Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Belgian Reds get Accosted by Muslims

In this video we see Muslims go up against Communists, in Brussels.

Cor blimey guvnor it's like Afghanistan 1980 all over again.

What was it the militant lefty Mensi once sang about the Hammer and Sickle being fickle?

And is that a poof banner behind the Muslims? It's all getting a bit panto mate! "They're behind you!"

I always wonder why Communists back 'queer rights' when faggotry was always a disease of the idle rich - mind you so was Marxism.

I've answered me own question! Apples and pears!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Irish Member of Parliament Exposes Banking Con

'That promissory note could literally be torn up'

The Central Bank 'created' the money needed to keep banks solvent, writes Peter Mathews

By Peter Mathews
Sunday February 26 2012

The last government agreed that the State should pay €31bn to IBRC (formerly Anglo and Irish Nationwide) over a 13-year schedule ending in 2025. The first payment of €3.1bn was made in March 2011. The next payment is due on March 31.
If the European Union and the European Central Bank force us to make this payment, it would amount to increasing the totally unjustified, odious debt burden on the people of Ireland.
How is it unjustified? How is it odious?
Loan losses that occurred in the Irish banks following the financial collapse in 2008 were calculated in March 2011 at €75bn. In the 12 months since then it is becoming increasingly apparent that mortgage loan losses will get progressively worse.
Evidence is mounting that the total loan losses in Ireland could rise towards €100bn.
Throughout 2008 and 2009 there was a slow motion run and controlled implosion of the Irish banking system. In response, the ECB advanced massive loans to the Irish banks and in turn the Central Bank of Ireland responded by providing Exceptional Liquidity Assistance (ELA) to the Irish banks.
Professors Karl Whelan, Brian Lucey and Dr Stephen Kinsella recently made excellent presentations to the Oireachtas Committee on the issue of the promissory notes and ELA.
They showed how the Central Bank of Ireland effectively created €45bn ELA money "out of thin air". The Central Bank of Ireland doesn't owe any of this money to the ECB, they said.
On a once-off basis, money was created and pumped into the Irish banks to keep them solvent.
When the Irish banks repay these ELA loans, the Central Bank of Ireland simply retires them. The money literally disappears.
Therefore, the €31bn ELA money created by the Central Bank of Ireland, and advanced to IBRC to cover promissory notes, can and should be written off.
Specifically, on March 31 next, the write-off by the Central Bank of Ireland of €3.1bn ELA would mean that the Government wouldn't have to borrow that money to pay the €3.1bn promissory note.
That promissory note could literally be torn up.
The same applies to all the remaining €25bn ELA loans to IBRC and the remaining €25bn promissory notes on IBRC's balance sheet.
There is nothing dubious or wrong about doing this.
Losses which should have been borne by bondholders have, wrongly, been dumped on the people of Ireland.
Normally, when banks collapse, their funders do not get all their money back. In Ireland, bondholders were redeemed all their money with interest at the insistence of the ECB.
Since the end of 2008, as payments to bondholders fell due, neither the banks nor the State had the resources to pay them.
That is where the ECB stepped in. It lent approximately €135bn to our banks to enable them to repay the bondholders and also to replace lost deposits.
The ECB became fully complicit in dumping this bill onto the people of Ireland.
Under normal capitalist principles, the ECB would not have shielded bond- holders from the consequences of their investments. They would have to accept that Ireland is "taking one for the team".
Taking all this into account, again under normal capitalist principles, the ECB could not object to writing off up to €75bn of the loans it advanced to the Irish banks.
If the ECB is unwilling to do this, then the Central Bank of Ireland should top up its Exceptional Liquidity Assistance loans to the Irish banks to €75bn (in the case of AIB and Bank of Ireland substituting ELA for ECB loans) and then write it off.
The ECB has a limited ability to prevent the Central Bank of Ireland from doing this. It can only veto a proposal by the Irish Central Bank with a two-thirds majority of its governing council.
There are 23 members of the governing council, including Ireland's representative, Governor Patrick Honohan.
So, if he and seven other members of the governing council support the proposal to write off the ELA money there is nothing Ms Merkel, Mr Sarkozy, Mr Draghi or anybody else can do about it.
But has Mr Honohan held discussions with ECB President Mario Draghi regarding writing off the ELA money? Has he lobbied other Central Bank governors? Has he lobbied the other eurozone countries in trouble so we can take a joint approach towards debt restructuring?
Writing off that €75bn would have a massive positive impact on Ireland.
Firstly, this would allow AIB and Bank of Ireland to pass on these write-downs to mortgage holders and struggling businesses, providing a much needed stimulus to the Irish economy.
Secondly, it would allow us to 'tear up' our obligation to redeem the €31bn promissory notes.
Overnight, our national debt would fall towards the Eurozone average and substantially improve our prospects of leaving the EU-IMF bailout programme.
We have been damned with faint praise from the troika. But the current EU policy of 'kicking the can down the road' just prolongs the crisis.
Our Government has shown willingness and fortitude in taking tough, necessary and often deeply unpopular decisions. It's now time for the ECB to establish fairness within the eurozone.
If the European political establishment really believes we're doing such a good job, the best way to show it is to agree to lighten the debt load on the people of Ireland by €75bn.

Peter Mathews is a chartered accountant and Fine Gael TD for Dublin South
- Peter Mathews
Originally published in

Hollie Grieg - Paedophile Cover Up by the Establishment

With corruption in the police currently on full display at the Leveson Enquiry, and institutional ineptitude on display after a negro serial rapist escaped justice for many years in the South London area (he was black, his victims mostly -or all?- white, so the police escape a charge of institutional racism); we must not be afraid to speak out against cover-ups.

Does KINCORA ring a bell?

When politicians and establishment figures (and past paedo scandals with MPs have been silenced) are involved, the establishment often closes ranks. They did so in a huge scandal in North London involving a local Labour bigwig. Is it the Masonic link? The old school tie network, or just evil people conspiring to abuse children?

Paedophilia is a heinous crime. There is nothing worse. This society and the criminal justice system treats it as if it were bank robbery (often bank robbers get longer sentences!): as if bits of paper meant more than the lives and innocence of children. 

We, whether we call ourselves the silent majority, the voice of decency, the defenders of Christian values, must speak out and demand the strictest possible sentences for paedo's. The death sentence, for the worst cases, MUST be an option.

As sexual degenerates are given free reign in society, and promoted by parliament, the BBC and even the churches (yes, and even in nationalism!), is it any wonder that other sexual degenerates feel empowered, especially when these seedy, drug-riddled worlds often overlap.

Some will be surprised I mention nationalism, but the fact is that just as in the post-1960s (some would say "judaised") Catholic Church, nationalism (through the - some would say "Zionised" - BNP) began in the 00's to turn a "blind eye" to queers. The stable door was well and truly open. Once you open that door the cancer of sexual perversion floods in. Now those who split-off from the BNP and joined groups like the EDL even have their own queer sections.

