Saturday, 28 February 2009

German TV on Bishop Williamson

Bishop Williamson's UK arrival on German TV

And here's a Jewish/Zionist take on the affair.

Note how this extremist Zionist tries to defend "Vatican 2" liberalism towards Judaism! These people are desperate to castrate Christianity, whilst their own Judaism remains steadfastly Anti-Christ in its very nature!

He talks about "great lies" - what of the Jewish (Talmudic) great lie that Christ was not the Son of God or that His mother Mary was a whore?

Now listen to Bishop Richard Williamson on Orwell's 1984 and the Truth:

Will the Nu-BNPers who have swallowed the Neo Con agenda on the "War on Terror," "Al Qaeda" and "911" listen to this talk? Listen to Part 4 of it - and this Christian Cleric has seen through the "Muslim terror threat" BS, as part of the globalist agenda!

We have lost sight of the bigger picture! We are all terrified, like Christ's apostles led by St Peter on God Friday. We all hide away "for fear of the Jews."

The Truth of all this furore is that Bishop Williamson has defended the Truth, and in so doing is found in front of the Pharisaic court (the international global media) which, like its fore-runner 2000 years ago will bring in false witnesses and twist the facts to find the innocent guilty.

May God have mercy on us all!

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Last Week's Quote: Oswald Mosley on Open Debate

"Let all things be discussed, and let truth prevail."

Sir Oswald Mosley,
The European journal,
March 1953.

56 years on: how very apt for today's world where war criminals get rewards, sinecures and baubles; yet those who merely have an opinion or want to discuss the details of history are hounded out of countries!

As some coloured gentlemen were want to say: No Justice! No Peace!

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Media Home in on +Williamson & Irving

Read some of the superb comments on this post:

Bishop Williamson & David Irving

The furore over Bishop Williamson (the BBC News at ten tonight hinted he wasn't even a Catholic!) and his comments have opened a can of worms.

I think only 50 soldiers died at Custer's Last Stand. Is that illegal?

Ash Wednesday: Lent Begins

Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent.

As the first link below states the practice of being blessed with ashes goes back, at the very least to Anglo-Saxon days.

These days many people do not follow the traditions of Lent as the Anglo-Saxons would have done, nonetheless even in this secular age,Lent is often used as a reason/excuse to 'give something up.'

So, as a nationalist why not consider giving up something negative?

If you over indulge in drink, give it up for Lent and put the money into the cause.

If you or your other half do the weekly shopping at Cohens (Tescos) or one of the other big supermarkets, why not try and shop locally. If you look around local butchers, greengrocers etc. can sometimes even be cheaper!

If you tend to flop in front of the TV after work, why not turn it off for Lent? Read some good books. Go for walks. Play with your kids.

I'm sure we can all think of things we'd all like to find an excuse to change or stop: so make today that day, and in so doing become a living link with today and the world of Aelfric the Saxon.

Aelfric on Saxon Ash Wednesday

Wikipedia on Ash Wednesday

Remember Carpentras? What About Christian Graves in Gaza?

Carpentras was a graveyard in France that was bulldozed.

Right: Do a search for daubed, attacked, graffiti'd gravestones and you will find a litany of "anti-semitic" incidents. Damage done to Christian graves in our cities or in India, or in Occupied Palestine does not feature! Many of the "swastika spree" incidents have been documented as carried out by Zionist Jews (ref: Bigots Behind the Swastika Spree - see last link at the bottom of this piece) in order to win sympathy for Zionists and Israel.

Unlike our graveyards here this was not as a result of bad planning applications or council bureaucracy.

Carpentras was a Jewish graveyard and the attack was blamed on "anti Semites."

Few asked how a bulldozer was used in the dead of night to smash gravestones. Some said that in a pan-European campaign Mossad were ratcheting up "sympathy" for Israel (a book "The Bigots behind the Swastika Spree" shows how many "Nazi" attacks on Jews and Jewish sites are carried out by Zionists for their nefarious schemes).

Images from Carpentras were beamed across the world and we all "remembered" how the Jewish people had suffered unlike any other (no Ukrainian, Armenian, Rwandan, Russian, Pole -- your suffering counts for nought!).

I remember catching the bus as a 'nipper' to visit a relative. One of the sites we passed was a large graveyard, and just over the wall from the top deck of the bus you could see smashed headstones and others with hip-hip graffiti sprayed on them.

This was a Christian graveyard, with our white antecedents buried therein.

There was not even a column inch in the local paper about this outrage. And how many other Christian graves in the city, or elsewhere in the land had been smashed and daubed in such a manner?

We'll never know because the media and vested interests did not, and do not, care.

Which reminds me of a TV documentary on anti-fascism and Jewish activists in Manchester. At one stage the Jewish "anti-fascists" (after one of the 'campest' martial arts sessions you've ever witnessed!) stage a paramilitary style "patrol" through a Jewish graveyard upon which one of the "proletarian warriors" (now, now, try not to cry with laughter!) was heard to say - suspiciously close to the TV production team's microphones! - to one of his coreligionists, 'don't look for the smashed headstones, there's far too many of them'... as a carefully pippet-ed "tear" snaked down his faux-grubby would-be working class face!

The camera merely showed a standard graveyard wherein the headstones were leaning or had fallen. The sort you see in virtually any graveyard over 50 or 100 years old!

If anyone uttered those words surreptitiously into a camera-microphone in a Christian graveyard as he passed stones pushed over by gales or subsidence he would be laughed out of town.

But (excuse the pun) no stone is left unturned when it comes to grabbing sympathy for their Zionist cause!

Prof Norman Finkelstein is crystal clear that Zionists have profited and milked the system via the "holocaust industry," so whatever the figures of the Jewish war dead, we are witnessing a Zionist machine that isn't above using their own dead to get positive spin and money!

It's in light of that one can well imagine an Israeli team climbing aboard a bulldozer, targeting Jewish graves rather than Palestinian homes.

Yet it isn't just Jewish graves that are used as propaganda ammunition by Zionists. Last night's Newsnight (still available on BBC i-player) is worth a watch to see the damage done to British War Graves by Israeli tanks and troops.

The descendants of the terrorists that booby-trapped the bodies of British servicemen in the 40s (just as Soviet Commissars had mutilated and booby-trapped Wehrmacht bodies in 1941 to push the Germans into reprisals) were shelling the graveyard just a few weeks ago!

Outside of Newsnight (and the Daily Telegraph) there has been a stony silence. No marches. No wringing of hands. No gnashing of teeth.

The Israeli Death Forces (IDF) came out with a trite statement of a "weapons factory" and when flushed out by proof that the damage was done by the Israelis and not Palestinians, they later added "Hamas militants in the area" (a catch-all lie used when they shelled hospitals in Gaza).

Left: Just one of the smashed and damaged headstones deliberately shelled by the Israeli tanks. When will so-called "British nationalists" have the cajones to denounce the Zionist terror state? If dead innocents don't make them take notice, perhaps the desecration of British war graves might?

We basically have a people whose idea of building support for their state, or getting revenge against their detractors is to try and hurt the dead!

I am reminded of the machine gunning of Christian monuments in Bethlehem by Jewish soldiers, just as their soul-mates as Commissars in the Republican Spanish forces machine gunned Churches, altars and exhumed the bodies of nuns and priests to shoot at them!

We are dealing with "the longest hatred" here. A hatred that sees any people, any shrines, any sites as targets in a war that's sole aim is the Zionist control of the Middle East, America and the world.

Later in Newsnight they show a blown-up Cross as "evidence" of Muslim hatred. No evidence of the perpetrators is given. One is reminded of Carpentras... especially if you think locals would have first turned their attention to the whole and pristine Jewish graves nearby first surely given local sensibilities.

So it is that the war criminals who machine-gunned children at point blank range, the spiteful idiots who shelled a British War Cemetery for "fun," the banksters who filled their pockets and wrecked livelihoods and lives, the war criminals who organised the illegal war in Iraq: all of them walk free and more than a few have grown rich or earned money through their actions.

Meanwhile, last night an English Bishop landed in his homeland to be jostled by aggressive journalists and has the law of at least three countries taking action against him, and faces smears across the world media.

Perhaps the Bishop should have wrecked a graveyard, or killed whole communities, or organised an illegal war, or pocketed millions and wrecked lives... then he would be just another unnoticed cog in a worldwide machine that has enslaved entire peoples, instead of being merely a serious, sober voice putting forward his own opinion of historical research!

