Sunday, 31 August 2008

Last Week's Quote: A Phillipe CSSR on Liberallism & Anarchy

"The direct result of liberalism is anarchy or tyranny. Anarchy results from liberalism as a consequence derives from a principle. This is obvious."

A. Phillipe C.SS.R.,
Christ King of Nations, 1926
(Translation from French original text).

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Lawyers & Masons: Our Society Rots!

How pleasing to discover that Mrs. Obama is a solicitor!

It seems that far from "change" we are offered more of the same: more of the lawyer politicians that use weasel words to justify destruction of the family, racial miscegenation and Zionist wars.

Or am I just in a good mood? ;-)

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

England is Getting Scarier by the Day

I saw a scary thing recently.

No, not Ranting Ron buying The Guardian.

No, not Lee Barnes getting a 'Victory to the Intifada' tattoo.

No, not Greville Janner turning down an opportunity to play kiss-catch at the local council care home.

Above: A hideously White Labour Party poster! Imagine a society with just White people? How boring it must have been to leave our doors open! How bland it must have been for the elderly to be treated with respect and families to be the norm. How mundane for English communities to be unified, patriotic and secure.

No, not America condemning another country for invading a sovereign state (imagine they would have have the brass neck to do that!).

It was something even more disconcerting for the averagely racialist man about town with his pipe and slippers on his fold-up bicycle (damn those clips - they cut the circulation so!) sporting a panama hat at a rakish angle!

A TV report about sports in school - post Olympics natch! - and what did I see with my world weary eyes?

A token White!!!

Yes. A token.

Yes. White.

A token White.

The whole class thronged about doing various sports and they were coloured, almost to a man.

We all can, I'm sure (unless you an errant consumer-zombie-sheep or a spying Red troll) remember laughing back in the day as the "token" immigrant was wheeled to the front of any group being interviewed.

You still see the "token" in army parades, in some 'pop' bands, in programmes about Cornwall, the Scottish highlands and suchlike.

Yet things are now so bad in our cities, and especially in our city schools, that we have this new phenomenomenomenom!

Welcome to the world of the Token White.

Welcome to your future!


'Blackburn Terrorists,' False Flag Ops and Useful Idiots

How astonishing to hear that another man - in Blackburn - has been arrested for allegedly conspiring to kill government ministers.

Right: Patriots are being ushered down a road, in a distinctly Neo Con direction, which has various destinations including ID Cards, police powers of detention and much worse. WAKE UP WHITE MAN!

I can almost hear the screeches and wails of the Neo-Cons and their fellow travelers at this very moment.

No doubt Stormfront and various forums will be inundated with posts from the ignorant, the brain-washed and the "useful idiots" of Tel Aviv.

When asked what he thought of dangerous extremists who plot to kill our "democratically elected" (yaaaaaawn) leaders, BNP top honcho Tony Lecomber was unable for comment.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Last Week's Quote: Gwynfor Evans on Nationalism

"It is the moral factor which decides the fate of nations: man's spirit can prove greater than the power of leviathan. A nation is swiftly overcome if its spirit is weak; but with unyielding determination it can vanquish powers that appear to be utterly invincible."

Gwynfor Evans,
Land of My Fathers, 1974
(Translation from Welsh original text).

FC Poll Result on Drugs & Nationalists

Can a Nationalist Who Takes Drugs:

Be perfectly acceptable?
4 (13%)
Be given "Three strikes and you're out"?
3 (10%)
Be ostracised by the movement?
21 (70%)
...I don't care.
2 (6%)

News at Ten, Newsnight, Panorama or Lee Barnes: It's Oy Vey!

Are you one of those people that shouts whenever the news is on?

I regularly find myself hurling abuse whether it's the night-time news, or Panorama or Newsnight.

Oh there can even be fist-shaking!

Family members and visitors often find themselves at the end of erudite soliloquies(!) as they make their excuses and leave the room.

So it was a moment of great inner peace that led me to a wonderful discovery and has let tranquility and silence reign throughout the FC lean-to.

Now whenever a Neo Con appears on Newsnight, whenever the BBC tries to tell us that multi-racism has been an unqualified success, or whenever a government minister tries the usual spiel, I need no longer assault the ears of anyone within a 30 yard radius nor make wild gesticulations at the electronic talmud in the corner: I simply hold aloft my new mug which bears the words "Oy Vey!" to register my disdain at the Zionification of the media, news, government, politics etc.

I also turn to it for a calming cuppa whenever I hear of the latest shenanigans from Messrs Griffin and Barnes and their "most Zionist" party.

And peace reigns at Codreanu Cottage!

Keep Promoting Genuine Nationalism!

A couple of weeks back we asked for a big push to increase the number of FC Blog subscribers with the first benchmark of 50.

Right: "Never in the struggle of racial nationalism have so many owed so much to so few." (Image available on a post card and keyring from FC). "We offer you nothing but blood, sweat and a fantastic read!"

We're nearly there (43 at time of writing) so please do continue to push friends and colleagues to pop by and subscribe.

A big thanks also to all those who added the url or this blog's direct url to their signatures on internet forums and as links on their blogs/websites.

That has a huge impact - which cannot be understated - in directing more patriots and nationalists to this site, and providing more regular visitors and subscribers.

So a big thanks to those who have already helped: but a small kick in the posterior to those who haven't yet.

Please do make this small effort.

Who knows, just one person might make the decision to visit one day, and that could open up a whole new world of genuine nationalism to them and keep them involved in the struggle when they get fed up of the sell-out and/or the clowns.

Let's continue to build the movement and keep the flame of nationalism alight.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

When Can Councillors Be Censured? A Tale of Two Smiths

Let me show you how democracy works, dear reader.

Let us look at two similar situations and how "the system" deals with them.

The first is the Black Country's Nationalist independent councillor Simon Smith.

He stated that electoral swindling in the UK was a predominantly Asian affair. Er... which it is. The result: he was suspended for 3 months by the authorities.

So what do we see in the latest issue of Private Eye (#1217)?

A Labour Party councillor and official in Barking & Dagenham (Liam Smith, deputy leader, for 'tis he) called the mother of a Tory councillor a "fat f###ing dyke."

