Thursday, 18 August 2011

Split in New Right Leads to Non-Occultist Alternative

Here's some feedback to another post from an anonymous source:

There are good Nationalists who support the Traditionalist Catholic Society of Saint Pius X - District of Great Britain. Their magazine 'Mater Dei' has included some interesting articles attacking Masonry, Occultism, Marxism and supporting Nationalists such as Salazar of Portugal, Dollfuss of Austria and more recently Roberto Fiore of the Italian Forza Nuova (FN). I have had the pleasure of attending a meeting addressed by the revisionist SSPX Bishop Richard Williamson. There has been a split in the New Right, with a faction led by 'Jez' (an Anglican) forming the IONA group.
7:54 AM
And our response:

This is very encouraging. We would ask people to support the non-Occultist IONA, if that is the case, regardless of ideological nuances. UPDATE: HOLD ON TO YOUR HORSES. Not all may be as it seems. We are getting reports that IONA may not be as it seems, and this split may be another example of personalities rather than policies. Time will tell.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

How the Media Works: "No You Did Not See Blacks Rioting" - Kay Burley on Sky News

Watch this video. Approx 3:25 into it a shop owner says he saw blacks rioting...

Kay Burley steps in. She was not there, but she tells the articulate young man what he actually saw.

Zoiks! Welcome to white guilt land.

Also look out for Ms Burley equate herself with working mums on council estates... ;-) Come on Kay - tell us the name of your au pair/nanny. Tell us what your annual income is!

The sisterhood act is a bit implausible when played out by those who live in their white enclaves, in their million pound homes, whose idea of multi-culti is employing a Filipino au pair and choosing which restaurant to go to.

In closing, Ms Burley did not suffer brick bats and Twitteratti abuse for telling this young man what he actually saw and re-writing the story. I bet David Starkey is so very happy the media is even handed!

Monday, 15 August 2011

More Than Taboo: Emotional Blackmail Used to Justify Dubious Wars

Those promoting the pro-Israel, quasi-Neo Con line or "it's all the Muslims" lines in Nationalism must be ostracised.

One doesn't haven't to appreciate all this bloke's lines to see there is something wrong. In fact it is a shame he overlooks the fact that even religiously, given the Incarnation of Jesus Christ (after all, we are supposed to be a Christian country), the "right" of Jews to Palestine is negated: The New Covenant is between Christ and His Church, not the Jews who rejected Christ; and especially not those who converted to Judaism hundreds of years after Christ died.

Food for thought...

BTW - why aren't we, in the school system, ever told of the numbers of millions of Christian Russians, Ukrainians, Balts etc, who were killed in the gulags or via forced starvation by the Communists? is it because they were European Christians? Is it because Communists are still involved in politics and education? Is it because the Communist regime was run by a certain Jewish faction (as detailed by Churchill- hardly a "nazi")?

There does seem an inverse racism at play.

Millions were killed in Rwanda in a terrible tribal conflict, yet we still "worry" about one group in a conflict 60 years ago in which so many peoples suffered (not least the Germans and Russians). What do you think Africans make of that?

An American Take on the Riots and Multi-Culturalism

An American supporter emailed this in, and as she makes a number of pertinent points, from an external viewpoint, i thought it apt to share it with the FC readership:

Hello from South Carolina:

     I've been following the riots in England with a heavy heart because I know that this type of violence is unprecedented in your very civilized country.  What you are experiencing is a national crisis that will repeat itself if many, many things aren't addressed in the UK.

     To begin with, absolutely everything that Dr. David Starkey said was 100% accurate, and the people with common sense in England should suspend their political correctness long enough to comprehend the wisdom of his perceptions.  In the southern states of the US, we have lived with the black race for about 300 years.  We know them well and we know how to get along with many of them.  However, a sizable proportion- albeit a sub-culture "gangsta" group, but a VERY large group nonetheless- is in fact violent, nihilistic, and destructive, just as Dr. Starkey described.  Overall, blacks compose 12% of the population in the US, but commit over 65% of all violent crimes (in the southern US, we have about 30-40% blacks, so our crime statistics are higher).  The number of blacks committing murder is 7-times higher than that of whites in the US.  Just reading about the crimes everyday in the newspaper and seeing the photos of who is committing them is enough to convince every American about which racial group is mostly responsible! (But we can't come right out and say so.  People have been "conditioned" to be "politically correct" and defend the indefensible).

     Of course, there are different classes of blacks, just as there are different classes of whites.  The blacks who can assimilate our culture (our culture is based on European tradition) the best, and who can speak clearly, do the best.  It's that simple.  No one minds the type of black people who conduct themselves in a decent manner, and they do exist (President Obama is an example, but he's half-white and was raised by white grandparents and went to an exclusive white private high school).  As Dr. Starkey observed, the black broadcasters on TV speak clearly in the UK.  There is nothing "racist" about his observations.  He is merely being a Realist.

     It's also true that affluent white kids in the US suburbs (where their parent's moved in "white flight" from the black inner-cities of America) think it's "cool" to copy black rappers.  They mimic them because it IS fashionable right now, although most kids realize how stupid they're being. White kids who drive around with ghetto rap music blasting from their vehicles are called "wiggers."  These same kids, however, usually don't have any close black friends, even though they may play on the same football team.  Ours is still a very segregated society and always will be. 

