Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Socialist Tommy Sheridan Jailed for 3 Years

Tommy Sheridan - see past posts - has been jailed.

Hubris got the better of him, in dealing with his Socialist ex-colleagues, in his alleged sexual proclivities, and finally in dealing with the courts.

Lessons for politicos of every hue!

Monday, 24 January 2011

Chris Beverley Sacked, Simon Darby Back - Latest from (Anti?) Zionist BNP

There has been a lot of "chatter" on the internet - in the blogosphere and forums (or fora!) - about the sacking of Chris Beverley, the BNP's Yorkshire and Humberside Regional Organiser.

Right: You will wait in vain for a similar poster to this one (which could have been produced in Israel!) warning of the danger of Judaism or Race-Mixing from the Nu-BNP or EDL.

Outwardly at least this seems like another nail in the coffin of the BNP, at least in its reputation of being nationalist, or rather, holding any last vestiges of nationalism in its make-up, for Mr. Beverley always seemed a very decent and honourable nationalist.

The rumour mill has started up over the BNP's choice as his replacement, with sordid stories of explicit sexual behaviour carried out in the public domain.

The sad thing is that some people hope or think the BNP will replace the Wesminster corrupt old gang of politicians, yet before it has a sniff of real power it is caught up in financial "mismanagement," pecadillos that would make a Sunday tabloid editor blush and much more besides.

It is many years since I saw through the lies of the type of people who now lead the BNP. Remember how Martin Wingfield and the "Flag NF" were the worst enemy? - reactionary Tories and State agents to a man - then their leaders were on the BNP gravy train. Or remember how Pat Harrington and Third Way were the worst enemy? - sell outs to Zionists and homosexuals - then their leader was on the BNP gravy train.

Funniest of all is how some ex-BNP people quit and formed the "British Freedom Party." On the British Democracy Forum recently a Griffinite was slagging them off for being degenerates because some of them are known homosexuals.

OK. Yet at the same time he was defending the homo/bi-sexual antics of a BNP employee, whilst failing to recognise the "degenerate homosexuals" in the BFP were, until very recently, activists and members (I think even local organisers?) of the BNP! It seems degenerates are OK in the BNP, but become human garbage once they quit.

The hollow nature of his moral outrage was lost on the poor soul. There are none so blind as those who will not see.

Meanwhile, a familiar figure was wheeled out on the 26th to be the official spokesman of the BNP (despite various announcements that he had resigned etc.) and it's our old friend 5IMon Darby whose dodgy background has been detailed on this site before now.

Funnily enough the (ex?) deputy leader and (ex?) media spokesman for the BNP was on the Daily Politics show on the BBC seeking to defend the indefensible. If you have the BBC i-player facility (i.e. you're in the UK and have the internet) watch the Daily Politics from the 26th - it's near the end of the programme.

The matter of the BNP's dodgy accounts comes up, of course. Again rumours are rife on the net that the BBC's Panorama programme are putting together a programme that will detail alleged corruption and theft in the upper echelons of the BNP.

Smirking away in the background on the show was Margaret Hodge, the Labour MP who beat Nick Griffin when he unwisely parachuted himself into the Barking constituency. She sat there pleased as punch, no-one bothering to bring up her dodgy past in at best messing-up and allowing a paedophile scandal in a childrens' home to go on for years, or as some allege covering-up the paedophile scandal because of the damage it would do to the local Labour Party, her as the then council leader and the Labour Party as a whole.

Funnily enough, as Ms. Hodge is purported to have Jewish ancestry, one of the funniest squirm moments for 5IMon Darby was when he was asked why the BNP was denouncing the EDL as "Zionist."

Why so funny? Well, as when the civic-nationalist BNP condemn other groups for being civic-nationalist (the BNP have promoted race-mixing and "black Britons" at various places and in their official media - printed and online), similarly the BNP which has courted Jewish votes in London, played up its anti-Muslim credentials to Israeli media outlets, and generally played an (at best!) ambivalent role when it comes to Zionism and the "Jewish community" in the UK, is now seeking to condemn the English Defence League as "Zionist."

Now I agree with the BNP, the EDL is Zionist, but when it comes to the BNP and the EDL on matters of race, homosexuality and Zionism we are talking degrees of difference rather than outright opposition.

