Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Attacking Capitalism

What is Nationalism?

There is a post on Stormfront at the moment (NPD Show the Way: Anti-Capitalism) in which having an anti-Capitalist stance is defended by an FC activist.

What is shocking is the number of people out there - let's call them 'patriots' - who believe that we should defend Capitalism, or at best have some kind of 'national Capitalism' possibly with safeguards etc.

One gent said that taking an anti-Capitalist line would appear to voters as being Socialist or left-wing.

Obviously there are 101 comments that can be made and Ranting Ron himself could have a field day. But here are a few of the more choice points to be made:

1. Capitalism is wrong. It was bad for our people long before it dictated that mass coloured immigration was acceptable to keep wages down.

2. Opposition to Capitalism needn't mean Socialism. Socialism is a discredited stance and there is a nationalist opposition to Capitalism which doesn't believe in centralised government control of every facet of our lives.

3. "National" Capitalists' home is the Tory Party. Albeit that the Tory Party today is (like virtually everything else) internationalist, there is a wing of the Tories which favours "Keeping jobs in Britain" and having some kind of controls over the extremities of Capitalism (e.g. a Blairite "minimum wage").

4. Ignorance is no defence. If you, as a patriot, are unaware of non-Socialist opposition to Capitalism it does not negate those viewpoints; and if you are aware of them, then it is your duty to inform people ("voters" or not) of a nationalist alternative.

5. Distributism has been espoused by nationalists. From members of the BUF in the thirties, through the NF of the 80s to members of the BNP today. Many are aware of Distributism, e.g. in a recent BNP paper it said the Distributist Hilaire Belloc was one of their 'forebears.'

6. To fail to oppose Capitalism is wrong. Not only morally, economically or ideologically. It is wrong because you will fail to pick up support from radical elements who can be "won over," you will fail to give workers, mortgage-payers an answer to their 'shackles' and you will fail to give any vision of the future that any myriad of Capitalist or Socialist groups can - because anyone can "tinker with the works."

Capitalism was alien to our people when they were herded into factories, mines and sweatshops.

Capitalism was alien to our people when their lands were enclosed.

Capitalism was alien to our people when they were sent overseas as indentured slaves.

Capitalism has bled countless generations of our people to death, has forced them to live in slums, has forced them to be taxed to death, forced them to work in monotonous meaningless jobs, mortgaged them to the hilt...

Capitalism bred the non-answer Socialism through its maltreatment of people. Of course then we get into the whole conspiratorial view of history - with bankers funding Bolshevist revolutionaries etc. etc.

Capitalism was wrong long before the British government was forced to pass the Poor Act.

Capitalism was wrong long before the profiteers of the Napoleonic Wars.

Capitalism was wrong long before the advent of mass coloured immigration.

I recall a radio phone in with an activist with Oldham NF in the mid 1980s on Manchester's Piccadilly Radio. On that programme he attacked Capitalism and outlined the nationalist alternative.

One thing he said caught my imagination back then as a young activist and has remained with me ever since.

He said (to paraphrase) that if we got rid of all the coloured immigrants tomorrow, we'd still have White dole queues.

Nationalism is all about love of people, land and all that is good.

Capitalism is all about love of money, profits and anything that will deliver either.

A Nationalist cannot have two masters.

Monday, 28 May 2007

More Tatchell Moments

The Guardian 27th June 1998: "Several of my friends had sex with adults from the ages of 9 to 13... It is time society acknowledged the truth that not all sex involving children is unwanted, abusive and harmful"
This charming quote appeared on a leaflet put out in the late 90s by the Third Position (much to the chagrin of homosexual apologists and activists).

Again, in The Guardian (September 1998): "Tatchell stated his desire to have a central London Square be designated as a law-free zone for homosexual activity. He said that the public did not have watch and could use other squares if such activity offended them."

In June, 2005, Tatchell, who "has been arrested hundreds of times" was honoured by the Gay Police Association. The Chairman of the Gay Police Association, Paul Cahill, said: "His principles are very are very similar to our own".

Tatchell was recruited as a legal advisor to the New Labour machine whilst he simultaneously campaigned with OutRage!, for a lowering of the age of "consent" for sodomy. In Blair’s first term, despite so much which could be done to bring about real Social Justice, the legal age of "consent" regarding homosexual sex was lowered to sixteen (and now Blair claims to want to convert to Roman Catholicism!).

Peter Tatchell now wants us to think that he's just a "human rights" campaigner - not just a degenerate sodomite and apologist for paedophilia.

Sunday, 27 May 2007

Homosexual Degenerates

Bravo to the Russian Patriots!

How upsetting (it's getting to be quite a day!) to hear that various degenerate homosexuals (including multiple imported faeces munchers) were assaulted in Moscow by nationalists!

It was noticeable that the BBC reported that those defending the family and Russia's honour were the "extremists" -- and not the gerbilistas and fudge-packers who want "the right" to traipse their God-forsaken illness and perversion through the streets of yet another European capital city.

It is sad that nationalists, Christians and normal people in cities in Eastern Europe (e.g. Poland and Russia) and Southern Europe (e.g. Spain and Italy) make a stand against the agenda of perverts and paedophile-apologists, yet here in the UK the pooftahs march and spread their anti-Christian hate and degenerate agenda almost unopposed.

No wonder many call "the West" degenerate.

Some chanted "Moscow is not Sodom" and "No to pederasty."

After seeing images of Tatchell (who remember, has stated that buggery with nine-year-olds is acceptable) being punched in the phizog, what a slap in the face with a wet fish to then see the usual talking heads and British politicians pushing their faggot agenda, with homosexual "civil unions" and all the rest of the claptrap.

On the same day that "Archbishop" Desmond Tutu, who once cavorted with terrorists and communists, said that the Church in Africa should not be so "obsessed" with homosexual clergy.

I agree!

The church throughout the world should not be so obsessed with homosexual clergy -- because faggots in the priesthood should (in a perfect world!) be handed over to the civil authorities to be hanged. (As stated in the latest FC mag on taxation and usury, homosexuality is one of the four sins crying out to heaven for vengeance!)

Then we could move on to discussing matters of much more importance to normal people.

