Thursday, 26 April 2007

Wear Your Allegiance!

FINAL CONFLICT t-shirts are a great way to wear your allegiance!

The designs shown here are just a few of the t-shirts we sell, there are three designs with the name FINAL CONFLICT incorporating the Celtic Cross, and (or course!) there's the Blitzkrieg range of shirts.

So if you are a t-shirt wearer (and remember that Summer's around the corner!) pop by the FC site's online shop, visit the t-shirt section and grab some great shirts for the Summer.

There's plenty to show you're a patriot - and even a few to wind up the politically correct who see fascists under the bed!

You know it makes sense!

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Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Jessica Lynch's Bravery


Ever since (and during) "911" we've had Neo-Con lie after Neo-Con lie.

We needn't repeat all the examples here because anyone, except the most Kosherised imbeciles, will have seen through the Zionist war propaganda by now.

The latest in a long line of lies is about Jessica Lynch.

Jessica Lynch wasn't "brave" when she was captured -- which of us would be? But the Zionists needed a poster girl, a heroine to show the troops dying for Israeli policy that there was a positive side to the no-win battle.

Jessica behaved how 95% of us would have - and she can't be blamed for that. But there was no excuse for the lying Neo Cons to twist events to their own ends.

Could it be that they are so used to lying, that it became second nature and the truth always takes a backseat?

There are so many examples of this. A quick perusal of the books NEO-CONNED (available on the FC site's online shop) is enough to see how we were lied into an unjust war.

The worrying aspect of all this is that this same breed of lying Neo-Cons is now telling the same breed of lies about the situation with Iran.

And the same Kosherised idiots (in the UK and elsewhere) are calling for war with Iran.

They have learnt none of the lessons of Iraq!

The dead bodies of British and American servicemen mean NOTHING to them!

So the next time we hear some gibberish about fighting, invading or bombing Iran from the US regime, remember that these are the same lying, murderous Neo-Con bastards that have lied to us at every single stage of this conflict!

Furthermore, they are the same breed of Neo-Cons that cover up Israeli illegal nuclear weapons, that stop UN Resolutions against Israel being passed, and who excuse Israeli murders of British civilians by highly trained Israeli soldiers.

It shouldn't need to be said after Iraq!

But please don't be NEO-CONNED AGAIN!

The next time a US spokesman says "this weaponry was supplied by Iran" remember how they have lied, lied and lied again to justify their Zionist wars.

Israel has supplied huge volumes of weaponry to Iran in order to keep the Iran-Iraq war bubbling away (see the book FOREIGN BODY, about Robert Maxwell, available in the FC site's online shop) - do you suppose they wouldn't do the same within Iraq? Who's to say which terror strikes in Iraq against civilians aren't Mossad operations or carried out with Israeli bought materials.

They simply cannot be trusted to tell us the truth!


The Truth about Jessica,2763,956255,00.html

The Big Lie of Jessica Lynch

Was she "rescued"?

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Time for YOUR action

We have a lot to do.

We have a nation to win back.

We have patriots to educate.

We have an enemy system to oppose.

We have enemy ideas to expose.

There is a lot to do!

Unfortunately not everyone who calls them self a nationalist is on the ball.

That's not to say they're not active nor even doing what they think is what's needed... but if they are led in the wrong direction, or their efforts are being used to push nationalism into areas that undermine the very essence of what nationalism is, then a part of what they are doing is, in the long term, as destructive to nationalism - as destructive as the excesses of "nazi terror" fantasists of the 1990s were.

Enemies of cogent, intelligent, principled racial nationalism will use 75% of the right arguments, but add-on 25% dangerous elements to undermine nationalism.

That is how erroneous ideas have entered our camp: Zionism and pro-Israeli sentiment, integration and the idea that blacks are "Britons", liberalism with the idea that homosexuality is OK if it isn't 'preached' in public, money-grubbing, cronyism and assorted corruption - and so much more.

You may think these aren't important, but they are.

Is any form of "victory" going to be anything of the sort if we are puppets of the Israelis? Or if blacks stay here and mix in with our people? Or if homosexuality continues to be legal, with their corrupt and damaging "lifestyle"? Or if we replace one set of money-grubbing cheating lawyer-class politicos with another?

Nationalism will suffer mortal wounds along that road, because it will either die the death of a thousand cuts or it will be so corrupted that it will be seen as just another form of system politics, with the same cover-ups, back-handers, fiddled accounts etc.

Where do we begin then?

We have to start where we can, with what we have.

The main thing, right here, right now is to win hearts and minds. The hearts and minds of patriots - sure! - but especially of the organiser class, what we called the Cadres in the 1980s.

These people are already "dropping out" at an untold rate, despondent because of the policy betrayals and the corruption.

They have seen nationalism sullied - well beyond any policy nuances that could be labelled 'realpolitik.'

They have seen comrades vilified for wanting the cause to be whiter than white, free of corruption and cronyism.

For these people and those others teetering on the brink we must provide a sane, sensible, traditional yet truly radical nationalism.

We must let people know that nationalism which is not run by Kosher Tories or Searchlight Cronies does exist, that there is a sane, racialist nationalism that believes in social justice, which believes in moral values (as more than sound bytes to be ignored in practice), which says that certain things are absolutes -- such as opposing Zionist war-mongers, the banksters and their debt, integrationists and their "black Britons" etc.

The way we can do this right here, right now is to get more and more copies of Final Conflict mag into the hands of the nationalists out there. Every supporter is a person that needs to know the nationalist truth!

Every organiser needs to know that there is an alternative!

We're not seeking to "recruit" people... after all since when is reading a magazine betraying your group (not even Blair would go that far!), but to remind them that even in their bleakest moments of their roller-coaster ride that there are answers, that nationalism is not the sole preserve of the Arthur Daily types who would sell you subservience to a Kosherised policy as soon as they'd sell you an insurance right-off.

The struggle goes on. Crumbs of comfort from the Westminster regime's table will change little. In fact, the more "victories" the Kosher-crowd get, the more their betrayal and sell-out is "justified" no matter of the facts of the situation.

So do your bit today!

We're asking more nationalists to get 5 or 10 copies of the new FC and put them into the hands of fellow patriots.

Is this too much for you reader?

Our Capitalist foes do far more. Our Communist foes do far more. Our Zionist foes do far more. Our integrationist foes do far more. Our homosexual lobby foes do far more.

They value their fight. They like to brainwash patriots to giving up the fight, or changing the cause so that it no longer recognises right from wrong.

There are patriots who take FCs to sell on or pass out to fellow patriots in their area, but to date they are too few in number to make a significant difference.

This really is a scandal!

No wonder new recruits to nationalism no longer see Judeo-Freemasonry as an enemy of Western Civilisation!

