Wednesday, 29 November 2006

New Avalon CD from Final Conflict


This is War by Avalon is being repressed by Final Conflict with excellent additional live songs, recorded in Kent, England at a Blood and Honour concert.

The original 1998 CD with its fantastic 10 tracks went down in history as a superb CD, with songs such as One People One Leader, Communism, if I could See the Future, To Help My Race Stay Free, Strength and Will, and of course, This is War.

Having become nigh on impossible to obtain, Avalon kindly allowed Final Conflict to repress the CD with a great new graphics package, including all the song lyrics.

The additional songs, recorded in Kent at an open air gig are One People One Leader, Our Honour is True, No Remorse's legendary Keep it White, and Ian Stuart Donaldson.

The live songs capture the spirit of the band - just listen out for those riffs and guitar solos!

So, pre-order your copy of THIS IS WAR by AVALON from Final Conflict today and get this superb new release hot-off-the-press.

The first 50 pre-ordered CDs will also get an FC back issue, stickers and an Odal Rune/[Paul Burnley's] Public Enemy/or England Flag badge [express your preference for which badge you'd prefer].

So order today to be sent your CD and freebies in approx 2 weeks.

e-mail us at: for details of how to order via paypal or mail order. Please put 'AVALON CD' in the subject box if e-mailing.

Shops, mail order outlets, distributors etc. interested in bulk rates or exchanges can also drop FC a line.

Hail Avalon! Hail Final Conflict!

PS... Just to remind all of our readers that we hope to have the new and Final Conflict shop will be up and running in time for Christmas.

Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Blair and Bush, Iran and Israel.

The Jews have a word for the ultimate in bare-faced cheek: Chutzpah.

And so they should: there's a lot of it about at the moment!

Tony Blair, the man who causes illegal wars and sends troops in to die whilst he and his friend's rich children stay at home in opulent luxury, now wants to get Iran and Syria into his Iraq quagmire, just like he tried to bring in the UN before...

Bush and Co are talking of being open to new ideas in Iraq, whilst the Neo-Cons who formulated the war in the first place now say the total mess there is down to the US government not implementing strategies properly! Meanwhile the Neo-Cons angle for war against Iran...

Meanwhile in Israel war crimes are committed against innocent civilians ['twas ever thus] and whilst America screeches about any Arab state that kills civilians, the USA covers up for Israel at the UN, blocking a UN resolution against Israeli mass murder ['twas ever thus, ad infinitum].

So in Israel, Benjy Netanhairdo - who sees no wrong in Israel's illegally gained nuclear stockpile - sabre-rattles against Iran's efforts to get a nuclear power station up and running... it seems that if the Israelis can't blackmail the USA to do their dirty work (can we expect another 911?) they may well 'take out' the Iranian facility

What if Iran, Syria or the Saudis 'took out' Israel's stockpiles out in the Negev Desert? Would that be acceptable to 'the

And so we have the latest shenanigans.

Blair desperate (with the blood of hundreds of thousands on his hands - not just aborted babies in the UK) to
appear as the peacemaker as Iraq becomes Balkanised.

Bush fighting a rearguard action against voters sick of body bags being shipped in by the tens of dozens.

Israel desperate to get its goy allies forces to do its dirty work and stop Iran in its tracks.

In today's Daily Mail (I know... don't moan, it must have been when I saw the placard 'Vote BNP, Read the Daily Mail') Ann Leslie -- another of the Zionist banshees that the current BNP leadership seem so keen to emulate -- said that the Iranians have a word in their religion for telling lies that are justified to further their Islamic cause (lesson being we can't trust the Iranians.... question remains who can trust Blair, Bush. Don't even mention the Israelis or the Mossad will be round).

Of course Ms Leslie neglects to tell the readers, whose chore it is to wade through Zionist bullshit, about why we cannot trust the Israelis and how all their promises and oaths can be broken because of their annual Kol Nidre ceremony... but then, she wouldn't - would she?

Saturday, 21 October 2006

The Normans had African employees???

And so we see the BBC's multi-million pound Robin Hood descend into hilarity as the boss of the local soldiers, the master-at-arms, answerable to the Sheriff, is a full blooded African [an actor named Kwami].

Oh yes...

