Friday, 31 October 2008

Plaid Cymru was Distributist... and BBC Alba

The growth of devolution in the UK is looked on in horror by some, but with hope by others, and how we treat the smaller nations may well come to define the very meaning of nationalism.

Right: Nationalism is looking to its roots and to real folk nationalism in both Wales and Scotland. The modern leaderships of Plaid Cymru and the SNP can try to liberalise... but the growth of folk nationalism and opposition to coloured immigration to save the Celtic cultures will bring about a new breed of nationalism.

An interesting snippet from Wikipedia on Saunders Lewis, one of the founders of Plaid Cymru:

Lewis wished to demonstrate how Welsh heritage was linked as one of the 'founders of European civilization.[15] Lewis, a self-described "strong monarchist," wrote "Civilization is more than an abstraction. It must have a local habitation and name. Here its name is Wales."[16][17] Additionally, Lewis strove for the stability and well-being of Welsh-speaking communities, decried both capitalism and socialism and promoted what he called perchentyaeth; a policy of 'distributing property among the masses.[18]"

So we can see that Lewis and Plaid Cymru were Distributist and Third Positionist before WW2.

The Kikipedia piece shows how Plaid Cymru was diverted ("Post fascist era"?) to a social democratic model - leading the way to a take-over of lefties, socialists and so on, wherein Plaid now seeks to be the "more red than thou" alternative to New Labour.

Interestingly there doesn't seem to be mention of his poem in which he decries those with their "Hebrew snouts" in ledgers, nor the influence of (the French "fascist") Charles Maurras on Lewis's thinking.

It is fascinating to realise that whilst Chesterton and Co. were promoting Distributism in the English-speaking world, Saunders Lewis was doing likewise in the Welsh-speaking world.

It could certainly be argued that without Saunders Lewis the Welsh language could well have all but died outside of North West and South West Wales (latter day "reservations" for the "natives").

So the resurgence in Welsh identity and the current strength of Welsh, one of the oldest European languages, can be traced back to a man whom many leftists decry as a "fascist."

In Scotland recently many materialists made a fuss over the money spent on the BBC Channel Alba, which transmits programmes in Scots Gaelic, just as they did in Wales many years ago over S4C (Welsh Channel 4).

But we have to ask ourselves: what price an ancient European language?

Shouldn't we pay a relative pittance (Credit Crunch, bank bail-out etc.) to help preserve these great tongues and their cultures for the Scottish/Highlander and Welsh people of tomorrow?

BBC Alba can be seen on Sky TV and Freesat (S4C should be too): great for seeing local sports too (Gaelic Football in Scotland, Welsh Rugby, Scottish Hurling etc.).

Wikipedia on Saunders Lewis

Saunders Lewish and the Welsh Language Revival

BBC Alba Gets 600,000 Viewers

BBC Alba homepage - see link for learning Gaelic

The Deluge by G. K. Chesterton

Though giant rains put out the sun,
Here stand I for a sign.
Though earth be filled with waters dark,
My cup is filled with wine.
Tell to the trembling priests that here
Under the deluge rod,
One nameless, tattered, broken man
Stood up, and drank to God.

Sun has been where the rain is now,
Bees in the heat to hum,
Haply a humming maiden came,
Now let the deluge come:
Brown of aureole, green of garb,
Straight as a golden rod,
Drink to the throne of thunder now!
Drink to the wrath of God.

High in the wreck I held the cup,
I clutched my rusty sword,
I cocked my tattered feather
To the glory of the Lord.
Not undone were the heaven and earth,
This hollow world thrown up,
Before one man had stood up straight,
And drained it like a cup.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Rothschild, Kissinger and the Kosher BNP: the Struggle is One!

Just why did the Murdoch press become the mouthpiece for Nat Rothschild in the recent ballyhoo re. the yacht off Corfu?

Surely going up against a possibly future government minister is bad business sense?

Not when the Rothschilds are business partners in the Murdoch's satellite TV firm BSkyB!

So let's get this straight.

We have one family.

They bankroll Tories and NuLab politicians. They have leverage over the mass media and the banks.

Doesn't this seem more than a little disproportionate?

It seems that the first people on our Home Secretary's list of proscribed people to be banned from entering the UK "for public harmony" should be the Rothschilds.

Of course she'd have to kick a few of them out first.

If the Rothschilds had links to the Armenian genocide (see recent post on Ataturk - aka Atajew) and there is evidence that high level Freemasonry (come on! They have to be in that!) had links to ETA, the Red Brigades etc.

And still the kosherised groups like the BNP think that the threat comes from a few Islamic preachers and their adherents???

911, 7/7 etc. were false flag ops and we should be looking to New York and Tel Aviv for the culprits.

Whilst we're on the subject we hope the biggest war criminal of all (also as luck would have it a Jewish-Zionist-Mason) is banned from UK entry: Henry Kissinger.

When Franco's No. 2 and planned leader of Spain on the Caudillo's death (I forget his name - read FC mag #16, I think it mentions the facts in there, in a book review of Franco's Spain) refused to back down in a diplomatic confrontation with Kissinger and America he was murdered in a "terrorist" plot which used incredible planning and means just to kill one man: in essence we saw even then how the CIA used Spanish/Basque "terrorists" as a cover for ridding themselves of someone who wouldn't roll over and let Spain become "democratic" (i.e. a poodle of America).

So enough Sun editorialising. Enough mimicking the Neo Cons in a Stalinist 'two steps forward one step back.' Enough 'softly softly catchee monkey.'

I can only return to a message we've pushed in FC numerous times:

The threat to our culture, our civilisation, our religion, our freedoms, our way of life comes from the Zionists, who organise illegal wars, cripple us with debt, flood us with drugs, destroy the family...

Even if we look at the barbed issue of Islam, we have to ask who's more of a threat: the "mad mullahs" who are promoted by a Zionist media eager for an eternal bogeyman, backed up by the CIA's "Al Qaeda" myth; or the Asians (Muslim, but also Sikh, Hindu etc.) who wish to integrate.

The biggest threat from coloured immigration comes from the move to a coffee-coloured secularised State, something that Communists push for, something the Capitalists like (hey - we're all consumers!) and something that the Masons approve of as they try to destroy the last vestiges of Christianity.

This melting pot, faggot-ambivalent, ecumenical, social controlling, Big Business led, Masonic State, where the only enemy is "hatred" and "extremism" is our nightmare.

It seems some people are happy to embrace it as long as they get to screech about an "Islamic threat" in the short term for their own profit and prestige.

The ridiculous thing is that the wafer-thin, super-lite Neo Con B.S. pushed by the Israeli Firsters should be laughed at by nationalists. Sad to say the BNP 'supertanker' has been turning around for a good 8 years and is now heading on the same setting as our enemies.

Would it be beneath the security services to use a nationalist party for its own ends? Think of C18. Think of the National Democrats.

Plenty of well meaning people supported those two groupings, yet the hand of State would now be refuted by very few.

As the saying goes, the path to hell is paved with good intentions.

But when you can smell the sulphur or see that the message has become entwined with that of a Satanic minority (Judeo-Masons) then it's time to jump ship before you too sell your soul and are branded by Old Nick! ;-)

Monday, 27 October 2008

Terrorist State Raids Sovereign Nation

So America has invaded yet another sovereign nation and attacked - and killed! - civilians.

We shouldn't be surprised.

