Monday, 30 July 2007

Free Ernst Zundel

A new, officially sanctioned, FREE ERNST ZUNDEL badge is now available at the FC Online Shop.

Pop by (click on the link below) and read why the badge has been produced, and why it is essential for nationalists to support Ernst.

Free Ernst Zundel badge

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Deja Vu

And so Gordon Brown is pushing to extend the period in which "suspects" may be held without being charged.

We already have the longest period (28 days) in Europe.

How many times are the Freemasons and Zionists (sorry, police chiefs and politicians) going to keep banging on about this?

It's getting mighty boring.

The sad thing is that the kosher morons who bang on about "Islamofascism" (and other 'power of nightmares' Neo Con manufactured bogeymen) play into the hands of the Zionists and Masons (no matter what caveats they might try and publish in order to cover their tracks).

The police chiefs (Masons) are behind this. Lord Carlile the government adviser ( Zionist) is behind this. It's the usual suspects I'm afraid.

We don't need more police state laws.

We need more freedom!

It's Muslims today... but when the NWO creates another bogeyman which is Christian or White (say Anti-Abortion or "Neo-Nazi") these laws could be used against you or me.

What? "But I'm innocent?" I hear you protest...

So (whether you like it or not) are most of the Muslims dragged into cells (and bear in mind we, unlike the Neo-Cons don't believe any Asians should live here).

We'll soon have guilt by association (like in CIA-Freemason run Italy after WW2).

When YOU are jailed for TWO MONTHS with no charge (just because you sold a mobile phone to a nationalist or shared some car journeys with someone "suspected" of - e.g. - bombing some Zionist-run porno night club) which might ruin your livelihood, lose you your job, lose you your home, lose you your marriage... you'll have cause to regret not speaking out now.

From your jail cell you can thank the Zionist Neo-Con Kosher plastic patriots who are cheering on the Israel Firsters as they turn our green and pleasant land into a police state.

Affordable Croatia? Part 2

Read this piece (see first link below) on a BNP meeting.

There are a number of interesting questions which arise from this:

1. Why was arch-Zionist Lee Barnes present? He is not even a BNP member, yet he has this kind of access to (what must surely be) an important meeting. The chap feeding the info to The Observer got the impression he was No. 2 in the BNP!

Barnes has published some of the most outrageously Neo-Con and pro-Israeli material, even supporting Israel when they invaded Lebanon, which only the most diehard Zionists did.

2. Who is Alan Goodacre? Economics adviser??? A rather tenuous title (like Barnes's "legal advisor" - is this a Blairite government by advisors?), and he has also written some appallingly liberal trash for the BNP (and wrote "Our party no longer denies the Holocaust, an obvious historical fact" to the Jewish Chronicle).

Have historical "certainties" or open debate ever been voted on at a BNP AGM? Or is Goodacre (who he?) of sufficient seniority in the kosherised BNP to espouse New BNP policy in an e-mail to the Jewish Chronicle?

Is there a kosher trend here?

Perhaps Goodacre had a "suitcase full of money" perhaps not... but it's all a bit Walter Mitty anyhow, if not Monty Python!

Is that how seniority is bought in the BNP? Is that how policy is decided?

I hope details of the "suitcase" of money for Mr. Griffin's expenses were passed onto the BNP's accountant! ;-)

3. Certainly it is interesting that the BNP invite an "expert" (McKillop) with links to the Jewish big businessman Sir James Goldsmith (Sir Jammy Fishpaste as Private Eye called him).

Those of any importance at this meeting seem to fit a certain neo-con Zionist stamp.

As for the land itself:

1. Who owns the land? According the report a mysterious and wealthy BNP member: another Kosher patriot? Another Israel-Firster?

2. How can BNP members go there if it is owned by one individual? This could all die overnight, or given over to one or a handful of leaders "in trust" for the BNP...

3. Are shares being pimped to BNP members? If so, will they actually be worth anything?

4. If trips are made there... we hope no asbestos removal is undertaken...

5. Given the nature of the meeting participants, might this be some kind of Neo-Con pay-off? "You turn the BNP into a Jewish friendly, liberal-race, poof-member party which just bashes on the Muslim ticket" the sort of thing Barbara Amiel might arrange.

I for one do not believe this claptrap about the oil running out. It may in the future, but bio-fuels and other sources will be found by then. We're in more "danger" from the arguable theories on "global warming" and certainly in more danger (should I tell the BNP?) from economic collapse or inter-racial/tribal conflict.

That is if Israel doesn't start WW3 in the meantime (shh. don't tell Barnes or Goodacre).

The oil running out seems like a convenient smoke screen for some kind of retirement fund pay-off, or (if BNP members are being asked to "invest") another cheap scam.

Beware! Zionists are tied into this one...

Observer piece on BNP meeting
Allan Goodacres Fawning Letter to the Jewish Chronicle

Evidence of Goodacre linking-up with Zionists
Others note BNP's overtures to Zionists
Possible Goodacre dodginess
Zionist celebrates the New BNP!
"if the chairman has to choose it will be Barnes"
"I support Israel 100%" writes BNP chief polemicist Lee Barnes with Griffin's blessing
"The BNP has committed ideological suicide with its latest pro-Israel piece"

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Anti-Racist BNP?

A few years ago you'd think this was a wind-up, a spoof of a not particularly amusing nature.

But given publicised correspondence seen between various patriot 'leaders' (of the BNP, BPP and NNP) it would seem that this is no sick joke.

Perhaps this another one of the 'dear leader's' attempts to dip a toe in the water to test the response... if it is may we ask FC readers and supporters who're BNP members to register their disgust?

Given the past shenanigans with homosexual and/or race-mixing members, and the Asian member of (one of the versions of the split) Solidarity Trade Union, nothing should surprise us.

Still as an unreconstructed "political dinosaur" and/or "neo-nazi scum" (sic) what would I know?

And as a nationalist of many years standing, a potential voter, a white working man, and as one of the beleaguered natives of these islands... what right have I to speak on such matters?

