Thursday, 31 January 2008

Last Week's Quote

"A dead thing goes with the stream. Only a living thing can go against it."
G. K. Chesterton.

Radio 4 Investigate BNP Finances

It seems that an expose of corruption, nepotism and cronyism to make even Derek Conway MP blush is being planned.

Conway has had the grace to fall on his sword, albeit postponed till the next election. It seems that the people at the centre of the Radio 4 investigation won't be that "honourable" - after all they failed to sack or resign over paedophilia, bestiality-porn, money-grubbing, illegal bugging and burglary.

Given the history of shadow finances, including the whole Trafalgar Club/Freedom Party split and the Mark Cotterill/Nick Griffin skimming of the US Friends of the BNP mountain of cash, many nationalists (inside and outside the BNP) will be watching these developments with great interest.

Radio 4 Investigating BNP Finances

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Immigration: the Real Story

The BBC ran a headline story today.

Immigrant mothers are having more children - costing the NHS millions more!

They chose to show the devastating effects of immigration - as they always do - with images, interviews etc. with Poles.

Yet their very own figures proved - yet again - that most immigrants (and in this case, most babies born to immigrants) are African or Indian/Pakistani.

I for one am sick to death of this BBC slant against Europeans, covering-up the racial nature of mass immigration.

Of course so many of the "British" births are also to Africans and Asians (albeit ones born here or who have passports) further messing up the figures.

Immigration - despite what Kosher Neo-Cons say - is about RACE not SPACE.

The "British" coupled interviewed on the 10 O'Clock News were race-mixers and their "British" child was half-caste.

This is how the BBC is skewing the news and twisting events to their own agenda.

The Poles, Balts, Italians, Germans, French, Irish and others who came here before and after WW2 have had children who, to all intents and purposes are British. I went to school with many such children and still have friends from all kinds of European backgrounds.

Not so the children of Asian and African immigrants. Their offspring can never be British because they are not European.

When they take our customs and imitate our ways they are what Black racialists used to term 'coconuts' - black on the outside, white on the inside.

The rampaging drug and gun gangs in Brixton, Peckham, Nottingham etc. are evidence enough of a generation of coloured immigrants' offspring that still do not fit in, that are rootless, identity deprived and simply do not belong.

All the do-gooders and liberals know this, hence their fear (a la Jacqui Smith MP) of walking those mean streets after dark. They simply can't admit it because it destroys their lies, subterfuge and carefully constructed facade they have invested in over the last 40 odd years.

BBC's "Poles to Blame" story

Friday, 25 January 2008

Not Gay Pride - It's the Masons Stoopid

I've been on my fair share of demos. Small ones, large ones - I've seen 'em all.

Right: Masons? Police? I fail to see the link... Mwah ha ha ha!

Pro-Life, pro-countryside, anti-Poll Tax, anti-McDonalds, anti-EU etc. etc.

One of the strange things about the huge Countryside Rally a few years back in Central London was that the organisers were fastidious in recording the numbers of people officially on the march by having a section where everyone was counted.

Even this under-estimated the volume though as many - myself included - joined further on. Well, in truth a group of us set up shop further on to distribute Nationalist goodies and copies of The Voice of St George* specially printed for the occasion.

My point here ("look, I know you're on about the countryside rally, but cut out the rambling!") is that the numbers on rallies and marches are always disputed and almost always downgraded especially if the cause is contentious (to the establishment).

Usually a figure is released by the organisers which is then disputed and officially lowered by the police. So a million marching against the war in Iraq can become 700,000. Or 1,000 on a Pro-Life demo can become 700.

Yesterday's demo by the police must be the first one ever where the figures have been revised upwards. During the day we were told 18,000 off-duty rozzers were plodding (!) through London. By tea-time the official figure was 20,000.

Of course the fact that the police released this revised/official figure shouldn't have us worried at all... It's akin to the committee (quango) appointed by MPs (so friends of the MPs, paid via the MPs) to decide on MPs pay which invariably decides that MPs should get a pay rise way above inflation ( a sore point these days).

Having been at the sharp end of some police heavy tactics on demos I was looking forward to the horseback brigade charging into the march sending women and children fleeing for their lives (as on the 1990 Poll Tax demo) but to no avail. Damn.

Left: The scandalous decision to let off-duty police officers - let alone uniformed ones - take part in a "Gay Pride" rally shows that we live in a politicised State. Would uniformed coppers be allowed on a nationalist demo? Or a Pro-Life demo? Or an anti queer demo?

After seeing, via the media thank you very much, uniformed police on the "Gay Pride" rally through London I was half hoping that a few of the "gays" might turn up to support the police and traipse along in pink thongs or with leather cowboy trousers with their backsides hanging out. After all, if that isn't offensive on one march (which the uniformed - though off-duty - police take part in!) how could it be anything less than acceptable on yesterday's march?

I did hear of some reports concerning a couple of alleged (non-police) homo/bi-sexuals taking part in the police rally. So it does seem they'll let anyone take part. How inclusive!

Right: A sea of white hats, but how many rolled-up trousers? No pink thongs?

From the air all you could see was a sea of the white 'fair play for police' baseball caps. Is that de rigour down at the lodge these days? If anyone can produce a white Mason's apron with the logo on they'd have the market cornered. Whilst on the subject, what fun to have joined in yesterday's demo with a few dozen people with one trouser leg rolled up!

Either that or to address anyone looking-on, via a megaphone, by shouting "move along, nothing to see here!"

*Order TVOSG via the FC Online Shop here.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Independence Day (or Blofeld, Doylies & Goldfish)

Do politicians believe their own spin?

Right: Peter "I deeply regret... getting caught" Hain

I believe they do. Some may start all fresh-faced and (dare I say?) honest in their intentions; but they soon fall into line.

Most become party automatons parroting the party-line.

How many times did we hear them justifying the dodgy dossier? How many times have we heard them cover-up for their colleagues' sleaze - e.g. Peter Hain's dodgy money and a barely existent "think tank."

They wonder why politicians are not trusted in a week when the Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, tried to say London at night was "safe" when it transpired her spun 'night time trip to a kebab shop' took place at 7pm with a bodyguard in tow!

So it was earlier in the week I tuned into possibly one of the least watched TV stations around: BBC Parliament.

I was pottering at work and I'd heard Hague's speech on the second reading of the EU Constitution (or whatever they've decided to mislabel it as these days) was a belter... as it happens work intervened and I didn't get that far, though I'll try and see it again.

Thus it was I put the BBC Parliament channel on my pc and started doing the job I had lined up. The computer went on and on with various politicians coming and going in the background as I beavered away earning my daily crust (pausing only to mop the sweat from my brow with a spotted hanky).

Cor, these crosswords in The Sun get harder by the day don't they???

