Friday, 30 November 2007

St Andrew's Day!

A very Happy St Andrew's Day to all our Scottish readers and supporters!

As Scotland becomes more patriotic and self-aware, it is vital for nationalists to carve out and re-establish their identity, and not have to it changed into some multi-culti, multi-racial mess.

  • He was born in Bethsaida in Galilee
  • Andrew's Greek name was Andreas which means 'manly'
  • He was the elder brother of Saint Peter
  • Andrew was a fisherman by trade
  • He was the second person to be baptised by John the Baptist after Jesus
  • Andrew was martyred for his faith in Patras
  • Legend has it that some of St Andrew's bones were taken to Scotland by St. Rule (also known as St Regulus) in Pictish times
  • His bones once lay in St. Andrew's Cathedral
  • The first church in England to be dedicated to him was in Rochester
  • His emblem is a cross Saltire
  • The flag of Scotland, the Union Flag, the Arms and Flag of Scotia all feature a Saltire to commemorate St Andrew
Some more facts:

  • Churches were also dedicated to him from early times throughout Italy and France as well as in Anglo Saxon England, where Hexham and Rochester were the earliest of 637 medieval dedications.
  • St. Andrew has also been remembered down through the ages because of the way he met his terrible death in A.D. 60.
  • It is said that he believed himself unworthy to be crucified on a cross like that of Christ, and so he met his end on a ‘saltire’, or X-shaped cross (St Andrew’s cross) which became his symbol.

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Labour Donation Scandal: The Zionist 'Bachelor'

Imagine if a political party were embroiled in a donations scandal involving Muslims who support a "war-mongering"foreign State (pick from the media's hit-list: Syria, Iran etc.)

Do you think the media would stay quiet about this obvious angle? Or would they just be named as individuals?

There would be uproar! You know it - I know it.

The Neo-Cons and their Kosher-Tory hangers-on would be wailing on about "Jihadis" funding a mainstream political party.

Now look at the Labour Party's recent funding uproar.

Mr. Abrahams gave money through various third parties, at least one of whom knew nothing (as a Tory supporter!).

Labour's head of extracting cash a Mr. Mendelsohn (yes, he replaced the squeaky clean Lord Levy!) is up to his neck in this.

Pictures of Gordon Brown glad-handing Mendelsohn at a Labour Friends of Israel meeting have been on the news...

Yet the Zionist/Israeli angle have been overlooked.

No, not even a whisper from the Kosherised BNP! Imagine their apoplectic fit if Abrahams and Mendelsohn were Muslims!!!

There are a couple of interesting things here.

1. Whose money was it really? Some folks in Newcastle say that Abrahams isn't all that rich... Is there an Israeli/Mossad or Bob Maxwell-style link to this?

2. What is Mr. Abrahams as well as being a Labour Zionist? The men who "hired" a false wife and son to fool his way into being a Labour candidate. Words such as "confirmed bachelor" abound together with his "love of the theatre and musicals." No-one has confirmed his love of fudge... as of yet.

The politicians are already trying to cover-up and some want to change the sytem to funding via the taxpayer... but will the Israeli link come out of the closet re. Mr. Abrahams.

BBC on Police Involvement
The 'Key Players'

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

No Platform for Sell-Outs???

It's funny isn't it?

Oxford University Debating Society holds a debate on 'Freedom of Speech' and because Nick Griffin of the BNP and revisionist historian David Irving are invited those who purport to be in favour of freedom of speech when offensive material or foul blasphemies are aired on Channel 4 or in The Tate are at the front screaming about "no platform for fascists."

Most wouldn't know what a fascist is or what fascism means - but that's another matter.

What I find hilarious is how times change.

Not so very long ago we - at FC - were fraternally asked not to promote David Irving because he was "selling out" by backtracking on revisionism, i.e. the "it happened but Hitler never knew" line.

The person imploring us to take this hardline approach (against a historian!) also said that pushing a hardline revisionist message was vital to undermine Zionist attacks on nationalism.

So who was this hardline 'dinosaur' who thought Irving was selling out by suggesting his own interpretation of a historical debate?