There is no excuse. There can be no excuses. 

This is why nationalism must stand firm. No to homosexuality. No to paedophilia. Outlaw the former. Capital punishment for the latter.

Trying to (ahem) fudge on this issue leads to what the (liberalised) Catholic Church and the (liberalised) BNP suffered - being seen as outright hypocrites in public. Saying one thing, doing another. Defending the Family in public, but allowing perverts in your own ranks. That kind of flip-flop policy is not only false, it eats away at the innards of the organisation, because the public see you as hypocrites, your members no longer believe, and your organisation is bought out by, split by and internally emptied by the forces of liberalism and degeneracy that you should have been fighting against in the first place instead of allowing them in (ahem) by the back door, just to be all "caring" and "inclusive," or more cynically for the money and manpower needs of the organisation in question.

There can be no cover-ups. Truth and justice is required in all such cases.

Justice for Hollie Grieg.

Hat tip to Griffin Watch from whom I shamelessly nicked this video.

Muslims Give Antifa Anarchists a Beating in Sweden

Before the usual brain-dead trolls start up, this are not our videos and their editorial content is not ours.

Got that? Has it sunk in? Good. Then we can get on...

These vids show the Antifa getting a beating from the very immigrants they claimed to want an open door policy for.

You see, Mr Antifa, whatever banners you wave, you are still white men. And when that mugger holds a knife to your throat as your girlfriend is raped, all the bleating about multi-culturalism and "smash the fash" is not going to save you.

Sweet dreams!

and without subtitles:

Friday, 24 February 2012

German Antifa Getting a Beating from Kurdish Gang

Oh joy of joys.

Just as anti-racists in Manchester have faced arrest and the pulping of their Man United fanzine for having a parody/satirical KKK image, so anti-fascists in Germany are being attacked by Kurdish hoodlums for failing to pay up to their protection racket.

Oh dear. Their anti-racism is oh so flimsy. To quote lefty fleabag Mensi "the Hammer and Sickle seems so fickle..."

The feeling of multi-culti warmth, "inclusivity," tolerance and freedom is washing over me. Mmmmm. Breathe it in! Feel the love.

Black and White Unite and Fight!

Oh to see the red wannabes crying in their schnapps after the immigrants beat the crap out of them. It's not so much 'we told you so' as WE TOLD YOU SO YOU IDIOTS.

All we can hope is that either the Kurds keep kicking the backsides of the anarchist anti-fash dross, or that the anti-nationalist dregs get their noses from out of the immigrants collective backsides and start to fight back - for Race and Nation.

In the meantime, pop your slippers on, fill your pipe, and site on the veranda in your best Commander Rockwell pose and enjoy life. Sometimes, just sometimes, it delivers up choice moments like this!

Antifa's Berlin 'Hard men' get a Kicking from Kurdish Mobsters

The Stuff that Zionists Say

There is some weird stuff in this video, and the makers obviously include liberals and Jews, but it does contain some interesting material to cogitate upon...

The sad thing is (the way we have all been controlled in a 1984-stylee) unless there are Jews involved in such discourse, the Neo Cons, Zionists and suchlike just say "it's anti-semitic" as if that closes down all discussion.

With "British nationalists" addressing meetings to the (officially designated 'terrorist') JDL in Canada it's a weird world we live in!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Bishop Williamson Wins His Court Appeal Against 'Holocaust' Sentence & Fine

Great news!

His Lordship, the English Bishop Richard Willamson has won his appeal in a German Court against his conviction for having a personal opinion based on research of an historical event.

No, not the Battle of Hastings. Not the Bomber Command actions of WW2. Not the Boer War. Nor the Napoleonic Peninsular War. Not the sacking of Gibraltar.Not the gulags nor the Ukrainian forced starvation. Not the Irish potato famine. Nor the Katyn Forest massacre. Not the Spanish Inquisition. Not even the Armenian genocide. certainly not the expulsion of Palestinians.

It seems the only bit of world history we are not allowed to discuss, in quite a few countries, is the alleged "holocaust of six million Jews" (not even the number of Catholic Poles or Russian PoWs who died in German captivity).

What this does show is that given a punchy defence, standing up to the courts, victory is possible.

Congratulations to Bishop Williamson. As we go through Lent towards Easter, might those who still hide away "for fear of the Jews" as did the Apostles following the Crucifixion (the more times change, the more they stay the same) get out and start defending 'Europe and the Faith' from the anti-Christian hordes who seek to drag us and our Christian heritage down.

For more see Thought & Action blog

America Takes Care of its... Financiers

There's a new Bruce Springsteen song "we take care of our own" which I've embedded at the bottom of this post. The words are positive, but the reality is quite, quite different.

Funnily enough New Orleans is mentioned in the song, and yet when New Orleans flooded, the real face of America was seen - a Third World bankrupt slum where the people were left to rot. Those who sought shelter in a stadium faced robbery and rape from rampant hoodlums. White folks in Cajun land outside New Orleans armed themselves against the roving gangsta bandits out to grab what they could...

This was the reality - a multi-racial hell hole, where lawlessness ruled, in which its government took little interest. At the same time of course America was busy charging around the world telling everyone else how they should behave. The irony is lost on most Americans.

Now in America more and more people are thrown on the rubbish heap as its government pours money into the bottomless pit that is the debt hole, tax-payers are stung for real money which goes, billion after billion, into the usury-debt  bottomless pit.

The banksters create money out of nothing on bits of paper or on computer screens, but the tax money that goes back (at interest) is real money, earned through sweat and labour. And whereas the Washington DC regime would never think to stop paying this ponzi-scheme con to financiers that are multi-billionaires, but they are happy to see American workers thrown out of work, thanks to the mess these banksters have created.

"We take care of our own" says Mr Springsteen... but moreso if they are billionaire financiers with no loyalty to America or any other land. American workers on the other hand are taken care of - in soup kitchens, drainage ducts etc.

To see how America 'takes care of its own' watch this first video on the homeless in America. You can then laugh whilst listening to Springsteen's jingoist nonsense in the second video.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Our Reader's Poll: Should Scotland...

Be independent
  41 (39%)
Be more devolved
  5 (4%)
Retain the status quo
  6 (5%)
Return to unionism / abolish Holyrood
  52 (50%)

An interesting result, clearly showing polarisation between Unionism and Independence, with half favouring the former. A full 55% seem to agree with the Tories/NuLab etc. that there should be Unionism or the status quo.

Interestingly, unless someone can state otherwise, I do not think there is a political party that favours abolishing Holyrood. UKIP and the BNP (and even the Tories) may once have pushed that line, but they all now seem to accept its existence, within a United Kingdom.

That 39% of readers favour Scottish Independence (43% if you include "devo-max") is also of interest, in that this is quite a high number and also given that most of our readership is outside Scotland.

Of course, this blog is also read by non-nationalists who may well favour Scottish independence or unionism, we have no control over who votes. Perhaps we should also have put a don't know/care option.

Readers' input welcome.