So how was this treated by the authorities? The Crown Prosecution Service said "...the word 'dyke' was not used in a homophobic way" and the council's standards committee also made excuses for Smith, presumably then it is not offensive or hateful to call someone "f###ing fat".

By the same standards it would, for the CPS, be OK presumably to call an African a "f###ing paki" or an Asian a "f###ing nigger" on the grounds that neither would belong to the epithet snarled at them. Of course not - but this exposes the double standards we're dealing with.

This is the same council, of course, that saw a Labour member call the BNP's councillor Richard Barnbrook a "poof."

Right: Like so many quangos and public bodies, from the CPS to the National Lottery, the "Council Watchdog" the SB takes a very bi-partisan approach to dealing with those loyal to the system, compared to those who rock the boat.

So it seems that stating the obvious (haven't all the Tory and Labour election cons with postal voting etc. been Asian?) can get you suspended for three months, but hurling abuse at people (who we have to assume aren't homosexual) sees you given the all clear.

Erm... as long as you are a system politician of course!

How reassuring to people like Stephen Green (of Christian Voice) who was arrested for handing out (sober and serious) Christian leaflets at a homosexual rally to hear that those who hurl abuse at others don't get arrested just because... well, just because those offended aren't, um, pooftahs.

So what are we to deduce?

  • That stating the truth is no defence in council chambers if it offends the multi-culti commissars whereas being abusive and offensive is fine.
  • That handing out Biblical leaflets is an arrestable offence whereas calling someone a "fat f###ing dyke" isn't.

Welcome to Politically Correct Britain: where Labour Party officials can say what they want, but the rest of us face censure and arrest for "offending" queers and immigrants.

Oh... unless they offend a certain people, which Ken Livingstone knows all about!

That's democracy folks!

Simon Smith on his 3 month ban

Friday, 22 August 2008

Hoist High the Banner of Life & Hope In a Dying Nation

England, Britain, Europe is dying.

I don't mean morally, though that's true.

I don't mean spiritually, though that's also true.

I don't mean economically, though that is also true.

No, as worrying as each of the above is in their various spheres, Europe and its constituent parts is actually dying.

There is an interesting report in today's Daily Mail that shows that:

  1. We now have more elderly than young people.
  2. More immigrants are having children here than ever before.
  3. An increasing number of Brits are leaving these shores.
Right: Our future on a slab. We have killed millions of our fellow countrymen. Yet we wonder how our society is slowly dying. I am also sure the vast majority of those murdered have been White Britons.

What the Daily Mail won't tell you is this:

1. We are aborting our future workers, tax-payers, doctors, nurses, carers, municipal staff etc. etc. in "clinics" across the country.
This is selfish and is very short-sighted for short-term benefits. If the State is prepared to pay pensions, pay dole money and pay for those who chose not to marry: then it is surely time for the State now to pay married couples who choose to invest in the future of our land by bringing up more children.
It also time for those of us who consider ourselves patriots, who want to see a future for our nation beyond an endless row of retirement homes, to step in and close down the abortuaries: the places of mass murder kept open via the huge profits of the butchers and via the muscle and lies of the Socialists who seem to think that killing babies is some sort of answer to poverty!

2. As well as the immigrants coming into the country -- and again they illustrate this with a Pole, when even in the upsurge from Poland, most immigrants were still coming from Asia and Africa! -- the mail won't tell you that amongst the "Britons" counted as having children in their figures, most will be non-White, mostly Asian and Black. So the facts and the figures are even worse than the depressing ones that the Daily Mail give us!
Yet despite all this, despite the speed at which our cities especially are becoming foreign to us, not one politician will dare to stand up and state that immigration has been a total, unmitigated disaster which has destroyed our communities and our native cultures.
We must, as patriots, pick up the gauntlet and state quite clearly that immigration is wrong. We must agitate for the resettlement of all coloured people - humanely, with grants, foundations, health care and education packages etc. - but the idea that they are "here to stay" is anathema to nationalists and is an acceptance of a death warrant on our own peoples and cultures: it is a form of neo-colonialism, ethnic cleansing and racial genocide and we should not -- must not! -- accept it.

3. Whilst lefties and liberals state that the number leaving the UK somehow help "balance up" the figures, they do not. Most of those leaving are White, Britons. Most of those arriving are coloureds from Africa and Asia.
Ipso facto the "White Flight" is what it is.
The suburbs, Scotland, Wales, Devon, Cumbria, Northumberland just aren't far enough for most people and they see Australia, France, Spain, Canada etc. as a chance to flee a country being slowly murdered via mass immigration and under the yolk of a Police State that reigns over a lawless and broken society in which the family is rapidly being consigned to the dustbin of history.

If we are to save this country we must do so -- no strike, that. We can only do so on the following three pillars:
  1. Outlawing abortion. Embracing large families.
  2. Stopping immigration. Starting a programme of phased, humane resettlement of all immigrants and their offspring, to their lands of origin. This can be backed up with aid packages to the families involved and the communities that take them.
  3. Supporting and (re)creating real communities free of drugs, crime, anti-social behaviour etc.
If we as a people have the resolve to have this dream, this vision, then we can have the determination to fight for it.

Martin Luther King had his 'dream' and he and his ilk - Communists and multi-racists - fought to achieve it.

Are we to believe that a harmonious society in which the family is supported, nurtured and given pride of place is so wrong that we are ashamed to promote it?

Should we think that a nation of communities in which children are seen as the future of the land, in which they can be safe, in which drugs and petty crime is wiped out is so unrealistic as to be not worth talking of?

Do we believe that a land of homogeneous English/British/European communities is so wrong, so ill-advised, so bland as to be beyond the pale?

Our dream of a land full of families, full of communities, full of family farms, full of family businesses, full of locally owned and run shops, full of towns with green spaces, real high streets with a plethora of local shops, post offices, butchers and bakers, and even a land wherein the cities are greener and consist of real communities isn't "evil."

Those who have gone out of their way to fill our land with all manner of depraved, indecent, brain-washing, moral-sapping vices, those who have done their utmost to destroy our communities, our cultures and our families via mass immigration and the promotion of faggotry, abortion and infidelity, those who have sought to serve Mammon before all else, making profits whilst our land, our people, die.

Those are the evil people, out to destroy, out to subvert, out to despoil what previous generations thought was good, normal and not even up for discussion.