Jesus Christ said the Truth will set you free, and He was that Truth. A little while later He was crucified for daring to utter that very Truth, and those same forces of Christian Truth and Zionist/Masonic power are still in conflict today!

If you stand for the Truth you will be attacked by a media, by the politicians and by the whole infrastructure that is led, controlled and/or blackmailed into subservience by the Zionist/Masonic power.

And so a 2000 year-old conflict continues, with Zionist troops shelling the graves that carry the Cross of Christ, and a Bishop that dares to speak of the Emperor's new clothes being harried and kicked out of countries!

C'est la guerre!

BBC Reporter's Blog on Gaza War Cemetery

Telegraph: Fury Over Israeli's Shelling Graves

Attacks on Jewish Graveyards Contrived After Mel Gibson's Passion Movie

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Are Bland Buildings Necessary?

I have come to the conclusion that the modern world is soulless.

Right: Rabbit hutches with little squares of grass. Can't we as a people aspire to provide better housing?

It's weird to start any piece of writing with a conclusion, but there you go. I don't see any point in beating about the bush.

Look at most buildings built since the 60s.

Our homes have become soulless boxes, rabbit hutches with their little patio and square of grass.

Our offices, factories and all too often our very work has become soulless. Neon stripped existences, clock-watching monotony.

Our shops have become branded monotony, soulless Tescos, Sainsburys, Marks & Spencers forcing the small artisan, local producer-seller and quirky local shop into penury.

Our public buildings, council offices, leisure centres and even our churches are bland, square blocks with safety doors and false ceilings.


Where are the structures that scream of our heritage? That give us a glimpse of artisanship? That speak of local crafts and come from the local soil and rock? That -- pc brigade and commies look away -- give us a glimpse of heaven?

We have stately homes and grand churches and Cathedrals, the remnants of a bygone age, but why can't we have homes with character? With nooks and crannies? With odd shaped gardens? Why can't our offices and public buildings be stirring?

I know things were never rosy, and our forefathers lived in slums and worked as slave-labourers for the iron masters and factory-owners who built so many grand country estates; but in this age when working men stand idle, an age when people ache for property, for local produce, for green communities etc. - why can't politicians, local and national - have the vision to bring about communities, towns etc. that are imbued with culture, with vision, with SOUL.

I am not a toff. I have lived virtually my whole life in terraced communities, gone to comprehensive school, worked in the offices, warehouses etc. I so despise. The posh schools, country idylls and oak-lined offices of the political shyster class have not cosseted me, I am fully aware of what it's like to live, work, and exist in pretty much soulless structures.

I am sick of Communist grey granite monstrosities. I am bored of blandly carpeted neon-lit offices. I am depressed by housing estates that look like they were designed by Lego.

Let us bring about homes and communities imbued with the cultures, with the values, with the history, with the heritage of all the nations and regions that make up these islands.

Wishful thinking? Perhaps.

A dream? Of course.

But if we can't dream of what the future might be, then we will be sentenced to more monotony, more homogenisation, more bland conformity.

I'd rather push for what might be than blindly shuffle into a bland blanket of soulless structures surrounding us for generations to come.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Happiness is...

... whoever finishes the above phrase best will win a house in Croatia!**


Link: Obama's No. 1 endorsement

Holocaust Film = Guaranteed Oscar

Life imitates art.

Government Assassins: Still No Apology!

In the 70s and 80s thousands of people were infected with HIV and Hepatitis from infected blood imported from America.

The government has still hasn't had the good grace to apologise to all those who have died (circa 2,000), been infected and suffered.

They wouldn't even pay for a public enquiry. A public enquiry that ended today was paid for by donations.

What a scandal!

The French "identity rock" band In Memoriam released a song about the scandal, called in English, Assassins of the People.

It is, in my humble opinion, one of the best nationalist songs, but given the subject matter it covers it seems most apt to give it another airing today:

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Abu Qatada Ruling Gets Jaqcui Smith in a Tizzy

Our Home Secretary is reportedly hopping mad that Abu Qatada ("Mad Mullah" - copyright The Sun) has had a payout of £2500 because British laws assailed his human rights.

Right: Abu Qatada, guilty of having an unruly beard.
Like Jaqcui Smith he has been fiddling the system in order to claim housing expenses and suchlike.

There are a number of issues that Nationalists should dwell on here.

It is wrong for people to be locked up without trial, whoever they are. After all the biggest criminals in the eyes of the NWO are "holocaust deniers" and their ilk. We need to man the barricades (of the law) against the day when the NWO think they can move against patriots.

People like Qatada should be turned back at the border, and in that respect this issue would never have arisen. It shouldn't be a "human right" for people to cross the globe to find 'safety' when they could just cross a border. It stinks of the handout/benefit beacon that calls to migrants: the "safety net" for our working men has become a honey pot for the flotsam and jetsom of the world!

But d'you know the real reason why Jaqcui Smith is hopping mad?

It's a chunk of money no longer available to her by fiddling her housing expenses!

Poor (!) Jaqcui.

The less the exchequer can claw in through taxes, thanks to her government being in the pocket of bankrupt bankers, the less money there is in the trough (or so you'd think).

Not that it doesn't stop the likes of Abu and Jaqcui from milking the system.

All "legally" of course!

Last Week's Quote: Pope St Pius X on Zionism

"The Jews have not recognized our Lord, therefore we cannot recognize the Jewish people."

Pope St Pius X to Theodore Herzl's face (1904).

This canonised Pope (pictured right) saw the facts clearly: since their rejection (and crucifixion!) of Christ, the "Biblical claim" by the Jews to Israel is null and void.

Why is to so hard for theologians and clerics whether Protestant Americans or Vatican Catholics to see the same clearly?

Pius X made a stand at the start of the 20th Century against what was called "modernism" - in essence Freemasonic ideals, libertarianism, false ecumenism and so on.

The difference between then and now is that the enemy media is stronger and that Christians have lost the will to fight - especially when battered with "holocaust guilt" - so they genuflect to what Christ called the Synagogue of Satan.

Nationalism: Easy Ways to Help.


Right: The future of Nationalism? Will coloureds be "proud Britons" if they denounce Islam and wrap themselves in Union Jacks? This is the Neo Con, liberal, Masonic line that is being promoted with the help of an enemy media. It's time to stop the rot.

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So if you visit forums - regularly or otherwise - add a link to to your signature.

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It is in these simple ways that we get more visitors and can influence more people against the Neo Con and Communist rubbish being flouted in some quarters!

If you are more "hands on" and have regular meetings, socials, paper sales, stalls or gigs in your area, feel free to grab some of our stickers, leaflets or mags for distribution.

Thanks for your help.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Should Jeremy Paxman be Locked up for Discussing Labour Camps?


It is illegal to state in Germany that current chimneys, gas ovens etc. at Aushwitz or other camps were built by the Soviets after WW2.

Right: A German State stamp recalling Kristallnacht. There are no commemorative stamps for riots against Germans and their property in WW1 and WW2 by hate-filled British people.

Or that poison gas was used to kill lice, the latter responsible for so many deaths (and emaciated figures) because of typhus.

It is illegal to point out that official Auschwitz figures have plummeted by 2.7 million yet the fabled '6 million' has remained static.

It is illegal to say Jews suffered, but not as a result of an official state policy to murder.

There were two interesting TV programmes this week which reminded me of "holocausts" of a similar nature to the suffering of Jews in "Nazi Germany."

The first was on Sunday Night on BBC1, written and presented by Jeremy Paxman, telling the story of the Victorian era.

It showed how our people were pushed into slums after starving on the land (after enclosures and land-grab by the wealthy). As a result of this some of them ended up in workhouses where they undertook heavy labour (rock breaking) and were fed with a thin gruel.

Now that was suffering on a huge scale! I have written before about the large scale suffering of our people in places like Manchester during the Industrial Revolution. But hey - it was only our own people... who cares? The Rothschilds et al made billions off the back of all that human suffering.

The second TV programme featured "celebrity chef" Rick Stein last night on BBC1 as they told the story of his family, specifically his father. As part of a German family it told of the anti-German riots during WW1.

German businesses had their windows smashed and German families had their homes attacked in areas as diverse as East London (working class) and Walton-on-Thames (quite well-to-do).

This 'crystal night' of anti-German terror against innocent - and patriotic! - civilians was triggered by an international event, as were the similar riots in Germany after a Jewish man killed a German diplomat in France.

Yet we only seem to be told about the anti-Jewish riots in Germany. The riots in WW1 were against Germans. Presumably they don't count.

