Monday, 30 August 2010

War Propaganda Dehumanises Germans and Arabs

How war propaganda works.

How Germans were dehumanised - years later.

How German civilian victims were airbrushed out.

Right: How children were taught all Germans were evil.

The question is, why are we still suffering WW2 war propaganda and spin all these years later? The sole beneficiary seems to be Israel (i.e. that they can mistreat the Palestinians because of all the alleged actions of the "evil Nazis").

Fisk hints at the end of this article at the dehumanising of the enemies of current Zionist conflicts.


We've all seen how thousands of dead Arab men, women and children are stats, excused away by Israeli spin doctors as a legitimate result of war, whereas a handful of dead Israelis get copious media coverage and media columns on state-sponsored terrorism.

Left: 50 years on and the machinery is more sophisticated, but the war propaganda is still being churned out.

I see no difference between Commando-style comics portraying all Germans as murderers, war criminals and bayonet fodder for (American and Soviet led) democracy and the garbage that gets pumped out of Hollywood portraying all Arabs as murderers, mad Mullahs, terrorists and bullet fodder for (American and Israeli led) democracy.

Yet again we witness how the powers-that-be treat us all like sheep, to be led and cajoled into pens, where we are spoon fed propaganda and spin.

The Power of Nightmares.

Robert Fisk

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Liberalism, Homosexuality, Paedophilia and a Zionist Media

Richard Ingrams used to be the editor of Private Eye, prior to the present incumbent Ian Hislop. I recall him being interviewed on TV once, in relation to Private Eye, when the interviewer said that he had been accused of 'anti-Semitism.' Ingrams replied with words to the effect that if you were investigating corruption in business you would run into Jews.

As Zionist blogger Robin Shepherd quotes Ingrams:

“I have developed a habit,” he said, “when confronted by letters to the editor in support of the Israeli government to look at the signature to see if the writer has a Jewish name. If so, I tend not to read it.”

Such outspokenness is of course beyond the pale for Neo-Cons, Zionists and the like.

For them, Ingrams uncovering shady Jewish businessmen is proof of his 'anti-Semitism' rather than proof of the businessmen in question being wrong 'uns.

They don't, conversely, point out the many European, British and/or White businessmen he uncovered as being corrupt (to borrow their verbiage that could make him a self-hating gentile!).

The controlled media will always fire a broadside against anyone who stands up against certain interests, and refuses to back down. Should that person or group continue on their course they will, sooner or later, face an all out assault employing the greatest lie machine the world has ever know.

Historically, nationalists have seen this for themselves!

Now I sincerely believe that the sudden uproar about paedophile priests in the Catholic Church has more to do with the current Pope moving towards traditionalism, than it has to do with genuine newsworthiness.

After all, this was news some years ago when the liberal pro-Jewish John Paul II was in power, and JPII was in power when much of this was knowingly 'hushed up.'

Needless to say, the news media won't lay the blame on those (like JPII) who opened the doors of the seminaries to homosexuals; ironically you see the media attacks the church whenever it attacks homosexuality - a clear case of wanting to have your cake and eat it.

Much of the uproar ensued after the episode of the removal of the questionable "ban" on Bishop Williamson and his confreres. The media suddenly discovered the Bishop had an historical opinion (which he hadn't hid) and the paedophile scandal reached a crescendo.

You really think the Zionists don't have that kind of mentality, to cover-up homosexual abuse to save it for a rainy day? Remember they cheerleaded (!) the invasion of Iraq after "911" on the back of non-existent WMDs. This was sheer revenge for the scudding of Tel Aviv!

These people have long memories, and anyone who moves against their interests will be attacked.

John Paul II was a liberal so they let the faggot priests go unreported, swept it under the carpet. Benedict XVI is, in their eyes, undoing JPII's liberal changes, so they come out via a complicit media, all guns blazing.

I am sure Ingrams, an Anglican btw, knows the score too. His first piece in his column in today's Independent deals with the example of the "terrorist" priest in Northern Ireland:

The distinguishing mark of modern society, G K Chesterton once wrote, is a hatred of religion. If that was the case more than 100 years ago, you could magnify it 100 times over for today. Hatred is the crucial word. Not apathy or indifference, but a violent reaction of the type that can lead to intemperate, illogical language even from clever people...
The forces ranged against faith in today's society, from Zionist Jews to atheist Reds (often from the same lineage) both with their own useful idiots in the shape of Neo Cons and liberals, are out to target every last vestige of Christianity that they cannot transmogrify into a faggot-hugging, Jewish-worshipping bastardised form of kum-bay-ya happy clappiness which goes against the central tenets of Christianity.

A friend gave me a clipping concerning a report about America and the paedophile scandal, which showed that the scandal also infected most other churches (obviously - as homosexuality infects them all), some with far higher percentages, but of course the Jewish authorities do not see these others as a threat, so to Joe Bloggs the 'paedophile scandal' is a Catholic problem.

Of course it is worse for the Catholic Church because it does take a hard-line (sorry, correct line) against homosexuality; but that is exactly why the Catholic Church must practice what it preaches and cast out all the homosexual priests, just as it used to, and bring back its stringent entry codes.

Being happy clappy and putting an "I luv Jesus" sticker on the Popemobile is not the answer.

The example of the Church should be an example to Nationalists.

As I have said for years, we too must practice what we preach. If we try to uphold nationalism as something morally superior to the degenerate Capitalist everyone-for-themselves world and the Communist lowest-common-denominator world, then what does it show when sordid homosexual tales, allegations of sexual misdemeanours and other morally worrying reports occur?

The same is true of drug use and much else besides.

Those of us who lived through the scandals and dirty-laundry-washed-in-public of the 80s will well recall the sex, homosexual and drugs scandals of those days from the NF.

It is obvious that any organisation which claims to be against that kind of mess, must keep its own house in order before it can try to bring the world back from the brink.

The media isn't going to kick up a fuss over a paedophile scandal involving the Orange Order. The media isn't going to kick up a fuss over umpteen Jewish/rabbi paedophile scandals. The media isn't going to kick up a fuss over the many parliamentarian paedophile scandals. the media isn't even going to link together all the many paedophile scandals in the police (I have noticed a plethora of unconnected cases in one fairly small area in the last 2 years).

The media certainly isn't going to point the finger at the fact that the spread of homosexuality in all these bodies, and society at large, is the reason for the growth in the utter cancer and evil that is paedophilia because the media are responsible for making homosexuality "acceptable" despite what common sense and medical evidence tells us.

It is ironic that in liberalising both nationalism and Catholicism (and I'm sure the same is true of other Christian denominations) that the very enemies of both have been able to get inside and, although a tiny minority, have sown the seeds of chaos.

The resulting pain, betrayal and hurt destroys the belief of many, and enables the enemies of both to rub their hands with glee, and use the results -- should Nationalism or the Church want to move back to its traditional stance (against Zionism etc.) -- to come out on full attack mode.

The Catholic Church is at fault for turning a blind eye to homosexuals and ignoring its own traditional teaching on such matters. It will take a lot of cleansing and hard work to build up trust again.

What lessons for nationalism?

