Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Council Tax Freeze? Tory Compromise & it Stinks

So the Tories are promising a freeze on Council Tax rates for two years.


There was a piece in Final Conflict mag - issue 37 or 38 I believe - in which the writer in the "The Unwashed" pages poured scorn on the antics of Kosher Nationalists for offering much the same.

It was in the election material of Mark Cotterill (see past Blog entries and FC mags...) the man who has spent so long attacking the BNP for selling out on race, Israel etc. only to ape them in every way to gain a smattering of electoral success.

He offered a "no rise in Council Tax" policy and it was slammed in FC mag as a wimpy Tory middle-of-the-road policy, for so it was: and so it has been proven.

To "freeze" tax is to totally avoid (if not to misunderstand) the entire con that is the banking system which results in horrendous taxes at every level. Worse than that the very fact that the entire system is based on debt (from the moment money is issued!) .

We might expect it from the Tories -- a party which is tied to the banking system with every fibre of their being! -- but from alleged nationalists?

These kind of promises are little more than gimmicks from desperate politicians who want to be "populist" by tinkering with the works, whilst refusing to grab the bull by the horns and sort out the whole debt-money-taxes cycle at any level.

Nationalists must be clear in condemning usury and the issuing of money as a debt. It is only by tackling these issues head on, instead of skirting around the periphery offering a tweak here and a concession there, that we can show that nationalism stands apart from the system traitors, has the answers that no others dare offer, and can deliver a sane financial system free of usury-debt, free of bubbles that burst and free of the shyster con-men speculators who send firms to the wall and throw working men on the dole just to "make a killing."

No more Tory compromise.

Usury and Speculation must end.

What better time to spread this message amongst nationalists, patriots and well-meaning people throughout the land?

It is more important than ever before that patriots know about the banking system and understand the huge con (not to say conspiracy) being undertaken against all the people of the world by a powerful banking elite.

Some books we suggest reading:

Economics for Helen.
The Guernsey Experiment.

These three will give you a very good intro.

FC's Books on Banking etc.

Monday, 29 September 2008

Happy Michaelmas!

A very Happy St Michael's Day to one and all.

Michaelmas is traditionally the last day of harvest, so why not enjoy a pint of what the Saxons called "liquid bread" - yes, ye olde tankard of beer.

It is more important than ever before, in this age of 'shopping malls,' MTV (c)rap music, as well as Hannukah/Divali etc. ad nauseum, that we remember our heritage and history.

There was a time - the age of Merrie England - when everyone raised a glass on a Saint's feast day (holy day or holiday) and if we paid more care to such things rather than the need to earn more money, pay more bills, own bigger houses etc. etc. then we might be 'Merrie' once again.

So grab yourself a beer and whilst at it a pork pie too (any excuse eh?).

Happy Michaelmas!

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Shock News: BNP to Denounce and Attack JUDAISM!

YES! At Last!

By declaring that "Britain is Christian" and publishing an advert denouncing the Koran... surely it can only be a matter of days or even hours that the BNP publish a similar advert with a sinister looking rabbi (that's rabbi, not rabbit!) with a similar hateful quote from the Talmud.

We all know that if the BNP is truly Christian (and not using it as a cynical smokescreen) that they must denounce Judaism.

After all Judaism loathes and despises Christianity, Christians and yes Christ Himself!

There are a plethora of quotes to use from the Talmud concerning real hatred of everything Christian.

If the BNP is truly Christian then they must surely have a special enmity for those who crucified Christ and not just a sect that came along 600 odd years later (whom some think were created by rabbis to act as a militant buffer to prevent the spread Eastwards of Christianity which threatened Judaism as an entity).
So let's wait shall we?

Surely in a few days at most the BNP's anti-Judaic/Talmudic advert will be publicised.

Otherwise we will be forced to assume that the BNP isn't Christian at all: and is merely abusing Christianity for its own Neo-Con and Zionist message (like the Neo Cons and Israel-Firsters in America do).

And that would be worrying because it would mean not only are the BNP mimicking the Zionists, but that we Christians are being used by those whose agenda has nothing to do with Christianity.