That's not what Freedom, Security, Democracy and Identity are all about!

Freedom to shut up and not comment.

Security to be threatened by the "Al Qaeda" CIA/Mossad nightmares.

Democracy to vote in the way it is spun to you by a controlled media.

Identity to be whatever race-mixing, homosexual mush as a society.

As long as the shekels roll in.... who cares?

Hush my mouth.

The Anti-Racist BNP
News on Solidairity 'Split'

Who're the Terrorists?

Great cartoon from the latest Private Eye.

[image deleted]

By this criteria I think I had some "Al Qaeda" school teachers too!

Just don't tell George Bush... they could do without him smart-bombing them!

I can hear flashbacks of old Rummy fighting his was through grammar minefields to tells us "we're reducing the terrorists infrastructure and capability" as yet another school-fulla-kids bites the dust to the sound of Ride of the Valkyries.

In a world where you are either 'with or against' Bush, how many teachers are classed as terrorists anyway?

Ride of the Valkyries (listen with your eyes closed as Rummy's Neo Cons bomb another wedding party)

Friday, 20 July 2007

Tintin & Degrelle: The Struggle is One!

So a solicitor with half-caste children walked into a bookshop and found Tintin in the Congo offensive.


The Campaign for Racial Equality (CRE) commissars get involved and the book is moved, probably never to see the light of day again.

In the short term I'm sure this led to more copies of the book being ordered through bookshops and libraries than ever before.

In the long term I'm sure the book won't be re-ordered by shops, thus joining the other books which we are "free" to buy - but which are never stocked by shops or handled by distributors.

David Irving's voluminous and studious tomes spring to mind.

And so democracy and the golden calf of "choice" moves onwards.

We are free to choose degenerate, liberal, faggot, Zionist and other works the distributors and shops deem acceptable... whilst Tintin in the Congo is quietly mothballed.

Perhaps it may reappear one day, like Enid Blyton's famous Noddy books - re-written by the racial commissars to be acceptable, with Golliwogs safely banished to junk shops where they can do no harm to our little innocents (busying themselves with Killmaster Crushbone III on their Playstations, or reading Sally has Two Dads which the social studies teachers are dishing out with great aplomb).

And aren't our children the better for it?

Still, the amusing thing (apart from the nosey-parker race-mixing solicitor going on the radio to state "My wife isn't a monkey") about all this, is that it's taken the pc brigade so long to find offence with Tintin.

As we've known for many years, Tintin (the intrepid reporter) was based on Leon Degrelle, the famous Belgian Rexist newspaper editor who exposed the Capitalists and the Communists as he wrote and campaigned to defend Christian values and civilisation in the 1930s.

These days Degrelle is a "war criminal" because he volunteered to serve in the Wehrmacht and then the SS (rising to become a General) and then was forced to live in Spain in exile.

Despite the fact that Degrelle committed no war crimes, fought like a hero to stop Bolshevism and was a man of honour: the Capitalists will spit out his name (as they cheer on Tony Blair with the blood of 100,000s on his hands) and the Communists still curse him (as they pin up their Stalinist or Trotskyite mass-murdering poster-boys) .

So spread the word dear reader.

Imagine the tears shed by the weekending fat cats as they discover their trendy top bears the image of a Rexist campaigner and SS General.

Picture the bitter tears being shed as a left-wing student (son of banker mayhaps, destined to follow in daddy's footsteps once he's graduated and left the SWP behind) discovers his bedspread bears the image of a Fascist "war criminal."

Tintin belongs to us, dear reader. Let us embrace the great literary hero! Let us salute the heroic soldier!

Spread the word son and daughter of Christendom: you have nothing to loose but your comic books!

Degrelle arrested in 1940
List of Degrelle's decorations etc.

The Welsh in Ancient Scotland

Here's a nice little site I happened across by chance, which gives a brief glimpse into the (Welsh) Celtic peoples, and details the links between the Celts in what is now Wales, and the "Welsh" Celts in what is now Scotland:

Another Day of the New World Order

Imagine if Pakistan said they were going to invade America to follow some cross-border terrorists or criminals?

Sacre Bleu!

Yet America threatens effectively to invade its ally in the "war on terror."

Remember yesterday I posted how Brown's regime got all high and mighty against Russia for blocking one extradition - when the UK had already blocked several extraditions to Russia?

Bush's s idea of Democrification and Freedomality is to do whatever the hell he and his Kosher advisers and allies want!

By their fruits shall you know them. Iraq being a salient point.

That's why Iraq and Iran were/are enemies, yet Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are allies.

Democracy ain't the issue geezer!

(Left: An artists impression of the rebuilt temple: though most say the Al Aqsa mosque [with the gold dome] would have to be demolished).

Meanwhile certain Jews continue to agitate for the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple.


1. That's how the Intifada started... The Palestinians aren't dumb: they know what this means and its wider implications.
2. Anyone aware of the volatility, history and importance of Jerusalem won't dismiss this lightly.
3. Zionists see the rebuilt temple as the centre of their New World Order, to dismiss it out of hand is to show great ignorance and/or to cover-up the Zionist agenda.

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Open Your Eyes to Media Lies

The BBC is suffering a Blairite post-Iraq meltdown of confidence.

I've said elsewhere on this Blog how Nationalists always knew that the BBC was biased. We've seen it so often in regards to Nationalist groups, but also with social issues as diverse as homosexuality, abortion, immigration, drugs etc.

As such it's hard not to get embroiled in triumphalism when the BBC takes a dive like this.

But as Nationalists we need to be careful on two counts.

Firstly that the government doesn't use this (a la the Hutton Report) as a stick to beat what little independence the BBC has from the government.

The last thing we want is a BBC too browbeaten, afraid or controlled to report fearlessly on issues such as Palestine and Iraq (accepting of course that they are still biased).

On the other hand, we don't want the BBC to fool the proles into thinking their lies and subterfuge is limited to some phone-in scams (no matter on what scale) and that once they clean that up a bit, all will be well.

We have to agitate to get the best out of this and not accept what the the BBC, government etc. offer to us to placate any anger.