Richard Ingram's column

Robin Shepherd's attack on Ingrams

Cardinal says homosexuality and paedophilia linked

EDL Vs BNP: Who Will Win the Zionist Dollar?

The 'anti-Muslim' EDL, like the 'anti-Muslim' BNP before it, is Zionist.

Here is a quote taken direct from the EDL's own site:

We went to counter-protest in favour of the Israeli shop Ahava, which is based on Israeli land, and to expose these ignorant protesters’ lies, their deceit, their racism and fascism, which is always very well evidenced in every single word they utter, despite the fact that they desperately attempt to use deceitful propaganda to convince the ignorant public of their anti-racist views.


We wish to state hereby that although we were protesting jointly with the Zionist Federation headed by Mr. Jonathan Hoffman, we were not asked by the ZF to protest alongside them. This was our decision and we imposed our presence upon them. The ZF had no choice but to share the space with us.
We the EDL will continue to attend and organize as many rallies and demonstrations as we wish and we will be strong in exposing the lies of those who have nothing better to do other than repeat their pathetic and deceitful mantra of calling us racists and fascists when in truth they are these things they accuse us of. The evidence is clear. They are singling out Israelis time and time again, and this, my friends, is pure and utter racism. Make no mistake about that.

When the BNP rejected nationalism to become a single pressure group on Muslims, many of us (for want of a better term) traditional nationalists felt that they were craving Zionist support, Zionist money and an easy ride from sections of the Zionist media.

Is it possible to determine that the 'anti-Muslim' banner has been stolen from the BNP by the EDL, thus the Zionists looking for a white working class street presence to promote their objectives have decided that the BNP are no longer useful?

It is certainly one of many possibilities.

What is shameful is that the Nationalist cause, which always opposed Zionism and Zionist power, was eroded by Nick Griffin and the BNP for short term headlines and benefits; a situation which has allowed the rise of the even more openly Zionist EDL!

We have gone from agit prop demos organised across the country by the NF against ABTA travel agents, after ABTA chose Israel for its annual conference, to a situation where "patriotic" football supporter types are being corralled by an organisation which is turning out to oppose pro-Palestinian rallies.

It is a shameful situation!

Nick Griffin must shoulder his share of the blame because he made the BNP a "bash the muzzies" org in the shadow of "911" when anyone with any sense knew that this was nothing more than a CIA/Mossad black-op/false flag clandestine mission to force Bush Jr's hand, to move him away from his isolationist foreign policy towards an interventionist and positively Zionist foreign policy.

Quid Pro Quo.

The BNP became 'bash the muzzies' and even put out leaflets in London declaring that only it could protect the Jews from Muslim extremists; simultaneously the leadership of the BNP was pushing for dropping repatriation and allowing black members.

The BNP wanted to become what the EDL is (albeit a posher, electable version) but now the EDL is on the rise here and the BNP seems to be splitting and in financial trouble.


Time will tell.

Press Release from EDL's Jewish Division

Friday, 27 August 2010

Rome 410AD - Lessons For Today

On Wednesday morning the BBC Radio 4 news programme 'Today' did a feature on the sacking of Rome in 410, the event that started the decline and fall of the Roman Empire, an event that would have repercussions down the Centuries.

Right: Alaric the King of the Visigoths.

It has long been accepted that the "barbarians" were in fact Christians and Roman-allies, but it was interesting to hear the view of a German historian based in Rome on the events of 1600 years ago.

Furthermore when he related the events, I couldn't help think of events closer to home, in relation to both Zionist wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and recent internal events in the BNP.

Some people aren't aware that the Visigoths, led by Alaric I, were Roman allies and Christians, nor that they had fought many battles against the "Western Romans" on behalf of the "Eastern Romans" nor that they ran a virtually autonomous region of the Roman Empire.

The German historian on Today said that the reason the Visigoths sacked Rome was that the Roman Emperor had not paid them. They had earlier besieged Rome, only to leave once paid. But this time they sacked it. The German historian (whose name I forget!) said the sacking could well have been taking treasure, as opposed to burning the city to the ground.

As virtual-Romans we might think the Visigoths wouldn't destroy Rome, but then Medieval armies would often burn down towns in their own country and often even attack churches, when you might think their sensibilities would dictate otherwise.

Anyway, back to the Visigoths.

Did the Roman Emperor at the time think that by not paying an army that was essential to the security of the Empire (it's frontier against other Germanic tribes) he was doing something that would go unnoticed? Clearly his eye was taken off the "bigger picture" -- perhaps he was greedy, perhaps he was a betrayer, or maybe he was just careless and stupid.

Either way, a people that he should have ensured were looked after and kept (to use the quaint analogy) in the tent "piddling" out, were forced out of the tent, "piddling" in.

As Captain Alberto Bertorelli might have said in the 80's TV series 'Allo 'Allo: "What a mistake-a to make-a."

So why the relevance to Zionist Wars and the BNP.

Zionist Wars:

In Iraq it wasn't until the Americans learnt to employ (pay) former insurgent enemies that relative peace happened. Should the pay stop - which some now hint at - the violence could easily start again.

In Afghanistan, many pundits are now admitting that relative peace will not come until the Taliban are brought into talks, ultimately to share power, run swathes of the country and suchlike, which will mean giving them either semi-autonomy (like the Visigoths) or paying their wages.

To those who rant that we cant work with Islamists, others point to Northern Ireland and the example of former IRA people being paid by the British State - i.e. employed by the Stormont devolved government. I suppose if these positions et al were withdrawn the small band.

All this teaches us that one-time enemies (Germans to the Romans) can become allies, and one-time close allies doing an important job in keeping the peace, the machinery, running smoothly (Visigoths to the Romans) can become the very force that brings the whole structure crumbling to the ground.

If the Americans and their puppet regimes try to assert their power against the new allies, the whole power structure of Iraq could unravel very rapidly. At the moment they are still trying to assert their power in Afghanistan, ignoring the elephant in the room, i.e. that the Taliban will either win via long term erosion, or will have to be brought on board a la Iraq.


Well, nationalism per se down the decades has been awash with similar examples, yet if we are to believe reports, the Nu-BNP recent fractures and fratricides have had more to do with finances and the changing of stipends, the way wages flow etc. It makes the accusations in the 1989 NF split in which the scourge of political wages were raised (ironically by Nick Griffin) look like child's play.

All this seems to have begun when Nick Griffin and Mark Collett fell out, the latter having once been presented to the world as the person who would be the next BNP leader. Collett accused Griffin of financial skulduggery, and griffin went to the media with a story of Collett plotting murder (the police later dropped its investigation for lack of admissible proof).

Despite many councillors, and power-bases come and gone, and even two MEPs, might the BNP's Rome be sacked by former loyalists initially riled by Collett's accusation of misappropriation of funds?

If Collett were kept loyal and paid his wages, he would have stayed in place and not, like Alaric, let vent to his feelings of injustice, opening the flood gates for all the other "barbarians" and the downfall of the BNP?

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Spooks, Poofs and Degenrate Moderns

The death of Gareth Williams, GCHQ and MI6 Spook in West London is a bit of a puzzle.

Various media outlets have hinted at him being a possible homosexual. Perhaps the best being that he was an "uphill cycler." Is that akin to an uphill gardener? If it turns out he once worked part time as a packer in a fudge factory... well, that'll seal the deal.