And they stuck David Irving in jail for revisionism?????

Whatever next from the multi-cult - sorry, integrationist - BBC?

A rabbi as Himmler's adjutant?

Playboy bunnies celebrating Ramadan in Mecca at the time of the First Crusade?

The famous Pakistani - St Thomas Moore?

Tony Blair telling George Bush to stick his Zionist foreign policy up his Khyber?

I wish I could travel back to the times of Robin Hood and see the Saxon people
of England, with the Norman influx, and an admixture of Celts, Flemings etc. --
oh and the Blues Parties in Ye Olde Parifh of Brixton.

What's next week? Robin Hood rides into Nottingham on a cart shouting 'Yo Baby'
- how very Blairite - and 'Pimp my ride'?

God Bless the BBC for making a mockery of English history and making anything
they touch into a multi-racial politically correct nonsense!

Whatever would we do without them???

Friday, 6 October 2006

Jack Stravinsky and the Muslim Veil Controversy

We are against Jack Straw's statement.

We want more Muslim women to wear the veil. We want more Asians - Muslims, Sikhs (like this gent), Hindus - to stay dressed as Asians.

We do not want Asians to wear mini skirts, jeans, baseball hats...

We WANT the Asians to stay separate. We do not want to assimilate - and we do not want these people to assimilate with us.

Jack Straw has made this statement to appear 'hardline' to those supporting the Neo Con 'War on Terror', whilst also appearing moderate to Asians/Muslims who are wary of the growth of the veil-wearers. He knows John Reid [the possible next Labour leader] is popular for being 'hardline on Muslim terrorism' and he wants a slice of that pie.

We don't want Asians living here to become Anglicised. The more separate these people are, the more in touch with their homelands and their cultures, the easier it will be to repatriate them to their ancestral homelands.

And that goes for Asian Muslims, as much as it does for Hindus, Jews, and also Christian West Indians.

Some Neo Cons on the right will whoop up Straw's remarks but say that 'he doesn't go far enough' -- the same Neo Cons who have dropped repatriation as a solution to the problem of multi-racism and multi-culturalism.

They are buffoons - the stormtroops of the Daily Mail, the political street force of Cheney and Bush!

Straw is wrong. The Neo Cons are wrong. Assimilation is wrong!

Pakistanis, or any other Asians or Arabs or Africans belong in their countries - NOT ours.

Keeping separate identities is the first step... as the politician Mr Stravinsky, sorry Mr. Straw [the name his family changed it to] knows full well.

St Michael's Day

Sorry everyone, we missed announcing St Michael's Day - Michaelmas - last week, on Sept 29th.

Obviously this day has special resonance because of the founding of the Legionary Movement by Codreanu.

So apologies again and a belated Happy Michaelmas to everyone out there fighting the Judeo-Masonic New World Order, especially Ranting Ron, Candice and the Tea Boy!

It's all BS from the usual crowd

Does ANYONE believe 'call me Dave' Cameron when he says he'll be 'tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime' or that his priority will be the 'NHS'?

We hear all this in 1996/7 from Teflon Tony.

More Grade A horse crud from the wannabe leaders fighting over the 'centre ground.'

Verily, my vomit bucket hath overflowed a hundredfold!


We are cattle. Pawns in their game. We're numbers, to be gained or lost through soundbytes.

They gain more votes by wining and dining media barons and fleet street editors than they do by talking to the "real people" mano a mano - porta a porta.

And worst of all - something I know they do just to get all the FC brigade shaking their fists at the Electronic Talmud in the corner [the TV] they do this whole farce about tax.

Will they cut taxes? Oooooooooooooooh. Will they raise taxes? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.


All the politicians are in the pockets of the bankers.

Cameron and Osborne [Ozzy I assume] if they get in will do the rounds of the bankers. They'll be invited to meetings by the Bilderbergers and all the rest of them.

If any of the politicians - including the 'we want to cut taxes' Tories or the 'we really care for the poor' Labour lot - wanted to they could cut taxes tomorrow by 80%, 90%... more!

All they have to do is break free of the IMF, World Bank, Bank of England etc.


Create the nation's own money - issued as a credit, i.e. not 'borrowed' into circulation from private companies like the Bank of England.

Millions, billions would be created, free of debt.