In WW1 and WW2 German "aliens" were interred in concentration camps. In WW2 Italian businesses had their windows smashed.

As the Daily Express made clear, International Jewry "declared war" on Germany in 1933, so why is it we accept certain things in this country, yet expect Germany to have acted differently?

No doubt all this kind of open and honest debate will be decried as "hate" (the Orwellian way to stifle debate) and is probably "illegal" in Germany (and Canada, and France, and Argentina...).

Should it be illegal for Jeremy Paxman to discuss the Victorian Workhouses and how good or bad they were?

Should it be illegal for Rick Stein to discuss how his family suffered during anti-German riots in WW1?

Should it be illegal for Prof Norman Finkelstein to denounce the Zionist Lobby as profiteering from a "holocaust industry?"

Should it be illegal for Prof Robert Faurrison to state that parts of Anne Frank's diary were written in ballpoint pen (not invented until after the war)?

Should it be illegal for the authorities that run Auschwitz to lower the figures of dead Jews by 2.7 million?

Should it be illegal for an English Bishop to say he doubts the numbers of Jews who died in work camps of murder, of typhus and of other causes?

Either we believe in freedom for academics to discuss history or we don't. We cannot have bans on discussing Victorian history, whilst Edwardian history is open for debate. Nor can we have a ban on discussing organised genocide against the Armenians, whilst we are free to discuss forced starvation in Ireland or the Ukraine.

If there are "special laws" or bans we have to question why they exist, who profits, who suffers and what (direct and indirect) repression such laws bring about.

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Nationalism Needs to Fight Back

Please remember to donate to our mail-out fund.

So far the response has been very quiet, so we hope a few more people can make pledges, whether for £5 or £50.

In this age when the Truth faces an all out Zionist attack and even the opponents of the New World Order cower in terror, or join in the Zionist language of our oppressors, it is more vital than ever that we let patriots and nationalists know that there is an alternative!

Please donate what you can afford, from Trondheim to Torquay, from Tokyo to Tennessee.

We rely on the donations of our supporters.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

The Sacred Nature of Six Million in the Judaic Religion

This is a very interesting essay which gives an insight into the thinking of those who seek to defend Bishop Williamson and refuse to genuflect to worldwide Zionism and Freemasonry.

Right: The Crucifixion by Andrea Mantegna (1431-1506). What is the centre of history for Christians? The death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ or the "holocaust" of WW2? Certainly at least one Anglican Bishop has denied the existence of God, whereas none has dared question the "holocaust." To deny the facts of the Crucifixion is not illegal anywhere... so ask yourself who rules the roost!

The Sacred Nature of Six Million in the Judaic Religion

Why Six Million Holocaust Victims Cannot be Questioned

Michael Fishwick,

11th February 2009 (Our Lady of Lourdes).

"After the destruction of the Temple (70 AD), the rabbinic exegesis has replaced faith in the Mosaic Messiah with that of the "collective messiah", which is the Jewish people. Christianity can not accept this Jewish sacralization of the Holocaust without the denial of its identity and faith. The only Holocaust is the sacrifice of Christ. To accept another "holocaust" of salvation and 'meta-historical act' next to that of Jesus would be an act of apostasy. Unfortunately, the new Judaic theology of the council, and after the council, has taken hold of progressive Catholics. We hope and pray that it does not pollute Tradition. It is therefore a duty to warn the faithful shepherds."

- Don Curzio Nitoglia, translated from Il Caso Williamson, 28th January, 2009.


Some commentary on the statement of Fr. Nitoglia may be instructive in regard to understanding why the figure of 'Six Million Holocaust' victims is sacred to the Jews.

The "unquestionable" number of Six Million Jewish holocaust victims is not based upon documented historic fact, nor even particularly upon demographic estimation, but above all is a mystical number that relates in a fundamental manner to the religious belief system of Judaism.

The New York based Museum of Jewish Heritage, for example, in regard to "the memory of the six million Jews who perished." reveals that: "Zachor, to remember, is a sacred Jewish obligation." (my bold emphasis).

Examples of religious phraseology in regard to Six Million Jewish victims of The Holocaust are plentiful and easily found by use of simple internet searches.

On a purely natural level a Christian can understand that Jews might consider the suffering and death of Jewish victims of the Shoah (catastrophe) to be 'Kiddush Hashem' - 'martyrs'. Further investigation using the Jewish Knowledge Base reveals that, for Jews, the concept of 'Kiddush Hashem' has a much deeper meaning in that it is a "sanctification of G-d's Name."

What is not so commonly realised, or understood, by Christians is how the Six Million figure relates integrally to the occult teachings that the Jewish religion is based upon.

Before proceeding further it will be necessary to distinguish between two commonly used words that are often used interchangeably with resulting obfuscation of the subject.

'Shoah' is an anglicized spelling of a Hebrew word that means 'catastrophe' or 'calamity'. That millions of Jewish people suffered horrific calamity involving widespread persecution and many deaths during World War Two is not in dispute.

Holocaust, by contrast, is a word of Greek origin meaning 'burnt whole' and is defined in the dictionary as "a sacrificial offering that is consumed entirely by flames". The anglicised Hebrew word for 'burnt offering' or 'burnt sacrifice' is 'Olah' (pronounced 'o-law'). It derives from the Hebrew word for 'elevation'. That the corpses of many thousands of Jews (and others) were burnt in crematoriums in Nazi concentration camps after suffering death from typhus and other disease is not at issue either.

What is disputed is the claim that Six Million Jews were murdered by cyanide gas in purpose built homocidal gas chambers in Nazi concentration camps.

If it is true that Jews, as Jews, collectively suffered genocidal extermination and cremation in concentration camps, then 'holocaust' is indeed a valid historic, as well as Judaic religious, description. If it is not true, then the description of 'holocaust', as well as the "sacred" figure of Six Million, belongs entirely to Jewish religious mythology and must be opposed by Catholics both as a matter of historical truth and religious truth.

The enormous amount of data from divers fields of research that indicates very strongly that homicidal gas chambers did not exist in Nazi concentration camps is not the purpose of this study, and will not be summarised here. Rather, the purpose of the study is to reveal, largely from Jewish sources, that the fabled 'Six Million' is a religious mantra recited by Jews as an integral practise of the Jewish religion.

The Sacred Six Million

The Jewish religion is based upon:

1) 'Written Torah' ('Tanakh') which consists of books of the Old Testament;

2) 'Oral Torah' ('Mishnah') which Jews believe God taught to Moses and was handed down orally through the generations until being compiled in book form in the second century;

3) later rabbinical commentaries on 'Mishnah' called 'Gemara' which were compiled together with 'Mishnah' in the 5th century and became known collectively as 'Talmud';

4) 'Midrashim' which are anecdotal stories expanding upon written or oral 'Torah';

5) and 'Kabbalah' which is the mystical teaching of Judaism, the primary body of which is known as 'Zohar'.

A fundamental constituent of Jewish mystical gnosis is the practice of 'Gematria', a type of numerology that assigns numerical value to the characters of the Hebrew alphabet. It involves the calculation of numerical equivalence and relationship between letters, words and phrases in order to find mystical insights and hidden teaching that Jews believe God planted into 'Torah'. Rabbi Harav Yitzchak Ginsburgh explains that: "Since the world was created through God's 'speech', each letter represents a different creative force."

Certain letters, and the corresponding numerical value, are considered in Judaism to have greater mystical power than others because of the frequency with which they are found in 'Torah'. One such value, the expression of which holds a predominant power in the Jewish psyche, is the Hebrew letter 'vav' which has a numerical value of six. As well as its obvious relationship to the six days of creation and the Jewish sabbath Rabbi Harav Yitzchak Ginsburgh reveals much of its esoteric connotation in his book The Alef-Beit: Jewish Thought Revealed Through the Hebrew Letters. For example, one learns that: "the consummate structure of six (as in the form of the Magen David [Star of David], the outer area of whose six 'wings' equals, and therefore folds onto, the area of its inner hexagon), reflected by the six orders of the Mishnah, finds its source in the dimensions of the Tablets given to Moses at Sinai. They were cubes measuring six handbreadths in each direction." A cube has six faces, of course.