Three afterthoughts oh patient and serene reader:

  1. The "Christian" BNP has Jewish members. Will they renounce the Talmud with its anti-Christian hatred?
  2. In Roberto Fiore's interview (see next item) he attacks Islamic and all coloured immigration, but also attacks Judaism for being inimicable with Christianity and a Christian Nation. This is the correct line to take.
  3. With the "Credit Crunch" in the news, and with politicians and journalists' reputations at an alltime low: what better chance for the BNP to publish material detailing the anti-Christian, Talmudic leanings of a disproportionate number of those in Wall Street, Westminster and "Fleet Street?" Or is it only the media-created "mad mullahs" that the BNP think threaten us?

P.S. If any kind reader would like to mock up a Christian anti-Talmudist advert for the BNP to use perhaps we might publish it - and the BNP could adopt it!

Audio Interview with Roberto Fiore

Great audio interview of Roberto Fiore MEP on a (media would say "right wing") Catholic web-site in which he answers many of the smears levelled against him, and details his answers to the problems we face in the 21st Century:

Roberto Fiore: Catholic Statesman or Terrorist? You Decide!

FC readers will especially enjoy Roberto's swift denunciation of Searchlight magazine and the American money-making racket, Morris Dees' SPLC.

NB: Download the interview now as we estimate it will only be on the site until next Tuesday.

Friday, 26 September 2008

Griffin's Allies Attack Blood & Honour

It seems a web-site allied to Nick Griffin and his "most Zionist" BNP is attacking Blood & Honour for its ISD memorial held last weekend.

Right: Zionist policy and aping of the Zionist media by so-called nationalists all stems from the criminal conspiracy of the Neo-Cons, hatched in America after the CIA/Mossad false-flag op known as "911."

We shouldn't be surprised really because the Zionist media pours abuse and gives a completely slanted report of the ISD Memorial, whereas the Zionist media reported what it was spoon-fed by the "Most Zionist" BNP concerning its RWB weekend.

Cui bono?

Will the Zionist media and the attack dogs who sit on their coat tails continue to attack Blood & Honour?

As long as the latter doesn't join the "Israel First" slant of the BNP we must assume so, and those of us in the cross-hairs of an enemy establishment should treat it as a badge of honour.

As Lena Lovitch sang in her number one hit: Death to ZOG. ;-)

B&H Under Attack (Again)

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Last Week's Quote: Garcia Moreno on Liberty and Sacrifice

"The true friend of liberty is the man who devotes himself to moralising his country and correcting good people in order for them to work unstintingly in favour of public prosperity."

"In Equador, where ambitious men manoeuver for power with the sole end of fattening themselves on the misery and tears of the people, we must set an example of selflessness and sacrifice, doing good without asking for any wages in this world."

Garcia Moreno,
President of Equador (1860 - 1875).

(Christian Nationalist assassinated by Freemasons).

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Radio 2 Covers Blood & Honour Festival

An FC supporter was on air to defend the ISD Memorial on today's Jeremy Vine Show.

Listen via either of these links and scoot through (using the bottom bar) to circa 1 hour 48 minutes for the interview. The section on the ISD memorial starts at about 1 hour 35 minutes.

Radio 2 Show direct link - working today.

Radio 2 i-player J section (choose Jeremy Vine show 24th September)
- should work for 6-7 days.

BBC Video on the ISD Memorial Concert

Is that Ranting Ron in the flat cap?

BBC Points West Video of ISD Memorial Concert

Sunday, 21 September 2008

ISD Memorial 2008: Review

Congratulations to everyone concerned at Blood & Honour for a great ISD Memorial over the weekend.

Right: The 15th anniversary ISD Memorial saw a great line-up of bands.

The weather was gorgeous (for a change!) and there was an excellent atmosphere. It was good to meet so many people, old friends and new friends, including some FC supporters who'd previously only emailed/phoned us.

It was great to see a particular Breton comrade after so long, but with Scots, Flemings, Poles, Germans, Italians, Hungarians and other comrades present, there were plenty of comrades to meet and greet.

A big thanks to everyone who went away with an FC mag and some FC stickers; it all helps to spread the word.