Already some journos are suggesting that his death may have been a 'sex game' gone wrong. Yes I know dear reader, you and I have both led such sheltered lives!

Perhaps this poor chap is being made a patsy for some spook scheme that's gone wrong? Or perhaps the media are trying to break a scandal to us softly?

If it does turn out a spook homosexual has been at the centre of some sordid "deathstyle" - well, you'd think 'they' (the Spook-masters) would have learnt the lessons of the past.

I wonder what it is that makes homosexuals so apt to treachery? Is it the base nature of their activities?

Does anyone out there in internetland know of any studies on this kind of thing?

Certainly the superb book "Degenerate Moderns" by E Michael Jones points to the degenerate sexual proclivities of those involved in the arts being responsible for the degenerate nature of modern 'culture.'

I must admit, the admittance of known homosexuals in the BNP over recent years made me uncomfortable, to say the least.

That some of them are now in the "Reformist" wing of the BNP (i.e. trying to expose alleged corruption in the BNP leadership) does make me doubt whether Nationalism will ever be truly free of the dysfunctional characters that have benighted it for many moons.

I hope to be proved wrong. Perhaps I am expecting more from human nature.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

New CD: Italia Presente

This new CD features the best of Italian nationalist music from the last 40 years.

from Janus to Massimo Morsello, to Peggior Amico and Hate for Breakfast.

From folkish anthems to Identity Rock, the sheer breadth of Italian Nationalist music is breathtaking.

A CD worthy of any collection.

Italia Presente

Look out for more CDs, militaria, patches etc. soon.

Monday, 23 August 2010

Angels on Needles to Quantum Physics via the Bank of England

There was an interesting piece to camera in Professor Robert Bartlett's inside the Medieval Mind's episode on knowledge.

Many years ago I recall someone - who will remain nameless - who had been high up in the NF, attacking Christianity, using his rationalist viewpoint (he later outwardly and insincerely embraced Christian symbols and language to win votes).

He derided the Christians who, he said, wasted time arguing over how many angels could fit on the head of a needle.

Prof. Bartlett said they didn't. This was a Victorian construct, designed to poke fun at the Medieval world (in Whig history everything before the Reformation was dark, superstitious and ignorant).

In reality, he said even when Medieval people like St Thomas Aquinas debated about the nature of Angels, they were only doing what people such as quantum physicists do today. They use their rational thought to discuss possibilities in the world as we understand it.

I have often thought, when confronted by the likes of Stephen Hawkins on matters such as the shape of the universe or anti-matters (ha ha, just my little joke) as the nature of black holes, how much of this is pure supposition, vague guess work or at best informed gambles regarding these matters?

Should we stop their funding? Should we hold them up to ridicule? Should we stop the boffins who seem to think they can re-create "the moment after the big bang" however ridiculous it might seem?

So why do we poke fun at our medieval forebears, especially when so much Thomist scholasticism still holds water today.

I really think it's time we cast aside Whig history, which holds up as heroes Henry VIII (who it is estimated killed 72,000 people), Oliver Cromwell (who brought the usurious Jews back into Britain) and William of Orange (who set up the bankster debt nightmare misnomered 'the Bank of England' under whose yoke we still slave). And let's not mention John Dee, key advisor to Elizabeth I, alleged father of the British Empire and Satanist.

Against their record I would happily take the side of St Thomas Aquinas, regardless of the falsehood or otherwise of the Angels and needles history.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Truth Not Hate: Who Owns the Fed? Who Issues the Debt?

Brother Nathanael Kapner is an unusual fellow, for not only is he convert to Christianity from Judaism, he also became a monk.

I had not heard of him before, but just a few weeks ago I read about him E Michael Jones's superb magazine 'Culture Wars' (see link to it in this blog's side panel).

In Culture Wars E Michael Jones (EMJ) reviews the Coen Brothers' film A Serious Man.

EMJ says that the film "is certainly the most anti-Jewish film Hollywood has ever produced," based as it is on the Coens' own childhood.

EMJ then juxtaposes this with the examples of 'Polish' 18th Century Jew Solomon Maimon and Brother Nathanael Kapner, both of whom also expose the Jewish authorities as EMJ says the film does:

  1. The Jewish religion is false...
  2. All rabbis are clueless, fatuous fools
  3. All Jews are repulsive...
  4. A catastrophe is looming...

And do bear in mind none of this is the work of so-called "anti-Semites," these are all people born of the Jewish race and raised in the Jewish religion.

The Zionists call such people "self-hating Jews," just as the call gentile Zionists 'worthy amongst the gentiles' and other epithets.

Basically if you support Zionist power, Zionist usury, Zionist racism, Zionist illegal nukes, Zionist terror and the anti-Christian Jewish religion (with its Kabbalistic and Talmudic roots) which acts as the justification and rationale of these bodies and actions that keep all manner of peoples in slavery and servitude; then - Jew or gentile - you are OK.

But if you have the courage to stand up and proclaim that the emperor has no clothes on, then if you are a gentile you are an "anti-Semite" and if you are Jewish you are a "self-hating Jew."

Like the Marxists, the Zionists have an answer to every nuance. And like the Marxists who screech "nazi" or "fascist" at anyone who sees through their 'paradise on earth' verbiage to justify the rule of the gulags; the Zionists can call us "anti-Semites" etc. for seeing through their terror, usury and control of America, thus the world.

I think it is time that we, as Christians, as Nationalists should recognise that there are honest, decent people like Brother Nathanael Kapner who have seen through the lies, and who are prepared to expose evil.

It makes it obvious this isn't some brain dead racism. It's not hating a people for how they were born, it is about right versus wrong, good versus evil.

We do not hate coloured people because they are born coloured, we just want to live amongst our own people as we did for millennia.

Nor do we hate Jews because they are born Jewish, we just want to control our own nations and not be involved in foreign wars, be taxed to pay usury loans, etc.

Is it a crime to wish to live in our own lands, have our own faith, have usury-free banking, stay free of foreign wars?

Is that evil? Is that hate?

I don't think so.

The evil and hate comes from those who organise usury banking, who push degeneracy through the media, who foment war and fear of war, who are behind mass movement of drugs, who attack and water down our Christian faith, who back mass coloured immigration into Europe, who promote Communism and feminism, who promote the use of torture etc. etc.

Brother Nathanael Kapner is not a "self-hating Jew" he is a Jew who has seen through centuries of Talmudic hatred and Kabbalah black magic to see the Truth.

Anyone who attacks him for that is deluded, for we all have a duty to fight what is twisted, evil and a detriment to the peoples of the world for the benefit of a small minority.

Iraqi Bombs, Paedophiles, Tony Blair and Happy Marriage

This morning me and Mrs FC had a "debate."

I won't say argument because after 5 years of wedded bliss we don't argue [we've been married much longer, but 5 were blissful ;-)].

So what would cause us to disagree?

We were watching an interview with Kevin Ivison, a former bomb disposal expert who worked in Iraq with the British Army. In his book 'Red One: A Bomb Disposal Expert on the Front Line' he explains his work and the shortcomings of the British Army.

