Friday, 24 May 2013

Are Swedes Rioting in Sweden?

It seems that "Swedes" have been rioting for 5 days. Yes those laid-back, fun-loving, liberal, social democratic, anti-racist "Swedes" have been burning cars, smashing windows, attacking kindergartens and suchlike!

Who'd have thought "Swedes" would be so vindictive?

I mean I can't imagine this has anything to do with immigration or multi-culti as we were told (back in the 70s and 80s) that the UK was letting in millions of Third World immigrants because "we" had an empire. The last time I looked the Swedish empire only took in a few European countries...

or is it that we were told a huge porky pie to excuse letting in millions of unwanted immigrants and the people rioting in Sweden aren't European or Swedes. That can't be so surely? 

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Tories: Sold Out to 'Gay' Extremists, the Corrupt EU and Big Business

Oh... and mad nutter queers. 
Tories after the local elections: "we will listen."

William Hague today: "nothing changes."

So what's the truth?

Oh the Tories will say they are changing immigration - but they can't because of the EU, asylum and 'ooman rights.

They say they will get tough on prisoners: but they can't, same reasons.

They will promise some vague referendum on the EU: but they won't deliver - as before.

So there will be no change.

UKIP are picking up Old Tory and Old Labour votes. Yet the Tories could do a few simple things to appeal to both (kind of):

  • Drop "gay" marriage. It's a waste of time and money. Only appeals to the New left, extreme socialists and 0.1% of the population that are homosexual (and even some of them don't want it).
  • Promise a referendum next year, and say they'll vote against it. With the Eurozone in freefall this is hardly revolutionary.
  • Stop employing public schoolboys and defending the rights of utility big business to charge what they want when people are borrowing money to buy food. That smacks of the "nasty party" image.
Stop gay marriage, EU referendum (next year) and helping the people in hard times -- not that difficult really, and I even think such things would appeal to the "middle ground" the Tories seem to love.

But none of this will happen as the Tories are sold out to a minority of extreme queers, the corrupt EU juggernaut , and the mega-rich who are screwing the rest of us.

So the Tories deserve to die the death of a thousand cuts: slow and painful. They won't be missed as they have conserved nothing except injustice, sexual immorality and greed.

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