Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The Legion of St Michael the Archangel

Happy Michaelmas to all FC Readers and Supporters

A very Happy Michaelmas to all FC readers and supporters.

Yes, the 29th of September is the Feast of the Archangel St Michael (and Gabriel and Raphael), traditionally the last day of harvest, so let's hope you got all your crops in!

St Michael's Day was the day on which Forza Nuova was launched - in London, England.

I think it was also the day on which Codreanu launched the Legion of St Michael the Archangel in 1927... though I am happy to be corrected as always.

So raise a beer tonight to St Michael, and just as he cast out Satan and his followers, so we'll continue the fight for all that is right and good to cast out the Masonic Anti-Christs who run our banks, media and political system.

A good rant clears the air ;-)

St Michael's war cry was: Quis ut Deus (Who is Like Unto God?)

Friday, 25 September 2009

Last Week's Quote: S Nuttall on "Red Fascists" Establishment Lingo

"It is no accident that an establishment hack like Paul Johnson (Daily Mail) refers to the Left as 'red fascists'."

S. Nuttall,
Readers Letters,
Nationalism Today #28, 1985.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

From Wall Street to Doncaster

If you get the chance, watch last night's (Sept 14th) Newsnight on BBC i-player.

Two interesting items:

1. How close the banks came to total collapse (from H Rodgin Cohen on Wall Street, the horse's mouth if you will).

2. The fascinating anti-pc Mayor of Doncaster and the launch of a new Trade Union for English workers.

Right: Quick ladies! before the State takes your pans as tax to pay for the bank-bail-out.

It shows two things that should give comfort to all nationalists:

a. That Capitalism is a mirage built on debt and is a bubble waiting to burst (again).

b. That Communist/Socialist "strongholds" like Doncaster are sick of corruption, nepotism and the one-party state and decent popular, patriotic anti-pc candidates can win and gain real power for our communities.

Not Capitalism... Not Communism - but Nationalism: the Third Position!

Monday, 14 September 2009

Elton John Has no Right to Adopt

So Elton John and his "partner" David Furniture (on account of him being a poof) want to adopt a little Ukrainian boy.

What unholy box (one careful female owner) has the gyrating pop star, Anti-Madonna, opened by scouring the dark continent for children?

Are children in "poorer" countries really to fear the swoosh of jet planes for fear that yet another American or European "star" is set to land with their giant child-catcher net and the world's media in tow?

Sold into slavery, er... I mean adopted by a celeb in return for a cash injection into the local economy, these children are being collected like lucky charms on an Argos bracelet. Do these children face a more worrying future by growing up speaking an alien language, in an alien culture, surrounded by people busily snorting coke, casual sex and obscene wealth creating a sense of insecurity kept in check by inflated egos.

Will they be happier in their own culture, perhaps materially poorer, but freely mixing with their own people in their own communities?

I think they will.

To me it is a form of people trafficking for these rich celebs to cherry-pick children of different races and cultures. It smacks of a form of racial, cultural and material "supremacy" -- i.e. we can offer them far more than they could ever get in their own homeland, amongst their own people.

We must stop these myopic millionaires from ruining lives and starting a ridiculous craze, like all the Hollywood celebs before them who have adopted foreigners (one thinks of the arch-weirdo Woody Allen).

If they want to help, then let them pay for orphanages, let them pay for schools, let them pay for agricultural colleges and everything that would truly help poor communities in Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia or anywhere else.

We don't need any more messed-up children of celebs hitting the nightclubs in a dozen or so years, and these publicity stunts will do nothing in the long term to help alleviate any genuine poverty in any region.

Besides which, the bottom line should be that the children of Africa, the Ukraine, China or anywhere else from Timbuktu to Montevideo should not be the baubles, the playthings or the trading cards of millionaires, however well-meaning or otherwise.

To coin a phrase, children aren't trophies.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Last Week's Quote: Rayski on the Jewish Nature of May '68

"In May '68, there had been close groups of Jews, all committed, at the head or at the grassroots, in the parties, movements, groups and cells which made up the spearhead of this insurrectionist event. From coteries and of various allegiances, even rival, they had jointly clung to the standard of the red flag and sometimes - more rarely - the [Anarchist] black. They were - and this is quite normal - minorities within these organisations, but they occupied a major place there, most certainly out of proportion to the number of Jews in France...
"All or nearly all conformed to the revolutionary ideologies of the 20th century: Bolshevism, Communism, Trotskyism, Anarchism."

Benoist Rayski,
Passages (a Jewish journal) #8,
July-August 1988.

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Israeli Soldiers Carried Black Magic Texts And Were Exhorted to be Cruel

Monday night's Panorama (still available to view on i-player), had an interesting report about the Israeli Army when it stormed the Gaza Strip.

Regular FC readers will remember that war crime was heaped upon war crime as the American-armed Israelis smashed into the small enclave which had been encircled for months beforehand, cut off from the most basic supplies and humanitarian aid.

Newsnight shows footage of Israeli Army Rabbis and interviews Israeli soldiers and shows how the Rabbis exhorted the soldiers to be cruel and that they were fighting all Arabs - even "Israeli Arabs" - and that soldiers were given Kabbalah (that is Jewish black magic) texts by these Rabbis, before being unleashed in a hellish fury on innocent men, women and children.

Watch the Panorama while you can... it is a fascinating piece which shows how the Israeli Army and its rabbis promotes an utter hatred of all things gentile.

This explains the war crimes in Gaza, and how the Israeli Army has carried out atrocities and war crimes in the Lebanon, and even why they machine gun Churches and even Christian statues in Palestine.

Those plastic patriots who support Israel need to think again.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Final Conflict magazine: Watch This Space

A number of people have been in touch regarding FC magazine as it's been a while since the last issue came out.

We have been discussing the mag and holding meetings to discuss it and what FC hopes to achieve in the future.

As such we will be making a statement in the very near future.

Please do bear with us as some of the things we have planned just need some fine tuning.

Thanks for everyone who continues to support FC.

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