Monday, 20 February 2012

BNP's MEPs Fight Each Other in Court Via Mish Bondage

There is a court case going on. A BNP employee backed by one BNP MEP is taking action against another BNP MEP.

You can read more by following the link below, but before you do just think awhile.

Why, even if you loathed someone in your own party, would you go to court? You would be forced to wash all your dirty laundry in public, and when the 'employee' in question is some sort of "sado masochist bondage punk" (even if it is just an image meant to shock grannies) the overall picture left in the mind of the public will be that your party is a relative cess pit. Certainly nothing new, nothing decent, nothing to defend standards.

Why would anyone wish that on their own party? Why would anyone want to publicly smear nationalism in that way?

So many questions... Disturbing answers.

Remember: none of this is down to lefties, Muslims etc. this is all the work of people within the BNP, and specifically people close to the BNP leader.

It's not good.

We said years ago (many years ago) that the takeover of the BNP, its Zionist agenda, its dumbing down etc. would reverberate throughout nationalism and make us all look bad. 

Go see at GriffinWatch

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Usury Debt & Fraudulent Money: Put a Cork in it!

Immigration & the Euro. Usury Debt must feature too.
Published in an Irish newspaper:

Saturday, February 18, 2012

How to solve debt problem without the pain

Friday, February 17, 2012
All the debt that you have ever obtained has been fraudulent.

It has been issued by the central banks of nations.

All of these masquerade as national or public central banks of their respective countries.

None of them are public, though, including but not limited to, the Irish Central Bank, the ECB, the Federal Reserve.

They are privately-owned and they create money and issue it into society via the more commonly known high street banks.

These banks have never created a cent of interest that is owed to them. They issue us debt but only create the principal. So how can society pay the principal plus the interest? It can’t.

The debt cannot be repaid because the interest does not exist! This explains nearly all the problems of our society.

Let’s say you borrowed €200K five years ago to buy a house.

In truth you owe close to €400K with interest.

However, the extra 200K interest due does not exist. You need to scavenge, work extra hard and even step on others to gather this scarce resource. Hence someone else always loses for you to meet your debt commitment.

If the mortgage term was 25 years, then after five years you have paid circa €80K.

The second flaw in the system is that the central bank didn’t have the initial €200K either. They work off fractional reserve banking on ratios like 10:1, e.g. they only hold 10% in assets of the value of the loans that are given out. So of the €200K principal borrowed they may have only had €20K.

Solution time: Outlaw private central banking in a government – government co-ordinated fashion. Set up public central banking.

Instantly write off all the interest due on previous debt as it doesn’t exist and is therefore not owed. Write down all debt further to the value of the actual money the old private system had to loan, i.e. €20K in our example.

Since our couple have paid €80K of real money, then their debt is already serviced in full and they are now in credit to the tune of €60K, which possibly could be written off against future taxes.

Only those who haven’t reached this legitimate debt threshold will continue to pay debt to the new public central banks.

This is but the merest hint of the freedom awaiting humanity once we wake up to what legitimate debt really is.

Barry Fitzgerald

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Trevor Phillips: Multi-Culti Bully Boy of a Growing Police State

"Toe the line" is the cry from the promoter of mass coloured immigration, homosexual rights and much else that is bad in 'modern Britain.'

He says that if Christians see that a 'law' does not fit with the morality of Christianity (queer adoption, abortion, homo-rights, euthanasia, usury etc.) then Christians should follow the law of the land, in effect that "we" have to choose between our religion (our heritage, our civilisation, our roots, our forefathers) or the "law of the land" -- the threat being that if we choose the former we somehow become OUTLAWS.

How long before the police knock on doors of those who speak out against queer rights? How long before the police turn up and arrest a Christian being beaten up by homosexuals because he gave out leaflets or held a placard with a Biblical quote?

Next year? Next week? Tomorrow? Think again patriot! These things have already happened.

From the bosses of Westminster's quangos and the Race Lobby to the Masonic police chiefs who enforce Acts of Parliament passed by degenerates and traitors, to the Charity Commissioners who shut down adoption agencies who wouldn't house children with poofs... 1984 and much worse is already starting, and it's all around us.

It is our duty to speak out when we can, make our friends and neighbours aware. We cannot allow what was once dismissed as the "loony left" (Frankfurt School Marxists) to hold sway over public policy without fighting back.

There are plenty of bodies out there fighting back, professionally organised and looking for help. Look them up, join them, give their materials to those interested in your community.

If we lose this fight the enemies of civilisation will not give up the ground they gain. Network, educate yourself, be intelligent and join the resistance however you can.

Trevor Phillips Says Christians Must Choose

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Anti-Racist Liberals Hoisted by their own Police State Petard

Satire is no defence: Lock 'em up.
Liberals and Anti-Racists, egged on by the overpaid (via taxpayers' funds) Race Lobby, often staffed by extreme communist or corrupt money-grubbers, have long called for more Police State powers to target "racists."

These "racists" are often just decent people who are fed up of mass coloured immigration, or whop oppose the gradual take-over of England by millions of non-Europeans. In and of itself there is nothing wrong with that opinion. It is not illegal. It is not hateful. It is certainly not nihilistic or anarchic.

This has not stopped the institutionally anti-white Race Lobby nor the institutionally liberal and corrupt "leaders" of the political, lawyer, police and media classes from conspiring to target those who are opposed to immigration, often painting them as "racists," "fascists," "extremists," "neo-nazis" and so on ad infinitum.

These people, a mixture of posh liberals and Freemasons and (ex) Marxist agitators, have tried to make opposition of multi-culturalism and/or mass coloured immigration (a thing most people would have agreed with a few decades ago) criminal.

So it is with some joy we find out that the anti-racists of the "Red Attitude" Manchester United fanzine have had copies removed by the police and a threat to have the issue destroyed, because they used a KKK image, albeit as a means to attack Liverpool fans who have 'dared' to stand up and defend Luis Suarez. The Liverpool fans don't seem to understand (or rather they do and they don't like it) that in the post-Macpherson Report world, when a coloured person thinks he is the recipient of "racism" it ipso facto (regardless of the facts) becomes a racist crime!

This is of course itself racist, because if I report a crime as racist as a white man, simply because I assume it to be so, the police will probably ignore me or even treat me as a 'white racist' for stirring up trouble.

That the Man Utd fanzine was grabbed from the hands of their supporters outside Old Trafford on the State's ridiculous anti-racist twisted politically correct generalisations has some deliciousness about it. Let the liberals, Marxists and anti-racists moan all they like: they have created this crass stupidity wherein items can be grabbed, editors can be arrested, writers can be jailed and mags/books can be banned - not for obscenity, not for offending public morals, not for promoting terrorism or violence: but merely for going against what the modern-days lords and masters say is correct as regards multi-racism and immigration.

So, let's pretend we are as twisted as those treacherous, commie, anti-white commissars and say, with tongue firmly in cheek:

It's the only way to protect the public and democracy!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Of Valentines, Arnold Leese and Hoovering

"Love is in the air."
Happy Valentines Day to all you old romantics out there.