If Syrian helicopters attacked a town in Texas or New York do you think America would simply make a disgusted statement?

Or do you think America and its Israeli Lobby would sabre rattle and seek to hit back at the aggressors?

America is a Terrorist State.

It has launched illegal wars and so, by definition, its leaders are war criminals.

Yet it still has the brassneck to support a country with illegal nuclear weapons which has ignored/broken UN Resolutions (Israel), whilst seeking to talk of war against a country building nuclear power stations (just like the UK!): Iran.

Should any of us believe anything the terrorist USA says about anyone else?

If a statement came out of Washington DC or Tel Aviv stating that the sea is wet, I'd have to pop down to the coast just to check for myself...

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Turkey: Islamic Threat or Masonic-Zionist Infiltrator?

Further to the Byzantium post and thoughts on Turkey's entry into Europe - here we have a blog that details Modern Turkey's Masonic nature and its control by Zionists:

It's interesting because the writer seems to be defending Turkish Islamic culture (which is the main reason many do not want Turkey as part of the EU).

This blog (click link above) confirms much that we published in Final Conflict mag #35 (researched by a Greek comrade living in Western Europe) i.e. that Islamic Turkey is in fact a secular-Muslim state predominantly run by Zionist Jewish "converts" who are heavily allied with America and Israel.

Those who decry Turkey simply for being Muslim are missing the point: and that is why so many Neo Cons are actually in favour of Turkey joining the EU.

Not least because it will unleash a wave of Islamic immigration - to provide them with pleny more bogeymen, lots more false flag ops, and lots more 'mad mullahs.'

The Neo Cons in America and Israel must be salivating at the prospect: no matter how much their hirelings, fellow travellers and useful idiots in Europe rant on about Islamic Turkey.

And so we are all Neo-Conned... again!

Rothschilds and Masonic-Turks behind Armenian Genocide

Rothschilds Bail Out Turkish Government?

An Overview of the "War on Terror" Agenda

and this one's not connected per se, but what a gem anyway, especially in light of the Rothschilds connections with the Tories and Labour:
Rothschilds' Supreme Court building in Israel is Masonic

Last Week's Quote: Italian Bishops on Mussolini

"Italy thanked Jesus Christ for the renewed greatness of the Fatherland made stronger by Mussolini's policy."

Telegram from National Eucharistic Congress,
22nd August 1935,
sent to Italian government

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Byzantine Glory Comes to Life

The Rome of the East

For those who can make it, and those who can afford it (an adult ticket is £12) I would highly recommend the Byzantine exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts.

For over 1000 years of Christian history and culture (from the establishing of the separate Eastern Roman Empire to the sacking of Constantinople by the Ottomans) this exhibition will give you a glimpse of Europe's rich heritage.

Some say this kind of display of Eastern Christianity makes an argument for Turkey's inclusion in the EU (I recall seeing Boris Johnson using that same line).

Not so!

It should remind us that "Turkey" and all Asia Minor used to be European in culture, Romano-Greek in heritage and totally Christian in faith and outlook.

It should remind us that the accursed Ottomans invaded European lands and took over. It should remind us that the Ottomans were flung out of all Europe to the South East of Vienna.

It should remind us that the Turkish oppression of Christians and ethnic Greeks in Asia Minor has been terrible and included mass murder and the sacking of churches.

It should remind us that the "modern" secular-Masonic Turkey is the ally of Israel and America - and if they are using the line that Constantinople was once a centre of European, Christian culture then they are merely exposing the differences and reminding us what Europe proper should stand for: Christianity not Freemasonry; Faith not Exploitation; Families not Financiers; Blood and Soil not Profits and Multi-nationals; Patriotism not Zionism.

In the meantime we can revel in the glory that was Byzantium.

The Royal Academy of Arts' Byzantium Exhibition

Friday, 24 October 2008

Neo Cons' Fellow Travellers Moan About FC

Here we go again.

It seems some Zionists and their fellow travellers on Stormfront are moaning about this blog again.

Right: Paul Wolfowitz, one of a breed of arrogant Neo Cons, Banksters and hucksters that have taken our world to the brink of world war and financial collapse. Yet some still fear to mention the Judeo-Masonic nature of civilisation's enemy. They would rather latch onto Sun Editorials and clown-like figures like Abu "Captain Hook" Hamza who are comedy caricatures created by a Zionist media whilst the real criminals make billions and start wars.

Our "crime?"

To support the Palestinian people!

Shock horror! yes our line is that of Nationalism for decades. Our policy is anti-Zionist.

We do not think Israel has the right to exist: it is founded on a falsehood, it was founded by terror and it exists through terrorism, extortion and blackmail.

A sure sign of a Zionist or an Israel-Firster is that whenever you say you support Palestine you become a "muzzie lover."

The difference between us and them of course is whilst we say we don't support Islam (or Hinduism, or Sikhs... etc.) we also say that Judaism is evil, and that the whole worldview of organised Zionism (read Kabbalistic, Masonic etc. etc.) is one of dripping hatred for all things Christian.

We also do not shy away from saying that the main threat historically, currently and in the future comes from Zionists.

Even "Al Qaeda" and "911" have all the hallmarks of the CIA and Mossad.

So to the Zionists we say "blow wind and crack your cheeks" - for the more you wail and bring out the Muslim bogeyman the more you embarrass yourselves and show your Neo Con agenda.

  • If you are out to defend indigenous peoples from immigrants - where is your support for the Palestinians?
  • If you are out to defend Christianity from those who preach death and hatred to Christians - where are your condemnations of Judaism and the Talmud?
  • If you are out to defend British independence/sovereignty - where are your essays detailing exactly who has taken us into needless wars, who started the credit crunch, who the financiers are that create debt and runaway taxation?

Whatever we (you and I, dear reader) think of Islam (personally I look on it as a form of heresy probably created by rabbis to form a secure buffer to Christian expansion eastwards) it is not adherents to that faith, philosophy or worldview that are dragging the world to its knees.

It is the Zionists, Neo Cons, Freemasons -- all following the anti-Christian Talmudist creed -- that run our world.

Who finances the Republicans and Democrats in America? Who will control the next US President -- the "Leader of the free world" -- just as they've had so many others in their pocket?

The Palestinians deserve our support because they are at the sharp end of the conflict. We, Nationalist Christians, have an especial affinity with the Christian communities there (whom we have supported through trade) and who don't want to run the world or invade other countries: they just want their nation back!

Meanwhile those here in the UK who say they defend Christianity (using cheap Neo Con material) would do well to remember that all the Christians in Palestine are Arab and that the Jewish state has made Christian proselytising illegal.

Israel is not our friend. Its illegal nukes are pointed at London, Paris, Berlin etc. It has spied and stolen from America! It has attacked many sovereign nations - including America!

Some say we should only be concerned for Britain. Yet do we not have the right to support a struggle that fits every just concern of nationalists? Especially one which has so many repercussions around the world?

Returning Palestine to the Palestinian people (and remember many Jews lived there in peace before the 40s, just as Jews live in peace in Iran, Egypt and other Arab countries today) will help Asians of every hue realise that they can have justice.

And as we seek to resettle Asians and Africans (not just Muslims!) - in a humane way, with inducements, grants, educational and other endowment packages etc. - what better way to show that we have the best interests of every people (as we put the interests of our own peoples first in these isles!) than to settle the Palestinian question in favour of the aggrieved party?

