Saturday, 30 May 2009

The Death of Racial Nationalism

Is it me?

All this Muslims this, Muslims that and "we luv Jews" sounds more like Likud Party spokesmen...

Nationalism is being sold down the river.

Red Squirrel's Nuts About Jews

Third Poll Puts UKIP in Front of Labour!

If UKIP push Labour into third place it signifies:

  • A growing number of people want us out of the EU!
  • A general election is needed immediately.

With a big push, and tactical voting from those who would support other 'anti-EU parties' UKIP might even give the Tories a run for their money.

That is why I have been advocating tactical voting! As a party leader once said, politics is the art of the possible.

Should we be out to secure corrupt politicos their sinecures for the next 4 years and a pension-for-life (whoever they are!) or should this be about shaming the Westminster parties and getting us out of the EU?

I suggest the latter - especially before Turkey joins and we're flooded with more Third World immigrants (with no controls over how many "EU citizens" come here!).

It's now or never to pile on the pressure to get us out!

From today's Times:

The Conservatives drop four points to 30 per cent, compared with the poll three weeks ago. Labour drops nine points to 16 per cent, and the Liberal Democrats fall eight points to 12 per cent. UKIP are the beneficiaries, rising 13 points to 19 per cent, ahead of Labour and the Liberal Democrats. The Greens rise to 10 per cent, and the BNP is up three points at 5 per cent.

The Times

Corrupt MPs: Not another Year! Not Another Day!

Do bank robbers, tax dodgers, bag snatchers or muggers get a year of freedom before facing the beak?

Do insider dealers say to the jury "it's OK because I'll quit my job in a year's time with a healthy pay-off?"

Do Council Tax non-payers get a year's grace to settle up so they can profit from their position?

Do paedophiles working in schools found guilty of kiddie-fiddling get a further year in their job after being found guilty of their crimes?


So why the hell are MPs saying "I'll go at the next election" and we're all supposed to be thankful? They get:

  • A year's more wage.
  • A year's more pension top-ups.
  • A golden parachute of circa £60K
  • A 'resettlement' amount of circa £40K.

If there is any justice in this world, we should demand:

  • An instant closure of parliament.
  • An instant election.

That will, at least, let people clear out these overflowing Aegean Stables.

As a start I humbly suggest:

  • Backing of independent local (not "celebrity") candidates who stand on a "sack me if I do wrong" ticket.
  • A campaign to identify Masonic candidates, to freeze them out.
  • A campaign against anyone who has worked for big business, banks, media barons and all lawyers.
  • A campaign against the party system.

Such a radical campaign could awaken a sufficient minority of our people, so they understand the whole Masonic party left v right system is a giant con!

Friday, 29 May 2009

Mossad Agents Land in Scotland = Media Silence

Where is the media outrage?

Front page "terror" stories?

Columnists talking about the evil religion of Judaism with its anti-Christian bile?

Why isn't our government talking about dual loyalty and "extremism" in some sections of "Jewish communities?"

Or assuring us that hardline Zionists "aren't real Jews because it's a religion of peace" as they do with Islam?

Where's the right-wing politicians putting out leaflets about Judeofascism and the linking it in with international drugs cartels, illegal wars, the banking crisis, etc. etc.


To ask the question is to get the answer:

Treachery and cowardice.

Nationalist Worker blog article

Thursday, 28 May 2009

The Bank of North Dakota: Breaking Free of Federal debt


“I understand that these cuts are very painful and they affect real lives. This is the harsh reality and the reality that we face. Sacramento is not Washington – we cannot print our own money. We can only spend what we have.”
– Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger quoted in Time, May 22, 2009

Christmas comes early, Governor. You CAN print your own money. Fiscally solvent North Dakota is doing it . . . and so can California. Now!!!

In a May 22 article in Time titled “Billions in the Red: Fiscal Reckoning in CA,” Juliet Williams reports that since California voters have now vetoed higher taxes and further state government borrowing, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has indicated that he intends to close the budget gap almost entirely through drastic spending cuts. The cutbacks could include laying off thousands of state workers and teachers, ending the state’s main welfare program for the poor, eliminating health coverage for about 1.5 million poor children, halting cash grants for about 77,000 college students, slashing money for state parks, and releasing thousands of prisoners before their sentences are finished. Schwarzenegger bemoaned the fact that the state could not print its own money but said it could only spend what it had.