Every fascist needs that special person in the background, doing the mundane jobs, keeping the children entertained, scrubbing the floors, doing the washing up in their marigolds and dusting the hard to reach corners... least that is what Mrs FC tells her 'Armold Leese ladies' reading circle' whilst pointing at me as I disrupt them with the hoover.

Ah yes, life is sweet in Codreanu Cottage and love (not dust!) is in the air.

Now I must get on, that pile of plates won't clean themselves y'know.


It is a little known fact that many modern loves songs are, in fact, based on the life of Arnold Spencer Leese, leader of the Imperial Fascist League and the UK's foremost camel doctor.

All You Need is Love, I Wanna Hold Your Hand, It Must be Love, the Power of Love, More than Words and (of course!) Eternal Flame, are just a few of those that the fascist leader inspired.

Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 on iplayer

The full for-radio adapted version of Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 is available to listen to on the BBC's iplayer.

Fahrenheit 451

A society where the people are kept dumb by constant radio/TV shows including 'soaps' and where all books are burned... it is very interesting.

These programmes only last for a set amount of time on the BBC site, so give it a listen as soon as you can.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Quote of the Week: GK Chesterton - Going Against the Stream

“A dead thing can go with the stream, but only a living thing can go against it. A dead dog can be lifted on the leaping water with all the swiftness of a leaping hound; but only a live dog can swim backwards.”

G.K. Chesterton
The Everlasting Man.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Children are a Blessing - Not a Disease!

With much discussion on the NHS in the news, might we as nationalists dare to say: PREGNANCY IS NOT A DISEASE.

So can politicians, media and the vested interests who profit from abortions stop treating it as such?

At one end of a hospital, people pay tens of thousands to be able to have a child, and doctors battle to save lives. At the other end, a doctor may well be pulling out the parts of a child and placing them together to make sure he hasn't "missed a bit."

We treat babies (pregnancy) as a disease - yet at the same time politicians say we "need" immigrants for our workforce, to pay taxes etc.

Might we, as a once civilised society, stop ripping apart children and actually start cherishing children, realising they will be the people who protect us, produce and deliver our food, open our businesses, pay the taxes, staff our hospitals, etc. etc. They are not just 'an inconvenient blob' but the future of our country and continent.

A nation that kills the most innocent members will never take care of the frail, elderly, disabled and so on... that's why we shouldn't be surprised when the elderly get bed sores in hospitals or are abused in "care homes," because they too are now an 'inconvenience.'

Still, while innocent children are ripped apart in their millions - at least we can lock people up who say nasty things about homosexuals eh?

Friday, 10 February 2012

Carl Clark East Anglia NF/BNP Walter Mitty

We recently ran a piece on Carl Clark, a self-confessed nark in nationalist ranks: (see our Jan 1st story here)

One of FC's researchers contacted some colleagues from East Anglia and garnered this info, which may be of interest to nationalists in that region.

The info has been cleaned up to protect identities. It may or may not clarify matters, but if patriots there are informed, at least they can watch out for similar miscreants.

Many thanks to the FC researcher for his work on behalf of us all.

Friend A

I am told that Clark first made contact with the NF in 1979. He used to hang around with the football mob outside the George and Dragon and inside the Pheasant Cock before matches.

In the late 80s and early 90s he attended NF meetings that Tom Holmes held in Gt Yarmouth and associated with Richard Heaton, the Norwich BNP organizer at the time. He frequently attended Nationalist activities in London and mixed with people such as Matthew Collins and Eddie Whicker.

He disappeared for a few years but turned up again around 1999. He didn't do a lot but occasionally attended BNP meetings. He was regarded by many as a Walter Mitty type fantasist.

He stopped getting invited to BNP meetings around 2001 as there were concerns about security. Special Branch had gone to a Norwich social club around that time and had tried to frighten the manager from letting Nationalists hold meetings there. They knew what the name the room was booked under so they must have seen a bulletin. We had a small membership in those days and it seemed he was the prime suspect. He was always claiming to have been arrested for one thing or another but never seemed to end up in court. The suspicion was that he had become an informant in order to get charges dropped.

A couple of years later Richard Heaton [who by then had dropped out of the BNP] phoned the late Bill Fitt [then Norfolk BNP organiser] and mentioned that he thought Clark was an enemy agent, either a Red or State. His reasoning for this was that every time Clark knew of a local activity in the late 80s/90s, opposition would turn up. And every time he went down to London with him, Heaton's Norwich flat was broken into while he was away.

We were later told by two NF lads that he used to associate with that they were convinced he was a police grass, and that he had set them up for being caught in possession of 'racist' literature.

Clark disappeared from Norwich around 2005. There are suspicions that he may have supplied the information that got John Brunton locked up. He used to frequent Brunton's pub and both of them mixed in Ulster Loyalist circles.

Friend B
I've got a vague memory of someone - I think he was called Clarkey - who I sometimes used to see in the Barclay when I was a kid and first started standing near the Barclay Boot Boys at football about 78.

Don't know for sure if it is the same person but could be. I remember this fella because he used to turn up wearing a green boiler-suit which made him stand out a bit. The rest of them were typical 70's flares and denim at the time.

He wasn't around at football when the C Firm and Steins were about which would have been around 1981-86 and he wasn't involved with the NF at that time.

So what was he up to between say 1980 and the late eighties when he turned up again?

Friend C
I can't remember him being around from 81-86. I reckon he disappeared because he got involved with some girl. He got married and had a couple of kids about that time.

Are Some Pushing Zionist Agenda in Nationalist Circles?

A reader sent us an email which is published here verbatim. Why are some people still pushing the civic-nationalist proto-Zionist agenda? Nationalism suffers these idiots and the same names pop up at the centre of cranky attempts to create a "patriotism" which is controlled by the enemy.

Mr. Cotterill for one had a part-African gent elected as a "nationalist" councillor and lavished praise on the pro-Israeli film 'Munich.'

We do not know who the chairman of the meeting was, nor if he was Jewish. But it seems clear that a proto-Zionist line was taken, which annoyed our correspondent.


       I attended a Bradford meeting last Saturday in which a Jew chaired the meeting and was on about Zionism and the showers/gas chambers.
                  I spoke up about the Wolzeck false testimony by Aushcwitz commander Hess. Jez Turner and Peter Rushden said nothing.

        Sent them the message below.

Poxy meeting it was. Zionism and the holohoax have nothing to do with truth and true patriotism. I don't reckon much of Mr Bronz now .

    Britain for the British, Palestine for the Palestinians and Berobodjhan for the Jews!


Subject: Notice of a meeting

Hi ######

Thanks for your e-mail. You can send the notice below to any other interested nationalists.

Yours Mark Cotterill.


This notice is for a meeting of CDN (Center for Democratic Nationalism) organised by the Democratic Nationalists Party.