I vividly recall the time when the British personnel were released by Iran. It was all over the news. The BBC reported the government spin (about the area they were captured in not being Iranian) with very little qualification.

At the same time Al Jazeera English TV News was reporting the murder of an Iranian official, who had been held by the Americans in an Iraqi jail.

Whilst the BBC was pumping out unqualified UK government propaganda (remember in Zimbabwe and elsewhere they sometimes say "we have no independent verification of this") they did not cover the story of the dead Iranian at all - not even 10 or 20 minutes into the main news programme.


Because it didn't fit the Blair regime agenda? Because it might upset the Neo Con apparatus, in full drive over the British personnel just released? Or simply because they were still fearful of rocking the boat after getting their collective knuckles rapped over the Hutton Report?

The BBC has never been 'free and fair.'

If you want to be cynical you can state that the license fee and control by the British government, even going back to before WW2, has always kept the BBC in the pocket of the British government.

Just the other day a report I was watching stated that immigration brought great benefits. This was the reporter, not someone being interviewed. It wasn't up for debate. It was stated as fact.

The BBC is trying to shape our minds and modify our views whether through the news or through pro-homosexual, pro-abortion programmes like Eastenders.

All we can hope, in this current furore, is that more people have had their eyes opened.

As the old NF sticker stated: OPEN YOU EYES TO MEDIA LIES.

Satanist on 4 Skins Tribute Album

According to the Church of Satan's own website, a band on the 4 Skins Tribute album includes a band with a CoS "reverend."

Someone might tell the label and spread the word.

These freaks, whose founder Le Vey was a Jew, and whose spiritual founder Aleister Crowley followed Kabbalistic Jewish rituals, and whose writings promote homosexuality, have no place in our movement.

For more info on Crowley, Le Vey and other ne'erdowell Kabbalistic jerks and pseudo-intellectual sickos, read FC's book 'Satanism and its Allies - the Nationalist Movement Under Attack.'


Synopsis: A CD tribute to the legendary UK Oi band The 4 Skins featuring 13 tracks by 13 bands, including our own Reverend André Schlesinger’s band Maninblack performing the song “1984/5 More Years,” with liner notes by Tom McCourt and a word from Garry Bushell

1. Evil (Maddog Surrender)
2. Clockwork Skinhead (Social Combat)
3. Chaos (Alta Tension)
4. One Law For Them (A.P.A.)
5. Yesterdays Hero (No Class Heroes)
6. Sorry (Dead Heros)
7. Jack The Lad (Mobtown Hooligans)
8. Plastic Gangsters (The Pietasters)
9. A.C.A.B. (Weekend Warriors)
10. Seems To Me (The Ready Steady Go!)
11. 1984/5 More Years (Maninblack )

12. Justice (The Bolsheviks)
13. Remembrance Day (Emscherkurve77)

Boris Berezovsky and the Spooks

So Boris the Oligarch (pictured) is saying Russian spooks are out to kill him.

Boris Berezovsky, whose many compatriot criminals fled to Israel, is ensconced in London.

With his links to terrorists in Chechnya and elsewhere and his embezzlement of billions, the Russians have long asked for his extradition.

No shrieks from the Neo Cons for this rich backer of terrorism to have his bank accounts frozen or to face extraordinary rendition.

Speak up Melanie Phillips we cannot hear you! What's that Richard Littlejohn? No apoplectic rage for Daily Mail readers? Pardon Lee Barnes - we didn't hear your latest rant against this terrorist backer?

And so Her Maj's government said "Tut tut Mr. Russki. No you cannot have this huge criminal!"

How delightful it was to hear the Russian State's response to the MI5 spooks request for the extradition of Andrei Lugovoi for the alleged murder of ex-KGB Spook Alexander Litvinenko, a
hired-goon of Israeli Boris.

Four Russian diplomatic staff (usually a euphemism for Embassy-based Spooks) were expelled from London you see. Russia said that if they expelled British Spooks (sorry, diplomatic staff) from Moscow, at the same ratio, for each of the refused requests for terrorists, murderers and embezzlers given refuge by Britain, they would have to expel over 60 embassy staff!

The calm and measured response from Russia was a joy to behold.

It will be interesting to see how this pans out.

Russian Ambassador Refutes Murder Claims

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Pariahs in a Globalist World

There is something that intrinsically links the figures of Dr Andrew Wakefield, George Galloway MP and the historian David Irving (all pictured in the post, in that order).

Each one may be horrified to read that and you, dear reader, may be thinking "now hang on just a cotton-pickin' minute there young un'..." but let me expand on the matter.

We live in a Globalist world. Our Golden Calf is "choice."

We're all consumers and we have a "choice" in all we do. Individualism is all...

But this is a myth. It's like that old cartoon where the speaker on the podium says "You are all individuals" and the throng replies "yes, we are all individuals" in unison.

I use the analogy of the washing powder aisle in the supermarket. So much choice! So many different colours, brands and names. Choice, choice, choice! Only when you look closely you'll see that the vast majority of the powders (and potions and lotions etc.) are made by a couple of big businesses.

The choice is a fallacy. We are choosing variants already chosen for us. We can choose... but 99% of our choices are controlled.

Walk into a newsagent to buy your daily paper. Choose a right wing paper which is Neo Con yet questions the scale of immigration, or choose a left wing paper which is critical of Zionism but defends mass immigration. Of course all the papers these days defend multi-culturalism, "gay rights" etc. to one degree or another: so our choices are limited yet further.

We are cattle put out to pasture.

We can choose which patch of grass to chew on. If we're brain dead we can even chew the cud that is offered nightly on TV.

Only those brave few which seek out the hidden hole in the fence and try to find a way out will see past all the "choice" presented to us.

That is where the three gents at the start of this ramble come into the equation.

Do you question the "facts" presented to us by the chemical big-boys of the Glaxo & Wellcomes of this world?

Do you question the "facts" presented to us by the military-complex and Israeli-front 'bad boy' Blairs and Bushes of this world?

