Thursday, 30 December 2010

Christmas Day: And the Evil Sodomites Plan Unravels

According to reports the sodomite 'couple' Elton John and David Furnish arranged for "their" baby to be born on Christmas Day.

Some might say this was an ostentatious Christmas present, others might point to a more sinister reasoning. After all, Reg Dwight (John) has publicly said he would like all those opposed to homosexuality put on an island and a bomb dropped on them.

He may be many things, but he's no fool. He knows most Christians are opposed to homosexuality, and he knows that Christmas Day and the birth of Christ is a special Feast Day for Christians throughout the world.

Now every Christmas the 'flamboyant' pair will make the news on the latest extravagance foisted on their spoilt brat.

Our only hope is that the spoilt brat rebels and opposes sodomites with every fibre in his body!

But seriously, why is this issue important to nationalists?

a. Because some nationalists seem to think it is "OK" to have homosexuals in our ranks, thus making us no different from all the establishment lackeys.
b. Because unless we as nationalists make a stand against this kind of degeneracy and rank hypocrisy we will absolutely see the end of 2000 years of "Western", Christian civilisation -- given over to the Masonic powers who want to corrupt our societies completely.

While the media, political parties, Hollywood etc. promote homosexuality, we cannot hope to stop immigration, stamp out drug abuse etc. because all these moral diseases are inextricably linked (if only because homosexuals - especially in the media - are behind attacks on nationalism and Christianity, and behind the promotion of drugs, immigration etc).

We, as a society, are rotting away from within whilst these cancers spread -- destroying the lives of countless victims and ripping apart communities -- and we have a duty to oppose the cancers and speak out for what is absolutely right.

In doing so people will thank us for offering a true alternative devoid of drugs, sodomites, mass immigration and much else besides.

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas to all Supporters

A Merry Christmas to all FC Supporters.

Don't let the sell-outs and cranks grand you down.

Friday, 24 December 2010

Queen Offers us Harmony? Pull the Other One it's Got Jingle Bells on

As is the way of things, we have been told what will be in the queen's speech tomorrow.

For those of you outside of the UK or the parts of the world that used to be coloured in red on the map (that's the British Empire dontchaknow), the queen records a speech which then goes out on BBC1, I think at 3pm. I have to be honest - as a seditious-minded bod I don't watch it.

The modern media likes to tell us what will be said, what is being said, and what has been said by the "great and the good" and so the political class and others get three times the coverage for the same hackneyed speeches offering the world but delivering nothing.

But to return to the queen's speech.

This year, we're reliably informed she will tell us how sport can bring communities together and create harmony.


Now there's a buzz word.

When a family has Sunday dinner and everyone share's the roasties, we rarely hear the word "harmony."

When a classroom in Shropshire works quietly and finishes its work on time, we rarely hear the word "harmony."

When Bristol City play Bristol Rovers and the supporters mix in a friendly atmosphere, we rarely hear the word "harmony."

When scouts from across Scotland hold a gathering and everything goes smoothly with a wonderful atmosphere, we rarely hear the word "harmony."

Harmony is a special word.

Harmony is a buzz word used by those who defend the migration of millions of non-Europeans, non-Whites to the UK.

Harmony is a buzz word used by those who have created the Balkanisation of our cities, who have imported organised crime gangs and drug cartels from around the world.

Harmony is the buzz word used by those who destroyed the harmony of indigenous working class communities made up of British people with a smattering of our European/Christian cousins.

The same forces who purposefully destroyed communities that were perfectly harmonious and created violence, street crime, drugs-riddled areas and much more now have the chutzpah to preach about "harmony."

A few years ago the queen used her speech to wax lyrical about the "joys" of multi-culturalism - joys she and the political class never have to enjoy at their fullest, at the sharp end shall we say?

Over decades the rulers of this land (seen and unseen - but Freemasons almost to a man) have destroyed the harmony we had. And the queen sat over all that chaos, rubber-stamping the obscene laws that allowed mass, uncontrolled immigration which has destroyed the White, Christian character of this land.

Yet they know have the brassneck to tell us that sports can bring "harmony."

As if!

If the political class wanted harmony they could start resettling the non-Whites. Start with the criminals, families who wish to return, professionals who want to help others in their own lands - and let's go from there.

Over the years, who knows, we may even get what the queen falsely offers us now: harmony.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Last Week's Quote: Daily Telegraph on Secularism

"Militant secularists have taken our tradition of tolerance and whittled it down to something quite different: toleration for a narrow spectrum of liberal-approved beliefs. Anyone who falls outside that spectrum runs the risk of being demonised. ."

~ Daily Telegraph editorial,

Will We See the REAL Face of Communism?

BBC1 Scotland tonight 9pm.

The Rise and Lies of Tommy Sheridan.

