Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The Myth of Israeli Victimhood

This piece is interesting because it blows so many myths surrounding the events in Gaza.

We've all heard the Israeli lies - even if we don't know exactly how they are lying.

So pop by. Even if you don't agree 100% with the blog - and isn't that the case with most blogs? - it has some great "insider" views from Palestine.

A low-down on the situation in Gaza

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

At this time it is vital that genuine nationalists spread the word that we are opposed to the State of Israel and Zionism in all its forms.

As such we're asking all patriots to order just a few sheets of our INTIFADA WORLDWIDE stickers as a great way to spread the word - locally, via correspondence and via handing them out to workmates etc.

You can order the sheets of 12 stickers in the FC Online Shop.

If true patriots do not stand up and oppose the Zionist war Machine then it will leave the door open to Kosher Tories, the Neo Cons' fellow travellers and the Zionists' useful idiots to spread their B.S. and muddy the waters.

If we want to avoid the spread of conflict to more nations and avoid WW3, it is vital that we all -- each and every one of us! -- make a stand today against Zionist war mongering.

Every time we stay quiet we allow the Neo Cons and friends to edge further along the road to their nightmare world of total control, murder and bloodshed.

The Hannukah Miracle: How Murderous Zionists Celebrate Their Racial-Cult

The barbarian Israelis' bombardment of the men, women and children of Gaza, whom they had been blockading for so long because they didn't like the fact that Palestinians freely chose to vote for Hamas in their elections, continues!

So much for "democracy" eh?

Vote for who you want: as long as the Zionists approve!

It's like the old saying: we are all free to shake our chains.

And so we are led to believe that a couple of dead Jews somehow equates to murdering 100s of Palestinians, cutting off entire communities.

How can anyone who isn't Jewish understand that kind of deep-seated racism? That sheer hatred of the gentile peoples?

Whilst Hamas offered ceasefires days and weeks ago, the Israelis had no intention - and have no intention; just as they wanted the invasion of Lebanon.

All we can hope is that Hamas, like Hezbollah before them, can give Israel a bloody nose to teach the illegal bandit state that mindlessly killing for the sake of it just because your neighbours aren't Jewish is no defence.

The "excuse" of alleged events in a different continent 50+ years ago is wearing thin and must surely rankle with Arabs... after all what role did they have in WW2 other than having their countries invaded by various European powers?

Should they really suffer now because of then?

Of course not - and the smokescreen of the "holocaust" (sic) is ridiculous. It's like me killing a neighbour of a house I have illegally squatted in because he has complained of my presence and me proclaiming "it's OK, because I was mugged outside the old house I rented in another town and my parents killed in a hit-and-run."

What's the relevance? Well imagine you're a Palestinian and seen your nation taken over, split up and terrorists given power and arms mostly thanks to Zionist power in America -- all because of events that did or didn't happen in another continent!

Wouldn't you be more than a little cross?

Still, it's nice that the Zionists keep some perspective.

My favourite quote in all this was from some Jewish moron, who was interviewed on the BBC. He said the Israeli bombardment of Gaza which has led to circa 300 being killed was a "Hannukah miracle."

That's right folks! Whilst we Christians remember the birth of Christ and talk of peace and love; the Jews' idea of a "Hannukah miracle" when they launch American made/supplied missiles and gunship attacks on a tiny strip of land.

Oh to be so tolerant, understanding and a beacon of hope to the world!

Will the American televangelist numpties please go live on air and explain to us why this onslaught is regarded as a miracle - and whilst they are at it, perhaps they can explain why he Jews had to invent 'Hannukah' and why they won't celebrate Christmas.

That should entertain their "Christian" viewers almost as much as the dimwitted "Christian" Yanks who visit the Holy Land only to have Jews spit on their crucifixes!

Maybe when they launch their spittle on the Image of Christ Crucified they think it's as much of a "Hannukah miracle" as when they launch their Yank-supplied missiles against little girls asleep in their beds?

What a charming people!