Do you question the "facts" presented to us by the kosher-historians and money-making Holocaust Industry (ADL and Wieselstool) lobbies of this world?

Those who do face professional crucifixion.

Why offer individual vaccines when MMR makes a bundle for some big business? Strike Wakefield off!

Why investigate Blair and have him up for lying to Parliament and instigating war crimes when so many people (inc. MPs) profit from the Iraq War? Ban Galloway for 18 days!

Why open up genuine historical debate on WW2 and many other eras when certain pressure groups and politicians make money and political gain out of events 50 years ago? Ban Irving's books!

Oh yes we have choice. We can choose to kill our own babies. We can choose to have intercourse with anything animal, vegetable or mineral (as long as it's "loving and caring" if even for one night!). We can choose to have our schools overtaken by coloureds of 101 varieties. We can choose to have our troops sent off to die in illegal wars. Choice, choice, choice!

Just don't make a stand against the Globalist Behemoths or like Wakefield, Galloway and Irving you will face vitriol and calumny via the system's stooges and their quangos.

So go dye your hair pink or green. Go vote every 4 - 5 years for one Freemason or another. Go change newspaper every day. Go choose which ("new and improved") washing powder to use...

It makes no difference. We are still cattle. We are still consumers.

And until enough people see that we will still be comatose by the false god of Choice and its bastard trinity of multi-racialism, freedom of sexuality, and party politics.

Will you chew the cud?

Or follow me through the hole in the fence to freedom?


Autism Rally - Dr Andrew Wakefield and others in the USA
George Galloway's Site - his response & listen to his Radio Show!
David Irving's Site

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Look at the Size of that Doughnut!

Homer Ain't a Pagan

So the Pagan Federation is doing a rain dance to wash away the 'bio-degradable' Homer Simpson figure painted on the Dorset hillside next to the Cerne Abbas giant.

Just as it's almost stopped raining after 6 weeks or so of torrential downpours!

As Homer might add: D'Oh!

Praise be to Hollywood for keeping Homer in his Y-Fronts at least...

And how interesting to read that those "nasty nazis" were (kind of) responsible for the giant being covered up, though I remember reading somewhere that the Victorians 'doctored' the giant to save maidens' blushes.

No doubt the "prehistoric" painters came from the same breed that enjoy fishing today with their propensity for gilding the lily.

Interesting to read that "There is debate among experts about when the giant was created varying from thousands of years ago to as recently as the 17th Century. "

BBC News on the painting

Monday, 16 July 2007

We Live in a Zion-Masonocracy


So "Lord" Alex Carlile (pictured right) has said he agrees with top Freemasons... er, sorry I mean top policemen, that suspects should be allowed to be kept (without being charged) for up to 90 days.

Lord Carlile is another of that breed that infests parliament way beyond its small numbers in wider society: yes, he's a lawyer!

As a Ms. Chakkrabutty (ho hum) from Liberty stated on the news, we already have (at 28 days) the longest period allowed in any "Western democracy."

But this isn't enough for Lord Carlile, who strangely enough under Israel's law-of-return has the right to "return" to the Jewish bandit state, though I don't know if (like millions of Palestinian refugees) he or his parents ever lived there.

Carlile is a Liberal Democrat. His party is generally opposed to such laws and restrictions on our ancient freedoms.

Is Lord Carlile allowing his loyalties apropos the so-called "War on Terror" to cloud his judgement?

Nationalists may remember that Lord Carlile was the MP (for a Mid Wales seat - Montgomeryshire) who instigated the trial of Paul Ballard and Nick Griffin over the nationalist BNP magazine The Rune.

The Rune was racial nationalist with features on Zionist power, the Waffen SS etc.

Seems Lord Carlile's "liberal democracy" only stretches so far, and as an advisor on these matters to the government, how fortunate we are to have such an "independent" voice pushing these affairs in cahoots with the government and the police.

How pleased the Neo-Cons must be with their "liberal" ally!

As the old saying goes: blood is thicker than water (ideologically speaking m'lord).

Neo-Conned: Read these to understand how the con works!

Lib Dem's Lord Carlile page
Lord Carlile is Government Advisor
Lord Carlile interview: farmer's land used by "terrorists"???
Carlile's Bill on Rights for Degenerate Sex-Change Mentalists
Carlile left his wife for a young barrister

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Evidence of a Satanic Plot

Today I'd like to tell you about advertising and the Anti-Christ.

For some time now my family has laughed at advertising for the Toyota Yaris. Every (s)advert we've seen has been some funky young dudes or foxy young chicks driving the Yaris (on their way to rock climbing, bungee jumping or white water rafting) which (somehow) demands the ultimate respect (sorry - respec' - to use the negroid parlance).

In actual fact these sad little box cars (which fittingly seem to come mostly in dull shades of grey and similar nondescript shades of drab) are rarely driven by anyone under the age of 50, with the majority of them owned by wee office middle management or OAPs (pensioners) doing 40mph in the middle lane of the M1.

And that is how advertising works.

The advertising execs (in their Christopher Biggins glasses and their Gordon Gekko (right) braces) try to convince us that chewing gum will bring us sex appeal, that shaving razors will make us powerful businessmen, that women going through menstruation enjoy roller skating in hot pants and that grey little box cars have "attitude" and are driven by the young and the trendy.

In the film Devil's Advocate, Hollywood tries to tell us that were Satan in the guise of a person (ably played by Al Pacino) he would be what the Americans call an attorney.

It's a convincing argument - because as the film portrays, lawyers will argue that black is white in order to win a case, regardless of the rights and wrongs.

The preponderance of liars, spinners and traitors in politics can probably be roughly equated with the high volume of party politicians with law degrees for that very reason.

There's little love lost for solicitors in America, and as our country mimics the States in becoming more litigious, solicitors here are on a downward slope, heading fast towards catching up with politicians, journalists - and the big guano pile at the centre - estate agents, in the league of least favourite professions.

However, as the advertising execs also try to convince us that black is white could it be that this profession could also be the domain of Old Nick?