For many years the BNP has been deliberately ambivalent and two-faced on these matters, wishing to have their cake and eat it. One might even argue that at least the EDL is open and honest about their homosexual, Jewish and coloured supporters, whereas the BNP had/has them and certainly wanted them (and their money), flaunted it to an enemy media and pretended otherwise to certain constituent supporters.

The BNP were following a Zionist agenda for many years (Israel was a 'democracy,' Islam was the main/only enemy, Sikhs/Hindus were allies, non-Muslim Africans were welcome and so on), now the EDL has picked up that poison chalice and run with it.

The problem the BNP now have is to its own supporters it has to paint the EDL as non-nationalist because of this, but to a media that it tried to neutralise by playing up its own Israel-friendly stance it looks two-faced for the BNP to now condemn the EDL as "Zionist."

With all these financial and political problems, the BNP still 'smells' like a wrong 'un when hitherto 'good eggs' like Chris Beverley are pushed out of their roles (the BNP is already spinning that he walked, but he has made it clear he did not) to replace him with someone with (at best!) a degenerate, pornographic link that could be highly embarrassing, meanwhile we get the 5IMon Darby affair with the "is he/isn't he" a BNP leader...

Some nationalists think the BNP must fall, if a decent nationalist movement is to rise in its place (one might argue that the system has backed the EDL for this very purpose!), whereas others think that if the BNP falls, nationalism itself will be knocked for six -- with everyone being tarred by the same brush of corruption, nepotism, degeneracy and policy betrayal that is turning away both activists and voters from the BNP.

One thing is certain, a game is being played out here, though the outcome is still far from certain.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

State Infiltrators Using Sex to Disrupt Groups? Bugger That!

The Guardian newspaper goes with the story of undercover coppers being allowed to have sexual relations with members of groups they are infiltrating.

How very James Bond!

Of course the police chiefs deny it, but as the Guardian sub-headline screams:

Promiscuity 'regularly used as tactic', says former officer, contradicting claims from Acpo

Acpo is the police boss's mouthpiece.

Yet because the groups have primarily been "anarchist, left wing and environmental groups" The Guardian is treating this as a new story.

But we know different don't we?

Some years ago (2002) a police spy called Peter Marriner was "outed" on a BBC TV programme called True Spies.

Years earlier (in 1994) FC had put together the info from various sources and published a fulsome warning about Marriner being a predatory homosexual used to infiltrate left and right wing groups.

We published that back in FC mag #7. At the time Marriner had reappeared in the NF as the West Midlands secretary, with access to every NF members' details throughout the West Midlands (one of their strongholds). Much of our initial info came from outraged NF members. We also had fulsome information from John Tyndall and Colin Jordan from when Marriner had first appeared in nationalist circles in the 60s and 70s.

Marriner was a wrong 'un! The evidence was undeniable, substantive and damning.

Yet even after this exposé with clear evidence from sources as diverse as the British Movement and homosexual newspapers (detailing Marriner's public toilets antics!) this police spy and degenerate pervert went on, after his West Midlands NF stint, to have joint control of the 'Choice' organisation, founded by Jane Lady Birdwood and given over, by her, to Peter Marriner and the other homosexual apologist, Martin Webster.

At Birdwood's death, her property was split between Marriner and Webster. Mr. Webster must have known of Marriner's past - we have to wonder if he turned a blind eye because of the police spy's homosexuality?

Of course whilst running the Choice organisation for the ailing Birdwood, Marriner had full access to the personal details of all subscribers, correspondents etc. before pocketing tens of thousands (at least!) from the sale of her West London home.

It's not very pleasant is it?

But it gets worse!

Years after FC had published all the info on the NF secretary Marriner and after his control and financial gain from Birdwood & Choice, the odious pervert popped up on the True Spies programme to say that he was encouraged to 'sleep with' young nationalists (i.e. bugger them!) to get "pillow talk."

So the idea of state agents being given the all-clear to use sex to get info from targeted groups is nothing new!

That The Guardian, like the various lefty politicians who appeared on True Spies, takes the tone of moral outrage when anarcho-weirdies and crusties are targeted by the State, but there is no response at all when nationalists are targeted by the State, gives the impression that it is "acceptable" for the State to target nationalists (the agenda pushed by Searchlight) using underhand methodology.