G.K. Chesterton once said that the nationalist loves his own country whereas the Imperialist wants to invade/harm his neighbour.

Not content with seeking to drag Europe, the Americas and elsewhere to their knees, the Neo Cons, Zionists and Masons (through Capitalism, Revolution and Banking) have sought to use ridiculously flimsy excuses (historically* and religiously**) to occupy a land owned by a people -including many Christian communities that had lived there since the time of Christ- to satisfy their own political aims.

We will not drop our support of the Palestinians to get an easy ride from Freemasons, Neo Cons or their fellow travellers who are busy wrecking our world.

The Zionist trolls on Stormfront should get over it!

Zionists Attack FC, Nationalists Defend FC

*Historically: because most Jews are descendants of converts from Khazaria, centuries after the birth of Christ. They are not even Semites (as the Arabs are) but are a Tartar people. There is a Jewish autonomous reason is Eastern Russia where they would feel more at home!

**Religiously: because even if racially they were "linked" with Palestine, since the Jewish people say they were promised the land by God, since they broke their covenant with God by crucifying His Son they have no "God-given right" to Palestine (unlike the Christian Palestinian communities).

Thursday, 23 October 2008

A Distributist's Manifesto by G.K. Chesterton

A Distributist's Manifesto by GK Chesterton

This forum - which we already link to - seems very interesting, informative and has genuinely educated debate (as opposed to those infested by morons, drunkards, ne'erdowells and Zionist trolls - naming no names!).

Chesterton gives a heavy dose of common sense to many of our social and economic problems - answers that are quintessentially English! - and what is shocking is that all those English/British nationalist groups who pay lip service to Distributism (as the vast majority do!) fail so utterly to have Distributism as the basis of their socio-economic outlook and policy!

It's akin to all those Labour politicians (inc Brown and Blair) who use the language of, and claim to be, Christians - whilst they espouse the "rights" of homosexuals, of abortionists, and support the most unjust wars!

Rant over.

Amazon is Zionist, REAL Terrorism - And Other Rants from BBE!

Our regular reader Behind Blue Eyes often leaves incisive comments to our posts.

Here's one from a recent post (Wage and Debt Slavery Endures) which hits the nail on the head.

For occasional readers and casual browsers we'd recommend reading the comments left by readers. We don't publish abusive, stupid, troll and other comments: only those pertinent to the issues.

So take it away Behind Blue Eyes:


FC, talking of the BNP, I have just had a little mooch at their website and they are advertising on it. I kid you not. The same Zionist supporting company that sells all sorts of deviant and perverted books and novels online.

They say a picture paints a thousand words. Picture 10 on page 7 of Arnold Leeses's Our Seditious Cartoon Book encapsualtes succintly the farce that is Westminster 'democracy'. I just love this picture. It quite clearly shows a Labour politician licking the left shoe of a Jewish banker whilst a Conservative politician is doing the same with
the right foot. The Jewish financier is holding a whip that curls into a £ sign in his left hand and a sack of gold in his right hand. It states A Study In Democracy, Westminster 1945 - "The new Parliament will continue very much on the lines of the last one." The full cartoon brochure can be viewed at :-

'Lack of identity.' That might be due to the fact that we are swamped with people who don't share our culture, heritage, religion, way of life and language etc. Be proud of your nation, heritage and its flag and be called a racist and fascist etc. Walk around with Communist paraphenalia and no-one will bat an eyelid!

We have no democracy its just a banker manipulated charade. You only have to look at the American farce going on now, both parties biggest donor has been Goldman Sachs.

Unfortunately the average citizen of our once proud and prosperous country is a brainwashed automaton who thinks Chatham House is a hotel in Devon and a Bildeberger is a German sausage from Aldi.

With regard to the economy we see the arcteypal Socialist response of spend, spend, spend. There is a good article in the Guardian entitled Britain's hidden debt. It states:-
'The British government often congratulates itself on its efforts to keep public finances on a stable and sustainable level. Yesterday Gordon Brown even claimed: "Debt is considerably lower than a decade ago". However, Britain's public debt is actually £1,866 billion, equivalent to 125.5% of GDP, nearly three times larger than the government's published figure of £645 billion and 43.4% of GDP. This measures out as a debt of £76,475 per British household.

While figures recently released on the scale of the government's public spending bonanza point to government borrowing leaping to a record £8.1 billion in September, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Opaque off-balance sheet measures have, until revealed in The Price of Irresponsibility published by the Centre for Policy Studies, kept hidden the full cost of projects financed through the Private Finance Initiative, the extent of unfunded public sector pension liabilities, the debt incurred by Network Rail and the recent nationalisation of Bradford & Bingley.

Yet, the figure may be much worse. While the exact impact on the public finances of the government's recent bail-out of the banking sector is as yet unknown, it could imply an addition of as much as £500 billion to the balance sheet. This would increase public debt to a massive £2,366 billion, which is 159.1% of GDP, or over £96,967 per British household.'

The manipulation of money is, arguably, the most potent method - outside of war - used to rearrange the fabric of society.
"There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency." - John Maynard Keynes, The Economic Consequences of the Peace, (1919), p.236.

Our economy will be fine our great leader tells us once we learn to adopt "new international financial architecture for the global age." Well boys and girls we all know were that path's headed.

Bill Hicks summed it up supremely - just switch America for Britain. 'Go back to bed, America. Your government has figured out how it all transpired. Go back to bed, America. Your government is in control again. Here. Here's American Gladiators. Watch this, shut up. Go back to bed, America. Here is American Gladiators. Here is 56 channels of it! Watch these pituitary retards bang their f###ing skulls together and congratulate you on living in the land of freedom. Here you go, America! You are free to do what we tell you! You are free to do what we tell you!'

War on Terror my arse. Do you want to know what terror is Mr Brown? I'tell ya you gutless turd. Whilst you and your Freemasonic Zionist buddies are dining on organic koala massala people at home are frightened that they are going to get a letter bomb through their letter box telling them they've lost their job or their house is going to be repossessed. Its parents wondering whether their law abiding Army Cadet recruit son is going to come home safe or be brutally murdered by a pack of gutless feral teenagers. Its pensioners having to choose whether to eat or heat. This is terrorism Mr Brown not a MOSSAD false-flag operation used to justify a complete Orwellian police state.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Zionist Political Blackmail

I found these great cartoons on Sabbah's Blog.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words and these surely do!


Are the Zionist trolls visiting this blog getting all hot and bothered?


The Neo Cons on Stormfront will be apoplectic with rage!

How dare we attack their beloved Israel?

The Tories' Feldman is the New Levy!

So the whole Rothschild, Oligarch illegal party political money furore is big news (see a couple of posts down).

New Labour was undone by their fundraiser "Lord" Levy (aka 'Lord Cashpoint'): remember cash for peerages? Many were convinced laws were broken and it was hushed up and any charges dropped because of pressure from the highest levels (dodgy handshakes anyone?).

Right: This flag is used here just to underline our support for "Brave Little Israel" with all its illegal nuclear weapons, its terrorist Mossad and Shin Bet, its broken UN Resolutions, its ethnic cleansing and land-grab wall, its control of American policy & its Neo Con agents who sent our troops on illegal, needless and murderous wars.

Now it seems the Tories may be undone by their fundraiser Feldman.

The fact that Rothschild is involved, as is "Lord" Mandelson, as is a "Russian" oligarch... what a field day for "anti-Semites" who will bring up all these Jewish dirty money connections.