The bankers might want to start a war to regain their stranglehold over the UK plc... but that's an issue freedom-lovers will have to address at the time by making international treaties etc.

We can be free of debt overnight. We can be free of interest rates overnight.

Before the heebs and their puppets set up the Bank of England [yeah, thanks William of Orange - some 'glorious' revolution that was! In the pay of Masonic Heebs from Amsterdam!] in contradiction of millenia of Christian common sense, England was interest-free for 800 years!

Imagine that!

Most of us can remember when a packet of crists cost 10p or less. Some can remember when a house cost £500.

It's all a con.

And 'call me Dave' Cameron is a part of the con.

If he really cares so much for the NHS, then take away the right of the Bank of England to loan money into circulation by lending the money to the nation; start creating the nation's own money - then you can REDUCE taxes and increase funding for the NHS in one fell swoop!

The people would salute him as a hero!

OK, the bankers would want him assinated within days... but isn't being PM about doing what is right for the nation? What is right for tax-payers? What is right for the NHS?

Or do the rights of a small clique of MEGA rich bankers count for more with the likes of 'call me Dave' and 'Teflon Tony'?

We all know the answer don't we?

And taxes will continue to rise.. and the NHS will continue to crumble. Oh... and wars will continue to be financed - lucky we just about paid off the debt for the Napoleonic one! We may pay off the debt for the 'War on Terror' [sic] by 2206!

As Louis Armnstrong said: Oh What a Wonderful World!

Monday, 25 September 2006

Abortionist Violence

Go visit this site.

With so many communists, anti-fascists etc. going on about 'pro-life violence' it's about time the truth came out about the violence of the merchants of death.

I recall a young bloke in London. He was so mild-mannered and he used to go to Brixton abortuary. There the reds would show, spit on him, kick him and he took it all! He later became a monk and died an early death. He let those scumbags attack him - and not one media pundit or civil rights type could care less!

I remember a short while afterwards about a dozen Third Positionists went to Brixton abortuary with our placards etc.

Some abortionists and reds showed and started to spit and punch... only this time they got some of their own medicine back - and boy did they beat a hasty retreat - with our laughter echoing in their boxed ears!

As is always the way with the 'red revolutionaries' when they can't beat old women and pacifists, they called the old bill and the police showed up shortly afterwards.

The spirit of Che Guevara eh? ;-)

Anyway, go look at the site and whenever Searchlies prattle on about pro-life violence, or the money-men making obscene profits and taking inflated wages at the "clinics" or at the BPAS moan about pro-lifers blockading their murder centres... remember what you've seen at this site.

The young man standing with his solitary protest at Brixtion Abortuary suffered their violence, and the 'doctors' inside won't tell you about that!

Thursday, 21 September 2006

Hungary update

Actually, we're desperately searching for one... can anyone find it?

20,000 people are swarming the streets of Budapest in a vigil to celebrate the imminent downfall of a corrupt régime, in a more honest version of the "revolutions" in Ukraine, Yugoslavia and Georgia.

Many more people are in a state of revolt in towns and villages across Hungary. The corrupt Gyurcsány régime is standing firm, and the government seems to prefer the prospect of confrontation in its own interest, rather than stepping aside for the good of the Magyar nation.

And yet, Sky News have dropped the story. The BBC have stopped reporting on it, as have the other major European and American news networks. It's been shunted to the small print in continental newspapers. Is it possible that somebody wasn't expecting these events?

One reason for this developing story being kept under the cosh is the fact that old Jewish codger and billionaire powerbroker George Soros (right) is one of the main men propping up the corruption-sodden political order in Hungary. Incidentally, with Gyurcsány's help, Soros is one of the main forces behind the "integration" of lawless Roma gypsies into Hungary and the former Soviet satellite states. But despite all those dollars, it appears that his operation in the Magyar state has hit a brick wall. Wonderful!

Communist Pushes Police State Agenda

Is it me?

Does the thought of a hardline Communist pushing through police state measures, asking parents to grass up their kids for thought-crimes, and sucking up to the N.W.O.'s 'war on terror' agenda strike you with fear?

We've had a handful of dubious terror strikes in the UK/USA for which there is plenty of evidence of secret state collusion (at least!)