It's time for those of us who believe in good above evil; who believe in the family before the State; who believe in the sanctity of life before the profits of abortuaries and exist-till-you-die OAP homes; who believe in national self-determination before foreign wars and Zionist meddling; who believe that our own people and cultures have the right to be and grow organically instead of being assaulted by mass immigration and being undermined by the politically correct brigades of commissars; for all of us patriots and nationalists to stand firm.

What they have created, what they have forced to happen by attacking what is natural and just, is starting to crumble.

Usury & Capitalism, abortion, homosexuality, Communism, Zionism... all these morally reprehensible things are unravelling because they go against nature and the laws of God.

  • Usury will create a huge bubble (whilst creating untold misery and suffering), it is a means to keep the multitudes in subservience to the (lodge) "masters," who run the big banks.
  • Abortion is killing each land it touches. How long before the ugly truth of the murders, coupled with the societal damage by having an ever-aging population, pushes everyone with an ounce of decency to force the closure of this murder mills in our midst?
  • Homosexuality damages society, community, family and individual. It is wrong morally, politically, socially - on every level. It creates a malaise in society and forces those it enslaves to become ever more radical in their attacks on traditional values, traditional morals, traditional structures etc.
  • Communism has to keep re-inventing itself to escape the approbation of generations who have witnessed a creed which promised paradise but delivered the gulag. Those who push for collectivism, attack the family, attack the nation, attack our faith and seek to undermine all by foul mean or fair are being exposed continually.
  • Zionism will have to keep creating wars to justify its existence and its high cost. After 911 it pushed its luck and more people than ever before have seen through Israel, the Neo-Cons and all the needless wars it continues to create.
As each of these anti-national forces and creeds falters, so our position can only become stronger!

So take heart patriot! The hour is darkest just before the dawn, and whilst all seems hopeless at the moment, the edifices of the modern world are built on sand and can come crashing down with the next scandal, the next panic, the next unknown event.

Perhaps it will take the near death of us as a people. Perhaps it will take us becoming a minority in our own land. Perhaps it will take the total collapse of family life.

Our job is to keep the flame of nationalism burning; to ensure that the correct line is taken by patriots; and most importantly to ensure that nationalism remains free of the degeneracy and corruption that is the hallmark of a system that will collapse.

If we wish to make a difference then we must be different: different from the bankers, reds, politicians and media men that promote and protect usury, abortion, homosexuality, multi-racism etc. etc.

Otherwise we will become a part of a system that is slowly destroying all we hold dear, and if we are tarred with that brush then we will bear the mark of Cain forever.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

American Hypocrisy over Missile System in Poland.

The sight of "Condi Rice" signing the Missile Defense System agreement (note my USA spelling, I am busy trying to be 'inclusive') is enough to have me reaching for my ever-ready vomit bucket.

Right: A non-doctored photo as supplied by a Mr. Icke! ;-)

Can a state ever-willing to point the finger at others for their missile tests etc., be so cavalier in their attitude towards placing military hardware around the world?

Imagine Russia placed a "missile defence" instillation, bristling with hardware and with Russian fingers on the buttons/triggers in Mexico, or er Cuba (ring any bells?).

Would America accept platitudes that they wouldn't be pointing at anyone, or that they would only be used in defence?

Not on your nelly!

Here we see, yet again (in the shadow of Georgia's war crimes) how America and its allies seem willing and able to flaunt their military muscle however they see fit.

We all know that the UK is an unsinkable aircraft carrier for the USA. We suffer the shame of having American missiles present on our soil.

We don't want any more of this. We've had enough of American-Zionist wars, lies, subterfuge and double-dealing.

They sabre-rattle for war against Iran, when they turn a blind eye for the illegal nukes held by Israel.

They plan war crimes charges against Serb leaders when Georgian ones get support for their attacks on civilian areas.

Enough is enough.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Olympic Shame: Drugs Test Dodger Gets Gold Medal

Christine Ohuruogu wins a gold medal for the UK (sorry... "Team GB").

Right: She's here legally and so for the BNP Christine Ohuruogu is a decent, patriotic Briton!

This was the person banned for "missing" three drugs tests.

Sorry but if Dwayne Chambers is rightly banned from Olympics for life for failing a test, then so should Christine Ohuruogu for choosing to miss three of them!

This sends all the wrong messages to the young, and the BBC et al are hypocrites for celebrating Christine Ohuruogu's medal so prominently!

You can be sure her phisog will be all over our multi-culti ethnic-hugging newspapers' front pages tomorrow.

What a way to push home the message that drugs = mugs!

South Ossetia: A Question for America, NATO and the UN

If the Serbs are guilty of war crimes for shelling Sarajevo circa 15 years ago, why aren't the US/Israeli-allied Georgian leaders guilty of war crimes for shelling South Ossetia?

Will the Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili be whisked off to The Hague to sit trial a la Milosevic?

Or are we - and the entire world - to believe, yet again, that criminality and war crimes can only be associated with the opponents of America?

Certainly the textbook example of Israel's illegality on so many counts would lead many to believe that this has been the case for some time!

Monday, 18 August 2008

Nick Griffin Breaks Promise Made to Blood & Honour Organisers (Again)

A few years ago now, I think it was 6 or 7 (you'll be shocked to hear my memory isn't perfect) a concert occurred in Mid August in the South Wales valleys.

This concert had been held every August around the time of the death of Andrew Lewis, better known as "Stinko" to his friends.

Stinko was a native of Merthyr Tydfil and a long-standing nationalist. He was also the bass player of Celtic Warrior and formed his own band Blackout - a band recently reformed to great acclaim.

Well this one year, the concert had a poor turnout, and the reason was the BNP had moved its 'Red White and Blue' festival to the same weekend.

Obviously a good number of the B&H supporters chose to go to the BNP festival.

The organisers of the concert - always a fund-raiser for Stinko's many children - were very unhappy and approached the BNP leader to ask if this could not be replicated, i.e. the Stinko Memorial was a well-established event on the nationalist calendar and it seemed silly, to them, that another event should be moved to coincide with it.

The BNP leader came back with an excuse for why it had been moved that year (I think a Scottish B&H organiser wrote a piece about some nonsense excuse about moving it to a "full moon" being given, wherein he and many others - at the time BNP activists - knew the truth: I hope he'll elucidate via this blog...).