But the state can create its own money. After all, banks do this every day. Certified, card-carrying bankers are allowed to do something nobody else can do: they can create “credit” with accounting entries on their books. As the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas explains on its website:

Banks actually create money when they lend it. Here’s how it works: Most of a bank’s loans are made to its own customers and are deposited in their checking accounts. Because the loan becomes a new deposit, just like a paycheck does, the bank . . . holds a small percentage of that new amount in reserve and again lends the remainder to someone else, repeating the money-creation process many times.”

President Obama has also acknowledged that banks create money, through what he calls the “multiplier effect.” In a speech at Georgetown University on April 14, he said:

“[A]lthough there are a lot of Americans who understandably think that government money would be better spent going directly to families and businesses instead of banks – ‘where’s our bailout?,’ they ask – the truth is that a dollar of capital in a bank can actually result in eight or ten dollars of loans to families and businesses, a multiplier effect that can ultimately lead to a faster pace of economic growth.”

Money in a government-owned bank could give us the best of both worlds. We could have all the credit-generating advantages of private banks, without the baggage cluttering up the books of the Wall Street giants, including bad derivatives bets, unmarketable collateralized debt obligations, mark to market accounting issues, oversized CEO salaries and bonuses, and shareholders expecting a sizeable cut of the profits. A state could deposit its vast revenues in its own state-owned bank and proceed to fan them into 8 to 10 times their face value in loans. Not only would it have its own credit machine, but it would control the loan terms. The state could lend at ½% interest to itself and to municipal governments, rolling the loans over as needed until the revenues had been generated to pay them off. According to Professor Margrit Kennedy in her 1995 book Interest and Inflation-free Money, interest composes, on average, fully half the cost of every public project. Cutting costs by 50% could make currently-unsustainable projects such as low-cost housing, alternative energy development, and infrastructure construction not only sustainable but actually profitable for the government.

If all this seems too radical and unprecedented to venture into, consider that one state has had its own bank for 90 years; and it has not only escaped the credit crunch but is doing remarkably well . . . .


Only three of fifty states are now solvent, meaning they have the revenues to meet their state budgets; and one of them is North Dakota. It is an unlikely candidate for the distinction. It is a sparsely populated state of less than 700,000 people, largely located in isolated farming communities afflicted with cold weather. Yet since 2000, the state’s GNP has grown 56%, personal income has grown 43%, and wages have grown 34%. The state not only has no funding issues, but this year it actually has a budget surplus of $1.2 billion, the largest it has ever had.

North Dakota boasts the only state-owned bank in the nation. The Bank of North Dakota (BND) was established by the state legislature in 1919 specifically to free farmers and small businessmen from the clutches of out-of-state bankers and railroad men. The bank’s stated mission is to deliver sound financial services that promote agriculture, commerce and industry in North Dakota. By law, the state must deposit all its funds in the bank, which pays a competitive interest rate to the state treasurer. The state rather than the FDIC guarantees the bank’s deposits, which are plowed back into the state in the form of loans. The bank’s return on equity is about 25%, and it pays a hefty dividend to the state, which is expected to exceed $60 million this year. In the last decade, the BND has turned back a third of a trillion dollars to the state’s general fund, offsetting taxes. The former president of the BND is now the state’s governor.

The BND avoids rivalry with private banks by partnering with them. Most lending is originated by a local bank. The BND then comes in to participate in the loan, share risk, and buy down the interest rate. The BND provides a secondary market for real estate loans, which it buys from local banks. Its residential loan portfolio is now $500 billion to $600 billion. Guarantees are also provided for entrepreneurial startups, and the BND has ample money to lend to students (over 184,000 outstanding loans). It purchases municipal bonds from public institutions, and it backs loans made to new farmers at 1% interest. The BND also has a well-funded disaster loan program, which helps explain how Fargo, when struck by a disastrous flood recently, managed to avoid the devastation suffered by New Orleans in similar circumstances.

North Dakota has also managed to avoid the credit freeze, through the simple expedient of creating its own credit. It has led the nation in establishing state economic sovereignty. In California and other states, workers and factories are sitting idle because the private credit system has failed. An injection of new money from a system of publicly-owned banks on the model of the Bank of North Dakota could thaw the credit freeze and bring spring to the markets once again.

Muslim NY "Synagogue Plot" is FBI Set-Up

The facts about the recent "planned" attack by four black Muslims on synagogues, etc in NYC are stunning. It was in fact all choreographed by the FBI. And why? Well, Israel does need more military help and lots of money, alright already.

The news media seems to be extremely slow in telling us about the FBI's provocative role here. Gee, I wonder why?