John Reid, Blair's Bulldog [with our without his testicles airbrushed out!) is pushing this secret state agenda.

Rather than offer REAL solutions - the resettlement of non-Europeans, a REAL agenda for justice for the people of Palestine, Iraq etc... we get this police state drivel from this Communist bruiser.

Those who should know better will give the thumbs up to the erosion of our civil liberties rather than tackle the real issues: Zionist control of our media (such as the Daily Express and Star stable - pictured) and the need for large scale remigration of non-Europeans... giving us what we dream of, a nation (and continent) once again Christian and European.

The idea of John Reid being in charge of the home office (and spouting this crap) is as worrying and ridiculous as putting John Prescott in charge of a girls' College.

Jolly Hockey Sticks! ;-)

Wednesday, 20 September 2006

Iran BAD? Israel GOOD? Says WHO???

This last week a rather disturbing thing landed on my desk, which left an unpleasant odour in the air. No not a stinky nappy from one of the little FC sprogs, or a Daily Mail piece of Talmudo-drivel dressed up as Western pro-Christian concern from the likes of Melanie Phillips or Ann Leslie (both banshees of the Israel sycophant brigade).

No, this latest piece of gut-wrenchingly putrid faeces came directly from the latest source of all things dubious concerning the ‘War on Terror,’ the newest and most deadliest of poodles of Bush and Blair, because he adorns his quasi-Zionist drivel with minor put downs of the Neo Cons, so as to catch the unawares off guard.

If we are to believe the aforementioned Zionist banshees, whose cries are succour to the baby killers and torturers of the Israeli ‘Defence’ Force (Defence? Has anyone read 1984? – we are in 100% newspeak land), then President Ahmadinejad is Satan on earth. A ‘new Hitler’ no less (after the other ‘New Hitlers’ Slobbo and Saddam who went before him)! He is not only a “holocaust denier”(so surely a ‘Nazi’?), but is also planning nuclear war, is behind terrorism worldwide, and probably had a role in ‘911’ (after all, everyone else the banshees have singled out for attack by their toy goy soldiers has…)

But who should enter the stage and pronounce Ahmadinejad as a mad man?

Someone who really should know better! No, scratch that. Someone who does know better but who has been turned by the smell of shekels.

When Hamas were elected (God Bless democracy!) into office in Palestine, this same person mirrored the Daily Mail Zionists in calling for a cessation of funding of the Palestinian Authority by the European Union.

When the Twin Towers were attacked in a staged event by the N.W.O., this same person agitated for war against Afghanistan.

When Israel illegally invaded Lebanon killing innocent men, women and children by the hundred, this same man allowed one of his lieutenants to publish a piece glorifying Israel, telling ‘patriots’ to support Israel – and more.

So who is this person who is in ideological bed with Phillips and Leslie?

Who is this person who wanted war with Afghanistan?

Who is this person who allowed sycophantic pro-Israel and anti-Lebanese comment on his official website?

Who is this person attacking Ahmadinejad for being revisionist?

Who is this person who says Iran is trying to get nuclear weapons and must be stopped whereas Israel’s illegal WMDs are dismissed as a mere “deterent”?

Rumsfeld? Blair? Cheney? Reid? Mandelson???

Hold on to your hats boys and girls. It’s the same person who thinks race-mixing is grand, who says that immigration (albeit controlled) adds ‘flavour’ to the UK, and who allows homosexuals in his organisation…

Who could it be? Which Zionist liberal?

Step forward Nicholas Griffin.

For those who disbelieve (shame on you!) here follows two interesting pieces: the first shows that Iran’s nuclear ambitions are peaceful. The second shows that Griffin has sold out to the Zionist right.

Both were originally published in the FC e-zine #2826, dated 19th September.

Keep on having fun y’all!


On second thoughts because of the size of the pieces - important though they be - it's probably best if you get the FC e-zine #2826. You can request it through the FC site or you can e-mail for a copy at: putting the subject box 'send me FC ezine #2826'

Spirit of '56 at work in Hungary?

In 1956, the people of Hungary rose up in rebellion against the murderous rule of Communism, implemented by notorious Jewish fanatics Ernő Gerő and Mátyás Rákosi. Is a similar national revolution underway in Hungary in 2006, and this time, will it be successful?