Venue : The Salthorn WMC Armitage Road Oakenshaw Bradford BD12 7AR See below for directions.

Date : Saturday 4th Feb

Time : 2pm - 6pm. The club is open before and after these hours so if you want a drink before or after the meeting (or both !) as well as during the meeting no problem.

Speakers : So far (may be amended) Andrew Brons MEP
                                                      Peter Rushton
                                                      Richard Edmonds, Jim Lewthwaite,
Ken Booth (or another person speaking on behalf of 'NE Patriots')

At least half the meeting will be open for comments/speeches from members on the floor - this format worked well at the meeting the other month in Queeniborough.

Directions... [snip]

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

An Illegal Immigrant and a State Breaking Ancient Laws

He's an ILLEGAL Immigrant. Simples.
The argument over Abu Qatada is all the fault of liberalism and a failed multi-racial immigration policy.

He is an illegal immigrant. He should not be in this country. He should have been turned back on Day One. But like countless (literally!) other illegal immigrants he was allowed in, and immediately gets hand-outs.

He has not (so we are told) broken any laws since his illegal arrival and the state locked him up because his thoughts are deemed dangerous.

So let us analyse this:

  • His very presence here is illegal (a costly mistake as he, like others, receives state handouts).
  • The state is locking up those it disagrees with, without stating what law they have broken.

Both of those should worry nationalists - because the former means the politicians are traitors, letting in hundreds of thousands of non-Europeans each year (against our wishes), yet when the dangerous ones are spotted they then tweak the law to lock up people on a pretext.

Now I do not support "militant Islam" before the Neo Con trolls start up. I am a White Christian Nationalist. I do not believe in coloured immigration. I believe Europe should be Christian in its entirety (as Belloc said "Europe is the Faith, the Faith is Europe").

However, the fact the the state is locking up Muslims (rather than just stopping the entry of all non-Europeans) means that one day they will be more than capable of doing this to nationalists.

Far fetched? Many/most "terror attacks" are false flag operations. Many "extremist" Muslims are in the pocket of the CIA/Mossad (just as top IRA people were in the pocket of the British state).

All it takes is one false flag op, one paid-idiot to spout crap about "sending 'em home in body bags" and we could easily see nationalists who have spoken out against coloured immigration, multi-culturalism locked up for "hate speech."

That is why nationalists need to be intelligent. By all means oppose Abu Qatada. Oppose his Islamism. Oppose his very presence here. But please do not be (Neo) Conned into supporting an illegal act of government which flies in the face of Magna Carta, the Law and Natural Justice.

If the government had any cajones it would stick him on the first plane home, as it should have done x number of years ago, just as it should with all illegal immigrants.

Illegal = Criminal.

But their liberalism means he stays here, and so they think up new 'powers' for themselves to whisk people off the streets for their thoughts and ideas and bang them up indefinitely.

If a piece from this blog is one day found in the home of some Mossad-paid nutter who shoots or blows up blacks, Muslims, queers or whoever, they could come for me because they will say I am a "hater" and helped "inspire" Mr. Nutter (despite the fact that Third Positionists have always categorically condemned terrorism as morally unacceptable and tactically misjudged). But we all know how the government, media and various pressure groups work.

When the TP has had various centres, in this country and abroad, the Mossad-mouthpieces, media etc. have always parroted phrases such as "terrorist training camps" when they were anything but. A surprise visit would garner more books, families, games of football etc. then even a fish filleting knife. But that doesn't stop the media, the Mossad crowd and others - because they believe a lie oft repeated is a lie believed.

So please do oppose Abu Qatada in your writings, actions and conversations. But do not support the illegal actions of a (Zionist, multi-racist, anti-nationalist) state that could one day be used against law-abiding citizens who disagree with government policy.

Let's not make slaves of ourselves to cover up the ridiculously liberal immigration policy of a failed and treacherous system.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Anti-Racist Group Say Critics of Corruption are "Racist"

Naz Malik - as featured on the Lottery website
Ethnic minority "spokesmen" are starting to learn from extreme Zionists.

When Zionists are caught supporting  mass-murder, caught embezzling funds, caught out being nepotistic etc. they screech "ANTI-SEMITISM" as loud as they can, hoping to smear their opponents and silencing potential critics. Some reporters won't touch such stories for fear of aggro from vested interests, media owners and some advertisers.

Now it seems the "anti-racist" pro-ethnic lobby are copying these antics.

The Welsh media have been reporting on a Swansea-based group called AWEMA (All Wales Ethnic Minority Association), whose leader Naz Malik - it is alleged - has employed family members, inflated all their wages, given himself perks, and paid off his credit card with AWEMA funds. A report is due out any day whose author says he has found a number of very corrupt practises.

AWEMA is funded by the Welsh government - to the tune of £8.5 million a year! That is tax-payers' money (what recession?) used to push an anti-white message. £8.5 million a year to help an ethnic population that must be minimal compared to England or even Scotland. It also has received had outs from the National Lottery. Mr. Malik is also a Labour Party activist (receiving funds from a Labour-run government...)

Yet it can't be corrupt, it can't be money wasted... to think that is just "racist" - so they tell us!

Let us hope the author of the report sues for defamation, as they are stating he is a "racist" for uncovering what could be illegal activities based around finances and bullying.

The ("racist") allegations (as reported by the BBC):
  • Naz Malik used "Awema funds in an inappropriate way", including paying off credit card debts worth £9,340
  • Mr Malik "has increased his own benefits package without due openness or transparency". This includes Mr Malik's salary being increased to £65,719 without approval from the board
  • Mr Malik "has authorised inappropriate payments, expenses and purchases, which may constitute gross misconduct"
  • Mr Malik's daughter Tegwen Malik "has been employed, and promoted on a number of occasions, without any internal or external competition". It is alleged her salary increased from £20,469 in January 2008 to £50,052 in August 2011
  • Regular claims are made for relatively expensive meals and hotels, including alcoholic drinks
  • The treatment of some junior staff was so poor that it contravened their human rights
  • Source: Paul Dunn's report for trustees.

Is Tax Dependent on Our Agreement?

An interesting video that makes the LEGAL case for not paying taxes in Ireland.

Much of Irish law is the same as British law (as it was formulated under British rule) so many of these arguments might well apply to the UK.

Nationalists should be discussing these matters.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Quote of the Week: Belloc on the Exploiters' Crisis

“This final crisis of our civilization, wherein the quarrel between the dispossessed and the possessed, the exploited and the exploiter, the sufferer from injustice and the beneficiary therefrom threatens to pull down our world, [and] there can be no question as to the seriousness of the issue. It is of maximum seriousness. It is as serious as it can be”

Hilaire Belloc
The Crisis of Our Civilization, Cassell & Co., London, 1937.

Are You For or Against a Corrupt Zionist Regime?

Have a look at this great montage. Again it shows the hypocrisy of "the West" - i.e. the political and media class.