The superstitious 'power' of 'six' in the Jewish mind can be found, for example, in the fact that the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C. was purposely designed so that the display floors of photographs and artifacts of the Permanent Exhibition cover a space of 36,000 square feet. In 'Gematria' it is understood that this represents six thousand multiplied by six thousand. At the end of the tour the visitor enters the six thousand square foot Hall of Remembrance, which has six sides symbolising the six-pointed Star of David, and the six 'extermination' camps where 'Six Million' Jews were slaughtered. One can also find there a collection of six thousand children's hand-painted tiles. Yaffa Sonenson, a member of the U.S. Holocaust Commission donated, according to a sympathetic review of the museum penned by Barbara Beckwith for the online St. Anthony Messenger, a collection of six thousand photographs.

We learn from the spirituality section of in its "Letters of Light - Vav" that: "Six also represents completion, because something that is surrounded on all six sides-north, south, east, west, above and below-is complete. Similarly we find that when the Jewish people left the land of Egypt, G-d surrounded them with six Clouds of Glory... The number six also signifies the six hundred thousand Jewish men aged 20-60 who left the land of Egypt. It additionally represents the Torah... There are six hundred thousand letters of the Torah, and if one letter of the Torah is missing or broken or cracked, G-d forbid, the entire Torah scroll is declared not kosher-unfit to be read. Similarly, if one Jew strays from the path, or is missing or defiled, the entire Jewish nation is likewise lacking or defiled. We are rendered incomplete... We find another instance of 'six' when the Jewish people were in Egypt and oppressed with backbreaking work. Pharaoh devised many plots against the Jewish people to keep them from multiplying. Yet the Jews continued to propagate at an unbelievable rate. Indeed, the Torah tells us that the Jewish women bore six children at one time... Thus the vav teaches us the monumental effect we have on the world by being connected on high and bringing the Torah down to earth in our thoughts, speech and actions."

Rabbi Ginsburgh reveals that the secret of the word 'truth' resides in the "triangle of six" and, for that reason, the Hebrew letter 'vav' is known as "the letter of truth", its numerical value 'six' being "the power which links together the souls of Israel." The triangle of six instantly reminds one again of the six-pointed Star of David that is composed of triangles. It also brings to mind the fact that a triangle consists of three sides or three points. Three points consisting of six? 666?

Judaism teaches that God created six hundred thousand Jewish souls and these souls, according to the rabbis, correspond to the six hundred thousand letters in the written 'Torah'. In a translated text entitled "600,000 Souls, 600,000 Letters" Rabbi Rabbeinu Yaakov Abuchatzeira reveals that:

"The word 'Israel' can be read as an acronym for 'Yesh Shishim Ribo Otiot LaTorah', meaning: 'There are six hundred thousand letters in the Torah'. Therefore, Israel did not leave Egypt until there were six hundred thousand of them, in order for each soul to be 'supported' by one letter in the Torah, as we have written in a number of places... Since the name 'Israel' alludes to the fact that the number of letters in the Torah corresponds to the number of souls, it follows that when the Jewish People come to count their souls [take a census], the accuser comes and accuses them saying, 'Master of the universe, didn't Israel only reach this size population in order to match the number of letters in the Torah which are hinted at in their name? And now they are negligent in [the Torah]!' This becomes the substance of the accusation. Furthermore, the word 'negef', meaning 'a scourge', has the same numerological value as 'Samael', the Angel of Destruction, short two. ('Negef' equals 133, while 'Samael' equals 131.) The missing two allude to the two Torahs (Oral and Written). When Israel are lax in the two Torahs, two powers are added to those of the forces of evil, and it becomes 'negef', a scourge, and afflicts them, G-d forbid."

Rabbi Zev Reichman, in a partly published online book named Chassidus, confirms the rabbinical teaching of 'six hundred thousand souls, six hundred thousand letters'. In footnote, 19, of 'Lesson Six, The Body Can Complement the Soul', the rabbi states plainly that Jewish souls are "pieces of the Divine", part of God Himself.

"The Zohar teaches that God, Torah, and Israel are one. In truth, God clothed himself in the thoughts and words of Torah, and Jewish souls are pieces of the Divine as well; thus Torah, Israel and God are linked in an intrinsic manner. Rabbi Levi Yitzchok of Berditchev (1740-1810) explained a Scriptural ambiguity with this principle.

'As God commanded Moses, he counted them (the Jews) in the Sinai desert.' (Numbers 1:19) One can ask, it should have written, 'He counted them in the Sinai desert as God commanded Moses?' Behold, God gave the Torah to the Jewish people, and the souls of Jews are the essence of the Torah, for there are 600,000 Jewish souls and 600,000 letters in the Torah scroll. In fact, the name 'Yisrael', Israel, is an acronym for 'Yesh shsishim ribo otiyot latorah', there are 600,000 letters to the Torah. Therefore, Jews are the Torah, for each Jew is a different letter in the Torah. When Moses counted the Jews he was learning Torah. This is why the verse changed its usual formulation to hint 'As God commanded Moses he counted the people,' like the Torah that God commanded Moses was the (experience of) counting of the nation.' (Kedushas Levi parshas Bamidbar s.v. Caasher) ."

Examples of the Kabbalistic religious use of numbers relating to 'vav', "the power that links together the souls of Israel", and especially of 'six hundred thousand' abound virtually everywhere one cares to look and it becomes obvious that 'six' is related in a very special manner to the Jewish concepts of 'kiddush hashem' and 'olah', of holocaust. 'Kiddush hashem' ,one will remember, means to the Jew 'martyrdom' and the "sanctification of G-d's Name". One will also remember that the Jewish religion teaches that Jewish souls are themselves "pieces of the Divine". Therefore one begins to understand that in the Jewish religion the concept of 'martyrdom' and "sanctification of G-d's Name" is in fact a collective 'sanctification' of the Jewish people, of the six hundred thousand souls.

The concept of 'olah' is described by Rabbi Harav Yitzchak Ginsburgh's teaching, thus: "The Sages reply that the olah is first in the Torah recitation. However, in the order of sacrifice, the chatat precedes the olah. According to Kabbalah and Chassidut, the recitation reflects a drawing down of the Supernal Infinite Light from above to below -- as a person calls to his friend to come to him, or as a small child calls to his father to come and join him. In contrast, the actual sacrifice reflects an act of spiritual elevation from below to above -- the secret of the sacrifice ascends to the secret of the Infinite One."

Thus 'olah', 'holocaust', involves a religious mantra of recitation aimed at "a drawing down of the Supernatural Infinite light from above to below"

As a side note, one may ask, how can it be that only six hundred thousand Jewish souls exist when it is evident that many millions of Jews have existed in time?

The rabbinical explanation appears to be that the 600,000 souls are "root souls" and that all other Jewish souls are "offshoots", intrinsically connected and, perhaps, somehow, generated from them.

Some examples of the sacred connection that exists in the Jewish religion between religious recitation of the mantra of 'Six' ("the power that links together the souls of Israel"), the 600,000 Jewish souls, 'martyrdom - Divine sanctification' that draws down "Supernatural Infinite light from above to below" and holocaust, may be instructive. The religious objective of this 'divine' mantra is obviously meant to culminate in the eventual arrival of the long-awaited Jewish 'Messiah':

70 AD: Roman historian Cornelius Tacitus on the destruction of Jerusalem, the Temple, and the slaughter of Jews - "We are told that the number of the besieged, old and young, men and women, amounted to 600,000."

135 AD: Roman historian Cassius Dio is told and records that 600,000 Jews are slaughtered when Rome finally crushes the Bar Kokhba rebellion.

18th century: Ukrainian pogrom where "reliable accounts" record that 60,000 Jews were slaughtered by Gaidamak Cossacks according to the Jewish People's Relief Commitee Report of 1921, mentioned in The Slaughter of the Jews in the Ukraine in 1919, by Elias Heifetz.

1880: The New York Times editorial of 27th February states that: "The war, which has for some time raged in Germany between the natives and the Jews, seems rather to increase than diminish in intensity... The charge is made that of the 600,000 Israelites in the empire, hardly any engage in agricultural or mercantile pursuits; but that they control trade, rule the money markets, and are eating up the country with their avarice and usury."

1900: The New York Times of 11th June reports extracts from an address given by Rabbi Stephen Samuel Wise, founder of the Federation of American Zionists, that "there are 6,000,000 [Six Million] living, bleeding, suffering arguments in favour of Zionism."

1916: The American Jewish Committee publishes a book entitled 'The Jews in the Eastern War Zone' in which it is claimed that eastern Europe is "a kind of prison with six million inmates, guarded by an army of corrupt and brutal jailers."