P.S. As an afterthought, isn't it nice to know that Tony Blair has done such a good job of peacemaking in Palestine as he did in Iraq...

Monday, 29 December 2008

Dead Children are Just Statistics when Jews Kill Them?

Just when you thought the Israelis learned their lesson from invading the Lebanon...

Who on earth thinks their response to a few rockets is "proportionate?"

Right: Palestinian Desk Top Flags are available at the FC Online Shop. Show your support by putting one in your home or place of work.

They kill hundreds, including little girls sleeping in their beds, and all they can do is waffle on about how many hundreds of thousands of Israelis are "at risk."

These people are degenerates on a power-trip.

Their "master race" mentality - i.e. that we are all goy-cattle - means they think they can can just murder anyone with impunity.

After all... America's got their back, right?

Every time this happens the Zionist hold on America just becomes more embarrassingly obvious.

It seems that there are a people prepared to start WW3 and bring the banking system to its knees.

Where's the outcry from our political parties?

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Woolworths: The Sad Truth for Many

Being a family man I found myself in a town centre today, taking back a non-functioning electrical Christmas pressie (egged on by a distraught sprog).

The story ended happily when the item was replaced and we continued with our assortment of errands, some of a banking nature, some comestible (those corned beef pasties won't eat themselves y'know!) and others of a more commercial/fanciful ensemble.

All of a sudden I felt an urge to pop into the local Woolworths and witness a bit of history and so - admittedly with little persuasion (or percussion!) needed on my part with Mrs FC and the FC sprogs - we found ourselves in a very eerie and strange Woolworths shop.

Most of the shelves were empty, many of them with "sold" stickers on, with people buying the fixtures and fittings.

One wall even had photocopies of things as mundane as office chairs, the branch safe (empty?) and the staff cooker for sale. It made my pic n mix free for all ("5 sweets each kids! Fill yer boots" -- not literally obviously) seem a bit tame, as some local yokels filled trolleys with bits of display stands.

Now, I'm not one to shed a tear for unbridled Capitalism and Big Businesses, but as with many of those interviewed on the news viz this episode of the "Credit Crunch," I find it a bit sad to see this happen.

When I was knee-high to a grasshopper (a pre-FC sprog if you will) I remember going to visit one of my myriad of unrelated "aunties" who worked in 'Woolies,' standing on tip-toe as I tried to see over the counter. So it is that Woolworths entered the early memories of many people, and we all feel an era is passing.

So what should we feel with the passing of Woolworths? I can't feel sorry for Big Business or multinationals. I couldn't even tell you who owns Woolworths. But there are people we should feel sorry for: the 27,000 employees of Woolworths who face a future on the dole.

Unemployment can never be easy, but going onto the dole with so many others (add on those from MFI and other firms going bust) and at the start of a recession must seem like the beginning of a long black night for many of them.

And that's what went through my mind yesterday as I took in the vista of all the decimated shelving units and dismantled point-of-sale bumf languishing in corners.

It's easy for Gordon Brown to play "saviour of the world" because he's used our tax-money for generations to come (via enslaving us to a super-duper blow-your-mind national debt) to "bail out" the banks and keep the greedy amoral scum, who lived high on the hog whilst the debt bubble grew and grew, in their positions.

Yet he stands by useless as a chocolate teapot as 27,000 Woolworths employees - from the shelf-stackers, through the till-tappers to the junior management - get a Christmas Present of a P45.

The Saviour of the World - Super Gordon? - gets in debt with the banks to bail-out the banks (heads they win, tails you lose) and the "normal" folks get covered in guano.

Perhaps if the Woolworths staff had been as greedy and as avaricious, gambling other people's money, then Super Gordon would have forked out a few billion to bail them out too?

And why not!

Let Gordon do a one-off payment and convert Woolies into a Workers Co-Operative, wherein the workers split the profits depending on the hours they work.

It might just work. It might just save him much more in long term dole, housing benefit etc. It might just save the high street. It might just show that Super Gordon cares for more than just Banking Bosses and Car firms owned by Indians.