The left usually queue up to claim responsibility for such rebellions, but if the Reds at the Irish Indymedia site are anything to go by, then they're a little disappointed that the protests sweeping the Magyar state are dominated by the "nationalist right".

Here's FC's reaction to developing events:

1. The salient point is that unlike the past CIA/Mossad-backed "colour revolutions" in Ukraine, Georgia and Lebanon (all of which are now dead in the water), events in Hungary seem to have taken everyone by surprise. And unlike the famed "Orange Revolution" in Kiev, the mainstream Western media doesn't seem as keen on affording much coverage to events in Budapest. In fact, they've dropped it in light of a convenient coup in Thailand, which is hardly as relevant.

2. A Budapest-based "reporter" (let's not take that label too seriously!) for Indymedia Ireland said that "this is not the 'Left' protesting in the streets but mostly the nationalist Right (the 'Left' is the government but theres nothing 'Left' about it) - members of Jobbik and MIÉP are most likely there tonight. I don't like them." These groups, the Hungarian Justice and Life Party (MIÉP) and the Movement for a Better Hungary (Jobbik) are radical nationalists formed in a political alliance known as the "Third Way", and the time is surely ripe for them to get their political message across.

3. With that in mind, any media source honest enough to cover the revolt will desperately try to portray it as a leftist one, but failing that, they will identify it as one organised purely by the main political opposition to the ruling Socialists, Fidesz. But the same hacks will miss the point that Hungary is possibly now the first country to identify that as political systems go, free market capitalism is just as corrupt as tyrannical communism. The Socialist prime minister at the centre of Hungary's economic scandal - Ferenc Gyurcsány - is a former Communist who supposedly changed his spots. But now, the people of Hungary will recognise that life under capitalism is just as destructive as the system which preceded it. Fidesz, as champions of that same system, simply aren't an option.

4. The lying crook Gyurcsány's Socialists (MSZP) are the same crowd who took Hungary into the European Union in 2004. The E.U. is already unpopular in the accession states, and the MSZP's association with that accession will undoubtedly lead a lot of Hungarians to the right conclusions.

5. If anything, events in Hungary provide evidence for people in England and beyond that we do live in a world where politicians lie and cheat, and very successfully. Gyurcsány was unlucky to have been caught - remember that next time you toss a coin between a Tory or a Tony!

Here's to a Hungary free of capitalism and communism!

Monday, 18 September 2006

The art of crisis creation

One of the main conclusions which one draws from the insanity of the modern world is that in the midst of extremes, on every occasion Truth and Justice are shot down in the crossfire. Such is the case with the ongoing brouhaha surrounding Pope Benedict XVI's "comments" about Islam.

Like the furore over the anti-Islamic cartoons in the Danish press, this current "crisis" bears all the hallmarks of something which has been carefully massaged and manipulated into something it is not. On one hand, we hear the Pope (the same Pope who unreservedly condemned the recent Israeli rape of Lebanon) apologising profusely for things he never said; on the other, churches are torched in the West Bank, clerics and nuns attacked, and the Holy Father's life is threatened by random "extremists".

And yet, a body of silent middlemen seems to be at work, whose version of events sets the world agenda, but remains unchecked. Those middlemen are the pawns in the international media - the same liars and cheats who attempted to pull the wool over so many eyes in the run up to the war in Iraq, and the same liars and cheats who make a habit out of turn fictioning into news at the behest of vested interests.

The hysterical nonsense which followed the Pope's speech has been deliberately generated by the Zionist-controlled media in a sick bid to sunder friendly relations between non-Zionist Christians (i.e., those who didn't swallow the WMD rot) and Arabs, particularly Palestinians. It's interesting to note that in a much publicised interview 24 hours after the Pope's lecture, arch-Zionist Henry Kissinger just happened to call on the United States and Europe to unite in a bid to avoid a "war of civilisations". It's typical neo-con timing, and evidence that a long-term goal of the wars of aggression being waged in the Middle East is to pit Europe and the Arab states of the Middle East against each other, in a bid to orchestrate their mutual destruction.