1917-1920: 60,000 Jews were murdered in pogroms in Poland and Russia according to the Jewish authors of The Jew in the Modern World.

1918: The New York Times of October 18th carries a full page advertisement from the Joint Distribution Committee of the American Funds for Jewish War Sufferers to collect one hundred million dollars to "Rebuild Jewry" and states that "6,000,000 Jews Need Help" (Six Million).

1919: The American Hebrew of 31st October carries an article entitled 'The Crucifixion of the Jews Must Stop!' It claims that "Six million men and women are dying" in what it describes as a "threatened holocaust." "The war is over for everyone but the Jew. The knife is still at his throat and an unreasoning and unreasonable century-old lust for Jewish blood opens his veins".

1936: Chaim Weizmann, president of the World Zionist Organization, testifies in front of the Peel Commission, on November 25th, that: "It is no exaggeration to say that six million Jews are sentenced to be imprisoned in this part of the world, where they are unwanted, and for whom the countries are divided into those, where they are unwanted, and those, where they are not admitted."

1937: Chaim Weizmann reports to the Zionist Congress of London that "the hopes of Europe's six million Jews are centred on emmigration" according to the document "Holocaust Victims Accuse" published by anti-Zionist Jews.

1943: The New York Times of 2nd March reports, on page 4, Rabbi Joseph Hertz, Chief Rabbi of the British Empire, stating that "appalling is the fact that those who proclaim the Four Freedoms have so far done very little to even secure the freedom to live for 6,000,000 [Six Million] of their Jewish fellow men by readiness to rescue those who might still escape Nazi torture and butchery."

1946: The Jewish Black Book Committee, a venture between the Soviet Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee (JAC) and US Jewish organisations publishes The Black Book. It states that "Four million Jews - about two-thirds of the six million who perished in Europe at the hand of the Nazis - were murdered at Oswiecim [Auschwitz] and its subsidiary camps."

1948: Rabbi Menachem Kasher, in the introduction to Kol HaTor in HaTekufah HaGedolah, reports a statistic relating to the year of the establishment of the Zionist State. He states that 1948 was the first year in centuries that there were 600,000 Jews living in 'Eretz Yisrael'.

1948: 600,000 Jews living in Arab countries were forced to flee from surrounding Arab lands to the newly established Israeli State claim the Children of Jewish Holocaust Survivors Los Angeles organization and their political director Omri Ceren, in a press release dated 7th July, 2008.

1948: 600,000 Holocaust survivors moved to Israel during the early years of the State, reports Judy Siegel-Itzkovich for the Jewish Weekly News of northern California, in a story entitled Holocaust Survivors; Handle with Care, on 21st March, 2008.

1967: Rabbi Menachem Kasher, in the introduction to Kol HaTor in HaTekufah HaGedolah, reports a statistic relating to the year of the Six Day War. He states that 1967 was the first year in centuries that there were 600,000 Jewish males above the age of 20 living in 'Eretz Yisrael'.

1999: The Independent reveals in a story of 4th March entitled Holocaust Trial Opens in Croatia that The Encyclopedia of the Holocaust states that 600,000 were killed at the Jasenovac concentration camp but that Croatian historians think 35,000 people died.

2000: CBC News in Canada reports on 27th July that "a judge in the United States has approved the settlement offer between Swiss banks and 600,000 survivors of the Holocaust."

2004: Hungary's first Holocaust Museum opens in Budapest on the 60th anniversary of Hungarian Jews being sent to concentration camps. 60,000 names have been inscribed on the inside face of the wall surrounding the museum in order to remember 600,000 Hungarian Jewish victims.

2004: A memorial for the "600,000 Jews who were killed in gas chambers" at the Belzec "death camp" in Poland is solemnly opened on the 3rd June as a joint project of the American Jewish Committee and the Warsaw-based Council for the Protection of the Memory of Combat and Martyrdom.

2005: The Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem announces on October 10th the figure of 600,000 vistors in the six months since the opening of its new Museum Complex.

2006: A New America Media report of 14th November entitled Israel Encourages Citizens to Return to Homeland, written by Stacey Palevsky, states that "More than 600,000 Israeli's live elsewhere. And Israel wants them back... About 6,000 return each year." The report further reveals that the Israeli Minister of Immigration Absorption, Ze'ev Boim, was visiting as "part of the six-city campaign".

2007: Sidney Zabludoff tells the US House Committee on International Relations: Subcommittee on Europe and Emerging Threats, on 3rd October that "Currently there are approximately 600,000 Holocaust survivors worldwide."

2008: A libel case heard at Jerusalem District Court, initiated by the Claims Conference, reveals that 600,000 Holocaust survivors worldwide have received over $50 billion.

2008: German Culture Minister, Bernd Numann, and the chief of the German Foundation for Remembrance, Responsibility and Future, Martin Salm, present to the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial site in Jerusalem a completed list of the 600,000 German Jewish population between 1933 and 1945.

Should any further consideration be necessary to determine the 'sacred' relationship between the Six Hundred Thousand Jewish Souls and The Six Million it is only necessary to remember that 'six' is the number of "truth" and represents "completion". It is "the power that links together the souls of Israel" of which there are 600,000. When multiplied by ten we arrive at Six Million.

The number 'ten' in the Jewish religion relates to the 'Sefirot' (enumerations) by which, Jews believe, God manifests Himself in the physical and metaphysical planes. 'Ten' is believed by Jews to be the number of "divine perfection". Therefore, the 600,000 souls of Israel, which are "pieces of the Divine", when multiplied by 'divine perfection' come to Six Million.

"The Hebrew word for 'ye shall return', (TaShuVU), seems to be spelled incorrectly. Grammatically it requires another (vav). It ought to read (TaShUVU). Why is it lacking the letter (vav) which stands for six? [TaShuVU] (without the vav) is a prediction to the Jewish people of ultimate return to their national homeland. [TaShuVU] in numbers adds up to 708: (tav)=400, (shin)=300, (vet)=2, (vav)=6. When we write the year, we ignore the millenia. In 1948 on the secular calendar, we witnessed the miracle of Jewish return to Israel. On the Hebrew calendar it was the year 5708. That was the year predicted by the incomplete word (TaShuVU), you shall return. We did return, lacking 6 - an all important 6 million of our people who perished during the holocaust. Yet the fulfillment of the prediction of return in precisely that year implied by the gematria of (TaShuVU) gives us firm hope that the words of the prophets for Final Redemption will come true as well."

- Rabbi Benjamin Blech, The Secret of Hebrew Words, pp 214-215.

(The same Rabbi Blech who, along with rabbis Barry Dov Schwartz and Jack Bemporad, "conferred" a "rabbinical blessing" upon Pope John Paul II, in the Apostolic Palace, on 18th January, 2005).

Free Debate Quashed: International Conspiracy Continues



Right: The original French Tricolour had the Red stripe as the widest of all, significant in what was essentially a pre-Communist Masonic State. The Reds and Zionist Lobby in France now use the Masonic "human rights" law to quash the right to free debate.

Get a load of this you crazy kids:

French group will charge bishop
February 11, 2009

PARIS (JTA) -- A French human rights group says it will press charges
against a Holocaust-denying British bishop. The International League
Against Racism and Anti-Semitism said Wednesday in a statement that it
would charge Richard Williamson with "contesting crimes against
humanity" and denying the Holocaust in an article published in the
German Der Spiegel magazine and in a television interview.

Who else could bring about such pressure and seek to jail a cleric who has never harmed a single hair on a single head (Jewish or Gentile!).

If I question the extent and the manner of the deaths in Rwanda (note: not the fact that Rwandans died, just the manner) will the Argentineans, Germans and French courts spring into life to bring charges against me?

What about the genocide of the Armenians (the first ever Christian nation) which whole groups of people - e.g. the Turkish rulers - deny?

Or shall we discuss the 33 million estimated Ukrainian Christian farmers deliberately starved to death by the Soviet State and its Commissars?

We can believe or deny almost all of them, and whether we are Turks, Communists or African tribal leaders -- we should be free to openly discuss the manner and extent of the murders, of he suffering, of the genocides... ad no-one, anywhere in the world would dream of fining or jailing a person for saying something like "sure the Ukrainians suffered and many died, but it wasn't deliberate and Stalin had no idea what was going on" however foolish, insincere and ignorant you or I may consider such a statement to be.

Is it sinking in yet?

A cleric, a man of Christ, a man used to libraries and classrooms, a man dedicated to promoting the family, the sanctity of every life at every stage... yet simply for stating his own opinion, after research and reading, on an aspect of one historical matter, this man is being hounded by the courts of THREE COUNTRIES (at the last count).