The problem for them then is that if you give the green light to subterfuge, skulduggery, degeneracy etc. against nationalists, then you, ipso facto, also give the green light to them being used against "lefties" (some lefties know this, hence they don't like Searchlight's secret state agenda).

It's such a shame that The Guardian seeks to ignore this aspect (choosing rather to paint anarcho-crusties as the sole victims) thus their narrow political agenda leaves the door open for the police and state agencies to use entryism in groups as diverse as C18, the BNP and the NF to wreck nationalism and attack those nationalists who are genuine, concerned and show real promise for the nationalist cause.

As long as people follow such a narrow political agenda the state will use Walther Mitty types to target nationalists, environmentalists, peace campaigners, pro-lifers and others, knowing that their factional interests will mean the raised voices of protest will turn a blind eye to spooks and coppers who infiltrate and bring-down their 'opponents.'

That's a real shame, because the true victim is Freedom, honesty and trust per se.

Here's a piece that appeared in an old Final Conflict e-zine:


[An FC writer has sent in this piece and commentry]:

The following letter was sent out by a homosexual: Martin Webster, who used to run the National Front in the 1970s, but was expelled from the NF in 1983.

It's certainly true that there were a number of queers in the NF back in the late 70s and 80s. Some people took to referring to the NF as the 'Gay Front', a nomenclature which did the NF great harm in working class circles and made it the butt (every pun intended) of many a joke.

What is interesting here is that Peter Marriner has been denounced by FC for many years - see FC magazine #7 when the homosexual infiltrator was exposed - then acting as Birmingham secretary of the National Front, with access to all names and addresses throughout the West Midlands, under the then leader John McAuley, circa 1994.

The amazing thing is that Peter Marriner was, until recently we can only assume given the tone of the following piece, the right-hand man of one Martin Webster!

The two of them gained the West London house of Lady Birdwood when she passed away a few years back.

As the identity of Peter Marriner isn't divulged in the Radio Times
piece, we can only assume that Marriner and Webster have had a falling out!

What is unbelievable is that anyone was 'taken in' by Marriner after he was exposed as an infiltrator by people like Colin Jordan and John Tyndall back in the early 1980s. Hence FC's disbelief when he popped up again the early 90s NF, and his role with Lady Birdwood, Martin Webster and 'Choice' - her paper and organisation.

Whilst it isn't always obvious to spot spies and infiltrators, the use of bi-sexuals and homosexuals by the Soviets, MI5 etc. - especially Cambridge types ('the fifth man' and all that) - should put everyone on their guard.

And if anything is learnt from the NF and the early 1980s it's don't turn a 'blind eye' to homosexuality and sexual deviants!


"I have just had Ruby Archer, who used to be Minutes Secretary of the National Directorate during my time in the NF during the 1970s, on the phone. She has drawn my attention to the current issue of 'The Radio Times'. In this there is a brief review concerning the forthcoming (next Sunday's) episode of the 'True Spies' series. Ruby is going to send me the page from her copy of the 'RT' in case I can't get one, but she read out a part of it, and as far as I can recollect, it goes as follows:

""Sunday's 'True Spies' is especially fascinating on account of the
number of men who have acted as infiltrators for MI5 and who have been persuaded by the programme's producer Peter Day to be interviewed by him about it. One such is 'Steve' who infiltrated the National Front which attracted a lot of intelligence service surveillance during the 1970s. 'Steve' had 'Chris' as his controller. 'Steve' had to endure losing a lot of his friends who thought he had turned into a Nazi. As it happens, 'Steve' is
gay and there were a surprising number of gay members in the NF. He produced a lot of information via 'pillow talk' which he passed back to 'Chris'. The programme also details the surveillance of Arthur Scargill, the miners' leader . . . "

"From the above, added to the information already circulated, I think we must deduce that the 'Steve' in the above item is Peter Marriner.

"It is interesting that the review specifies the NF has 'Steve's'
target for infiltration since, to the best of my recollection, he spent the largest part of that decade in the British Movement as adviser and third in command when Colin Jordan was its leader, and then adviser and second in command when Mike McLaughlin was leader. He only came into the NF once BM had broken up, which was circa 1978/79. His area of activity and contact
was more-or-less confined to Birmingham and the West Midlands. Perhaps "the NF" was specified in this review since the NF was and is far better known than the British Movement and its name will "ring more of a bell" with 'RT' readers than that of the BM.