Bogus Synagogue Plot

BNP Euro Election Broadcast: Churchill and 60s Immigrants?

No doubt most of us have, by now, seen the BNP's election broadcast for the Euros.

What to make of it?

No doubt the BNP will make hay from the MPs trousering large sums, their nepotism, cronyism and attempts to cover-up on party political grounds.

This will sound familiar to some nationalists... but regardless, to the broadcast itself.

No doubt right-wing Tory types will have viewed it with great pleasure.

The defence of "Britishness." The Churchillian overtones (much to the distress of Nicholas "Fatty" Soames, the bloated defence-specialist and grandson of Winston). The cry for the rights of the natives of these isles.

Certainly on the latter point there is little to quibble with.

But, as ever, with politicians, the devil is in the detail.

And before the Daytime TV brigade of Griffinite net-watchers chime up, is it wrong to look at the details of a political party that seeks our money, support and vote?

If it is, then you're not the democrats you so loudly and long profess to be!

After all how can any nationalist condemn Tories extending their homes with other peoples money whilst ignoring it in the BNP? Or employing family members? Or sexual shenanigans of the most sordid kind?

After all - as the BNP now seeks to defend Christendom from just one of its hand-picked enemies (no, not Freemasonry) - they should recall Christ's words on getting the log out of your own eye before seeking out the motes in others' eyes.

Now, I am not so blind (even in this land of the one-eyed kings in Westminster) as to think that we are talking of logs versus motes here as the stench emanating from Thameside is suffocating, but to replace a corrupt and degenerate gang of parties shouldn't we - as nationalists if not mere voters - be presented with something squeeky clean? Or at least trying to be clean (human foibles being what they are) and prepared to deal with corruption, degeneracy etc in an open and honest way?

Whatever its failings (human and political) at least we could respect and support that.

For example the latest scandal of the £30,000 raised to buy the Truth Truck. Some are now saying that the Truck is in fact used and others say the Truck wasn't even bought by the BNP. This is being hushed up because the BNP claim a legal case they are fighting, for use of a copyrighted image of UKIP leader Farrage, means they cannot debate the Truth Truck, but a legal expert has scoffed at this, stating it is simply not true.

£30K is small beer to Westminster crooks and degenerate thieves, but to a working man with a family struggling in the bankster/usury-caused recession this is not loose change! It's the principle not the amount.

But let's overlook all that.

Because we can be dismissed as "irrelevant" not to mention as "evil nazis" or "political dinosaurs" or even "ideological necrophiliacs" not to mention "14 words masturbators" (that last one being especially touching for sincere racial nationalists!) surely such rumination on the innards of the BNP can be forgiven by the successful band of BNPers?

Mere jealousy and bile they will say. Good luck to them! Why shoud they care of a voice crying in the wilderness however sincere, charitable, well-meaning and (dare I say it) genuinely nationalist?

So the broadcast itself.

No doubt the Blood and Honour supporters who buy BNP papers, cover BNP activities in their mag and make up some of the BNP activist base will be thrilled to hear the BNP use the epithet "evil nazis" as it too out-do a Spielberg film.

This of course in the shadow of the open acceptance of the "six million holocaust" (notwithstanding the character assassination of David Irving for doing far less some years back!).

But we can see where things are heading with the denunciation of Muslims and the defence of Britons [sic] and I quote, of "the Jewish faith" being attacked by these evil Muslims. Islam is picked apart, whilst (for example!) Judaism is defended... are not both equally anti-Christian? In fact when it comes to Jesus Christ Himself, Judaism is far more vociferous, twisted and hate-filled.

Who wrote this? Cheney? Rumsfeld? Aaronovitch? Philips?

If Mr. Griffin is out to defend the Christianity of Britain he would do well to think of who has attacked Christianity over, for example, the last two centuries. Let's not even mention the banking system and the people behind the usury which has ruined so many peoples' lives and kept others in a form of permanent slavery.

But dear reader some will say this is the mere fixation of an "anti-Semite." Let's skip all the anomalies (who are Semites, Zionism and Judaism versus Jewish people per se) in that statement for now and move on from the hang-over of this being the "most Zionist party" according to the extremist Zionist 'Board of Deputies of British Jews.'

Imagine all the talk over the last few years of 'Islamofascists' and the open appeal for Jewish votes for the BNP in the mayoral election on those very grounds were null and void. As were the justifications of Israeli war crimes against the Lebanese and Palestinian civilians. Ignore them!

