Thursday, 24 January 2013

The 'War on Terror': A Neo Con Zionist Conspiracy of Lies

When will idiots, liberals and Neo-Cons ever learn?

Afghanistan: unwinnable and stupid war against people previously backed by CIA, with no link to 911. Corrupt pro-Western govt. put in place with links to heroin trade.
Iraq: unjustifiable and stupid war against a people with no link to 911 who kept "Islamicists" in check. Chaos created in which 'terrorists' multiply.
Libya: unjustifiable and stupid war against a people who fought "Islamicists" and kept them in check. Chaos ensues in which "Islamicists" (our erstwhile allies in the war, armed and trained by CIA etc) turn on Europeans, and spread war southwards.
Syria: unjustifiable and stupid war in which rebels are armed and trained by CIA etc. to bring chaos to an anti-Zionist country which had kept "Islamicists" in check.
Mali: Civil War amplified by "Islamicists" trained and armed by CIA in Libya, drawing in the French (and UK/USA as in Libya).
Saudi Arabia: Extremist Muslim dictatorship from which most of the "911 suspects" came from which supresses its people. No war.
Israel: Extremist, racist, genocidal state which breaks international law with impunity and has broken untold UN resolutions. Its agents were stopped in NYC on 911 with traces of explosives on them. No war.

One is tempted to think that the reason the CIA et al went into Libya, as well as to bring down an anti-Zionist and anti-usury nation, was to help 'Muslim extremists' there spread their agenda across North Africa and so create another, new chapter for their 'War on Terror' and so ensure money keeps flowing into the military big businesses, Zionist pressure groups and similar.

If all this confuses you, ask yourself this one question:

IF THE MAIN JUSTIFICATION FOR THE 'WAR ON TERROR' IS TO FIGHT 'MILITANT ISLAM' why oh why then have "the West" armed, trained and helped those very same Islamicists in Libya since the 1980s, and in Syria since the Civil War began?

IF THE MAIN JUSTIFICATION FOR THE 'WAR ON TERROR' IS FOR REVENGE ON 911 why oh why then have the states with the strongest links, Saudi Arabia and Israel still retained the status as America's greatest allies.

It all has the stench of Orwell's Big Brother lying to us.

Even a cursory look at the geo-political alliances, adventures and objectives should make you realise that we are being lied to on a grand scale!


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Triumverate of Evil:

US-Saudi Arabia-Bandit State

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