There were some great sets throughout the day but, for my money, the best were performed by Brutal Attack, Blackout, Kill Baby Kill and Bulldog Breed; with the latter offering some 'old school' classics . It was enough to put a tear in the eye of any hardened veteran.

Sadly it was the last gig for Bulldog Breed (their official official retirement after a "last ever" gig at St George's Day in Northants. circa 5 years ago) but what a way to bow out.

Left: Thanks to all the comrades who purchased FC's Blitzkrieg T-Shirts at the Memorial. If you haven't got one pop by the FC Online Shop today...

So all-in-all a very successful gig and the many hundreds present all had a good time - despite the dodgy dancing of a few that shall remain nameless ;-)

So again a big thanks to one and all. Even the Cumbrians (nice flag Alan) and Valleys Boyos (right way round the round-a-bout please!) behaved!

The latest Blood & Honour magazine (#40) is available now from FC. Just visit our shop for details

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Mossad lawyer to be Israeli PM?

So an "ex"-Mossad lawyer is probably going to be the new Israeli PM.

WW3 here we come!

I picked up an old Nationalist mag today which made the point I myself have made constantly, viz there being 2000 Mossad operatives and helpers in London alone.

Possibly with the exception of the CIA, can any other foreign agency - especially one with such a murderous record - have as many agents on our streets?

What a threat to our sovereignty! What a threat to our security!

What a shocking indictment of 2000+ "Londoners" whose first loyalty is to an alien power, and a power that could well nuke us.

So well done to that Nationalist mag for bringing to our attention the great threat from Mossad and its operatives.

The name of this outspoken anti-Zionist publication?

The Rune!

My! How times have changed?

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Creepy Plotters Threaten Our Freedoms: Not "Al Qaeda"


Read the following article by Peter Hitchens (see link below).

He has hit the nail pretty much on the head.

Right: How quickly we forget. Israel was born out of terror, founded by terrorists, built on ethnic cleansing, and has engaged in terror, spying on its "allies," invading its neighbours, torturing Arabs in its boarders, expelling the indigenous people, built illegal nuclear weapons, etc. etc.

Let's get some caveats out of the way:

  1. By all means oppose anti-Christian religions (be it Judaism, Islam, Hinduism etc.)
  2. By all means oppose the presence of coloured communities (be they Asian, African, Oriental etc.)



Right, now onto the crux of the matter.

Al Qaeda does not exist. It is a "bogey man" used to promote the Neo Cons, their political, military and social agenda.

Al Qaeda does not exist. The secret services and their agent provocateurs and a handful of "copy cat" hot-heads are carrying out false flag operations (e.g. 911) or grabbing tiny little "plots" and (pardon the pun) blowing them out of all proportion.

Al Qaeda does not exist. Those who promote it and keep railing against the "bogey man" have their own Neo Con agenda, or want to line their pockets by staying on the Neo Cons' coat-tails.

Hitchens is right. The "creepy plotters" -- be they the spooks, the politicians, the bankers, the industrialists, the Freemasons, the Neo Cons: albeit an ever-changing admixture of all of them -- these are the real threats to our freedoms.

It is those people who have, over centuries and decades, undermined Christianity, have brought in repressive laws, have ushered in millions of non-European immigrants, have killed millions of our people in needless wars.

And they continue with their anti-family, anti-Christian, anti-national agenda.

Al Qaeda does not exist.

But plots to destroy our Christian, European, civilisation do exist.

The spooks, politicians, bankers, industrialists, Freemasons and Neo Cons are destroying us, our communities and our nations.

They have done more to kill our people via abortion and needless wars; they have done more to wreck our lives via drugs and usury; they have done more to wreck Christianity and the family via their policies and "entertainment"/media; they have done more to wreck our communities and nations via mass immigration and drugs; they have done more to destroy our ancient freedoms via their needless laws and restrictions; in short they have done more against us all and everything we hold dear than any "Al Qaeda" bogeymen.

Still, in politics it is so often easier to echo Sun editorials than it is to outline serious debate and to dissect the facts of politics, history and social affairs.