The whole poof agenda - as I've said before - never used to register with 99% of people, because 99% of people had no doubt it was totally wrong. You would no more discuss the "rights" of homosexuals than the argument of whether not breathing air could prolong life expectancy!

So congratulations to the Russian patriots for their fortitude and for defending the rights of Russian families, Russian children and Russia's ancient civilisation against the band of reprobates who tried to traipse their filth through Moscow's streets.

Would that politicians, prelates and patriots were as forthright in dealing with the vociferous faggot lobby and their seedy agenda in the UK.

As for the Mayor of Moscow - calling the homosexual agenda Satan's agenda - more power to his office. He has brought credit to his position and to his city.

Here's some links - go on the Sky News one for a video of Tatchell getting clobbered as he squeals "someone protect me, someone protect me." Funny how the immorally indignant faggots cry out for help from the "reactionary" police when a single Moscow patriot (pictured above) lands a punch on the uphill gardener.

These images will raise a smile right across Europe and the civilised world.

BBC Report "Eggs and punches at Russia gay march"
Tatchell's Report (worth reading - oooh nasty "fascists"! Ha ha)
Sky News (with pic of "injured" Brit faggot 'pop star')
Australian Report (Even European MPs were there to foist their degenerate agenda)
BBC Report on Euro MPs and Mayor's statement

"Moscow mayor Yury Luzhkov has called homosexuality "satanic" and says he will never allow gay rights parades in Russia's capital."

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Unmasking Freemasonry

Grand Orient Freemasonry Unmasked - by Msgr George E Dillon cost: £8.00

The history of Freemasonry’s war with civilisation. The Britons Publishing Society said the book was “of world-wide importance.” Includes material on the Illuminati, Kabbalism, the French Revolution etc.

It's hard to under-estimate the importance of this book. Freemasonry and the influence of Freemasonry in the worlds of politics, business, entertainment, religion and so on has become the policy issue that dare not mention its name.

Which political party will dare counter the influence of Freemasonry? Which will dare counter the power of Freemasonry? Which will dare counter the culture of Freemasonry?

Even "nationalist" parties will not dare mention Freemasonry, its Jewish nature, and its role in Communism, Democracy, Party Politics and so much more...

As a patriot it is your DUTY to read this book.

Understand history. Understand who pulls the strings, and why!

Ignorance is no defence. Knowledge is power - and to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

You owe it to yourself, you owe it to the patriotic movement, you owe it to the future of your nation!

Click here to buy the book:


It is vital to know why the world is in the state it's in before you try and do anything about it...

Sunday, 20 May 2007

They Are Watching

This week has witnessed some interesting insights into the control freakery and social control which has come into being in Blair's Britain.

As is typical, under a regime which promised more openness and freedom, we've had our ancient rights under fire (even the right to trial by jury and the right to silence).

This week we had:

MPs in Westminster vote that all their doings (even their expense accounts) would be exempt from the Freedom of Information Act. These traitors want everyone else to open their books, but exempt themselves!

A top policeman in Hampshire said that the fashion for CCTV everywhere, the rush to grab as much DNA profiling etc., even in sleepy rural towns with little crime, was leading to an Orwellian state.

A parent phoned in one radio show I was listening to, to state that his child was involved in a playground fight (pretty normal fare). Weeks after it had all been sorted in school, the police knocked on their door, took their child, formally warned him and took DNA and fingerprint info from him (alongside druggies and crooks in the police station!).

This last point was part of the much-reported police rush to meet government targets which saw one crime (where a child collected £700 for a charity and didn't hand it in) cleared up as 500+ crimes (because he collected small amounts door-to-door locally).

Remember the report of the child arrested and charged for drawing on pavements with chalk? That was something we used to do as kids on the pavements near our homes, knowing the rain would wash the doodlings or games away.

A police force that just gives crime reference numbers for insurance purposes on break-ins finds the time to arrest small children (and DNA swab them etc.) when it cannot be bothered to track down burglars...

Thus it is that government ministers (who are exempt from the Freedom of Information Act anyway) tell us "crime is down" when it isn't (many simply don't get reported) and that "clear-up rates are up" when they're often not even real crimes!

We are being pushed into an Orwellian state - and 95% of politicians and police have a vested interest in doing so.

They use all the spin tactics we'd expect them to... (only criminals have something to fear!) but despite all the CCTV and DNA profiling have burglaries stopped? Has drug taking gone down? Is gun crime a thing of the past? Is mugging no longer a threat?

The politicians and top policemen (almost all Freemasons to a man!) tend not to be at risk from these crimes, they live in rich areas, free of most crimes.

We are moving towards a Big Brother state. That is why it is so vital for all nationalists and patriots to speak out against ID cards, CCTV everywhere, DNA profiling -- and rather insist that druggies are dealt with, illegal immigrants are deported, mugging is stamped out, and crimes (such as home burglaries) are actually investigated.

Those few steps will make us all feel a lot safer.

How can it be right for more and more police and state powers to be enacted year on year, as street crimes, violence and theft also increase year on year.

If those things actually worked wouldn't we expect the opposite?

Of course, the Freemasons are following an agenda -- but they are also messing about with the symptoms rather than seeking out a cure.

But as Nationalists we should all know that. Destroyed indigenous communities, families with no dads, kids brought up by 6o's liberals, ambivalence to drugs, immorality given the thumbs up by the government - etc. etc.

All the moral frameworks (family, community, church, local bobby etc.) have been decimated by decades of liberalism, immigration and degeneracy.

And they wonder why CCTVs (which they'll still promote!) on every corner will have no effect...

As some fat black bloke once sang: "What a wonderful world!"

Saturday, 19 May 2007

Horrible History

A very personal appeal today. The Daily Telegraph has been giving away free audio CDs this week on historic figures. I managed to get Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Oliver Cromwell and Mary Queen of Scots.

We've been listening to them in the car and it's been useful to let the sprogs know more about history - obviously with the pause button being hit every few minutes for a brief correction or even the occasional (but none too rare) rant. Some of them even warranted a capital R.

Unfortunately for the CDs in the week you had to get to a branch of WH Smith's (WH Smug as Private Eye call them) and with work etc. this wasn't always possible.

If anyone out there managed to get hold of, or who has spare copies of any of the other audio CDs than those listed above, you'd be guaranteed some brownie points if you'd be willing to send them in c/o the FC address.