Tut tut.

Those pesky anti-Semites. They do insist on highlighting these kind of connections.

It's interesting that George Osbourne seems to be the patsy taking all the hits. Will the Tories now realise that any kind of "Lord Levy" connections are to their detriment?

One wonders if those who wax lyrical ad nauseum about the Muslims (Phillips, Aaronovitch, Cohen, Griffin...) will screech about these Jewish dodgy deals undermining 'our democracy.'

When you think that Levy was also Blair's Middle East Envoy it makes you want to cry (with laughter).

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Wage & Debt Slavery Endures

Watch last week's BBC Question Time on BBC i-player (available on the BBC website for UK viewers) because it's a revelation.

Right: War Criminal and government buffoon, Geoff Hoon where implausibility meets culpability!

Not only do "the panel," especially the drippy chinless Tory, fail to answer people on the question of the lack of democracy in Stoke-on-Trent, but the government rep totally misunderstands the problem of employment and unemployment.

So let's deal with these issues:


The audience clearly agreed with one gent who spoke out that there was no democracy, in that all the "main" parties made cosy agreements to run affairs in Stoke amongst themselves - and so out of desperation people were voting BNP.

Of course others (notable the Nationalist Truth blog run by ex-BNP Councilor Simon Smith) have argued forcefully that the BNP is a state pressure valve under direction of 5IMon Darby, but it doesn't detract from the fact that people feel that the parties are "all the same."

It might be nice, for example to have a party that opposes the banks, or opposes Zionism etc. (see next post on the Rothschilds!)

None of the panelists seemed to grasp this and a couple ignored the point made and went off into "lack of national identity" and "difficult economic times" (missing the point completely). If anything, the rise of the BNP can be squarely pointed at international politics and the Neo Con agenda of creating a Muslim "bogeyman" courtesy of the CIA false flag op that is "Al Qaeda."


Geoff Hoon (the lying shyster viz the illegal war in Iraq who also sent troops to die in ill-prepared kit) showed exactly why politicians are liars and how they twist statistics to present a new "truth" which few people believe.

Remember Jaqcui Smith and her insistence that crime was down - only for her to admit that she felt afraid late at night in London (even with her minders!).

That's a perfect example of how a government can confuse lack of public confidence and the under-reporting of crime with "safer streets."

But let me digress for a moment before I deal with employment (I crave your indulgence dear reader!).

Watch Hoon defend the plan to keep records of every phone call and email! He fails to understand people's concern. The audience is clearly opposed to this. The cost will be a waste. It will create even more Police powers. It will create more opportunities to lose material. It will create more opportunities for hackers or corrupt cops to access private data of individuals, businesses, MPs and more...

Yet Hoon (lap dog that he is!) defends it by saying he would give up lots of civil liberties to prevent death by terrorists! (yawn).

Oh it's akin to Jaqcui Smith dropping her "42 Days Internment" plans until there is a "terrorist strike." False flag op anyone? CIA? Mossad? MI5? I'm sure one will oblige to get these "needed" repressive laws on the books.

On the subject of the greatest civil liberty being the right not to die (as espoused by Hoon and other NuLab Neo Cons) dare I mention gun and knife crime in London and elsewhere?

Why no clamp down on druggy, immigrant gangs and hoodlums? If our right to be safe on the streets is the greatest civil liberty for which he will suspend all reasonable controls on the police and state machinery why aren't the Jamaican, Albanian and other gangs just wiped off the streets?

Because, dear reader, this hyperbole and rhetoric is designed to tweak at our heart strings over dead innocents to get repressive laws enacted.

It's a CON JOB being perpetrated by Neo Cons.


So let's get back to the issue of employment as defined by the greasy stool pigeon and co-defendent in the upcoming war crimes trials (we can wish).

I headed this section 'employment - honest' because I'd warbled on in the last section about anything but employment, but in reality it should have been 'honest employment' because that (or the lack of it) is what we are dealing with.

Mr. Hoon defends his government's record by stating that we still have "record employment" and that whilst unemployment is due to rise (because of "international events" i.e he wants you to believe it's outside their control) they will be taking "tough action" (newspeak for we'll try and paper over the cracks).

In a sense what is happening is outside Hoon and Co's control -- because they have put the UK under the rule of International Financiers, as we've discovered to our cost in the last few weeks. That is to say, it is outside their control now - not that they can't do anything about it, but they are enslaved to the banking system, the Freemasons who run it and the usury-debt that ensures their total control.

But back to Mr. Hoon's statement on "record employment."

There may be more jobs, just as crime may be officially "down" but this has no bearing on the quality of these jobs or who is employed in them.

After all 5000 jobs picking fruit in Cambridgeshire held by East Europeans has little impact on the population.

Or tell the man laid off from a well-paid manufacturing job or from an academic post that there are 50 shelf-stacking jobs or 25 "McJobs" available in his town.

Quantity counts to Mr. Hoon, maybe that's why so many of his colleagues fill their boots with non-executive posts in big businesses (purely advisory dontcha know!).

So can we expect Mr. Hoon to give up his single job as MP (let's be fair on him and give him the benefit of the doubt viz supplementary jobs with banksters, armament firms etc.) for two or even three jobs flipping burgers, stacking shelves or shovelling sh...? Well, you get the idea.

Mr. Hoon defends the creation of a "Coolie Economy" because there are "more jobs than ever before" that's like saying I'm richer than ever before because instead of a £50 note in my wallet, I have 60 penny coins in a jar.


What the politicians do not ever discuss is an economy wherein the majority have real freedom via family businesses, family farms (small holdings), workers' co-operatives and the widespread implementation of guilds with apprentices.

"Employment" can so often mean fitting a square peg into a round hole - by force.

To discuss real freedom, real work and widespread self-employment is anathema to a system which relies on a Coolie Economy and keeping people as wage-slaves, mortgage-debtors and cogs in a usury-banking machine.

Instead of offering more jobs that he wouldn't dream of getting out of bed for, more enslavement to Big Businesses, more "McJobs" that lead to no fulfillment and no reward, the politicians should be carving out a future that offers rewards, freedom, self-fulfillment and strong, secure families.

But then they'd have to stick the knife in on usury-debt and Capitalism.

They can't do that... and then we're back to the non-executive directorships and plumy sinecures enjoyed by so many MPs, supplied by the people who ensnare and enslave us in wage and debt slavery!

Quo Bono Mr Hoon? Quo Bono?

Zionist Oligarch, Rothschilds, NuLab & Tories

This leads me to ask: which of "our" political parties and leaders haven't been bought and sold?

Right: The Rothschilds are Zionist to the core. They buy our politicians. yet the clamour from - ahem - the political parties against this blatant corruption and interference is null and void. Can anyone say "conspiracy?"

Israel's 34th Anniversary of Independence Coin

Baron Edmond James (Avrahim Binyamin) de Rothschild (1845-1934) is the known as the "Father of the Settlement" (Avi ha-Yishuv). The Independence Day coin 1982/5742 is dedicated to the memory of Edmond de Rothschild and marks the centenary of his first projects in Israel.

Description of the Coin

Front: A portrait of Baron Rothschild with the inscription in Hebrew, "Father of the Jewish Settlement".