Let us treat the BNP as if it were still an anti-Zionist party.

Let's be fair and give it the benefit of the doubt.



Perhaps the most interesting part of the broadcast is the part where the BNP leader deals with immigration.

Now I am pretty sure that what was said was that the problem is not the offspring of immigrants from the 50s and 60s? From that presumably we can extrapolate into the 70s and the millions of descendants and dependants of the "Ugandan Asians" and others.

Now some will argue that this is Realpolitik, doing the achievable rather than pipe dreams.

My problem is this. When you tell a lie about a policy or ideal that is central to your core belief, you betray the very basis for your existence.

Let's put it this way.

When NuLabour had their Clause 4 (?) moment they overturned their call for the nationalisation of industry et al.

It got them voted in. It won them the praise of the Masonic newspaper barons, bankers and captains of industry.

But from that moment on they were no longer socialists and from that moment on the betrayal of their grass roots grew ever greater, culminating in an illegal war for right-wing Zionist Neo Cons, something that the old, Socialist, principled Labour Party would never have done (does that remind you of the BNP's latter support for Israel - unthinkable even a few years back).

So when the BNP lie that there is no problem with the sons of immigrants, they should look at the drugs gangs in South London, the gun-totting gangs in Manchester and the muggers in other towns -- most (but not all, of course) of them the rootless descendants of original immigrants who came here decades ago, some of them with the best of intentions and even "loyal" in some misguided sense, to the Crown and the embers of the Empire (one thinks here, as an analogy, of the Ulster Loyalists who called for "Loyal" Hong Kong Chinese to move to Northern Ireland in the 90s).

So the idea that "settled" communities cause no problem, that the descendants and dependents of those original immigrants cause no problems or - as I've outlined on this blog before - that a false claim of "it's space not race" simply will not stand.

Seeing the war criminal and pawn of the Zionists, Winston Churchill, wheeled out sticks in my craw. We should expect it from the Tories and UKIP who know no better... but racial nationalists? Please! Whatever next - Bomber Harris as the "liberator of occupied Europe?"

So there's my thoughts for a penny.

The BNP can ignore them, and good luck to them in doing so.

I just hope racial nationalists will look back at the 'formation' of NuLabour amidst the Socialist organisation known officially as the Labour and Co-Operative Party and bear those lessons in mind.

Success at any price isn't all it's cracked up to be. Fini did that in Italy and is now just another right-wing Tory Masonic politician, chumming up to the class clown Berlusconi.

The future of the BNP will be interesting to watch. I suppose we should hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

We sure do live in interesting times.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Idi Amin - A Zionist Plot?

I picked up a second hand copy of The Last King of Scotland the other day. Hey: 'Thrifty' is my middle name.

It's a film I'd long wished to see, but never got around to, so when I spotted it for £1 I pounced.

Of course we've all heard of Idi Amin and some of his ways, His expulsion of all Asian from Uganda in the early 70s (1974?) had a profound impact on England and the popularity of the National Front back then.

Folks around back then say Leicester (the town founded by Simon de Montfort who I understand banned Jews from it) became Asian overnight!

Anyways, with all this in mind I wanted to see this film, fiction though it is, to give me some insight into Africa in those days.

Well, if you get a chance to pick up a copy do so, because some of the background material is fascinating, esopecially the director's commentary.

As with so many despots and tinpot dictators before now, he makes it clear that Amin was backed by "the West" as an anti-Communist, at the height of the Cold War.

Or to put it better, he says that certain countries wanted to protect their business interests in Uganda (a prosperous and abundant nation).

And those nations backing a mass murderer?

America, Britain... and... er... Israel.

New World Order anyone?

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Esther Rantzen Can't End the Party System!

We can all taste the fact that Party Politics has been heavily wounded by the Expenses-Gate Scandal.

Right: An honest politician... as rare as hen's teeth.

The political class (lawyers almost to man!) know it too. Hence their rush to decapitate the Commons by getting rid of Michael Martin, the Speaker of the House, who had also "wet his beak" (I know... I'm a 'Godfather' fan too!) with public money and then tried to stop all the information being let out under the Freedom of Information Act.

He should have gone a long time ago, but the idea that this will satiate the public clamour is like a three-legged donkey in the Epsom Derby: it's a non-starter.

Politicians are careerists, so the only thing that worries them is losing their careers.

That is why I, and others, have called for the end of the Party System. We don't want appointees hand-picked because of the Union Post they have milked dry over the years, or because of which public school they went to.