If you can I help I doff my hat in your general direction!

Friday, 18 May 2007

Hidden Treasure

There are moments in life when you find a buried treasure. That Robert Louis Stevenson moment. I'm showing my age... kids today would say that Captain Jack Sparrow moment or something equally as Hollywood.

They are usually unexpected, and this makes the moment even more enjoyable, heightening the feeling of a wonderful discovery.

They don't happen very often - and this is just as well otherwise the special feeling of excitement would become as monotonous as waiting for a bus and finally seeing the thing approach (in a quartet) 1o minutes late. A welcome thing, but neither exciting nor exhilarating.

One immediately springs to mind. Around 6 years ago I was browsing a second hand book shop in a highland town called Helmsdale, known primarily for its folk music festival when a myriad of folkies invade to enjoy their music.

I hadn't even planned on going in the shop, but having queued in the local Post Office, I discovered the family had decamped into the kind of shop that sells household china (a brave thing for the Mrs to undertake with the sprogs in tow, but there they were nonetheless).

Taking the coward's route I decided to make haste to the second hand book shop, just a few doors up, and here it was, during my unplanned browse through the books I found a hardback, signed first edition (with dust jacket) of AK Chesterton's (pictured) New Unhappy Lords.

Oh sweet joy. And just to add a singularly juicy cherry to the top of this fruity cake the book was only priced up at one of the Queen's pounds. I duly handed over the single coin to the bearded and no doubt totally unaware shop-keeper (who looked like he'd fallen through a worm-hole in time from 1968) and skipped (not really... but I felt like it with my new acquisition!) back to the family who seemed totally oblivious to the moment - despite my reminding them every five minutes for the next few hours, even as we ate fish and chips down in a particularly pleasant field near the river in Helmsdale.

Anyway, to return to my point, these moments (thankfully) happen all too rarely, thus allowing us to annoy our friends and relatives to the point of distraction when said moments do rear their magnificently bejeweled heads.

But why, you ask, do you bring up this event which happened so many years ago?

And I shall answer you dear reader. Because I recently enjoyed another such gem of a discovery, albeit of a different kind, though still (bizarrely enough) anchored in the world of literature.

One of the things I like doing is reading material which have news on historical, cultural - as well as political - affairs that you wouldn't normally read in nationalist journals (in fact the way some people act you'd be hard pressed to find anything of interest in some of them!)

One of the best resources for this is the Protestant pressure group/charity The Christian Institute. Although (as with most of this kind of thing) I wouldn't agree with them on everything, they publish some excellent material - especially on matters of morality such as drugs, homosexuality, the family etc. Their material on the repeal of Section 28 (the law which stopped the promotion of homosexuality in schools and by local councils) in Scotland especially was amazing: it blew apart all the arguments of the homosexual lobby and the government as they lied their way through the changes.

There are other groups of the same ilk which provide a wealth of information and material, for example the UK Life League.

Anyway, in my travels recently I came across a magazine entitled 'Mass of Ages' which is published by the Latin Mass Society in England and Wales. Most of the mag seemed to be concerning the cultural side of Liturgy (with some interesting items on monastic traditions, Eastern rites and so on). So for 1.95 I bought it, flicked through it a little and put it in the car's glove box for further perusal.

It was a few weeks later when I was waiting for one of the sprogs (I don't have a taxi sign on the car - yet) when I opened the glove box to retrieve one of the FC mags I always leave in there (never missing an opportunity for a passenger to be educated) and the Mass of Ages mag fell out.

Thus it was I found myself reading the mag again as I waited. Mid way through the magazine I found a book review of a title published by TAN Books in America. Bells rang (and I don't have tinnitus) .

TAN published some cracking books on the Inquisition and Isabella of Spain by an author called (if memory serves me right) William Thomas Walsh, both of which were (as I recall) very critical of the role of Jews in Spain in acting against the Christian majority, the Spanish nation, the royal family etc.

So it was I dived into the review. It was of a book called Dressing With Dignity by Colleen Hammond, something close to my heart (though many who saw me in previous years - in the vanity of youth? - with my questionably coloured Bermuda shorts on various nationalist camps would call into question my dignity in these matters).

The book, it seems, is written by an ex-fashion model who had had enough of the lack of morality and normality in the fashion world.

OK, you might say, that's grist for the mill to Christians, nothing startling there.

And you'd be right of course. But here's the hidden treasure which almost had me leap out of the car and run up and down the street accosting passers-by to spread the "good news" like a man who'd read The Talmud Unmasked for the first time!

After talk of women's fashions having descended into the gutter, the review mentions the "corruption of fashions during the French Revolution" and then - the crowning glory:

"[the author] lays the heaviest burden of responsibility on Freemasonry and its "designs against modesty"."

I nearly sat on my bowler hat in all my excitement. It's not so very often you find articles clued up on the French Revolution and the corrupting influence of Freemasonry. OK, the review doesn't mention the influence of adherents to Judaism... but does the book? That would be interesting!

On telling a friend about the book he said
"oh yeah, I heard about her, she's doing a lecture tour of the UK" - so it really is a small world.

And so it is that such a small
Robert Louis Stevenson moment came and went. It added a jaunt to my step and when the sprog came to the car for his lift home he couldn't grasp why I had a Cheshire Cat smile.

Some might say
small things please small minds. Maybe so.

But if such moments raise a smile and provide us with the impetus to get through life's more monotonous moments, where's the harm?

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Get the Word Out


We're having a special appeal to try and get copies of Final Conflict mag into the hands of even more patriots.

As we've made clear before, when patriots come across FC they like what they see.

They like the fact that FC is professionally produced and attractive.

They like the fact that FC is intelligent and pushes nationalism and ideology.

They like the mix of music, interviews, reviews, news, history, current events and humour.

So it is vital that FC supporters help by getting copies of the magazine into the hands of patriots: whether friends at work, local supporters, mates at football... whoever they are!

To do this we're offering Final Conflict magazines issue 33 (pictured right) through to issue 36 (pictured below) for just £1 each including postage if you can take 5 or more of any one issue.

What a great way to win supporters!

What a great way to educate local patriots or friends you're in touch with elsewhere!