Only recently this blog was itself attacked by the Neo Con (element in the) BNP for linking to the "I Love Palestine" website, as if supporting the Palestinian people (including the Christians) against the illegal actions of the Zionist bandit state (the historic stance of Nationalism ever since the Balfour Declaration) was wrong!

To them this became outright support for "Al Qaeda" -- and that is what happens when you publish Sun editorials as headlines and policy: you get Sun readers' mentality amongst your membership.

Back in the 80s some criticised the publication of the NF magazine Bulldog. They said by pandering to the lowest common denominator (in a Sun style) it attracted the lowest common denominator to the NF and the mentality of football hooligans became the worldview of the NF to many/some of its membership and the media reporting on the NF (even if the NF leadership was trying to carve out new ideas and policies).

Left: America bankrolls the bankrupt Terrorist State of Israel; America blocks UN Resolutions against Israel; America goes to war against any State that poses a threat to Israel. Is anyone spotting the pattern here?

Now with so many BNPers mirroring Sun editorials viz "Al Qaeda" they are creating a "most Zionist party" in which the Neo Con mentality and Israel First outlook becomes as prevalent amongst the membership, the supporters and media reports of the BNP as to change the BNP into a Neo Con Israeli party in all but name.

At least in the 80s the NF leadership was carving out ideals and creating a militant activist base via Distributism, anti-Zionism, armed neutrality etc. Nowadays it seems that the BNP leadership is content to partake in the language and policies of the Neo Cons as fellow-travellers.

No doubt we at FC and people like Peter Hitchens will be denounced as "Muzzie lovers" (regardless of the caveats posted above) because that is the way that Sun readers (and journalists) deal with people who aren't mono-syllabic in their language or worldview or who actually deal with geo-political events, socio-economics and history.

We'll just have to learn to take the brick bats and ridiculous smears from those who wish to ape the Neo Cons (and/or those in their pay!).

That's the price for standing up for the Truth and opposing the Neo Cons and their false wars, false religion, false economics and false politics.

I was reading recently about an American religious journal. It was approached by Neo Cons and offered large sums of money (basically securing its future and making life comfortable for the owner/editor).

To his credit, the owner/editor refused, and so has to struggle on gleaning readers, subscribers and distributors where he can - whilst the Christian journals that toe the Neo Con line have largesse heaped upon them.

This is the sad state of play in the world today. Christian journals and organisations, charities and personalities will get bank-rolled if they push the Neo Con agenda; this is how the Israeli lobby has controlled American politics, churches, media for years getting Christians to -- perversely -- support a Bandit Terrorist State and its (Pharisaic) religion that believe Christ to be in Hell and Christians to be little better than cattle.

Might we assume that the Neo Cons are buying the loyalty of religious magazines, political parties, non government organisations (NGOs, charities etc.) in the same way in Britain as in America?

Obviously Peter Hitchens hasn't been bought-up (yet?). Let's hope he and the other poor sods "crying in the wilderness" reach enough hardened hearts to make a difference: though given the media outpouring this week over yet another "Al Qaeda" plot, it seems The Sun style of politics is holding sway amongst too many of our people.

The bankers who have ruined lives and families via their greed; the politicians who have wrecked our country; the industrialists who have demanded open borders to keep wages costs down; the media-men who have deliberately undermined the family and Christianity; the Masons in their temples who control all the above -- all of them must be toasting their success.

As each false flag op unfolds so they think their politics, their wars help to mask the social, political and economic mess they have caused.

They. Have. Caused.

Not "Al Qaeda" - the CIA/Mossad bogey man.

As Hitchens might say, the 'Creepy Plotters' seem to be winning... but it's always darkest before the dawn.

All I hope is that when the dawn finally breaks, those who took the Plotters' Shilling and those who published their Israel First and Neo Con diatribes are held up to public ridicule.

We can only live in hope.

Creepy Plotters to be Scared of

Friday, 12 September 2008

Last Week's Quote: Henry Kissinger on "dumb" soldiers

Military men are “dumb, stupid animals to be used” as pawns for foreign policy.

Henry Kissinger,
National Security Advisor to Nixon, 1973.