No wonder new recruits no longer see homosexuality as a cancer eating away at our communities and nation!

No wonder new recruits moan that the coloureds here should integrate more!

Wake up White man! You have a movement to win back!

Getting 5 FCs to pass out costs £6.50 inc p&p (in the UK). 10 cost £13. Is this too much?

Is the price of letting 5 or 10 fellow patriots know the truth too much?

We have produced a quality, intelligent, entertaining magazine for nationalists, with a good mix of material.

It is a tool for you to use!

if you don't value the patriotic cause, if you don't care that nationalists become the front-line troops for Israeli policy, if you don't care that patriot candidates are practicing homosexuals, if you don't care that integration is the line adopted by every political party... then stick your head back in the sand.

But if you believe that your Race & Nation are worth fighting for, that the nationalist cause should be a shining example to our beleaguered people... then get in touch today and help spread the word!

There is much to do!

But as some little yellow guy [no, not MC! ;-) ] once said - the biggest journey begins with a single step.

An organiser class of intelligent, dedicated nationalists that is fully aware of geo-politics, nationalist history and ideology is a body that cannot be ignored or rode over.

So will you take the first step? Or will you just moan and groan when the next non-white or the next faggot rears its head? Or when Israel is painted as our greatest friend?
Nationalist! The future of this movement depends on you.

Will you help our fight back for nationalism?

Or will you stoop to kiss the festering boots of our Zionist, homosexual, integrationist system?

Monday, 23 April 2007

Happy St George's Day

Everyone at FC magazine wishes all our readers and supporters a very Happy St George's Day.

It is a scandal that the English have no national holiday, no nationally accepted cultural event[s] etc. as do the Irish and Welsh for their Saints.

Where have the days gone of widely celebrated feasts? Where is the national pride that came so naturally to the English people of many centuries?

Are these relegated because they get in the way of businessmens' profits or because they reinforce the fact that England was Christian and celebrated her Saints for centuries?

It seems that everything can be celebrated in multi-cult England [Diwali, Holocaust Day...] but St George is relegated to a cameo role.

The other lie we get this time of year is that St George was a Turk.

St George was, it's widely accepted, a Roman soldier and officer who died for the Christian Faith. He was in Asia Minor [the Eastern Roman Empire, later Byzantium] which before the conquest of Byzantium by the Ottomans was peopled by a European/Greek people.

So the next time some socialist or faggot tries to downplay St George with this oft repeated lie, stand firm.

St George was embraced by the English knights as they fought the Crusades to free Jerusalem [the same Jerusalem that's occupied today] because he was a soldier who made the ultimate sacrifice for the same Faith they were going to fight [and die] for.

Some links:
"A lesser holiday in honour of St George, to be kept on 23 April, was declared by the Synod of Oxford in 1222; and St George had become acknowledged as Patron Saint of England by the end of the fourteenth century. In 1415, the year of Agincourt, Archbishop Chichele raised St George's Day to a great feast and ordered it to be observed like Christmas Day. In 1778 the holiday reverted to a simple day of devotion for English Catholics."
-- seems like 'Red Ken' Livingstone could learn a lesson or two!

Campaign to make St George's Day a National Holiday!

Sunday, 22 April 2007

Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran?

Bomb Iran - Help Israel!

Will the Neo-Con's useful idiots in Britain, and the jingoist morons who parrot Zionist 'shabbaz goyim' in their let's repeat the Iraqi debacle please read this article:


"...he agreed with President Bush that the United States must protect Israel from Iran."

And isn't that what it all boils down to - and why Mossad's mouthpiece Melanie Phillips keeps up her shrill braying for military action; why the Israeli politicians' pet journalist Ann Leslie continues to preach against the Iranians; and why all we hear about is the Iranians plans to get WMDS (and not the fact that Israel has illegal WMDS!).

Friday, 20 April 2007

BNP Leadership Election


We have had independent confirmation that Chris Jackson will be standing for leadership of the BNP this Summer.

At the moment various people close to the BNP leadership are spinning, and not only against Mr. Jackson.

The line seems to be that there will be no leadership contest, or that this is the dream of the "North West Nationalist blog."

Clearly, at the moment, they are seeking to spin against Mr. Jackson ("unknown outside the North West (of England)") and against the owner of the blog where the news was, seemingly, first leaked ("a malcontent"). The owner of the blog has even been labeled a liar.

Well, we have now heard from another source: a very well connected ex-Regional Organiser of the BNP.

This verification makes it 100% sure that Mr. Jackson's intention, at this stage, is to stand for the BNP leadership and hopes to get enough support across the regions, from councilors etc. to show that a significant amount of the BNP still opposes multi-racism, Zionism, homosexuality etc.

This is obviously a matter for BNP members in regards to actual voting and the leadership election itself... but as we are all potential BNP voters, and as the BNP is a public body, which openly seeks our support in elections, we also have the right to discuss what that party's line is and those within it who retain a common-sense approach to subjects close to our heart!

Some in the BNP wish it were not so, and that we (as voters if nothing else) just shut up and allowed them to push whatever line they want, or spin in whatever way they wish.

Sorry chaps: that's democracy. If you play that system, you have to accept its rules!

So, for the time being, it is confirmed that Chris Jackson intends to stand (as is his right) and all the "democrats" within the BNP must rejoice that their constitution and structure is to be tested in this democratic way.

More news when we get it.

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Patriot Pooftahs?

Homosexuality is a cancer.

It hurts the individual, it hurts communities, it hurts society, it hurts nations.

There are plenty of studies around which show the health implications to the individual which go way beyond HIV/AIDS. We only need look around us to see the effect that the ever-growing homosexual-lobby has had on destroying more and more morality within our nation.

For me, and many other patriots and nationalists, opposition to homosexuality is an essential.

Often, the queers say that we're making a big deal out of nothing because people in the past weren't so "obsessed" with the poof problem.

That's true. But only in the same way that people in the past weren't so obsessed with the race problem -- because it didn't exist to the extent it does today!

In years gone by (read this in sepia tones) the homosexuals were a deranged minority, an underground movement, a disease very much of the idle upper classes, akin to mental illness in that it struck very occasionally and the population at large paid it no more mind than a man in a padded cell screaming "I hate blancmange!"

Similarly race wasn't an issue. Sure their were some immigrants, and pockets of them created unease - even rioting (against Jews, and later against blacks), but in a 99% homogeneous nation, these weren't issues.

It is only since the 1960s that the poof issue has become a worry for the public. And now with pooftah issues pushed in some schools, poofs marching through the streets, public parks and toilets given over to these degenerates and their nefarious activities the worry is etched on more people's hearts... This is why we oppose homosexuality much more than previous generations!