Yes kids - McDonalds does healthy food! Yes you're a loser if you don't have the games consul No. 5 (because No. 4 - the one so trendy 6 months ago - is now the plaything of losers and cheapskates). Yes, rubbing a certain cream in your skin will make you (post-menopausal woman) look like the 14-year-old actress on the TV.

And on it goes... so that eventually even you might think that a young go-getter would allow themselves to be seen driving a Toyota Yaris!

So where does the Anti-Christ come into all this?

Well, in the Hollywood version Al Pacino would no doubt have a stretch limo or a Humvee (though in the film he professes to travel through city on the tube to keep in touch with real people - so he can't be a politician!) but today I saw it!

I saw the car used by the Anti-Christ (OK, maybe a bit too far... perhaps it's just been developed in preparation for his birth!).

It was a Toyota Yaris Estate!!!

A wee box car with a large boot chucked on the back. It looked awful. It looked dreadful (in the original sense). It sent a shiver down the spine. It was, in short, Satanic!

Man is not meant to drive such monstrosities!

How could we descend so far - from the beauty of Montmartre, built to last 1000 years, to this ugly squat box built to rust in 10 years?

Our only hope is that, by the evidence to hand, the Anti-Christ will be a befuddled OAP wobbling his way from one lane of traffic to the next with no idea of where he is or where he's supposed to be going!


p.s. I think there's a conspiracy. Seems fitting somehow. According to the official Toyota site there is no Yaris estate! Cue the eerie music! Thank God I had witnesses with me when we saw the monstrosity... or you might think I was mad! ;-)

Friday, 13 July 2007

Zionists Attack Polish Priest

Oh the Hatred!

Usually Zionist groups have an Ace Card in dealing with others, especially their political enemies and critics of Israel.

"The Holocaust!" they shriek in barely concealed delight. "You cannot say/do that because we suffered in the Holocaust!"

We've seen Germans, French, Croats, Italians, Americans, Britons, Arabs and Uncle Tom Cobbly an' all laid low by this withering shriek: regardless if they were Axis powers, Allied powers who "liberated the camps" or even those not involved in WW2.

No-one is immune it seems: in the crusade for defending Israel and grabbing "reparations" for Zionist agitating groups. Professor Norman Finkelstein has decried this as the 'Holocaust Industry' and publicly questioned it motives.

Even though Finkelstein is a "survivor" and can claim to have "lost relatives" the Zionist groups still hate him, and no doubt to them he is what they label a "self-hating Jew."

Still, this hasn't stopped the Zionist groups (chiefly the Freemasonic organisation the ADL of B'nai B'rith - and being Masonic it is not only Jewish, but also 100% anti-Christian) milking the Holocaust for all they can.

Recently in Poland the profiteers have even tried to get reparations.

It's typical of the Chutzpah of this bunch: for who can have suffered more than the Poles in WW2. Their country was disbanded, soaked up by Germany and the USSR.

Millions of Poles died in WW2, and many of the concentration camps (remember we too had concentration camps in WW2) held Poles.

(Left: Poland's Radio Maria has faced ADL attacks for speaking out against Zionist groups and power).

This is why certain nationalist and Christian Poles are very annoyed and this blatant money-grubbing by Jewish groups. Were the Poles to blame or at fault?

No. But that won't stop these people bashing Poles and grabbing shekels.

When nuns went to Auschwitz to establish a centre, they raised Crosses at the site, where many Poles were imprisoned.

Zionists - especially the mouthy New York types - went there and demonstrated! They demanded the Crosses by taken down as an affront to the Jewish dead!

How dare they!

Nuns in Poland, remembering the Polish dead, and carrying out a great act of charity: how on earth could that offend anyone except extreme Zionists steeped in anti-Christian hatred?

You see, the problem for the ADL and its hangers-on is that only one group can have ever suffered, and only one group today faces murder and hatred: and it's not Poles, it's not Palestinians, it's not Iraqis, it's not the Lebanese.

The Cross, that powerful symbol of Christianity, and a few nuns at Auschwitz brought out all the hatred of the ADL-ites against Christianity, Christians and a European people.

The Poles have not forgotten who the Communist commissars were who flooded their country from 1944 onwards, and who tortured and murdered Poles (yes, even in Katyn Forest in 1941!).

To the ADL this is another "anti-Semitic slur" - why then don't they give us percentages of the Commissars and the Soviet leaders who belonged to this anti-Christian sect?

(Right: Fr. Tadeusz Rydzyk whom the ADL have attacked, yet again).

It takes a hard-hearted man to paint the Poles as anything but the victims of WW2 (their country was even shifted Westwards by the Communists!).

Not that this stops the ADL from having a pop at them!

ADL Attacks Polish Priest

Brenda Vs Liebowitz

And so the BBC has apologised to the Queen for showing footage of Her Maj (aka Brenda) "stormin' out" of a sitting with the Red Sea Pedestrian photo- grapher Annie Liebowitz (pictured here doing an impression of a butch Woody Alan).

It appears the BBC's footage was actually of Brenda walking into the appointment, but that the production people re-edited the sequence of events so that it looked like the Queen walked out in protest!

Why are people so shocked? Why have the BBC apologised?

Anyone with experience of racial nationalism, radical pro-life politics, real anti-Zionism etc. will know full well how events - and even interviews - have suffered from interesting editing and been shown by the BBC and other telly companies, in order to twist events and turn viewers against the good guys.

Remember the NF marches of the 70s?

Well disciplined, but the media would often focus on some stragglers-on at the end, not on the colour party, the drum corps or the main banners.

Attacked by unwashed Reds, faggots and various coloured new- comers, bed- wetters and dole spongers - the media would report it as "National Front violence" and not, as it was, violence against the NF.

The media, the BBC, have been re-editing sequences for years!

Only the clout of Buckingham Palace resulted in this apology.

So we should be grateful to Brenda. If it weren't for her more people might think the BBC was 'above' such things. Now of course we have to spread the word that this is their usual modus operandi and not just some 'aberration' which is what they'd want us to believe.