And, as I paid for the few goodies selling at 50% and walked out of Woolies probably for the last time, I couldn't help think of all this and of Gordon Brown's skewed sense of loyalty and proportion.

Still, at least so many of the banksters and City of London wide-boys enjoyed blow-out Christmas parties.

That must be a comfort to all those facing 2009 being unemployed.

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas to All FC Blog Supporters

A very Merry Christmas to all FC Blog readers and supporters (ye "men of goodwill").

Botticelli, Sandro
The Mystical Nativity
c. 1500
Tempera on canvas
108.5 x 75 cm
The National Gallery, London

A painting of Christ's Nativity is often a comfortable Christmas card. Botticelli's picture is the reverse. It is the record of a spiritual struggle, a pilgrim's progress in which the pain is remembered.

On earth there is a strenuous convergence of diagonals. The paths and rocky walls zigzag angrily, their movements only slightly modified by the three figures in the foreground ('men of goodwill , as their fluttering scrolls inform us) who are receiving angelic comfort, and whose angular poses ascend in contrary direction to the plot of ground on which they stand. At the sides of the cave the scars in the rock are like the lances of an invading army, and within it there is a design of dangerous sharpness, as of some complex machine which will cause us pain unless we can master it. The sharpest point touches the Virgin's brow.

But above the roof the rhythm changes. The angularities of trouble are cut short, their halt made less abrupt by a fringe of trees, and there appears in the clear winter sky, capped by a golden dome, a circlet of angels so light, so free in their ecstatic movement from the discords of human conflict, that they remain in the mind's eye as the purest expression of heavenly bliss.

I see
The heavens laugh with you in your jubilee:
My heart is at your festival,
My head has its coronal
The fullness of your bliss, I
Feel - I feel it all.
The Nativity is not one of those pictures which can be enjoyed through the eye alone. It is, in the best sense, a literary picture, to be read and slowly unriddled in the light of all that we can know about the painter and his times; and it even contains a long inscription which is an integral part of the whole. This is in Greek capitals, and, although it is unlikely that Botticelli knew Greek, it is obviously painted by his own hand. This is the only time he ever signed a painting, and clearly it had a special importance to him.

'I, Sandro, painted this picture', he says, 'at the end of the year 1500 in the troubles of Italy'; and he goes on to state that, after a time foretold by St John, the Devil will be chained and 'we shall see him trodden down, as in this picture'. Actually, we do not see this. There are four minor devils who have been transfixed with lances; also both Botticelli's references to the Book of Revelation are incorrect. But the general meaning of the inscription is clear, and we are led to ask why the painter of the Primavera and The Birth of Venus comes to be in this apocalyptic state of mind?

Even in his early work what distinguishes Botticelli from the other artists of his generation is his spiritual tautness. While his colleagues were concerned with rendering the movement of the body, he was always occupied with the stresses of the soul. But this religious temper was complicated by an almost morbid hunger for physical beauty. And when the humanist philosophers of the Medicean circle persuaded him that the inhabitants of Olympus, even that witch Madam Venus, could be made to symbolise Christian virtues, we can imagine how willingly Botticelli accepted their fine spun arguments. But how little of a pagan he became! Nothing could be further from the thoughtless, full bodied, fruit like gods of antiquity than his anxious divinities. And in the early 1490's he received from the same patron who had ordered The Birth of Venus, Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco de' Medici, a commission of a very different kind, an immense series of illustrations to Dante.

The Florentines of the fifteenth century studied Dante in much the same spirit as the Greeks of the fifth century (whom they so closely resembled) studied Homer; for information, for precept and for religious guidance. Botticelli's years of application to this task must have had a profound influence on his mind, and it is in the Dante drawings, of which over a hundred have survived, that one finds for the first time the uncorporeal lightness of his later work. They are the most Oriental works of Western art. They achieve their purpose by pure outline, which floats and dances with the same disregard of substance as thirteenth century illustrations to The Tale of Genji. The hard won laws of perspective, of which Botticelli had been the acknowledged master, are abandoned, and the figures are sprinkled over the pages like holy hieroglyphics.