(War Criminal, Freemason, Zionist, White House Advisor during the Iraq and Afghan wars).

The quote is found in “Final Days,” a book by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. Kissinger has never disputed it.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Iraq's New flag

I found a great image on the net which just about sums up what the debacle was all about: i.e. the profiteering, and the powers behind it.

It's a shame they didn't think to add a braiding of little dead Iraqis and "western" servicemen.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

FC Poll Result on the British Empire

Was the British Empire a Good Thing?

Interestingly, this result seems close to our previous poll on British Unionism V Confederacy.


Big Business Before Pensioners - Thanks Gordon Brown!

While the rains lash down and the weather worsens just imagine the Gas and Electric company bosses sitting around their heated pools (presumably somewhere overseas!) toasting our good health as we pay their inflated prices.

This week we saw where the politicians put their loyalties. Not with the people. Not with the poor. Not with pensioners. But with the company bosses who take MILLIONS in wages, bonuses and stock options.

Oh yes dear reader whilst teachers, coppers, nurses et al are urged to accept below inflation wage rises (in effect pay cuts) whilst the "credit crunch" bites, these fat cats get carte blanche to put their prices up and fleece us out of more money, money so many of us can ill afford as petrol and food prices rocket and wages stagnate.

The Capitalists say that markets will right themselves, the government shouldn't intervene to enforce price capping or a windfall tax. "Communism" they screech as they foam at the mouth.

Isn't it strange how it seems permissible for governments to intervene when the Capitalists, Big Businessmen etc. are in danger - witness the BILLIONS poured into Northern Rock, or the US Tax-Payers TRILLIONS poured into Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

The fat cats and usurers don't seem to screech "communism" then - when the system bails out their greedy, usurious, rip-off, money-grubbing ways.

It's only when the people ask their government - allegedly their representatives - to intercede on their behalf to rein in a little of the vast profits being grabbed by greedy utility companies that Capitalists start to screech about "Communism."

Oh no dear reader.

"Our" government isn't their to help us. It is there to bail out its big business, banking friends whenever they get in trouble!

It's like when the government says "our" security is No. 1 priority, whenever it brings out its "Al Qaeda" bogeyman. This is an absolute lie.

If our security was a priority they would take the muggers off the streets and stamp out (primarily drug-related) burglary and car theft.

"Security" only matters when it helps Israel, or means BILLIONS given to the spooks or to big businesses for useless ID card schemes.

Any idea that our government, our leaders, our politicians give two figs about us is an absolute farce!

Whether we face wage cuts, a freezing winter or crime on the streets: the politicians DO NOT CARE!

In the 40s we were promised a "land fit for heroes."

Just how long do we have to wait?

Last Week's Quote: Kissinger on Israel

"The security of Israel is a moral imperative for all free peoples."

Henry Kissinger.
(War Criminal, Freemason, White House Advisor).

The biggest war criminal in the latter half of the 20th Century is also a hardline Zionist. Coincidence?

The sad thing is, the above quote could have come from any British politician Tory, Labour, Liberal, BNP, UKIP. Or for that matter any American Republican or Democrat politician, such as the Zionist McCain or the um... Zionist Obama. Discuss!

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Sarah Palin: Fresh Face, New Ideas? Fat Chance!

Our regular contributor 'Behind Blue Eyes' made a witty response to a recent post on this blog - see link below - in which he took a rather gnarled view and cynical swipe at the world of politics.

Oh really BBE! Where is your trust and toleration? ;-)

Right: Sarah Palin spots Ranting Ron at the back of a crowd and gives him a sneaky salute!

But this got me to thinking (a slow process you can imagine, but the just as the wheels of justice turn slowly, so the cogs and mechanisms of cogitation turn as lazily as a masticating herbivore here at Bungalow Belloc). Yes, masticating: for all you tittering schoolboys. And if you don't know what a herbivore is - do a Google on Joan Bakewell.

The other evening as I pottered about, finishing off some bits n pieces, I had news 24 on the old pc listening to the latest rumifications from America (like ramifications but distinctly Neo Con after our "mate" and war criminal Donny).

Lo and behold a talking head came on to give his interpretation of Sarah Palin's speech to the Republicans' gathering (swine at a trough or flies around... well you get the idea).