Next time I see Brenda at Ascot I must by her that G&T I promised last time...

NB: The Queen's real name is Elizabeth Saxe-Coburg. The Royal Family was German Protestant but felt they should hide their heritage in 1917 (The Somme and all that) and so took the name "Windsor" like some kind of Hollywood acting family.

Thursday, 12 July 2007

Trade Unions - Good or Bad?

Trade Unions stir a lot of emotions.

To some they evoke the image of rabid communists stirring up trouble and trying to bring the country to its knees.

To others they are the bastion of rights for workers, preventing abuses by big business and fat cats.

Of course, depending on the Union, the truth can lie somewhere in-between. These days most Unions are tied into the EU and its corrupt bureaucracy, together with trendy Socialist dogmas which see them embrace immigration and homosexuality: despite what their traditional worker membership might truly think.

So the idea of a nationalist Trade Union, to speak up for the actual workers against many of the vested interests is a good idea.

Of course to Distributists it's very much the case of being a "step in the right direction" rather than being an end in and of itself.

Anyone who's read of the Guild System will realise that Unions have their faults: too political in a party sense, no open democracy and voice in government, too much separation from trades and many of them just far too large and existent to keep a body of bureaucrats and politicos in work.

So it is the idea of nationalist Trade Unions should greeted warmly, especially if they can be tied to specific trades, to specific factories, to certain regions etc.

The obvious thing though, which shouldn't need stating, is that such Trade Unions should seek to be apart from the corrupt Unions out there - above reproach and in existence for its tradesmen: not for more bureaucrats, not to pay wages to more politicos, and not to rubber stamp any party's agenda.

That is what is so disturbing about recent reports of the 'nationalist' Trade Union Solidarity.

As far as we can see there have been problems with accounts not being signed-off, an investigation called into the General Secretary, the BNP telling its members not to write to Solidarity's Leicester address, Talk of a "Marxist" coup, of paypal accounts being kept by one member of the executive etc. etc.

If nationalism is to be seen as an answer to our problems, this kind of money-grubbing, party political point-scoring, bureaucratic-tangles, wage-pocketing just won't do!

How is that any different to the system lackeys? The socialist ladder-climbers in the pocket of the Labour Party? Is one more multi-racial corrupt Union with money being stolen what we need?

In Italy the radical nationalist movement, centred around Forza Nuova, has four Trade Unions. I don't know all the details but a friend who speaks Italian told me two are linked to FN, one is affiliated and another is supportive: I think that's the general mix.

One of the Unions was involved in a dispute in a large factory and when other Unions (big, red etc.) caved in, the "FN"-linked Union held out and won more rights for the factory workers: winning much respect and kudos in the process.

Another Union is agricultural and at a rally in one small town the other week over 100 local farmers signed up. With more rallies happening, this Union could be a strong voice for farmers, for rural life, for organic farming techniques etc.

Such things can lead to nationalism being seen as socially minded, as defending the rights of tradesmen, artisans and farmers.

The danger is that if such structures are set up just to make a quick buck, to be in the pocket of corrupt leaders, to rubber stamp party politics, then they not only become a sham, but it will sour people's perception in future should a genuine Union arise that fights for social justice.

That is the problem with all financial corruption, cronyism, betrayals, watering-down and headline-grabbing stunts which take place under the 'nationalist' banner.

The problems with Solidarity may blow-over, they may be a storm-in-a-teacup. But it seems as though two of the three-man executive feel otherwise and it could well be that the damage is already done.

The sad thing is that to those who lived through the furore with the Edwardses (and the establishment of the Freedom Party) this all seems all so familiar with the whistle blowers about to face the chop rather than those they see with their hands in the cookie jar!

Those who have given their money are quite likely to now think "once bitten, twice shy."

Solidarity respondent says it is multi-ethnic
Lefties and Griffinites argue

P.S. The new design flag of Forza Nuova (pictured here) is now available to buy from FC at our online shop ( Buy it today and we'll send it out tomorrow.

Monday, 9 July 2007

Littlejohn's Zionist Whitewash

So hands up. Who managed to sit through the entire programme tonight on Channel 4, fronted by Richard Littlejohn?

Everyone hates Jews - Jews hate no-one. Wasn't that how it went?

"Brave Little Israel" and so on. It was like a trip to Clichéville. Even Nick Cohen became non-Jewish (actually "I don't consider myself Jewish" -- aha a self-hater!!!).

If you believe what Littlejohn spouts you'd be forgiven in thinking the bodies of dead and mangled Jews were to be found in most towns and cities every other week!

What would have been obvious to anyone watching with a brain was that the actions of Israel and Zionist Jews have brought this about. We've been fed guilt for decades to silence criticism as Israel massacres, murders, expels and tortures.

Compared to the avalanche of thought, debate, argument and facts turning people against Israeli and Neo-Con terror, this TV programme was a pitiful response full of the old propaganda (the Protocols for goodness sake!) and who cares if some Asian corner shop is selling Mein Kampf in Arabic... hardly the same as invading a country and trying to kill and displace hundreds of thousands of civilians!

Still, there was one bright moment (or two) in this turgid Zionist propaganda. When Littlejohn was interviewing one of the Zionist "Community Security Trust" spokesmen who spotted the ITP 'US Govt Under Zionist Control' poster from over 10 years ago?

How prophetic and justified that smart glossy colour poster was!

It's nice to be proved right - by events - after all these years.

How unlike Nick Griffin's "anti-Semitism" in the BNP's The Rune... funny how some people's opinions change.

Sunday, 8 July 2007

From Freedom to Slums to Mortgage Slavery

How We Built Britain was on BBC1 tonight.

Anyone who saw how circa 16,000 people lived in squalid conditions in dark, damp, smoky cellars in industrial Manchester [circa 1840] would understand completely how we can say that "Whites were slaves too."

Read (the great social historian) William Cobbett's History of the Protestant Reformation in England and Ireland and you will begin to see the process that saw the healthy, propertied, free and well-fed peasant-farmer and his family of the 16th Century made into the property-less, slum-dwelling wage-slaves of the 19th Century.