Reverse: The State Emblem with the inscription below, "Baron Edmond de Rothschild" and the dates, "1845-1934" in Hebrew and English. Around the rim, "Centenary of His First Settlement Activities in Eretz Israel". The word "Israel" in Hebrew, English and Arabic. The date 1982/5742 and the denomination "10 Sheqalim" or "2 Sheqalim" in Hebrew. The uncirculated silver coin is mintmarked with a 6 pointed star at the bottom. The proof coins are mintmarked with a Hebrew 'mem' at the bottom.

Which of them dares to oppose the Freemasons, the Zionists, the Neo Cons and Israel? Which of them doesn't have dirty money from the exotic land of bakhanda?

None spring to mind. Not a single one!

That's the beauty of democracy. Pick any party you want: as long as it's acceptable to our Masonic overlords.

You may ask why the Rothschilds seek to bankroll Tory and NuLab. Just as they bankrolled Napoleonic France and Imperial Britain in 1815... because money is nothing to them: but being on the side of the winner (or rather, pocketing the winner) means years of power, prestige and freedom to control money in their banking houses.

Wake up nationalist!


See who the real overlords are! None of the political parties (repeat: NOT A SINGLE ONE!) will have the guts or freedom to tell you these facts.

Remember: all the articles below are from the London Times. Not a "neo-nazi" or "anti-semitic" rumour site. As such, you know the basics are true, and not only that, you know that these are the sanitised and legally-acceptable versions.

Our politicians (sitting MPs and "opposition" of all hues) are bought and paid for. Read Belloc's The Party System and you will understand that parliament corrupts even the handful of decent men who rarely get there.

Public opposition to Zionism and Freemasonry should be the very least we expect of any genuine opposition politician. Anything else is meaningless and mere system politics.


The Tories, the Oligargh and the Rothschilds

Oh, and New Labour are at it too:

Mandelson and the Zionist Oligarch

Mandelson's Same Oligarch/Rothschild Deal

Mandelson's Rothschild Freebies

And even the London Times covers the moneylenders and the Rothschilds (albeit sanitised):

Moneylenders and the Rothschilds

Again, a highly sanitised (from Zionist Wikipedia) but interesting glimpse of the Rothschilds family history:

The Rothschild History

Why don't they all bugger off and retire to some country estate in Eastern Europe with their ill-gotten gains? ;-)

Irish Reds Do Big Business's Bidding

I loved this article (see link below).

It shows that wherever they raise their ugly heads, the reds act as the bootboys of the multi-nationals and the Eurocratic Masons by seeking to push the multi-culti, homogenising agenda at grass roots level.

What the MEPs, Trilaterals, Banksters and Bilderbergers do in the boardrooms the Marxists do in our communities (and I don't just mean sodomy!)

Above Right: Zionist Banksters in America, Germany and elsewhere supported the Bolsheviks in 1917. Nothing has changed! From the Freemasons using the Red Brigades to bump off opposition within Big Business and politics, to the Searchlight Reds propping up discredited New Labour politicians and policies)

The sooner we realise that the Reds carry out the agenda of the Eurocrats and mega-Corporations (just as the BNP is promoting the agenda of the Neo Cons and the Mossad) to the working class, the sooner we can realise they are part of the enemy agenda.

By exposing their links (look at how groups like Searchlight are funded!) we can expose the lie that they are for "the people."

Irish Bootboys of Homogenisation

Monday, 20 October 2008

Gayle Williams, Christian Murdered in Kabul

The death of Gayle Williams, a Christian charity worker, in Kabul is terrible news.

Sad to say there are many countries where to be a Christian (native or otherwise) is a dangerous affair.

Just the other week I was reading an account of churches being attacked and trashed in India. Not that this makes the news because Hindus aren't... well they're not Muslims are they? In fact the Hindus are allies of the Neo Cons.

Of course in Saudi Arabia it is illegal for Christians to proselytise. This doesn't get much of an airing either because the Saudis... well they're America's allies aren't they? In fact Al Qaeda and Bin Laden have Saudi links (as well as Bush family links) which brings us back to the CIA front-group scenario.

Then again, it is illegal for Christians to proselytise in Israel too! But don't expect any media to ever cover that little nugget! After all... Israel (we're told) is a democracy blah blah blah. Od course 99.9% of Christians there are Palestinians and we need hardly mention the walling off of their land, the barricading of Bethlehem, the IDF's machine-gunning of churches etc.

Yes Gayle Williams's murder was a terrible event. But it shouldn't blind us to the threats, violence and official sanction used against Christians - even in countruiies our leaders have us allied to.

Was Haider Murdered - if so by Whom?

After speaking to various European comrades over the last few days, the following seems to be how things are panning out on Haider:

1. Haider was a homosexual. Apparently it was one of the factors which resulted in the split in the Austrian Freedom Party (FPO). Another was his opinion that Turkey should be allowed to join the EU (very unpopular in Austria - a place where the Ottoman invasion of Europe is surely remembered?).

Perversely (every pun intended) his death may see his group join back with the FPO from which it split.

2. It is alleged that when Haider visited Iraq he did so under the orders/guidance of Mossad on a "fact finding mission." Apparently a Jewish source let this slip two years ago and it was given the silent treatment by the European media. The Nationalist leaders I discussed it with certainly gave the strong impression that the Mossad-theory had some credence.

3. Was Haider murdered? The report below - see link - would give the impression of that. If we accept he did some work for Mossad (and it raises the spectre of other nationalist leaders being sought and bought by the Israelis) it could be that they thought he outlived his usefulness.

Or perhaps the Arabs got fed up with his double dealing (it's reported he was a close friend of Gaddaffy's son) -- though if there were some Arab involvement you'd think it would be less 'professional' or that the Neo Cons would use the fact to their advantage.

There's much to chew over.

As we said before, whilst the FPO wasn't/isn't perfect in many regards, there were elements of it that were close to us and co-operated with TP groups like the NPD, Forza Nuova and others in the European National Front.

It might be that the demise of Haider may prove to be a positive event in Austrian and European politics if the FPO becomes united again.

I'm sure this isn't the last we've heard on Haider's death and possible spook involvement.

Link: Haider Murder probe

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Nationalist Economics have the Answer!


The political, Big Business and Zionist New Unhappy Lords are out for total control and do not want to give up any slice of their pie - let alone total freedom - to us as nations, communities or families.

So according to Murdoch-employee Andrew Neil, prime minister Gordon Brown, leader of the opposition David Cameron, the BBC, every MP, economics "experts," the TV talking heads etc. etc. we have no alternative but to prop up global Capitalism, bail out the banks, and increase the National Debt by billions more!

In essence they say: 'fix the bursting debt bubble by injecting more debt into it.' Have you ever heard of anything so preposterous? They may as well say smother that conflagration with this petrol-soaked blanket.

It doesn't take a genius to spot the flaw there! Keynsian economics to the max: spend, spend, spend, pile it on and sod tomorrow!

When the bigger bubble bursts what will they do? Borrow trillions more? And then what? Zillions? And then onto the sorts of words we used to make-up in school: gaggillions... bazzillions... gigantazillions...

The "world economy" is destined - medium or long term - to go the way of Zimbabwe's economy, especially as Gulag-China won't be around to bail-out Big Business with its cheap labour and concentration camp goods next time around.

The debt bubble can do nothing but grow and grow. It's all the banksters know and all the politicians will allow to happen: for even to glimpse debt-free finance in any real way will blow the whole thing apart.

There are three simple answers to the problem, all of them Christian and rooted in Christian Social Teaching, all of them help the people, but the problem is that all of them would take power away from the banksters, from their hired political party apparatus and most of all from the powerful Masonic elite.