The last time I made a comparison between the (Real) IRA and the Syrian insurrectionists, and the treatment of them by the BBC (chalk and cheese) when they shoot soldiers, I had one or two dullards and/or nonces stirring up quite the hornet's nest on here.

So, just to let you know, I am not an anarchist any more than I am an Islamist (or "democrat") Arab insurrectionist. I know, I know... but you'd be amazed at what trolls, idiots and numpties will read into a post!

Of course - the rioters in Cairo were fighting against a Zionist puppet regime that had acted against the interests of the indigenous people for decades... whereas in England we have... a 'democracy.' Mwah ha ha!

The BBC treated Irish and Syrian armed gangs who shoot soldiers, policemen etc, quite differently; they also treat those who riot against governments controlled by vested interests quite differently.

As always (e.g. when dealing with Libya or Saudi Arabia ruling families, Iran or Israel's nuclear realities, Serbian or American 'war crimes') the BBC twists the news to fit a specifically British State agenda, and to pretend otherwise is ridiculous. As our state is Zionist (i.e. in the pockets of Masonic bankers/financiers and hardline pro-Israel) the litmus test seems to be whether a regime is pro-Israeli or Israel-tolerant. Of course in international diplomacy nothing is so straightforward. France, for example has gone from "bad" to "good" under Sarkozy (I wonder why) from a regime which tended to oppose Zionist wars to one which is far more in favour of them (it is highly questionable that the French people changed that much!)

That some British nationalists (still!) worship the Westminster State and are still following certain paths and herded in certain pens, thanks to years of brainwashing and State propaganda speaks volumes. The blinkers still aren't off. And so we see a "hurrah" for 'plucky' David Cameron who stands up to the Euro Beast... to defend the rights of financiers in the City of London, who in turn show little or no loyalty to the UK (always threatening to leave these shores if taxes are raised, for example)

The plastic patriots who cheered on 'Call me Dave' Cameron used to be the Imperialists, who cheered as Britain planted flags in India, Africa, and even in Calais and Gibraltar (but who would go to war if Spain or France claimed the Isle of Wight). Of course, they were too dumb to realise that eventually the Indians and Africans would return the favour and colonise us - now they want to claim as a right what their political forebears denied the Indians and Africans -- independence, nationalism and their own country run by their own kind.

The jingoism of Empire was in reality a form of multi-culturalism which celebrated money, profits and greed above all else. There was little or no altruism, no seeking what was best for "us" or "them." The British (unlike for example the Spaniards) did not even have the good grace to convert the heathens. Speaking to an Indian (Hindu) on a train recently he told me that most Christians in India are Catholic, with one small area also Methodist (after a Methodist missionary went there). The impact of Anglicanism, given that England ran India for so many years, was minimal indeed. Just imagine (and this is pure conjecture of course and not seen as the be-all and end-all) an India and Pakistan that was converted to a form of Christianity, instead of just bled dry and turned against each other as Britain sought to 'divide and rule' with Muslims and Hindus.

We might even have no nuclear powers playing tit for tat wars with each other, and no Muslim stronghold (used by the CIA and its enemies) to "export terror" as and when needed. Or look at Japan, which was on the verge of becoming Christian thanks to missionaries from Mediterranean lands. It was Dutch and English traders who persuaded the Japanese rulers who weren't Christian (about half) that this was some kind of threat from Portugal or Spain which would then "take over" and so Christians were massacred, crucified en masse, and often mutilated by having their feet cut off. It was the money-men of Amsterdam and London who stopped Japan becoming Christian... imagine the impact in WW2? History may have been so different. It may even have impacted on China, preventing the rise of Communism... who knows?

It was money and profits that drove the British Empire, and it was (as usual!) GK Chesterton who saw the future problems this early globalism would bring. I found this interesting text/review online, about an essay on Patriotism by GKC. It is so good I would urge everyone to read it two or three times and to keep a copy for future reference:

There is, however, another enemy of Patriotism and Nationalism. It is equipped with power and wealth and a good chance of success in practical politics and it is but the disguise of cosmopolitanism. It is Imperialism, or as we would say, 'Globalism'. In Chesterton's opinion the Empire was neither for the benefit nor the glory of the English, it was for their exploitation. We had been put to work, to suffer, to bleed and to die, for the benefit of international banking and trade, that is, 'Globalism', and when we had served our purpose the assets would be stripped and lodged elsewhere. The price of such glory as we might enjoy from seeing the map painted red, was our impoverishment, our deculturation, our mongrelization, our destruction as a Nation. Chesterton presented this succinctly in 'The Flying Inn'(1904) "Did you ever hear the great destiny of Empire? It is in four acts: Victory over barbarians. Employment of barbarians. Alliance with barbarians. Conquest by barbarians. That is the great destiny of Empire."

GK Chesterton saw mass immigration into Britain decades before it happened, whilst the ideological forebears of today's plastic patriots, Westminster State worshippers to  a man, were singing God Save the King, down with the Frenchies/Krauts (delete as applicable) in short, much as most of them still do today!

They sung/sing a hymn to a Queen who has rubber stamped laws on homosexuality, abortion and divorce (and mass immigration/anti-racislism!) that have ripped this country apart. She swore to be a Christian Monarch on her accession to the throne, an oath she swore to God; but just as the wedding oaths sworn by so many, it was meaningless - as their weddings were dissolved by man, might we wonder if her monarchy should be dissolved by man? How can a Christian Monarch pass laws as she has? She even made the architect of the 1967 Abortion Law (which resulted in the deaths of millions of innocent Britons) a Lord!!! How preposterous is that? ...and we have Charles "defender of (multi-)faiths" waiting in the side-lines.

If Elizabeth II had an ounce of decency she would have stepped down as monarch, or stood firm to uphold her oath. This, I believe, is the basic argument of much of the Lawful Rebellion crowd. If the crown is void (a kind of British 'sede vacante' - vacant seat - position if you will) then when we enter the courts controlled by the crown, they have lost the authority to judge us. If we do not recognise the crown as legitimate, having broken the Coronation Oath (as usury, abortion and homosexuality to name but three, are anti-Christian), then it has no right to levy taxes on us -- for its illegal wars, its pro-queer bodies, its abortion-performing structures and for its repayments on usury debts.

But let us return to nationhood. GKC once said that the patriot loves his country, whereas an imperialist wants to invade his neighbours. I said in a recent post that WW2's very basis was flawed given that we were conned into taking part in a war that was for the freedom of Poland, but resulted in handing over the entirety of Poland to one of the very powers that had invaded it in September 1939 (but which bizarrely we did not declare war on!): the USSR.

For me, one of the faults with National Socialist Germany was that it was, at its very core imperialist. The Reich was to expand. Austria was a fascist country with a superb economic basis on which it was building structures for the Common God that were building a socially strong and confident Austria. Even Poland was nationalist and had stood up to Soviet Communism. Today it would be painted by liberals as "fascist." The sad fact is that both these countries were taken over by a Germany whose very basis was imperial growth. It was its imperialism rather than any perceived "fascism" or "socialism" that proved its downfall.