The BNP leader also reassured the Memorial Concert organisers that this wouldn't happen again, all very cosy and comradely.

The result is that this year again, like so many others since the Stinko Memorial Concert has taken place (in the English Midlands this time) the events have clashed, because the BNP RWB weekend has stayed at that same, "moved to" weekend, despite the promises of the BNP leader.

Various estimates (see the NWNationalist Blog) say the BNP leader stands to pocket circa £35K+ (despite other RWBs officially making a "Loss") from the RWB weekend: that on top of his official wage, circa £80K he personally controls via the Trafalgar Club, his all-paid expenses, and the money quite a few people alledge he skims from the circa £190K paid to (paedophile) Mark Collett's external (i.e. personal!) printing set-up for BNP publications.

Meanwhile Stinko's children face getting less money from this one, singular, annual event organised in the shadow of their father's death to commemorate the anniversary of his untimely and early death.

Isn't it nice to know that a promise made to help the family of a dead comrade, activist and friend means so little to the BNP leader?

B&H Scotland Organiser 'Rock Against Griffinism'

Sunday, 17 August 2008

A letter from a Freemason

Received in early July. Have a read for yourselves:


I have probably been an active racial nationalist for longer than you have. I have also been a Master Mason, and Scottish Rite Mason (32 degree) for many years. If you are basing the existence of your organization on attacking the Masonic Brotherhood you are making an unfortunate mistake. Neither Pastor Richard Butler nor Louis Beam nor any other dedicated member of the White Nationalist Movement has ever condemned the Masons in my presence. In fact Pastor Butler was, for many years, an active York Rite Mason. It is my understanding that the reason he left the Rite was because he did not want to taint it with controversy when he founded Aryan Nations.

I have read through your site, and I don't know where you are getting your information about Masonry, but it is wrong. If you want to find out about the Masons you should petition a Lodge, enter as an Apprentice, and advance through the Craft to Master. Of course, you must present yourself before a Lodge of your own free will. We cannot invite you to join. You must come to us in search of the Light. As we say, to be one, ask one.

We do not extend membership to atheists. We question jews about the kohl nidre, and they usually withdraw their petitions. We do accept all who believe in the Divine Architect of the Universe. I'm the Sr. Deacon of my Lodge, and I am an Odinic.

I doubt that you have any real interest in Masonry beyond having a group to condemn. Since we are a somewhat obscure organization we make an easy target. All of this has been tried in the past, and has had little effect. I really couldn't care less about your attacks except that you are, by your actions, wasting valuable time, and energy, and alienating racially aware white men.


Bob Holloway
Go easy on him, boys and girls :D

Note: If Freemasonry is an "obscure" organisation, why is its 4 million plus worldwide membership a veritable who's who of the powerful, the wealthy and the influential? Furthermore, we here at FC are accused of flouting lies when we present the arguments of Msgr. Dillon, Fr. Fahey et al with regard to Judeo-Freemasonry as the driving force behind Communism (later globalism) and all of its side effects; and yet instead of defending his organisation with rational arguments, Mr. Holloway encourages us to join as a means of finding out more!

If there's one thing we've learned from Bro. Bob about his friends, they have a sense of humour! Although perhaps that might fade when after many years of destroying his soul, he reaches the 33rd degree, and discovers that the "Masonic secret" is...........

............ affordable cars ARE the way forward for society!

FC Poll Result on Griffin's BNP Pension Plan

Does Griffin's "Pension For Life" Vote at the BNP EGM Next Weekend Mean He's on the Way Out?

Yes: He's Feathering His Nest While he Can
1 (5%)
Maybe: He's Just Grabbing More Potential Money While He Can
2 (11%)
No: He's Just Being Greedy Whilst Creating a Virtual Dictatorship
2 (11%)
Who Cares: The BNP is now so Zionist as to be anti-Nationalist
13 (72%)
I Can't Comment Because I'm a Sycophant and Not Supposed to be on this site.
0 (0%)

Votes so far: 18

Saturday, 16 August 2008

"Change" or Revolution: Time For Nationalists to Sweep Clean

What have Obama and (our Stalinesque "dear leader") Gordon Brown got in common?

Right: Do you really think that Obama or McCain, Brown, Miliband or Cameron will offer any actual difference to the status quo outside of their sloganeering?

Yes, they both claim to be lefties, and both claim to be "against the war" whilst they (will) both knuckle down and do the bidding of our masonic overlords viz the banking system and Zionist inspired wars (whether in relation to Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Lebanon, Georgia or wherever else the Zionists meddle).

They also, much the chagrin of anyone with even a cluster of braincells left (after watching TV, reading newspapers and/or drinking the water!) insist on vomiting forth the word "change" as part of an attempt to bamboozle the simple and the bewildered (I'll leave the calculations as the percentages involved up to you dear reader) into acquiescing into yet another vote given to a hand-picked hoary son of the lodges.

Oh yes, it's all "change."

Change, change, change. Change! Change?

Yep. if we all keep saying it, we might just come around to believing it. Not!

Yet they must know something we don't. Are we to conclude that every 8 - 10 years people get conned into thinking that voting in 'the other lot' will somehow prove miraculous and answer all our problems?

OK, with Brown it was a p###-poor effort to try and avoid a switch to the Tories, but in the meantime the "Vote Blue, Get Green" Tories are doing a lot of "change" tactics themselves.

So vote Red or Blue at the next election and we'll get something new!

No more public schoolboys! No more cowards who do whatever International Zionism dictates. No more money-grubbers on the take!

Oh yeah. If you think any of the political parties will deliver that much change you are sorely mistaken!

Which brings me back around to the idea of change.

Change in and of itself is not a good thing. As the old saying goes, if it ain't broke don't fix it. The idea of continual change is something that politicians seem to need to justify continued coverage of their piffle, as well as an excuse for their continual need for new laws - whether to carry forward the liberal anti-moral agenda or to further their continual creep towards a police state.

Therein lies the difference though between a system stooge and the genuine nationalist.

We don't want "change."

We don't want a tweak here and a new law there.

What we need is revolution.

And before the usual crowd start bleating on about firing squads at dawn, I mean revolution as in complete and utter replacement of the current masonic system.