If you were to give 5 patriots a copy each of the mags 33, 34, 35 and 36 it could be the difference between them dropping out of nationalism, drifting into Tory ideals, or even being hoodwinked by the enemies of nationalism.

Getting some extra copies of these back issues is a quick and easy way to help us and to help the cause of nationalism, whether you pass them around, leave them secretly for suspected sympathisers, or even mail them out to patriots... however you do it, it's vital to do something.

Codreanu once said that his nation wasn't dying from a lack of (political) programmes, but from a lack of men!

Sad to say in our day and age not only is there a lack of men (in the true sense of the word - with honour and virtues) but also from a lack of ideals, as the vacuousness and monotony of "modern" politics fails to impact on a generation affected in part by the attention span deficit of American TV audiences.

Do your bit today in this small way and plant the seed of nationalism, of ideals and of action, in the minds of more patriots.

Not to do so will be to lose more people to Kosher Toryism, and to the wasteground of patriots who have fallen along the way.

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Media Frenzy

I can understand the need for the family of the missing 4-year-old Madeleine McCann to fully utilise the media, if only to pressurise whichever sick scumbag took their daughter to give her up or leave her somewhere safe.

What I find a touch distasteful in all this though is the media frenzy going on. Like a pack of feeding sharks, the media has circled the family and the Portuguese Algarve, constantly looking for the new headline, criticising the police and the Portuguese justice system etc. etc.

Now the media has Robert Murat (pictured below) in their sights.

The man may be guilty. He may be innocent. I don't know - I'll leave that to the Portuguese coppers. If only our media would!

Already we've had people judging Murat because he has a false eye. What kind of 'trial by media' is that?

"What? He has a dodgy eye! Take him away! Life in gaol!"

It's clearly nonsense. If he or anyone else has committed a crime, why don't the media leave it to the Portuguese police to work on and solve the crime.

We now have a media that is always hungry for news - and thinks it is more important that any justice system or any investigation (not to mention any family's right to some sort of privacy).

Do I need to see pictures of the McCanns going to Mass on Sunday? Not really... but the cameras are there - even when they go for a walk along the beach.

It's time for the media to back off. Journalists are hardly the most shining examples of humanity (as a quick read of any edition of Private Eye will confirm).

After all if having a "dodgy eye" is a sign of guilt, look at the political world and you'll see someone with a dodgy eye who is guilty as hell of betrayal, sell-out and base treachery... he's guilty because of his past actions, not because he has a gammy eye.

But then I've covered the shortfalls of Gordon Brown elsewhere...

Monday, 14 May 2007

Chris Jackson's Leadership Bid

Some people accused us of dreaming up conspiracies, joining Marxist pipe-dreams or publishing unfounded gossip when we said that Chris Jackson was going to stand for the leadership of the BNP.

Today a BNP organiser sent us the following text which has appeared on the internet:

Reform Group

Please reply to:
PO Box 83
Tonbridge TN9 1YN
Tel: 0799 058 7575

6th May 07


"A proper Party structure and Constitution."

This challenge to NG leadership is made as a start to the process in which the Party gets a recognisable normal Constitution for a corporate body under English law. As a talking point, the current leader has, and the founder leader had, enormous talent in some directions and, it seems, none in others. This has meant the Party has not been developed in a balanced manner.

Currently, the Party is effectively run as a dictatorship. There are no checks and balances. NG appoints all Party officials and consequently, many are yes men. Opinions, other than those of NG, lead to dismissal from Party positions and even dismissal from the Party. Over the years NG has held widely varying political views. This means, in our opinion, that his political judgement is very poor. He has made some serious errors in his appointment of personnel, most particularly the appointment of the unstable character, Tony Lecomber, as his chief regulating officer. Further it should be noted that NG has had a poor history concerning money. No prudent organisation would allow someone with his history to be responsible for Party funds.

In our view, the Party must have a proper structure. It must have a number of the key officials directly elected by the members, in particular, the offices of Vice Chairman and Party Treasurer must be directly elected. The Party Chairman would be bound to discuss and agree with the majority of the other elected officials, matters of policy and discipline.

The Party must adopt a set of basic principles; for example, the Party is a party of the whole United Kingdom. It is not just a party of England, or any other part of the United Kingdom. Again, only the original peoples of the United Kingdom would be eligible for membership of the BNP and eventually citizenship of the UK. (An exception would be for people currently living in the UK of closely related European stock.) No Asians, Africans and so on, including half-castes could be members, or expect to live permanently in the UK. It would be understood that all foreigners would be sent back to their homelands, however gently.

The Party would make an effort to unite genuine nationalists into one party. NG is unable to do this. He is an ex-chairman of the National Front and is now persona non-grata in that direction. Similarly, he is unacceptable to the Freedom Party and the BPP. He is also the ex-leader of the International Third Position.

For ideas concerning organisation and principles, please see . The articles on this website are not meant to be a definitive. They are meant as a starting point for discussion.

I pledge myself to see the reform of the Party on the above lines.

Chris Jackson Challenger.

Richard Edmonds. Proposer
BNP founder member.

Mike Easter. Seconder
BNP founder member.

Mad Mel Misses Out

Zimbabwe and Israel: The Struggle is One!

In her column in today's Daily Mail "Mad Mel" Phillips salutes Australia's PM, John Howard, for having the guts to make a stand and demand that his country's cricketers do not play Zimbabwe because of Robert Mugabe's Marxist regime and its treatment of opponents (especially White farmers, you'd like to think).

Mugabe's is a Marxist regime which has tried to expel White farmers in a mad "racist" onslaught.

Mad Mel says more governments should take such action and not fear the consequences. Quite right!

She can't resist (remember she is a raving Neo Con) in bringing "Islamic extremists" into the equation... I can't think why as the only Islamic states she might take umbrage with are Saudi Arabia (America's big ally), Afghanistan (oh we already invaded that - and helpfully increased the opium crop!), Pakistan (again, a big ally of America)... who else could there be?

Oh... Iran.

Of course! Mad Mel's wheeled out her agenda again. Is she paid in shekels?

