Friday, 30 March 2012

George Galloway MP - Good News for Nationalists?

George up front, Muslims behind: the New "Axis of Evil" for Zionists?
George Galloway's victory in Bradford should be celebrated by nationalists for several reasons:
  • He is a voice against Zionist wars.
  • He will act as a thorn in the side of the (pro) Zionist establishment.
  • He will remind Labour supporters that their party is now one of Big Business.
  • He will remind everyone that we live in a One Party State (run by a small clique).
  • He will remind everyone that all the main parties do what is best for financiers.
  • He will remind everyone that Westminster is controlled by party machinery.
  • The more Muslims vote as a bloc the less they integrate (first step to repatriation).
  • The more "minority" politicians rise, the more people will vote for small parties and independents.
  • The more MPs gang-up on him, the more people will sympathise with his anti-war stance.

I am not suggesting that "gorgeous George" is perfect (before the trolls start), he is certainly anti-racist and a bit of a 'TV character' who loves self-publicity, but that someone who has been a real thorn in Israel's side (and a fly in the ointment of Neo Con policy) is re-elected is good news, whether you think it will stir things up a bit, add a bit of spice to politics, or just make people sit up and think.

As with "Red Ken" in London, when trying to win the Muslim vote, these (ex?) far-left politicians are having to take on a more vociferous anti-Zionist line, and interestingly having to distance themselves from the militant homosexual agenda. Now that may well change and they may just be playing the game, but it's made politics interesting, if only for a short while.

In a country in which LibLabCon will always stand up for the financier billionaires;
In a country in which the Average Joe has no say but pays the bill for it all;
In a country in which profiteers constantly put up prices to make more profit;
In a country in which LibLabCon always back Zionist wars;
In a country in which LibLabCon always push homosexual "rights;"
In a country in which Christianity is the whipping boy of the LibLabCon...

Something's got to give!

George Galloway may not be our cup of tea per se, but he could be a step on the road. It all depends now whether nationalism chooses to speak up for our people, our heritage, our cultures, our rights -- or gay rights and Tel Aviv spinmeisters.


Antony said...

A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, nor can a bad tree produce good fruit. Fruit or otherwise, Galloway leaves a bitter taste.

Anonymous said...

Galloway is against foreign wars for American-Zionist interests which is good, but welcomes Third World immigration to Britain which is bad for us.

Anonymous said...

Galloway is very astute in the sense that he knew that his overt Marxian mindset/ambitions would have to be dropped if his career-politics was to continue.

His 'belief in God' ties in very nicely with his cowtowing to the muslim bloc.

His shameless backsliding is indeed indefatiguable!

Anonymous said...

Things are very, very grim if those 'on our side' find cause to praise Galloway (and in turn Respect marxians) just because there is agreement on certain points.

It calls to mind the prisoners under Gadaffi who were offered the chance to accept Allah in to their lives, which a large number duly took advantage of, then were summiraly shot. This is what will happen when WE have the upper hand, we will offer these traitors the chance to accept the Truth thus cleansing their conscionses then we will shoot them! ha ha

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