They were no less against it, any less than they would have had a fit if one of their family married a Negro! It just wasn't "in their faces" and when something such as marrying someone was straightforward (she would be white and definitely a she!) why would you even consider it?

We don't worry about breathing.

Yet, if our oxygen was taken from us, we'd clamour and shout against it and campaign for a return to the days of an oxygenated atmosphere.

So those who seek to publish apologia for the faggots like to paint us as "mad extremists" over-reacting... not so!

Our forefathers would have acted thus. In fact, do you think people 50 or 100 years ago would have accepted faggots marching through the streets? I don't think so for one moment!

In fact if you read the reports in FC mag #36 you'll realise that not only are the faggots marching, but that the (politicised) police are on their side, and stand by and do nothing whilst faggots assault and attack anyone who dares to demonstrate against the homosexuals.

No, dear reader, to our grand-parents and earlier generations opposing homosexuality would have been as natural as breathing.

The table here shows that the vast majority of homosexuals are promiscuous, given a lie to the myth, promoted at the time of "civil partnerships" that these people are in 'loving relationships.'

Nationalist friends in Spain and Italy used to amazed that we even had to address such matters because, like our forefathers, for them you had to mentally ill to even contemplate supporting the rights of homosexuals. It wasn't even a subject open for discussion, anymore than you would discuss breathing nitrogen.

They changed in more recent years - and even organised mass rallies in Spain and Italy against homosexual 'rights' -- being forced to speak out on the issue by Socialist governments forcing the faggot agenda on them.

In Spain over a million people took to the streets (showing exactly how a previously "silent" society does treat faggotry with disdain!) and in Italy large nationalist rallies were doubled and trebled in size with many hundreds of 'locals' joining in on an impulse to protest against the poofs.

And so we come to the nationalist movement here. Of course there are those on the periphery who'd like full "rights" for faggots. These can pretty well be dismissed. They are usually practising sodomites and you'd no more pay heed to their spurious arguments than you would a deranged man arguing for the release of the inmates from the asylum to enjoy all their "rights" too.

No, the worrying aspect is this lukewarm approach of "oh what these people do in their privacy is no concern of ours" and also "we can't judge which members are homosexual" - almost a 'don't ask - don't tell' policy.

Let me deal with those li(n)es:

1. "oh what these people do in their privacy is no concern of ours."

OK. Of course there can be no stamping out of homosexuality in totalis. There never has been, never will be. But if you take this line, you are opening the door to an acceptance of the cancer. If you say "people can smoke pot in private" or "paedophilia is OK behind closed doors if it's participants volunteer" it gives the green light to the acts of taking drugs and child abuse.

You have to make clear moral guidelines for society. Just as suicide used to be illegal -- knowing you couldn't stop suicide -- but it was a clear signal, a guideline, to say that suicide was frowned upon. As such it might put off all but the most mentally deranged from trying to hang themselves.

Today we're told "anything goes" and so the suicide rates - especially for teens - have shot through the roof. That is what happens when you give no moral guidelines to society, so they are embedded in individuals, families and communities.

When you say "sodomy is OK behind closed doors" you give the same signal. Of course you'll never stop the most committed sodomites, but making the practice illegal sends a clear message that society will not tolerate this obscenity - and it will certainly curtail the "fashion" of faggotry in places like London and the descent of public places into cruising areas for faggots.

So this li(n)e should have no credence with nationalists and patriots. Is race mixing OK behind closed doors? How about heroin? Or bestiality? If you'll pardon the pun, those patriots who push this lukewarm line are making asses out of themselves.

This society does not need a return to Tory values of the 80s. It needs clarity and leadership against moral decay.

2. "we can't judge which members are homosexual" - almost a 'don't ask - don't tell' policy.

No you can't. But you can use common sense - which should include expelling any member who publishes apologia for homosexuality or reprimanding any that pushes an overtly liberal line on this danger to society.

Furthermore, it has already been proved that this was/is an absolute lie anyway - more of a smokescreen for allowing faggots in by the (ahem) back door.

The case of one individual based in South London should suffice.

A known and practicing homosexual he was due to be an election candidate. The local activist base said "no way" but were told by the South London regional organiser that this poof was a well-respected member, gave lots of money (there's the reason!) and would be a candidate. End of.

So the local activists (God bless 'em) who are very active, and many of whom enjoy reading FC (saints to a man!) said that if this homosexual were (pardon the imagery) forced upon them, they would stop campaigning throughout South London for the BNP, and switch their allegiance, for the duration of the election campaign, and leaflet and campaign for an NF candidate in a London borough.

This sudden ultimatum which would mean no leaflets going out, met with a back-down.

The back-down was not a moral decision. It was not taken in light of a sudden understanding that the gent in question is a homosexual and that the party is opposed to homosexuality - it was a decision taken because of a threat by local activists!

The gent in question is still a member of the BNP. So the idea that the BNP has a "we can't judge which members are homosexual" - almost a 'don't ask - don't tell' policy is a fallacy.

They have known homosexual members. These people are accepted. Homosexuality is accepted. That sends a clear message, not only to society, but also to patriots and nationalists, that homosexuality is acceptable!

To make public pronouncements to the effect that you want a return to Tory policies of the 80s whilst entertaining homosexuals as members could see Harvey Proctor, that bastion of Tory homosexual hypocrisy, as a member!

So, having dealt with both of the spurious arguments - it's now clear that nationalism should take a clear stance against homosexuality.

The lukewarm approach does not work.

In hindsight we can also say that the lukewarm approach on homosexuality is part of the strategy to "Kosherise" the nationalist movement, pushed first of all by the faggot Pim Fortuyn (pictured here) whose sole strategy in Holland was to oppose Islamic immigration.

The degenerate Fortuyn was greeted as a hero by those who like to style themselves as "modern nationalists" - what they didn't tell anyone was that Fortuyn was a rabid Zionist, a raving homosexual, wanted the integration of coloured immigrants (i.e. favoured race-mixing!) and even stated on Dutch TV that he would like to bugger an Arab boy.

May I make so bold as to say that Pim Fortuyn is the perfect role model for those pushing their Kosher ("modern") agenda on nationalism.

Altogether now Kosherised patriots: "Brave Little Israel... black Britons are OK... homosexuals are OK behind closed doors.... immigrants must integrate... anyone who says different is a Nazi or a "false flag" state operation..."

Let's hope this fad of creeping liberalisation passes quickly.

One thing that's sure. Nationalists who don't fight back will soon find they are outnumbered by people who believe this B.S.

After all, how long before a faggot is foisted on an area where there are no principled nationalists (or FC readers - one and the same thing really!)?

What a great message to send out to the nation...

The graph here shows that whilst the number of heterosexuals developing full-blown AIDS has outstripped the number of homosexuals, the HIV virus is clearly carried by far more homosexuals, just one more threat to the Nation.