Can anyone doubt the power of the Zionist Lobby or that there is an international, concerted attempt (and that's the legal definition of conspiracy!) against one English Bishop?

In the shadow of not a single War Crime charge being levied against Israel for clear contraventions of the Geneva Convention, the international Zionist Lobby clearly thinks it is at the Zenith of its powers as it seeks to downplay real genocide, and yet screech loudly over the mere words of an Argentinian-based cleric.

Disproportionate? Yep! And the people of Gaza know all about that.

A Cartoon That Very Nearly Never Appeared! And it's Not About Mohammed!

Here's one of the funniest comedy songs! Listen out for "even though they killed my Lord."


Sadly it's without the video/cartoon footage, but you can see that on the following clip.

This one has the series creator performing the song live. Listen to the audience howl with laughter!

This episode caused such affront to the TV execs (imagine!) that it nearly never saw the light of day.

And one more for the road - "You Have AIDS." Enjoy.

Friday, 13 February 2009


Right: So much to learn... Prince Harry scowls at the prospect?

How comforting for those of us who have seen millions of non-Europeans flood into this country - without a mandate from the people! - in the belief that they could stay here and colonise our nation (I was taught in my inner city comprehensive school by a CND-badge wearing suspiciously hairy feminist teacher that Colonialism was wrong...) - that prince Harry has been sent on a Racial Awareness course!

It's about time someone in the upper echelons of the nation - royalty being better than nothing! - is going to be taught how essential it is that this country should be White, European and Christian!

What a breath of fresh air that his parents are instilling a form of folk-pride and self-awareness of his heritage in this day and age when anyone who promotes awareness of anything remotely White is accused of (crime of the decade!) "extremism" or (even worse... ta da:) "racism."

I think all our representatives, royalty and anyone in the public eye should be sent on racial awareness courses!

Some might call it brain-washing, but if our wonderfully democratic government have given the green light for such things, what have we got to be nervous of?

So come on Prince Harry! Stop being an alcohol-led clown and weekend quasi "racist" -- get on that course and learn about the vast European, Christian and White roots of this land, of the culture that nurtured our forefathers, of the blood that flows in our veins.

Racial Awareness Courses!


Just when I thought we were lost in a sea of multi-culti madness forever.


A colleague sent this email onto me:

Apparently England's biggest St George's Day parade is facing the axe, because (according to Labour Councillor Yvonne Davies) "It is not only the parade which is the problem, but the tribal excitement it creates."
England's National Day causes "tribal excitement"???? Can you imaging any politician daring to use such language about the Notting Hill Mugging Fest, ooops sorry, Carnival?
Yvonne Davies, said the parade created an "unhealthy atmosphere" and inspired young boys to be racist. (Translation from ZaNuLabour speak: the parade celebrates English patriotism and makes our kids aware of their precious heritage, for which their grandfathers and great-grandfathers had fought and died to protect).
Councillor Davies wrote in: "I am sure most are very respectful and law-abiding, however some are distasteful in the extreme and wish to divide and separate people from each other."


Is it distasteful to celebrate England's national Saint? Isn't it rather a celebration of all things English, Christian and historical?

We know the Irish celebrate their heritage, nationhood, language and Christian culture in Ireland and across the world.

We know the Welsh celebrate their heritage, nationhood, language and Christian culture in Wales via St David's Day celebrations and Eisteddfods.

So why not the English?

Asian celebrations like Diwali are promoted. African festivals are promoted. Even homosexual festivals are bank-rolled by big business and councils.

The problem the Labourites have is that this festival is English, Christian and therefore "divisive."

It is high time the people of England fought for their rights, just as the Irish and Welsh had to many decades ago to enshrine their rights, gain even the vestige of nationhood, fight repressive anti-indigenous laws, and raise their own national flags!

It's now time for the English to realise that if they do not fight for their rights in the same sense then their nationhood will be lost to a miasma of secular, multi-culti "Wintervals" and Big Business sponsored "ethnic" events all designed to undermine their very Englishness.

When Britain colonised India (on behalf of Big Business naturally!) it took the Indians many decades of struggle and strife to throw off the Colonial power and gain independence: India for the Indians which very few can disagree with!

Now that India, Pakistan, Africa etc. are colonising England, how many decades of struggle and strife will it take for the English to throw off these Neo-Colonial powers?

If India for the Indians is correct: how can England for the English be wrong?

Perhaps the "Racially Aware" Prince Harry will lead the charge!

"Upon this charge, cry God for England, Harry and Saint George!"
Billy Shakespeare (DoB St George's Day), Henry V

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Anti-Muslim Dutch MP Geert Wilders Banned: Should We Care?

So a Dutch "far right" MP has been banned from entering Britain.

Should we care? He's probably a Neo Con, invited by a UKIP member of the House of Lords, it stinks of pressure valve politics wherein the facts of events like "911" are whitewashed in the eyes of the public.

So should we care?

Actually I think we should.

We should care that this government is banning people at a faster rate than ever before (even Europeans who are free to enter the UK whenever they want), and it stinks.

Those who question Islam are banned. Those who question Judaism are banned. Those who question the Holocaust are banned. Soon those who question the "rights" of homosexuals will be banned.

Those who question Christianity... well you can imagine that they don't even make the news, despite occasional demonstrations (like Jerry Springer the Opera).

So I think we should be concerned.

If a Neo Con wannabe wants to sit with a few dozen right-wing Lords and Ladies, invited by UKIP, to show his film - who really cares?

My concern is that the banning of people like Fred Leuchter and Louis Farrakhan are just rubber stamped because the Zionist/Lawyer class who run our Parliament and our Government just keel over to whatever demands the Zionist Lobby makes.

When we hear that Germany and Argentina are pushing for jail sentences against the Bishop who "dared" to question the figures of the Holocaust (I'm not referring to the firestorms of Dresden or Hamburg or the American and Soviet Gulags/Starvation Centres after WW2) we should be worried when people are banned for their views.

It's only a step from banning them to arresting and detaining them - and then to deporting them to police states (like Germany) where their views, whether true or false, sober or nutty, are deemed "illegal" under their bizarre and (to us "Brits") unjust thought-crime laws.

You think our increasingly Zionist "democratic" state wouldn't do that? Wake up and smell the coffee!

Have you ever heard of extraordinary rendition? Our wonderful democracy rolled over and let America ship people around the world to torture centres in some of the most questionable places - all for the alleged "War on Terror" which was launched with the false flag op known as '911.' There is even evidence that some of those illegal and morally repugnant flights touched down on UK soil, so please don't tell me the day is coming when anti-Zionists and Revisionists are shipped off in shackles to Israel or Germany for thoughts or deeds that the Sun and Daily Mail tell the sheeple are "beyond the pale."

The Dutch MP is out to defend liberalism, the rights of homosexuals, the rights of Zionists... but the knee jerk reaction of the British State should let us see past the opinions of a Neo Con fop to the bigger picture.


Dutch MP Hits Out at UK

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Last Week's Quote: Rabbi Perron on Jewish Supremacism

"One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail."

Rabbi Yaacov Perrin,
Feb. 27, 1994
[Source: N.Y. Times, Feb. 28, 1994, p. 1]

-- with thanks to blog reader Seamus.

Was there a media uproar? Were diplomatic relations cut? Was an apology demanded? Did the German Chancellor intervene?... er... no.

It seems there is only media uproar when a Christian Cleric questions the numbers of the "holocaust" (that's Auschwitz etc, - not Dresden etc.) - i.e. not even claiming the 6 million alleged victims are worth - to use the Rabbi's thesis in a kind-of reverse - six Christian fingernails!

Who mentioned a conspiracy? For shame!

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Diplomat Arrested For Rant Against Israel

Is losing your temper at a great injustice a "crime?"

It seems it is in Bolshevik Britain:

Diplomat Arrested Over Anti-Semitic Rant

Is he a long lost relative of our very own Ranting Ron?

With this and the furore over Bishop Williamson and the DEC Gaza Appeal blocked on the BBC: it seems that the only crime in this world is to do anything that might harm Israel!


Who at the back of room shouted conspiracy?

Israel ran America's Phone-Taps, & fed Mossad & Organised Crime

Fox News admits that Israel has "back door" software so it can listen in on ALL American police/FBI wire-taps:

NB: It is well known that Robert Maxwell toured the USA selling intelligence software with deliberate "back doors" so that Israel could snoop on the upper echelons of the American state/federal/justice system.