I have an audio series on the history of London, and in that you hear of the squalid conditions, gin-soaked no-hopers, slum-dwelling Londoners too.

Given these conditions, it's no wonder that radical thought grew (as fast as alcoholism) in the 19th Century - it's just a shame that the call to collectivism (taking what little the workers actually had and given it to the State and party bosses) coupled with hatred of Christianity (born out of the Talmudism of so many of its leaders) went to the fore.

Of course, many point to the fact that certain Capitalists poured money into the coffers of certain Communists... and those conspiracies are well founded on facts.

It took a combination of nationalism, Christian social teaching and ex-Socialists who saw through collectivism (with some Fascists too) to bring about and join in the fight for Distributism.

People like the great author GK Chesterton and the ex-Fabian Arthur Penty fought for the rights of workers to be treated as God's creatures, with each to a right of a fair wage - and preferably his own business; certainly his own home!

Some might even say, in this age when everyone is mortgaged to the banks up to the eyeballs, that Distributism is still radical: certainly this call to common sense and decent values, which places the family at the centre of society, has never been implemented at any national or regional level in the modern age - whilst we've all had the wage-slavery and slums of Capitalism or the gulags and grey housing blocks of Socialism.

Yet when you read Chesterton or Penty today (amongst the other Distributists) their words still ring true and spring to life from the page. The intuitive nature of their social commentary, the scathing nature of their attacks on the obvious falsehoods and injustices of Capitalism. The names and situations have changed - but the overall picture remains the same.

In fact, in a few of the more recent books I've read, the warnings that the Distributists (of the 1920s and 30s) gave on international Big Business, the banks, Westminster politics etc. etc. were prophetic.

Nationalists and patriots would do well to read some of the books on economics (sounds like a "cold science" when these books often rip into our enemies and deal with so much more, from freedom to the family, from housing to hunger) available on the FC site.

Nationalist failure in this regard is what leads to errors like Bolshevism (on the one hand) and liberal Capitalism (on the other) appealing to some patriots - when any nationalist worth his salt should know that neither hold the answers to our problems.

Go to and click on the books section of the shop. Under economics you'll find many of the books you'll need!

Distributism in Action
The Distributist Review

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Discrediting the Patriots

Frightened Into Silence

Here's an image just for Richard Littlejohn, Melanie Phillips and Lee Barnes.

Don't mention the wars, the terror, the murders, the torture, the expulsions, the ethnic cleansing, the illegal nukes, the spy-rings, etc.

Or they will label you an anti-Semite!

Anti-Semitism Everywhere?

One not to miss this week.

Channel 4, 8pm on Monday, there's a 'documentary' by wannabe-Neo-Con darling of the "right" Richard Littlejohn, entitled 'THE WAR ON BRITAIN'S JEWS'

Yes, expect all the usual claptrap defending the "poor Jews" (never met a poor one m'self).

In a puff-piece for the TV programme in today's Daily Mail we get an idea of where Richard "isn't Melanie Phillips dead right" Littlejohn is coming from.

Of course he goes on about Nazis - who doesn't? But he says that the main people spreading "hatred" (vomit bucket at the ready) are the Fascist left and the "Islamonazis."

It's like a Kosher-BNP training manual written by Lee Barnes!

Littlejohn says:

"Blaming Israel is the last refuge of Anti-Semitism."

No, Richard. Using the epithet of Anti-Semitism is the last refuge of the mad Neo-Con to silence any criticism of Zionism and Israel.

Some of the people surfacing in Littlejohn's magnum opus include:

Lorna Fitzsimons who used to be a MP for Rochdale. Will Littlejohn mention her Neo-Con credentials as a leading 'friend of Israel' campaigner?

Nick Cohen says he's appalled how many people support Hezbollah. Ho hum.

Two Jewish professors bemoan the academic boycott of Israel.

We even have the case of Ken Livingstone (hardly anti-Jewish!!!) and the comments he made to a journalist Oliver Finegold.

...And so on.

(right: Littlejohn has, like other Neo-Con journalists, constantly supported Bush and Blair's foreign wars all fought for Israeli benefit)

A plethora of instances where Jews don't like people having a pop at Israel, or supporting those who defend themselves from Israeli bully-boy terror tactics..

Hardly the kind of thing the Lebanese have had to put up with! Or the Palestinians, or the Iraqis... etc. etc.

Littlejohn should imagine an alien people taking over his country, murdering his people, poisoning his water supply, using terror and bombs, then forcing him and the survivors to flee to neighbouring countries where they'd be forced to live in shanty towns and refugee camps with no right to return to England - when any "co-patriot" of the invaders would have the automatic "right of return."

Then he might just begin to understand how the Palestinians feel.

Still, why let the truth of Zionism and Zionist crimes get in the way of some good melodramatic Neo-Con B.S.?

Let's hope Littlejohn gets richly rewarded for his Zionist waffle.

After all - the many victims of anti-Semitic crime deserve our support -- yes, you know, the Jews attacked, stabbed, shot and killed every week in our newspapers.

What do you mean you haven't heard about them? You must be an anti-Semite!

(left: Terrorism in Palestine started in the 40s when Jewish terrorists killed British servicemen and Arab civilians. This was followed by massive terrorism and ethnic cleansing of the indigenous people by the Zionists).

It reminds me of Melanie Phillips on the BBC's Question Time in the indefensible position of trying to excuse Israel's war-mongering and butchery, which the mixed audience was having none of, and was coming back at her with excellent points and rebuttals.

In her next Daily Mail column she wrote about the audiences' faces 'twisted with hatred' -- sheer nonsense of course, but whenever people argue forcefully and with conviction against Israel and Israeli crimes in the eyes of Phillips (and Littlejohn) it becomes "hate."

'Twas ever thus.