"Anyway, it would appear that Wayne Ashcroft's identification from the preview clip was correct.

[The British Movement actually continued into the early 1980s, and was later relaunched by what was known by the 1984 Committee. The author must have known this. Maybe a BM, or ex-BM member can confirm that?].

On Sunday the 3rd of November the BBC2 programme True Spies aired at

From the FC e-zine # 2066, 4th November 2002:


Last night's True Spies was everything it promised to be. Smears,
cobbled together stories about cranks on the fringes of Nationalism - with no opportunity for any Nationalist to reply; followed by a half-decent documentary on the infiltration of leftist groups, with regular opinions from the leftists themselves to put things in perspective ['I'm not surprised', or 'what a terrible thing in a democracy' etc.].

One would have thought that the then leader of the National Front, John Tyndall, would have been approached for his thoughts. Of course, the truth is that he could have blown the programmes inaccuracies, lies and general muddying of the waters into stark relief. The programmes whole premise on the 'far right' would not have held up for one second!

What this proves, again for the umpteenth time, is that the
establishment and the media fear Nationalism more than they fear the myriad of Socialist and Communist groups, including the Anti Nazi League, then led by the now government minister Peter Hain - how radical!

One interesting part of the programme was when an official of the NUM [National Union of Mineworkers] went to Libya to meet Colonel Gaddaffy. Of course the programme repeated the usual plethora of scare stories about the IRA and armed struggle. The programme did not let on that Colonel Gaddaffy, and his officials, have in fact met people from right across the political spectrum - including Communists, Ulster Loyalists, Racial Nationalists from Canada and England [inc the NF], anti-Zionists etc. etc. Of course, Jorg Haider had a special meeting with Gaddaffy at which a trade was agreed in order to get cheaper fuel for Austrians! Is Haider then some kind of terrorist? To equate one such meeting between the NUM and Gaddaffy with the IRA is really not fair on the NUM, and the programme makers must have known this.

The centre-stage of the first third or so of the programme belonged to 'Steve'; in actual fact the faggot Peter Marriner who was once arrested for his homosexual activities in a public toilet [see FC magazine #7 for full details on Marriner's background].

What is interesting is that Marriner's role in more recent politics
[viz his role in getting Choice organisation left to a coterie of
homosexuals - see FC e-zine #2065] wasn't mentioned at all.

FC had exposed Marriner's role in the Birmingham National Front circa 1994. His red and police background had been exposed when he appeared in the NF in the early 80s by Colin Jordan's Gothic Ripples and John Tyndall's Spearhead journals. Are we really to believe those taking over Choice had no idea of this degenerate pervert's background?

Was this another State sting? To get an outspoken Christian grouplet handed onto a bunch of homosexuals, the chief of which even the current BNP leader recently denounced as a "sad old queen" in an attempt to divert attention away from their own watering down of their stance on homosexuality.

All we can repeat is that this must teach Nationalists that the
homosexual crowd must be avoided like the plague! A particularly unsavoury part of the programme was when Marriner's Special Branch handler [on behalf of MI5] said that Marriner was given the 'green light' for targeting young Nationalists, in order to bugger them and then get pillow talk -- the uncharitable might in fact label it 'pillow bighting talk'.

This doesn't reflect well on what some members of the circles of 'sad old queens' might have used the NF for - nor on the secret state who encouraged buggery for their own ends!

That people were taken in by Marriner in the 70s and even later because they didn't know the score is terrible enough, if understandable. The fact that Marriner was allowed a pivotal role in certain 'nationalist' circles as recently as a year or two ago - when his red, homosexual and police histories were known - is inexcusable.

Look out for all manner of 'excuses' doing the rounds - throwing dirt on other people and all the rest of it by Marriner related people.

Those at fault here are those who let gaggles of queers stay in the NF and other organisations, and those who still think people like Marriner who engage in all manner of nefarious activities of a sexual nature, still have a role to play. Those who still believe that need to face the same kind of brick wall as the homosexual apologists.