Step forward Nick Griffin (Cantab Hons).

Leopards? Spots?

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Christmas Shopping with FC

With Christmas fast approaching it's often this time of year that Nationalists overlook the obvious as they go into the high street or go to mainstream websites to buy presents for friends and family.

But why not try the FC Online Shop?

We have a range of material from the openly Fascist, to nationalist and patriot items, skinhead material, militaria, Viking, Saxon and Celtic collectibles and a host of football and other items that aren't strictly political.

Whether you want something for your other half who is a nationalist, or you want a little stocking-filler for a friend or relative who's just a little patriotic, or into football or skinhead music -- then why not consider ordering from the FC Online Shop and our 1000s of great items?

After all, what better than to spend a few pounds with patriots, than to keep it out of the clutches of the Zionist and/or Capitalist high street chains?

So pop by the FC Online Shop today. With a 24 hour turnaround on a HUGE range of items, it's worth a good look!

FC Online Shop team.

Poem: To the Good Thief by Saunders Lewis

As we approach Christmas it's a good time to reflect on the meaning of Advent and what it foreshadowed.

So here's a poem by Dr Saunders Lewis, founder of Plaid Cymru, its leader for most of the 20th Century and "fascist anti-Semite" - i.e. nationalist and Christian.

The poem reminds us that Christ was born as much for the shepherds, little children and "good thieves" as for the princes and powerful in this world (some might say moreso).

This is, I believe, a translation of the original Welsh language poem:

To the Good Thief

You did not see Him on the mountain of Transfiguration
Nor walking the sea at night;
You never saw corpses blushing when a bier or sepulchre
Was stuck by his cry.

It was in the rawness of his flesh and his dirt that you saw Him,
Whipped and under thorns,
And in his nailing like a sack of bones outside the town
On a pole, like a scarecrow.

You never heard the making of the parables like a Parthenon of words,
Nor his tone when He talked of his father,
Neither did you hear the secrets of the room above,
Nor the prayer before Cedron and the treachery.

It was in the racket of a crowd of sadists reveling in pain
And their screeches, howls, curses, and shouts
That you heard the profound cry of the breaking heart of their prey:
‘Why hast thou forsaken me?’

You, hanging on his right; on his left, your brother;
Writhing like skinned frogs,
Flea-bitten petty thieves thrown in as a retinue to his shame,
Courtiers to a mock king in his pain.

O master of courtesy and manners, who enlightened you
About your part in this harsh parody?
‘Lord, when you come into your kingdom, remember me,’ –
The kingdom that was conquered through death.

Rex Judaeorum; it was you who saw first the vain
Blasphemy as a living oracle,
You who first believed in the Latin, Hebrew and Greek,
That the gallows was the throne of God.

O thief who took Paradise from the nails of a gibbet,
Foremost of the noblitas of heaven,
Before the hour of death pray that it may be given to us
To perceive Him and to taste Him.

~ Saunders Lewis
1893 – 1985

Saturday, 24 November 2007

The BNP is Multi-Racial AND Multi-Culti


(Oh & its Sikh, Hindu and Muslim supporters...)

If gaining "power" - or shekels - requires this, then neither is worth having. NB: Darby is no crank, he is the OFFICIAL BNP press spokesman and Nick Griffin's nominated No. 2 (due to take over the BNP should NG be incarcerated etc.)

Now we see the truth that the BNP tells so many lies to conceal: it is a multi-racial, multi-culti outfit: neither White, nor Christian.

It's anti-Islamism is so much hogwash to garner "support" and Neo-Con shekels. It is pluralist, humanist and concerned only with some kind of multi-racial "British identity" that no Freemason could be adverse to!

It does not deserve our support.

BNP press officer Simon Darby said: “Many Jewish people are not supporters of multiculturalism. We have at least one Jewish councillor and dozens of Jewish members, Sikh and Hindu, even one or two Muslim supporters."

From the Jewish Chronicle

Disbelief as BNP enters by-election

By Rachel Fletcher

Residents of a diverse North London borough were shocked this week as a British National Party candidate stood in a local by-election.