There is a clear link between homosexuality and child abuse:

Same-sex marriages are short-lived:

Homosexuality is a disease, says Professor:

Do drugs allow degenerates to spread more HIV?

The health risks of gay sex

Homosexuality & Mental Health Problems

Homosexuality & Health

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

The Guild State

The Guild State by G.R.S. Taylor is now in stock, available from FC for £8.50 plus postage.

See my recent post on the book (below - click the link on Book Review to find it) - it is a corker, and a must-read for anyone interested in Distributism, The Guilds, a social history of England, and a vision for a future free of Socialism and Capitalism.

Get it today!

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Boycott Cohens

Tesco has announced huge profits for another year, in the billions.

A great programme on BBC1 TV last night (Shopping the Supermarkets) showed how Tesco's was due to destroy the traditional nature of yet another English town which had a thriving, traditional high street (and Friends of the Earth explained how Tesco's bribes local councils).

I used to run a shop in a small town, a stone's throw from Slough and Eton (what an unequal pair!), which was hit by supermarket opening.

I have seen the damage done. I have seen a community destroyed - a town centre by-passed by roaring traffic en route to the 'stack em high, sell 'em cheap' philosophy of the supermarkets.

No need for local expertise. No need for personal service. No need for small businesses. No need for businesses that pay local suppliers a decent price.

£1 in ever £8 "we" spend, as a nation, is in Tesco's!

What an indictment of modern Britain.

Would quite so many nationalists, patriots etc. shop at Tesco's were is named after its founder instead of a bizarre amalgamated name.

The next time you, your spouse or a relative say "we're going to Tesco's" tell them I AM BOYCOTTING COHEN'S SHOP.

In the short term, if you must, seek out another supermarket. In the medium term, seek out a medium-sized supplier if you must.

But why not try using some small, localised businesses from time-to-time?

Local butchers and fruit n veg barrows, just two examples, can offer great value for money, and offer good knowledge and value.

Shop around! Search out a good farmers' market, or a town that holds a market day...

There are alternatives!

Please don't shop at Cohen's [aka Tesco's].

Monday, 16 April 2007

The War-Mongering Whore

She's at it again!

Barely a week goes by but she can't return to her favourite (sponsored?) past-time.

Yes, of course I'm on about the arch-Zionist Melanie Phillips and her Iran-baiting.

Yes, oh dear reader, the Israeli voice in Fleet Street is scathing about the recent events. Oh indeed we're reminded that Iran committed an act of war... what? By taking prisoner foreign armed forces found in waters Iran claims as her own??? What would Ms. Phillips say if an Iranian force were captured in the English Channel?

Yes, dear reader, she's a nutter. But worse, a Zionist nutter to whom all the world hates Israel, and the Jews of the world - to whom we must all (as "westerners") be in alliance - are at risk from the nasty Islamic bogeyman.

Whilst the BBC says ordnance found in Iraq may come from Iran, there is no evidence as to where it is obtained -- e.g. are "insurgents" buying it on the black market.

This isn't good enough for the mad raving Zionoid (like a haemorrhoid but more embarrassing). To her the fact that weapons (may) come from Iran (and remember we only have the Neo Con regime in America's word for this - hardly trustworthy with their dodgy dossiers, proof of WMDs etc.) this too is an act of war!

And so Ms. Phillips and her Mossad handler want Britain to declare war on Iran. By the same logic the UK should have declared war on Czechoslovakia when the IRA were using semtex!!!!


Let's face it, the Mossad and CIA have supplied and continue to supply arms and explosives to all manner of regimes (including Iran... anyone remember the Iran-Contra scandal???). Should the many victims of this interference declare war on America and Israel? Would Ms. Phillips support such declarations of war against the two war-mongering Zionist regimes?

By her own twisted logic she must.

We reported in FC mag #38 how an Israeli diplomat was caught in Buenos Aires, en route to Chile, with a quantity of explosives. Ms. Phillips must support Chile's right to declare war on Israel!

The other day I was talking to a friend about the recent furore/debacle of the Melanie Phillips screeching Zionism being lauded, applauded and sucked-up to (I know, it's a technical term!) by the BNP.

This chum, an ex-BNP regional organiser, reminded me of the time when Phillips was cornered. She was given a choice of whether to support Israel or the UK in a war between the two. After much filibustering and evasion, she eventually stated she would have to support Israel in such a war.

So there we have it. All the bluster and bravado about 'our brave lads' is pure hyperbole -- the hypocrite Phillips would be supporting Zionist troops if they were blowing up and firing at our troops (instead of civilians and peace activists!), just as she would have supported Zionist terrorists as they murdered British soldiers in Palestine in the 1940s.


Just in case you thought the raving Zionist witch's scare-mongering and paranoia only stretched to the Middle East you'd be mistaken.

You see Ms. Phillips belongs to the Neo Con breed that have to look out for each other - right or wrong (90% the latter).

Few people have sympathy for Paul Wolfowitz. He was a lynchpin in organising the illegal war against Iraq. it was his strategy to try and tie in '911' with Iraq. It was his aim to con the world into thinking Saddam had WMDs. It was his struggle to make Iraq a key-player in the "Al Qaeda" structure.... all of this was Grade A horse poop obviously, but sad to say there are still Neo Cons, Zionist poltroons who still believe some of that nonsense!

Watch Fox TV on American TV and you'd be fooled into part-way believing it too! They still push this stuff... just like they are pushing their Grade A horse poop about Iran today.

Wolfowitz got away scot-free from lying to the people of America and the "Free World" (yee ha!) and far from being banged-up for war crimes or brought to book for his outrageous role in the whole sordid plot, was given a cushty position at the head of the World Bank, appointed by the dullard George W Bush, who's starting to make Clinton look like he had clean hands over cronyism!

So what's Melanie Phillips's take on Wolfowitz's latest scandal where he's been caught handing out a better-paying job to his "girl"friend?

"[H]e has been scandalously set up and smeared by the World Bank, which has made use of the all-too willing offices of a malevolent media still obsessively seeking revenge upon Wolfowitz..."

Don't believe me? Visit:

You can almost read the words "Anti-Semitism" can't you?

Infamy! Infamy! They've all got it in-for-me!

Oh poor Melanie... Poor Mr. Wolfowitz! To quote TV's Jim Royle: "Poor - my arse!"

Will they ever be left alone by this media...? this media that has (eventually) seen through their Iraq lies... this media that (currently) repeats their Iran lies...

Does she really think that their Neo-Con ilk are victims? They are the cats that got the cream! They are talking heads on the TV and in our newspapers... They mix with the uber-rich and the usury-bankers.

