Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Where Does Liverpool's Luis Suarez Holiday?

I was wondering, what with his break from football where Luis Suarez may consider taking a holiday.

Some black activists wished to create a New Negroland as a part of "Pan Negroism."

Funnily enough, if you follow the link you'll see it had no outposts in England or Europe.

How times change... God bless the politicians who allowed millions of non-Europeans to come here! Oh how we have been "enriched."

Meanwhile, the homo-rag The Pink Paper is taking legal action after a pooftah reporter overheard the end of a conversation about Suarez:

A man in pink spandex shorts had asked "where's Suarez from?"

And a Liverpool player had innocently replied: "I'm not telling you," then instantly thought better of it and said "Uruguay."

The FA says he'll be banned for 8 matches for a "homophobic hate crime."

Monday, 30 January 2012

Swastikas in North London?

This banner by "American Israelis for Peace" is of course, not in North London.

But I wonder what would happen if it were displayed there.

None of the symbols are illegal (no, not even the Kabbalistic black magic Star of Ephraim) and as the banner's makers are Jews, it could hardly be called "anti-Semitic."

Yet you and I know that if such a banner were displayed in North London, the institutionally-pc police, acting on the orders of their bosses and the politicians (who meet for cosy chats at the Lodge), would probably say it was illegal on the grounds of racial aggravation or breaching the peace.

Kerching. Who pays the piper calls the tune.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Searchlight Get it Wrong: Stalinist Conspiracy Nutters Strike Again

Searchlies get it oh so wrong - again!
An old friend (in the sense of our acquaintance rather than his age) sent me a link earlier today to a piece in Searchlies magazine which proposes a conspiracy involving the Front National, Vichy French "war criminals," all manner of "anti-Semites" (of course!), Traditionalist Catholics, a "New Right" faction, revisionists, Mosleyites, occultists and Uncle Tom Cobbly and all.

The article had as its bete noir, Bishop Williamson (oh they mentioned his dubious excommunication, but not that it had been publicly lifted) and yet they could not even get the right cleric in the photo accompanying the piece! Is it a case of "they all look the same to me guvnor?"

Such research. And they are the "experts" on "international fascism." As a Mr. F. Christmas might intone: "ho ho ho."

It's ages since I had such a good laugh. It reminded me of a piece in Searchlies years ago about the ITP which linked much of the above alongside Baltic nationalists, SS veterans, the IRA, the UDA, "violent" Pro-Lifers, skinheads, neo-nazis, British monarchists, and many others too. It was quite the roll call.
Dere wuz Nazis, priests, Vichy dudes, 911 deniers...

And they call us conspiracy theorists!

Anyhow, in the intro to this latest piece of drivel, it of course brings up the fact that the meeting/convention/conspiracy in question was held on Remembrance Sunday and how nationalists (sorry, "nazis") had for years "desecrated" Remembrance Sunday by marching to the cenotaph.

Now there a number of things here, not least the "freedom of speech" that we are supposed to have fought for. But think of the Stalinists/Communists and extreme Zionists that make up Searchlies, with their roots in the gangland sleazy underbelly of London's Soho and their hardline Stalinist cadre for many years. Democrats? Hmmm.

The writer John Mortimer QC, who was the creator of Rumpole of the Bailey, was giving a talk on his life to an audience, recorded for the radio, and in that he admitted that he, the only son of a barrister and public schoolboy at Harrow naturally became a member of the Communist Party (CP). He received letters from the 'Central Committee' of the CP - he joked that he was a "one man cell" at Harrow.

This was at the start of WW2, when Germany and Russia had signed a peace treaty, and so the letters Mortimer was receiving told him to "go slow" on production for the war. So the Communists were putting out the line that this was not a war they could in any way support.

This same fact is exposed in the autobiography I Believed by Douglas Hyde, who worked at the very highest levels of the CP, its inner sanctum if you will. He said that there was rank hypocrisy because the CP was arranging a "go slow" in 1940 and thereabouts and condemning Britain's war as a Capitalist war, whereas post June 1941 they completely changed tune.

Mortimer said that after June '41 he received the same letters from the CP asking him to urge flat-out production for the war effort. Of course he wasn't in a position to do much from the opulent halls of Harrow.

