Wednesday, 29 November 2006

New Avalon CD from Final Conflict


This is War by Avalon is being repressed by Final Conflict with excellent additional live songs, recorded in Kent, England at a Blood and Honour concert.

The original 1998 CD with its fantastic 10 tracks went down in history as a superb CD, with songs such as One People One Leader, Communism, if I could See the Future, To Help My Race Stay Free, Strength and Will, and of course, This is War.

Having become nigh on impossible to obtain, Avalon kindly allowed Final Conflict to repress the CD with a great new graphics package, including all the song lyrics.

The additional songs, recorded in Kent at an open air gig are One People One Leader, Our Honour is True, No Remorse's legendary Keep it White, and Ian Stuart Donaldson.

The live songs capture the spirit of the band - just listen out for those riffs and guitar solos!

So, pre-order your copy of THIS IS WAR by AVALON from Final Conflict today and get this superb new release hot-off-the-press.

The first 50 pre-ordered CDs will also get an FC back issue, stickers and an Odal Rune/[Paul Burnley's] Public Enemy/or England Flag badge [express your preference for which badge you'd prefer].

So order today to be sent your CD and freebies in approx 2 weeks.

e-mail us at: for details of how to order via paypal or mail order. Please put 'AVALON CD' in the subject box if e-mailing.

Shops, mail order outlets, distributors etc. interested in bulk rates or exchanges can also drop FC a line.

Hail Avalon! Hail Final Conflict!

PS... Just to remind all of our readers that we hope to have the new and Final Conflict shop will be up and running in time for Christmas.

Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Blair and Bush, Iran and Israel.

The Jews have a word for the ultimate in bare-faced cheek: Chutzpah.

And so they should: there's a lot of it about at the moment!

Tony Blair, the man who causes illegal wars and sends troops in to die whilst he and his friend's rich children stay at home in opulent luxury, now wants to get Iran and Syria into his Iraq quagmire, just like he tried to bring in the UN before...

Bush and Co are talking of being open to new ideas in Iraq, whilst the Neo-Cons who formulated the war in the first place now say the total mess there is down to the US government not implementing strategies properly! Meanwhile the Neo-Cons angle for war against Iran...

Meanwhile in Israel war crimes are committed against innocent civilians ['twas ever thus] and whilst America screeches about any Arab state that kills civilians, the USA covers up for Israel at the UN, blocking a UN resolution against Israeli mass murder ['twas ever thus, ad infinitum].

So in Israel, Benjy Netanhairdo - who sees no wrong in Israel's illegally gained nuclear stockpile - sabre-rattles against Iran's efforts to get a nuclear power station up and running... it seems that if the Israelis can't blackmail the USA to do their dirty work (can we expect another 911?) they may well 'take out' the Iranian facility

What if Iran, Syria or the Saudis 'took out' Israel's stockpiles out in the Negev Desert? Would that be acceptable to 'the

And so we have the latest shenanigans.

Blair desperate (with the blood of hundreds of thousands on his hands - not just aborted babies in the UK) to
appear as the peacemaker as Iraq becomes Balkanised.

Bush fighting a rearguard action against voters sick of body bags being shipped in by the tens of dozens.

Israel desperate to get its goy allies forces to do its dirty work and stop Iran in its tracks.

In today's Daily Mail (I know... don't moan, it must have been when I saw the placard 'Vote BNP, Read the Daily Mail') Ann Leslie -- another of the Zionist banshees that the current BNP leadership seem so keen to emulate -- said that the Iranians have a word in their religion for telling lies that are justified to further their Islamic cause (lesson being we can't trust the Iranians.... question remains who can trust Blair, Bush. Don't even mention the Israelis or the Mossad will be round).

Of course Ms Leslie neglects to tell the readers, whose chore it is to wade through Zionist bullshit, about why we cannot trust the Israelis and how all their promises and oaths can be broken because of their annual Kol Nidre ceremony... but then, she wouldn't - would she?

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