Saturday, 8 September 2012

Iraqi Family Shot in France: Military Intelligence Hit Job?

Does anyone really think that the killing of an Iraqi family on holiday in France was a "family dispute?"

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO - read British spooks) started pushing the line that it was a family dispute almost immediately (shades of JFK there).

To my unprofessional eye this looks like a hit job that was disturbed. The spooks have been known to use third parties to carry out hits from a distance (such as Islamic terrorists against Qaddafi many years ago, or even organised crime outfits). There may even have been a crossover with the CIA or Mossad - for whatever reason.

There is clearly much more to this than meets the eye.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Want to Decimate Burglary? Stamp Out Drugs!

In the news today a judge is getting stick for calling burglary of a home an act of "courage."

From what I've heard it's clear that the burglar, who burgled three homes, was on drugs at the time.

A solicitor on Radio 5 this morning said that most of the burglars he defended were on drugs or doing it out of desperation to get drugs.

So what's the common link here Poindexter? Drugs!

As I wrote recently, there is no war on drugs. Illegal, Class A drugs are freely available in our towns, cities and villages. The state seems to not want to stamp out drugs, the pushers, the gangs and the spooks behind the drugs cartels.

If we want to wipe out the vast majority of burglaries (and shop lifting) then we have to wipe out the usage and dependency on hard drugs. This is for the Common Good - and out of charity of those hooked on these evil substances.

The problem is that too many lawyers, MPs, bankers and the elite in this country are users themselves. They don't want to take action as they use various drugs. The Guardian and The Independent regularly campaign for liberalising drug laws. The Guardian sells more copies in the BBC than any other newspaper!

The media, politicians, elites etc. may make occasional noises about clamping down on drugs, but this phony war has been going on for decades.

Hard drugs like heroin ruin lives and communities. There needs to be real zero tolerance. Personally I would like to see capital punishment brought in for the pushers of hard drugs. Trace the importers and the cartels. Smash those who profit on misery. And if foreign agencies are involved in the couriering of drugs, then target them too!

There needs to be a real war on drugs. The young especially need to be offered hope - not degradation, oblivion and a futile existence. Sticks and carrots. Wipe out the drugs gangs, help the poor unfortunates.

It really is that simple.

Either we believe in a better society and the rule of law; or we believe in anarchy, amorality, crime and dysfunction.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Poof "Weddings" - Democracy is an Arse

So we have democracy right?

None of the "main parties" had "weddings" for homosexuals in their manifestos.

Yet now they all, Tory, Lib, NuLab, SNP, PC and Green favour poof weddings (sic).

So we have no say, no choice and the usual crowd of Islingtonite Guardianistas push the agenda against what most people want AND against our traditions and the common good.

But wait! The Tories announced a discussion on it and asked for feedback didn't they?

Well, yes and no. They ignored the input of anyone opposed to their madness and said they would push ahead with overturning MILLENNIA of law, regardless of what people said!


People often say 'the Law is an ass.'

We might now say 'Democracy is an arse.'

What the people want, what our traditions dictate, what the common good demands and what common sense makes clear: all this is to be overturned on the altar of political correctness to give "rights" to morally corrupt, sexually deviant and mentally unhinged minority of a minority.

The world has gone mad.

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