Only one set of manipulators - carefully using their agents within the media (to deadly effect in recent days) - can benefit from this scenario, just like they attempted to benefit from the Danish cartoon fiasco, and just like they continue to benefit from tricking Christians into fighting fundamentally un-Christian wars at their bidding. We'll leave it to our readers to draw their own conclusions...

Sunday, 17 September 2006

Mission Statement

This blog exists to put a nationalist and Christian perspective on events taking place in England, Europe and throughout the world. It is not party political affiliated, and is open to other participants so long as they share the general spiritual and ideological ethos. Those who do not observe the Mission Statement will be removed immediately.

The Final Conflict magazine and blog are published by Nationalist activists, and are independent publications; for a summary of the blog's ideological ethos, please view the ten points of the International Third Position (ITP), which have been republished here.

Thursday, 14 September 2006

ITP Declaration of Principles

It is an integral part of our political tradition that Man is, self-evidently, a complex of Spirit and Matter, and that the primacy lies with the Spirit. Without an all-pervading spiritual revolution - a method of purification and improvement carried on by the individual for a life time - our militants will not differ in any essential sense from the degenerates who have given rise to the horrors of the modern world, and who have acted upon a purely materialist conception of Life and History. It is the belief of the Third Position that worldwide National Revolution can only be achieved by the moulding of a New Man, a militant who practises what he preaches. Such a New Man must embody our ideal in such a way that he acts in himself as the highest form of propaganda for the Third Position in the community in which he lives and works. It is equally the belief of the Third Position that the splendour of Europe, viewed historically and culturally, has its roots in the doctrine and practice of the Christian Faith. If, therefore, Europe is to regain its sense of Destiny and Mission, it must return sincerely and wholeheartedly to the Faith. As each individual develops his spiritual qualities, Europe will move forward thereby to a New Imperium.

Since the degeneracy of the modern world is founded upon immorality and amorality, it stands to reason that a regenerate world can only be built upon Moral Order and Christian standards of living. The Third Position believes that it is vital that people understand that, contrary to the propaganda of the mass media of contemporary society, there does exist Right and Wrong, Truth and Falsehood, Good and Bad in our world, and not a range of equally valid opinions and choices as materialists claim. Moral Order, to have any real meaning, is necessarily founded upon the immutable principle that only Truth has rights. Since the Family is the primary element and centre of any healthy society, it follows that its strength and unity are essential to the stability, happiness and development of the Nation in all its aspects, material and spiritual. For this reason, the Third Position opposes any and all agencies and policies which seek to restrict, undermine or destroy Family Life in any way whatsoever. Furthermore, we believe that healthy societies and large families go hand in hand; consequently, we believe that the State is duty bound to do all in its power to make large families the norm in our society. The Third Position asserts that it is wholly opposed to the "legalization" of Abortion, artificial birth control, Euthanasia, Divorce, Homosexuality, Genetic Experimentation on Humans at any age and Vivisection, since they contravene God's Law and Objective Truth in the most blatant manner, and wholly negate the life-giving principles of the Third Position as an Ideology and Way of Life. The Third Position likewise asserts that for this Moral Order to come into being, it is vital that the young, as well as future generations, are taught not merely book knowledge, but also the path of self-sacrifice and spiritual perfection, which give rise to individuals that are virtuous and honourable. By such means, we will raise a people qualitatively superior in all respects to the increasingly dehumanized hordes deliberately being turned out by contemporary "education".


The French Revolution of 1789 was the primary event which thrust philosophical materialism onto the world stage. In the intervening two centuries, the power of Organized Naturalism in all its diverse forms - that is to say, the systematic tendency to deny in theory and practice the reality of Soul and Spirit - has grown steadily to the point that it now threatens to engulf the entire world. Materialism in its war with the Spirit has taken on many forms; some have promoted its goals with great subtlety, whilst others have done so with an alarming lack of subtlety, but all have added, in greater or lesser measure, to the growing misery of Mankind. The forms which have done the most damage in our time may be enumerated as: Freemasonry, Liberalism, Nihilism, Capitalism, Socialism, Marxism, Imperialism, Anarchism, Modernism and the New Age. Each of these creeds - materialist at base - is philosophically wrong and discredited in practice. Thus, the Third Position condemns them all unreservedly, and affirms that opposition to all forms of Materialism is central to the ideology of the Third Position.