Oh tush, dear reader. I'm joking of course. Ne'er a Murdoch rag passes our threshold or any office-space of mine, bar some dire need or emergency (or perchance a copy left on a train, ever seeking to save a penny...)!

As I worked something was said that had me scooting across the room (self-propelling my wheeled chair like a James Bond villain).

Right: Des Browne says "believe me - I'm an expert."

It was the Defence Questions session and the Defence Secretary Des Browne was fielding questions from various MPs: and one had just fired a veritable stinger missile at the man in the post who has to defend our involvement in Zionist wars.

Norman Baker (for it was he) had asked Browne why a certain RAF base was still listed and labeled as an RAF base when there are no RAF personnel there.

Baker, the MP for Lewes (whom, I seem to remember is quite the investigative soul on the matter of the death of Dr David Kelly), suggested that the base be called what it is: a United States base.

Left: Blofeld can't believe his ears! "What a Zionist sonuvabitch!"

The wheels on my chair were glowing red hot, such was the friction involved as I sped twixt work and the pc (sinister white cat jettisoned en route). I rewound the footage and listened carefully.

Yes, it seems that as well as the myriad of US bases such as Mildenhall and the vast acreage of supersize golf balls (sorry, my James Bondesque persona isn't holding up to public scrutiny is it?) spying on all of us from North Yorkshire - which even have the power to knock out the electrics of cars on roads in the area - we also have "British" military bases that are actually American ones.

I wondered what Americans might make of this.

Would they like British Army or RAF bases dotted across America? Would they like British personnel running alleged "American" bases?

Might they wonder what 1776 had been all about?

As I've said before (about the Arabs, but it runs just as well for us as Europeans) it seems that we need to enact our own version of the Monroe Doctrine that the Americans put so much stall by (it stops foreign powers getting involved militarily in the Americas which the USA sees as it its own domain); but then they were also the days when most Americans believed in non-intervention.

These kinds of bases on our soil (we're lucky we don't have Guantanamo like Cuba!) are an overhang from WW2, but as we've just finished paying the billions of WW2 debt to America, at what interest rate the good Lord alone knows (with friends like these...), it's about time the Americans got their troops the hell off our soil (to use Hollywood movie language).

Left: Des Browne's doyley?

All this was going through my mind and I was in dire need to run off and find someone to rant at (computer screens just don't respond to a rant like a fellow human, and anyway, the cat had scarpered!) when Mr. Browne delivered a particularly large, intricate, chintzy, lacey, doyley to act as the centrepiece to his table of a response (in that he tried to make it well-polished and presentable, but it was distinctly wobbly with a touch of woodworm).

He claimed that America was a great ally of ours.

Hmmm. OK. Well let's say that's true - it still doesn't excuse the foreign military bases that we see dotted around our countryside.

France is our ally. So is Germany. Italy too.

Hey! Perhaps the idea is to let all our allies to have military bases in the UK? How inclusive! How so very, very "modern!"

Browne (alas) continued. He next made such a preposterous statement that it made the Dodgy Dossier look like a well researched work of sober, genuine probity.

He claimed that America was a good ally because they were sending more troops to Afghanistan in support of our troops.


I watched carefully to see if Browne blushed - but not a jot of it. He was bold as brass (no not bald as a brass, that's more to do with Wayne Rooney's octogenarian peccadilloes).

Did he just say that? Does he believe what he just said.

Having already asked his question the camera didn't go back to the Lib Dem MP for Lewes for his reaction, but his eyes must have been on stalks!

Ssssh. What's that whirring sound?

It must be Dr David Kelly spinning in his grave...

According to our Defence Secretary - the expert in our government, in charge of our armed forces - the Americans are great friends because they're sending more troops to help our troops.


Is he mad?

Does he have the memory of a goldfish?

Has he lost the plot?

Does he have the memory of a goldfish?

Is he believing his own spin?

Does he have the memory of a goldfish? (OK, sorry - it wasn't funny the first time!).

This is a government that has sent our armed forces to fight - and die - in Zionist wars that had (and have) nothing to do with our country!

America started these wars and our government decided to act like a pet poodle and follow on its coattails. Worse still, our government lied, spun and covered-up for the American Neo-Con regime and the Israeli Lobby in order to bring these wars about (in the shadow of a highly questionable stage-managed event known as '911').

Now our Defence Secretary (surely Minister of War?) is trying to tell us why we should be grateful to the Americans, and accept the preponderance of their military bases here, because they are sending in troops to support our troops, which were sent in to support their troops (are you following this?).

I started off by asking if politicians believe their own spin.

Des Browne must believe his own spin because otherwise there is no way that he could spout such bare-faced chutzpah (and I use the Kosher term advisedly) to be recorded in Hansard for posterity.

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Crack Cocaine - What's the Problem???

I think I'm getting old before my time (he said as he adjusted the tartan blanket the housekeeper had placed over his knees).

Left: The media seem happy to blacklist anyone who questions immigration, let alone race-mixing - and perish the thought should any "anti-Semite" be given airtime! Yet druggies of all shapes and sizes are still promoted and paid by the BBC and others. Are the BBC directors happy to see licence-payers money paid out to fund the drugs habits of "celebrities."

You see in my day (pause for sip of warming cocoa) if you broke the law you got arrested. Even if you were a young whippersnapper playing rat-a-tat-ginger (they call it something like knock-and-run these days) the local copper would try and get you and take you home, led by the ear, only to get an even worse telling off at home!

So is it me? But why is these illegal substance hoovers - otherwise known as "celebrities"
- can get caught in flagrante shoveling copious amounts of hardcore drugs up their schnozzles or intravenously via needles and all sorts of paraphernalia ... and nothing happens.

Above Right: Amy Winehouse (often described as "sexy" by the media). Is she above the law?

Kate Moss. George Michael. "Boy George." And now Amy Winehouse is filmed taking 'crack cocaine.'

And I thought I was getting near the knuckle by cracking open the hob nob biscuits of a weekend!

Yet we live in an age when it is certainly 'One Law For Them' (as the popular beat combo The 4 Skins sang so melodically circa 15 years ago).

'Twas ever thus you cry, certainly since the time of the Bow Street Runners and the Peelers. Who can't help but think Jack the Ripper got away with it because of his "celebrity" connections?

But I digress (nurse! my medication).

Why is it that cocaine quaffing, heroine injecting, marijuana toking 'celebs' never get arrested and charged for their illegal activities?

Right: Whether taking drugs or engaging in sordid sexual acts publicly, the media has not stopped promoting degenerate filth such as George Michael. What message does that send out - especially to our children?

I get fined if I do 35mph in a 30 mile an hour limit zone. I get fined if I stay 2 minutes over in a metered parking bay.

Heaven forbid that I ever even carried some illegal substance (even if unknowingly) I am sure that if caught I would be charged (I'd hope so anyway...).

Yet these celebs seem to walk between the raindrops.