That is why the BBC, the politicians and the (CIA/MI5-employed) economic "experts" and all the other Masons, Trilaterals, Bilderbergers, financiers etc., will not even mention these alternatives: for fear of undermining their total control of economic and political power.

Those answers are:

  • Social Credit.
  • Distributism.
  • The Guilds.

So let's deal with each of these in turn. As you will see each in its own way deals with a specific part of society (1. Money and Banking, 2. Families and Communities, 3. Government and Politics) and I see no reason why the three cannot interlink and create a society that is fair, just, debt-free, truly democratic and which also rewards hard work.

1. Social Credit.

Basically this is the simple matter of a government issuing its own money as a credit. In other words money (printed, in ledgers, on pc screens etc.) is created by the state and not "borrowed" into circulation.

There is no reason for a government to borrow money (Bank of England or IMF) when it can create that same money and have no debt attached to it!

Most people assume that the money with the Queen's head on is issued by the government anyway and in the spending of money etc. it would make no difference to anyone.

The huge difference would be in there being no national debt.

Social Credit could also be used on a local level, with Council Tax Credits and similar. With no debt-money the debts of government, local and national, would be non-existent and so taxes could be slashed hugely and monies raised via taxation (and those raised via creating money) could be spent where needed on the NHS, schools, infrastructure, sea defences...

Of course there have to be controls (just as there are meant to be controls today - and that's a bloody joke!) but within these criteria there would be a sensible, sane answer to debt and the debt bubble (with its "boom and bust").

So that's banking, debt, inflation and taxation "sorted," which in turn will help create the conditions for implementing a huge programme of social justice initiatives...

2. Distributism.

Distributism would in essence allow families to own their own homes and their own businesses. Usury-free loans could replace mortgages. The right to property would be enshrined in law, as would be a limit on the size of home and land ownership, and (as Belloc discussed in Restoration of Property) a J curve of taxation on businesses to prevent them becoming "too big" and the homogenisation, and bully boy tactics that the likes of Tescos or Sainsbury's bring about.

Enshrining the right to property in law prevents people being kept as disinherited slaves, a move to workers co-operatives helps move away from the "them and us" mentality of Capitalism.

Of course there are 101 ways a government of the day can help via thoughtful home building (e.g. more family farms, the break of wasteful large estates and absentee agri-businesses, tax-incentives for co-operatives, promotion of local produce etc. All of which ties us in with No. 3.

3. The Guilds.

Bizarre though it may seem to us in Britain today, but the Guilds is the most tried, tested and successful of these nationalist economic standards. It is impossible for enemies to dismiss it as a "theory" or "utopian."

For hundreds of years in the Middle Ages the Guilds were a centrepiece of trade, community, family and social life.

The purpose of guilds covers so much you should really read one of our books (eg. Penty's) but to summarise, it covers training and trade education; employment and social care; fair and just prices; protection against shoddy goods and work; community cohesion; and (recallable!) representation in local and national politics.

Furthermore, thanks to numerous Church encyclicals on the state of the working classes, and condemning Communism and Free Trade Capitalism, the ideals of the Guilds were taken up across Europe in the early 20th Century by the "fascist" movements who sought a Third Position beyond Capitalism and Communism and who also sought to defend Christian civilisation from the Soviets and the Bankers.

Although the Guilds were known as Corporations in Italy, the name Corporatism doedn't really fit the bill in the Anglo-Saxon world because we tend to think of large corporations and multi-nationals, which is a world away from what the Guilds were all about.

The 1980s (Distributist) NF picked up on the idea of Guilds, but instead of concentrating on English and European political or social history chose the Libyan-model used by Gaddaffy, which was used by erstwhile Neo-Cons to bash them. In hindsight the NF would have got further if it had chosen the works of Penty and other Guildsmen or the medieval examples from across Europe.


So whether we're thinking of macro or micro economics; whether we are thinking about inflation and national debt, or the family farm and the quality of foodstuffs: from one end to the other, in a society that is empowered from the roots up, which is built on the cornerstone of the family, which is secure because it is free of usury-debt.

Socialism is dead and discredited. Capitalism is dying a slow and painful death.

What is amusing is that we have these Christian social and economic answers that would benefit everyone, and yet our "leaders" (allegedly Christian to a man) would rather sweep them under the carpet for fear of upsetting the International Financiers and Banksters.

It shows who they put first.

Should we support our people or the banksters?

Should we support British commerce and businesses or Chinese Gulag-Capitalism?

Should we live more mortgage-slavery (and repossession) years or usury-free ownership and freedom?

Should we pay billions in taxes to pay an obscene national debt forever or slash taxes dramatically?

Should we give hundreds of thousands the freedom of family farms, self-sufficiency and property security or continue with wage-slave, rabbit hutch homes?


The trolls on the left and right, in America and Europe, can point and mock. Many of them are paid by (or bought by!) Communists or Neo Cons and seek to defend the indefensible (yes, both Communism and Usury have been totally and utterly condemned by Christians and/or Nationalists since the outset of both alien creeds: promoted by those who profit the most - the same anti-National and anti-Christian creed).

They can say - wrongly - that none of this is tried and tested, but when all we have known is slavery for hundreds of years, is it wrong to seek a way out of that slavery? If we can take the best from before the advent of Capitalism and the best of ideals opposed to both Capitalism and Socialism in the 20th Century we can create an answer that will give us hope for the 21st Century.

Social Credit. Distributism. The Guilds.

Each of these will give our peoples freedom.

Our opponents and the powers-that-be will denounce them all as "anti-Semitic" but that merely shows who is oppressing our people, if the answers to that oppression are given such epithets.

For the rest of us such labels are meaningless. We have a simple choice: freedom or slavery.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Last Week's Quote: Waite on Secret Societies

"Beneath the broad tide of human history there flow the stealthy undercurrents of the secret societies, which frequently determine in the depths the changes that take place upon the surface."

Arthur Edward Waite.

Friday, 17 October 2008

"Only Show in Town" lie from System Stooge

Capitalism isn't dead: but it is discredited and because it is based on unpayable debt, and has been bailed-out by piling on more unpayable debt.

[image deleted]

Right: Andrew 'Brillo' Neil (left) showing his campaigning zeal for harmony between the races - and the generations!

Socialism isn't dead: but it is comatose after the fall of the USSR and the conversion of China to Gulag-Capitalism.

Funnily enough in an interview, the "Dragon's Den" businessmen Duncan Bannatyne said that whilst businessmen create wealth through their enterprises, the Capitalists are those in the large glass buildings who shuffle bits of paper and move money from one to the other in essence creating nothing.

How right he is! Almost.

Only it's worse because they move "money" that often doesn't exist, it's usury-debt, it's entries in ledgers or on pc-screens.

So whilst they only "create" debt and shuffle the debts around and take hard-earned money from businesses in a Wizard of Oz atmosphere (where we're all supposed to be impressed by their glass towers and marble pillars) businesses (that includes family concerns, farms etc.) have to pay them usurious interest as well as all the local and national taxes that go to paying the unpayable debts accrued by local and national government.

That is where many people make the mistake.

They think just because someone runs a business he is a Capitalist.

Businesses existed before the advent of Capitalism and there is nothing Capitalist per se in running a business. It is when the scale of a business becomes detrimental to society, or when a business seeks to freeze out competitors that it takes on the role of a Capitalist concern.