There is, of course, one pariah state which has (like Mugabe's):

tried to force a people off the land, people who have lived there for generation after generation....
used terror against its internal racial foe, even cutting off villages from their crops!

established Marxist communal agricultural establishments to try and replace the existent farms and villages.

used terror to force out the "British Empire" including killing innocent 'Brits.'

been exposed as being financially (and morally) bankrupt and whose leaders have been involved in scandal after scandal.

That country is Israel.

The difference, of course, is that financially desperate Israel gets billions of US Dollars poured into it (just it gets US weapons, technology and US protection from UN resolutions).

But don't expect Mad Mel to call for sporting boycotts of the Zionist State which has murdered British soldiers, poisoned village wells, expelled hundreds of thousands of Palestinians (we call it ethnic cleansing today), tortures its opponents and (remember it well) has illegal nuclear WMDs.

America bombed Serbia for far less!

For those who think the talk of Israeli terror against British peacekeepers is o.t.t. you should remember that Tzipi Livni (pictured above), who wants to be Israel's first female prime minister since Golda Meir, is the daughter of one of the Jewish terrorists who blew up the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. (Is it me... or is Lee Barnes becoming aroused?).

This pre-cursor to '9/11' was carried out by Jewish terrorists dressed up as Arabs (hmmm... seems they've progressed a little since then).

As even the (kosherised) Wikipedia says:
"Members of the Irgun, dressed as Arabs, set off a bomb in the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, which had been the base for the British Secretariat, the military command and a branch of the Criminal Investigation Division (police). Ninety-one people were killed, most of them staff of the secretariat and the hotel: 28 British, 41 Arab, 17 Jewish, and 5 other. Around 45 people were injured.[1]

"The attack was initially ordered by Menachem Begin, the head of the Irgun, who would later become Prime Minister of Israel."

And as the Daily Telegraph puts it:
"Mrs Livni's backers point to her time as a Mossad agent and her solid Zionist breeding. Her father led the armed ultra-nationalist underground Irgun in the Forties. On his tombstone are the borders of an imagined Israel, including both banks of the River Jordan." (source:

But so what... Another Mad Zionoid running Israel? Another ex-Mossad terrorist? Another Irgun-linked loon with their finger on the trigger?

Don't expect Mad Mel to spell this out though. She's part of the same Mossad-linked machinery that covers up Israel's crimes (past and present).

It's just as well we have so many nationalist voices out there constantly pointing out the facts about Israel, the Talmudic mindset of Livni, Phillips and the rest of them, and the way in which almost everything in politics today is dragged (by Phillips and her real employers) back to the Neo-Con agenda of bashing Iran and whoever else is in Israel's cross hairs.

Past Zionist - Jewish terrorism - Some historic facts

New Face Same Spin

Were you unlucky enough to see the new King of Spin (in which apologies for the meaningless "errors," not the import ones is the new arrogance designed to fool an electorate more interested in evictions from TV shows like The Apprentice than who the Labour Party enthrones as our new Prime Minister) as he appeared on Andrew Marr's BBC1 show on Sunday Morning?

if you missed it - thank your lucky stars. This "touchy feely" open-necked shirt politics as started by Blair, refined by "Call Me Dave" Cameron is now being embraced by the man were were always told (by the Tories and the Blairites) was a "dour Scot."

Mr. Brown has apologised for the Millennium Dome.

Great! I feel liberated!

I'm sure the Iraqi people will be dancing in the streets now that is cleared up!

Meanwhile the King expectant, Gordon I, stressed how he was going to build more homes to help those 'starting out' get on the property ladder.

He said it with a straight face you know!

This is the man who, as Eddie George (ex-boss of the Bank of England) attested, made the joint decision to artificially increase property prices to as to stave off the unavoidable crash that was to come.

Yes: Gordon the Saviour, Gordon the Apologist, Gordon of New New Labour is going to right all the wrongs... except he won't.

Will he apologise when the house market tumbles to all those caught out? Will he apologise to those numpties who bought into huge mortgages now that rates are going up and their homes start to be repossessed?

More-to-the-point, will he stop the immigrants flooding in who put more strain on housing? How many have flooded in since 1997? 1 Million? More? Less? I read in one paper today how a local authority had an increase of applications for national insurance cards of 500% - but they still had no idea how many actual immigrants had entered their area because of extended families, illegal immigrants etc.

The state of the country is a mess.

Immigrants continue to flood in - just this week Slough in Berkshire (a town I know well) complained that "Roma" (Asiatic gypsies from Eastern Europe) children were turning up unaccompanied and this was putting a huge strain on local services.

Yet still Brown and his fellow apologists won't put a stop to this madness. It's acceptable to apologise for the Millennium Dome... not so to apologise for letting in all the flotsam and jetsam of the world in unknown quantities, making our own people minorities in many places.

So a big thanks to Gordy for having the sheer courage to apologise for the Millennium Dome. Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa.

I won't hold my breath for some similar words of comfort on:
artificially inflated house prices;
on rising interest rates;
on selling off the country's gold reserves at an all-time low;
on giving more power to the private usurers' firm the Bank of England;
on supporting America's Neo-Con foreign policy;
on selling out the Palestinian people;
on embroiling the NHS in debts and privatisation;
on failing to stop immigration and pushing the "enrichment" lie as our country is Balkanised;
...and then there's all the Nu-Lab sleaze as more money was sought to prop up a party which had betrayed its founding principles, the beliefs of its grass-roots membership, and pushed a vacuous 'centre-ground' liberalism (lessons to be learnt for all there: even nationalists).

So it is that party politics rolls on.

Blair is replaced and all is well? So they'd like us to believe... and just in case enough people see through New New Labour, there's Teflon "Call Me Dave" Cameron waiting in the shadows, a Blair Mark2 with his New Tories.

Think you've escaped vacuous politics whilst the betrayal continues?

Think again.

Sunday, 13 May 2007

BNP Councillor to defect?

News this week that one of the BNP councillors in Stoke has become a non-aligned (see link below) - i.e. an independent councillor.

According to feedback to the piece on the link pasted below, the councillor involved has been a BNP councillor for some years, i.e. he's not one of the few new BNP councillors voted in last week.

This raises the issue not just of a lack of ideology in the "new candidates" which many in the BNP have complained about (as well as homosexual candidates...), but a similar potential lack of ideology in long-standing councillors???