Being a 'Oxbridge' old boy shouldn't mean the right to sit in either house in our legislature.

The old "political soldier NF" and later the International Third Position had it right.

We need recallable delegates (from communities, trades etc.) who speak for the people they represent. They're recallable because if they back something immoral, or pocket expenses beyond what is fair and just they are recalled and replaced by the body that put them there!

No political party machinery. No old school tie gentleman's club approach. No dodgy handshake brigade. Actually on the latter I think each 'MP' should be made to take an oath that he does not belong to any secret society, because they undermine every notion of openness and fairness.

I still stand by what I said earlier this week, though it has ruffled umpteen feathers, that to tactically vote UKIP in the Euros and BNP/NF in the locals will further disrupt the established party system in Westminster, but we have to look further than that and not get tied in with more petty party political corruption.

The Party System dives the nation on false Masonic "Left V Right" lines.

We need a system of delegates based loosely on the Corporatist Model of the Christian Medieval European Nations, though obviously brought up to date. Carrying out the wishes of the people, enacting laws within moral norms, answerable to those they represent for all their actions, and drawn from a wide range of areas, professions and outlooks.

I also feel that as well as "geographical" delegates we must have trades delegates.

One of the cornerstones of this is that if you represent the Isle of Wight, you must have been born there or lived in the area for at least 20 years. That will rid us of the curse of the political class flipping constituencies to areas where they may think they are shoe-in.

Similarly if you sit representing transport workers, you must have worked in the transport industry for a minimum of say 20 years.

With these kind of guidelines in place, open accounting, with each delegate being recallable for proven maladministration of his post, then it would return us to a real for of representation - with no hint of "party politics" which splits the nation on artificial lines.

It would also stop non-entity "celebrities" like that harridan Esther Rantzen putting herself forward for office in an area she knows little or nothing about, as if that could solve any of our problems!

Westminster-watchers say we need change.

How about that for real, lasting and meaningful change?

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Tamil Tigers: the Zionist Connection!

What earth-shaking news that the leader of the Tamil Tigers has been shot dead and images of his corpse shown to the press corps.

Imagine my surprise in learning that the dead mastermind of suicide bombing was none other than Burt Bacharach!!!

I just knew there had to be a Zionist connection. ;-)

Monday, 18 May 2009

Israeli Crimes and American Abortionists

A friend sent this to me and it gives an interesting insight into those who see past all the Shoa Business of the Pope's recent visit to Israel.

It reminds me of when the Zionists asked Pius X for his help is establishing a Jewish State.

he replied that as the Jews refused to recognise Christ, he could not recognise them or the State they wanted to create.

If only we had Christian leaders like that today!

Meanwhile in America, the scumbag abortionist Obama is embroiled in a furore with Pro-Lifers over there.

Anyhoo (to go native) this makes for interesting reading.

When it comes to the crimes of the Zionists and the mass-murder of the liberals, not all are frightened into silence.

Is the Pope Pro-Life?

Michael Martin's Sorry Just Ain't Enough

Speaker Michael Martin said "sorry" to the country today.

Just as so many party bosses and MPs have said "sorry."

This issue is whether any of them actually mean it.

If they knew gaining money, property etc. under false pretences was wrong (under whichever "Moral Compass" they tend to use!) then surely they would all have been sorry enough not to do it in the first place -- and not to try and cover-up the facts after wards.

The truth is they are all sorry that they were caught out when the information was leaked.

The apologies mean nothing.

Parliament allowed mass coloured immigration. It allowed abortion on demand. It promoted homosexuality. It permitted an illegal war.

We should have no rose-tinted view of the past as far as parliament is concerned.

It was always full of cowards and traitors and that won't change for the foreseeable future.

It's up to all men of goodwill to use this opportunity to agitate for real, meaningful change: primarily the scrapping of the party system.

With the proverbial about to hit the fan re. MP's second, third, fourth and other jobs - it will be clear to everyone that they are not there as public servants, but as careerists out to feather their own nests.

We must say no to political party hirelings, lawyers, public schoolboys and anyone whose first allegiance is to a foreign power (especially one who has nukes that could be pointed at the UK).

This could be the start of something positive, or just another missed opportunity with State-sponsored pressure valves stepping in...

BNP Says Gurkhas CAN Stay

The BNP is up in arms over a fake leaflet printed in The Sun which accuses the BNP of wanting Gurkhas to leave the UK.

Make of that what you will!

Either The Sun have been very silly, or incredibly gullible.