Zionism as an organized political movement is little more than a century old, and yet in that time it has built a power structure of colossal proportions that straddles the globe. This structure includes not only the illegal Israeli regime, set up on the stolen land of Palestine, but also the power bases that Zionists have constructed in the spheres of Politics, Economics and the Media, especially in the USA and Europe. Needless to say, this power structure exists to serve and extend the interests of International Jewry, and this can only be done at the expense of the indigenous populations who have lost control of their countries to this discriminatory creed. In Palestine, Zionist control has taken on a brutal and overt form, whilst in the West it has tended to be a great deal more subtle in its methods; but methods aside, the result is the same. Whilst the Zionist colossus exists, our nations are being denied their right to national self-determination. It is an intolerable position, and one that cannot The Third Position affirms that it is resolutely opposed to the political, economic and territorial imperialism of the Zionist movement, and proclaims that all peoples have a right to determine their destiny unmolested, directly or indirectly, by the Zionist power. The Third Position also rejects the Arafat Puppet State that has been set up at the behest of the powers that be behind the New World Order, since its very existence negates the core belief of the Palestinian National Movement: that the whole of Palestine be governed by its true inhabitants, the Palestinians. Any Treaty, any political diversion, which denies this principle in its integrity is necessarily unjust, and must be opposed by all those who seek True Peace and Justice.


It is a core belief of the Third Position that harmony and peace within nations and between nations can only be truly attempted if each nation seeks to create an essential unity that transcends sectional or vested interests. For far too long the destiny of nations has been the plaything of corrupt political parties, power cliques and outright tyrants; it is now more urgent than ever that the material and spiritual integrity of the Nation and Culture comes into its own. It is the belief of the Third Position that this vital unity can only be achieved through the implementation of a thorough-going programme of decentralization, particularly in the political sphere where power continues to be centralized day by day. This programme of political decentralization we call Popular Rule. In its essence, it is a system of self-government by the people which starts at the level of the lowest socially viable unit, and extends through a series of organically linked structures to the national level. It is the direct participation of the entire adult population in the decision-making process - local, regional and national - and draws its strength from the fact that the entire people express their wishes and have these acted upon by duly appointed delegates. However, the people themselves must act within the Moral Order if their wishes are to be valid; that is to say, the people do not make the "truth" by voting, rather their political actions must conform to Objective Truth. If this were not so, we would be confronted by a crass majoritarianism where "truth" would vary from one day to the next, according to the mood of the people. Beyond the Individual, there will exist two distinct institutions whose tasks will include the upholding of the rights of Truth. Firstly, the State seen not merely as an economic entity, but one also possessed of political and social powers and duties.
The Third Position asserts that all healthy societies are built upon recognition of God's Law and the rights of Truth, and not upon the civil constitutions and Bills of Rights that have been foisted upon us by vested interests striving to promote liberalism and relativism. It is foreseen that the clear enunciation of Moral principles by the Church will assist the citizen in daily, secular duties - to the benefit of Church, Society and Individual.

That the human species is comprised of a patchwork of differing races and cultures is a matter of commonsense, and yet there are, incredibly, those who would destroy this richness and diversity in humanity in order to replace it with a rootless mass, lacking identity and history. In such a nightmare world the very words Race, Nation and Culture would cease to have any meaning at all. In other words, this forced multi-racism is seeking to destroy the living soil within which all peoples have their roots, their identity, their being. The Third Position rejects any and all attempts to impose this inhuman conformity on Mankind, whether it be advanced by slick television propaganda, or at the point of a gun. The Third Position insists that it is both healthy and divinely ordained that people should have a genuine love and preference for their own kind; it likewise insists that this healthy instinct must be complemented by a sincere respect for those of differing race and culture who act upon the same principle. As a consequence, the Third Position supports the concept of Racial Separatism whereby different peoples and cultures co-operate in an atmosphere of respect and understanding to their mutual benefit, preserving one another from the abyss of multi-racism. In the struggle to preserve human diversity, resettlement of races to their countries of origin will play a major role, and will directly aid the struggle to build a more peaceful world.