Some of this oriental character survives in the Nativity. But compared with the decorations at Ajanta or Horajui, how complex is its design, how dreadfully urgent its message! This vision of joy and love has not been achieved, as in a Buddhist painting, by peaceful contemplation, but through participation in disasters.

Botticelli's experiences in the 1490's were such as would have bruised a stronger spirit than his. His patron and close friend, Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco, was the enemy of Savonarola. Yet Botticelli's brother Simone, with whom he shared a house, was an actual follower of the frate, and one cannot doubt that Botticelli himself was moved by the power of that high, haunting voice which had driven the Florentines into a state of hysteria. In 1497 his patron was forced into exile; in 1498 Savonarola's body was burnt in the Piazza della Signoria, and the conquering armies of France threatened the tranquillity of every State in Italy. By 1500 the troubles of Italy were real enough, and the most realistic mind in Europe was seeking for a saviour, though emphatically not for a Prince of Peace. There were also less real troubles. The two references to the Apocalypse in Botticelli's inscription remind us that just before the half millennium there was an outbreak of that fear of universal destruction which had afflicted men's minds five hundred years earlier, and from which we are not altogether free as the year 2000 approaches [nb - originally published in 1960.]. The night which preceded the blissful morning of Botticelli's Nativity must have been exceedingly dark.

The Nativity is in many respects an archaic work. Botticelli has accepted Savonarola's denunciation of realism, and drawn his Virgin and Child on a different scale from the subordinate figures, as a Byzantine painter would have done. He has made no attempt to create an illusion of depth, and has set the thatched penthouse in the centre of his scene, frontally to the spectator. The foreground figures have this same archaic flatness, as if to represent them in the round would be to introduce too strong a flavour of mortality. But such scruples need not be extended to Heaven, and the angels are far from archaistic. Ruskin called them pure Greek, and in fact their billowing draperies and thrown back heads do derive from the maenads of the fourth century. He also called them 'faceless', by which he meant he averted his eyes from their faces, because they are no longer pretty. SavonaroIan puritanism has made Botticelli renounce the physical beauty which he still thought appropriate to the blessed spirits in his Dante drawings. He has not been able to shake off the habit of sensitive observation on which his wonderful powers of draughtsmanship were based, and the thin arms are still drawn with delight. But the draped bodies are as angelically immaterial as anything in Byzantine art. This is the least sensuous dance in painting. If we join it, we do so with our spirits only, and as we move round the circle, swayed by the cross currents of draperies and wings, pausing at magical patterns of crowns and palmleaves, we may fancy that the heavenly music of the initiates may yet be audible to our corrupted senses. But for all its archaism and its renunciation of material things, the Nativity is not at all a 'precious work. It is, on the contrary, a strong picture, strong in design, grave in colour, vigorous in execution. Before a recent cleaning its strength was partially concealed by a tapestry like unity of tone, but now the interplay of colour enhances the energy of the design.

In the foreground wine-red draperies complement the mossy greens; to the right the shepherds are a subtle contrast of grey and brown, given life by the whitest angel in the whole picture. To the left the kings, although puritanically deprived of their regalia, are allowed more festive colours, and there is a Soft, rainbowish kind of pink in the angels' wings. But the central harmony, the grey of the rocks and the ass and the cold blue of the Virgin's mantle, is extremely severe, and reminds us that near the top of the Monte Sancto di Dio the air is too pure for human breath.

Cleaning has also heightened the contrast between earth and heaven. Only now, can we realise how clear and cold is the winter sky, and I confess that I had never before observed the small clouds, as jewel like as the clouds of Altdorfer, which infrinLe the golden dome. The painting of the foreground is much richer than I had supposed. The three groups have gained in importance and I am led to speculate on their meaning. Can these olive crowned martyrs be a cryptic representation of Savonarola and his two companions? Or do they, as seems more probable, symbolise all those who have come through great tribulation ? In either case these figures stretching out their arms to one another, their heads touching, their bodies far apart, are the visual equivalent to those reunions of the Blessed Spirits which reward us in the Paradiso.