Just look at how the NY Post treated the arch-liberal Hillary Clinton when she wasn't as gung-ho and supportive of extreme Zionism as they wanted her to be:

But still they'd have you believe they are the ones who are picked on!!! Their ilk control the only remaining super-state! Yet they are still "oppressed", still the "victims of vicious anti-Semites"...

Will Ms Phillips not stop her war-mongering for one moment and realise that people don't (necessarily just) hate her for what she was born as, but they certainly do despise her for what she has become (a rabid war-mongering Zionoid)?

She is loathed because she would send 'our lads' off to war... when she has already admitted that she would support Israel if that bandit, terror-state were at war with those same soldiers!

There is a country that obtained illegal nuclear weapons, which spied on America, which supplied illegal arms to Iran (during the Iran/Iraq war) , which breaks the Geneva Convention at will, and which would break many more UN resolutions were they not continually protected by a Zionist clique in Washington DC: Israel.

But don't expect Ms. Phillips to ever tell you the truth on that score!

And whilst the Zionist- controlled regime in Washington DC continues to act as the world's policeman and to protect Israel, don't ever expect illegal Israeli nukes or any other provocation by the state founded by wanted terrorists to come to the fore in world affairs...

It's always the anti-Zionist nations that form the next part of the 'bogeyman' we need to have nightmares about...

Sunday, 15 April 2007

The Real Crusade!

Today's Sunday Telegraph has a story about Muslims on the front page. Tellingly, the piece says that Muslims wish to keep the right for their women to wear the veil which is a 'barrier to integration.'

Just so!

Do we want integration? Do we want umpteen shades of coloured immigrants (whether Hindu, Muslim or Sikh) to integrate?

Colonel Blimp-style Tories might... raving lefties might... Racial Nationalists shouldn't!

I say bravo to the veil! Let us keep separate. Let us keep national and racial identities. As it says in FC mag #38 we don't want these people wandering around in Man Utd tops and jeans... better for all that they stay amongst their own, dressed as their own -- all the easier to segregate and then resettle the millions of unwanted newcomers.

Meanwhile as the media tied itself in knots over Prince William ditching his girlfriend, more British servicemen died in Iraq and Afghanistan in wars for Israel and the Neo-Cons...

And Wolfowitz, the archetypal Neo Con, who was farmed off (as his reward) to the top job in the World Bank (the very centre of usury-banking!) was caught - as all these people eventually are, with his hand in the till. This time it was trying to squeeze an extra £60,000 a year for his "girl"friend (Libyan-born but surely a heeb?) Shaha Riza. These people have brought the middle east to its knees in their service to Israel, and still they want more and more wonga. Their lust for financial gain is as insatiable as their lust for war.

All this whilst news come through (in light of the popular move by Iran to release 15 captives) that America is refusing to release 5 Iranians grabbed by America in Iraq. How magnanimous of the Americans... how very Talmudic!

And so we see the over-riding flavour of the Zionist "West":

1. Seek to integrate and moderate Muslims to undermine the racial and (real) Christian nature of Europe.
2. Deaths of servicemen in Neo-Con/Zionist wars are secondary news - who cares about a few more dead goyim?
3. The Neo-Cons are filling their boots, whether its Halliburton getting all the plum jobs in Iraq or whether its Wolfowitz as head of the World Bank (and get ready for Blair's money-making lecture tour of the USA when he eventually leaves the PM's job).
4. The Neo-Con mistreatment of prisoners continues (remember the Iranian recently released who said he was tortured by the CIA - it was main news on Al Jazeera's English-language news* channel that day, it didn't even register on the BBC!) .

There is a Clash of Civilisations. It is a clash for the future and ethos of (ethno-) European nations and culture.

The Muslims are interlopers on this stage. They were invited in by the real rulers. They are the bogeymen we must all learn to fear, to make us take our eyes off the real endgame.

The struggle is between the indigenous White, Christian people/culture/civilisation/values and the Judeo-Freemasonic people/culture/civilisation/values (all of which are anti-cultures, anti-values etc.)

This is a struggle that has gone on for 2000 years, and which saw rabbis create Islam to stop the spread of Christianity, which saw Jews in nations such as Spain help the Muslims against Christendom (and the victory of Spain and the Christians has never been forgiven - remember Isabella expelled the Muslims AND the Jews).

It's a struggle that has seen the rise of the Illuminati, the French (Masonic) Revolution, the Protocols of Zion, the Russian (Jewish/Bolshevik) Revolution, the Zionist terror and the establishment of Israel... and so much more!

The Illuminati, Zionists, the Freemasons, the Bilderbergers, the Neo-Cons... call these people what you will...

This struggle is ongoing. These people have used subterfuge, smoke and mirrors, cheap conjurers tricks, flag-waving false patriotism, fifth columnists, freedom movements, excessively repressive regimes and more for centuries.

Do not be conned. (Or indeed Neo-Conned!).

See past the smoke and mirrors. See past the bogeymen! See the real enemy, as well as the pawns they use and the enemies they create.

Some Neo-Cons and some Kosherised fools use the language of the Crusades.

Do not forget that the Crusaders - chivalrous knights keenly aware of their history, their faith and their enemies - led Crusades against the Jews in Europe on their way through to establish, protect or win back the Kingdom of Jerusalem.

The Crusaders would not have countenanced obeying the instructions of the Neo-Cons. Indeed, were the Crusaders here today, their first task would be to free the Palestinian Christians and Jerusalem from the shackles of the Zionist State!

Would the Crusaders stand by amidst news reports of Israelis machine-gunning statues of the Mother of Christ?

Would the Crusaders stand by as Christians are shot, tortured, imprisoned, exiled, buried alive and more by the brutal, illegal and bastard State of Israel and its murderous army?

Wake up Nationalist. See the enemy for what it is. Only then can victory be possible, because beheading the bogeymen set-up by the Judeo-Masons will not deliver us from the grip of these con-men and their Zionist, usury-banking, Capitalist, multi-racial hell-on-earth.


* Al-Jazeera's English news channel is just a few channels up from BBC News 24 on the Sky TV Channels. It is always worth checking out, especially for news on Israel, the Palestinians, Iraq, Afghanistan and related matters.

For in-depth analysis showing how the Neo Cons fooled nations and people into the (second) Iraq War get the Neo-Conned volumes, available at FC's online shop:

Stick Around!

Let's get busy and spread the word!

Feel free to copy this advert and use it on your web site, in your blog, in your newsletter...

Help spread the word and let's get everyone out there sticking up for their country!

Saturday, 14 April 2007


If there's one message for today it's this: get your wallet out you spendthrift and help the cause!

"OK, so why the bold italic script," you ask.

Well, there is never more need for IDEALS in politics and especially within nationalism.