Oh she was a 'fresh face' with 'new ideas' or was she a 'new broom' that would inevitably 'sweep clean'? Or perhaps she was a 'new kid on the block' to shock all the 'old fogies in DC.'

The conversation was so formulaic and ridiculous I listened half-heartedly at the clichés pouring forth from my pc's speakers.

Then - because I hadn't watched the interview and so missed the captions - at the end of the interview I picked up that this chap with his briefcase full of clichés was none other than an operative from the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

His name was Michael Gersch, or Gersh or similar.

So what's my point?

Well, dear patient reader, if a media talking head (representative if you will) from the accursed, Neo Con, New World Order (can I add Masonic and Satanic - you bet your donkey I can! Sorry, that should be ass... I'm no good with these Americanisms), is prepared to back Sarah Palin and heap praise on her as some kind of effervescent remedial pill that will cure DC (District of Cesspool) of its many ailments, then we can be sure of one thing if nothing else.

If she hasn't been bought and sold, she soon will be - and the "fresh face" will fit snugly into all the existing Neo Con, Israel First, Big Business patterns that dominate the White House.

You don't think the CFR has any influence? You don't think it is a Masonic outfit with Zionist policies?

Shame on you!

Look at this picture below and read the caption within it.

And ask the next Neo-Con, Israel apologist, Zionist "fellow traveller" you bump into this:

Who is running the world's "only superpower" and who is sending off our troops to die in needless wars, and who is responsible for the "credit crunch" that is sending families to the wall (losing jobs and homes).

Hint: It ain't "the muzzies."

Obama or Clinton

HURRAH for the Blackshirts!

Well done to all who have promoted this blog and FC in general.

Today we've achieved our immediate goal of getting 50 subscribers.

Right: FC exposing the Zionist terrorists and their modus operandi from 1930s Palestine to 21st century America.

Let's see if we can keep the push going and get 60 plus subscribers.

The more people we can get reading genuine nationalist news the better. It will help patriots see through the Neo Con lies; it will help nationalists be aware of the liberal agenda; it will help racialists see past the nonsense of internet warrior clowns.

There is so much happening in our world, so much that good people need to be kept aware of.

If we can help in some small way: that's all well and good.

As Meibion Glyndwr might put it: let's keep the home fires burning!

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Zionist Numbskulls Infest Stormfront

It seems the Neo Con BNPers are taking offense at our link to ILovePalestine.com

They have been huffing and puffing like latter day Colonel Blimps on Stormfront that we are all "Muslim lovers."

This kind of mind-numbingly puerile Sun editorialising should be beneath Nationalists - but then we are dealing with people who have been spoon fed the BNP's "Most Zionist Party" line for years.

There is a link to the first numbskull to draw attention to our link at the bottom of this post. Here is an FC response on Stormfront to an NF member that hit back by drawing attention to all the Zionist and pro-Israel links on the blogs of BNP officials:


Because those people are hypocrites who give explicit or implicit support to the Terrorist Bandit State of Israel! Furthermore many of them are bankrolled or supported by Israeli interests.

The New-BNP is Neo-Con in all but name.

remember a Jewish source said that the BNP was the "Most Zionist Party" in the London Mayoral elections?

We link to a pro-Palestinian site because we are PRO-PALESTINIAN.

Nationalism always was, and nationalism always will be anti-Zionist. If you are anti-Zionist ipso facto you are pro-Palestinian.

You might moan about Islam [btw we support the Palestinian Christians - morally and through trade] and Muslims but answer me this: How can any Arabs in Palestine be a "threat" to the UK.

Would you rather Arabs in their homelands or here?

And before you say the same for Jews - Israel isn't their homeland. Read the Thirteenth Tribe. They have Kahazaria, they have a Jewish State in Eastern Russia... and they have New York!

Supporting Palestine is a moral imperative for any nationalist.

Not to support Palestine is the sign that you are being brainwashed by a Neo-Con agenda.

If you don't like what we do then go visit all the Jewish, Talmudic and Zionist sites that the various Neo-Con BNPers and their fellow-travelers link to.