Here's a synopsis from Waterstones:

This is the gripping true story of a young bomb disposal officer and his terrifying experiences in Iraq facing daily rocket attacks and terrorist bombs. When two of his colleagues are killed by a roadside bomb, Kevin Ivison is called in to defuse a second even deadlier bomb just a hundred yards from the bodies of his friends. To make things worse, the entire area is under fire from snipers, and a crowd of angry Iraqis have begun to hurl petrol bombs...With little chance of living through this impossible task, Kevin leaves final messages for his loved ones and sets out alone towards the bomb that he is sure will be the last thing he sees. In this gut-wrenching tale of heroism and survival, Kevin Ivison explains why he chose to be a bomb disposal expert in the first place, how he found the courage to face his death, and the unendurable stress that has given him nightmares ever since.

Whilst watching this brave man being interviewed Mrs FC revealed her radical side when she said that paedophiles should be taken out of prison, sent to war zones and made to clear the bombs.

I interjected that it should be Tony Blair and the other warmongers who were made to do bomb disposal.

There was a distinct frostiness in the air as I put the jam on my toast and stirred my tea.

Then I rescued the situation by telling Mrs FC about how Neo Cons in America were already demanding Obama should attack Iran and how Hans Blix (former UN Weapons Inspector) was saying how ridiculous this was in the shadow of an illegal war over non-existent WMDs.

She concurred, and wedded bliss reigned once more in Le Maison Degrelle.

A lesson for all you newlywed youngsters methinks.


Saturday, 21 August 2010

Panorama programme Death in the Med is Zionist drivel

For those who have yet to see Death in the Med, it asserts that Israeli commandos assault the aid ship with paint ball guns. They say this with a straight face. It is pure Israeli agitprop drivel.

A Beautiful Gift From the BBC

by Ken O'Keefe

If you haven't seen it, look for BBC Panorama’s "Death in the Med" program online, you will be treated to first class propaganda as only the BBC can deliver.

I am one of the passengers/witnesses interviewed for this program and I am very much aware of BBC's role in justifying war and covering up Israeli crimes.

I am in no way naive about this; to the contrary my motivation for the interview lay largely in the all too likely opportunity to expose the BBC. A relevant job considering the BBC's role in the slaughter of over one million Iraqi's, a direct role by virtue of the war they justified. BBC from start to present, justifying Iraq, a massive war crime and crime against humanity based entirely on lies (propagated intensely by the BBC).

To read more: click here

USS Liberty Survivor Targeted by Mossad

Friday, 20 August 2010

Professor David Harvey: A Critique of Capitalism... but no answers?

Is the 'Marxist Ideologue' Professor David Harvey searching for Distributism?

He makes a devastating critique of Capitalism... but struggles to find the answers.

After the slow death of Capitalism and Socialism, and the near collapse of Capitalism, it is obvious that people who want Social Justice are searching for answers.

Nationalists must be grown up enough to offer that answer for those sick of Capitalist greed and moribund state-control.

This is a fascinating interview that raises some salient points.

BBC i-player
(UK readers only)

The EDL's 'Jewish Divison'

“They think the league is exploiting us, while it is really we who initiated the Jewish division. If anything, we are exploiting them (the EDL) .” (Roberta Moore, Haaretz 13.7.10)

from Gilad Atzmon's site

I guess it shouldn’t take us by surprise that the Israeli flag has become a common feature at the ultra nationalist English Defence League's (EDL) demonstrations and gatherings.

The EDL calls for taking action against the "Islamization of Britain" and “Muslim fundamentalists”. It is a magnet for extremist right-wing activists and is driven by xenophobia and ethno centrism. Recently the organisation gained an ‘important’ addition to its coalition of hatred. It is called the "The EDL Jewish division." According to the Jewish Chronicle “hundreds of (Jewish) followers” joined immediately. Supporters include an ex-Community Security Trust volunteer who claims "a lot of Jewish guys want to get stuck in". Another follower wrote on Facebook "we are all Shayetet 13", the barbarian Israeli Navy commando unit that was directly responsible for the massacre and executions on the Mavi Marmara. It is also notable that this Jewish bloodthirsty ‘patriot’ didn’t say ‘we are all SAS, British Navy or RAF’. He for some reason preferred to affiliate himself with a foreign Navy, a Navy unit that fights Jewish wars rather than so-called British ones.

I guess that the English Defence League's leaders are not aware of the fact that their ‘Jewish Division’ is there to exploit the new organization.

Roberta Moore, a prominent persona within the Jewish Division admitted this week to the Israeli Haaretz that it is “actually the Jewish Division that exploits the EDL.”


btw - I do not see the EDL as ethno-nationalist. How can it be when it welcomes coloureds and Jews. Just an observation you understand.

Can any genuine racial nationalist ever support the EDL?

If the religion of Islam is a threat it is no less than the religion of Judaism.

If it is Asians you want deported, then the same must be true of Afro-Caribbeans.

We Nationalists have a proud tradition of standing up against Zionist bully boys and their tactics.

I am not privy to the inner circles of such groups, but the EDL seems to want to take over the No1 spot from the BNP of being the "muzzie basher" organisation, a spot the BNP held just a year or two back.

Is this why the BNP has proscribed the EDL? Some who were recently in the BNP's upper echelons certainly seem to think so.

If so are we really witnessing the scrabble for Zionist affections (and their money and media-contacts) by these two right wing anti-Muslim pressure groups?

If that is the case the EDL with its own Jewish section seems to be winning.

What fascinating times we are living in.

Kevin MacDonald Exposes the Loony Left's Homosexual Agenda

Kevin MacDonald on the Homosexual Lobby:

The Occidental Observer

Elton John Offends Billions, Anti-Poof Protester Gets Arrested

Now I like a bit of no holds barred fire and brimstone oratory as much as the next extremist, but compared to most this gent is quite reserved.

See what you think.

He is not a terrorist and well, he may use some uncomfortable language, but he is merely remind the degenerate homosexual celebrity that he should think again before blaspheming Christ -- which seems virtually an organised religion itself amongst the homosexual "community."

This is very American, but still the gent calls a spade a spade.

Believe it or not - watch the video to see for yourself - after making it clear that this was not a threat against Elton John, the author of the video was arrested for making "terroristic threats" (whatever that means!).

Link: Christian arrested

So a known poof can insult billions of Christians with no threat of arrest for behaviour likely to cause a breach of the peace, or behaviour that offends public decency; yet one man who insists time and time again that he makes no threat against Elton John gets arrested and bailed at a cost of $40,000!

There is no justice.

Lewisham Under Attack from Degenerate Homosexuals

A supporter from Lewisham sent in this article, with a brief introduction. Locals, and people elsewhere, can blame the politicians who have promoted homosexuality. The police, who very often look away for fear of upsetting the Pink Mafia and upsetting politically correct sensibilities in local government, also bear a certain amount of the blame.

The article below shows how degenerate this society has become, with homosexuals at liberty to practice their nefarious activities, mixed in with drug addicts using public places to snort their powders.