Andrew Neil, the politico and newspaper editor was interviewing Ballatyne and he finished the piece by stating that Capitalism would morph into a new style to work around the current difficulty, because (after the fall of Socialism) there was no other blueprint for a society.


There is no alternative to issuing money as a debt?

There is no alternative to property in the hands of the few (banks or State)?

There is no alternative to government run by the banks for the banks?

There is no alternative to a system that sees finance as its primary concern and the family as of secondary importance?

And yet people like Andrew Neil - affectionately or otherwise known as Brillo in the pages of Private Eye - claim that Capitalism (with all its injustices, all its evils and all its integral debt-finance) is - to coin a certain phrase - the "only show in town."

As if we should accept something that is corrupt, Masonic, cronyist and degenerate just because it's rigged to be "the only show in town" by those on the take.

Is Mr. Neil really so obtuse as not to be aware that there is an alternative to both Capitalism and Socialism?

Can we rely on a man's judgement who owes his position to the uber-Capitalist, Neo-Con/Zionist Big Businessman and pal (sorry, owner!) of politicians: Rupert Murdoch.

Anyone who's tied in with a system and who's profited from that system who then says - to paraphrase - 'look it's the best we can hope for and there's no alternative' should not be taken at face value, not least because he has a vested interest.

Here endeth lesson.

Andrew Neil biog

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

ADL Bemoan "Jewish Jokes" on Credit Crunch

Zionists try and paint anyone who opposes Israel as "Nazi Al Qaeda Extremists" whether they are White Racialists, Arab Nationalists or even Left-Wing Socialists in a paper thin attempt to "throw enough mud and some of it will stick."

Right: Basil Fawlty said "Don't Mention the War." The mantra these days is Don't Mention the Holohoax/Israeli Crimes/Zionist Financiers.

Now the other side of their smears is that anyone who dares to mention the 'Zionist' nature of international finance is also a dreaded Nazi-Al Qaeda-Extremist loving creature.

It comes to something when you're not allowed to mention certain truths for fear of upsetting the ADL (a lobbying group of a fiercely Zionist, exclusively Jewish Freemasonic lodge called B'nai B'rith).

Zionists Bemoan "Jewish Bankers" Comedy Sketches

Gordon Brown - Charlatan and Liar

Gordon Brown is acting like the saviour of the world because others states have copied his injection of borrowed (usury-debt) money via the buying of bank shares.

Of course it was the real Saviour of the world who actually said "Money is the root of all evil" whereas Mr. Brown and his ilk see money as the be all and end all: finance is their alpha and omega.

Right: What a bunch on bankers! Brown (right) with Greenspan, ex-boss of the Federal Reserve, getting some more accolades and baubles for drowning the UK and USA in unpayable debt.

If they followed the worldview of Christ rather than the worldview of Mammon we wouldn't be mired in debt, filth and a homogenising one world consumerism; but we are where we are so let's 'dive in' and dissect Mr. Brown and his actions.

What are we to make of this New-New Labour Prime Minister, this illegitimate offspring of Stalin and Mr. Bean, this latter-day monetary genius?

This is the man who sold off the country's gold at rock bottom prices after New Labour got into power (a pay off to his bankster cums/backers?)

What a great decision!

He announced that "boom and bust" was finished. No more. Kaput!

What insight! What planning!

When the utilities put up their prices he refused to step in and cap their prices or enforce a windfall tax on their obscene profits to help those struggling to pay.

What bravery! What a social conscience!

And it is this last decision that I want to dwell on, because it's a decision and furore that is forgotten for the moment as the banking system reels from its freefall; a freefall that happened because of the very nature of Capitalism and Banking: a debt-based economic system that can only keep "growing" by the constant injection of debt-based finance (just as this "rescue" involves hundreds of billions of borrowed money).

Yet it's a decision that will come back to bite Mr. Brown in the derriere. When many people have to turn their heating off in midwinter they will have cause to "thank"the generous author of the bail-out scheme, Mr. Brown.

This week gave us a brief reminder though with news that inflation was over 5%.

Part of the reason, the media told us (after gushing that everyone was copying Brown's plan), was the huge rise in utility bills (gas, electric and water).
So let's get that right.

When Gordon Brown was stopping council workers and suchlike from getting 3 or 4% wage rises (in essence forcing them to get a pay cut) he was:

1. Giving the utilities carte blanche to raise their bills by ridiculous amounts
2. Giving the banks carte blanche to dish out millions in obscene bonuses to those who were causing the bubble that was set to burst.

Yet Mr. Brown did nothing to block those inflation causing actions involving mind-boggling volumes of money.

We hope all those forced to take pay cuts in real terms last year will have cause to bear all this in mind, as Brown borrows billions to bail out the banksters (with just a handful of them given a laughable "slap on the wrist" via early retirement into pensions worth half a million a year!).

As usual we see it's one law for the bulk of us and another law for the mega-rich, for big business and for the banksters.

If you, dear reader, have grasped nothing else up until this point please do remember this:

Our entire political system is in thrall to the banks, and the political parties are in the pockets of the banksters and big business.

If you think voting in another party will change anything you are a sad, misguided fool fed half-truths by the media and gullible to the point of incredulity.

Perhaps the only way things will change is via the crash to end all crashes, when the billions become trillions and the loans have to be "paid off" with yet more loans and so on...

It might well usher in suffering and discomfort for most of us, but do you think the banksters will give up their powers without a fight? Do you think they will give up their obscene wealth without seeking to drive the erst of us into the dirt?

In the meantime we should all take out an insurance policy.

1. Minimilise your debt. (Remember the old adage "Never a borrower or a lender be.") Instead of buying needless consumer items pay off your mortgage or buy things to help you...
2. Become as self-sufficient as you can (You'll be amazed how quickly supermarkets will empty: remember the fuel strikes?) and by getting in (for example) some chickens you can help cut your food bills and help educate your children about where food actually comes from.

This is just a start of course. There's no need to be melodramatic and there are many things you can do to help you and your family in the short and medium term. Even if there is just a bad recession, you still might lose your job or take less money through your business, so it's better to prepare now.

So to rehash:

Gordon Brown is a shyster and a muppet in the pockets of the banksters who he is determined to bail out at our expense.

Patriots must not only understand economics and espouse the Distributist answer (as I've discussed in recent posts) but should seek to live nationalism via breaking free of debt, big business and even (when possible!) the hated utility companies.

Even the longest journey begins with a single step.

Monday, 13 October 2008

Neo-Con Attacks Final Conflict!

A Neo Con has attacked FC for supporting the Palestinians.

Whatever next?

Sky attacked for being blue?

Sea attacked for being wet?

Bears vilified for defecating in woods?

The Neo-Cons -- whether Conservative, "Patriotic," Liberal or other - better come to realise that the nationalist cause, the patriotic cause, has always and will always support the Palestinian people in their struggle for self-determination.

It has nothing to do with their false crusade, their false flag ops, and their CIA/Mossad created bogeymen.

The state of Israel is illegal. Always has been, always will be. It was built on terror and genocide and has resulted in world turmoil ever since.

We have the gumption to support Palestine 100%.

We have the guts to oppose all coloured immigration 100%.

Let others play with words. Let others play footsie with the Zionists and their terror state.

Let others sell out generations of nationalists and nationalist belief for short term financial and/or electoral gain.