Amy Winehouse - the bee-hived bloke-a-like whose Talmudic Taxi-driving dad seemed to 'manage' her - is out and about in public. No sign of arrest. Certainly no sign of being locked away (she would be unlikely not to offend again, surely a case for withholding bail?).

Are we to assume that crack cocaine is no longer illegal?

So it would seem.

Perhaps she should have used the "N word" in a private conversation... no doubt the police would then swoop with gusto for fear of some Sun-reading degenerate being "offended."

Left: Is it any wonder there is a culture of the rich and "famous" figuratively 'getting away with murder' when our erstwhile leader Tony Blair did so quite literally. In an age when laws, natural justice and morality are bent, ignored, tweaked or ridden roughshod over, is it any wonder that the degenerate third rate minstrels of our age think they can snort half of Colombia and get away with it?

I'd like to think the government might do something, but when Westminster, the City of London and much else besides is crammed full of cocaine snorters I don't think I'll be holding my breath.

Still it's nice to know the BBC won't be playing any more of Amy's negroidesque warblings in an effort to deny her the funds to keep her drug supplier in the lifestyle to which he's accustomed.

Now then, back to my cocoa...

Monday, 21 January 2008

Simon Darby, Dodgy Addresses & MI5?

With all the furore surrounding the 'Enough is Enough uprising' in the BNP there are some important aspects of this being overlooked.

Right: Councillor Simon Smith has exposed a very interesting and key fact about the No. 2 in the BNP.

Those who've read this blog, and gone onto the Enough is Enough and North West Nationalists blogs (see side panel for links), will know more of what has been happening and the many charges of financial mismanagement (deja vu anyone?) which have now been conjoined by charges of paedophilia, downloading porn, illegal bugging and robbery.

Not great for nationalism per se.

And therein lies the danger. It is all very well for quasi-Neo-Cons, renegade Tories and those busy filling their pockets to claim the BNP is "the only show in town" (the only defence offered for some time - and a poor defence at that) but when it has been burnt out, sucked dry of every penny, and exposed as a den of thievery, decadence and debauchery, cover-up and scandal - then every future nationalist endeavour will be tarred with that self-same brush!

So no, Mr. Griffin, your mistakes, cover-ups and cronyism is not "none of (y)our business!" - you have made it the business of every decent nationalist within and without the BNP.

When I was but a wee bairn (set screen to sepia tone), suckling at the teat of patriotism (what imagery!) before I had met a certain good friend and sent off my NF membership, I knew a large circle of NF sympathisers, primarily in my multi-culti State school (sorry Mr. Griffin et al, I didn't go to private school or Cambridge, I just was forced into another school with a make-up like the United Nations).

Even at this stage (must have been 1983-1984) some of us "knew" that the NF allowed in "queers." This put us off the NF a bit and so we also supported other 'nationalist' groups.

You see, the point is this. Out in the real world where people don't read political papers, don't have friends who are members of groups like the BNP, and (these days) don't read blogs and sites, this kind of news travels slowly.

We all know being in any party is like living in a bubble. You do, see and read all this stuff day and night, 24/7 and so you can't understand how people don't know about all this stuff. Just today I spoke to a BNP member in Birmingham who had no idea about the recent revolt and upheaval (he does now).

In the real world this stuff takes time to drip through. Even today if you speak to some people about football hooligans they'll think of skinheads and "bovver boys" when all that died out on the terraces decades ago.

But let's return to nationalism.

By 1983/84, Martin Webster had already been expelled from the NF (he says unjustly according to its constitution) ostensibly for being a homosexual (though his homosexuality was widely known - as I understand it - even back in the 70s).

Right: Martin Webster, the leader of the NF in all but name, whose homosexuality was given as the reason for John Tyndall's split from the NF to form the New National Front (NNF) in 1981, later renamed the BNP. His homosexuality was also given as a reason for his expulsion from the NF by Nick Griffin and others in 1983.

Yet to my friends and I the NF was still tainted by being a/the "queer front." It wasn't till the following year when I met someone who was in touch with the NF and getting its papers etc. that I realised that the "queer front" thing was out of date (allegedly!).

Later on when I was in the NF I remember the leaders saying that the changes they were making at that stage - specifically making the NF "green" (ecologically speaking) - would probably take a few years to "trickle down" to be understood by those on the estates getting NF leaflets etc.

As Griffin himself explained (in a cosy day spent together) to the Lefty Neo-Con cheerleader David Aaronovitch, in a similar way "changing" a political party (say from racial nationalist to anti-Muslim pressure valve) takes a long time, he said it was akin to turning a supertanker around.

Well, today's dirty laundry which is being aired publicly, primarily because of the BNP leader's failure to act against a couple of miscreants who have floated to the top of the BNP (under his tutelage) , all the money-grubbing, porno, paedo and other talk, will "trickle down" to be flung at all nationalists years from now.

This will cast a long shadow!

The damage is done.

We have all been damaged already, though some may not as yet realise it.

Yet, there is still more worrying aspects to these events than the more salacious aspects which has become the bread and butter to may people of all ideologies and none.

It's an aspect that has been overlooked by virtually everyone, but it concerns the unofficial No. 2 in the BNP.

His name is Simon Darby.

Ex of the National Democrats from the region that produced Andy Carmichael (publicly acknowledged MI5 operative).

He rose up in the BNP partly by betraying his erstwhile friends, the Edwardses who left the BNP in disgust at the extent of the money being 'skimmed' by the leadership (sound familiar?).

When Griffin alleged he was facing jail (though he had broken no law, as it stood) it wasn't the Deputy Leader of the BNP who stood to take over, but the relatively unknown Darby.

Imagine Mr. Blair circumventing John Prescott (a timely affair in anyone's book!) in favour of Peter Mandelson were he jailed during his reign (say, for war crimes) - regardless of what the party thought. Personal fiefdom anyone?

Anyway, Mr. Darby was held in such high regard by Mr. Griffin as to get this sniff at the crown; such is the trust in which he is held.

So where are Mr. Griffin and Mr. Darby now?

Well, it seems that both live in Powys (Alpine Redoubt circa 1945 anyone?) and yet the former has become the NW Regional Officer (RO) for the BNP (pushing aside the legitimately voted-in choice of the members, Chris Jackson) and Mr. Darby is the BNP RO for the West Midlands.

Yet both live in Powys, which for those of you geographically challenged is across Offa's Dyke in Wales.

This is a contradiction of BNP rules (and common sense!) which dictates that ROs should live in the regions that they control.

Still, what are rules? If the law can be broken with impunity then a few silly rules shouldn't matter eh?

What's that I hear you cry? "Is that it FC? - Is that the summation of the tittle tattle?"

Were that it were so, dear and unassuming reader.

As shown via the link below, in the blog of Councillor Simon Smith (ex BNP organiser for the Black Country area in the West Midlands) there are some very dodgy aspects to Mr. Darby.