Some have said that the councillor is in talks with the Tories, and that he's been offered a post with the local Tories on the council (claiming he'd get some extra few thousand a year -- the spin machine, as usual, focusing on money!).

If this person quit the BNP after some years as a councillor to become non-aligned, the obvious question is "why"?

It will no doubt lead to further grumblings in a party which has ditched much of its remaining ideology in an effort to appeal "moderate."

Following the resignations of Michael Jackson... sorry, Michael "Anyone born in England is English" Johnson the quarter-caste and his erstwhile party-boss Mark Cotterill (not pictured), one has to question the criteria for selection and the ideological awareness of nationalist candidates and councillors.

There is no doubt these resignations boil down to a lack of any nationalist ideology within the wider "movement" in recent years.

Sad but true: and I've heard this from the mouths of sitting nationalist councillors themselves -- so it's not a case of "sour grapes," just political reality.


Saturday, 12 May 2007

Walking Through History...

This morning, it being what the weathermen call "squally," we decided to for a walk in a forest - where we'd be sheltered from the worst of the elements, but still get some fresh air.

Sometimes Saturdays are just too commercialised... and whilst I do enjoy popping around the shops, grabbing a coffee, browsing the bargain bookshops etc. I've been getting more and more "bored" of town centres as the years go by.

So it was we all decided this morning to get out and enjoy a walk free of the provocative sights and sounds you get, even in the more acceptable market towns (asylum seekers with their top of the range mobiles and brand new tracksuits).

The last time we went for a walk through a forest was quite some months ago, I don't know why we'd left it so long - I suppose work, family events, sports etc. just encroach on weekends more and more. Anyway, we all really enjoyed it.

The sprogs ran off into the undergrowth playing at Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean or whatever the latest snarling, swash-buckling, heroic, arrow-flying, sword-shaking game is.

It left your author (his swash long ago buckled) to ramble on through the little pathways, the Mrs. close by, talking over the latest events of the world, local news and family bits n bobs.

Being close to nature has always appealed to nationalists, and the more I read about our own history, and our own ideological forebears, the more my eyes are opened.

I think being a Distributist (well, at least I like to think I'm one, even though sometimes falling far short of it) helps, the idea that this land belongs to all of us, that we have an inalienable right to own a small part of it, but also that its vast tracts should be open to responsible and careful usage.

Just today tramping through the trees, finding hidden clearings, discovering ancient, moss and ivy-covered gnarled trees - it was like taking a step back in time.

Ah... you say, but you're just indulging in a bit of romanticism.

Well dear reader, perhaps I am, but do you know what: I don't care. Maybe if more of us did that from time to time, this might be a better world. Perhaps being close to the creation of the creator might make us take a little more care of our birthright. Perhaps treading the same paths that our forefathers trod, we might realise that their blood still courses through our veins, and that we have the duty to bring up our children to fully realise their history, their duty.

Two recent books I read have made me realise what we have lost in recent decades and centuries as our land has been grabbed and enclosed, as our people have been forced into factories and down mines, as our religion has been bastardised into a touchy-feely quagmire and our national leaders care more for the rights of money-grubbing international financiers, free-services quaffing immigrants and 'asylum-seekers' and degenerate amoral gyrating homosexuals.

The Protestant Reformation in England and Ireland by William Cobbett (hereafter PREI), and The Guild State by G. R. S. Taylor (hereafter TGS) have made me re-assess the history of our land and of how a once free and fair country has been ensnared and enchained by a small bunch of thieves and political opportunists.

Of course other books have been important too. One thinks here of books like the Neo-Conned volumes which totally exposed the Neo Con nonsense behind the Iraq war, or of The Party System by Hilaire Belloc which brings into sharp focus how Westminster is the problem and not the cure. Another personal favourite of mine is The Flying Inn by G.K. Chesterton which rips to shreads political correctness (decades before anyone had heard of it) in defence of ancient English freedoms.

But to get an overview of history and especially the social history of the land you'd be hard-pressed not to find two better books than Taylor's TGS or Cobbett's PREI (though I have yet to read Cobbett's Rural Rides - another, like PREI before it, which I've scandalously left to gather dust on my shelf whilst other "more important" books took precedent).

But to return to the books, they complement each other because Cobbett (a Protestant remember) paints a clear and vivid picture of pre-Reformation England - and he uses evidence of the time, and of his own time (early 19th Century) to show that England 'back then' was a well-fed land, with widely owned property, with widely held freedoms and with very little crime.

Whilst the roots of Capitalism are to be found before the Reformation (as the Italian Prof. Amintore Fanfani explains in his easily read, but equally studious, Catholicism, Protestantism and Capitalism, originally published in 1934) there is little doubt - especially in Cobbett's mind in regard to England, that the Reformation started the land-grab, the smash and grab (dare I say a touch of 'shocking and awful' plunder to make Donny Rumsfeld blush) of important cultural, architectural and communal structures that would begin the process which ended in the enclosing of the land, the treating our own people not as God's creatures, but as cogs in a machine to be worked (close) to death.

I think what G.R.S. Taylor's (as I understand it, an Anglican) TGS adds to the debate about our social history is that the country enjoyed far more freedom - personal, community, work, national - when the Guilds guaranteed working standards, wages, quality, local "democracy" and so on.

The Common Good (again, the idea that your neighbour was made in the image of God and wasn't just a wallet on legs to be ripped off or used till he collapsed) used to matter as both Taylor and Cobbett attest, and this meant that the people who wanted to rip people off wouldn't get away with it, and that crime was not acceptable and of a much lower level.

There's also the anomaly that we've never had so many taxes, so many layers of "democracy," so many professional politicians or bureaucrats and yet we have never had less of a say in what happens in our local communities!

I suppose this is mirrored in the way that we've never had so much "choice" in regards to the media and news - from 24 Hour TV news channels from a host of companies and countries, to a
wide range of newspapers and magazines - and yet we have never had such an attention-deficit population, such a nation of know-nothings, such an ignorant generation of children (thanks in part to the "gift" of mass coloured immigration) who have no idea who Hitler and Churchill were -- so what hope have we that any of these rootless, Playstation addicts will know anything of the world which Cobbett and Taylor tell us was so cultured, free and secure?

