfit, more craven in its support for the Bandit State than even Cameron, Brown and Whohe of the LibLabCon?

Because, our long suffering reader, that group is the BNP!

Aside from leaflets defending our "Jewish, Christian and secular" values - erm - the BNP has been openly courting the Jewish vote and pumping out material which confirms what most of us knew years ago: the BNP has become a multi-racist, Zionist, queer-tolerant anti-Muslim pressure group.

But there you go. Those of us who warned about all this were called trouble-makers and s###-stirrers at the beginning. Now it's too late and we may bemoan the Star-of-David branding on the gelding's hide, but that particular horse has long since left the stable and now amount of locking the doors will achieve anything.

Click on the link below and you'll see the relevant piece with the most interesting quotes and parts highlighted by our chums at NW Nationalists.

As for the rather pathetic legalese of the BNP leader that they would bash Muslims rather than support Iran, as usual this is clever Zionoid language designed to sweeten the pill.

1. He doesn't mention supporting Israel rather than Iran.
2. he doesn't offer any - ahem - third position, such as armed neutrality (remember the 80s Nick?): perhaps neither Islam nor Israel as a slogan?
3. If one is to question Islam and the hatred against us it promotes, then one is duty bound to do the same to Judaism.
4. Whilst no-one expects the BNP to take a "pro-Iranian" line, is it really too much to ask the BNP to state 'no more Zionist wars.' Such would be a truthful position.

More and more nationalists - including people who were, until recently, inside the BNP - now think the BNP is nothing more than a pressure valve, a cash cow, and has switched to become acceptable by parts of the system.

It's a moot point.

What cannot be denied is that the BNP's line is particularly close to the line of extreme Zionists like Melanie Phillips, Richard Littlejohn and David Aaronovitch - the latter (an obscene Neo Con "liberal" who switched sides to support the invasion of Iraq) is especially relevant because it was during a cosy chat in Wales that the BNP leader spelled out his plans to change the BNP. Was Aaronovitch the open door through which the BNP became increasingly Zionist?

What interesting times we live in!

A friend tells me the BNP are selling "Griffin was Right" at their meetings. Such humility! I noticed the past tense though... Maybe he was right, armed neutrality and all. After all surely it would have been more "popular" and garnered more votes to be just anti-Soviet and more pro-American, pro-Cruise and more 'Cold Warriors' when the Iron Curtain was still up?

There were groups around back then who did that. Most were in the pay of 'the Feds' and some were known Masonic front-groups.

Whoever said the more things change, the more they stay the same?

Keep on having fun and reading between the lines fellow patriots!

The BNP is the Most Zionist Party - Says Jew

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

FC Online Fund 2008 - 1st Update

A big thanks to:

Roger of Lancashire, England for a £6 donation
and Harry of Cumbria for a £5 donation.

We still need to raise a further £149, so please - wherever you live and however much you can afford, donate to keep the voice of nationalism going strong on the net.

You can drop us a line (finalconflict@dial.pipex.com - "FC Donation" in the subject box) or you can use the Donations section in the FC Online Shop.

get your name and area in the FC Roll of Honour for those prepared to put their money where their mouth is!


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