The Nativity was the first of Botticelli's pictures to reach England, and when it was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1871 it seemed to confirm the spirit of pre-Raphaelitism in its second, poetic phase. The effect of the angels on Burne-Jones is obvious enough, although he was so far from the strain and struggle which underlay Botticelli's vision. For Ruskin, on the other hand, this latent hysteria was an added reason for enthusiasm, and set him off on one of his own most memorable visions: 'Suppose that over Ludgate Hill the sky had suddenly become blue instead of black, and that a flight of twelve angels covered with silver wings and their feathers with gold had alighted on the cornice of the railroad bridge as the doves alight on the cornices of St Mark's at Venice, and had invited the eager men of business below, in the centre of a city confessedly the most prosperous in the world, to join them for five minutes in singing the first five verses of such a psalm as the 103rd "Bless the Lord, oh my soul, and all that is within me (the opportunity now being given for the expression of their most hidden feelings), all that is within me bless His holy name, and forget not all His benefits" do you not even thus, in mere suggestion, feel shocked at the thought, and as if my now reading the words were profane.'

Ever since I read this paragraph in The Eagle's Nest, over thirty years ago, it has been in my mind when I look at Botticelli's Nativity. It is not the kind of response to painting which has been considered acceptable during those years. But is it so far from Botticelli's intention? And, as this question forms in my mind, I begin to reflect on the shaky foundations of art history. Before the time of Leonardo da Vinci we have very little evidence of how painters regarded their art. Some scholars believe that they were simply craftsmen who derived all their ideas from learned patrons. Others assume that they were able to master the most complex systems of philosophy and embody them in their works. I do not know which is nearer the truth. But I am fairly certain that Botticelli was a man of the finest intelligence which he applied to the subjects of his pictures as well as to their design: that, for example, his St Augustine in the Ognissanti is the result of profound meditation on the Confessions, and that in the Nativity every movement has a meaning which becomes apparent only when we have steeped ourselves in the thought and imagery of his time.

Text from Kenneth Clark, Looking at Pictures.

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Thank God the Pope Spoke Out on Homosexuals

At long last a Christian leader has had the gumption to denounce the ever-growing Homosexual Mafia, its eroding of family life, its undermining national and international values and the bad influence it has through the media, entertainment and other cultural outlets.

Some of us have waited most of our adult lives to have a forceful denunciation of what so many people know to be detrimental to the nation, to the community and to the individual.

Naturally (if that can ever be used in conjunction with these degenerates) the various homosexual groups - desperate to defend the indefensible and secure their various government grants - denounced the Pope.

He should take that as a badge of honour because if these forces of organised degeneracy aren't opposed to you, then you are not defending what is right.

The logical consequence of these brave and correct words from the Roman Pontiff is that he clears out each and every diocese and seminary of the Catholic Church from the scourge of homosexuals and the liberalism and paedophilia they have brought with them over recent decades.

If the Pope did this he would show that his words aren't just empty gestures, and that he is far from being a hypocrite out to attack "easy targets" outside the walls of the Church, but rather that he believes forcefully in the evils of sodomy and Charity (the love of souls that would see them told that buggery is wrong) , to use the old adage, begins at home.

So to Pope Benedict (a regular reader!) we say: you're off to a good start! Now let's see this new broom sweep clean.

A truly anti-homosexual Church will provide a beacon of hope for the many beleaguered people throughout Europe and further afield who have had enough of political correctness, Soviet-style EU Directives, "human rights" legislation and the accursed Pink Mafia who seem to have politicians and police forces under their control.

Witness recent debacles wherein openly illegal activities such as buggery in public. One account was of a mum and child who witnessed this debauchery: when they told the police they were advised to avoid the area!

Or there's the police themselves stating that they were turning a blind eye to public sex in public parks in London (and I daresay further afield).

Plus there's anti-homosexual activists being arrested by the police when breaking no laws at all, e.g. Stephen Green of Christian Voice who dared to leaflet a homosexual rally in Cardiff with a text from the Bible, or an octogenarian with an anti-homosexual placard who was beaten up by homosexuals, then he - not the homosexuals! - was arrested by the police.