Or I might say that we have never had so many law-enforcement officers as today, with gun-totting policemen driving around our cities, with people living with bars on their windows and chains on their doors for fear of the criminals. Our jails are overflowing, our streets are CCTV'd hither and thither, new laws are passed month on month, year on year... yet we've never been in so much danger of being attacked, being robbed, of having our homes and chattels broken into, ransacked, etc.

We have more taxes, more news-reporting, more policemen than EVER before, yet we have fewer freedoms, more ignorance and more crime than our forefathers. Makes you think doesn't it?

And so it was that your author walked through the forest, imagining days when travelers through that very same spot enjoyed more basic freedoms, lived amongst their own people, told tales of their own forefathers' heroism on cold Winter evenings...

Of course finding a quiet spot, seeing a rabbit dart into some ferns or seeing a split tree isn't something most of us do as we zoom about in our cars day in day out (or, more realistically sit in traffic jams wondering why everything crawls to a stop when there's no stoppage ahead on the road!), as we run to catch a train, or rush to finish some job before a deadline.

But if you take the time, even if your schedule doesn't allow it - do take that walk in the forest.

For one, if you have children they'll enjoy it ten times more than being sat at a red plastic table cramming in McJunk and downing tooth-rotting additive-ridden crap that our forefathers would have more readily used to clean out the gutters...

You'll also find yourself giving time over to think about things, important and unimportant. You might even - if you take the time to read Cobbett and Taylor - find yourself back in time wondering what freedoms our people had before the enclosures, before the advent of Westminster, before Wall Street, before Capitalism, Communism and Zionism...

The same wind blows through the same trees. The same rain falls on the same soil.

Might we one day enjoy the same freedoms and the same values as our forefathers enjoyed?

Perhaps as the backlash grows against Globalism, against McGarbage, against chemical farming, against anti-family legislation, against the stalemate, betrayal or empty promises of party politics, against the thievery and immorality of government, big business etc., against the EU and its reams and reams of rules and regulations... we might indeed, one day enjoy the same freedoms and the same values as our forefathers enjoyed?

We can live in hope...

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Saving the Environment?

In my youthful days back in the mists of time in the 70s and 80s, my dad was green.

We didn't know it at the time... We just thought he was tight: the product of a poor wartime and post-war upbringing in a house crammed with siblings, a house that was later knocked down in "slum clearances."

Perhaps it was also one period of unemployment - when he and my brother were unfairly dismissed. It took years to get remuneration for those sackings and I daresay in hindsight it was a real uphill struggle to bring up a family, pay a mortgage... not that I realised that as a youngster. Sure we didn't have a lot and looking back some Christmases had fewer toys than friends in school etc. - but we didn't mind and we were generally happy and content.

Anyway, to return to my Dad's "green" criteria. He'd go around the house switching off lights (and anything else!) that weren't being used (you could hear him mumbling something like "it's like Piccadilly Bloody Circus in this house").

He kept everything that "would come in handy one day" and the shed would be full of half-full (never half-empty!) paint tins, pots of nails and screws, ropes, and various odds and ends from previous DIY jobs. He would never buy something new when there was something old that could be used...

We had no idea this was environmentalism... we just thought he was naturally tight as a duck's butt. I once asked him (in the days when Levi jeans cost circa £35 - £50) for some money for a pair of jeans and he gave me a tenner (with a "bring me the change" look in his eye).

Anyway, I digress. Forgive me for painting this picture. I do so for a number of reasons:

# To those of us who weren't born with silver spoons in their mouths, making ends meet and balancing the budget often meant "husbanding resources" like that.

# The politicians who put on a Green persona to win votes and appear cuddly are still well short of the mark because most of them do so for cosmetic reasons.

(Pictured here: Tony Blair and family, plus his mother-in-law, with Romani Prodi, having used an official RAF jet plane in 1998 to go on holiday. Fill yer boots Tony!).

Today, on the day when Tony "Mass Murderer" Blair announced his resignation (why the end of June, why not now?) he did so in Westminster - then was driven to RAF Northolt (just outside London, still in Middlesex) and flew to his constituency in Sedgefield.

He talks about carbon footprints and saving the planet - but rather then be chauffeur driven or go by first class train, this hypocrite chose to fly over such a short distance.

My dad walks an extra 20 minutes to go to his club - out of loyalty, but also because the beer is cheaper! My dad is still greener than Tony Blair!

Yesterday, with talk of the 1/4 percent interest rate rise (which did happen today) by the private usury business The Bank of England, there was footage of Gordon Brown (pictured here with Jewish American bankster boss Greenspan) being driven out of his home (one of many for all I know).

He was in a 4x4. Probably a reinforced bullet-proof 4x4 - all of which will eat up the petrol/diesel. Whilst he tries to tax the poor out of driving such vehicles and goes on (and on and on) about carbon footprints and saving the planet there he was, bold as brass, being driven in one of the "gas-guzzlers."

My dad has always had cars with an engine size of 1 - 1.4 litre, always managing to fill up with petrol when near the cheapest petrol station in the area (I remember queuing for petrol with him the 70s on the day before budget day!). With his small car and his walking to the pub and to get the paper, my dad is still greener than Gordon Brown!

To bring it closer to home, can I say that for all their Green credentials all these Guardianistas (like the recent family on BBC's Newsnight who tried to live without a car etc.) still insist on flying to various foreign holidays, thus in one fell swoop undoing all their Greenery...

The next time Blair (maybe on his lecture circuit) says he's a Green Man remember his RAF Northolt-Sedgefield trip for just a couple of hundred miles.

The next time Brown says his Carbon Footprint is balanced remember his chunky 4x4.

These people always tell us (and tax us!) to live how they see fit, remember that they are churning out "carbon emissions" ten to the dozen... and planting a few trees with taxpayers money doesn't cut the mustard!

It's a con job! We're all bullied and taxed to do as they see fit, whilst they do whatever the Hell they like just because they can afford to pay for tree-planting or whatever other conscience salving B.S. is in vogue at the time.

My dad was turning off lights before these people entered the public arena with their claptrap and their taxes. He'll still be turning off lights as they jet around the world.

He might do it because he remembers what it's like to live in difficult times, and no-one in the wider world knows about it -- but I know who I have more respect for, and it's not the two-faced money-grubbing politicians who tax us to death (and even tax us after death!).