Every sane individual, wherever in the world he may be, wishes to live in an environment that is both beautiful and healthy. Given that the membership of the Third Position is drawn increasingly from across the globe, it follows that it is committed to ensuring that all nations and cultures act to preserve the beauty and balance of the world that we all share, to our mutual benefit. However, this desire does not necessitate the creation of all-powerful global police bodies - as eco-fanatics and New Agers advocate - but rather the creation of a real and genuine understanding between nations of one another's needs. The flora, fauna and great waterways of the world exist in a complex and dynamic relationship, a relationship that allows Mankind to live and develop. It is clearly in the interests of all to preserve this life-giving relationship. For this reason, the Third Position affirms that it will act as a body to restrain the destruction of our common home, whether it be through the greed of the capitalist corporation; the mania for industrialization of Socialism; the rapacity of the international banking houses; or our would-be masters of the New World Order. Man has the primacy over Nature by divine right, but that primacy is one of stewardship and husbandry, and the passing on to future generations of a better world than the one inherited. The Third Position believes that in a sane social order there is a vital balance to be struck between Ruralism and Urbanism. In and of itself, Ruralism is by far the healthier, for it possesses all that is essential to life, but this does not detract from the fact that a complementary urbanism - made up of hamlets, villages, market towns, centres of non-polluting technological advance, light industry and research institutes - can add much of use and benefit to human existence. This balance between Ruralism and Urbanism is held to be central to the worldview of the Third Position, for it determines, directly or indirectly, so much else of the programme of the Third Position.


No rational person could seriously deny that Money, the love of it and the scramble for it, dominates the modern world in a degree hitherto unknown in the history of Mankind. Increasingly, the very right to existence of individuals, families, communities, regions, nations and cultures is determined by an alleged "economic viability", as though Money was the sole standard of importance in all the crucial questions of Life. In other words, Money, which was originally no more than a useful means of facilitating life in an increasingly complex society, has come to be the Judge of all things in Life and Society. Such a perversion of True Order has, not surprisingly, wrought misery and horror on a grotesque scale: cynically provoked wars; famines; pollution; genocide; grinding poverty; social manipulation; crass consumerism; youth suicide; widespread alcoholism; disintegrating families. The Third Position asserts that Money is nothing more than a lowly servant of Man and Society, a servant that must be compelled to work for the Common Good of all, both within and between nations. It further asserts that since the modern Banking System is practising the most refined usury the world has ever known, it follows that we will campaign for its destruction, and replace it with a social banking system based on Sound Money. As a result, all debt, be it domestic, national or international, which springs from usury will be cancelled without compensation, and the bank owners will be compelled to make restitution to their unfortunate victims. The Third Position believes that International Finance is one of the greatest evils of the modern world, and thus is intrinsically hostile to the programme of the Third Position.


The Third Position believes that there is a mode of ownership - in industry, in agriculture, in domestic circles - which goes far beyond the inhuman and unjust concentration wrought by both Capitalism and Socialism, and which apart from being pre-eminently practical is also perfectly natural, and in accordance with human nature. In the English-speaking world, this alternative is known as Distributism, an alternative developed and popularized by two fine English writers, Hilaire Belloc and G.K. Chesterton. This form of ownership occurs in an economy which is decentralized to the smallest, viable unit and thus results in a plethora of producer and service co-operatives, small businesses, craft workshops, Guild structures, artisanal associations, small holdings, family firms and family farms. It is a mode of ownership which promotes individual initiative and creativity, and yet does so only within the framework of the Common Good. It is the natural conjunction of Individual Freedom with Social Justice. Given the total failure of Socialism, with its unnatural bureaucracy and inefficiency, and given the exploitation and gross inequality that result from Capitalism's so-called "Free Market", it is evident that Distributism is going to be the socio-economic creed of the twenty-first century.


It is because the Third Position seeks to build a New Social Order that it recognizes that all peoples and cultures, who adhere to the basic tenets of the Third Position, must work together closely in an air of mutual trust and support. Since the victory of a National Revolution in one part of the world is a victory for all Third Positionists, it follows that each affiliated member must be prepared to give moral, financial or technical assistance, where possible, should a revolutionary situation emerge in any given country. Parochialism in an age when the One World Ideology is striding to total victory is a complete negation of everything we profess, and thus is vigorously rejected by the Third Position.

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