Might this be a real exposé of the Communist who was defended by the destroyer of the Hess-Peace-Stone (a private monument on private ground), solicitor Mohammed Anwar Aamer, also a Communist activist.

It will certainly be an interesting programme...

Folks with satellite TV can watch BBC1 Scotland live. Otherwise, watch it when it's repeated on BBC i-player on the main BBC website.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Cockneys & KFC Coloureds/Wiggers

This is hilarious. Enjoy the 'busy rudeness' of Londoners, and the ethnic weirdness of the gangs who hang around KFC and its many inner-city imitators. There is some swearing.

Monday, 20 December 2010

BBC Story Repeats Jewish Libel

It's almost Christmas, when Christians celebrate the 2000 year old festivity of the birth of Christ, so as usual we get an attack on the central tenet of the Nativity story.

perhaps unsurprisingly, this story on the BBC repeats the Jewish lie (i.e. Talmudic lie) that the Virgin Mary was a whore:

Daily Express Story

Now I know this comes from the newspaper of a pornographer with an axe to grind against the BBC, but we have to ask whether a full frontal assault on Judaism or Islam would be allowed on the BBC.

For Christians, to question the parentage of Christ is a despicable act, because it undermines the salvific nature of Christ's birth and the Holiness of Christmas itself.

That this 2000 year old Jewish lie against Mary and Christ (repeated on the BBC many times - not least in Jeremy Bowen's series on the history of Christ) should be aired shows that the BBC (known for its gay mafia and Commie-tendency) does not fear to assault Christ and Christmas.

We should all be outraged, because this undermines our European, Christian heritage (what's left of it!) and once Christmas is undermined and gone as a special occasion, there will be nothing left to mark our Christian heritage.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Marcus Brigstocke - Another Champagne Socialist

You can tell an archetypal leftist/socialist/anarchist/communist (delete as necessary) because they liberally diffuse the word "actually" throughout their discourses, like the Dave Spart character in Private Eye.

They also regularly turn up in the media, as rent-a-gobs with a pre-formed opinion on radio shows, or on Question Time, or on comedy panel shows. Funny how socialists (many of whom still secretly admire mass murderers) get such a regular outing on the media. That tells us more about our media -- e.g. when immigration is discussed they will role out an immigrant activist, a businessman (who needs cheap labour immigrants) and a socialist to tell us -- from all their perspectives -- how immigration has bettered the lot of each and every one of us.

A dissenting voice is rarely allowed! We can't be told that the emperor is naked.

The worst type of lefty-rebel is the privately educated, upper-middle class types, who put a punk t-shirt on, swear a bit and then proceed to tell all of us workers what is best for us (this invariably includes open-border policy on immigration, and wholesale "rights" for homosexuals) -- everything the traditional workers were (and many still are, despite BBC brainwashing) against.

Now many would be-anarchos start off school in posh paid-for establishments. One such person I've noticed pushing his ultra-liberal agenda (except when it comes to those who oppose his agenda) is the bloke with the most middle class name of all: Marcus.

yes, on Radio 4's 'The Now Show' over the last two weeks, Mr. Marcus Brigstocke has all but screeched his disapproval of anyone who opposes "climate change" and those who deems "right-wing extremists" (the BNP & EDL).

According to Wikipedia, "Brigstocke attended Westbourne House School just outside Chichester before going onto the independent King's Bruton School in Somerset."

The former is a posh semi-boarding prep school, the latter is another semi-boarding posh school.

Just in case you think Marcus went to a bog-standard school like me (and most of the readers of this blog), here's some facts about King's Bruton school in Somerset (known for its huge population of Pakistanis and Gangsta Rappers - not):

In September 1999, The Hobhouse Science centre was opened, complete with a fully equipped observatory. The School enjoys a purpose built theatre, sports hall and fitness suite and exceptional sports surfaces for rugby and cricket as well as an all weather pitch for hockey.

Oh how lucky we poor proles are -- with our hatred of our country being turned into a Third World dump, distrust of One World agendas -- to have grown up posh kids like Marcus to tell us how we are wrong!

Brigstocke is like all the politicians who went to posh schools who then tell us how great the comprehensive system is; and the politicians who live in rich suburbs who tell us how fortunate those of us who grew up in areas with huge Asian or black populations were!

Reminds me of the 'Londoner' Socialist Billy Bragg who happens to live in whitest Dorset -- but how that's OK because he talks to the Asian who works in his local petrol station (honestly - he said that once in an interview).

Right on!

Brigstocke can wax lyrical about global warming because he can afford the extra taxes. Here's a man who - I dare say - travels on a plane more often the average working-class man, busy preaching to us.

Brigstocke can inform us how great (comprehensive) multi-cult schools are because he went to virtually all-white posh schools.

Another left-wing wannabe-anarcho-socialist from a privaleged background telling us why we should let our country become a non-White/European, non-Christian, UN/EU slave-state no doubt with poofs having full "rights" and buggery taught in schools.