We will not change our beliefs, even if the system makes 'homophobia' - in truth the holding of widespread, patently true and provable truths - 'illegal'.

Learn the lessons people!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Usury, Banking Collapse, Unemployment, Taxes and Bonuses: We Lose, They Win

Yesterday on the BBC News at Ten George Osbourne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, said that cuts were necessary as we need "to pay the country's credit card bill."

As local councils look to put people on the dole and close libraries, swimming pools etc. this is scant comfort for us plebs.

What George - chum of the Rothschilds and Bullingdon Club spoilt brat - fails to understand is that he is the economic boss of a STATE, not a mum on a council estate.

He shouldn't be turning to loan sharks to make ends meet. We shouldn't be paying back BILLIONS in loan interest payments.

He, if he put the people first -- and not the profits of the banksters -- would have the government issue its money as a credit (instead of borrowing it into circulation as a debt).

This simple act would save us BILLIONS.

Our taxes could be slashed. Money put into schools, libraries etc. could be increased.

Left: Barclays Bank boss Bob Diamond. He's on an £8 Million bonus this year, despite, as says: "Barclays was yesterday hit with a record £7.7m mis-selling fine and ordered to pay back £60m in compensation to thousands of customers." If you oversaw a record fine in your job would you get a huge bonus - or the sack?

Tony Blair said "education, education, education" yet in his first year in power he spent more on debt repayment than education!

The politicians are covering up this scandal, decade on decade.

In this week's Private Eye they mention government minister, Francis Maude, who was paid almost £600-an-hour after tax as an advisor, by Barclays Bank.

And we should all remember how Norman Lamont (and the Exchange Rate Mechanism mess that cost millions) walked out of office to a job with Rothschilds.

When will the politicians put the people before usury debt? When will the politicians stop trying to line their own pockets whilst we drown in the usury-debt created by their chums?

When will we realise that these people - chosen by party political machines bank-rolled by Big Business - are little more than treacherous hirelings of the banking system?

So, could things get any more annoying than George "Boy" Osbourne treating us like imbeciles on the news, waffling on about the "credit card" we have to pay back?

Well today I did something I don't normally do (promise you won't tell?).

I was out for lunch with a colleague in an Italian bistro and while we waited for our food I looked at the newspapers available to read in the establishment. Ignoring the tabloids, the only other paper was The Independent.

So, I took it and flicked through it.

Therein was a disturbing story (past the paper's gloating over the court victory of two sodomites over two hoteliers in Cornwall).

Goldman Sachs - possibly the most Zionist of the banks - which was responsible for the 'world economic crash' that took Capitalism to the brink of ruin, quite literally, and yet the paper was saying how the bank (which should have folded) was dishing out bonuses to the tune of £10 Billion.

Yes: £10 Billion!

The CEO of Goldman Sachs (one Lloyd Blankfein!) has overseen this opulence, while the peoples of America are still suffering after the economic collapse.

Right: Goldman Sachs boss Lloyd Blankfein. According to Fortune magazine "He was paid $68.7 million in 2007 - record for a Wall Street chief - and recently bought a $26.5 million apartment at 15 Central Park West." 2007 was the year before Goldman Sachs helped put us billions in debt and put millions on the dole in the USA, Europe and elsewhere. Nice to know he lined - and is still lining - his own pockets. Kerching!

Nice to know that wherever they exist, no matter how much debt and suffering they cause, despite the hikes in unemployment and taxes they bring about; the banksters are content to dish out huge bonuses to themselves.

The inmates may be running the asylum, but it's the criminals who are profiting.

Goldman Sachs Rewards Staff

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Two New Criminals: What a Waste of the Court-System!

So a couple running a bed & breakfast have lost a court case brought by two sodomites, because the b&b owners wouldn't let the buggers stay in a double room.

Right: Peter and Hazelmary Bull with supporters. Hardly the image of hate! How happy are you that time and money is wasted dragging such law-abiding normal people through the courts, as Britain descends into amoral and violent chaos?

Years ago we used to moan about 'Blair's Bolshevik Britain' because of all the restrictive laws that he passed, and the time wasted on passing laws to favour the sodomites and other degenerates.

If you are a genuine Christian in this land, and that includes being opposed to sodomites and the promotion of their death-style and immoral creed, then you cannot be a social worker, a "relationship" counsellor, open an adoption agency, or run a hotel or bed & breakfast.