     In my son's integrated public school, the black kids lag far behind academically and consistently score lower on standardized tests.  Poor performance in school leads to limited educational advancement (and a high drop-out rate), which leads to poor job prospects.  This is essentially why blacks are always at the bottom of the socio-economic heap.  They really need lots of special attention to keep up in school, and this is too expensive a prospect for most school systems.  My son, and most of his friends, are in Honors classes at school and only see blacks in the hallway and lunchroom, so his school is really "segregated," as are churches and social groups in America, for the most part.  There are neighborhoods in every city that white people dare not go into, for fear of being robbed (or worse).  The hostility is always just under the surface.  Washington DC, Baltimore, Detroit, and Atlanta are four cities with large black populations are all four are extremely dangerous places to live- in certain neighborhoods, that is.  One has to know where to go and not go. Where there are blacks, there's crime, and the outstanding members of the black community (like Bill Cosby, whose son was murdered by another black in Los Angeles when his car broke down) have not been able to do anything about it.  It's really frightening.

     We imported blacks to work on our plantations (we even fought a war over them), but I see no reason why you would allow them to immigrate to your country!  The powers-that-be in the UK probably bought into the "diversity" and "strength in multi-culturalism" myths and now you are seeing what you've done to your society.  England will never be the same, believe me.  Blacks are notorious for setting fires to things after they've committed a crime, and so I knew that the majestic buildings that were burned down, were destroyed by the immigrants from Africa/Jamaica, etc. (For example, a black male at Auburn University murdered a young, beautiful coed for no reason, then set her car on fire in the middle of campus). True Englishmen would have more respect for their country and culture!  What little contributions blacks have made in athletics and music (if you call rap music, "music", which I don't) does not outweigh all their negatives.  They've made absolutely zero contributions to England's literature, architecture, and industry.  Nor have any of their ancestors fought in any of Britain's wars.  They probably moved to England to take advantage of your generous welfare state, if I had to guess.  Now you really have a problem, for blacks are a problem on every continent on which they live... including Africa, where their inhumanity to each other is mind-blowing.

     Once England sees her tourism money dry up because people are afraid to visit, more drastic measures will be taken to stop the black culture from pulling your country down to their level.  My advice is to get extremely tough with them. Better yet, deport the criminals!  Good luck. 


Janie B.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Response to the Riots: Time for Plain Speaking, not Platitudes

The likes of David Starkey and Peter Hitchens are, pretty much, hitting the nail on the head when it comes to the recent riots.

What's interesting is that the violence started with the death of a reputed gangsta. He had an illegal gun. His uncle was a drug and gun terrorist from Manchester (source) who was linked in with violent communist groups, involved in the supply of hard drugs in Manchester and the death of gangland opponents (i.e. drug supply rivals).

Right: The gangstas and ASBOs have free-rein, whilst the police crackdown on genuine protest. Meanwhile the law-abiding majority are made to feel like criminals as CCTV watches our every move and our ancient rights are curtailed. Question immigration or homosexuality and you might get that dawn knock on the door from the Stasi who fail to investigate most home robberies.

BBC Radio 4's morning news programme 'Today' showed that the Socialist Workers Party was in Tottenham stirring up the black rioters via a demo with a loud-hailer. So again we have a Communist link which most of the media, the police and the "experts" have ignored.

This coming together of the gangsta culture and the Communists seems to breed a sort of violence in which everything is up for grabs, with gangstas joined by whiggers, in turn joined by anyone who wants a free-for-all: the kind of ne'erdowells of all kinds who feel the world owes them a living (regularly seen on SWP demos moaning about the Tories whilst living a comfortable life).

The liberals that infest the BBC like the offspring of 1968 that they invariably are (like their counterparts in politics) decry anyone who points at anything like the truth. They have covered up the gangsta culture for years, the endemic crime on council estates where people live in fear, the iron grills that cover windows in London, even in posh areas, for fear of the "feral rats" who see anyone else's property as their own, by right.

This has nothing to do with Social Justice. If it were, people would be organised to that end, fighting for Distributism, seeking to be a part of society, holding up our traditional culture, beliefs and ideals as a beacon for all who want to take part and improve.

Of course this is where David Starkey is right. The gangsta culture is totally alien. It is un-European. It seeks to smash all things that stand in their way to rule the streets with fear and carve up cities for their drugs supply and obscene profits. This people grasp huge profits from drugs crime with both hands rather than work. They gun down anyone who dare stands up to them and will organise a riot if one of their drug overlords is taken out by the police.

Unlike those who seek genuine Social Justice, these people hate England, Europe, Christianity and all forms of decency. Their snarled nihilism is therefore so easily egged on by the kind of "anti-fascists" as organised the Manchester gangs or who egged on the Tottenham gangs. White or black, Asian or Jewish, rich or poor (but invariably well-off), these kind of Communist miscreants see the gangstas as the perfect army for their beliefs.

For years the streets of London and Manchester have been ruled by the gun & drugs crimes and the police have been ineffective. As ineffective as they were when the riots began, because they either (as is usual) go softly, softly and let the gangstas rule the roost (the head anti-fascist gangsta in Manchester boasted on TV, to Donal McIntyre, that they had more guns than the police) or they (very rarely) clamp down hard and then the gangstas and reds move in to stir up "da community" and the bricks and petrol bombs fly.

How can law and order exist in these circumstances? Answer: it can't. It hasn't.

The first job of any government is to keep its own people safe, and yet from the very advent of the failed multi-culti experiment the streets of our cities have not been safe. Remember the NF march in Lewisham in 1977? They had a banner showing a coloured man mugging an English old lady accompanied with the statistics that proved this happened in the vast majority of cases. And yet the police ordered the NF to obscure/redact the profile of the mugger, in an early example of political correctness. As the anti-mugging march progressed it came under a vicious attack from the early gangstas - who had been whipped up and organised by the usual Communist groups.

So as you can see, little has changed.