The idea that the BNP would ask Asians to leave the UK must have left some people feeling relieved and others panicky. Their raison d'etre and motives make for interesting conjecture.

Sun Issues Fake BNP Leaflet

P.S. If the BNP really are suing The Sun, then they should also sue the unwashed at Kirklees Unity who repeated the story: here

Sunday, 17 May 2009

UKIP Poll 17%! Labour Almost in 3rd Place in Euro Elections


UKIP are in second place, on 17% for the Euro elections, according to a Mail on Sunday poll today.

If more people vote for UKIP in the Euro elections Gordon Brown's party could be pushed into THIRD place!!!

OK, UKIP are a right-wing kosher party - but so are all the other parties outside of the pro-EU Greens/Socialists and some Lib Dems.

Pushing UKIP into second place (and Labour into third) may give us all the opportunity to:

1. Get shot of Brown. This will help put Westminster into even more turmoil and who knows what could result at every level of politics, benefiting "small" parties and local community activists.
2. Agitate for withdrawal from the EU, on a serious "Irish" style footing (not mere populist gesturing).
3. Further argue that people are losing faith with party politics, allowing more of us to agitate for a non-party system, recallable delegates with a fixed wage, guilds and similar anti-party bodies.

If the 5% (or 4% according to a Sun poll) of people voting BNP (at which level they won't get an MEP but merely split the anti-EU vote) switch to UKIP they could even be breathing down the necks of the Tories!

Many will moan that we say vote for a Kosher Right-Wing Multi-Culti corrupt party like UKIP, but there is so little difference between them and the BNP that this is purely a case of voting for who will do the most damage to the Westminster Regime as it stands, and its subservient role to the endemically corrupt Brussels regime.

After all, that outcome could be more seismatic and system-changing than putting in a possible couple of BNP MEPs who would, in all honesty, change nothing about Westminster or the way in which this country is run.

Are we for trying to bring about real change or getting a few people on a gravy train?

Moreover since UKIP employed the EU whistleblower Marta Andreasen to be its national treasurer (and EU candidate), it's clear that UKIP means to clean up its books and send a shockwave into Brussels by sending back the woman the EU Commission feared more than any other.

That's certainly more reassuring than the BNP employing Simon Darby as their national treasurer (following a revolving door scenario of treasurers) given the bizarre allegations that surround his time in the National Democrats and the BNP!

Right: EU whistleblower Marta Andreasen, UKIP EU candidate - set to take the fight back to the corrupt EU Commission.

As such it is now debatable that nationalists should vote tactically (whilst holding their noses in most cases):

  • UKIP in the Euros.
  • NF/BNP and similar in the locals.

UKIP on 17%
UKIP Employs EU Whistleblower

UKIP on 15% a few days ago

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Polish Planes & Italian OAPs: Britain for the British?

It seems the BNP's main Euro Election leaflet is full of false (perchance Googled!) images of "supporters."

Imagine their outcry if UKIP had pulled a stunt like this?

This comes on the back of one BNP blogger attacking the NF for wanting to wipe out all non-Whites throughout the world, a lie so vast even Searchlies would blush to make it!

We are asked to hold our noses and vote for the BNP whilst they continue to use the most underhand methods and intemperate language against other nationalists.

As the OAPs on their leaflet could have warned them, the Italians say: You cannot be drunk and have a full barrel!

Collett's Latest Cock-Up

Friday, 15 May 2009

The Party System is Corrupt: Time for it to End

There's been an interesting idea underlying the popular revulsion at the sheer greed of the politicians, as exposed by the Daily Telegraph for the last week or so.

It is that the whole gang of them have to go, that "normal folks" should stand against the political parties and their machinery, to take the reigns of power from those who are so busy milking the system whilst the UK goes to the dogs.

This is, of course, another central tenet of Third Positionist ideals: i.e. that the Party System is wrong, that there is no need for political parties (themselves part of the Masonic Left V. Right circus).

As with so many of the TP Ideals (against banking & usury, opposition to Zionism, ) the stance on Popular Rule now looks like what it was: years ahead of its time!

Local people, recallable representatives... what a breath of fresh air from the current sleaze with public schoolboys, lawyers, Masons and those with the backing of corrupt business and unions getting a shoe-in to vacant seats.

If there was ever a time for the British peoples to throw off the chains of the political parties (all of them mired in cover-up, cronysim, nepotism, corruption and much worse) that time is now.

Why do we need a political class to run our affairs for us?