Despite the brickbats of attack dogs unleashed by the Zionists - like this Neo Con on the Brussels Journal - we will not switch sides like the traitors of September 1943.

Our pride is our loyalty: and we remain loyal.

Read the ITP 10 Points published in 1989, which simply codified what we and revolutionary nationalist militants believed through the 1980s.

We believe the same as then. Our beliefs, our core values are not up for sale for the bidder with the most shekels.

So pour forth your bile Zionists and your hirelings from whatever quarter!

We remain true to our cause, to the cause of freedom and justice.

We are nationalists: yesterday, today, tomorrow, forever!

Brussels Journal: Conservative Neo Con

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Joerg Haider Killed in Car Crash

Sad news: Joerg Haider one time leader of the Freedom Party in Austria has died.

Despite some erstwhile doubts over certain populist strands in his party, there are certainly many positive elements within the Freedom Party, including representatives that share the political, cultural and societal outlook of we Third Positionists.

Joerg Haider, Austrian Patriot, R.I.P.

Joerg Haider Dead

FC Poll Result on Bank Crash and Bail Out

Does the Banks Crashing and "Bail Out" Mean:

The Death of Capitalism
4 (13%)
The Growth of Mega-Banks
11 (36%)
Just a Blip and Nothing will Change
1 (3%)
The growth of an Obscene National Debt
9 (30%)
The Poor get poorer and the Rich get Richer
14 (46%)
It was an Accident that Caught out the Banksters
1 (3%)
It was a Deliberate Event to Capitalise on the Debt Bubble
10 (33%)

An interesting feedback here with many people seeing dire events, yet very few seeing is as the death of Capitalism.

The overall 'flavour' of the poll seems to be that the whole debacle will simply make things worse for us whilst the banks will benefit in one way or another.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

BHS Boss Buying Up in Iceland

What an edifying sight to see "Sir" Phillip Green (boss of British Home Stores - BHS - and other high street outlets) scuttling about in Iceland seeking to buy up a wedge of the Icelandic retail sector (which controls not a few UK high street names) at a knockdown price.

It seems that just as Ron Sandler brought about the "credit crunch" via his sub prime mortgage racket in America, so the likes of Phillip Green are circling to make a quick buck from others' misery.

Where are the Neo Cons screeching about the damage done by and the naked profiteering (carpet bagging?) by this breed of uber Capitalist? One thinks of the profits made by George Soros when the pound crashed in the 90s...

Oh no... they're not Muslims are they? Yet they all have the "right of return" to Israel.

So silence reigns.

Last Week's Quote: G.K. Chesterton on Choice

"The issue is now clear; it is between light and darkness and everyone must choose his side."

G.K. Chesterton
(in 1936, on his deathbed).

Friday, 10 October 2008

The Mabinogion: Celtic Folklore & Medieval Literature

The Mabinigion is a collection of stories from Medieval Welsh, and are full of the kind of "Arthurian" folklore that has a great appeal to Nationalists right across the world.

Right: Pwyll, Prince of Dyfed, written in Medieval Welsh.

Written down long after the Age of Saints in Wales and hundreds of years before Wales was forced (by Henry VIII) to become a de facto part of England under law, The Mabinogion harkens back to an age of Celtic Princes and there can be little doubt that the 14th Century works are a much older collection of stories in the oral tradition of the Celts.

With McDonalds, Pepsi, Tescos and Starbucks homogenising all before them, what better way to renew our love of European folklore and Celtic traditions than by picking up a copy of The Mabinogion?

The Mabinogion

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Mr Gay UK Cooks His Boyfriend!

The homosexual milieu is a seedy one wherein life expectancy is lower and self-loathing is higher.

They talk of "loving relationships" whilst much of the deathstyle is about anonymous and/or public buggery.

Left: Militant homosexuals propagandise in Italy - where they have little public support - using appeals to fair play, disguising their foul deathstyle.

They talk of "love" whilst they have a deep and abiding hatred for everything which reminds them of the degenerate and anti-natural nature of their deathstyle.

They talk of being "normal" whilst every parade they organise turns into a parody of sleaze and public immorality.

They talk of "Christian hatred" against homosexuality whilst their faces often twist with hatred when discussing Christianity and homosexual militants have stormed Churches and attacked Christian preachers.

So here we have another example of the hatred that permeates the homosexual underworld.

The public face of "gay" (sic) men (aka Sodomites) in the UK turns out to be an obscene murderer of his "lover."

None of us should be surprised.

"Mr Gay UK" Cooks His "Lover"

£400 Billion on National Debt to Bail Out Banks

£400 Billion is being spent to "bail out" the banks in the UK.

This is money that the government must BORROW at interest from the private Bank "of England" (sic).

Right: There has never been more need for ethics in the economy. The lack of ethics, the total control of greed, the idea that profit is always right - all this and more has brought us yet more debt and more people thrown to the wolves.

It will then be loaned, paid into or swapped for shares in Banks.

So the government adds to the NATIONAL DEBT.

We will have to pay back the £400 BILLION PLUS INTEREST.

All to the profit of one lot of bankers, to help out another lot of bankers: with us as tax-payers caught in the middle like rabbits caught in the headlights.

Does anyone else feel like we have all been robbed, and that we will continue to be robbed for decades to come to pay back these multi-billions to banksters?


If your pocket feels lighter there'll be little wonder. The Bank of England has arm-twisted your government into borrowing horrendous sums from them to help out their mates, to the detriment of the rest of us.

People can die on NHS waiting lists.

Pensioners can freeze this coming winter as they cannot afford the inflated gas bills.

Soldiers can be sent on needless wars without the right equipment.

But let the bankers get cold feet and the government will borrow HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS!

That should tell you everything you need to know about who owns, controls and buys our politicians.

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Tuesday, 7 October 2008

The Federal Reserve Swindle

An interesting piece here:

The Federal Reserve Scam

Nationalists must be aware of the banking swindle. It is the biggest con in history and keeps us in perpetual debt and taxed to the eye-balls.

Those who scoffed at our continued insistence on understanding the bank/debt swindle are now witnessing yet another banking crash brought about by usury-debt and the reliance on banks.

An uneducated nationalist is little better than the man-in-the street, and in some ways does more harm because he can make people think that nationalists either do not understand economics or have no answer to the boom and bust cycle.

Read. Study. Understand.

When the proverbial hits the fan ignorance will be no excuse.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Corneliu Codreanu & the Iron Guard

An interesting, if "mainstream" account of Codreanu's Legion of St Michael the Archangel (aka the Iron Guard) and its predecessors by Bruce Dickinson (see first link below).

Right: Corneliu Codreanu, at right, the founder of the Iron Guard/Legion of St Michael the Archangel, who was assassinated in 1938.

For those interested in a nationalist perspective we'd recommend The History of the Legionary Movement by Horia Sima, who led the legion after Codreanu's assassination.

I am a little wary of Dickinson's site as anyone describing them self as one of "Europe's foremost thinkers" has to be questioned as to their lack of modesty.

The Iron Guard by Bruce Dickinson
The History of the Legionary Movement by Horia Sima

Corneliu Codreanu Prayer Card
Legionary Frameable Prints

Above: An interesting 1940 rally with Horia Sima and General Antonescu, who would later get the Legionaries put in German Concentration Camps. Hitler realised his error in 1944 when Antonescu switched sides. Then the Legionaries were let out to lead anti-Communist resistance which they did on the ground well into the 1950s!

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