It is vital for people who are patriotic to KNOW what they are fighting for, and what they are fighting against.

So Final Conflict mag has a role (indeed, an important role) to play in nationalism as we see the creep, creep, creep of ideas and strands that run counter to what nationalism is all about.

Do patriots know about the banking swindle? Are they aware of what Zionism is and how it operates? Do patriots know the danger to individuals, to communities, to nations and to the future of the White Race of homosexuality?

...And so the list could go on!

One of the ways we can try and redress the balance is to put FC mag into the hands of more and more patriots.

FC does (to go all Rumsfeld!) win hearts and minds. It does this by pushing ideology alongside fun items, alongside interesting interviews, alongside mostly unknown history.

Once patriots get hold of FC they tend to subscribe - and once they subscribe they tend to stay on board: FC has an excellent retention rate of subscribers. Even people from the mid 90s still subscribe to FC.

There is plenty for nationalists who stay true to their ideals to do: but getting fellow patriots to read Final Conflict is one quick and easy step that you can make today!

We do excellent rates for folks who take 5 or more copies. Already some activists do take advantage of this, and this is so important! It helps their patriot friends in their area or circle stay in touch with nationalist ideals.

So make the decision today. Get in touch with us at FC and buy 5 (or more copies). if you sell them you'll make a profit. Or you can hand them out (or even send them out) to potential supporters.

If you buy 5 or more copies of FC you will pay just £1.30 per copy including postage in the UK (£1.35 inc postage overseas).

That's £6.50 for 5 copies in the UK. £6.50 over a few months... not even your bill for tea bags! About the price of a packet of cigarettes!

If this is something beyond your abilities you really do have to question your claim to be a nationalist.

So DIG DEEP FOR VICTORY. Spend a few pounds and get 5 (or 10, or 20...) copies of the latest Final Conflict mag sent straight to you.

Give them out down the pub, sell them to contacts, sell them at a meeting, sell them at a gig, send them out to patriot addresses, send them to known nationalists -- whatever. Just get the word out in this effective way!

Communist groups demand far more of their followers! Zionist groups can depend on large-scale donations from their followers. Homosexual groups get activity and dedication from their followers.

Shouldn't we - as nationalists - do something that even goes part way towards those degenerates and enemies of Race and Nation?

Are you saying your cause is less worthy than the Reds, the Zionists or the homosexuals???

Is the future of White children not worth a few pounds? Do we want to sell-out their birthright to multi-racists and race-mixers? Do we want them to grow up in a world dominated by Zionist/New World Order wars and conflicts? Do we want them sat in classrooms where teachers tell them how great homosexuality is - a message replicated through the TV?

If there is to be a body of racialist activists fully clued up to the enemy's wiles, and not a body of limp-wristed Kosher-Tories taken in by the twists and turns of political fashion, then we need to start here and now.

Get in touch with us at Final Conflict today and tell us how many FC issue 38s we can send you...

It really is the least you can do...

Friday, 13 April 2007

Final Conflict Mag #38

FC Magazine issue 38 is out NOW.

Word from those far wiser than I (yes dear reader, some do exist!) is that FC magazine will be landing on doormats throughout the land early next week.

Oh the excitement! It's palpable isn't it? The air is full of promise (not, not eastern promise... this isn't an advert for Turkish Delight!) and the future of nationalism is pregnant with possibilities!

And so, dear reader, as patriots throughout the land (and yes even some Johnny Foreignors) wait with baited breath behind the front door, asbestos gloves to hand, willing even to accost the postman for his envelope full of wisdom and wit, surely it's time to dissect the contents of this very special issue for any of you - SHOCK, HORROR - who do no not subscribe to FC.

What - are you mad?

Well this issue (cover depicted here) contains some of the best material ever:

Charlemagne. There is a piece on the history of the Holy Roman Emperor, the father of the French and German nations.

Stigger. There is an in-depth interview with the ballad-singer and rock guitarmeister himself. It includes his time with Skrewdriver and Warlord, the terrible events of 1993 (Ian Stuart's death) plus domestic politics, the New World Order and more...

Council Tax. The benefit to nationalists in fighting against the concept of local taxation, as opposed to "tinkering with the works" and showing how this can be done.

International Banking. Who runs the banks and why - also ties in with the fight against taxation. A brilliant piece which names names and proves beyond doubt that unless nationalists fight the banksters, all else will be in vain.

The Unwashed. The latest shenanigans from the smellies of Socialism, Zionism and their fellow-traveller infiltrators.

Plus: tons of reviews, readers letters, commentry on nationalism, and our irreverent columnist Ranting Ron on Hezbollah, David Beckham, Hitler's unknown girlfriend and other inter-related (not really!) subjects.

Plus: Bonus 4-page insert of new books, CDs, patches etc.

Be sure and get your copy!

1. If you don't subscribe, now's a better time than ever.

2. If you would like to order a single copy you can for £2 inc. postage in the UK.

3. Multiple copies can be purchased. Join the many nationalist activists taking 5 copies or more. There are also mail-order outlets/distributors who take multiple copies. If you'd like to do either contact FC.

Feedback to the new FC appreciated on here once you get your copy.

p.s. Also in this issue further expose of MI5 & Searchlight operative Peter Marriner: read his confession given as evidence to a court. He admits his work for MI5 and Searchlight!

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

BNP Leadership Election?

From various sources it seems that longtime BNP stalwart Chris Jackson will be standing for the leadership of the BNP this Summer.

You would think this would be cause for celebration. After all what better way to guarantee your 'modern' party really is "democratic" than to have an open, fair, regulated leadership contest - with equal space given to the candidates in party journals, on the party website and in party mail-outs?

Some people, surely those of limited intelligence or unsophisticated political understanding, are saying that this news is meant to 'undermine' the BNP's May election results.

Quite how a Summer leadership election would have any dint on the May election results, with a public/electorate totally unaware of the internal matters, constitution, leadership election policies etc.

And if, as some are saying, the leadership of Nick Griffin is assured (etc.) then a leadership contest (even annual!) should be welcomed to recognise the vast majority of his party's recognition of his leadership -- and so the world can see the open and honest way the contest is conducted, and the votes are counted.

And to those who say "what right have FC to comment on this" (usually those who are forever commenting on other nationalists in a derisory way!) - well, we have the "right" to comment on any party and its leadership in the democratic political party charade (be it Teflon Tony, Call-Me-Dave, or Nick Griffin) that's the idea (whether practised or not) of democracy!

Now we can see the improvements made in the leadership election procedure in the BNP after Nick Griffin beat John Tyndall, amid the former's claims of leadership chicanery, the fuhrerprinzip under attack, the need for financial clarity and more.

Surely all the above - handled as stated above - can only strengthen Nick Griffin's position, and once and for all prove that the BNP is truly democratic, with finances open to the memberships' view, with positions and wages not given to cronies...?