Maxwell had already sold the software to his Communist chums in Eastern Europe.

It was largely as a result of his threat to "blow the whistle" on Mossad operations after the Israelis failed to bail him out of his financial quagmire that he was executed onboard the Lady Ghislaine in the Med.

The above Utube clip also has great info on organised Israeli drugs cartels working in the USA, and how the Israeli crooks obtained data from the Israeli big businesses running America's wire-tap programme!

Just why were 200 Israelis (we can infer they were Mossad operatives from what the reporter says about them having intelligence background) arrested after 911?

Spy-rings in the USA? It happened before with American nuclear secrets stolen by Israeli assets and espionage rings!

Imagine how much they could control with the entire US phone-tap system under their auspices!

The Israeli-funded Anti Defamation League (the Zionist Lobby group of the entirely Jewish Freemasonic Lodge B'nai B'rith) has been found guilty of illegally spying on and keeping files on American citizens. We can assume from that, that there are files kept - possibly in Israel - of a far more profound and extensive nature!

Now for all you tech-heads, here's an intricate video presentation of how Robert 'Cap'n Bob' Maxwell was murdered aboard his luxury yacht, the Lady Ghislaine. If you find it a little too technical, watch it two or three times to get the gist of it.

Church of England Synod to Vote Against BNP Vicars

The Church of England (CofE) synod is voting today whether its vicars can be members of the British National Party (BNP).


Are they banned from belonging to atheist parties like the Communists or Socialist parties? The sort of parties that whitewash the genocidal murder of Christians in the Ukraine, Baltic States, Russia, Hungary, Spain and elsewhere.

Are they banned from belonging to pro-homosexual pressure groups which campaign against the Biblical message of the Church? The sort of groups which promote parades through the streets with grown men cavorting with their backsides hanging out of their trousers?

Are they - or the Church itself - banned from investing in questionable businesses? If I recall rightly, the CofE only fairly recently voted to withdraw investments from businesses that backed/supported Israel given Israeli crimes against Christians and Christian Holy sites in Palestine.

Are they banned from political parties - inc the governing Labour Party - that back abortion as policy and thus seek to gloss over the mass murder of millions of would-be neighbours and the willful destruction of the innocents?

I am not here to give carte blanche to the BNP, because I think it takes a lukewarm stance on homosexuality and abortion (and what did Christ say about the lukewarm?) and takes a fundementally wrong stance on Israel and Zionism: however, I would rather have a BNP vicar round for tea and biscuits than a trendy lefty, liberal, pro-homosexual, pro-abortion vicar who is out to totally undermine what is left of the CofE.

More tea vicar?

Monday, 9 February 2009

Defender of the Faith: Bishop Williamson Supporter Spells it Out

From the writing in this blog - sent to me fyi by a pagan(ish) nationalist - it seems clear that the "offence" committed by Bishop Williamson and others is not a sin under any criteria.

Right: Christianity has inspired generations of militants who have fought against Freemasonry in all its guises. At the Zenith of its reign Freemasonry now thinks it can dictate policy to Christians.

Rather it is +Williamson's fight against "the world" that is seen as a "sin" by the globalists, carrying out their Masonic reign of terror.

The blogger below makes some great points, so I'll leave him to spell it out. But those who proclaim Christ to be boiling in faeces in Hell should hardly dare to lecture those of us who - despite our failings and cowardice - deign to call ourselves Christians, over what we are allowed and not allowed to discuss in modern history!

If this level of fear and denunciation continues we may return to the early days of the Church.


That first Easter - when the apostles hid in a room "FOR FEAR OF THE JEWS."

Who should they have feared more? The Jews? Or offending God?

Seems just as we think clerics are gaining some of the gravitas and cajones that so many were admired for in days gone past - when many embraced suffering, calumnies and even martyrdom for the Truth - that a little pressure from the Judeo-Mason oligarchs sends far too many of them running for cover.

Will heroism return to the Church?

P.S. The Blog below also has interviews with +Williamson. See the book review of The Last Crusade: it's an amazing book all about the Spanish Civil War.

True Restoration Blog


Iranian TV Website Reports +Williamson's Latest Comment

Sunday, 8 February 2009

The Culture of Greed & the Need for Absolute Change



A Sunday newspaper has alleged that "our" Home Secretary - Jaqcui Smith - is fiddling the system, by classing her sister's house in London as her "London Home" (when she could use a free government one, apparently there's a few standing empty) so she can get circa £30K a year.

Right: Just because they work in the Palace of Westminster, doesn't give our politicians to act like Royalty, escaping censure at every turn with a feeble excuse or a half-hearted apology.

This is designed so MPs in Scotland, Cumbria, Northern Ireland, Newcastle and areas too far away to be able to commute can work at Westminster and have somewhere to stay/live when not in their constituencies; not so that MPs (or ministers!) with constituencies nearby can - allegedly - fiddle the system and - allegedly - pocket tens of thousands of pounds.

Some time ago I wrote a review of Justin Barrett's book The National Way Forward (see link below for Reds' ranting against Barrett). In this book the Irish Pro-Lifer and Nationalist argues that "targeting" dole cheats is a bit of a sop to public opinion and "populism" wherein the real problem lies with the international financiers and big businesses that fiddle tax and fiddle bonuses etc.

He was and is right.

No-one is suggesting that dole cheats or long-term 'dole bums' should be ignored, rather we should work to ensure workers get a fair wage for a job done well, because there is a mentality of "the world owes me a living for ding nothing" in some sections of the community.

However, the millions mis-spent on housing benefit etc. (which should be overhauled) pales into insignificance when compared to the billions swindled by the banksters, financiers, big businessmen and MPs.

Two wrongs do not make a right, but when the people at the top are fiddling expenses and filling their pockets, should we be surprised when the people at the bottom do the same?

The system needs a total overhaul (national revolution - not national reform!) because the people at the top do not only do this illegally, as in the alleged case of Miss Smith, they do it by dancing around the rules and employing legal people to find them the loopholes and a way of breaking the rules whilst staying "within" the law.
The trickle-down effect of corruption is there for all to see.

When this government rails against dole cheats and corruption it comes across as dishonest as when they talk of "citizens' safety" when funding the latest American/Zionist initiative, whilst ignoring street crime, drugs gangs, muggers and the people who put us all at risk on a daily basis.

In the case of the bankers it is doubly galling because not only have these people failed - and still claim mega-buck bonuses - but many of the banks are now all-but government owned, and it is the failed polices and short-term profiteering of those banks which have put hundreds of thousands of people in the real shadow of terror: the terror of losing jobs, losing homes, losing marriages and more!

These are no CIA/Mossad "ghost" terrors: these are real terrors being faced today by tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of workers and small businessmen in the UK.

The American profiteers who made billions and caused the whole "sub-prime" debacle and "credit crunch" may be beyond the reach of the justice system here (being Americans!) but those within its reach are getting... millions of pounds in bonuses!

The dole cheats who are caught are fined. The MPs and bankers who fiddle the system - all "legal" of course! - to line their pockets are... well, they are just allowed to carry on and find more loopholes.

It reminds me of a situation some 15 or so years ago. A police station in a largish English town where I was living was raided because a number of the policemen there were taking drugs. A friend who worked in a pub near the police station had told me a couple of times that the police would regularly go to the pub after work and "smoke pot."

Ah the halcyon (not halogen!) days, when smoking in pubs was legal, and smoking cannabis in public wasn't!!!

You see the problem there, dear reader?

How can a police force full of those illegally taking drugs be expected to tackle crime in a town, especially when a good proportion of the crime is drug fuelled?

The sense of hypocrisy was and still is overpowering!

It is exactly the same sense of hypocrisy I sense today when I read of bankers bonuses, and the allegations against Lords and MPs in Parliament who fiddle the system to make wonga!

It may seem like a pipe dream -- but why the hell should it be? -- but until we overhaul the system and learn to put people in positions of power that put the Common Good before self-enrichment, this constant circus of traitors who sell-out to the bankers and leave our people in perpetual debt-and-taxation will continue evermore.

Certainly the current raft of "opposition" (whether "right" or "left," liberal or conservative, "centrist" or "extremist") seems to be the 'same old, same old' busily filling their pockets right now (aka 'Doing the Tel Aviv Breaststroke') , so are we to think they would be any different once they get a hold of the "expense account" of UK plc? Not on your nelly!