And let's not forget the homosexual police officers who are allowed to parade in degenerate, lewd "gay rights" marches in their uniforms (and the non-homosexual firemen who refused to man a stall at one such rally and were docked pay etc.)

So in these dark times, thank God that Pope Benedict has had the gumption to state a few home truths.

Now if a few more of us can state some facts that the PC brigade may find unpalatable then we might actually turn a corner, despite the attempts of various media luvvies and their entourage.

Time will tell...

Is Vatican Clamping Down on Faggot Priests?


"The Pope is just sooooooooo last Century! Me and my husband, Catherine, have a loving relationship." Rev. Violet Beard.

"Buggery is wrong - that's why so many poofs are cross-eyed." Ranting Ron.

"Being a poof is so liberating - apart from the nappies, ingesting faecies and various deadly diseases." Lionel Bender.

"He's German - so what should we expect already?" Rabbi Finkelstein.

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Remembering a Spanish Victim of CIA Terror: Admiral Luis Carrero Blanco


On the 20th December 1973 the CIA murdered Prime Minister of Spain, Admiral Luis Carrero Blanco.

Right: The plaque at the street in Madrid where the CIA murdered the Spanish Prime Minister.

This was shortly after Blanco had made it clear to the Mason-in-Chief Henry Kissinger that Spain would remain neutral in the matter of the Communist Bloc and American power, especially if Spain became a nuclear power.

The idea that ETA could dig a huge tunnel in Central Madrid, in Franco's rule, and make an explosion of such huge proportions is laughable.

"Anti-Fascists" always witter on about the CIA and Operation Gladio in the post war years. What they tend to forget is how the CIA and other Masons often used their ideological bedfellows and terrorists in ("left wing") ETA, the Red Brigades and similar to bump off anyone (in the religious, political, or business spheres) who stood in the way of CIA/Masonic aims.

And so, 35 years on we should remember Admiral Luis Carrero Blanco, Falangist, Spanish Prime Minister and possible future leader of Spain.

Another victim of "State Sponsored Terrorism" at which the Masonic power that rules America was so expert, long before they had invent "Al Qaeda" or stage "911."

Admiral Luis Carrero Blanco: Presente!

Below: Luis Carrero Blanco (right) pictured with Francisco Franco in 1969.

Luis Carrero Blanco

The Assassination of Luis Carrero Blanco (in Spanish) with images

Friday, 19 December 2008

Hey! Barry Mussolini Wants His Scones!

Just today a few of us at Skorzeny Mansions were chucking - in a non-serious round the dinner table kinda way - about the idea of sending in a kiddie's picture to a TV show with a fake name like Tommy Hitler or Jeff Mussolini.

Right: Patisseries of Hate unravel their latest cake for Heinrich Himmler McLeod and Eva Braun Williams' engagement party.

I know... it's not exactly intellectually empowering or even empowering any kind of cranial empowerment (OK, enough of this week's new word); but we all have to have a little time off from dissecting the "credit crunch" and the role of the CIA in vote spoiling in the 'X Factor.'

But - hey presto, life imitates art and what did we spy on the interweb (that's shorthand for the wide wide world of web):

Hitler Cake is a no-no

Last Week's Quote: Oliveira Salazar on Your Duty to Your Children

"Teach your sons labour, teach your daughters modesty, teach to everyone the virtues of the economy. And if you cannot make them saints, at least make them good Christians."

António de Oliveira Salazar,
Portuguese Prime Minister 1933-1968.

How far removed from the dole-bum, drug-taking, rip-off, usurious "do what thou wilt" society created by our politicians.

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Iraq Shoe Terror Plot: Pair Arrested


Fresh from Fox News:

International Al Qaeda Terror Plot involving Shoes!

Two Shoes were involved in this criminal conspiracy.

The shoes are believed to be militant Terrorists and anti-Semitic.