The state has orchestrated a situation where the streets are not safe. The police on the street must loathe this because they have been emasculated, yet the top cops love it because it has enabled them to grab more and more police state powers, invariably used against "soft targets" such as the English people who sought to defend their communities in Enfield and Eltham. Whilst knife and sword wielding Asians in Dalston and Southall were lauded as heroes by the media and left alone by the police, the Whites were decried as extremists and treated to heavy-handed tactics by the police. Funnily enough the same police refuse to use such tactics in places such as Tottenham and Hackney.

As I said, the first job of the government is to keep the people safe.

They use this as an excuse to start meaningless, unwanted and unneeded foreign wars that are expensive, kill many (our soldiers and foreigners) and simply result in making us an international swear-word.

Yet whilst espousing the safety of the "British people" in starting legally questionable wars, they leave those of us actually on those streets (i.e. not in their rich enclaves and protected by gun-carrying police -- remember ex-Home Secretary Jacqui Smith getting police protection to buy a kebab in London in the afternoon?) at the whims of the gangstas. The little old ladies on estates cower in their homes whilst the "feral rats" run the streets, damage cars, attack passers-by and so on ad nauseum.

The little old lady might phone the police and they may turn up 40 minutes later. Even if the "feral rats" are still there they will be pretty powerless to act. In the rare event of arresting one of them, he will be bailed and back out to make the little old ladies' life a misery (the reason why so many people don't report the "low level" Asbo-style crimes on estates and politicians celebrate that "crime is down" - what idiots!).

If the "feral rats" attack someones car and rob someones house, the population need only wait for the police to show up, some hours later, to give the victim a crime reference number for insurance purposes. Rest assured the crime will rarely be investigated as the police rush off to deal with another crime that happened 4 hours ago.

The system is broken. The criminal justice system is a joke. The police are powerless to act or seen as a joke. The politicians have created a multi-culti nightmare in which the gangstas hold sway. Traditional values such as marriage, Christianity, patriotism and so on are sneered at by the types who run the BBC, which trickles down via the Communist groups and finds resonance in the gangstas (who nlisten to the rap produced by the big labels and pumped out on the BBC).

Peter Hitchens today (source) makes some salient points on this and related matters:

Take our Prime Minister, who is once again defrauding far too many people. He uses his expensive voice, his expensive clothes, his well-learned tone of public-school command, to give the impression of being an effective and decisive  person. But it is all false. He has  no real idea of what to do. He  thinks the actual solutions to the problem are ‘fascist’. Deep down,  he still wants to ‘understand’ the hoodies.
Say to him that naughty children should be smacked at home and caned in school, that the police (and responsible adults) should be free to wallop louts and vandals caught in the act, that the police should return to preventive foot patrols, that prisons should be austere places of hard work, plain food and discipline without TV sets or semi-licit drugs, and that wrongdoers should be sent to them when they first take to crime, not when they are already habitual crooks, and he will throw up his well-tailored arms in horror at your barbarity.
Say to him that divorce should be made very difficult and that the state should be energetically in favour of stable, married families with fathers (and cease forthwith to subsidise families without fathers) and he will smirk patronisingly and regard you as a pitiable lunatic.
Say to him that mass immigration should be stopped and reversed, and that those who refuse any of the huge number of jobs which are then available should be denied benefits of any kind, and he will gibber in shock.

Most people, outside the miasma of the liberal-left and the banking-right, understand this as a fact of life. Undermining marriage, Christianity, abhorrence of drugs, and our white, English communities has resulted in a mess which only those with enough money can escape (how fitting that most politicians had fled abroad when the riots kicked off).

The politicians cannot stop this, because to do so will be to admit that their ideals of the last 50 or so years have been totally wrong. They instead snort coke, fiddle expenses, and cherish their gilt-edged pensions (the kind police, teachers and nurses will no longer get!) whilst  they continue to betray us for their own political ends.

Some will call for more "help" for the multi-culti areas, some will call for water cannons, plastic bullets and more CCTV. Both will fail:

  • Help for multi-culti areas will mean poor white areas will be ignored again (something they should be used to!), will mean more pc agendas sucking up the money to confirm the chip-on-shoulder views of the gangstas, more organised crime moving in to cream off the grants. Sure some "projects" may be built, only to be burnt down the next time a gun-tottin' gangsta is shot.
  • More police state powers will mean the criminality, broken home, multi culti nightmare carries on, but the police will become more loathed by the gangsta generation, so when violence breaks out it will be more extreme (the police know the gangstas have guns). Meanwhile white communities will face the full force of police state powers for the most minor infringement. CCTV meanwhile will prove useless and merely mean more state control of the law-abiding majority.
We need, as a society, to break free from the stranglehold of the pc brigade, the kind of organised haters who scream abuse when someone like David Starkey dares to get anywhere near the truth. Robert Peston, the chum of the Murdoch-circle who spins his output (see recent Private Eye mags) is a clear example. Despite working for the BBC, Peston poured his bile on Starkey, and said he should be "ignored." Many other rent-a-gobs (e.g. Piers "Morgan" Moron) dived in to pour their abuse on Starkey.

That's right Mr. Media. Run off to your 98% white enclave. Mix with your elite chums - those who loot society every day via their offshore accounting, those who mug society every day via foisting their multi-cult opinions as "the norm". Those who twist the news, spinning against anyone who dares to speak the truth or offer a genuine alternative to the mess we see around us. You know nothing of the white old lady trapped on an estate surrounded by gangsta criminals!

Despite the wishes of the media elite, we should be free to openly discuss:
  • The failure of immigration and multi-culti/multi-racism.
  • The failure of widespread divorce, single mothers and failing families.
  • The failure of drugs policy and the harm that both soft and hard drugs do.
  • The role of Communist ("anti fascist") groups in promoting violence.
  • The need to promote traditional values - of Faith, Family, Nation.
  • The need to think seriously about resettling offspring of immigrants.
  • The need to make schools places of learning (using carrot and stick).