Of course he told whopping porkies about Mr. Smith who, in our estimation, is a genuine and sincere nationalist.

When Smith left the BNP, Darby went to the media with wild tales of Smith being a "pro-Muslim extremist."

Left: Simon Darby, moved to Powys, BNP heir apparant (before Collett's appearance!), is his business address used by Lib Dem candidate?


Because Smith had had the temerity to question the official version of 911!!!


In Mr. Darby's fevered imagination such a stance becomes that of a "pro-Muslim extremist."

I have seen and heard patriots of every shade state that they don't believe the CIA-fueled fantasies re. 911, not least friends in the BNP, but if you dare question the Neo-Con stage-managed events then, to the Feds, Neo-Cons, Israeli Lobby (and Mr. Darby!) you are a "pro-Muslim extremist."

How ridiculous. Not only is it ridiculous: it is a brazen faced lie of humungoid proportions!

Still, we're used to that from Mr. Darby who went all public on Newsnight to denigrate the 'Enough is Enough rebels' as "neo-nazis" which only served to ignite the hostile indignation of the 'rebels,' swell their ranks and increase the tacit support offered by others.

You see the 'rebellion' is not so much about ideology (though the rebellion's leaders claim to want modernisation), it's more about honesty and openness against cronyism and money-grubbing.

The Edwardses, Mike Newland, Adrian Davies and others must be looking on with a deep sense of irony. Sales of "I told you so" t-shirts and lapel badges must be rocketing... As for Jonathan Bowden (ex of their Freedom Party) who tried to go back to the BNP - he found out quickly how decent, honest people get treated by the BNP!

Seems the real paedos get protection for being friends of the "dear leader" yet the talented people who could advance nationalism get smeared with false tales and outright lies of being a "paedo" (fact: Bowden was smeared for having he same name as a paedo! How juvenile can these people get?)

Indeed, the more these recent events progress the more one is reminded of the Freedom Party 'split' in the BNP, was that back in 2001? Possibly just before. Certainly it was the "race riots" of 2001 that seemed to save Griffin's skin at the time.

Just prior to the riots, mass meetings of the BNP were booing the dear leader and demanding to see him when he wheeled out Tony Lecomber to face the music. One old friend (and relative neighbour) of the dear leader even shouted out to him "you always were a cowboy and you always will be a cowboy."

It seems that one of the common threads in all this, aside from the constant allegation of financial misappropriations, is Mr. Darby.

In his Nationalist Truth blog (see the link below), Simon Smith gives clear evidence of some dodgy business going on.

Shared addresses etc. was something that unraveled the career of the (other?) West Midlands MI5 asset (and homosexual friend of Martin Webster when they co-ran Lady Birdwood's Choice organisation/paper) Peter Marriner.

Marriner wrecked Choice on purpose, handed over all correspondence etc. to state agencies, and pocketed (a share of) the money from the sale of Birdwood's West London home: this was the same man who was West Mids secretary of the NF so handled all NF enquiries in that region in his time - all of whose details we can only assume were passed onto one or more agency.

  • (An aside: We warned of Marriner, in FC magazine #7, when he was West Mids secretary of the NF, to which NF leader John Macauley not only refused to act, but attacked FC. Macauley is no longer in the NF and an FC supporter in Hemel Hempstead told us he is regularly seen in the town with his non-white girlfriend/wife).

It was on the TV programme 'True Spies' that Marriner admitted that his MI5 handler wanted him to sleep with young lads in the NF to get "pillow talk."

Such are the high standards upheld by State operatives within nationalist parties!

The evidence that Councillor Smith has unearthed deserves a wide readership.

This is no local official. This is no councillor. This is no mere crony in the background.

This man is the West Mids RO and the real No. 2 in the BNP who has moved home to be closer to Mr. Griffin.

In all this murkiness some kind of extensive report from the Freedom Party people would be most welcome as I'm sure they could shed a lot more light on Mr. Darby, as well as the similarities between the revolt of 2001 and the revolt of 2008.

Is Darby State?
The Freedom Party

The True Spies Programme

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Lies, Damn Lies and the Home Secretary

Some people say you can tell when a politician's lying: his lips move.

Right: Jacqui Smith. Spin is alive and well in New Labour.

Perhaps that's a little disingenuous, for we can all think of individual politicians who stand out from the crowd, regardless of affiliations.

Personally speaking the likes of Ann Widdicombe, Robin Cook and even George Galloway have given glimpses of bravery, speaking out, going against the grain.

Generally speaking though these glimpses of politicians saying and (far more importantly!) doing something right, are few and far between.

Over the last few days I've witnessed our illustrious Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, waxing lyrically about street crime and youth crime.

You see, our dear Home Secretary, can prove that street crime, violent assaults etc. are down.

Yes, we're dealing with official statistics and if there is anything that can ever be diametrically opposed to the truth it is surely official statistics.

Doesn't the saying go 'there are lies, damn lies and statistics?'

Anyone who's seen the old 70s sitcom Yes Minister knows what we are dealing with here as civil servants and government officials (Sir Humphrey & Co) twist and tweak the recording rules and more, to make the "official figures" look even better.

Remember when the government handed out work permits to asylum seekers? Overnight they were no longer officially "asylum seekers" - though the same flotsam and jetsam of Asian and Africa flooded in (fleeing for their lives, through the safe countries of mainland Europe, to the honey pot of the UK with its housing benefit, NHS etc.)

We were then told how the government has succeeded in stemming the flood of asylum seekers, and we had less to worry about apropos large scale coloured immigration (closed doors, horse bolted etc.).

Of course the same non-European people were flooding in, but the Sir Humphreys had tweaked the rules and all of a sudden there was "no asylum seeking problem."

I haven't yet mentioned this government's decision to downgrade cannabis with the result that a drug which is causing serious health issues - with criminal repercussions - is now widely perceived in the criminal classes as something to be enjoyed with great regularity.

Of course the other side to this decision to downgrade cannabis (made by a government minister whose own son was later found in possession of... cannabis) was that the police could dismiss those found with cannabis on them with a 'ticking off' and a "be on your way sonny" pep talk. No paperwork. No official report.

Left: A government advisor perhaps?

No doubt the official figures showed that illegal drug possession was down! Another victory... not for law and order, not for common sense, but for obfuscation and spin.

And so let us turn to Jaqcui Smith, our beloved Home Secretary (for American readers - I'm being ironic).

Right through the tail end of this week she kept assuring various audiences that the official statistics for violent crime were down.

So what did we witness this weekend? What proof of this wonderful nation in which crime is becoming a thing of the past, in which (according to Ms. Smith on the BBC's Andrew Marr show) women are perfectly safe to walk in London alone at night?