Right: If we do not oppose the machinations of world Zionism - in words and in a manner that 'Joe Bloggs' understands - then we offer no real alternative to the system stooges.

As GK Chesterton said, in a topsy turvy world, the traditionalist is the true revolutionary: and so it is with us.

It kind of falls back to the pre-war ideal of a New Man, or if you like the 80s expression 'the Political Soldier.'

  • Is it so wrong to expect nationalism and nationalists to be free of cowboys and shysters?
  • Is it so wrong to expect nationalism and nationalists to be free of drunkards and druggies?
  • Is it so wrong to expect nationalism and nationalists to be free of degenerates and perverts?
  • Is it so wrong to expect nationalism and nationalists to be free of Zionists, race-mixers and liberals?
I don't think so.

Left: Martyn Gilleard. Race war dreamer and convicted paedophile. Is this what nationalism has descended to? It is time for nationalists to grow up and end the deviant behaviour of the few. Morality isn't an 'optional extra' for nationalists, it is an imperative for a movement that must show it is not just against the immoral few and the amoral system in its slogans and headlines, but in the policies and the lives of its militants. Whether it's druggies, swingers, adulterers or homosexuals: how can we as a movement offer anything new or different if we copy the moral abyss of the system and the sexual proclivities of the degenerates we claim to oppose?

It seems to me that over the last 10 years in a rush to be "acceptable" rather than approach the public with a popular message of national self-determination, debt-free finance, ecological advances to benefit all our communities, "the movement" has been taken for a ride by financial hucksters out to maximise their profits by selling out on race, Zionism, homosexuality -- and much else besides.

We need to (pardon the John Major imagery) get 'back to basics' and return nationalism to the nationalists.

I am not for one moment suggesting that we entertain the uniform fetishists or wannabe American "race war" loonies, any more than we should transform nationalism into some kind of patriotic old-fashioned Tory party or some kind of liberal hug-an-ethnic "community" group.

Yet we do seem, as a wider nationalist movement, to have lost sight of the essentials: and it is essentials that our grass roots clamour for, and it is these essentials that our beleaguered people are crying out for.

I sincerely believe we need:
  • a movement that stands up to denounce needless international conflicts and false-flag ops like 911;
  • a movement that demands independence and neutrality away from American and Israeli influence;
  • a movement that promotes a healthy family-first Christianity;
  • a movement that explains and promotes Distributism, usury-free banking and debt-free currency;
  • a movement that offers genuine hope and help for our own people in every community to break free of drugs and anti-social behaviour whilst making it clear that "zero tolerance" of crime will be the norm;
  • a movement that makes it clear that immigration and multi-culti has failed but that every kind of help - financial, moral and practical - will be given to non-Europeans to settle in their ancestral homelands, for the betterment of all;
  • a movement that improves a genuine safety net of help of every kind to allow families to have genuine jobs, a genuine income and preferably work centred around family firms, family businesses, family farms etc. but does away with the "benefits for life" outlook;
  • a movement that rewards those who are able to have large families within wedlock, because they will provide the workforce of tomorrow and the future for the country;
  • a movement that promotes a genuine family of nations for Britain and Europe, whilst opposing the corrupt, bureaucratic, Socialistic and Masonic power structure in Brussels/Strasbourg.

By far and away more important than any of the above though is the need for the nationalist movement to get its own house in order.

Left: Pim Fortuyn was a successful politician and was held up as an example by those wishing to liberalise nationalism, partly because he took an extremely populist "Anti-Muslim" line. He was also a practicing homosexual who stated, on Dutch TV, that he wished to bugger an Arab boy - presumably as a service to multi-culturalism. Was he really an example to follow for nationalists as some would have us believe - or a degenerate scumbag with no real interest in nationalism or racialism?

We can have the best policies known to man; we can have all the answers to all the problems; but without genuine, decent people to promote and implement then this all means nothing.

I think it was Codreanu - and no doubt someone will correct me if I'm wrong - who said that his country was dying not from a lack of political manifestos, but from a lack of men!

The same is true for us.

We can all think of the shysters, the liars, the trouble-makers, the political gymnasts, the druggies and drunkards and the ne'erdowells that have continually and consistently dragged nationalism down.

Year in, year out the same brand of degenerates and outright scum have done more damage to the cause than hundreds of decent hardworking nationalists could ever dream of countering.

So, what message am I wishing to impart?

In bullet points it's this:

  1. Nationalism must return to its grass roots, albeit positive and engaging.
  2. Nationalism must offer real answers to our people, unafraid of the attacks it will face from vested interests.
  3. Nationalism must get its own house in order because how can a group including cowboys/shysters, druggies/drunkards, Zionists, homosexuals/degenerates, race-mixers, liberals etc. offer anything different to the political parties?

If Nationalism fails to do this it will remain in a ghetto, however "successful" compared to previous years. Furthermore, it will only be a matter of time before some scandal brings the whole house of cards crashing down. Worse still, if it continues to betray its grass roots and continues to place money on a pedestal before policy, it will be treated like the other parties: it will be hated, loathed and mistrusted (just ask "New Labour").

So there is plenty to discuss for nationalists.

Do we want real change - revolutionary change? Or do we want the stale old slogans of an Obama or a Brown?

Can we get our house in order?
Even before we ever attempt even to save one village or town?

Can we offer people real (social, political and economic) answers to their problems?
Or just mirror Daily Mail editorials to feed off a Neo-Con orchestrated hysteria?

Think about it nationalist.

Do you want crumbs from the top table? Or do you want to bring that top table crashing down along with all the public schoolboys, Zionists and Masons that sit around it as our people face a winter of discontent, hunger and cold?

Open your eyes.

Last Week's Quote: Corneliu Codreanu on Jewish Commerce

"Not even one Romanian shop! We shall open one! The fight is going to be difficult because before us stands the Jewish commerce, while we are utterly poor."

Corneliu Codreanu,
December 1937

Friday, 15 August 2008

Another BNP Organiser Lied to and Robbed of Funds

News has broken - see link below - on how Nick Griffin, the BNP leader, has shafted yet another BNP organiser by refusing to honour agreements on funds to defend a legal case.

Many of you will remember Sharon Ebanks, at one time (as I'm sure she'd admit herself) a hardline Griffin loyalist, the BNP Birmingham organiser and candidate who was promised funds to fight a case over an election decision which robbed her of a council seat.