This society is failing (has failed?). Police watch as people's homes and businesses are burnt. Gangstas think they rule the streets. Vast areas are no longer English in any meaningful way. The family is all but destroyed in some areas. Too many think drugs are fine and dandy. Too many think the world owes them a living.

In reality only Faith, Family, Nation can save England. Unfortunately too many vested interests cannot allow that to happen and so the downward spiral, in one form or another, will continue.

Meanwhile we can all watch in horror as the Euro and Dollar plunge from crisis to crisis and take the majority of hard-working, tax-paying, mortgage-endebted people of England into another abyss.

England, 2011. It's like the old Chinese curse: "May you live in interesting times."

P.S. In today's Mail on Sunday there is a report on a memorial in East London to victims of the Blitz, in the shape of a Dove of Peace which has been attacked and written on by locals from the "ethnically diverse" area "which some think may be racially motivated." Ah! Yet another example of the way immigration has made an area of London as English as a chapati. The Police say they "did receive reports" of the "antisocial behaviour" but - and this may surprise you dear reader - no-one has been arrested despite names and "Asian gang tags" being put on the monument. Instead a fence has gone up (welcome to gulag London) which the gangs tried to cut through with bolt cutters. Such is the proud tradition of tolerance in multi-culti London. Welcome to your future people of Dorset, Shropshire and Cumbria! You can run but you can't hide...

Saturday, 13 August 2011

David Starkey on Newsnight Quotes Enoch Powell's Rivers of Blood

On Twitter, on Radio 5 Live, the historian David Starkey is being pulled apart as a "bigot", "racist" and "ignorant" for stating that the riots have a racial character and that the white chavs are essentially "whiggers" -- i.e. have taken on black gangsta culture.

He has dared to say what so many screaming liberals have wanted covered up, that the gangsta culture, born in U.S. ghettos, with its gangsta rap and its baggy-arsed trousers and weirdly angled baseball hats, has been embraced by some white trash/chavs, and it is they who joined the gangstas in rioting: so it is a racial event, albeit gangstas and whiggers, whilst decent whites and blacks who still have the culture of their grandparents (hard-working, Christian etc.) look on appalled.

As we and others have said, the more generations removed from the Empire Windrush and all that, the worse things get because multi-culti destroys roots, heritage, cultures, decency, honesty, duty etc. and the results of the "melting pot" is to churn out gangstas with no respect for any authority, any culture, any history/heritage etc.

As David Starkey said "the chavs have become black" who speak patois, and strut about like gangstas (a typical example is the "white" bastard who stole from the Malaysian student's backpack, whilst his coloured accomplice distracted him, that the whole world saw - to England's shame.

Will they now jail David Starkey, the outspoken homosexual historian, for daring to touch on some uncomfortable home truths? No doubt the "usual suspects" will call for him to get a longer sentence than the gangsta looters!

What was it Orwell said about the truth being revolutionary? Did we ever live in such Orwellian times?

Meanwhile the Neo Con mouthpiece David Aaronovitch boasts of the need for more CCTV, because these people do not want the gangsta menace wiped out -- they want to molly coddle them, and use their endemic criminality to get more Police State powers (whilst they live in the safety of their rich enclaves).

Aaronovitch also says the gangstas are no different from the Mods and Rockers on the beach at Brighton, or Skins and Punks in the late 70s.

I think those of us who saw homes and businesses burnt down see a vast difference! These Neo Cons and liberals also know that all the white youth groups (mods, rockers, skinheads, whatever) were never pumping areas full of guns and drugs.

The Neo Con right and the liberal/Marxist left are deliberately putting up a smoke screen. They will paint it as non-racial, when we know where and how it started. They will paint it as poverty when those people wear trainers and carry phones more expensive than anything I have.

The gangstas have made the streets of London unsafe for decades. The police know this. They know who are carrying the knives and the guns. But to talk about the elephant in the room - as David Starkey has - is to face the screaming hordes.

The reverse of this media whitewash (excuse the pun!) is that Sikhs and Muslims who defended their homes and businesses (as is their right) in Southall and Dalston, whilst tooled up with knives and swords, are proclaimed as heroes by the media, politicians etc.

Yet the White English who took to their streets in Enfield and Eltham are dismissed and attacked as "right wing extremists" even though they carried no weapons to defend their own communities.

This is how the media works. Lap it up.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

New Right: More Occult B.S. Trying to Infiltrate Nationalism

The New Right claims to be a nationalist alternative.

As we see here it is organised by the "usual suspects".

Its secretary runs an OCCULT journal, full of the usual psycho-babble, navel gazing and dubious satanist-lite ("Luciferian" no doubt) dribblings of the typical sorts. Included is our old friend Kerry Bolton from New Zealand.

A Gnostic and Aeonic Mini-Grimoire of the Black Sun sounds positively delightful bedtime reading!

For those of you with a decent sense of history, gnosticism is a very old heresy bordering on satanism which was wound up with Kabbalah and Masonic ideals.

We remember, of course, the kind of warped Jewish thinking of Anton le Vey who set up the Church of Satan, and all the twisted weirdies who tried to get Occultism into Nationalist circles. For more background reading, see  Satanism and its Allies - the Nationalist Movement Under Attack

Making a Hard Left: Sinister Metanoia? Just the sort of thing Nationalism needs! Not.

If some Nationalists think the "Zionist" spin put out by the BNP in recent years (latterly displaced by the EDL) is a state tactic to undermine genuine Nationalism, what are we to make of those who try to paint Nationalism into an Occultist corner to be laughed at by patriotic sympathisers?