"Chesterton’s distaste for state socialism, his suspicion of monopoly capitalism, and his support for the independence from imperial domination of small nations like Poland..."
from the GK Chesterton Society's conference 2011 blurb
As nationalists, we must be nationalists! This is the basis of this rather meandering post. We must stand up for our own nation. We must not be imperialists, we do not want or need empires. We must realise that we love our nation(s), but that does not mean we must worship the state. We must disassociate worship of the Westminster State from love of nation.

This is a debate that nationalists need to have, especially in light of devolution, a monarch and state that are promoting homosexuality and abortion, the collapse of the Euro and the ongoing take-over of our lands by non-Europeans, which the state is defending to the detriment of our people!

Regardless of the permutations in the arguments that fly back and forth, the one thing that we have to realise above all else is that as nationalists today, the state that rules over us, which has promoted multi-racism, destroyed Christianity, pulled apart the family, promoted illegal Zionist wars, and pushes its twisted propaganda as news on the BBC, is not "ours" - it is not British, English or whatever - it is in the pockets of financiers with no national loyalty, it is bought and paid for by the men who rule the Lodges who wreck our lives, yet it expects our loyalty too??? We'd have to be mad!

That is the British State as it stands, that is why we owe it no loyalty. It, the Queen, her governments and the Lodges behind them all, have betrayed the peoples of these isles on every single imaginable level. The law is not only an ass, but a law that breaks almost every single moral law (from deadening usury, to sterile homosexuality, to the multi-racism that destroys, to the mass death of abortion), has to make us realise that we are living under a regime that has sold us and our children into perpetual slavery, taxation-debt and degeneracy.

That's why, when I see an anarchist bashing a police van in London, whether it is a demo over student loans, big brother or against another war -- despite the fact that he may need a "damn good wash" (copyright 1970s NF) and support more than a few dubious causes -- I see very little difference between those demonstrating against a corrupt, pro-Israeli regime in the pockets of the money-men, who treat the indigenous people like crap; and the demonstrators in Cairo.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Patriots Need to Wrap up Warm Too!

You may have noticed it's quite chilly out there.

Now we don't want nationalists catching colds. You can't fight for Race n Nation if you're tucked up in bed with a hot water bottle and your collection of FC magazine back issues.

So what better to protect you from Jack Frost than your very own retro-style traditional woollen scarf in the colours of your favourite team?

We now have a selection of scarfs available in the FC online shop. Black and White, Green and White, Navy and White, Claret and Sky Blue, Royal Blue and White, Red and White, Royal Blue and Yellow: And we should be adding more soon...

So go grab a scarf and wrap up warm. With Valentine's Day around the corner your other half could even get their very own!

You can shop with FC and pay by credit card, paypal or mail order. It couldn't be easier and with the biggest range of nationalist, patriotic and other goodies - you'd be a dang tootin' fool not to!

Hate Crimes: The Untold Story

Many thanks to the reader who sent in links for these:

Huhne and Terry: Innocent Until Proven Guilty Has to be the Norm

"black and white unite and fight"
That is all we can presume these days.

I am no fan of either Chris Huhne or John Terry. One has had to step down as a government minister (you can bet he was told that if charges were laid he'd have to step down) and one had had the England football captaincy taken from him, as he's due to go to court in the Summer over the charge of a "racially aggravated public order" offence.

Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Primarily the media is to blame. Yes those morally upstanding perfect specimens of humanity: journalists and their owners.

In a court the other, a disgusting degenerate paedo, was found guilty of making/downloading hundreds of thousands of disgusting images. The judge told him to "expect a custodial sentence" (no s### Sherlock!) and then proceeded to release him on bail!

As he is going to go to jail anyway, why not send him straight to jail? If we are dispassionate about his heinous crimes (just for a second) we can say that the term served will come off his sentence anyway, and his incarceration will protect him from vigilante acts in his community (where he was ordered to stay!). Even from a wet liberal viewpoint the treatment of this "man" flies in the face of common sense: and he was found guilty of an incredibly evil series of crimes.

So let's look at the 'system' as its stands:

  • It allows as-yet innocent people to be found guilty in the media (whom as the Leveson Inquiry has uncovered often have their own spin, vested interests, and profits in mind when reporting on issues - especially ones as arguable politics and 'racism').
  • It allows a situation where a man guilty of paedophilia can be let free on bail (I wonder what his neighbours think?)
"This is how I drive" says Lib Dem MP
Why is a man guilty of the most terrible crime, short of abusing and killing children, treated with kid gloves when two men who have been alleged to have fibbed over a speeding car or said a 'naughty' word (I assume it was 'nigger' or 'black b###ard') are hounded out of their jobs.

I fail to see the seriousness of the latter crimes (not to say they don't deserve investigation under some circumstances) whereas it seems the system fails to see the seriousness of the paedo offences, letting guilty paedos out on bail and even when found guilty they only get a few years.

Moreover, the media should be ordered to back off, and people (whoever they are and whatever the crime) must be seen to be treated as innocent until proven guilty, and if they are then found guilty, then the media can report on the issues, and the courts can sentence them accordingly.


P.S. Interestingly both Huhne and Terry are adulterers and in my opinion you cannot trust adulterers. If a man will cheat on his wife, when he took a lifelong oath to honour her, then he will cheat on anything. But even that should not hamper their 'innocent until proven guilty' status in these cases.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Irish Minister Who Wished Ireland had Fought Germany (Preparing for Iran?)

Alan Shatter TD, Minister for Justice & Equality
As I mentioned the other day, it was recently Holocaust Memorial Day, and there was the usual smattering of WW2 propaganda dressed up as sob-stories to pull at one's heart strings in the media (though thankfully less than previous years). I believe one newspaper even gave out a free onion which readers could peel in a pocket if they were insufficiently moved; not incidentally by stories of the gulags, of firestorms, of Cossacks or Caucasus communities wiped out en masse... no the suffering seems limited to just a few - really, just one - group of people.

And the stoopidest story? Well we've all heard of the real fairy tales of different coloured smoke for different nationalities being incinerated and other miracles (read Michael Hoffman's revisionist cartoon book for some of the best - I think it was called Tales of the Holocaust). But for this year the worst statement has to come from Alan Shatter (how apt!), the Irish Justice Minister, who said:

"in the context of the holocaust, Irish neutrality was a principle of moral bankruptcy."

I wonder how well that went down in Ireland! He's trying to link the Irish with the Swiss (and Spaniards and Portuguese, and Swedish) in that by our modern misconceptions and after 60 plus years of WW2 war propaganda no nation should have stayed out of WW2! It was everyones' duty, according to him and the "wisdom" of this (Zionist) media age in the shadow of umpteen Hollywood films, to join the war and fight Nazi Germany!