Littlejohn Goes Mad


Update (Sunday 8th July 9.50am):
An anti-Zionist comment was added to the Daily Mail web-site yesterday. This morning more pro-Zionist comments have appeared (the vast majority of comments are pro-Israel) but not the one we did.
It shows that the whole Daily Mail output is slanted towards spinning the news in favour of Israel and the Neo Cons.

Affordable Croatia?

We've all known about the various business (mis-ad)ventures of the current BNP leadership.

Going back to the little known "Fascist Navy" (which sank without trace) and encompassing Affordable Cars, life assurance and other dodgy schemes.

We've been warned by close friends in the BNP that the next mad scheme is property investment in Croatia.

Please beware!

So many people (in the BNP and further afield) have had their fingers burnt in mad get-rich-quick schemes, we would warn anyone against getting involved in a scheme in which they do not have complete control of their own funds.

The current BNP leader has been made bankrupt over foreign property speculation in the past so (regardless of party affiliations) it might be best to watch this one from afar.

With rumours bubbling concerning the BNP's 'trade union' starting to be embroiled in financial mismanagement - we urge caution!

This is not a pop at BNP members - if anything we're trying to give all of them some friendly advice.

Friday, 6 July 2007

It Has to be Coke!

Sometimes even my own naivety amazes me.

A work-colleague asked me the other day why toilet lids were likely to be wet in West End (of London) restaurants etc.

I assumed it was cleanliness, either from the proprietors or from clients themselves seeking to avoid bugs and germs, so maybe wiping them down with anti-bacterial wipes or suchlike.


Talk about Mr. Innocent!

It turns out that the restaurants, bars, clubs etc. are keeping the toilets wet because the snorting of cocaine from these surfaces is so widespread!

I guess I shouldn't be shocked anymore.

I recalled a survey or factoid from a year or so back which said that something like 80% of banknotes in the City of London (the financial/banking centre) had traces of cocaine because of the widespread usage of the drug by these (literal!) high-fliers.

Is it me?

We seem to send out all the wrong messages.

These bankers are the first to cock a snoop at low-life druggies who break into homes and keep a crime epidemic constant (resulting in what is effectively an endemic), because of their need for money to fund their "habit."

Yet we see amongst the bankers, the celebrities, journalists etc. a high usage of drugs too.

I think I've ranted before (a la Ranting Ron!) about Kate Moss and her proclivity for the nasally imbibed white powder, resulting in her getting multi-million pound contracts from the likes of arch-Zionist "Sir" Phillip Green.

Is our society really so sick? It would seem so.

It is (sorry to go all journalist and sociologist on your 'sorry ass') a sad indictment of our society that the dross at either end of the scale see the need to get high as a kite to avoid reality.

Am I "out of touch?" Am I "old fashioned?" Or am I one of many normal people sick to death of the way drugs has seeped into every part of our society -- and especially the way a blind-eye seems to be turned to its usage.

I was at a West End (Central London) tube station when one of the drugs laws was being discussed in the media, and the police decided to have sniffer dogs amongst the queues and throngs of commuters.

Let's have the sniffer dogs go into Goldman Sachs and NM Rothschilds shall we?

Let's have the sniffer dogs go into the night clubs and restaurants frequented by the upper classes shall we?

Mrs FC regularly moans at me in the car because, more often than not, I don't wear a seat belt. "They're going to arrest you one day" she says every time a police car falls in behind us or goes past us.

As I rant and rave about the nanny state and start chewing the steering wheel in my apoplectic rage I usually shout something along the lines of "what the hell has it got to do with them if I wear a seat belt or not?"

And this (bear with me kind and patient reader) does bring me back to the drug endemic.

Why are the police busy-bodying themselves over fining people for not wearing seatbelts - a "crime" with no victim (I could waffle on about lives saved through non-seatbelt usage but I won't), when usage of drugs results in anti-social behaviour (at both ends of the social spectrum) and is far more damaging, not to mention the fact that these billion dollar industries fund terrorists like the CIA and Mossad?

The police stop people in their cars quite often for not wearing seatbelts: and fine them.

Seems weird that I could get a £30 fine (or however much it is these days) for such a minor thing, when "Cocaine Kate" Moss (pictured here) gets huge remuneration for her post-White Nose Day expose, not to mention the media coverage still given to druggy scumbags like George Michael and Boy George; many of the (new and hard) drugs are, of course, promoted and used primarily in the homosexual nightclub "scene" with its nihilism etc.

Maybe drugs will always be around as long as certain people are making billions out of them, and maybe this is just a part of (and consequence of?) Capitalism and the new golden calf of "consumer choice."

Maybe they should start sending the sniffer dogs into the pubs frequented by policemen? If a few more of them were behind bars I might have more freedom to not wear my seatbelt!

Cocaine Background
Another 'celebrity' snorting Coke
Cocaine Addict in Press & Government

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Floods Overlooked by Neo-Con Regime

With the local leader of Hull Council stating that Hull is a forgotten town - where 10,500 homes have been flooded and circa 30,000 people left homeless, how comforting for all the people there to know that the terror threat has now been reduced from "critical."

Whilst Gordon Brown and umpteen politicians have warbled on about the "terrorist threat" after a car was driven into some doors... 30,000 have been left homeless in Hull, just one of the towns affected by the recent floods, which cut a swathe from East Yorkshire right through the Midlands to the area around the River Severn in the South West.

With estimates of £200,000,000 worth of damage in Hull alone, and 2 years of work ahead to rebuild and fix the damage done - and (as in other areas) thousands of families facing temporary housing possibly until 2008, plus the disruption to schools of a similar magnitude - one wonders why the government has been so lax in helping its people?

Gordon Brown said the priority for government is protecting the people. Shame the people of Hull don't seem to count!

Still - at least we are safe now from a handful of loons who burnt a few doors!

Onwards with the New World Order!!!

BBC Report promotes global warming
(I heard an expert already state categorically - on the BBC! - that the floods are seperate to 'global warming'... and was a believer)
Pic of Hull in flood
Govt Minister Aid Pledge
Hull victim's dad speaks out

Video of Floods -listen for the African commentry!!!
Video of Kayak up the high street!

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