The BNP’s Howard Studley is running for the position of councillor against four other candidates — including two Jews and a Muslim — in Canons ward, Harrow, on December 13. According to the 2001 census, Canons is 36 per cent Jewish and 23 per cent Asian and black.

The election is being held after the death of Jewish Conservative councillor and former mayor Janet Cowan.

Gulab Gandhi of Canons Park Newsagent, said: “On this street there are businesses owned by Turkish, Irish, Armenian, Indian, Bangladeshi and Jewish people. I don’t think the BNP would win.”

His colleague Douglas Oxley added: “The BNP must be suicidal to stand here. Finding an ‘English’ person like me is very unusual. I think people will react with disbelief. I definitely won’t vote BNP.”

Local businessman Sailesh Solanki said: “I don’t think the BNP would win, but voter apathy allows them to get in more than anything else.”

Labour candidate and Belmont Synagogue member Richard Harrod told the JC: “What I fear is that not many people will vote, and BNP support will seem bigger than it really is. I want people to get out there and vote, it doesn’t matter for whom, as long as it’s not the BNP.”

Liberal Democrat candidate Anne Diamond — also a Belmont member — said: “I think if we had to place deposits, as with general elections, they [the BNP] would have second thoughts about fielding candidates. Perhaps they are trying to encourage those without political leanings to vote: there have been Jewish BNP candidates in the past. Perhaps they are trying to encourage Jews to become members.”

Conservative candidate Husain Akhtar said: “I think the BNP is just trying to demonstrate its presence. I am sure they won’t win. People in Harrow, especially in Canons ward, are very sensible and fair-minded people. I have confidence in people’s judgment to see what is in the best interest of Harrow.”

BNP press officer Simon Darby said: “Many Jewish people are not supporters of multiculturalism. We have at least one Jewish councillor and dozens of Jewish members, Sikh and Hindu, even one or two Muslim supporters.

“We are trying to contest as many elections as we can. Just because there are many Jews and Hindus in an area is no reason not to contest it. We are a mainstream phenomenon.”

Pop Against Bankers!

Click below to listen to a new song against the banks.

A little chip out of the huge edifice that is the banking system... but anything that exposes the banks can't be all bad.

Song About Bank Charges

Friday, 23 November 2007

Another White Victim...

Anthony Joseph stabbed a white man to death on a bus.

Joseph admitted manslaughter on grounds of "diminished responsibility."

Right: Anthony Joseph, the perpetrator of a violent racial attack.

He was black. His victim, Richard Whelan, was white.

The victim had "dared" to ask Joseph to stop throwing chips at his girlfriend.

Let us reverse the scenario.

Whelan, a White man, stabs a black man to death on a bus with the merest provocation.

RACE HATRED headlines would abound!

Whelan would face the harshest penalty for racially aggravated murder, and Joseph would get a memorial or a stained glass window. There might even be a public enquiry or a march by the usual rent-a-mob.

But as Whelan was the victim, his killer will face a reduced manslaughter charge and, if sent to Broadmoor for his schizophrenia, should he be declared "safe" in fiver years time, he'll be a free man (again - he was already jailed and freed by "doctors/experts" once before)!

Is it any wonder we feel like second-class citizens in our own country?

The biggest wave of racial assaults takes place in our inner cities, and the police and media mask the figures or sweep the racial aspect under the carpet.

Perhaps someone should release a chart song about Richard Whelan called "Young Gifted and White" - let's see how much airtime it'd be allowed... whereas our ears are still assailed by the 70s hit 'Young, Gifted and Black' with great regularity on BBC and commercial radio stations.

Anyone else spot a pattern?

left: Richard Whelan, a White Victim of a mindless Black Thug.

Immigration and multi-culti madness have brought us nothing but destruction of communities, lack of security, lack of identity, trouble, violence, drugs, gun crime etc.

I don't know about you, but the "salt in the soup" argument is wearing pretty thin! Our compatriots of European Christian descent add enough variety (from the Italians of South Wales to the Australians of London, or the French, Germans, Spaniards and so on) without the added violence and racial conflict.

It's high time that mass coloured immigration was recognised as a complete and utter failure.