Satanism and its Allies undermined their endeavours back in the early 90s. Let us hope decent Nationalists (whichever version of patriotism they adhere to) aren't taken in by a clique with such weird chums.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

White Youths Fight Back: Eltham and Enfield

#millwall fans protecting #eltham from riots on Twitpic

This pic shows what are alleged to be Millwall fans, joined by Charlton and Crystal Palace supporters if some reports are to be believed, patrolling Eltham.

Sky News just interviewed Whites patrolling Enfield to protect their area from looters too.

The police have betrayed the white communities/enclaves of London, whilst they back-off from black rioters and protect the areas where the politicians and bankers live/work.

Community Action, not petty party point scoring. This is what is needed, and the only thing that can save London.

Why is Nick Griffin Lying over London Riots?

BNP in Enfield in July: Civic Nationalism
Just as with the Norway shootings, Nick Griffin is covering up his Neo Con lies re. the London riots in tweets he wrote:

We also now see exposed the weakness of the civic nationalism of the EDL & the 'immigration is only a . . .
. . . question of space and eastern European workers line of Ukip. To both groups, black immigration . . .
. . . is great. Tell that to all the Londoners living in fear or exile.

Those of us who have followed the ideological backflips of the BNP will recognise these things as hallmarks of the BNP itself.

In recent years the BNP said:

  • It was 'space not race'
  • Britain is full up (i.e. its OK now, but no more).
  • Black Britons could be patriots.
  • Muslims were the problem, not blacks.
  • Poles were a greater threat to us than the coloureds already here.

And so on. They took a specifically "civic nationalist" (i.e. non-racial) and Neo Con stance on these matters as so many posts on this blog going back years will testify. We reported with horror how the BNP was targeting fellow Europeans (often the only white faces on the local bus!) whilst cuddling coloureds (even the other week NG could be seen gathering signatures against the EU in Enfield from coloureds and similar). And, of course, all we ever got apart from the 'Poles issue' (to try and out perform UKIP) was the mantra "Muslims, Muslims, Muslims."
Nick Griffin in Enfield in July - more "space not race" eh?

Even when these riots started, NG gloated that this was nothing - just wait till the Muslims start. He finds those Neo Con tendencies so hard to give up -- it is no consolation to our people living in fear that 'the Muslims might be worse' -- whether in fact that is true, or not!

In a typical backflip he now pretends that he has been a racial nationalist all these years (just as after Norway he pretended he was against Zionist extremism).

Please Mr Griffin do not lie to us any more. We have years of this spin and BS. We cannot trust you, because we do not know who you are or what you believe (or will say tomorrow!)

Interestingly, the BNP appealed for donations last night using the riots as an excuse! Seems like no event is too much for them to try and get money in to pay their debts! They should instead give their inflated MEP wages to help White victims of these race riots, instead of trying to fill their own coffers.

I also came to know him as somebody who was potentially very changeable, who could flit seamlessly from believing in one idea to another.
Ex-NF activist Phil Andrews

Update: later on twitter Nick Griffin congratulated Turkish people for defending their properties. So that's Nick Griffin congratulating MUSLIMS for standing up to his BLACK BRITONS. What chutzpah!

Monday, 8 August 2011

Riots in London - Time to Discuss Repatriation

There have been more riots today in many more predominantly white areas (not).

The government goes on about keeping our people safe when it embarks on useless Neo Con wars, yet it has proved it does not give a fig for local people, their property, homes and businesses as it leaves rioting filth to smash and burn huge areas of London.

"It's OK, we have CCTV we'll catch them later," say the police chiefs. Oh great. Let them into Downing Street then, let them burn that down if it's OK to 'catch them later'. What twaddle. Laws are being broken in broad daylight in front of tooled-up coppers and the animals are allowed to carry on as they see fit.

I can't help being a little glad, though sorry for the people burned out, because the endemic lawlessness of gun/knife/drugs gangs that the politicians sweep under the carpet is now open for everyone to see. And no, Neo Con BNPers, it ain't the "muzzies."

This is coloured immigration at fault. Third and fourth generation Afro-Caribbeans are being joined by the 57-Variety of ethnicities (inc a tiny smattering of degenerate whites) to bring disorder out into the open.

Multi-culti mass immigration has failed and now its time for the politicians to (to use street slang) "fess up" as lawlessness spreads across London and into other conurbations.

Oh the excuses will flow. Some MPs and "community leaders" are already on about 'the cuts' or the lack of jobs. But do they think life is easy in Glasgow, Merthyr Tydfil or Newcastle? Do they think jobs are plentiful, money is pouring in and homes are readily available in those areas? Yet they don't riot. They don't rob shops for trainers and mobiles. Why?

Ali G - "Is it cos I is black?"

Multi-culti has failed. The elephant in the room for decades has been gun crime in inner city London. We are on the road to the indigenous become the minority in London and England. Is this the future they face? Living behind bars? Fearing mugging and being shot in the 'good times'? Then facing riots and fires when it gets really bad?

Immigration has not "enriched" us, it has been one long bloody disaster. Money has been poured into it to try and make it work, but it has destroyed indigenous communities where people knew each other, crime was minimal, guns and drugs were pretty much unheard of, people left their doors open etc. etc.

It sounds like a cliché I know - but it's a truism.

Mostly white areas aren't perfect, human nature being human nature, and no place is ever going to be a utopia. But when people in Shropshire, Durham, Lothian, Devon, Dyfed, Northumberland, and other regions look at London they know that something is very, very wrong.

Immigration has failed. We can judge it by its fruits.

