Friday, 24 February 2012

German Antifa Getting a Beating from Kurdish Gang

Oh joy of joys.

Just as anti-racists in Manchester have faced arrest and the pulping of their Man United fanzine for having a parody/satirical KKK image, so anti-fascists in Germany are being attacked by Kurdish hoodlums for failing to pay up to their protection racket.

Oh dear. Their anti-racism is oh so flimsy. To quote lefty fleabag Mensi "the Hammer and Sickle seems so fickle..."

The feeling of multi-culti warmth, "inclusivity," tolerance and freedom is washing over me. Mmmmm. Breathe it in! Feel the love.

Black and White Unite and Fight!

Oh to see the red wannabes crying in their schnapps after the immigrants beat the crap out of them. It's not so much 'we told you so' as WE TOLD YOU SO YOU IDIOTS.

All we can hope is that either the Kurds keep kicking the backsides of the anarchist anti-fash dross, or that the anti-nationalist dregs get their noses from out of the immigrants collective backsides and start to fight back - for Race and Nation.

In the meantime, pop your slippers on, fill your pipe, and site on the veranda in your best Commander Rockwell pose and enjoy life. Sometimes, just sometimes, it delivers up choice moments like this!

Antifa's Berlin 'Hard men' get a Kicking from Kurdish Mobsters


Anonymous said...

Oh wonderous news FC.

Calls to mind the muslims turning on the anti-fash who were there to 'protect the muslims' from a 'nasty nazi' march.

These antifa types are invariably well-to-do middle class (as is your typical Red) who have never had to actually live (rather than opt-in...and out as they do!) amongst the muds.

Also, nationalism/culturally identity is also not a 'White' creation.

Also, one last thing, if I may, via FC, notify any antifa who are reading this, I do hope that you get cut to pieces by your muddy friend and don't ever think of joining our ranks once you realise the error of your ways because we will cut you to pieces too.

It must be weird being antifa, lumped in amongst all those other schizophrenic/paranoic/smackheads.

PS. Can any antifa/uaf come on here and explain how they can call a picket in defence of sexgroomers/paedophiles?

Balder said...

Zionist 'Nationalists' against Zionist 'Nationalists'

On Saturday March 31, the Danish branch of the English Defence League (EDL) the Danish Defence League (DDL) is to hold a manifestation in the Danish city of Aarhus; according to the organizers an important international event, with participants from all over the world. The focus will be on the problems many societies in the world experience, as a result of the uncontrolled mass influx of Muslims into Christian European countries.

"It doesn't happen every day that the Danish People's Party and the left wing radical party Enhedslisten take to the streets almost hand in hand fighting for the same view.

On Wednesday March 21 you can 'experience it'. The two parties will join when a united Aarhus meets at Bispetorv in order to hail tolerance."

More: Denmark: Zionist Danish People’s Party & Antifa protest together against upcoming demonstration from the Zionist EDL

Anonymous said...

The Crusades were financed with jew money, does no one learn from history?

Anonymous said...

Your proof. dates, times. names?

or is this more protestant BS to excuse their own cowardice whilst Catholics took on the Muslim hordes eg at Lepanto.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha, priceless, where do you get such anti protestant sentiments from.

Anyway, instead of taking what wikipedia tell you as gospel, try reading a book for a change....and I don't mean the janet & john which is your usual reading matter.

As for taigs fighting at least the kids were safe then.

Anonymous said...

ha ha, another protestant who's never seen the inside of his church, or he'd know it is the most Jusaised of all.

Name ONE SINGLE Crusade organised by the Prots you loser.

All you can do is come on here and like a heeb slag off the only force which throughout its history has been opposed by organised Jewry.

All your protestant propganda of the reormation and against Spain was printed by the heebs in Amsterdam.

If you ever learn to read and UNDERSTAND history you would know that for 2000 years the church has been under attack from the pharisees -- and the protestant reformation was use dby the pharisees to split Europe as the Muslims were invading.

Luckily for us real Catholic heroes stood up to that invasion whilst the prots tortured their fellow Europeans, acting as afifth column for the monety power that would rise - and still has its base in protestant London.

Now eff off and quit the Talmudic propaganda you hassidic waste of space.

Anonymous said...

Still no proof dates or times though eh from the anti-Catholic troll.

I suggest he is ignored.

Put up or shut up Mr Troll.

Where are your details for the great Crusades led by Protestants? In Spain? In North Africa? In Palestine? In the Mediterranean?

Now cough it up or go away you sad idiot.

Otherwise slink back to Golders Green you stunted little inbred.

Anonymous said...

WHERE'S THE PROOF? All mouth and trousers as usual.

Anonymous said...

"try reading a book for a change" - words undoubtedly from a dunce with little or no knowledge of history.

The same troll expects us to take his word that the Crusades were financed by jews.

Please give us the names, dates, facts.

Otherwise go away and stop wasting everyone's time with your silly little games and sectarian games.

Final Conflict said...

I would ask comrades to temper their tone. By all means debate but try not to fling veiled insults.