Already several thousand elderly people in new York, LA and Florida have filed for psychological damage and reparations.

Never mind Madoff, Sandler and the "American" huckster banksters who have brought the world to its knees and thrown millions out of their homes and on the dole.... these shoes are the threat we all face!

The UK Government is already looking at passing laws against shoe wearing in a 4 mile radius around parliament.

The ADL is boycotting branches of Clarks and Shoefayre, with Unison, Searchlight and the Daily Mirror launching its "shut down the peddlers of hate" outside Shelly's in Carnaby Street.

It seems that none of us is safe from the threat of shoe terrorism, with the Sun and Daily Mail warning us of "shoes under the bed" and the BNP have a new leaflet out "Defend Britain From Shoes: Give us Some Money" which details how most shoes are in fact brown.

In Iraq a pair were arrested for attacking Mr. Bush. Brown with pitted skin, Neo Cons have dismissed them as "loafers."

Dubya, responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis walked free from the scene.


Soldiers die in needless wars.
Civilians bombed by USAAF.
Palestinians so poor they have no shoes!
Bush and Brown say "sod Zimbabwe, it's no threat to Israel."

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

He's Madoff With All the Money. But Is Bernard Jewish???

At this conjuncture I am tempted to make some long rambling point about the Madoff rip-off, the billions lost by banks, pension fund holders and others that will effect the least well off, the nature of Capitalism, the degraded status of Wall Street, and the people who pose the real threat to our society and our freedoms as opposed to CIA/Mossad created ghost threats.

But I don't want to be labeled an "anti Semite."

Besides, all this "Jewish" nature of money scams, such as with Ron Sandler and the whole sub-prime mortgages fiasco which has ended with millions getting thrown on the dole, can do nothing but endanger 'good community relations,' further stereotypes of Jews being money-grabbers and swindlers, and persuade some people that the very heart and soul of Capitalism is vampiric, usurious and Talmdudic.

And I would not want to partake in such an endeavour. Tsk.

So I'll let you draw your own conclusions. In an atmosphere of love, respect, tolerance and humanism.

Happy Hannukah! ;-)

A Talmudic Blog Weeps

Madoff Hits Jewish Charities (Hey - is he an anti-semite?)

Monday, 15 December 2008

It's Still Not Too Late!

Remember FC for your Christmas goodies...

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Gaudete Sunday: Rejoice, Christmas is Almost Here

Today is Gaudete Sunday, which roughly translates as "Joyful Sunday."

Some of you may know of the beautiful song Gaudete, as sung by Steeleye Span (of "All Around My Hat" fame - get their greatest hits CD for some great songs) and latterly by the Medieval Babes (see videos above and below).

Latin for "Rejoice," Gaudete Sunday links in which the expectation of Christ's birth and historically our forefathers would have treated this as the beginning of Christmas (coming as it does sort of midway between the start of Advent and the 'official' 12 days of Christmas).

So enjoy Gaudete Sunday and perhaps we can all start to prepare for Christmas in a way that doesn't involve Cohen's (sorry... Tesco's) and Marks and Spencers.

A Nun on Gaudete Sunday and Christmas

The History of Gaudete Sunday in Advent

And for the anoraks out there (or you singalong types) here's the lyric to the song:

Friday, 12 December 2008

Al Qaeda is a CIA/Mossad Front

We and many others have said this all along.

Just as Islam was created (as a combination of Judaism and Christianity) to counter the spread of Christianity eastwards and to act as a buffer to protect the Jews (who would convert the kingdom of Khazaria beyond the Arabic Muslim heartlands to provide them with a safe house), so the Jewish powers today have created Al Qaeda to provide a bogeyman for "Christians" to fear and to fight.

911 is a con. The entire "war on terror" and "clash of civilisations" is a con.

You, dear reader, are being conned!

Conned into supporting the short, medium and long-term goals of the Judeo-Masons, of the Neo Cons and of the Israel-Firsters.