After all without such open and obvious procedures and assurances, it would undermine the BNP's capability of attacking NuLab or the Tories on similar matters...

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Fun of the Fair?

A fun fair can be a bit of a mixed blessing - and that's being charitable. It being the Easter Holidays, your intrepid author took the sprogs and "she who must be obeyed" to a fun fair.

What had I done to deserve this? Nevertheless, I was hoping to ratchet up some Brownie Points with the Big Cheese... and anything that'll help me see the right side of the Pearly Gates can't be that bad. Can it?

Of course such things are designed for the sprogs. Cheap and nasty food coupled with stomach churning rides. Oh joy.

There was a time when I looked forward to such things. I recall a coach trip with school chums to Alton Towers packed with fun. Lightly assaulting the employees dressed up as bears and suchlike... oh for misspent and carefree youth.

Still, the sprogs were chomping at the bit to get out during the hols - so off we went.

I'd forgotten how these places bring the multi-cult aspect of our society to the fore - forcing us all to "mix" as some of us choose not to do in our daily lives.

The sprogs (bless 'em) picked up on this too - spying out the gaggles of "immigrants" almost immediately on arrival.

All the time we were there, the very occasional boisterous chav aside, virtually all the Asian and coloured mobs were the ones causing the problems for those present like ourselves: White families.

Leaving a chain of Celtic Cross stickers across the place was my effort to at least make the day 'pay off' in a political way. Who knows who else - fed up of the chip-on-their-shoulder ethnic gangs - may spot a sticker and take heart?

So anyway, thrown into the multi-cult quagmire with no escape for a few hours we tried to enjoy ourselves as best as possible.

A ride on the Pirate Ship had one of the sprogs looking slightly grey in tone! It reminded me of a trip to an American theme park near Detroit some years back...

Whilst there we (a group of nationalists) were sat at the back of the Pirate Ship, when up popped some scarf-wearing Negroes [bloods, cripps - whatever] and told us to get off. They were clearly used to getting their own way... We told them to go away (using some Anglo Saxon adjectives and nouns) and they backed off: they were clearly not used to White people standing up to them.

Anyway, back to our family day out... isn't it funny what a few years do to you?

I learnt that when at the top of some slide with a near vertical drop, which was more than a few hundred feet high, how difficult it is to bow out gracefully when 10-year-olds are flinging themselves over the edge with little trepidation.

And so it was your esteemed author found himself putting on the bravest of faces and joining in the hullabaloo.

And so, my credibility with "the kids" renewed for another few months at least, and a refresher course in mixing socially with ethnic majorities, I can now avoid such places - hopefully for another 12 months at least!

Monday, 9 April 2007

Irish Against Searchlight

Searching via a Serbian Nationalist blog I happened upon a link to a blog called The Irish Bulletin, and this great piece on Searchlight:

Great to see more people, in more countries sussing out Searchlight for themselves!

Media & Politicians

I'm reading a newly republished book, The Guild State, by GRS Taylor.

It's a very interesting book and shows why our forebears used the Guilds, and why early in the 20th Century people such as the Distributists in England and the Fascists in Italy sought to re-introduce the Guild system to give the workingman basic rights, to give communities cohesion, and to supply good quality goods at just prices.

For more on Guilds read Arthur Penty's books available in the FC online shop:

GRS Taylor's book will be available in the FC online shop soon!

Anyway, I just started the book and came across a right gem on the media and politicians, which I thought I'd share:

"...the journalists are part owners, part servants in this great governing business; and when they cry the virtues of its wares, it is not very different from what appears in the next column, where a soap manufacturer advertises that his soap is the best in the world."

The Guild State was originally published in 1919. What would GRS Taylor say if he could see The Sun ankrolling government war propaganda today - owned by the media mogul Murdoch whom potential Prime Ministers have to go visit to beg for backing...

Sunday, 8 April 2007

FC Online Shop: Postage

The link above will take you to a page that explains the postage rates in the FC Online Shop.

As you'll see we have a glitch which we're trying to work through... so please bear with us.

Saturday, 7 April 2007

Problem with Politicians

There are two main problems I have with politicians, and more especially with political party leaders.

Ignore the cowardice, ignore the treachery, ignore the money-grubbing. These we've come to expect. These are the symptoms of the breed of politicians.

I'm on about the causes.

No - not party politics itself, or the Freemasonic "democratic" oligarchy either. These explain the system behind the politicians. These are possible causes, but surely one might push past those and be something different?

Not to date, sadly.

Anyway, my thesis is that there are two causes as to why the individual party leaders are what they are.

You can scoff at my theory. You can discount it. Or you may even put forward a better one. That's fine, I only write this as a starting point for discussion and I hope it does lead us somewhere, so here goes:

My first cause:


There are too many politicians who were lawyers or who trained as lawyers. Of course, this gives them excellent qualities in the debating chamber - but it also gives them the idea that the "rightness" of their cause is immaterial. Rather the important part is the winning of the argument. So treachery is defended. Lies are covered-up with "evidence." There is no right and wrong, there are only defences staged and prosecutions won.

How else could Tony Blair stand up and lie to defend his decision to start a morally wrong (and, for that matter illegal!) war in Iraq but for his training as a solicitor? Weasel words come easy to Blair and the other lawyers in parliament.

I propose that anyone who has practised as, or been trained to be a lawyer, be barred from parliament. Add to that anyone who has trained in the law or passed a law degree (i.e. a solicitor in all but name).

That will clear away many of the liars, defrauders and spin-meisters. Perhaps we might then get some straight talk.

(As an afterthought we might also tag on journalists into the same category!)

My second cause:


"Oh dear" I hear some cry in protest "politics enters the bedroom."

Not so. It's just a simple fact: the man/woman who cannot be trusted to be truthful to his/her wife/husband cannot be trusted to handle the country's affairs, the country's finances or even his/her expenses account!

It really is as simple as that as far as I'm concerned. The man who will cheat on his own wife will not think twice about cheating the people.

So if you want to clean-up the current system, right here, right now, within the confines of "parliamentary democracy" get rid of the lawyers and the adulterers.

Friday, 6 April 2007

The New Golden Calf

The Capitalists Have Their Eyes on Easter Sunday!

I just listened to a debate on the radio about keeping Easter Sunday special.

At the moment larger stores and garden centres can't open on Easter Sunday, for more details follow this link:

The chap on the radio agitating for Easter Sunday to be yet another 'normal' Sunday made a big play about consumer choice.

And that is the nub of the matter.

It seems the Capitalist Credo is "Choice."