A Palestinian in Palestine is fighting the same enemy that's dragging our country to its knees: the same force that runs Hollywood, the banking system, Big Business etc. etc.

Are you fighting it too? or defending it?

Therein lies the problem: if you don't know your enemy - how can you possibly oppose it?


"amy bnp" posts on Stormfront

Ex-Godfather Nails Family Break-Up as Cause of Crime

An ex-Mafia man who recanted after leaving jail was being interviewed on BBC TV's Hardtalk tonight (on BBC News 24). His name was Louis Ferrante.

He made various interesting comments on the racial nature of the prison system in America, the need for reform in the system etc. etc.

One thing he was crystal clear on though. His words went something like: 'In 9 out of 10, no in 10 out of 10 of cases inside, the prisoners came from broken homes.'

Here was a hardened man. An ex-Mafia boss. From an Italian background. He had recanted of his ways. he had no real axe to grind, he even said (cliché detectors at the ready) that 'prison was the best thing that ever happened to me.'

Yet he clearly saw that as well as the prison system failing to educate and reform the inmates themselves, the one common factor was family breakdown.

Yet still our political masters, the pocket-stuffing quango members and the (chuckle chuckle) "experts" will tell us that this is nonsense, that all kinds of "families" are loving and caring, that fathers are a luxury not a necessity, that the family itself does not deserve extra support, and that marriage is an archaic/medieval idea.

As usual, they know best. Or think they do!

So whilst the prison system and ridiculous court system try to paper over the cracks, the family continues to fall apart after decades of liberalism, feminism and "do what thou wilt" politics.

What about sacrifice? What about commitment? What about fidelity?

Unless we can resurrect these ideals, these goals, these standards then our society will die.

Link: Louis Ferrante site


Having managed to catch the Ferrante interview again on BBC News 24 (having only seen the last 5-10 minutes last night) it seems that he has become a "devout Jew." I assume he was born a Jew and as he claimed he reported directly to one of the NY Mafia's "five families" one wonders if this further underlines the relationship between Jewish hoodlums and the Mafia going back generations, via Murder Inc. etc.

Of course none of this detracts from Ferrante's comments on family breakup = criminals.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

BNP Mouthpiece Purging the Droid Calls for Non White Members

On Stormfront the FC supporter (thanks!) and SF user 'Tactics' has exposed the BNP's official Stormfront mouthpiece "Purging the Droid" as agitating for non-White members of the BNP.

Right: Potential BNP supporter?

Once upon a time people thought that Purging the Truth was either Tony "will you kill a government minister for me" Lecomber or Patrick "vote for this coloured gent and not the BNP" Harrington.

The folks over at North West Nationalists blog stated recently that Purging the Haemorrhoids was actually ex-NF activist Phil Andrews - someone who is involved in anti-racism, multi-culti community politics and, so folks say, is married/involved with a non-White.

We don't know for sure if Purging the Racialists is/was Phil Andrews. Some also thought it was Nick Griffin himself under an invented persona, but that's quite unlikely.

Whoever Purging the Facts was/is, the fact remains that someone very close to the BNP leader, someone who enjoyed 'purging' BNP members who opposed Griffin and/or the Griffin-line on Stormfront, and someone who posted BNP policy on Stormfront has been outed as a convinced multi-culti race-mixing loon.

Smell that?

It's coffee.
Time for some people to wake up and smell it too!

Stormfront forum Griffin thread Page 90

Poll on the Battle in Georgia

Should the USA be involved in Georgia?

Yes - it's all about Freedom
1 (3%)
No we're sick of US Imperialism and Neo Con meddling
16 (59%)
it depends on events there
1 (3%)
Only if Russia can get involved in Mexico/Canada
3 (11%)
I don't know or care.
0 (0%)
I still want the USA to get out of Confederate Georgia!!!
11 (40%)

It's comforting to know that most visitors to this site haven;'t been taken in by the political and media machine that is still pushing the idea that the Russians are the "trouble-makers" as opposed to the genuine source of the illegal shelling of civilian areas (so loathed in The Hague hearings!): the American regime and the Neo-Cons.

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