In the meantime the traitor politicians, in the pockets of the Rothschilds and other Judeo-Mason banking 'elites', use the excuse of 911 and all the other false flag operations to pass ever more ridiculous laws, to freeze assets of Icelandic banks, to raid an MP's office because he leaked info on illegal immigrants, and to give draconian, Orwellian powers to a police force that cannot be trusted.

If you are not guilty you have nothing to fear. So say the bleeding heart dupe numpties. So say Sun editorials. So say the Neo Cons' useful idiots taking their 30 pieces of shekel silver to mould public opinion.

Tell that to the de Menezes family! Tell that to Damian Green and his family!

We are being ushered down a road of complete social control, allegedly to protect us from "Islamic terrorists" -- when our government, our police, our political and justice system in its entirety cannot even save us from the real terror of mass unemployment, of crippling debt, of knife wielding muggers, of drugs gangs with their guns, of spiralling crime - and the other social and societal evils that bring real terror to hundreds and thousands of families and individuals every single day.

But why bother about guns, drugs, crime etc. when we can "fight terrorism".

if Al Qaeda didn't exist they would have to invent it. Oh... erm... hang on a minute. They already did!

Asian Group Says Al Qaeda is CIA/Mossad

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Quote of the Week: St Thomas Aquinas on Government

"You see what St Augustine said in his Treatise on Free Will, in chapter 6 of the first book: If a people is reasonable, serious and very vigilant in its defence of the common-good, it is good to promulgate a law permitting it to appoint those magistrates who administer public affairs. However, if this people becomes depraved little by little and abuses its suffrage, if it gives over government to scandalous persons and criminals, then it is fitting to remove from them the facility to make appointments and to return it to a small number of good men."

St Thomas Aquinas,
Summa Theologica.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Man on BNP List was Opponent!

This is an interesting story because it shows that far from being a "membership list" the BNP list placed on the internet included enquirers, correspondents, complainants and even ex-members.

As such it blows away the statement that the BNP are the "fourth party" when even the SNP, Plaid Cymru, UKIP or the Greens could say they have more members and certainly more elected representatives (in Europe, Westminster let alone councils and "Vicar of Dibley" style parish councils!).

This, with BNP "rebels" being arrested, their property seized, then being released without charge, adds further grist to the mill over the whole saga!

It does seem a bit of a mess.

Rocket Man's Fury Over BNP List

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Poll of the Week: BNP Membership List

Who do you think leaked the BNP membership list?

The BNP Leadership
29 (47%)
Ex-BNP Rebels
8 (13%)
Spooks in the BNP
15 (24%)
Spooks outside the BNP
3 (4%)
3 (4%)
Others known or unknown
0 (0%)
I Don't Know/Care
3 (4%)

Since this poll closed there's been news of 'two arrests' in Nottinghamshire, which seems to point to the "BNP rebels."

But are these mere fishing trips used by a grateful police? Conspiratorially minded patriots may say this could be a fit-up and the State is happy to paint the rebels as the guilty party. BNP "loyalists" will say this proves their argument.

Whether true or fabricated, it will have repercussions on the court case between the "rebels" and the BNP leadership...

I guess we'll just have to watch this space.


P.S. According to comments on the NWNationalist Blog, the two Nottinghamshire BNP "Rebels" who were arrested were released without charge, so it seems it was a BNP-inspired excuse for a police trawl. So the conspiracy trails have very far from dried up!

December on the FC Blog

Apologies for the lack of blog entries since the start of December, but unfortunately the mundane matter of work, even more important since the Talmudic-inspired usurious bankers' "credit crunch" was foisted upon us, means less time to send on the blog.

Hopefully there will be a few inputs and updates during the month, but please don't be surprised if the Blog goes a little quiet.

On the positive side, for those who place orders for Christmas with the FC online shop in the days ahead, orders are going out promptly.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Happy St Andrew's Day!

Better late than never... a belated happy St Andrew's Day to all our Scottish comrades and readers.

As a friend said: how many Singhs were at Glencoe or Cohens at Killiekrankie?

For more info on Nationalism in Scotland click on the Scotland First link on the side bar of this blog.

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