Midnight picnics for teens on Hampstead Heath? Kids with ipods or businessmen with laptops strolling through Hackney or Tottenham after 10pm? Or perhaps just elderly Englishmen free to wander through any part of Oldham or Blackburn? Neighbours leaving their front doors open whilst they pop into each others houses for tea and cake? Bicycles left just lightly chained to railings overnight to be reclaimed the next morning?

Not quite.

This country in which street crime is rapidly a thing of the past - if Ms. Smith is to be believed - is about to see airport-style walk-through metal detectors used in "inner city" (trans: multi-racial) schools.

Not Brixton night clubs. Schools.

S - C - H - O - O - L - S.

So Jacqui Smith would have us believe that all is well because the official figures say things are getting better (might it not be that people give up reporting common assaults?) yet we have machines designed to keep knives (and guns) out of our schools.

Thank God things are so rosy! Thank God this government has done such a good job!

In a country where even burglaries are no longer routinely investigated (yes, you too could just get a call from the police allocating you a crime number for insurance purposes) Ms. Smith and her boss Gordon Brown (busy hobnobbing the Communists in China) will keep telling you that all is well.

They are lying. Can't you tell? Their lips are moving...

Vatican Bends to Jewish Requests

A suitable post for Sunday Morning.

Right: the old Tridentine Mass is going through a resurgence. Even non-Catholics such as the crime novelist Agatha Christie acknowledged the Tridentine Liturgy as a jewel in the cultural crown of Europe.

Ever since the Pope (a German Shepard?) announced that the old Latin Mass (Tridentine Mass) would be made more widely available, Jewish groups wailed about the Good Friday prayer, one single prayer in the liturgical year!

It is interesting that the Catholic Church has moved so fast to change the "offending" prayer (fast for the church...) even after they already changed it in 1959.

Have any of the Jewish prayers offensive to gentiles been changed? One American prelate (will wonders never cease!) did have the gumption to ask for offensive Jewish texts in the Talmud to be be removed, but generally the silence has been stifling.

Yet again we see how Christians are continually called the offensive or hateful ones (when has a prayer asking for the conversion of people been deemed hateful???) when the disgusting anti-Christian texts of the Jewish "holy books" are swept under the carpet.

Here's the text:

The yo-yo story of the Good Friday prayer continues. A Rome newspaper now says that yes the Pope will change the Tridentine Good Friday prayers for the conversio of Jews. We'll see what happens. - CFN

Italian newspaper says pope to change Tridentine prayer for Jews

By John Thavis
Catholic News Service

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Pope Benedict XVI has decided to reformulate a Good Friday prayer in the 1962 Roman Missal that was offensive to Jews, according to an Italian newspaper.

The new prayer will drop all reference to the "blindness" of the Jews in refusing Christ as savior, the newspaper, Il Giornale, reported Jan. 18.

The Vatican did not officially confirm the report, but sources said privately that a rewriting of the prayer was likely and could be made public soon.

The issue arose last year when the pope liberalized use of the 1962 missal, known popularly as the Tridentine rite. The missal contains a prayer for the conversion of Jews, recited on Good Friday.

While the prayer would not be recited in most parishes, particular Catholic communities devoted to the old rite could use it in Good Friday liturgies.

The prayer for Jews in the 1962 missal is part of a series of prayers for the conversion of non-Christians. It reads:

"Let us pray also for the Jews that the Lord our God may take the veil from their hearts and that they also may acknowledge Our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us pray: Almighty and everlasting God, you do not refuse your mercy even to the Jews; hear the prayers which we offer for the blindness of that people so that they may acknowledge the light of your truth, which is Christ, and be delivered from their darkness."

Although the 1962 missal no longer contains a reference to "perfidious Jews," which was dropped in 1959, the text of the Good Friday prayer and the possibility of its wider use brought objections from Jewish leaders.

The chief rabbis of Israel sent a letter of concern about the prayer to the pope, and Abraham H. Foxman, U.S. director of the Anti-Defamation League, said it was disappointing and offensive to see "anti-Jewish language" return to the liturgy after its removal nearly 40 years ago.

Even as the pope issued his document on the Tridentine Mass, Vatican officials were suggesting that the Good Friday prayer could be revised.

Later, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican secretary of state, said the problem might be resolved by simply substituting the current missal's version of the prayer. That text describes the Jewish people as "the first to hear the word of God" and prays that they "may arrive at the fullness of redemption."

But Pope Benedict, according to the Italian newspaper report, opted to completely reformulate the prayer for the 1962 missal.

link at

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Are Jews Covering Up the Truth?

Michael Hoffman is an acquired taste, like many Americans and experts he can be extremely argumentative and can sometimes takes things too personally.

Yet when it comes to Judaism, Zionism and related topics he has published some very interesting material.

Certainly no-one who has read his writings on the Talmud and Judaism can fail to see through the lies of 'Zionist Christians' or those seeking the approval of an enemy media by stating idiotic lies such as "Judaism is the forerunner of Christianity" or that "Christianity is Jewish" as if repeating something ad infinitum makes it true.

Such people know nothing of the Truth, or of the war that has gone on for the last 2000 years, a war which peaked with the French and Russian revolutions and the victory of Freemasonry (which still thinks it has won, and still regards most of us as sheep) a war in which the gnosticism of weirdos way-back-when is regurgitated as "new" in bullcrap theories such as the "Davinci Code".

In a new post on his blog (see link below), Hoffman states that whilst Revisionism is illegal in many countries, there is an orchestrated campaign to deny the historical truth of Christ's life and resurrection (essential tenets of the Christian Faith) which is being pushed by certain Jewish interests.

Yet whilst the organised Zionists and their hired-mouths shriek and create a wall of sound (one of the latter not-so-great Slade songs there!) we Christians allow our religion to be assaulted by this garbage.

I remember a BBC Sunday evening "documentary" in which Jeremy Bowen (then BBC Mid East reporter) repeating the old Jewish lie that Mary was a whore, the Christ was conceived during her menstruation and that His father was a Roman Centurion.

Imagine the BBC daring to run a costly, well presented mini series like this outlining how the Holocaust was in reality a few hundred thousand dead in the course of war, breakdown of infrastructure, allied carpet bombing and typhus?

They know they can push the Talmudic crap and get away with it! Who cares if they upset Christians? Look at their arrogance re. the showing of Jerry Springer the Opera.

They also know they they would never get away with showing a series questioning the Holy of Holies, the new religion that allows for Neo Con power, that allows for Zionist atrocities and Zionist never-ending wars.

They fear the reaction of Jews more than they fear the reaction of Christians.

How could that be?

Indeed it's unthinkable, it's weird... unless you accept that the "conspiracy theorists" (re. Zionist power in business, banking, media etc.) is correct.

Yet to add further fuel to that particular fire, anything that promotes this anti-Christian agenda is given wide media coverage. Anything that goes against it is covered-up or (as Mel Gibson discovered) when they have no alternative due to its scale, is attacked as "hateful" by this cabal and its fellow-travelers such as the homosexual lobby (with its intrinsic hatred of Christianity).