We never wanted or needed it. Time to close the door and reverse the procedure, for the benefit of everyone concerned.

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Democratic Values

Selling off the nations gold reserves at rock-bottom prices.

Giving more power (as if they needed it!) to that "den of iniquity" the usurious Bank of England (sic).

Entering illegal wars on Zionist America's coat-tails.

Losing bank details of millions of child benefit recipients.

Releasing mad cow disease into the countryside.

Handing over more powers to Brussels and reneging on a promise to hold a referendum.

Overseeing more and more laws giving "rights" to homosexuals.

Undermining the traditional family structure via its taxation and benefits policies.

Is it any wonder everyone is sick to death of this Labour government?

But to replace them with another bunch of corrupt, money-grubbing, shyster, cover-up, lawyer-class, Masonic, Zionist party politicians will do nothing to remedy the situation!

They will all suck up to Zionism, they all believe we should be "multi-culti" and so on ad nauseum!

There is a lot in the old saying 'anyone who seeks office should be automatically barred from doing so.'

We don't live in a "democracy" as they portray it - we live in an oligarchy, wherein the rulers behind the politicians are always Masonic banksters who ensure the government is always filled with Masonic lawyer types.

But then again... isn't that what democracy has always been?

Since when have "the people" ever been in charge or had a say?

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Warning: Dyke Rant Ahead!

So now the government want to make it official policy that dykes (i.e. lesbians, not Dutch earth-works) can have IVF (in-vitro fertilisation, not an Ulster paramilitary group) with their blessing!


It's enough to make the most laid-back, easy-going, live n let live fascist-type going into a wild-eyed, jabbing-finger, spittle-producing rant!

These liberal scumbags are deliberately, step by Stalinist step, purposefully seeking to undermine our society!

Right: "Never Again! The poofs join the other myriad of "Nazi victims" in the HolyHoax. In reality we should be crying: Never Again: No More Laws for Faggot "Rights."

Things get worse and worse, thanks in large part to 60s liberalism, and what do these commissars of degeneracy do?

Correct their glaring errors?

Put right the huge wrongs they have committed in the name humanism, Marxism or other Masonic ideals?

No! Like blinkered lemmings heading to a particularly lethal cliff they charge on ever faster.

I wouldn't mind, but they're out to take the rest of us with them.

I, for one, am sick of this. Whoever thought 'Political Correctness' was dead or out-of-fashion is woefully wrong!

I do not think homosexuals deserve equal rights. I know they are deranged people, some of them are mentally ill, all of them are partaking in a "lifestyle" that is dangerous for them, for society and for entire nations. It would be uncharitable of me to say otherwise: for no-one can benefit more from this blatant truth than the homosexuals themselves.

Left: Even heavily disabled homosexuals are degenerate and are happy to parade their filth in public.

To stay silent, or to turn a blind eye (no pun intended on any political leader) to the detrimental affect of these degenerates on our nation is to be as guilty in the gradual destruction of our civilisation as the Marxian throwbacks in government or the suicidal Pink Mafia bribing them for more and more laws that favour homosexuality.

In an age when thousands of crimes which effect our people in their daily lives are not even investigated (e.g. burglaries) I find it not only shocking, not only amazing, not only sickening but downright Satanic that "our" government finds yet more time to pass more pro-homosexual laws which will divert police from their 'proper duties' (catching real criminals) to yet more Politically Correct witch-hunts.

If it is to become illegal to say that homosexually is wrong - socially, individually, nationally, as well as from any decent political, religious, moral or other viewpoint which cherishes the family and decency - then this corrupt Masonic regime will be forced to lock up hundreds, if not thousands, of decent, patriotic, law-abiding people.

We might then get a glimpse of the Marxist nature of this regime which is trying to do what the mass-murdering Commissars of Bolshevist Russia could not: rip out the very centre of society, the family!

P.S. Why do the pooftahs and dykes get possession of the term "Hate Crime?" Surely burglary is a 'hate crime' against the householder, yet the police admit to not even investigating a large proportion of these attacks on our daily security. And what of the very real anti-family, anti-Christian hatred witnessed at each and every homosexual rally?
In PC Britain it is indeed "one law for them..."