For the future of our grandchildren, for the future of areas as yet unaffected, and for the future of decent Londoners - we need to think the previously unthinkable for many, and decide just how and when we are going to remedy a generation of immigrant offspring that obeys no laws, respects no authority and will harm or kill anyone that stands in their way.

Let us be brave enough to discuss the R word.

Repatriation. Surely now, the time has come.

It can be humane. It can be phased. It can be financially assisted. It can be associated with overseas aid grants.

The liberal experiment has failed. The bosses may have got some cheap labour. The upper classes may have got cheap au pairs. But we, the working class indigenous people of these isles have been betrayed and seen the communities we grew up in wrecked beyond recognition.

Using savings in housing benefit, unemployment and other social costs we could fund a huge, ongoing campaign of resettlement that will give coloured families an escape from "institutional racism" that they seem to think is everywhere, and financial aid will mean they can buy homes, set up businesses etc. in their ancestral homelands.

Phased, humane, financially assisted resettlement of Afro-Caribbeans, together with a block on further immigration from outside Europe and help for Asians and others who want to "go home" would bring the harmony so longed after by Englishmen and women in London and elsewhere.

Repatriation really is an idea whose time has come.

  • It's not about hate, it's about survival. 
  • It's not about revenge, it's about harmony.
  • It's not about harming some, it's about helping all.
  • It's not about racism, it's about facing reality.

The chaos in London cannot be allowed to get worse, and no Mr. Politician, we do not want to live under a Police State either. Just find humane solutions that end immigration and the failed multi-cult experiment, and let the English and other indigenous peoples of these isles live in peace once again.

That is supposed to be your number one concern. At the moment it sure as hell doesn't feel like it.

Nick Griffin Downplays Riots by Going on About Muslims

I can't believe Nick said what we told him to!
In a tweet earlier the Neo Con mouthpiece, Nick Griffin said these riots were "nothing" compared to if the Muslims kicked off.


That must be a great comfort to the small businesses closed down by these rioting animals in Tottenham, Enfield and elsewhere.

Is Griffin suggesting that the Oldham riots were worse than Brixton? Birmingham? Manchester? Bristol? Liverpool? - all 1981. Not to mention Tottenham in 1985 when PC Keith Blakelock was murdered?

Honestly Mr. Griffin - your fixation with the Muslims stinks of Israeli policy, undermines possible indigenous opposition to integration, and is severly p'ing off genuine nationalists and patriots.

Whoever is paying you to spout this Neo Con B.S., 30 pieces of silver is not enough.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Mark Duggan - the Police Shooting Cause of Tottingham Riots - Gangsta Bling?

This is Mark Duggan, the man shot dead by the police on Thursday, the cause of the riots in Tottenham.

How will the liberal media paint this "bling" wearing, reputed 'gangsta,' making a pistol sign with his hand? As the victim? If the police returned fire after being fired on, will this be seen as "institutionalised racism?"

It has already been reported that Duggan opened fire on the police.

If this is true, we have to wonder why "da community" thinks it has the right to demand answers, to riot and to wreck local businesses?

Could it be that years of pandering to "da community," of refusing to stop and search areas plagued by muggings and gun crime for fear of upsetting multi-culti sensibilities has finally paid off and now we see third and fourth generation sons and daughters of immigrants rioting (perhaps with a smattering of anarcho-degenerates) over the death of, if we can believe the reports, the type of 'gansta' low-life that has made vast areas of our cities no-go areas for the law-abiding majority?

Might sections of the media, the political classes et al be seeing through the McPherson Report hype wherein crimes reported by non-Whites seem to get preference over similar crimes reported by homogeneous people?

Or will they close ranks and find the usual excuses of under-investment and lack-of-opportunities such as the people thrown on the scrap heap in white working class communities never have to suffer of course?

Time will tell.

Nero Fiddles in the Sun While Rome, London, Athens, Madrid etc. Burn

There's riots in inner London. The economies of the world are on the edge of ruination. War rumbles on in Afghanistan.

How wonderful that "our leaders" are on their Summer hols. Isn't it lovely that they have their priorities right? Shades of Nero fiddling while Rome burns? Bunch of money-grubbing, materialist, treacherous scumbags.

They get their treats, their hols, their platinum pensions, their non-exec bank placements, their advisory perks from big business - while they sell our nation down the River Styx.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Wonderful Gifts of Immigration - Part 94: Tottenham

BBC reports of rioting, police cars and a bus set on fire in the predominantly black area of Tottenham, North London.

No, EDL/BNP fools, this doesn't seem to be Muslim.

This is yet another wonderful example of the BNP/EDL's "Black Britons" showing the difference between the generation of the Jarrow Marchers and the ne'erdowell dole bum and drug/gun gangs that infest our streets.

Two points:

  1. We are not fans of a police state, but the idea of "da community" throwing petrol bombs when their areas are infested with gun crime (which stops genuine folks going out at night etc.), shows how criminality is rampant in these areas.
  2. Trouble has been rumbling on for days according to a local black reporter and resident on BBC News 24 tonight, so why have the media covered this up? Did they hope it would die out and so their multi-culti nightmare be protected - once again?
Oh and how the media will portray this as "institutional racism" -- not a result of black drugs gangs and their love of firearms, nor a failure of mass coloured immigration, whereby millions of non-Europeans have been allowed to settle in England, with little or now acceptance of our norms of behaviour.

Nationalists take note: this ain't "the muzzies," this is yet another clear example of the mistake that was mass coloured immigration and failed multi-culturalism.

Time to start resettling Africans and Asians. Those law-abiding coloureds must see that for themselves as multi-culti, integration et al have failed to root out criminality, drugs, guns etc. in places like inner city London, which sees their own sons either dragged into criminal drugs/gun gangs, or the victims of them.