The Borough of Lewisham in SE London has a directly elected mayor (or feudal king). This labour party king, sorry ..mayor, decides himself who sits on his ruling cabinet of toadies, and rules the borough as his own feudal manse. Normal council democracy in Lewisham is mostly redundant. He also has the powerful central labour party machine standing behind him instructing and assisting him. It was therefore no surprise when a local paper (News-shopper) published an article which didn’t show him in such a great light, that almost straightaway all mention of him was removed in the paper’s online version of the article. One can only assume as a result of threats, bullying or being reminded of favours owed etc.

What didn’t he like? Well he’s all for gay rights but gets nervous when people find out about what some of these degenerates actually get up to, especially when at the same time people are reminded of his support for it.

The online version of the article has had its text changed already and indeed my soon disappear altogether. But previously it covered that Sir Steve Bullock’s reaction had been to state that “Lewisham is a gay-friendly place”!
The article now reads as follows but is still sickening;

A HOSPITAL toilet, supermarket and shopping centre are among the area’s top places to meet for gay sex, according to a list published online.
The Cruising Gays website has a top to bottom rundown of recommended places in Lewisham and Greenwich for cruising and cottaging - slang for romping in public loos.
Each place is given an Amazon-style star rating out of five and includes tips on how to make the most of your visit, how to get there and even whether each place has disabled access.
Surprisingly, a toilet in Queen Elizabeth Hospital gets a mention. The site advises: “Walk past the prayer room and the toilets are on the left.”
One user says: “I was looking to p*ss, the guy in the next cubicle was looking for more. Without meaning to sound cheesy, I was willing to oblige.“
Elsewhere in the borough, toilets in Woolwich’s Vincent Road and Herbert Road , Plumstead Common and Thamesmead town centre all get a favourable review.
King William Walk’s toilets are particularly popular attracting “a lot of tourists”.
Meanwhile the toilets on Charlton Park Road attract “all sorts, from gorgeous to grim”.
In Lewisham, the shopping centre’s East Walk outdoor urinals get a three-star rating for its mixed crowd of “old, young, black and white” men.
One user warns: “Genuine guys go for a p*ss, but a lot of gays and discrete enclosed urinals so you can zip up if anyone dodgy comes.”
Travellers to Hilly Fields Park are advised to head to the back of the bowls club house and warned to watch out for dog walkers.
And potential cottagers are advised that the number 47 bus stops right outside Giffin Street toilets behind Deptford’s Wavelengths leisure centre, where the middle cubicle has a spyhole, described as “small, but enough to see action in the next cubicle.”
It is not wheelchair accessible and users are warned: “On some days there's a very nosy toilet attendant, old white man in his sixties keeps his office door open and talks to passers by for hours.
“Also you get the odd crack addict coming in to have a sniff.”
Beckenham Place Park is the borough’s only hotspot to get a five-star rating.
A spokesman for South London Healthcare Trust, which runs Queen Elizabeth Hospital, said: "Our Estates Department have investigated this and can confirm that there is a gap of about 1cm near the lock on one of the cubicle doors.
"It has been reported to the on-site team and repairs to close the gap will be put into immediate effect.
"We will also be contacting the website to ask them to remove the item."
Lewisham Shopping Centre toilets
Crystal Palace Park Parade
Ladywell Fields (a public park)
Giffin Street toilets
Beckenham Place Park (a public park)
Hilly Fields (a public park)
Oxleas Woods (a public wood)
King William Walk toilets, Greenwich
Court Road toilets, Eltham
Arches Leisure Centre
Herbert Road toilets
Blackheath (a large public heath)
North Greenwich tube toilets
Woolwich Sainsbury's
Plumstead Common toilets
Thamesmead town centre toilets
Maryon Wilson Park
Greenwich recreation ground
Charlton Park Road

Druggies Losing Benefits - Good, But Not Enough

I awoke this morning, and before I could slide on my monogrammed FC slippers the radio was informing me of the Home Office's decision to reintroduce a NuLab idea of stopping benefits (state hand outs) to drug addicts who refuse treatment to get them off their addiction.

I concur.

I think this is a good start. But it's not enough.

It's not that I'm like the liberals who lined up on the radio to rail against the forceful nature of the moves -- I think sometimes you need a touch of tough love, especially with people with real problems who cannot help themselves and will lie, even to their closest relatives, to keep getting their fixes.

Furthermore we should also remember that just as they are victims -- so are the rest of us. From the small shop keeper who gets his goods stolen, to the child who plays in the park near used needles, and the many others who suffer from the crime and degenerate nature of drug addiction.

We deserve help too - and forcing druggies to go through cold turkey (or whatever else) can only help all of us.


This will all be a complete waste of time, effort and money if there is no support structure for these people (all someones brother, son etc.) to enable them to stay 'clean' once they go through their treatment.

Unless this action is universal, there will be druggie circles waiting to embrace them and reintroduce them to the 'joys' of addiction within weeks of being reintroduced to society.

Furthermore, unless we as a society crack down mercilessly on drugs and especially the dealers and importers of this scourge right across the board, then new addicts will quickly be created, to be joined by the ex-junkies at any given stage.

Unless this move is joined by an absolute and unconditional Crusade Against Drugs, it is just more tinkering around the edges, with no long term vision to help the sad individuals hooked on drugs and the rest of us who suffer the consequences.

Indeed those conspiratorially minded might say it is being done deliberately to show there is 'no answer' so that heroin et al can be 'legalised.'

This idea of stopping benefits, as with so many things initially promoted by NuLab is, I fear, more about winning Daily Mail accolades, and less about offering real solutions to communities and families that have been all but destroyed by the cancer of drug abuse.

I would hope intelligent government ministers (most have more qualifications than I) would join the dots and see that we need an all-embracing, universal move to help the addicts and crack down mercilessly on the pushers.

I don't think I'll hold my breath though.

A very good friend and comrade of mine helps drug addicts on the streets. He has got many through bad times, helped them get accommodation, has learnt that many of them are good people, thrown into the lion's den through bad companions or bad events. He helped one particular pour soul get clean (amongst others). He was a good man with a very sad back story. Then he went off and a short while later was found dead from drugs.

You see those who got him hooked, wanted him back on the drugs. This basically good man was just trash to them, and then he was limp with lifeless eyes, his life wasted, his future gone. Another person's son was dead, full of injection holes. Another life given over to crime and drug abuse.

Unless we create a situation wherein we can release these people into a society free from drugs, where he and those like him can't be preyed on by other junkies or the pushers, and where they can be helped by those who believe in a second chance, then in so many cases they will go back to the substance that has a strange love-hate hold over their lives.

At the moment the good work, the demanding work, the heart-breaking work of those like my friend who fight seemingly against all hope, are like King Canute trying to hold back the tide (I know he did it to prove he couldn't before anyone writes in).

They are good people fighting an oncoming tide of evil.

They deserve better, the junkies deserve better, society deserves better. The pushers deserve the rope.

As with the banking usury that has thrown people on the dole on a generational basis, or the mass immigration that has destroyed traditional white working class communities, the powers-that-be do not care about "the people." That much is obvious.

They all claim to be Christian, yet Christ showed the example of moving amongst the destitute in society, to help them and show true compassion and true charity.

The politicians move through a world of mega-rich bankers, celebrities, big egos, large wallets, vacuous, rich men.

Outside of short photo opportunities which they are whisked to and from in their luxurious chauffeur driven cars, these people know nothing of the underworld inhabited by the junkies.