What do I mean "become" - thanks to Marcus and his ilk who entered the media, parliament and the legal profession -- that's exactly what this country has become.

Still, at least we have rich kids like Marcus to tell us how lucky we are, and how "evil racists" are so bad (in that "two legs bad, four legs good" kind of way).

Friday, 17 December 2010

Protest Against the Profiteering Multi-Nationals

Demonstrators are starting to ask why characters (New Unhappy Lords, men with no loyalty to nation, people who use concentration-camp goods from China and child labour sweat-shop clothes from Asia to make millions in profit and undercut European and British-made quality items and local shops) such as Philip Green can tax dodge and get jobs with the government.

Left: Phillip Green chunnels his billions through his wife Tina, based in Monaco, to avoid paying taxes. Meanwwhile he is employed by the British government. Boycott his shops such as Burton, Topshop etc.

People are asking why the government can bail out banksters for muti-billions, wipe out a tax bill (Vodafone) for £6 billion, then chase unemployed people for relative pennies, close down old peoples' homes, shut hospital wards, shut local libraries etc.

Nationalists must take part in, or organise, demos against the banksters, Zionist big businesses and those who first loyalty is profit and not our nation and our people.

If we don't we give ground to the brain dead Anarcho-pinkos and moth-eaten Marxian deadbeats, with no real answers!

Power from Profit - They're buying your souls!
Power from Profit: puts you on the dole.

Uk Uncut

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Wikileaks exposes Zionist Treachery

A Very Middle Class Revolution

The sight of students and lefty-anarchists rioting in London has been accompanied by many stories of the middle and upper class students enjoying the riots.

I find myself torn in two directions.

I cannot overlook the injustice of burdening young people with debt (usury is usury), especially when (as so many people are now forgetting thanks to a compliant media) the bankers caused all this upheaval.

Lest we forget, "our" government bailed out the banksters to the tune of multi-billions of pounds (essentially tax-payers' money as we will repay the usury-debt on the loans) and now it is taking money from the young, the needy and even emergency services (today they announced the closure of coast guard stations).

meanwhile a report from the City of London the other night showed a busy shopping "mall," bustling with City workers busy spending their inflated wages and bonuses.

So whichever way we look at this, as nationalists, we have to say the same old Zionist usury-bankster con is rolling on, and we the battered tax-payers (of today and tomorrow) will pay the bill for the greedy profiteers with no national loyalty, those with "...dead alien eyes" to quote the great patriotic Englishman GK Chesterton or as the sublime Welsh nationalist Saunders Lewis wrote, with their "Hebrew snouts" in ledgers.

Yet at the same time we are seeing the usual "rent-a-mob" circus with flea-bitten anarcho-Marxian causes dusted off and leftist banners raised over the multi-culti, middle class throngs.

The system is creaking and people are disgusted with bankers, politicians etc. and the safety-valve of the soap dodgers is released. Thus we see the middle and upper class idle rich-kids proclaiming anarchist and/or socialist revolution (notably when they and their ilk are threatened with bills - they didn't riot when workers were thrown on the dole).

I recall as a youth in a working class area, the anger when the middle class students came into town to plaster their SWP posters and stickers everywhere, telling us that our City was a "nazi free zone" only to bugger off back to mummy and daddy's suburban des res at the end of the academic year (before going on to work in banking).

I used to (used to?) get irate that the middle classes could descend on the city I grew up in and tell us what to think, go on about "the workers" when they were bank-rolled by mummy and daddy, meanwhile we - from the families of workers they claimed to speak for - were sick to death of mass immigration.

So I find myself in the position of a classic liberal: I defend the right of the students to protest, because I see the injustice of a system that taxes people to bail out multi-billion earning banksters; yet I loathe the sight of the same rent-a-mob, middle class banksters-of-tomorrow claiming to defend "workers' rights."

As ever, we need a third position, a movement of the people, not merely speaking out for the vested interests of the few, but denouncing the usury-banking-Westminster system in defence of the entire nation.

Here endeth the rant. ;-)

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Wikileaks Vs. Paypal and Mastercard: A Political Agenda?

The hackers' attacks on those withdrawing basic commerce systems from Wikileaks has us crying few tears at FC.

Both Paypal and Mastercard have withdrawn payment services from our online shop some time ago (despite us operating within the law), and Amazon has long been a supporter of Zionist Israel.

Paypal and Mastercard willingly supply their services to those selling/promoting Communist, Socialist, overt homosexual and other disruptive anti-civilised agendas.

yet they said FC was not acceptable, presumably because certain people made complaints.

Bowing to pressure for political ends is clearly something they do as a matter of course.

Therefore if Wikileaks supporters chose to assault their systems we can only look on and smile.

What goes around comes around. C'est la guerre.

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