For the benefit of all races - we must seperate and repatriate.

Friday, 5 August 2011

How to be a TV Financial Expert

Fiscal stimulus.... blah blah.

Liquidity... blah blah.

Markets stabilisation... blah blah.

Sovereign debt... blah blah.

Triple A status... blah blah.

Market dynamics... blah blah.

Eurozone paralysis... blah blah.

US Flatlining... blah blah.

Double Dip... blah blah.

Just don't mention usury, rapacious unpayable debt, Rothschilds, Bilderbergers, Social Credit.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Sun's BNP Exposé: More Zionist Lies About Utoya

Here we go... lying Zionist run media spreads half-truths about "nazis" supporting Breivik the Zionist.

Come on Mr Sun reporter! Tell us the truth about the Zionist Breivik's Jewish supporters who think the Utoya kids got what they deserved for supporting the Palestinians and the Peace Flotilla!

And just as the BNP starts uttering and mumbling about "Zionists," so the media turns on them with the kind of exposé they could have done years ago, just as we said they would.

NG and Co. are going to have to walk away from the Neo-Con BS because it has the blood of innocents on it, and the grass roots patriots know that, and this is the way the Zionist media will react: by deliberately muddying the waters, by deliberately spreading lies making the BNP out to be "neo-Nazi" and "terrorist."

With Zionist friends like these...

The Sun: BNP activist Salutes Breivik

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Belgian Babies Bayoneted - Part 94

War Crimes evidence?

More Zionist lies exposed.

How much longer do we have to put up with this nonsense?

Time for the BNP to Apologise for 10 Years of "Muslim" Mania

There was a time when those embarking on their Neo-Con lite ideological adventure, in the BNP and similar, would condemn David Duke. Not for his many or perceived shortfalls, but for his perceived "Anti-Semitism" (sic).

Now with the killings in Norway he, like those of us who have warned about cosying up to the Israeli Lobby in any way,shape or form (and especially its court journalists), have been proved right, and even the BNP is trying to distance itself from the Zionists.

But like a fat bloke with bits of pie in his beard, the BNP have been seen (to mix metaphors) quaffing at the poisoned chalice proffered by the Zionists, and it's too late now to shriek with horror, hold their hands up and pretend to the world that they "knew the score."

Remember their London mayoral leaflet asking Jews to vote for them because they were the only force opposed to Islamo-fascism? remember all the articles, blogs, chat rooms, forums etc. in which BNP activists went on and on and on (and on!) about Islam? The Zionists nary got a look in, except of course for when those same BNP activists were linking through to the Zionists own sites, pages and blogs decrying the takeover of the world by... Islam.

What a cosy little circle it was. And you got the feeling that as long as the BNP went down this quasi-Zionist, civic patriot (hug a coloured), "it's space not race" alleyway, they would get an easy ride from the media.

Now of course, like some kind of spoof Private Eye column apologising for what was last week's certainty but is this week's apocalyptic omen, the BNP is out and about (to us lot, not to the public, of course) decrying Zionism and the nuttiness of those who screech long and loud against those opposed to Israel.

The Norway killings got them freaked, because the way the BNP was going on and on and on (and on!) about Muslims this and Muslims that (whilst Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs and other exotically-owned banks took us to the brink of disaster, not to mention got millions thrown on the dole), it was not inconceivable that one of the young and impressionable sort that pays his pocket money into the Trafalgar Club so the Chairman can get cocktails on his hols, would do something stupid and attack said enemies of the "the West" or those who support them.

Our labour party is detestable. It is led by rich exotic types (Mandelson, Milliband, Straw) and would never dare to criticise Israel, but the Norwegian Labour Party (which is in power) is very outspoken in its opposition to Israeli terror and moreover in support of a Palestinian homeland.

As we saw in an earlier post, to Zionist nutters this is all but a declaration of war, and even after the dreadful murders they have been saying 'they deserved it because...' whilst seeking to justify mass murder because those killed did not bow and scrape to Israel.

What warped, twisted, evil people these are. And these are the kind of "anti-Jihadists" Zionist activists that groups like the BNP and EDL have been playing footsie with, promoting their sites on the net and using their twisted logic to push criticism away from the Masonic-Zionist run/controlled banks, media, government and police -- the forces that are REALLY screwing us, our people, our communities, our lands - our children.

It is time for groups like the BNP to stop bandying words. Come out in outright opposition to Organised Zionism. Quit the blaming Muslims for everything. Islam (and coloured immigration) is a small symptom of the malaise (and Muslim terror is a direct result/end of CIA/Mossad terror groups/provocateurs).

Stand up and defend your land! The banks,. media, politicians and police have been found to be corrupt, self-serving, bankrupt (in every sense) and in it for themselves.

The Muslims have nothing to do with the mess we are in. drop the stupid policies that focus on them. It is a Neo-Con sideshow and a waste of everyone's time. Apologise to Nationalists for wasting their time, money and efforts.

Post "911" (Dear Lord I hate that term!) you have wasted 10 years chasing Neo Con phantoms down blind alleyways, and now you have even frittered away the crumbs that fell off the establishment's table.

The Zionists are the enemies of civilisation. End of. They run the system that betrayed our people. They control the banks that bleed our people dry. They bribe/threaten the politicians. They own the media. They run the police through the Lodges.

Time to face the facts. OK, you won't get an easy ride, but you'll have your honour intact, and who knows - with the commotion going on in the world (e.g., America nearly defaulting) it could be White Christian patriots who are "radicalised" into realising what is what and who is who.

Please... even when Mossad do their next false flag op to garner support for their terrorist state, drop the mantra that blames Muslims for all our ills. It is wrong, childish and potentially dangerous.