The end of that story was that she 'wuz robbed' (to use the footballing parlance) and ended up out of pocket.

According to a new report - see link below - the same also happened to Clive Potter. This was the man who also got stitched up by the BNP leadership over the Solidarity Union.

The current batch of Griffin sycophants (including at least one C18 activist!) are already circling and spreading their muck viz this latest revelation, but in our opinion Mr. Potter has the patience of a saint to keep this a private matter for so long!

As you'll see from the comments posted with the article linked to below, the BNP is a cash cow for some, and money is raised for the specific reason of "legal defences" (albeit much of the money raised is part of the fraudulent Trafalgar Club which raises funds under the pretence it's for the BNP, when the BNP has no control over the funds).

Of course from being Griffin loyalists and BNP organisers to the hilt, Ebanks and Potter have since been smeared for all manner of "crimes" which seem mostly to be 'disloyalty' though one has to ask who has been disloyal to who?

Interestingly, things like Ms Ebanks being part non-White were not an issue for the BNP when she was an organiser and candidate!

What is fast becoming clear is that the BNP activists who get their hands dirty and have to fight for that party get left out in the cold whilst the leadership is filling its pockets as fast as it can.

With the BNP leader about to force through a vote to allow him a pension-for-life (please do vote in our poll: see right-hand side column) this news from Mr. Potter should give everyone pause for thought.

Is the BNP about fighting for White Rights and does it seek to do right by its own activists when they are at the rough end of the struggle against a system that's out to destroy our people?

Or is is it an increasingly liberal and Zionist pressure group that's all about raising as much cash at possible (the BNP leader once boasted to a FC supporter that he had £1 Million coming into party coffers in one year) to give out to the leadership and those with their snouts in the trough?

If you ask Ms Ebanks and Mr Potter they just might tell you it's the latter...

Link: Clive Potter Shafted by Nick Griffin

P.S. Here's another recent post, this time by well respected ex-BNP organiser and councillor Simon Smith. He explains how he answered BNP smears that he was a "pro-Muslim extremist" (utter nonsense of course, the increasingly Zionist BNP think you are "pro-Muslim if you question 911) only for the media to ignore him! Just why would the media cover-up for BNP smears on a sitting nationalist councillor?
It's interesting to read Mr. Smith's resignation letter, which also refers to the fraudulent Trafalgar Club. There seems a common theme here...

Link: Simon Darby's Smears Against Simon Smith and Media Collusion

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

GM Food = Globalisation = More Freedoms Lost

Prince Charles attacks the GM Food industry and defends small farmers across the world!

Small is still beautiful!

Well done to Prince Charles (aka Charlie the Greek) for standing up against the GM Food, Mega-Corporate, Big Business, Industrial machine and its 'terminator seeds.'

Schumacher said Small is Beautiful. That book was originally called "Chestertonian Economics" and it is clear that we Distributists are the heirs to that whole worldview: against the profits at all cost of the Monsanto Capitalists and against the tower-blocks and collectivism of the Socialists.

Some - especially lefties - will argue that prince Charles has no right to mention these things because he's a big landowner. We would agree, because property should be as widely distributed as possible, but:

  1. When did having wealth ever stop all the Champagne Marxists (especially the rich founders of Marxism) out there from telling us what's wrong with the working classes etc. plus:
  2. Prince Charles may be a big landowner but once the "property is theft" anarcho-Marxians grab hold of all the land "for the people" and usher in State control, the Marxian State will be the biggest landowner of all, and it will busily tell all of us what's in our best interests!

Having said that, the only difference between that last scenario and today is that most of the land is owned by the big businesses, absentee landlords, insurance big businesses etc. that are the friends, backers and lodge-member friends of the political elite, rather than run by that elite's own bureaucracy.

Anyway, if we are to take back the land, if we are to usher in more family farms and farmers markets and market towns, if we are to bring about more (familial, societal and national) self-sufficiency, then we must stand and fight the multinationals today.

If that means supporting Prince Charles in this one instance, then so be it.

David Icke might be convinced that Prince Charles is a 6ft lizard, but the real "reptiles" are the scum who want to run the world's agri-business for their own mass profits.

Daily Telegraph article
Tape of Prince Charles interview

Last Week's Poll on Miliband and Labour

Can Miliband Save Labour?

Yes - People are Gullible Enough
8 (25%)
Possibly - Anything's Better than Gordon Brown.
0 (0%)
Doubtful - 10 Years of NuLab's Enough
3 (9%)
No Way - People Will See Through the Spin
3 (9%)
Who Cares! Cameron Will be Terrible too
17 (54%)
I Don't Know
0 (0%)

Monday, 11 August 2008

Russia and Georgia: the roots of conflict

Saakashvili and the lesser of his masters...Today, one of the most grandiose criminal enterprises since the Iraq war unravelled like a half-price Marks and Spencer's jumper - a bid by the Georgian political élite and their esteemed allies to set the Caucasus alight with war, at Russia's expense.

What's clear is that the Georgians got a severe kicking, thanks to the chessmasters Putin, Lavrov and co.; what's not clear (if you swallow what the Western media has to offer you) is who started the whole affair.

Ignoring the usual he said/she said babble associated with war, to find out who's really behind a particular news story, you have to dig deep, and go back several months. As it turns out, our old friends in Tel Aviv have been up to their old tricks again. Here's the low-down:

1. According to the Israeli intelligence website, Debkafiles, last year the Zionist régime supplied Georgia with over a thousand military advisors and contractors, followed by a steady stream of weapons which, undoubtedly, were sourced from the United States. The U.S., accused of encouraging Georgia's actions in South Ossetia, are in fact only partly responsible this time around - and if you look at the links below, you'll find that Tbilisi and Tel Aviv are spiritually closer than you think.

It's plausible that the Israelis could have advised Georgia to go on their little killing spree in the belief that the Russians would invade and get bogged down in the Kodori Gorge, thus putting the kibosh on them coming to Iran's aid should the Israelis press ahead with their not-so-secret war plans. However, this plot seems to have failed miserably, and there is nothing the Americans, the Zionists or the Georgians can do about it.