They may claim they know what they're doing, but in the light of mass immigration, the banking collapse, illegal wars etc. etc. we have to ask if 600 or so recallable local community representatives could do any worse?

The political leaders may fear losing their power-base and personal fiefdoms, but so what?

If we cherish our freedoms, there is no alternative.

It is the only way to give the country back to the people.

TP Ideals 20 Years On

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Hardline Revisionist Recants Holocaust Views on National TV

Just a few years ago I recall someone on the "nationalist scene" using the most vitriolic and personal abuse against a man whom many (rightly or wrongly) viewed as a 'leader.'

Certainly in the vocation he had chosen, the man being attacked was pretty much at the peak of his profession and an inspiration to many patriots and men of goodwill, reaching more and more of the 'man in the street' via the material he was putting out.

Yet this did not stop him being attacked for "selling out" the inference being that he was a traitor or a coward.

The man being attacked was David Irving, the historian.

His "crime" (as I remember) was to state that the "holocaust" had happened (albeit not to such an extent etc.) but that it was not a German policy, and that it had happened without the knowledge/consent of Hitler.

So who was this "hardliner" who attacked the person of a historian for his own opinion? A historian who still faced the ire and outright hatred of organised Zionism?

Step forward Nick Griffin!

To him, to not question the "holocaust" was unthinkable, and by 'stepping back from the brink' in accepting the "holocaust" in even a limited way, Irving had sold out to the Zionist establishment etc. etc.

No doubt Mr. Irving - who, whether you support him or not, has suffered a great deal for his research and heartfelt beliefs - is feeling gratified for all this abuse in light of the Daily Politics TV show on the BBC on Monday.

On Monday's show, you see dear forbearing and patient reader, Mr. Griffin stated that the holocaust - the destruction of millions of Jews on an industrial scale - was an undeniable fact.

There was also the liberal stance on the Gurkhas, which I hinted that some Kosher Tories would do a few days ago (see recent posts), in that the Asian mercenaries would be allowed to come here.

Plus of course there was the welcome to the Jewish community and Judaism itself - no surprise really following the "most Zionist" party tag given to the BNP during the London mayoral election campaign.

So if Mr. Griffin was right to condemn Mr. Irving as a traitor/sell-out what should those of us who consider ourselves revisionists, to one degree or another, make of the very interesting interview on Monday?

Some people complained years ago of liberalisation and sell-out in the BNP only to be told it was a case of "softly, softly, catchee monkey" - or was it more a case of a slow process as the "supertanker" of the BNP was turned slowly in a wide arc (as arch Neo Con apologist David Aaronivitch was told by the BNP leader)?

We at FC have long warned that the sell-out process is worrying, especially as the sell-outs become increasingly open the bigger the crumbs offered from the political top-table.

If we have to vote for a corrupt, cronyist, Zionist, multi-culti ("some of my best friends are Sikhs") party, shouldn't we just hold our noses and go for UKIP until the BNP radicalises in some way or rids itself of the paedophile and Zionist members?

As the Euro elections approach this is a debate that will continue!

Meanwhile the Daily Politics show (Monday 11th May) is still available to view on the iplayer facility at the BBC's homepage. See for yourself...

BNP Promises to Let in Coloureds

On BBC News at Ten, Monday night the leader of the BNP said he would let coloureds in the BNP once further immigration was stopped.

Pragmatism or betrayal? Brave or foolish move?

Have the BNP outflanked UKIP or all but merged with them?

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Huge Range of Flags Just £5 each

Remember that we have a huge range of 100s of flags, many of them rare, including nationalist and military designs, historic and heraldic designs, football and sporting designs.

With postage fixed at just £1 per order there's never been a better time to grab a load of flags, whether it's for your (and friends') personal use, an activity, a rally, a camp, a community event etc. etc.

Right: Our 18" x 12" hand held RAF flag (£2.99).

So from the Celtic Cross to Richard the Lionheart's Three Lions, from the Confederate Battle Flag to the German Imperial Navy Iron Cross, from the Household Cavalry to Rhodesia: there's a flag for everyone!

Left: The flag of St Edmund of Suffolk, the historic Saxon Patron Saint of England.

And don't miss our hand held and table-top flags too!

Fill yer boots!

FC Flags

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Last Week's Quote: Bishop Williamson on 1694 & the Banks

"In economics, the founding of the Bank of England in 1694 was a major step on the way towards modern finance: central banks taking control of the money supply and therefore of the real government of the nations, by progressively replacing real deposits as the foundation of credit with fictitious credit as the foundation of "deposits"."