What interesting times we live in!

Archeologist Covered-Up Find

Freedom to Protest?

A Freedom to Protest activist is assaulted and arrested by the police at Downing Street.

Right: An injured Freedom to Protest activist Brian Haw is arrested at Downing Street.

This government has misused and abused the threat from the CIA ghost "Al Qaeda" and the Capitalist-created and alienated 2nd and 3rd generation Muslims, to push through "Patriot Act" style laws to restrict our ancient freedoms.

It seems that Gordon Brown's osmosis from Stalin to Mr. Bean is reversed as we witness the kind of terror-tactics used by the security forces in the latter days of Mr. Blair.

Perhaps Brown's getting tips on dealing with those who want their freedoms from the Chinese Communists?

Whilst on the subject, two asides on the nature of Marxian Police States.

1. The BBC has been full of comments re. Mr. Brown's visit to China. The main stress has been on the need to trade with China as a means to defeat the totalitarians. Funny that the lefties of the 70s who are now in power didn't take the same line with Apartheid-era South Africa; nor for that matter was it their outlook on Iraq, nor is it on Iran. Strange that.

2. One of the younger FC Sprogs was using a FC "Keep Marx Out of the Classroom" pens to do some homework. When I commented favourably I was told "Yeah, all this constant marking and grading of work is a bit much" - I think he'd missed the point! ;-)

Brian Haw's assault and arrest

Also, how long before State "crackdowns" on "extremist" sites is used against Nationalists:
Crack Down on Radical Web Sites

Friday, 18 January 2008

Last Week's Quote

"Tradition means giving a vote to the most obscure of all classes, our ancestors."
G. K. Chesterton

FC Poll Result on Visitors

What Attracts Visitors to the FC Site

13 (33%)
23 (58%)
Movement News
22 (56%)
8 (20%)
FC Shop & Merchandise
17 (43%)
FC Releases
8 (20%)
FC Magazine
9 (23%)
FC Blog
12 (30%)
History & Culture
9 (23%)
11 (28%)
Uncompromising Stance
17 (43%)
Handsome Contributors!
5 (12%)
Non-PC News
14 (35%)

There were some interesting results, notably that Politics, Movement News and our Uncompromising Stance are the main attractions.

Perhaps most worrying of all (given that the Blog has, at present, 3 contributors) is that 5 people put one of the reasons as the "handsome contributors." A worrying state of affairs indeed. If only they knew the truth!

Thursday, 17 January 2008

New Threat to Homosexual Deathstyle


The "deathstyle choice" of sodomites continues to deliver the goods. Many of them live on a cocktail of drugs to hold back AIDS, which they now believe they are "immune" from and so continue to "bare back" (buggery without "protection").

Above Left: Such degenerates demand their "rights" to parade publicly and much else besides. Nationalists should be at the forefront of fighting back and standing up for the family - beyond mere Tory-style lip-service and hypocrisy.

Now it seems there is yet another health risk to be associated with this amoral behaviour, linked as it is with promiscuity, drug use and bizarre behaviour (public buggery with strangers etc.).

Some nationalists seem to think that homosexuals can be acceptable to the nationalist movement.

Anyone who takes the time to study the detrimental effect of this deathstyle: to the nation, to the community and to the individual involved can come to no other conclusion that homosexuality is detrimental to the nationalist cause too.

It may seem friendly, non-threatening, 'inclusive,' tolerant and (the curse of all ideals) 'modern' but remember: the path to Hell is paved with good intentions.

In a movement that should be the living embodiment of a positive policy for marriage, the family and healthy communities can we afford to turn a blind eye to the drug-addled, degenerate, sterile deathstyle that is homosexuality?

Right: A cavorting degenerate writhes on the floor at a public rally. But some would stick him in a suit and allow him as a nationalist electoral candidate!

Or is the standard "gay pride" rally - men with their backsides hanging out of their trousers, women screeching insults against God - a suitable collection of role models for our children?

Furthermore, all of the above aside, how long before the degenerates involved spread this infection to the rest of society (as per AIDS) instead of society taking action to protect the rest of us.


Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Sick Pervert Damages Nationalism

With allegations of attempted paedophilia (and internet downloading of bestiality images) hanging over two senior BNP officials (see Enough is Enough Blog and previous posts on this Blog) this news should be seen as a wake-up call to BNP members.

Whatever your thoughts of the National Alliance and its offshoot the National Vanguard, these things have a tendency to smear nationalism per se.

I am not a neo-Nazi: Strom pleads to kid porn

by Lisa Provence

Protesting descriptions of himself in the media as a neo-Nazi and white supremacist, Kevin Alfred Strom, 51, pleaded guilty today to one count of possession of child pornography in U.S. District Court in Charlottesville. As part of his plea, four counts of receiving child porn were dismissed .

Strom could receive a maximum of 10 years in prison and up to a $250,000 fine when he’s sentenced April 21. He was indicted January 3, 2007 and has been in jail for over a year.

In October, Judge Norman K. Moon threw out two charges against Strom for enticing a minor to perform sexual acts after the prosecution’s details about his alleged obsession with a 10-year-old Orange County girl fell short of the judge’s view of a compelling case.

Former wife Elisha Strom testified about finding Strom in their Stanardsville home naked and aroused with photos on his computer of teen girls, who were singers in the white nationalist movement and whose heads were superimposed onto the bodies of even younger girls. A separate charge of witness intimidation, an alleged physical attack on Mrs. Strom, was also dismissed.

Mrs. Strom was in court today to watch her husband plead guilty, and afterward, sat down with the Hook for an exclusive interview.

Kevin Strom founded the National Vanguard, a white nationalist organization dedicated to protecting the rights and racial purity of Caucasians, after his split with the West Virginia-based National Alliance. Before his ouster from the National Alliance, Strom was seen as the group’s intellectual leader and the protege of its founder, William Pierce, whose book, The Turner Diaries, blamed Jews, foreigners, and blacks for America’s ills and inspired homegrown terrorist Timothy McVeigh.

When Judge Moon asked Kevin Strom whether he’d been threatened to agree to plead guilty, Strom said he had received threats in jail, but he doesn’t think they’re about his guilty plea.

“They have more to do with the media describing me as a white supremacist,” declared Strom, who advocates separate areas for “endangered” whites. “I deeply resent the way I’ve been characterized in the press. I’m no more a white supremacist than the Dalai Lama is.”


Anthony Seldon Interview

A fascinating interview with educationalist and historian Anthony Seldon on New Labour, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and education.

30 mins. A couple of days left on the BBC iplayer site.

BBC Hard Talk

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Sadie Strikes Back!

No, not the 5th episode of Star Wars ("but Luke, I am your father...")