2. The cabinet of Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili is teeming with neocons and Jews. Educated in the U.S. himself, Saakashvili's prime minister, Lado Gurgenidze, is a UK national; the defence minister, Davit Kezerashvili (or should that be Khazar-ashvili?) is an Israeli national and "fluent Hebrew speaker"; while the "Reintegration Minister", Temur Yakobashvili, is a paid-up member of the tribe. This is the true colour of "the Rose Revolution", and it's only the tip of the iceberg.

3. This "revolution" is the latest of the CIA/Mossad-backed "colour" rebellions to hit the floor. The intervention in Ukraine has only partly succeeded, and may eventually split the country. With Serbia seething over Kosovo, plans for neocon normalisation there have gone belly-up, and now in Georgia, the "Rose Revolution" might just have been grayscaled. Plans to hem Russia in and destroy her influence in the world have been undermined by a brand of tactically and morally superior politician in Moscow.

4. Once again, the Western media - led enthusiastically by Murdoch, the Times and co. - has marched in step with the neoconservative agenda, depicting Russia as the schoolyard bully beating up the scrawny kid with the glasses. The reality is more a question of a schoolyard bully lashing out at one of his teachers, and deservedly suffering the consequences. The reality tells us that Georgia laid siege to a city of ethnic Russians, killed hundreds of them and a number of Russian peacekeepers, and believed George W. Bush and Rupert Murdoch would sweep them off their feet and lead them on a victory dance. The reality is that Saakashvili and the Western media began to believe their own deceptions, and have now created a geopolitically stronger Russia as a result.

For those who are still inclined to believe what they read in the Times, the starkest reality is that these are the same cretins and duplicitous hacks who told us that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and lied at the cost of an estimated one million dead Iraqis. They must answer for this and other deceptions.

Oh, and if they want to do some professional, objective reporting, they might leave Tbilisi for a while...

5. The Georgia fiasco is yet another silly featurette in the drama of a declining empire, and the ebb and flow of history eating away at the entity we know as ZOG. Putin's "multi-polar world" is now becoming a reality as Russia asserts herself as a beacon of decisiveness and patriotism. Happily for us, that Russia is slowly turning its back on abortion, overwhelmingly rejecting the immigration industry, and breaking itself from the jaws of International Usury.

And how fitting it is that in the week after the death of one of her greatest intellectuals and patriots, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Mother Russia has demonstrated that there's more to her soul than just vodka, Ladas and the politics of oil.

Links: Israel 'has a hand in S. Ossetia war'
Georgian Jews flee for capital (Russians = Nazis... zzz....)
Two Israeli firms said they left Georgia before fighting (Hah! Just like 9/11!)
Georgian minister tells Israel Radio: Thanks to Israeli training, we're fending off Russian military
Foreign Ministry seeks lower profile for Israel in Georgia-Russia conflict (Whoops, someone got caught!)
Livni: Israel recognises Georgia's territorial integrity (A bit rich coming from the world's only "country" with no borders...)
Georgian President Meets Jewish Leaders For Georgian-Jewish Friendship Week (2004)
'This is our Tisha B'av' - Georgia's (Jewish) Ambassdor to Israel
Miliband on South Ossetia (Grrr, pesky Russians... wait for him to bring up the Litvinenko thing all over again...)
DPNI - Russian Movement Against Illegal Immigration website
Russian news sources: RIA Novosti - ITAR-TASS

And finally, here's the clincher. American UN ambassador and arch-neocon Zalmay Khalilzad's allegations at yesterday's UN Security Council meeting? Remember Colin Powell at the UN, the "dodgy dossier" and all the death and destruction which followed?

Can you say hubris? We knew you could!

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Last Week's Quote: Cardinal Meisner on Decadence

"A culture without God is a decadent culture."

Archbishop of Cologne, Cardinal Meisner
September 2007
(With thanks for Nationalist Truth blog).

Had Enough of Zionists, Faggots, Race-Mixers and Pseudo-Reds?

Join Us and Defend Nationalism

Numerous people have been in touch to ask us to start some sort of membership structure to enable nationalists to "belong" to a structure that defends nationalism, promotes Distributism, opposes Zionism and takes a strong line on morality and defending the family.

Whilst we will never be a "political party," because we feel that the political process is too wedded to Freemasonry and betrayal - as evidenced by the betrayal of the BNP who have garnered the merest scraps from the table - we hope, that by bringing in fellow nationalists and providing a truly anti-Capitalist and anti-Communist platform, to solidify those patriots who, at the moment are floating around or who are members of groups they are not 100% comfortable with.

Membership will be open to Comrades wherever they are, so FC supporters in the UK, Ireland, Europe, North America and elsewhere will be able to join and become a part of the "FC Family" of nationalists.

We will take as out starting point the Statement of Principles as issued by the International Third Position back in 1989/1990 which have borne the test of time and, unlike the weasel-word manifestos of Masonic-parties, have proved that Truth is irrefutable and immovable when faced with the assaults of the (im)moral relativism of the Masons, Zionists and Reds.

We'll post more news on this in the coming days. In the meantime those who wish to be involved should feel free to get in touch, any any input etc. will be gratefully received.

We are already in touch with disparate nationalists who are eager to be active, and eager to save the good name of nationalism. Together we can raise the banner of nationalism and defend it from the degenerates, sell-outs and weirdos who have done so much damage to it over the years.

If not us: who?

If not now: when?

The Statement of Principles

Friday, 8 August 2008

Hillary Clinton Wanted for Murder!

Has anyone murdered a national anthem so badly?

One thinks of John Redwood's rendition of Cwm Rhondda/Land of my Fathers when he was Welsh Secretary, but at least he had the excuse that it was in a job he didn't really want in a country where he couldn't speak the language.

In the above clip it's Hillary's American national anthem and she wants the job of the Big Enchilada (or Le Grande Fromage as they say in Quebec)!

Makes you wonder.

Here's the John Redwood moment for those of you who missed this great cultural offering:

Hillary Clinton is Cruella De Vil

I had to laugh at this!

Isn't it fun when someone who thinks they have the Satan-given right to rule over us takes a fall?

If only more of the Scumbags had to take a huge dose of humility...

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Noua Dreapta Summer Camp 2008

From a Romanian Comrade:

Between the first and third of August 2008, the traditional summer camp of Noua Dreapta took place near Bran Castle in Transylvania, Romania.