The bankers would just have another raft of career politicians waiting to fill their pockets at the peoples' expense.

Perhaps the answer lies in the old 80s NF position of peoples' representatives - a system of government a bit like corporatism (but in the sense that it shied away from Big Brother stateism, retaining the Small is Beautiful property dispersal of Distributism). They called it Popular Rule, a name I personally never liked because it can sometimes sound like an East German spin on stateism or an American Democrat faux populism.

The NF published a little on it, but I think it was too little (coming at a time of fast change, state repression, split and decline in the NF), and it really should be studied by some think tank or similar to work out the intricacies, nuances and break-down of the facts and figures -- hey, if someone wants to stick me on a wage I'll do it! ;-).

Government would be made up of local community representatives, trades representatives (from car-makers to doctors), experts in their fields etc. -- thus breaking Parliament free of the vice-like grip of lawyers and party stooges.

The "second chamber" would have to be designed in such a way to retain its current role as a control against bad laws or wrong-doing by Parliament. Perhaps it could be made up of experts in their fields, with a smattering of appointees from communities, clergymen and similar that have proven themselves to be excellent servants of the people.

Over both chambers there would need to be a ban on sinecures such as those we currently see ad nauseum from banks, energy providers, big businesses, lobbying groups etc. The wage, the sense of public duty etc. should be enough!

All the representatives would be answerable to the bodies that elect them - whether areas of the country, trade bodies etc. and so if they do not act decently and honestly they could be recalled at any time.

A Parliament that reflects the people, drawing from all communities, all classes, all professions? Parliamentarians that have to behave decently?

Now that would be revolutionary!

Communists in Ireland fume about Justin Barrett


Friday, 6 February 2009

FC Mail-Out Fund: £16 raised to date.

Many thanks to FC readers BBE (our regular commentator!) and IG from Lancs for their kind donations.

We would ideally like to raise over £100 for this campaign, but if we can push it to £150 or even £200 plus it would be a bonus.

With lefties and Zionists donating large sums to their causes (which are then usually creamed or skimmed by their corrupt politicos) can we try and find a few dozen nationalists prepared to help us spread the word of genuine nationalism?

Come on folks!

Thursday, 5 February 2009

BBC Gollywog Hypocrisy & "Boy George"

An update on the previous story.

The day after the degenerate George O'Dowd (aka Boy George) was convicted and jailed for holding a "Gay" male escort hostage (I didn't read the details, but I understand it was pretty sordid) his music was still being played on BBC radio stations!

Right: Convicted pervert and deranged homosexual 'Boy George' O'Dowd. His illegal and offensive antics have not prevented his music being played on the BBC - from which he earns money.

The BBC is happy to play the music (for which the artists get paid) of degenerate criminals like Boy George O'Dowd and George Michael (arrested for lewd acts and drugs), sending a message to the youth and others that degenerate, illegal behaviour linked with homosexuality and drugs is "acceptable" to the BBC.

Perhaps if the deranged faggot O'Dowd had merely mentioned the word Gollywog, instead of kidnapping and tying-up a homosexual prostitute, his music might be banned from the BBC.

What a mad world.

Good Golly! Carol Thatcher Sacked by BBC for Gollywog Remark

Yes - the BBC has sacked Carol Thatcher for making a remark in a private conversation on BBC property that a tennis player had hair like a Gollywog.

Right: Good Golly Miss Molly! Whilst guns and drugs litter our cities, whilst England has its identity ripped apart, the pc brigade get upset over an historical character from literature and cartoons.

The BBC has banned words like Wog and Nigger, whilst programmes that are anti-White and full of obscenities (that I find offensive) litter the airwaves.

Before too long moves will be made to ban Gollywogs.

It's all reminiscent of Colin Jordan's Merrie England 2000 book in which an old woman has to be "re-educated" for having a dog called Nigger (like the dog made famous in the film about the Dambuster Squadron -- you may remember Channel 4 blanked the name of the dog out of the film).

A friend of mine even had a visit from the police for having a Gollywog in his works vehicle.

So are these things illegal?

Er... no!

So why are the BBC so prissy? Why do the police care? And why have the Royal Family just banned them from their shops?

It's called political correctness.

With all sorts of filth aimed at our children (on TV, in magazines and in books) the Enid Blyton Noddy books were re-written to edit out the Gollywog character - and then re-made for TV too.

It's like Soviet Russia here!!!

All sorts of degenerate behaviour and language is not only allowed or accepted on TV and the media, it is promoted!

Yet "Gollywog" is beyond the fringe... sheesh! Get a life you moaning minnies.

Gollywog goodies from FC

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Merkey Merkel Bashes the Pope Over "Holocaust" Bishop


German Chancellor, Merkel has joined the furore by attacking the Pope over his "readmission" of a traditionalist Bishop who has raised questions over the numbers and background of the "holocaust."

Left: Is this how the Neo Cons reward their hirelings? Or is this how they threaten them?

Those who see some form of conspiracy in which the entire German nation/people have been brow-beaten into paying out billions to Israel will be grinning over this news.

What a surprise!

Is it really the role of the German Chancellor or Israel's top Rabbi to tell the Pope who can or cannot be a Bishop in his Church? Er... no!

This is just another phase in the worldwide Zionist attack on the Pope which began when the Pope opened the "availability" of the traditional Latin Mass last year. At the time Jewish groups complained that it's Good Friday prayers included a prayer for the "perfidious Jews."

In a world with so much corruption, suffering, debt and murder... are we to believe that the mere discussion of history and events is so urgent?

Only if we take into account a 2000 year old war that has gone on between Christianity and its enemies, and the way in which the "holocaust" is used to excuse Israeli war crimes and raise so much money for Zionist causes.

Also, as Nick Griffin once so eloquently and correctly said, the holocaust has been used to bash nationalism for years, so perhaps the enemies of nationalism are fearful of their number one brickbat against nationalists (even today, Searchlight --a magazine with Stalinist and Zionist staff!!!-- are campaigning to make Mr. Griffin publicly apologise for his past "revisionist" comments).

In a world which has spread lies about the Inquisition (the forerunner of the "holocaust" in those terms), in which the crimes of the Communists (estimated at 100 million - mostly European Christians) are deliberately ignored by the mass media, in which the crimes of the Zionists are played down, and in which the role of Freemasonry in banking and the whole debt-con is purposefully ignored... why do so many people (right or wrong) face such pressure merely for wanting to discuss 60-year-old events?

What role of the Catholic Church is it to tell its members that they cannot "deny the holocaust" -- it is not for the Church to demand obedience over non-religious matters, whether it's the holocaust, the type of car you drive or the colour of your socks.

Merkel is merely trying to spread the ideological and academic terror that has engulfed Germany, Canada and France so that Christians (and not just Catholics) will feel guilty and obliged to tug the forelock to the Zionists, Communists and all those who profit from 60 year old war propaganda.

If a rabbi said that Jews were not predominantly the leaders and commissars of he Communist terror machine that killed dozens of millions of Christians in the Soviet Union, then we might disagree violently, and even call him a tom fool, but would the leaders of the Ukraine,Lithuania or even Russia have the right to demand that the Chief Rabbis of the whole world demand that such an opinion be ordered not to be held by any Jew?

For Christians it is even more galling as Jews throughout history have gone around declaring that Jesus was not the Son of God, a deeply held belief of all Christians, and a viewpoint (whether Freemasonic, Communist etc.) that has usually ended in terror and mass murder.

Right: "Nah nah nah nah... Im not listening... doo dee doo dee diddly doo"

So let Ms. Merkel stamp her little feet. She isn't the first and she certainly won't be the last (as this Pope will find out!).

When local Communist Parties are sponsoring "Holocaust Day" memorials in England, one has to wonder where common sense has gone.

If the Merkels of this word were keener to sort out those kind of hypocrisies, wherein the Christian victims of atheist Communists are the forgotten mass-millions, then some of us might be more inclined to look more kindly on her observations.

As it is, it merely looks like another pro-Zionist politician trying to stick the boot in on a Pope who -whatever you or I may think of his every pronouncement- has made moves to make the Church more traditional, which may upset Jews, Muslims, homosexuals and atheists; but it strikes me that they may as well moan at the Scottish Parliament at Hollyrood for making Scotland more... er... Scottish!

Besides, surely liberals will be alarmed at the prospect of a German Chancellor screeching orders across international borders and using veiled threats against those seeking open debate?

BBC on Merkel's Attack

Priest in Italy Questions the Gas Chambers

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