And here we have the dichotomy of nationalism, especially for those who haven't moved on from the last century. Many British nationalists think WW2 was wonderful, historically speaking. The 'patriots' of groups like UKIP (and to a lesser extent the BNP, English Democrats, EDL and suchlike) still talk in terms of Germany taking-over Europe. Then we have the National Socialists in groups like the British Movement to whom Hitler could do no wrong (even when he backed anti-British Indians and the IRA), and it was the duty of all racial patriots to fight for Germany, especially against Soviet Russia. I suppose you might say the difference is like that between former blackshirts AK Chesterton who joined the British Army, and William Joyce who went to Berlin and broadcast for Hitler's Germany.

And in the middle are the nationalists who aren't NS, but aren't worshippers of the Westminster State either, who to one degree or another think that "No More Brothers Wars" is the ideal, and that the war was ultimately fought for bankers. Some may think that Hitler played into their hands. Others may think he was their victim.

Wherever you fall in this sliding scale of State/Racial Nationalism (and I know it's oversimplified, but how else may one express it rather than going into a 10,000 word essay?) you would have to be some kind of uber-moron to call on all neutral nations to enter a war which was primarily between France/Britain and Germany; America and Russia not joining the Allies until 1941 - the former from official neutrality (albeit the US State was backing Britain, though charging interest), the latter from a hitherto pro-German standpoint (ordering its acolytes in Britain to all but sabotage the war effort in factories and suchlike).

Given that Ireland had fairly recent memories of not only a war against Britain, but also a fratricidal Civil War in which many Irish families even fought against each other, it is highly dubious and a gross rewriting of history to suggest Ireland should have fought Germany in WW2. Like most neutral nations there is evidence of Ireland leaning one way or another. Many UKIPers and the like point to their telegram to Germany in 1945 to commiserate on the death of their Fuhrer. Yet historians have shown how Ireland helped the Allies by marking points on the Atlantic coast as navigation aids for the Allies. Just as neutral Argentina tended to lean towards Germany (at least in the first half of the war), so neutral Ireland leaned towards the British, e.g. handing over downed German pilots.

Yet according to Mr Shatter (no, I really haven't made that up) Ireland should have sent hundreds of thousands of its men to die in a war started to protect Poland from a power that invaded it in September 1939, which ended by handing over the entirety of Poland (and other European nations) to a power that... er... invaded it in September 1939.

What a waste.

Of course the difference is "the holocaust." As Mr, Shatter dribbled (no doubt busy peeling his free onion) it was "in the context of the holocaust." That is why, 60 odd years on we still have holocaust propaganda; because without it, WW2 would be just like WW1 for most people -- a colossal waste of lives, of money, of time. It is only "the holocaust" that differentiates WW2, and makes it some sort of "holy war" to free Europe's Jews, and deliver them to freedom (by letting them occupy Palestine).

It is all one long trick, a con trick to justify a war that did not give Poland her freedom, that levelled European cities only to deliver Poland to 50 odd years of Communist slavery and tyranny. e.g. we never hear of the amount of Poles who died in WW2, or the number of Poles incarcerated in German concentration camps, or in Soviet gulags - never mind atrocities such as Katyn. When Poles went to Auschwitz in 1998 to erect crosses in memory of all the Poles who were kept in the work camps (and those who died in them) it was Zionist Jews who poured urine over the Poles, said the crosses must be removed, and engaged in a huge campaign to evict nuns who had set-up at Auschwitz (which the Church shamefully capitulated to).

Even if they accept the fictitious "six million" you see, there is no way the Polish people can be allowed to distract people from the holocaust story. The Poles aren't allowed to show that Polish Christians suffered, that the Polish nation was ripped apart, that Poles were displaced and killed, and that (most tellingly of all!) 6 years of war, launched on the pretext of freeing Poland, delivered Poland into 5 decades of gulags, murder, torture, suffering and totalitarian repression.

As Brits looking back we are told that we must remember the liberation of Auschwitz and Dachau. We cannot be allowed to remember the liberation of Poland, because despite being the central war aim -- and especially as it never happened despite being the pretext of war in 1939!

If I were an Irishman, I would slap Mr Shatter in the face with an old kipper. No, Ireland should not have entered WW2. It had no duty to do so. Not one Irishman was threatened, Ireland's sovereignty was not threatened. Tens of thousands of Irish lives were saved by Ireland's decision not to enter WW2 and there is no evidence that one single Jewish death (e.g. from typhus due to Allied mass bombing of German infrastructure in 1945) could have been averted. If the holohoax is to be used (or according to those like Prof Norman Finkelstein, abused), then Ireland's decision was justified, and if Poland's freedom is to be used, then Ireland's decision was justified too.

Some UKIPers and Freemasons may mislabel the Irish as traitors (to whom?). Some Zionists may like to think all neutral nations should not have been neutral ("in the context of the holocaust").

But what does this matter today? Well, those nations who say no to Zionist controlled America (Israel's mouthpiece) when it comes to highly questionable wars, whether old ones (like Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya) or new ones (like Syria and Iran) are often called cowards, traitors etc. The misquoted, out of context words of Iran's Ahmadinajad (about "wiping Israel off the map") are used as if to apply the same holocaustianity-lined pressure on neutral countries who question the legality of wars against sovereign nations on highly questionable, flimsy or put-up ("sexed up" if you will) evidence.

Historically neutral or non-Zionist countries (like Ireland) should be free to question the geo-political events as they unfurl, not least events such as the Israeli commando assault on the charity flotilla heading for Palestine, which had a lot of support in Ireland.

Sadly the words of Mr Shatter increase the myth of the holocaust, increase it's "Holy" nature, its position as the centre of a new religion (a kind of gentile Phariseeism whose aim is the total protection of Israel) and that is why Mr Shatter's words are not about a war in the middle of the last century; rather they reflect on the geo-political events of today.

How long before politicians, in Ireland and elsewhere, are telling us all that another war is necessary lest "another holocaust" happens? A line already used, incidentally, by the likes of Melanie Philips, David Aaronovitch and the other paid mouthpieces of Israel in our controlled media; and so undoubtedly the line of attack in Western countries by Israel itself.

Mr Shatter's "in the context of the holocaust, Irish neutrality was a principle of moral bankruptcy" is already being translated into the British politicians' "in the context of the holocaust, British neutrality on the matters of Syria and Iran is a principle of moral bankruptcy."


P.S. I do not expect trolls, Zionists and Reds to believe me; but on searching for an image of Mr Alan Shatter, Irish Minister for Justice & Equality, I found out from Wikipedia: "Shatter was born in Dublin to a Jewish family... He supports Tottenham Hotspur Football Club,[2] and is the only Jewish member of Dáil Éireann."

I had no idea when I wrote the above piece that Mr. Shatter is Jewish (or stereotypically a Spurs supporter) - merely that his comments were extraordinarily twisted and working to an agenda. This supports my thesis that Mr Shatter's comments aren't so much/only about rewriting Irish history, but of pushing an agenda for accepting future wars that are in Israel's interests and those of extreme Zionists, Neo Con warmongers and those who seek to profit from needless war (and not the Irish, British or any other disinterested peoples).

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