We must have the choice to kill our children.
We must have the choice to go to whatever Church, Mosque, Temple etc.
We must have the choice to have sex with whoever we want (man, woman, vegetable and presumably in the future children).
We must have the choice to shop every day of the year.
We must have the choice as workers and shelf-stackers to work every day the shops tell us.

Seems we have every choice in the world... except to choose to live free of Capitalism, to live free of bank debt, to be free of crappy imports ruining our jobs and wages, to be free of taxation, to be free of coloured immigration and alien creeds, to not be involved in Zionist wars, to not be spied on by CCTV cameras, to not be swabbed by the police, to not have our DNA filed, to not have ID cards, to not be stabbed or shot on city streets by new arrivals to these shores...

Yes we have Choice! Choice to spend more, 24/7 on stuff we just don't need, to keep the fat multinational bosses supplied with Pina Coladas around their heated pools.

The Communists tried to wipe out Christianity in Russia and its satellites by getting rid of Sunday as a "Day of Rest."

They failed because the Russians, Poles etc. kept their national identities and kept, in their hearts, a special affection for their Orthodox and Catholic faiths.

The Capitalists are winning where the Reds failed.

You may not be especially Christian, but I really do think people should wake up and realise that Shopping Malls should not become the new Cathedrals of our civilisation, for if they do we will be genuflecting to the Almighty Dollar, to the Fat Cat Bosses and to Consumerism.

Capitalism has ripped apart the extended family, has mortgaged our people for life, has indebted our nation, communities and families for trillions of pounds...

Don't let Capitalism take Easter Sunday from us.

Christmas will be next...

Do you really want to go out for more McCrap Burgers and buy more Chinese crap? Is it so vital for one more day that our history and heritage is torn asunder?

Even if you're not a Christian, at least spend Easter Sunday with your family, as you would Christmas Day. Have a big meal, go for a walk in our beautiful countryside, visit an ancient ruin -- just stay away from the shops!

Shops are open Monday to Saturday. Some are open late and early. Some are open other Sundays of the year.

Is it REALLY so vital to the Capitalists that the big shops are open on Easter Sunday?

Do they hurt so much because their big shops are forced to close two days of the year?

Or is this yet another attempt, using the Golden Calf of "choice" (and the line that we are, after all "a multi-cult, multi-faith society"), to put another nail in the coffin of our Christian culture, heritage etc.

Don't be fooled. Don't let the Money-Men with their multi-cult rhetoric take another historical day away from us!

Consumers of the world unite - you have nothing to lose but cheap shoddy imports!

History of Good Friday.
Palestinian Christians Make Easter Appeal

Ezra Pound's Poem on the Crucifixion

The Passion of the Christ
Jews Upset at Easter Cartoon
Jews Celebrate Crucifixion

Thursday, 5 April 2007

Let's Have Slavery Week!


Put down that mug of tea dear reader. Finish that mouthful of bacon sandwich. Sit down.

OK? Settled?

I agree with the idea of Slavery Day! Let us remember the suffering of black slaves over 200 years ago.

"But FC," I hear you cry, "it's just one more thing to batter Whites with, why should we have to put up with this?"

Well, let me sum it up in a number of succinct (OK... not really, but I'll try not to turn into Ranting Ron!) summaries of my stance:

1. The more days we have that annoy the indigenous people (Holocaust Day, Diwali, Slavery Day, India Independence Day, Hug-a-Pooftah Day, Speed Camera Day etc.) the more people will realise that we are the bottom of the heap, ruled by the politically correct who spy on us at every turn and tax us to death.

2. Slavery brought about multi-cult/multi-racism. Without it there would be a White(r) America, not much chance of rap music, White(r) English cities etc.

My old nan used to say "two wrongs don't make a right" (usually as she bashed me and my brother's heads together -- never adding that her third wrong seemed to right everything!) with that loving steely glare, with a slight twinkle in her eye that no-one (not least two teenage tearaways) could argue with.

Exactly so nan: why should the wrong of multi-racism, mass immigration etc. be expected to 'right the wrong' of slavery etc. She must have been a Mosleyite!

3. Leading on from that, my forefathers never benefited from slavery. My forefathers in the UK lived in pretty poor conditions, struggled to make ends meet etc. My forefathers in Ireland lived through all the terrible history of that land - inc. many of its people who were indentured slaves!
Perhaps a Slavery Day might waken up more of our people to this REAL history, outside of the money earned by a few mega-rich families (the more times change... etc.).

4. Allowing Slavery Day would annoy the Zionists ( you just knew I'd mention them didn't you!).
Yes, Melanie Phillips (fanfare please!) the archetypal Zionist mouthpiece wrote against commemorating slavery only last week. Why so Melanie? Because none suffered? Because it means nothing to Blacks?
You know the real reason dear reader? Those people weren't Jewish! This Jewish racism and Israel-Worshipping means that we can only worship at the altar of the Holocaust. No other suffering - not Black certainly - can compare! (to even compare it might verge on illegality in several nations!). Imagine if the slaves crammed into ships (many of the ships owned by Jews as people like Farrakhan has proven) were actually Jewish? Would Melanie Phillips let us ever forget such suffering? No way Pedro.

So if even to annoy Melanie Phillips and her Holocaustianity ilk - let's do it! ;-)

So there you go, a handful of reasons to celebrate Slavery Day.

As Steve from (the Blood & Honour band) Whitelaw said in an interview on TV a while back, better to let them all in so that people finally wake up and do something about it... same idea here.

But in all seriousness, I think we should make reparations to Blacks for slavery!

Yes I do.

I think it was wrong to take the black people out of Africa (though the North African Arabs were doing it before the Portuguese arrived).

And so I am happy to right this original wrong.

And if liberals, blacks activists, communists, politically correct government commissars and so on agree with me (as surely they must) then they can jump on board my bandwagon too. I don't mind. I'm kind and thoughtful like that.

So here's my idea for Slavery Day, reparations etc. to right the wrong that was slavery.

Let's have one big slavery week (heck, why limit it to one day?) next year around this time. Then we can get all the coloureds of Afro-Caribbean stock - plus their descendants and dependents - and take them all back to Africa.

What better way to right that original wrong?

They can all be given reparations, plus they can sell their houses/land/businesses here and keep the money. Blimey! With all that they'll be millionaires back in Africa!

Imagine that! What a week for celebration for all concerned!

The coloureds will be re-united with their homelands and their peoples. They'll get ample reparations ( we can stop the multi-millions going to corrupt regimes and dam building and give it to these worthy recipients).

I'll celebrate all week! I'll get my kids out in the streets dancing (in African attire if the government prefers!).

So come on readers! Get behind me in this crusade for a Black Slavery Day/Week, for reparations for the slaves' descendants, and for the resettlement to finally apologise to Africa for taking her children from her...

Who's with me?

Let's make this a better world...

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