Wednesday, 14 February 2007

The World Goes Pop

Just a brief one today.

IS it me or is Amy Winehouse the Jewish soul [?] singer.... a bloke?

Before I knew WHAT "she" was, or what "she" looked like, her self-conscious wannabe style of song and her baritone voice got right on my nerves -- especially when played to death on the radio!

And you know one thing... whenever radio djs and newspaper writers add the label "sexy" to some media-craving bint, she's going to be ugly as sin with no ingratiating features and no real talent.

They did it with the black one off Holby City or one of those TV hospital shows, it was always "sexy Angela Griffin."

But then maybe it's just me and the whole romanticism of Valentine's Day is getting to me! ;-) Aaaah I'm just an old sentimental fool!

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

The Fifth Columnists

It's easy to say the world is going to rack and ruin.

Newspaper columnists do it on a weekly basis. They talk about street crime, and they're right. They talk about loss of civil liberties, and they're right. They talk about war and suffering, and they're right.

The problem is that most of them don't combine the evils in the world.

It's become a kind of pick n mix affair depending on what political tag they choose [or are paid] to wear.

We all know the types:

Liberal-lefty's pet hates: Bush's Wars, Social Injustice, crumbling housing, unemployment, Fat Cat salaries, patriarchal structures, the Tories, xenophobia...

Kosher-Right's pet-hates: The ever-lurking terrorists, out-of-control immigration, drugs, street crime, the EU, Tony Blair and New Labour...

They may occasionally be the exception that proves the rule with a lefty that speaks honestly about immigration or drugs, or the rare right-winger who speaks honestly about Bush's Wars or Fat Cats.... but they are rarities, and these people tend to dive for safety fairly quickly.

It's a right-left dichotomy akin to the party system, and it gets me reaching for the sick bucket.

It always made me cross as a wee youngster why anyone who opposed feminism had to be "right wing" and so a defender of Fat Cats and Israel; or why anyone who wanted to help the unemployed or improve social conditions was "left wing" and so a defender of homosexual "rights" and decriminilaising cannabis.

Just where are the GK Chestertons and Hilaire Bellocs for today? Where are the columnists in the media who have the courage to slam into Israeli mass-murdering and Capitalist destruction of the ancient freedoms of the English whilst having the fortitude to state that mass immigration has been a disaster whilst multi-faith nonsense is pushed by those whose main concern is to destroy our Christian heritage?

Of course editors and advertisers control the people they employ - whilst feigning that the columnists have freedom to air their own views.

This is a nonsense...

A columnist providing irrefutable evidence against immigration wouldn't last two weeks in The Guardian, just as a columnist really laying into Israel wouldn't last two weeks in the Daily Mail.

Even the BNP is falling into this dichotomy and editorialising by publishing the column of Lee Barnes who constantly promotes Israel, defends the worst Israeli policies and basically acts as a tester in patriot circles for the kind of policies and arguments pushed by Neo-Cons.

How long would a columnist last in the BNP who spoke honestly and openly against Israel and exposing the truth in Zionist and Jewish affairs? Two weeks?

Belloc wrote of the need for a Free Press.

The problem is that we don't have one. We have a press that is choriagraphed to appear free: Oooooh, look at the choice!

But look for those who speak truthfully across the board and you'll look in vain.

Pressure valves exist out there, but everything is controlled. The media is owned by a small group of magnates. Building sites are fed The Sun's Neo-Con post-politically correct crappola. School staff rooms are fed The Guardian's liberal gender-neutral drug-friendly drivel.

Perhaps the internet will offer some answers - but even here the main sites are carefully controlled and who but the most devoted will find their way to the few voices crying in the wilderness?

No, the more "choice" we get the more controlled and brain dead we become, and so the search for truth continues.

Crime on our streets, drugs freely available, war crimes by the last superpower, corruption in the corridors of power, immigration doing untold damage, homosexual "rights" the next cancer to our society....

As the geeks used to know, 'The Truth is Out There.'

The problem is knowing where to look as we drown in a tide of controlled media.

Monday, 12 February 2007

Avalon CD - Almost There!

After some delays the release of the Avalon CD THIS IS WAR is just days away.

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Wednesday, 7 February 2007

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