Unless and until we strike out against drugs in a meaningful way nothing will change. No mercy against the pushers, true compassion and tough love towards the junkies.

That much is obvious.

If nationalists promote this -- as with usury-free banking and tax-free local government -- I sincerely believe we can show the people that we are the only force for Social Justice. We are the only people who truly care for our people.

Unlike the politicians we shouldn't do this to win headlines, we should do this to win hearts and minds, and to save society from a disaster that it is currently sleepwalking towards.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

What War on Drugs?

This week yet another boffin "expert" has said that we should decriminalise drugs which are currently illegal, such as marijuana, cocaine and heroin.

The media reported it as "the war on drugs" failing.

What war on drugs?

Drugs are endemic in our society and while our beloved government (c'mon guys I'm being ironic) wastes billions in needless foreign Zionist wars, and trillions on the banking-debt swindle, the pushers are out there wrecking our nations, communities, families and individual lives.

Drugs not only wreck those who take them, they result in a plethora of crimes including theft, burglary, violence etc.

So whilst politicians waffle on about protecting our people from 'terrorists' on the streets it is organised crime and scum that ruin whole communities.

Where is the war on drugs?

They know who the pushers are, they know where the gangs hang out.

Let's have some zero tolerance. The army would do more good patrolling South London than patrolling Helmand.

I don't believe in a police state, but if we want to crack down on the pushers and eradicate heroin and the like - then we should show the drugs gangs, importers and pushers no mercy!

In a war you kill the enemy until the remnant surrenders or gives up.

So where is this war on drugs?

We should start by bringing back capital punishment for the dealers. No tolerance.

Sweep pubs, clubs, workplaces (including parliament!) with sniffer dogs.

Random drugs tests in all positions of responsibility (police, army, councils, schools etc.).

If the liberal elite, degenerate snorters and vested interests want to claim the "war on drugs" has failed then let's have a real war on drugs.

Let's shut down the peddlers of death, run the gangs that pollute the cities and towns off the streets, and clamp down on all drug use -- whilst showing real compassion to the victims of the peddlers.

We need a Crusade Against Drugs.

Real terror and fear for the pushers and importers, tempered by real compassion and help for the victims.

If we want to clean up our society this is the only way.

Decriminalising illegal drugs will only create more junkies, kill more people, ruin more lives.

It may make the lives of policemen and officials easier, but is that why we create laws? To justify liberal intelligentsia or clear the in-trays of chief constables (so they can catch more mums doing 34mph in a 30mph zone)?

No-one wants to give the State -- especially this State -- any extra powers, but if we are to beat drugs then we must take action!

I would be happy to see a whole range of other needless laws overturned, and the targeting of normal. law-abiding, people just to raise money or make it look like they are catching criminals stop.

Ending the drug endemic would stop a huge proportion of crime anyway.

But there you go!

The politicians would rather waste money on Zionist wars, and usury-banksters, and waste government time tinkering around the edges, passing laws for faggots, blethering about global warming etc. etc.

All the while real problems (like immigration and drugs) wreck communities in formerly proud communities in regions as diverse as Glasgow, South Wales, East London, Notts, Manchester and so on.

Rome is burning.

Should we get out our fiddles? Or call the fire brigade?

At the moment parliament is full of Neros.

'Twas ever thus.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Lessons for Modern Nationalists from Sir Gawain

Sad to say Nationalism in the last few decades has been a tale of betrayal and greed, lies and selfishness.

Is it wishing for too much to hope that some form of chivalry might take root in those who fight (with their hearts and minds as opposed to shields and swords) for their nations?

If we can get nationalists to embrace honourable conduct in all things, then it may be a meaningful step in the right direction.

Some will laugh, others mock. But unless we do try and set a good example, then there is no hope. And if there is no hope, there is no future for nationalism other than to be the plaything of ne'erdowells.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
From Book II, Section 28 (part of)

First, he was found faultless in his five senses,
and his five fingers never failed him in any deed,
and all his faith in this world was in the five wounds
that Christ carried on the cross, as the Creed informs us.
No matter where he moved in melee or in battle
it was his fervent thought through thick or thin
that when he fought his courage came from the five joys
the high Queen of Heaven had of her child.
(And so the noble knight would never wear his shield
till her image had been painted on the inner half;
for when he saw her face his courage never failed.)
And a fifth five was found in Gawain:
bounty and brotherhood above all else;
courtesy and a clean heart (these were never crooked)
and the finest point, compassion -- these five virtues
marked him more than any man alive.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

GKC as Superhero? You Better Believe it!

As a lover of all things Chestertonian, I had to laugh when I saw this image:

I think GKC would have loved it! It pokes fun at the great man and doesn't seek to minimise his girth! And the glasses outside the mask. What a hero!

Anything that makes people look twice and maybe dip a toe into the world of GKC (plus Distributism and the Chesterbelloc) can't be bad at all.

For those interested in Gilbert magazine click here

Last Week's Quote: G.K. Chesterton on Charity

"It is true that there is a thing crudely called charity, which means charity to the deserving poor, but charity to the deserving is not charity at all, but justice."

~G.K. Chesterton, in Heretics

Monday, 16 August 2010

Fidelity in Marriage and Fidelity to Nationalism

I have always said that the man who cannot show fidelity to his wife, cannot show fidelity to his Nation.

In other words, the man who breaks the vow he made before God (or I guess in these days, before some local council appointee) and shows no honesty in this regard and the promises he made to his wife, will just as easily betray the nationalist cause (or indeed any cause).

Right: We have enough liars, cheats and con men lauding it over us now. We shouldn't tolerate any in Nationalism.

I do not say such a thing in order to promote myself as some sort of "super husband." Far from it as Mrs. FC would be quick to point out.

I believe however that faithfulness to one's spouse is as important as the care of one's children, and the very least one should be capable of as a husband and father.

No parent would, I hope, dream of betraying the trust of their children by willingly putting them in danger. And yet it seems a growing number of 'men' see no problem in putting the very fabric of marriage in danger by cheating on their wives (and vice versa I'm sure, but let's deal with the men here).

As nationalists, as patriots, I would hope that all of us would concur that the family, that marriage, is central to the stability of the nation.

That much, surely, is glaringly obvious.

Aside from mass immigration making vast swathes of England into microcosms of Asia and Africa, with all their tribal conflicts and the societal problems that generations of offspring of mixed cultures bring, I would honestly say that the collapse in the family has played a major part in the UK's downward spiral.

Anti-social crime often stems from broken or dysfunctional 'families.' Drugs run through communities where families have broken-up and the community spirit is lost. A generation of kids grow up with no male role model, or a succession of "uncles" or step-dads.

In this situation some liberal voice - or even a well-meaning soul who has found himself in this situation through no fault of their own - will pipe up and provide the example of a 'broken' family that works well.

And I do not doubt they exist, just as there are old-fashioned families that are a train wreck. But these are the exceptions that prove the rule.

Look across Britain and you see a society where the family has all too often collapsed, and the consequences are there for all to see.

Furthermore I would argue that in the people who are chosen (by media moguls and party systems) to rule us, there is an over-riding lack of honesty.