Militants and local leaders from all over the country and even from Republic of Moldavia (a Romanian territory between Ukraine and Romania) came and participated at this event.

An Italian representative from Forza Nuova was also present to prove the comradeship between the two nationalist organizations.

The atmosphere in the camp was one of friendship and militant spirit. There were organized political workshops, sport activities, camp fires and road trips in the mountains.


Comrades from various regions and nations can feel free to email their activity reports into us at FC and we'll try and post them on the Blog.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Publicise the FC Blog: Build Our Subscriber Base!

At the moment we have 33 subscribers to our Blog feeder service.

Wouldn't it be great if we could get 50 or even 100 plus subscribers in a few days?

Right: In these economically trying times - as our leaders spend trillions on usury debts and needless Zionist wars - what better way to be thrifty than to subscribe to the FC Blog feeder service. Yes: it's free!

This isn't beyond the possible if every FC reader, every FC supporter and every nationalist of goodwill who reads this post publicises the FC blog and gets more people to subscribe.

The FC e-zine at its height had many thousands of subscribers right across the world and we certainly know that a large number of people regularly read this blog.

If we can push even a small number of those to subscribe we can hit a decent target in a short while.

By subscribing you get the FC posts sent direct to the email address of your choice.

What better way for you and others to stay appraised of our posts: of news, reviews, features etc.

You can then pop by to see posts of interest with their links etc.

So come on people! Let's see what we can do. Tell nationalists, patriots and friends about the FC Blog's subscription service and help more people get a regular helping of genuine nationalist insight.

Dear Prudence: For Gordon Brown and the Usurers

Here's a video for Gordon Brown our Stalinist/Mr Bean PM:

Where is Mr. Brown's Prudence?

He sold the nation's gold reserves at a rock bottom price back in the late 90s. Was that a pay off to the Rothschilds?

We are taxed as never before, directly and indirectly, obviously and via stealth or hidden taxes. Local Council Taxes have rocketed hitting pensioners (who've paid taxes all their lives) especially hard.

Where is Mr. Brown's Prudence as he bends his own rules to borrow even more - at interest - from the banks?

Right: Strength? Power? Change? Different? Mr. Brown is just a pawn of the bankers and is powerless to do anything to "fix" what the sheep in the media keep telling us is a "global problem" - i.e. we can't do anything about it. We are supposed to bow and scrape in front of latter day Wizards of Oz.

He's like a housewife who's lived the high life and suddenly finds the cupboards are bare, income is falling, yet still she insists on borrowing more and more money on the mortgage.

What will happen?

Eventually she'll lose the house and things will come crashing down: or she'll be forced to cut right back to the bone to just keep the roof over her head.

The sad thing is Mr. Brown isn't risking his house like a demented housewife spending what she hasn't got. He's risking our country, our mortgages and our businesses.

What does it matter to him? He won't be PM for much longer. He'll walk off into a job with the Rothschilds or similar and, like Blair the War Criminal, get his "reward" for a "job well done."

And the rest of us?

We'll just have to suffer because of Mr. Brown's subservience to the usurers.

Like Siouxsie (singer in the above clip) many of the main bankers belong to the 13th Tribe. On his visit to Occupied Palestine Mr. Brown made it clear where his loyalties lie.

His reward in this life will be great indeed.

Monday, 4 August 2008

Why I Love a Liberal Viewpoint

A clergyman told me a story the other week about St Padre Pio - an Italian mystic monk who died quite recently (in clerical terms anyway!).

Apparently someone was talking to him and said:

"I don't believe in the devil"

to which the saint replied:

"You will when you meet him."

Whoa - had the Italian monk been reading GK Chesterton or what?

Now why can't we get some of that here instead of the wet, liberal hogwash of the Archbishop of canterbury or the Cardinal of Westminster with their wishy washy hug-a-faggot nonsense?

Perhaps if we had real Christian leaders we wouldn't have a country going to the dogs...

here endeth the lesson ;-)

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Last Week's Quote: James Thring on Israel

"[Israel is] an illegal, criminal, psychopathic, belligerent, apartheid entity bent on desecrating the Holy Land and destroying anyone or even any country that tries to seek justice for the Palestinians."

James Thring
(author of Peace with Iran).

Every Home Needs a Hero

We are selling an ever-growing range of reproduction medals at FC.

These are great for adults and children alike who are interested in history.

Many of the medals also help raise funds for veterans associations and charity consortia.

They are certainly handy for those home-schooling who want to teach the children about history - the good and the bad - from the Napoleonic era, through the Boer War to WW2 and beyond.

But adults can collect them, children can even be given them as "rewards" -- imagine your very own medal to wear?

Clean your bedroom, hoover the downstairs, turn off the TV and read a book - and you can get a George Cross!

So pop by for a look. We hope to add more medals in the future...

Every home needs a hero!
- And check out our militaria flags, badges and posters too!

Medals from FC

Friday, 1 August 2008

War Criminal Court Case Poses Questions

Another Serbian faces war crimes charges in The Hague.

To keep things simple let's all ask three question of the media, politicians and Eurocrats:

  1. Crimes of Bosnian Muslims and Albanians. Its even admitted in the mainstream media that the remnants of the cowards, slaves, brainwashed and traitors that converted to Islam murdered and committed atrocities against Serbs and Croats. Why no war crimes trials against them?
  2. Bombardments of Cities by Allied Powers and NATO. The media says one of the war crimes was the bombardment of a city in which the elderly, children and women were present. Hello? Hamburg? Dresden? Baghdad? By this criteria Bomber Harris and Donny Rumsfeld are war criminals too.
  3. American War Criminals in Iraq. Why no trials in The Hague of American war criminal leaders. What about Kissinger and his bombing of Laos? Lest we forget Granada, Serbia and Iraq and other war crimes by the Americans. Is this why America won't reciprocate extradition treaties with EU member states like Britain (witness the speedy extradition of an UFO enthusiast for hacking Pentagon systems compared to the non-appearance of US military personnel at "friendly fire" inquests in the UK).

I'm all for war crimes trials! But let's start with the biggest war criminals of all: Bomber Harris, Henry Kissinger, Donny Rumsfeld and George Dubya.

Oh no... we don't do that... do we?

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