Saturday, 21 October 2006

The Normans had African employees???

And so we see the BBC's multi-million pound Robin Hood descend into hilarity as the boss of the local soldiers, the master-at-arms, answerable to the Sheriff, is a full blooded African [an actor named Kwami].

Oh yes...

And they stuck David Irving in jail for revisionism?????

Whatever next from the multi-cult - sorry, integrationist - BBC?

A rabbi as Himmler's adjutant?

Playboy bunnies celebrating Ramadan in Mecca at the time of the First Crusade?

The famous Pakistani - St Thomas Moore?

Tony Blair telling George Bush to stick his Zionist foreign policy up his Khyber?

I wish I could travel back to the times of Robin Hood and see the Saxon people
of England, with the Norman influx, and an admixture of Celts, Flemings etc. --
oh and the Blues Parties in Ye Olde Parifh of Brixton.

What's next week? Robin Hood rides into Nottingham on a cart shouting 'Yo Baby'
- how very Blairite - and 'Pimp my ride'?

God Bless the BBC for making a mockery of English history and making anything
they touch into a multi-racial politically correct nonsense!

Whatever would we do without them???

Friday, 6 October 2006

Jack Stravinsky and the Muslim Veil Controversy

We are against Jack Straw's statement.

We want more Muslim women to wear the veil. We want more Asians - Muslims, Sikhs (like this gent), Hindus - to stay dressed as Asians.

We do not want Asians to wear mini skirts, jeans, baseball hats...

We WANT the Asians to stay separate. We do not want to assimilate - and we do not want these people to assimilate with us.

Jack Straw has made this statement to appear 'hardline' to those supporting the Neo Con 'War on Terror', whilst also appearing moderate to Asians/Muslims who are wary of the growth of the veil-wearers. He knows John Reid [the possible next Labour leader] is popular for being 'hardline on Muslim terrorism' and he wants a slice of that pie.

We don't want Asians living here to become Anglicised. The more separate these people are, the more in touch with their homelands and their cultures, the easier it will be to repatriate them to their ancestral homelands.

And that goes for Asian Muslims, as much as it does for Hindus, Jews, and also Christian West Indians.

Some Neo Cons on the right will whoop up Straw's remarks but say that 'he doesn't go far enough' -- the same Neo Cons who have dropped repatriation as a solution to the problem of multi-racism and multi-culturalism.

They are buffoons - the stormtroops of the Daily Mail, the political street force of Cheney and Bush!

Straw is wrong. The Neo Cons are wrong. Assimilation is wrong!

Pakistanis, or any other Asians or Arabs or Africans belong in their countries - NOT ours.

Keeping separate identities is the first step... as the politician Mr Stravinsky, sorry Mr. Straw [the name his family changed it to] knows full well.

St Michael's Day

Sorry everyone, we missed announcing St Michael's Day - Michaelmas - last week, on Sept 29th.

Obviously this day has special resonance because of the founding of the Legionary Movement by Codreanu.

So apologies again and a belated Happy Michaelmas to everyone out there fighting the Judeo-Masonic New World Order, especially Ranting Ron, Candice and the Tea Boy!

It's all BS from the usual crowd

Does ANYONE believe 'call me Dave' Cameron when he says he'll be 'tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime' or that his priority will be the 'NHS'?

We hear all this in 1996/7 from Teflon Tony.

More Grade A horse crud from the wannabe leaders fighting over the 'centre ground.'

Verily, my vomit bucket hath overflowed a hundredfold!


We are cattle. Pawns in their game. We're numbers, to be gained or lost through soundbytes.

They gain more votes by wining and dining media barons and fleet street editors than they do by talking to the "real people" mano a mano - porta a porta.

And worst of all - something I know they do just to get all the FC brigade shaking their fists at the Electronic Talmud in the corner [the TV] they do this whole farce about tax.

Will they cut taxes? Oooooooooooooooh. Will they raise taxes? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.


All the politicians are in the pockets of the bankers.

Cameron and Osborne [Ozzy I assume] if they get in will do the rounds of the bankers. They'll be invited to meetings by the Bilderbergers and all the rest of them.

If any of the politicians - including the 'we want to cut taxes' Tories or the 'we really care for the poor' Labour lot - wanted to they could cut taxes tomorrow by 80%, 90%... more!

All they have to do is break free of the IMF, World Bank, Bank of England etc.


Create the nation's own money - issued as a credit, i.e. not 'borrowed' into circulation from private companies like the Bank of England.

Millions, billions would be created, free of debt.

The bankers might want to start a war to regain their stranglehold over the UK plc... but that's an issue freedom-lovers will have to address at the time by making international treaties etc.

We can be free of debt overnight. We can be free of interest rates overnight.

Before the heebs and their puppets set up the Bank of England [yeah, thanks William of Orange - some 'glorious' revolution that was! In the pay of Masonic Heebs from Amsterdam!] in contradiction of millenia of Christian common sense, England was interest-free for 800 years!

Imagine that!

Most of us can remember when a packet of crists cost 10p or less. Some can remember when a house cost £500.

It's all a con.

And 'call me Dave' Cameron is a part of the con.

If he really cares so much for the NHS, then take away the right of the Bank of England to loan money into circulation by lending the money to the nation; start creating the nation's own money - then you can REDUCE taxes and increase funding for the NHS in one fell swoop!

The people would salute him as a hero!

OK, the bankers would want him assinated within days... but isn't being PM about doing what is right for the nation? What is right for tax-payers? What is right for the NHS?

Or do the rights of a small clique of MEGA rich bankers count for more with the likes of 'call me Dave' and 'Teflon Tony'?

We all know the answer don't we?

And taxes will continue to rise.. and the NHS will continue to crumble. Oh... and wars will continue to be financed - lucky we just about paid off the debt for the Napoleonic one! We may pay off the debt for the 'War on Terror' [sic] by 2206!

As Louis Armnstrong said: Oh What a Wonderful World!

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