Bishop Richard Williamson
March 28, 2009

Friday, 8 May 2009

Oi Joanna Lumley: Keep Gurkha Mercenaries in Nepal!

I do not believe any Gurkhas should be allowed to come to this country at any age, retired or otherwise.

Right: The campaigner for the Gurkhas "rights" to settle in the UK, Joanna Lumley. The road to hell is paved with good intentions... retired Gurkhas can best be helped in Nepal.

These people are mercenaries, whom the MoD employs because they are cheaper to hire, so the blame for the situation as it has historically arisen lies with the MoD.

They get a good pension by Nepalese terms, still cheap for the MoD of course.

Although I am loathe to support any form of mercenary forces, if absolutely necessary here and now, then let their pensions be increased to UK standard and give them a gold standard health insurance too.

Ripping these people out of their homeland, Nepal, is not right.

No doubt in a few years their families will also be cajoled into claiming the "right" to come here and then we'll have more generations of rootless, culture-clash, chip-on-shoulder third generation immigrants with no sense of "loyalty."

So no, not a single Gurkha should come here.

Personally I think the hiring of mercenaries is wrong, but while it exists there are all sorts of things the tightwads at the MoD (who, remember send all our troops into battle without the correct body and transport armour) can do to make the lives of ex-servicemen in Nepal comfortable enough that we don't get more Asian "communities" over here.

And before a liberal moans, I will say this:

If it was wrong to 'colonise' India and other parts of Asia, then it also wrong to let all manner of Asians colonise vast areas of England and the other nations of these isles.

And before a blustering Colonel Bufton-Tufton moans, I will say this also:

Two wrongs do not make a right. By all means carry out any moral obligation to previous and existing Gurkha soldiers, but taking people out of their own homeland is not a good thing, and for short term gain and populist "patriotic" headlines you will create misery both here and in Nepal.

I like people who (to use the Godfather/Sopranos parlance) 'bust balls' of government ministers, and I think back in the mists of time I even liked The New Avengers (I've worn a bowler hat ever since!) and even the weird TV series Sapphire and Steel (ref Joanna Lumley, the pro-Gurkha campaigner), but we should look at the bigger picture here.

Multi-racism kills cultures and wrecks communities.

If people want to help the Nepalese (civilians and mercenaries) then help them in Nepal!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Scottish "Gay" Youth Helpline Boss in Paedo Ring

The Paedo Ring busted in Scotland centred on a "gay couple" and James Rennie, the chief executive of advice centre LGBT Youth Scotland. They were convicted of bestial sex attacks on children.

Right: Eight Paedo-scumbags jailed in Scotland.

"LGBT Youth Scotland" gets government handouts to advise children on how to become homosexual. No doubt they help confused, pressurised, bullied and hormone-imbalanced children "accept" that they are homosexual.

As other homosexual groups have pressed for the "gay" age of consent to be lowered to 14 and even 9 we have to wonder how much paedophilia is a built-in part of the homosexual deathstyle.

The Catholic Church dropped it's strict criteria on homosexuality, and then suffered the consequences as poofs entered seminaries and abused children. Even recently liberals were organised "gay masses" in London!

Even the BNP has dropped its opposition to homosexuality by accepting known homosexual members (one well known case was accepted because of the volume of money the 'gent' donated - he was also allowed to stand as a BNP candidate in the Home Counties).

We must be unequivocal when it comes to both homosexuality and paedophilia.

Both are great evils, long unacceptable in civilised society.

Turning a blind eye to homosexuality has torn whole families and communities away from the Catholic Church in America. Homosexuality made the NF a laughing stock amongst grass roots nationalists in the early 80s.

Lessons still need to be learnt it seems.

Just because the mass media and the politically correct say something is "right" - doesn't make it so.

People might respect those who draw a line in the sand and say a simple "no" to homosexuality (and paedophilia!) far more than those who (like the Thatcherite Tories in the 80s) say one thing in public, but practice quite another thing in private.

There is hope in that James Dowson, of the excellent pro-life group the UK Life League, now seems to be the BNP's main fundraiser. The UK Life League has put out a wealth of anti-homosexual literature and says:

"We regard [homosexuality] as sexual deviance, and believe that it flies in the face of the natural Order purposed by God for humankind. "

Here's hoping...

Scottish Paedo Ring Jailed
UK Life League on Homosexuality

FC Poll: Drugs & the Nationalist Cause

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No 33 (75%)

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