Or rather you can: but only if you agree to their Bolshevik-laws, i.e. you have to promote homosexuality too.

If you don't some degenerate sodomites will crawl out from under their stone to take you to court: backed by some sodomite "charity" or, as in this case, the government's own Equality and Human Rights Commission.

We are free to shake our chains.

And if you speak against it on the radio or at a public event, the police will knock at your door (yes, this is well documented), even if faggots beat you up in a public place for promoting Christianity, it is likely that you will be arrested if the queers claim you were being "homophobic" (regardless of the facts - in a Poof version of the ultra-pc MacPherson Report guidelines)

Cameron has replaced Blair. Blue has replaced Red. But little else has changed. The rot continues.

The onward march of degeneracy, sodomites, their paedophilic agenda (promoting buggery to school children via "charities") continues.

Don't accept it!

Speak out against it. In patriotic circles, on nationalist forums, in your local Church, to work colleagues or wherever else you can let others know that they are not alone in finding the governments obsequious fawning to the sodomite death-style totally repugnant.

They can close down the adoption agencies. They can ban the bed and breakfasts. They can arrest the street preachers. They can bring the Stasi dawn knock-at-the-door to those who speak out. They can pass their laws, and use State agencies to spread fear; but as long as one brave soul will speak the Truth, they can never stifle it.

And there are many of us left!

The fight for freedom is underway, do not be cowed by the bullies. We have the Truth on our side, and 'the Truth will set you free!'

BBC story (typically pro-poof)
Couple Claim they were Set-up

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Global Warming Happened in Roman and Medieval Times

Can "global warming" and its effects account for the Fall of the Roman Empire?

So say the 'experts' after looking at tree rings.

Right: Just one example of how Tree Rings can show local weather patterns in history.

See the BBC story here.

This means that:

  • If Global Warming is true (as a man made event), we could see the fall of the USA's Zionist Empire.
  • Or will the collapse of global Capitalism be put down to changing climate as opposed to usury and unpayable debt?
  • Global warming and cooling has been happening in Roman and Medieval times (and of course in the last ice age) long before 4x4s or the advent of the internal combustion engine.

So we have to ask what causes Global Warming if it has been happening throughout history? Is a natural occurring phenomenon and if so why are taxes, restrictions and globalist policies being promoted?

Answers on a postcard to George Monbiot and all the Guardianistas whose individual "carbon footprints" are a damn sight higher than poor working sods like me who they like to lecture!

Friday, 14 January 2011

UKIP Beat the BNP in Oldham East By-Election

UKIP have beaten the BNP in yesterday's Oldham East by-election.

Right: Even a Labour scandal involving "Muslim death threats" and a recent spate of Asian 'grooming' gangs raping primarily White girls couldn't raise the BNP vote.

A few issues arise:

1. This used to be BNP heartland. Didn't the BNP leader himself stand here before? He certainly talked of fighting this by-election, but withdrew.

2. Some say the UKIP aren't nationalist. True. But by the same criteria the BNP aren't nationalist. Both are pro-black, allow queer members etc. Both are anti-EU and talk of 'getting tough' on immigration. The BNP have moved onto UKIP territory not vice-versa.

3. Ipso facto, NG's boring drone of being "the only show in town" and the historically true observation that UKIP never did well outside the Euros looks like it could be dead in the water.

Left: Full colour leaflets, years of campaigning, a household name, and an endorsement from local MEP Nick Griffin - none of this helped the BNP vote. They seem to have run out of steam.

Lazarus Griffin will live to fight another day, the mail-outs and fund-raisers will continue (they have to in this ponzi scheme). But is this another nail in the coffin for the BNP?

Debbie Abrahams Lab 14,718
Elwyn Watkins LD 11,160
Kashif Ali Con 4,481
Paul Nuttall UKIP 2,029
Derek Adams BNP 1,560
Peter Allen Green 530
The Flying Brick Loony 145
Stephen Morris Eng Dem 144
Loz Kaye Pirate 96
David Bishop Bus-Pass Elvis 67

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Thumbs Up to Multi-Culti Experiment

A big thumbs up to multi-culturalism:

A bird dropped this?

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