In this article (see link below) Sadie Graham answers what seem to be some whopping lies from Nick Griffin and if, as is stated, one or more videos exist of Nick Griffin stating that BNP members' homes were bugged, it will prove that the current BNP leader is not only an out and out liar, but has indeed consorted in illegal acts.

Look at the article, and in the feedback to it see the comments about the gent who calls himself "Purging the Droid"* (whom those in the know think is Griffin, or at the very least a close lieutenant) and the intemperate language he is using against the "rebels" (smacks of a repeat of the "vermin" episode).

Will nationalism remain the plaything of perverts, profiteers, liars and thieves?

Can the "rebels" defeat the evil empire and its tyrannical leader?

Time will tell...

Answering the Lies

*The name PTD seems to refer to when the NF got rid of Ian Anderson (the 1986 Flag Group "split" when Griffin attacked the Wingfields - now his allies - as Tories and degenerates).

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Feeding Anti-Semitism by Their Actions

I hate to come over all Anti-Semite, but there appears to be a pattern emerging in the recent round of "political donations" afflicting the parties.

First we had the Abrahams Scandal involving someone (a confirmed bachelor no less) important enough to be visited by Israeli officials.

Then came Peter Hain whose donors include a diamond merchant called Nagel (and who it now appears did favours for Tescos - real name Cohens - a client of his election-fund manager).

Now we understand the Tory George Osbourne is embroiled in another donation scandal, and money includes some from Rothschilds.


What on earth will the Kosher-Tories like Mad Mel Phillips say? And the lefty Neo Cons like Aaronovitch?

No doubt these little, annoying links and facts will be dismissed as "Anti-Semitic" so I'd just like to distance myself from any such aspersions.

Perish the thought.

Abrahams Scandal.

Hain/Nagel Scandal.

Hain/Tescos Scandal.

Friday, 11 January 2008

The Invisible News Story

This story didn't make today's news.

Imagine if the perpetrators were...

Right: Probably not in East London, but while on the topic the vast number of immigrant numbers don't include Asians born in the UK which means we will be a minority even sooner.

Asians sentenced for Race Attack

How a Community was Destroyed

Scotland, Skiing, Blue Peter, Art Attack, Snowblind

Seeing photos of a snow-covered Scotland today (great for the tourist/skiing industry which suffered last year) I couldn't help gazing at the beauty of the rolling white landscape.

I couldn't help thinking of the 70s Black Sabbath hit 'Snowblind.'

Could such a scene be the perfect landscaped garden for the average Blue Peter or Art Attack presenter of CBBC (Childrens BBC)?

Not only do the BBC seem to keep to to positive discrimination guidelines in that their presenters have to tick most boxes: White, Negro, Asian, Oriental but I dare say the "sexual orientation" fields are checked too (hence the well known preponderance of multi-ethnic pooftahs on CBBC).

Latest Zionist Lies Unravel

Official Version of Naval Incident Starts to Unravel - by Gareth Porter

The Zionists, war mongers, Neo-Cons and kosher Tory fellow travelers are getting egg on their faces every time they try and pull this kind of stunt.

You wonder who could fall for the Neo-Con rubbish... yet we have American voters taken in by Hillary Clinton's onion-in-yer-pocket rubbish, and "Christian" Bush visiting Occupied Palestine where Zionist placards tell him to "read the Bible."

Imagine his response afterwards: "Those damn Christ-killers!"

Well, we can dream can't we?

Where Betrayal Means Profits!

Politics is a dirty business. Why do you think people think of politicians as they do prostitutes or ambulance-chasing solicitors?

Right: A typical politician, Mr. Hain has jettisoned any convictions he once held in order to get his snout in the trough.

Hilaire Belloc and Cecil Chesterton (GKC's brother) wrote all about many decades ago, about how the system works, how it promotes sycophants, how it curbs anyone who may start off wishing to "change things for the better" or who seeks what is right, as opposed to what party whips dictate.

Of course the media has a huge role - much more so even than in their day: who can hope to be a Prime Minister without first attending a private audience with His Smuttiness Rupert Murdoch.

basically between the party structures, the media, the business backers and the Trade Union bosses the system is pretty much sewn up. Throw in the old school tie brigade (how can you ignore it - how many MPs are ex-public school boys as well as trained lawyers?) and you have it.

Left: Obama promises change, yet he has already sidled up to the same old vested interests and is unlikely to rock the boat once in power.

It's not a big "Jewish conspiracy" - though again how can anyone ignore the role of Freemasonry, and on the upper echelons you have groups like the Bilderbergers and the sheer power of international banking cartels - this is a multi-faceted, often conflicting, hydra.

There is a constant internal battle for the upper hand in the constituent parts which is also played out in the left-right dichotomy which we all, pushed on by the media, take part in.

However, this world of turmoil is, (whilst being haphazard and open to all kinds of upsets) pretty much sealed off from the rest of us.

A political class sits at the top table and unless they try and do something good which upsets the media, the banks etc. they will sit there playing out their role. Those with a rebellious edge will have it whittled away especially if they want to feed at the trough and/or further their career.

Look at Peter Hain. A "radical" leftist in the 70s, anti-apartheid activist not afraid to take 'direct action' against South African interests, even sporting events.

You might not agree with his cause (unless you are a lefty spy peering in on FC in order to get some decent political thought away from moribund Marxism!), but at least you could say he believed in something and was prepared to get up of his duff (for American readers!) to achieve his questionable ends.

We can argue whether someone who does something political, no matter how misguided, is preferable to the mindless morons who feed off a diet of Eastenders, The Sun and Big Brother reality TV.

Yet look at Hain today and you see someone mired in New Labour betrayals, an apologist for the war in Iraq, and now someone embroiled in dodgy donations as he sought to win a place in the Labour leadership.

Where is the idealist? Where is the anti-establishment rebel? Where is the direct action agitator?

He's replaced by a bloated, perma-tanned, weaselly, mealy-mouthed, Capitalist apologist, war-mongering, Blair-crony New Labour creature foisted on an "old Labour" electorate in Neath, South Wales.

Right: Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dummer politics is alive and well in the land of the pregnant chad.

The former may not be to our liking as racial nationalists, but how much more preferable (for his honesty if nothing else) than the canape-munching career politician we see today who has sought to excuse every New Labour betrayal and sell-out.

An apologist for sell-out, betrayal of ideals, money-grubbing and a cover-up supremo is never liked, no matter his political hue.

Still, though he was sufficiently disliked by his fellow MPs to flop badly in his bid to be Labour Deputy Leader, he knows that he won't lose his seat. Neath is one of those places where you could stick a red rosette on a monkey and they'd vote him in (no offence to any residents of Hartlepool!); the same could be said of areas like Kensington & Chelsea where a Peugeot 207 in a blue finish could get in for the Tories.

The cattle vote to keep "the other lot out" more than they do for any one or two policies of their preferred candidate.