This was seen in the recent expenses scandal -- which I still insist happened just after the banking crisis because the media were ordered by the banking masters to reek revenge on the politicos who had dared bare their teeth against the bankers.

If the banking collapse hadn't happened, the expenses scandal would have been brushed under the carpet with perhaps a handful of replaceable fall guys taking the heat for all the other money-grubbers and traitors in parliament.

As it was the banks were left reeling after the attacks on them and their practices by all and sundry and -- despite being baled out by the tax-payers taking out more usury-loans to keep them afloat -- they released their attack dogs with the full venom of the expenses scandal.

A perfect example of why money grubbers are always open to control and blackmail .

But let's get back to fidelity in marriage.

Aside from the wider societal issues which I believe every Nationalist - and certainly every Nationalist that considers himself a Christian - must concur with, I think this has grave issues for the individual Nationalist.

As surely as the politicians who 'flipped' their second homes to fiddle their expenses, the nationalist who runs after a 'piece of skirt' just because she flutters her eyelashes at him, or because he has some sort of misguided idea that he has the right to try it on regardless, is showing that he puts his own welfare and well being ahead of anything else.

Such oath breakers will have no trouble in breaking the comradeship of the cause and betraying his compatriots.

What is more obvious still is that the nationalist that cheats on his wife lays himself wide open, as per the MPs' expenses and second home scandal, to coercion, blackmail and suchlike.

Some will say that temptation comes to folk and many slip up and recover and that is perfectly true. It is human nature.

However I do believe that as Nationalists - and especially as (to coin an old phrase) as nationalist 'cadre' material - we need to be showing the example for others to follow.

It's an idea as old as the hills and has been followed the length and breadth of Europe since your daddy was knee high to a grasshopper, but it remains as valid today.

Those who stand up to defend Faith, Family, Nation must be the best examples of fidelity to all three.

To do otherwise is as deluded as someone who says that race-mixing is wrong, that immigration has been a tremendous mistake, that the millions of Third World people in the UK should be humanely resettled in their countries of origin, etc. etc. deciding that taking an African as a mate is hunkydory and fine.

Wouldn't we all decry such an action as rank hypocrisy?

Just so, dear reader, with the nationalist who betrays his wife. There can be no excuse for such shenanigans whether within the movement or outside it.

If we are, one day, to build a new society from the wreckage of the liberal experiment that is spiralling downwards, then what right have we if we are no better than the people we denounce as traitors, cheats, profiteers and charlatans?

There are enough snake oil salesmen in our society without letting the nationalist cause become dominated by them.

The man who shows no loyalty to his wife, will show no loyalty to his nation; because the man with no conscience pertaining to the one closest to him, who he promised to love for life regardless of the circumstance, will have no conscience betraying those who are faces in a room, names on a list and who live miles away.

Anyone who has read the history of Mossad knows that they gain control of enemies in three ways: flattery and unknown bribary; corruption and known bribary; sexual 'honey traps.'

If, for no other positive reason, Nationalists should demand the very highest standards from their activists and leaders.

I have always believed that, and I am yet to be proven wrong.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Lessons from Guernsey and the Isle of Mann

When the example of Guernsey* is given on how a society can be all-but tax free, some say that the size of Guernsey makes it easier to achieve there than on, say, an English or Scottish scale.

I disagree. The geography is bigger, the population bigger, the monies larger and so on - but the scale means that the problem is bigger too, hence the remedy is needed more than ever.

This is also one of my pet hates with patriotic candidates standing for election. Why on earth don't they propose local remedies to council tax?

I have always said that if any patriotic elected representatives were in the position to remove taxation by breaking free of usury banking they would be classed as national heroes. For a nationalist to prove that nationalism -- not Communism/Socialism -- has the answer to deliver our peoples from taxation and debt, would put the traitor parties forever in the shade.

But what of other matters?

This week I was talking to a Manxman about his homeland. He made it clear that even though the island's government was forced to change their law which had hitherto made homosexuality a punishable offence, the islanders would not tolerate things such as homosexual clubs and those found to engage in lewd acts in public conveniences** and suchlike faced public ostracism.

What a breath of fresh air to find common decency, community norms and family values being given free reign.

Another example he gave me was the total clamp down on drugs on the island. Even those attending the TT Race (annual motorbike event on the island) were regularly swept by sniffer dogs and even those found with a minute amount of "recreational" drugs would be locked up for the duration of the event.

I do not understand why our own authorities cannot act in this way. The death grip of liberalism, especially on local government, seems to mean that homosexuality and drug abuse are tolerated at best, promoted at worst.

Why do the authorities worry about catching mums on their way to the shops doing 34mph in a 30mph zone, rather than shutting down those who deal drugs in our communities?

Why does parliament find no time to pass laws that we desperately need (tackling immigration, corruption etc.) but finds plenty of time to pass law after law after law giving concessions to the homosexual death-culture?

Our law-makers and representatives seem to find no problem in, on the one hand, keeping us enslaved to mega-rich rulers of the universe so we are taxed up to the eye-balls for ever worsening 'services,' yet at the same time they find all the time to liberalise society on matters of morality.

Something stinks.

This is not how we want it. It is not how our forefathers want it.

We seem to being shafted on an ongoing basis, generation by generation.

In our children's or grandchildren's age the whole rotten society will be financially and morally bankrupt in the extreme, unless someone starts offering solutions in a sensible and attractive way to topple the stranglehold of the Masonic party bosses and media moguls who sell us out to all the sick vested interests.

*To find out more about Guernsey's struggle against debt and taxes, and how they broke free, read The Guernsey Experiment available from FC.
** Believe it or not but this act (aka "cottaging") is de rigueur in the homosexual death-culture.

Friday, 13 August 2010

People Want Land

This is an interesting development which is a first tentative step towards realising the Distributist ideal: land and property for all.

It shows that people want the land, want to grow their own food, have their own livestock and live healthy lives.


Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Lee Barnes Paints a Dire Picture for the Future of the BNP

Many people know that this blog has quarrelled with Lee Barnes before now, primarily over his (previous) assertion of a pro-Israel stance in Nationalism.

The stance of FC and all true Third Positionists and Nationalists will not change on this.

Zionism and the State of Israel will never be allies of nationalism. This is a stance that nationalism and those of us involved in TP politics have held for decades.

It is immutable. It will not change.

Having said that, Lee Barnes has posted an interesting piece on his blog in which he states quite clearly that the BNP is potentially in its death throes.

This is contrary to what official BNP sites say, of course. But to anyone who has been watching nationalism over the last few years, it is undeniable that the BNP is in a big mess!

Personally I believe that this is because the BNP has become more interested in how much money it raises and how many people it employs than nationalism per se.

Back in 1989 Nick Griffin told us that the National Front was in trouble because it was fawning to homosexuals and Zionists. In other words it was losing its ethos, it very raison d'etre. In modern parlance it has "lost it's mojo baby."

Furthermore in the video 'Revolution in Action' he attacked Patrick Harrington for taking a wage for collecting Cadre dues. As more Cadres became disillusioned with the NF, Nick told us that the dues were being collected merely to pay a wage in a self-defeating circular motion of collecting to pay, and paying to collect.