As for the gent who seems to think he can post on here (where all but outright insults, obvious trolls and foul language are deleted) whilst threatening this blog for the posts of others, he can forget it.

I do not want to have to go down the route of forcing people to put their names to their opinions, so please desist with the silliness, which will not be tolerated.

It may help others if those who postulate facts try and back them up with some source, though I know this isn't always so straightforward.


p.s. if you don't like this blog - try somewhere else ;-)

Anonymous said...

Crusades? hmmmm....

There may be some who consider the Crusades as an example of 'brave Christian warriors' but conveniently forget that the main reason for the Crusades was to accumulate even more wealth.

The Crusades has to go in to debt to purchase the logistics, thus, because Christianity forbade usury, many Crusaders found themselves inevitably in debt to jew moneylenders, having themselves purchased the necessary arms by assuming this debt, these Crusaders conventiently rationalised their killing of jews as an extension of their 'Christian' mission.

As regards the nonsense about any 'Prot Crusade' the ones who have demanded to know where indeed any 'Prot Crusade' were do show themselves as the ignoramuses that they are and the 'troll' is quite correct in stating that they do need to read an ACTUAL book.

(pssst, a little clue is when Protestantism was established!)

Nice one FC for not becoming involved in 'some' elements ambition to create secterianism.

Anonymous said...

admirable sentiments - EXCEPT: one may consider the Battle of Lepanto a Crusade against Islam. The Catholic forces of Spain, Austria and the Italian States stopped the spread of Islam.

They could have ignored it and fought back against the Prots who were busily attacking Catholics.

One writer, Warren H Carroll (you know, they write those books you are so keen to avoid) called the Spanish Civil War the "Last Crusade" (and penned a book of that name) because the Nationalist forces were absolutely Catholic and prevented the take-over of the Iberian Peninsula by (Talmudic) Marxists. Catholics in England raised funds for the Nationalist side in The Universe paper (which also published GK Chesterton etc. back in the day).

So again, I ask, please tell us of any such Crusade or similar by protestants, organised as such, carrying the Cross to fight its enemies?

Rather they were busy spreading Jewish lies from the time of the Inquisition (which saved Spain from Talmudism) to the French Revolution (which delivered France to Talmudism) and beyond.

We are still waiting for the names, dates and ACTUAL PROOF from the Catholic-basher rather than empty slogans taken from moth-eaten jewish/Marxist rags meant to undermine Christendom.

It is all so easy to repeat the half-baked ideas gathered from morons' diatribes in online fora.

'Europe is the Faith, the Faith is Europe' - Belloc (perhaps you should try reading some of his books).

In all seriousness I dont think we will get actual answers (as before), just more slogans with no verifiable facts.

Anonymous said...

"the main reason for the Crusades was to accumulate even more wealth."

Sorry which Talmudist did you get that idea from?

Anonymous said...

The same Talmudist which backed your Crusaders.

Anonymous said...

How old was Protestantism when the Battle of Lepanto occured, and to raise up the Spanish Civil War is ridiculous, how about I mention the Protestants which enabled national socialist Germany to gain power and all the Protestant members from the Northern European countries which volunteered in the ranks of the Waffen SS to actually keep Bolshevism from drowning ALL of Europe and not just to keep Franco safe, I don't recall Spain actually joining this Crusade against the mass Bolshevisation of Europe?!

Fascism is an ideology for Catholics anyway, so what's you point?

I belive you are just trying to create a clique based on your religious bigotry to the detriment of the national good.

Anonymous said...

>>The Crusades were financed with jew money, does no one learn from history?<<

No mate. Islam was a Jewish construct. Part Judaism, part Christian heresy, no priests.

Acted as buffer zone to protect Jewish homelands from Christians in Europe and Asia Minor (historically).

Read a book?


Anonymous said...

Let's consider those who have stood up to the power of international finance in MODERN times, Abe Lincoln, AH and JFK, 2 Prods to 1 Catholic as if that load of bollocks matters in the grand scheme of things.

No, 'fraid Franco did not, neither did Salazar.

FC, can you have a word with this troll who always raises his Catholic hackles whenever a point is being made?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, AH was born and brought up a ROMAN CATHOLIC. He was certainly never a Protestant.

Facts is facts. Most books you read will tell you that the NSDAP grew in the Catholic South (wehere the Brown House was, the Munchen beer hall ;putsch etc.) that's why Nazi imagery is so "Catholic" and also based on the Holy Roman Empire (even the salute).

if you are going to argue a case you should get your facts right. You have made yourself the laughing stock of this blog's comments section. Ho ho ho.

your chauvanist position, which seems to be based on grasping at straws to attack Catholicism (you still provide no facts, figures, dates or proof), is undone.

What's your name? Levi?

Anonymous said...

>>The same Talmudist which backed your Crusaders.<<

Still empty words, sloganeering. No facts, figures, dates or names.

Run away child.

This place should be for serious nationalists.

Not heeb trolls pretending.

Final Conflict said...

As entertaining as this has been I suggest we close it here.

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