Let us be honest and gain kudos for that. In the light of the terror attacks in Norway, we owe it to our own people to explain why it happened, who is responsible and why Nationalism is OPPOSED 100% to that nefarious, war-mongering usurious creed.


As a P.S. might we also mention the pro-homosexual nature of the Zionists? The Norwegian murderer condemned Nationalist groups for (like Muslims) opposing homosexuality. The Zionist cause is ultimately pro-homosexual because it hates our civilisation, our Christian heritage and there is none more anti-Christian and anti-family than the homosexual militant mob and the degenerates they stir up.

For years now (again for an easy ride) too many nationalists have tried to take a "middle of the road" stance. No good. We must be open and oppose homosexuality - for the harm it does the homosexuals themselves, for the damage it does to their health, for the damage it does to communities in destroying the family, for the damage it does nations in attacking Christianity and promoting drugs, filth and smut, and for the damage it does in bringing down the birthrate of European nations.

Nationalists should be unashamed in opposing - with sound reason and genuine charity not least for the victims of the homosexual death-cult - homosexuality and the rabid militants who promote it with all their twisted statistics, pushing filth at schoolchildren and council funding for all manner of sick activities (all of which, well documented by groups such as the Christian Institute, make the News of the World imbroglio look like a picnic in the park).

Israel: Exporting Terrorism

Mossad killed Iranian scientist, Der Spiegel reports
August 2, 2011
JERUSALEM (JTA) -- Israel is responsible for the assassination last week of an Iranian nuclear scientist, the German newspaper Der Spiegel reported.
The assassination of Darioush Rezaei is the first "serious action" taken by new Mossad chief Tamir Pardo, an unnamed Israeli source told the news outlet, according to an article published on the newspaper's website Tuesday.
Rezaei, who worked at a nuclear research center in northern Tehran, is the third Iranian nuclear physicist who has been assassinated in the past 20 months.
The killings are part of a campaign to sabotage, or at least slow down, Iran's nuclear program, Der Spiegel reported, citing unnamed sources in Israeli intelligence.
The report also cited its military source as saying that the calls for bombing Iran are increasing, especially from Israeli Air Force officers.
Iranian media first identified the victim of last week's assassination as Rezaei, who worked on the development of switches for a nuclear bomb, then amended its identification to name graduate student Dariush Rezaeinejad. Der Spiegel asserts that the victim was indeed Rezaei, who has not been seen since the attack.
Two attackers shot Rezaei in the throat, the magazine said, before fleeing on a motorcycle.


Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Establishment Corruption: Rare BBC Radio Programme

An email we received:
A truly astonishing and revealing broadcast from the BBC.
It will be re broadcasted at 21.30 BBC R4 and available as a 'listen again' for download soon and I urge everyone to listen to it and to record and save it for future reference.
Of course, while it, and the subject with which it deals- corruption within the police, the media (particularly the Murdoch press) politics, and government, will come as a jaw dropping revelation to the average sheeple, for those of us aware folk this is only the tip of a very large iceberg.
What must surprise us- amazed me- was the fact that the BBC chose to broadcast such a programme.
What a huge shame that we have no strong Nationalist party capable of fully exploiting these revelations about the very people and agencies most responsible for denouncing and trashing nationalism.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Zionists Blame Anti-Zionist Utoya Labour Youth for their own Deaths! Pet Media Keep Quiet

A Conspiracy by the Zionists!!! Norway = Nazis
The Zionists/Neo Cons are now blaming the Norwegian Labour Party youth for their own deaths!

Yes, just like the Palestinians are to blame for having their land stolen, for having their wells poisoned, for being cut off from their water supplies, for being killed by the thousand...

They are now saying that the Norwegian Labour Party youth decided to support the Palestinians (or "Hamas terrorists" in their lingo) so they (basically!) got what they deserved.

Don't believe me? Go see for yourself: Evil Zionism...

Oh the evil! They flew Palestinian flags even. Death to them!

Can you believe it? The Zionists even say the old Swastika is now the new Norway flag. And to them because the anti-Zionist Labour Party is in power in Norway and already said it would recognise the Palestinian State, they become a "legitimate target" for another false flag operation which (like Bologna, Carpentras etc.) can be blamed on "right wing extremists."

So what does "our" mass media make of this? Jewish and Zionist extremists gloating over the deaths of innocents? Is it on the front pages? or even the inside pages?Any columnists brave enough?

Erm... no.

Controlled media? Conspiracy? You bet!

And this, dear reader, is why the BNP, EDL, and all the other civic patriot (read: blacks are british -- all lower case, we don't want to frighten anyone) groups were playing a dangerous game when they started making Israel-friendly noises, when they started grubbing for Jewish votes, and cultivating a certain breed of media columnists.

You get friendly with Israel and you get your fingers burnt! Look at America - endless wars, in debt up to the gills, state secrets stolen by Zionist spy-rings, the USS Liberty incident (look it up!), and Israel probably even has a section of its illegally held nukes in the Negev Dessert pointing at its ally!

Israel is a terrorist state. It will strike out at its enemies, and its friends - by fair means or foul. It will use terror, subterfuge, blackmail, corruption - you name it. The Norwegians are just the latest in a long line of victims of Zionist terror for daring to oppose Israeli terrorism.

If we really want to show solidarity with the Norwegians (as the mass media suggests we should) then we should oppose Israel and the Zionist agenda with every fibre of our being.

Yet our Zionist-led media is already twisting events, so we are lied to and half-truths are spun, so that to show solidarity we're all supposed to hug an immigrant, and celebrate the (Zionist imposed) race laws which enforce "equality."

Talk about not seeing the wood for the trees!

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