Anyone who thinks I am making this up can watch the video and see for themselves. Nick was vitriolic in his attack on those who take a wage from nationalism.

We have moved on from the NF and 1989, yet it seems from those within the BNP the same canker now effects the BNP of 2010.

As Lee Barnes puts it:

As far as I am aware the party is now technically insolvent.

Outstanding court costs, wages bills, election expenses and also forthcoming legal cases against the party mean the BNP is now technically bankrupt.

Time will tell of course, but for someone with no political axe to grind with Nick Griffin's BNP and who was until mere days ago at the heart of the BNP machine (and not known as a trouble-maker), the full statement on his blog makes for very uncomfortable reading.

Should We Ostracise the Dead?

This is a pretty good history programme put out by the BBC, showing how the lives of the living and the dead were inextricably linked in the Medieval world:

Inside the Medieval Mind

This whole era and the beliefs of our forefathers has been pretty much whitewashed (like the Saxon, Norman and Tudor church walls which were covered in murals of the dead, judgement etc.) out of history betwixt the standardised 1066-Elizabeth I quick chapters.

The whole idea of "RIP" for the dead, comes from the belief of the dead having to undergo cleansing before they can become Saints - i.e. go to heaven, where they 'rest in peace'. So we would pray that the dead could indeed, rest in peace.

I always find it obscene today when any manner of scumbag becomes all but cannonised by the vicar/minister/priest at their funeral. Remember the funeral of Stephen Gately when the priest announced to all that a degenerate homosexual was in heaven?

And the idea that a child molester can recant on his deathbed and go instantly to heaven without having to "do time" for his crimes is not an idea of justice that I can recognise.

Anyhoo, the programme (maybe it'll be on you tube for overseas viewers) will (should!) be of interest to many, for I think the idea that we have a constant companionship with our forefathers, gives us a broader idea of history and that we shouldn't be concerned merely with our time, but conscious of the past, and mindful of the future too - what we leave to our children for them to pass on.

I believe we, as a society, nation and continent, have lost the central compass of knowing right from wrong that comes essentially from Christianity. I know many nationalists who argue that they can get their right and wrong without Christianity and some do so - and some are better than many Christians. But the fact is that without a solid, steady, guiding set of principles in matters of morality and suchlike, then we have chaos, where each person or set of people can set the agenda.

Look where we are today when the 'Pink Mafia' has asserted pressure on various governments to change laws and so it is "legal" for homosexuals to marry in all but name. And which next erroneous pressure group will hold sway? Which next whim, fancy or fad will push us into another illegal war or questionable "law" to undermine family life?

We have no standards. We have no accepted norms. We have no civilisation affirming truth. All is up for removal or erratic change according to the whim of pressure groups, media moguls and other primarily Masonic forces.

Of course we all like individual liberty, to be free, to have our own property ("the Englishman's home is his castle" had its roots in Magna Carta, a document enacted in the heart of Medieval England), to be free of government snoopers etc., but when you look at what liberalism (with a small l) has 'achieved' since the ideals of uber-liberalism were unleashed by various Masonic forces and taken up by various Marxist sects, it is no wonder that we live in a land where the traditions of the many are destroyed on the whim and demand of the few.

Even 20, 40 or 60 (never mind 200, 400 or 600) years ago our people were opposed to homosexuality, abortion on demand, mass immigration, race-mixing etc. etc. But after decades of media brain-washing and political party stitch-ups, most of us just 'accept' these evil changes for a quiet life.

GK Chesterton said that democracy ostracises the dead, and of course we all know that "democracy" is cleverly controlled by media moguls, political parties and hidden rulers so that we choose between poisons, just putting a mark on a piece of paper every 4 or 5 years.

The modern man seeks more affinity to MTV, brands of clothing, TV soap operas, facebook, and many other fads than they do to their dead kith and kin, to the ideals and norms of their forefathers.

The medieval idea that we are inextricably linked to the dead, to our forefathers is exhilarating. Far from being morbid, it exhorts us to live well and do well, that we do so in the knowledge that - like them - we will be judged for our actions and our deeds, and that we are just one more generation of our kinsfolk to file through this world, to be followed by the generation we leave behind.

It reminds of our duty, not only to do what is best because we should be mindful of doing right as opposed to wrong, but because our forefathers look on.

In today's world the itinerary seems to be based around self-fulfillment and self-interest, greed and degeneracy bring down even organisations built on mostly sound principles (one only needs to look at the history of Nationalism in the 70s, 80s, 90s and the 21st Century to see that this so).

We would do well to remember that all our forefathers thought differently and acted differently.

Maybe then we would look beyond short-term material gain, fame and the fawning words of sycophants, and fight for what is right.

Personally I believe that much that is wrong in this world, from the banking swindle, to the mass immigration that destroys whole peoples; from the millions killed in the abortuaries to the drugs epidemics in our communities -- these and much more have their roots in our loss of our Christian heritage.

Perhaps I am crying over spilt milk and we will never get those days back. But that doesn't mean we should accept them being airbrushed out of our history, nor that we should accept the evils washing over us all at an ever growing rate.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Last Week's Quote: Oliver Stone on the Israeli Lobby

"There's a major lobby in the United States. They are hard workers. They stay on top of every comment, the most powerful lobby in Washington. Israel has f---ed up United States foreign policy for years."

Oliver Stone

Friday, 6 August 2010

Blood & Honour stickers - some still left

Official Blood & Honour stickers are still available from FC.

But there the amount left is dwindling, so get your order in now while stocks still last.

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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

What a sick bloody joke

Is this really what 2000 years of civilisation has come to???

That some mentally deranged bloke can stick a wig on, take pills to get bigger man-breasts than can be seen in a chip shop next door to a pub at closing time, and spout first grade BS about 'hate crimes' and 'transgender' gobbledygook?

What an utterly sick, decadent and morally stagnant society we live in, in "the West."

We think we are better than everyone else, better than the Orientals, Jews, Africans... yet we are the ones who have destroyed our own birthright, we are the ones who remain silent when homosexuals get the right to "marry," who remain silent as vast areas of our countries get turned into Third World cess pits, who remain silent as abortion destroys whole generations of our countryfolk...

We, as a people, get the society we deserve.

By God do we deserve this one!

Monday, 2 August 2010

My Family and Other Animals, or Marmite-Gate II

As any parent will tell you, bringing up children involves far more than that.

One of the many "offshoots" of all the stresses and strains of bringing up children to know right from wrong, especially in this topsy turvey world (in which, as GK Chesterton said, the traditionalist is the revolutionary), is the menagerie of animals they plead for.

I am not a pushover in this regard, but I also believe in rewarding good behaviour and achievements and thus, over the years, we have had quite a roll call of animals.

So it was this year, our little band grew by one more and we bought a rabbit.

But what to call him?

There were many suggestions from the obvious (Benjamin Bunny) to the more obscure and extreme (Leon Degrelle - I'm not saying who voted for that one).

Finally we all turned to the youngest sprog to make the final decision.

It was destiny! The name was meant to be, because without a moment's hesitation (it is claimed to be something to do with the little bunny's colouring) the name was announced as we all stood agog:


I just hope we don't get a letter through the post from Unilever. Mind you, Gen. Degrelle isn't bad for a back-up...

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