P.P.S. One of the sprogs told me today that an Anglican friend of his was in Church last Sunday, when his vicar said a natural disaster had happened in America because of a "Gay and Lesbian" convention happening in the area! What a hero! Surely the first vicar candidate for a medal from our very own Ranting Ron?

Hail Jose Antonio & Christian Spain!

The 20th of November is, of course, the day when we remember the death of Francisco Franco, but especially the death of the Falangist leader Jose Antonio who was murdered by the reds.

As the red government of Spain seeks to outlaw commemorative rallies at the huge Christian mausoleum at the Valley of the Fallen outside Madrid, in the hateful way these cowards always do: by dressing it up as a liberal act (as they deface Spanish official buildings) as they try to wipe out the history of Falangist Spain, we must remember the sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of Spaniards to keep Marxism and Freemasonry out of Christian Spain.

There is nothing so illiberal as a self-righteous liberal, or as a born-again Communist acting in the name of "democracy."

As the Marxists and Freemasons of the Spanish government tear down all references to Franco and/or the Falange, we must all - wherever we hail from - keep their sacred memory alive in our hearts and our homes.

Order the Jose Antonio A2 colour poster today.

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Bad Language & Bad Policy!

I've had some weird and wonderful e-mails sent to me in the last week or so. Perhaps the most bizarre was containing texts from the Blog of the arch-Zionist Lee Barnes, the alleged "legal eagle" of the modern[ist] BNP.

Some of his posts were so full of vitriol and foul language, one has to question his legal-expert status, if not his sanity.

People you overhear on the street using the same foul verbiage are either the unintelligent in need of a dictionary or, very occasionally, the very childish (irrelevant of age) seeking to "impress" their friends by 'looking hard.'

I don't know which Barnes is, but neither bodes well for the BNP!

One other of his posts, that I saw, was on his favourite subject: Anti Semitism and Islam. For the uninitiated The BNP organiser for Tel Aviv is bitterly against the former and, er... bitterly against the latter too!

In fact reading his diatribes against Anti-Semitism and 'Islamofascism' one might be forgiven for thinking you've stumbled across a post from the Simon Wieselstool Center (American spelling intentional); just as he and his acolytes in the modern[ist] BNP pour scorn on anyone questioning either the holocaust or the official version of '911.'

The Mossad and/or CIA version of events seems to be the officially sanctioned version of the modern[ist] BNP just as the political stance of the spooks seems to be that of the latter too.

After all, if we begin to question the Holocaust, or who was behind 911, just as who built up Osama Bin Laden and all the rest of it -- we get answers the Zionists (inc Lee Barnes's BNP) don't like.

Indeed at one point Mr. Barnes gets all George Dubya "on our ass" (sorry to go all Hollywood there!) and says that we must all be either be "with the BNP or against the BNP."

So we must either acquiesce in this fawning pro-Zionist drivel or we are to be painted as "anti-nationalist" by Mr. Barnes; those of us with intelligence meanwhile know that it is Mr. Barnes and his ilk who have the ear of the BNP leadership that are anti-nationalist for when were "we" ever told nationalism: was pro-Zionist; was to ape the language of the CIA; was to accept Zionist versions of history; was to become a purely anti-Islam pressure group; was to soft soap on homosexuality, race/immigration, Capitalism and all manner of other evils?

Mr. Barnes says we must all back the BNP as it transmogrifies in to a modern anti-Islam pressure valve. One might think he felt strongly enough to actually join the BNP - but not so (despite having his foul and Zionist blog on the official BNP site).

Now, as reported in the FC e-zine, we have the BNP leader giving talks in American universities against the 'Muslim threat' in Europe... the Zionists, banksters, Bilderbergers et al must be rubbing their hands in glee!

A movement that opposed their worldview is now acting as their voice on the streets...

To borrow from Churchill: Never was so much earned, by so few, to betray so many.

Jump in your Affordable Car! Insure Yourself with Albion Life! Set sail the Fascist Navy!!! ;-)

Israel Needs You!

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