Saturday, 8 May 2010

The Election: BNP Failures and Civil War?

A number of overseas comrades have emailed and phoned to ask how the BNP did in Thursday's elections, so for their good and anyone else who doesn't have access to the relevant media, here's a round-up:

The BNP did not get any MPs.

The constituency which they poured resources into (Barking) lost percentage of votes from last year. Some are blaming the fact that Nick Griffin parachuted himself into the area, ostracising the local factor and galvanising the Labour campaign, led by Margaret "I see no Labour paedophile ring" Hodge.

Even worse all 12 of the BNP councillors in Barking were wiped out, leaving them with no local councillors (from being the official opposition).

In the constituency next door, local man Michael Barnbrook increased the BNP percentage! Many say he should have been allowed to stand in Barking.

The day before the election the BNP website was taken down by its webmaster and an anti-Nick Griffin message put up. Full details are on the North West Nationalist and Griffin Watch blogs. Just before the election the BNP leadership allegedly tried to "steal" the webmasters work from the site in an effort to 'oust' him.

This was also tied into a childish attempt to blame the webmaster for a copyright infringement with Unilever/Marmite in the BNP's online election broadcast. The webmaster put out a statement about all this, which can be read online at the blogs mentioned.

As of today the site is still 'down,' albeit the webmaster allowed the BNP to replace it with a bog standard page "for the good of the party."

So aside from failing in both the local and national elections, it seems that the BNP is internally in uproar -- with the BNP boss already sending out missives against would-be internal dissent -- and the timing of this, centred around the website fracas (which seems to be based on money, again!), seems to be one of the BNP leadership's own making.

In the shadow of this the "unreconstructed" National Front won some good votes across the country, often of the volume achieved in similar seats by UKIP and the BNP.

We live in interesting times.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Gordon Brown at Citizens UK: Usurious Liar

Gordon Brown addressed Citizens UK - a group of charitable organisations - today, at central Hall, Westminster.

After his hyperbolic speech Brown the hypocrite [see recent posts] said "Do you know what it says in the Bible about money-changers"?

Hmmm. Thanks Gordon.

Whilst we're on the subject do you know what it says in the Bible about homosexuals? And abortion (baby murder?)

On the former the Bible says "their blood be upon them" and on the latter it says "better they [the perpetrator] had never been born".

No ambiguity there Gordon.

So tell us, Gordon the Bible-basher: Where do you and your regime stand on homosexuality and abortion?

Oh physician heal thyself!

And later the self-same Gordon Brown said "usurious interest rates are not in my moral code."

Puh-lease Gordon!

This same man has cosied up to the usurious City of London financiers for over a decade! He gave them free-rein to charge their rates.

And worst of all he has forced a situation wherein we will be taxed for decades because his own government has borrowed usury-loans instead of simply issuing its own money as a credit.

He is a man, and this is a government, in hock with usury bankers and who used loan-money to bail them out, loan-money which we have to pay back via our taxes!

So don't you dare claim to even have a moral code Mr. Brown!

We will be paying for your errors and friendship with the usury-banksters for many years to come.

You have no moral code. You are a murdering slime ball who has promoted anti-Christian homosexual degeneracy and who has taxed us all to the usury-bankers.

Go preach at your kith and kin. Don't preach to us.

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