That's what I think every day as I switch off the lights my kids have left on, grumbling to myself "it's like Piccadilly Bloody Circus in this house."

FC Merchandise List

As many of you will know, FC has a new (hard copy) merchandise list out.

It features Badges, DVDs, Flags, Girly Shirts, Hats, Keyrings, Lighters, Magazines, Patches, Books, CDs and more.

If you haven't received one, send a stamped SAE to the FC address for a copy.

We're also asking supporters to take a few extra copies, whether 5 or 50, to pass onto fellow patriots.

If you can help in this regard, drop a line into FC or phone: 07748 410607.

The list has some cracking books on Zionism, the family, nationalism and more - so it'll be great to get the list to as many nationalists as possible.

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

FC Polo Shirt

We're looking into doing a FC Polo Shirt.

Anybody with ideas please e-mail [to the usual FC addy] so we can get some ideas together.

Would you like the name Final Conflict on the breast?

Or a slogan like National Revolution?

Or something else?

Just words? Or incorporating a Celtic Cross?

Drop us a line as we want to get the ideas off to the embroiderer in the next few days.

Tally Ho!

Monday, 7 May 2007

Wayne Ashcroft

Not so much Cooked - as simmered slowly...

Some of you might remember The Cook Report, hosted by Roger Cook (pictured), in which Nick Griffin and Wayne Ashcroft starred.

If memory serves me right it aired in 1997, and in it Nick Griffin said that he favoured the name British National Front (over that of the BNP).

This was in the days of, if not soon after, THE RUNE magazine, so one should bear in mind NG was much more "boots and fists" back then.

NG also painted Ashcroft as the next big thing for nationalism.

Here are links to articles about Ashcroft, and a copy of the Cook Report.

Fill Yer Boots!

The Cook Report:

Ex-Far Right Man Wins Seat:

Ashcroft - Nick Griffin's Mate

They Make a Noise...

It being a Bank Holiday Monday your intrepid author took the Mrs and the
sprogs out for a pub lunch.

As we sat with our drinks, waiting for the food we decided to play some games to pass the time.

One of the games was I-spy, where someone says they see something and the letter it begins with - and everyone else has to guess what it is.

Soon it came to your faithful author's turn.

"I spy with my little eye, something beginning with S," I intoned in my most heroic voice (I had spotted some speakers in the corner of the pub).

After several guesses the sprogs hadn't guessed and begged for a clue.

In my munificence I conceded to their demands and said "they make a lot of noise."

To which the youngest sprog immediately piped up: "students!"

How we all chuckled.

Ah the joys of education within the family...

Saturday, 5 May 2007

"Gay" Slur Cost Election

In the article below, Richard Barnbrook - the BNP organiser in Barking & Dagenham - admits that a "media slur" re. an 'art film' he once made cost him an election last year.

This being the case - why does the BNP allow known homosexuals to stand?

It makes no sense, and a growing number of people on Stormfront (the only forum these days where one can gauge any kind of feedback from the BNP grass roots) are clear that liberalisation and "modernism" on race, homosexuality, Israel etc. cost the BNP, just as a more liberal approach cost Le Pen - whereas when he took the correct line (Christian, anti-Israel, Pro-Life, anti-immigration etc.) he made it through to the final round of the presidential elections!

Lessons need to be learnt.

If people see a patriot party is just an 'anti-Muslim' pressure group, why vote for it and not any other party that makes noises about 'Islamic Extremism'?

People need to hear that nationalists are against immigration, are for the family, are against the banks, are against homosexuality etc. etc. and as a fact - not as empty sloganeering.

They get enough of that from Blair & Co.

BNP's pooftahs

It has come to our attention that two BNP council candidates in this weeks elections are known homosexuals.

We didn't go "live" with this before because we'd have been accused of running propaganda to favour the "reds" or merely showing we had "sour grapes" over the 100 - 150 victories the BNP were en route to achieving...

One is well-known as he tried to stand previously in South London, only for all the activists to revolt so that - eventually! - the BNP leadership had to stand down or have no activists left.

His name is Peter Phillips and he's stood for the BNP before in Reigate and Banstead:

The second (alleged) homosexual is Sid Chaney who stood, again not for the first time, in Essex. Mr. Chaney is well known for his personal fight against 'Lord' Greville Janner whom he accuses of being a paedophile. Two sources external to FC have told us that Mr. Chaney was well known as a homosexual in the 1970s NF. You can see Chaney's name in the above Communist link too (for Basildon).

There were reports from numerous sources of a candidate in Medway, Kent, having a "girlfriend" who is a "post-op tranny" - i.e. someone who used to be a "he" but had a sex-change operation.

Of course we'll be happy to update if any of the above proves to need clarification, but these are ones that we know about - there may be others from regions we don't know about.

The issue here is that given the hoo-ha in the past in South London around the candidature of Phillips (whom the regional organiser told activists would stand because "he gives the party a lot of money"), a kerfuffle which went right through the BNP to the very top, there is no excuse.

They know Phillips is a homosexual: and he is still allowed to stand.

This is 1980s-style Tory hypocrisy. Mouth platitudes against homosexuality, and for the family, but still allow them to be active in the party, like Harvey Proctor.

If you want to be liberal on queers: be liberal! Don't try and be all things to all men!

We're grateful for any updates on these cases - and more reports of this scandal in other areas.

Get Stickering

You can order stickers in bundles today from the FC Online Shop.

They are a great way to tell our people that there is a nationalist resistance - that not everyone has surrendered to the various lobbies attacking our Race and Nation.

The famous FC White Power sticker (above) can be bought in bundles of 100. What a great sticker to wind up the politically correct (of the left and the right).

And with the Neo-Cons pushing for more wars on behalf of Israel and the New World Order, these 'Intifada Worldwide' stickers (left) in sheets of 12 are eye-catching.

Check out the sticker section in the FC Online Shop. There you'll see a sub-section for activist stickers.

At the moment the best-selling stickers are our new Celtic Cross designs... but why not order a mixture?

They're great to put up (legally of course officer!) but also to pass around to fellow patriots.

So go order some today - and get busy spreading the Good News of Racial Nationalism.

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