Even worse, many people (when they can be turned away from Eastenders) now cast their vote for the best-looking politician, or the one who is spun as honest.

Left: If voting changed anything they'd ban it.

Remember Tony Blair? He started an illegal war, espoused Christian values whilst continually passing laws for "gay rights" and much more - yet with his folksy style (tie less, shirt sleeves rolled up, enjoying a mug of tea in the kitchen...) he insisted he was "a straight kind of guy."

Enough idiots believed the spin to vote him in, again and again.

We, as a mass, are cattle. Do we really deserve any better?

The politicians lie, cheat and steal. They indulge in buggery and adultery. They fill their pockets in office via multiple jobs and expense accounts. They walk into nice advisory roles after their stint in parliament.

Yet at each election we all get suckered into the party political charade.

Look at America.

Look at the meaningless slogans.

Look at the empty promises.

Each one promises things like Change. Or Progress. Maybe they promise to be Different.

Those who promise to Conserve and Protect do neither. Those who promise to be Different are shackled to the same vested interests.

Right: Can the land of the pregnant and hanging chad really teach the world about freedom?

The "competition" is closed to those who can raise enough filthy lucre and get enough TV coverage to "appeal" to the voters.

Yet the morons will still vote to "keep the other lot out" like the pathetic lefties in France who voted for Chirac with their pegs on their noses.

The more moronic still will vote for the one with the nicest smile, or the "honest Harry" with the finest quaffed hair.

We all thought Blair was bad, but remember America voted in Bill Clinton! And the defendant of "stained-dress-gate" (aka zippergate) is still "popular."

(I must point out at this conjecture that I'm keeping my vomit bucket close, just in case...)

America is the leader of the Free World (so we're told) yet we get a war-mongering president (personally I think Arabs should have their own Monroe Doctrine and tell America to keep the hell out) who got in via the hanging-chad and the pregnant-chad via an electorate too idiotic to be able to make a small hole in a sheet of paper!!!

Which explains how Hillary Clinton can pull off the most pathetically stage-managed event of the year (to date) when she peeled an onion in her pocket, blinked back the tears brimming in her eyes and appealed to the electorate.

(Damn, there goes my vomit bucket again!)

Lo and behold the voters of New Hampshire gave her a lifeline, as good old Bill looked on with a glint in his eye. He clapped politely as his wife (still!) smiled on at her sheeple.

Spin, lies, TV appearances, a compliant media (via the moguls) and an incredibly gullible public (to the point of incredulity) are all she needed.

Meet the new boss... same as the old.

Plus ca change...

Order Belloc & Chesterton's book on Westminster politics

Griffin and Collett Blog

A blog seems to have sprung up collating much of the material from recent events in the BNP.

Whilst readers may find it of interest, it is not edited for family viewing, so please be warned.

Collett and Griffin Blog

Thursday, 10 January 2008

BNP in NE England

Chris Telford is a well-respected nationalist, known to people with FC and right across the nationalist movement.

Left: As cover-ups and money-trousering come to light, it seems that certain chickens are coming home to roost.

In the past he has faced scurrilous attacks from the "usual crowd" - nothing new there for any genuine nationalist in or out of any organisation. C'est la guerre as they say in Dudley.

Now Chris spells out the truth about the state of the BNP in the North East, with repercussions further afield.

It's a shame that nationalism - whatever organisation - should descend to such levels or be seen to cover-up and obfuscate the shenanigans of such undeserving, unprincipled, unconscionable profiteers, pragmatists and paedophiles.

What a sad state of affairs.

The Truth About the BNP in N.E. England

Nuclear is Green and George Dubya Wants Peace (Ha Ha Ha)

So, as FC and others predicted so long ago, this corrupt, crony-filled, money-grubbing government, on the back of so much "global warming" B.S., is pushing through the building of more nuclear powers stations.

Above Left: Blinky says that nuclear power is perfectly environmental, safe and green! Sleep safe and sound children - our politicians know what's best.

Let's see... So now that which threatens our gene pool, which could pollute the land for thousands of years, is now "green" eh?

That's how cock-eyed this whole "global warming" con is.

A bunch of fat-cats will make billions out of these power stations (built nowhere near Islington) and we will be mopping up the aftermath for hundreds of years.

I have never supported nuclear power, and even back in the ("Bulldog") NF of the 1980s a friend who was pro-NF was also a CND member, and I often chatted to him about it. I saw no great challenge in him being in CND and becoming a NF member.

Right: Any nuclear leaks from the planned power stations will infest our land for generations. On visiting the beach at Dounereay in Northern Scotland I saw with my own eyes the signs warning about "hotspots" from minute leaked nuclear particles. The beach at that beautiful spot will probably be hazardous for hundreds of years. How green!

Of course, at the time the NF was promoting alternative power as a clean way of producing power.

Meanwhile, back in 2008, we find out that the old light bulbs are being "phased out" to be replaced by what's akin to strip lighting, with all the medical side effects.

As someone who worked in a warehouse with nothing but strip lighting, I know that this has side-effects. Very often, coming out of that environment into daylight was like emerging from a heavily chlorinated swimming pool in that your eyes stung and you felt tired and even a little woozy.

Left: A nuclear disaster would be oh-so-green.

So God bless Gordon Brown and his acolytes.

Keep on conning us all, keep on fighting Zionist wars, keep on propping up a failing banking system... no doubt a lovely sinecure awaits, just like Tony Blair at JP Morgan Chase or Norman Lamont at Rothschilds (etc. ad nauseum).

The more you look at the bigger picture (27% fuel price hikes after shareholders get 60% dividends) the more you realise that we are, in all reality, treated as cattle.

Capitalism is a con trick.

Ever since our people were forced off the land, the land was enclosed, our forefathers were put in factories, down pits etc. etc. we have been treated as cattle.

Right: Blair trousers £0.5 Million a year from the Wall Street brigade as the nightmare in Iraq lingers on. Meanwhile his pal Bush joins him in the Middle East to plan for "Peace." Yes, the Zionist warmongers have (another) "peace plan" - don't all cheer at once!

As I've said before, it's the difference in seeing your compatriots as made in the image of God or as cogs in a machine to be used and replaced.

It was that Capitalist mentality that gave the green light to mass immigration (cheap wages "helps the economy" dontcha know!) and doesn't care about scandals such as homosexuality ("they have more money" dontcha know!) or abortion ("makes money and its freedom-of-choice" dontcha know!).

Still, why be so cynical.

After all, George "Yo Blair" Dubya is in Occupied Palestine planning peace with his Zionist hosts.

All's well with the world (stop crying/laughing).

Left: Cartoon showing Blair's financial corruption as Labour Party boss.

Blair Trousers £500,000 p.a. for Treachery

More than 30 pieces of silver, but the principle is the same.

Nuclear Power Stations Get the Go-Ahead
Iranians are asking the UN to level sanctions against a proven war monger.

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