The Jewish author Arthur Koestler (who wrote The Thirteenth Tribe, detailing how most Jews were latter converts, and had no relation to Biblical Jewry) dealt with this in his (anti-nazi) book Scum of the Earth in which he attacked the CP in France. Interestingly although it was written in the Spring of 1941, the book was published after Operation Barbarossa started and the CP did a swift about-turn. Koestler stood by what he had written. The pacifists and saboteurs became war-mongers and factory cheerleaders.

Of course Communists (like Searchlies) prefer to ignore this, just as they and Capitalists prefer to forget the the Soviet Union invaded Poland on September 17th, 1939.

I have always wondered why Britain and France declared war on Germany just a few days after their invasion of Poland, yet they took no such action when the Soviet Union invaded and occupied the Eastern half of Poland (and the Baltic States).

Indeed, whilst fascists were rounded up and interned (in a concentration camp) in 1940 no such action was taken against the CP which was still free to mail-out to its members, asking them to "go slow" on war production. Some suggest that hardline Communists may even have sabotaged war production in order to help the USSR's then ally, 'Nazi' Germany. Why? Why did Soviet Russia and its acolytes abroad have such a charmed existence after it invaded Poland in 1939?

So the next time Searchlies witter on about "nazis" defiling the cenotaph, someone might ask them why Stalinists like them changed sides, and went from undermining the war effort to becoming "super patriots?" We might also ask why the Zionists at Searchlies pretend to salute the British Army for being the defenders of democracy, when Searchlies' comrades in Palestine were blowing up British servicemen and civilians in terror attacks in the 1940s. They even booby-trapped the bodies of dead soldiers in order to kill more, and so achieve their dream of a Jewish state on the graves of Brits and Arabs.

If that isn't good enough, ask the Reds who witter on about the cenotaph if they remember the dead killed fighting Communism in Korea? Or don't they include the Korean War dead when they talk of the cenotaph as a "sacred" place?

Douglas Hyde saw through the lies and spin of the CP in 1941 and left the CP.

John Mortimer QC saw through the lies and spin of the CP in 1941 and left the CP.

The only time the kooks at Searchlies ever left the CP was when the CP turned against their precious Israel. The Searchlies crew preferred hardline Zionism to hardline Communism, only to return to the Red Flag when hardline Reds (or those they could find) also accepted Zionism.

One wonders if they will oppose war with Iran, as so many Socialists seem likely to do, or urge it on as so many Zionists already are. Could it be that as with Searchlies so many internecine squabbles with their would-be allies in the left-wing and anti-racist ranks in the past, Searchlies will give first preference to Israel and that cause. Who knows... they may even condemn some fellow lefties as being "anti-Semites" as they did against Norwegian Communists just a few years back when they realised that top level bankers and the Neo Cons pushing war were of a certain type.

Indeed one may wonder that when they day comes that British soldiers stop being the cannon fodder of America's Israel lobby, how much longer Searchlies will treat the cenotaph as a Holy place which only the people they deem worthy should visit?

As FC exposed years ago, the people at Searchlies, the "defenders of democracy" are just as much hypocrites as the CP of the 1940s. They have included pimps, burglars, arsonists, extremist Reds, hardline Zionists and much more in their own ranks!

And when you see the conspiracies they dream up... it's a wonder anyone takes them seriously, at all.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

The Season of Intolerance

I said "civ-il-is-ation"
Stoopidist thing I heard for a looooong time today was an ITV News reporter outside the Queens Park Rangers (QPR) ground in West London, commenting on both the QPR v Chelsea and the Liverpool v Manchester United matches, and the furore surrounding them in regards to alleged "racism."

The reporter, brim full of white guilt, said it was "The Season of Intolerance."

Pass the sick bucket Mildred.

P.S. It's only football.

P.P.S. Yesterday was Holocaust Memorial Day. I forgot.

How Will America Create War with Iran? A Scenario

Food for thought.

Nationalists must not be conned by Zionist warmongers.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Quote of the Week: Germaine Greer on Banking

"Some people think charging interest itself is immoral...
"Banking was invented by the group of people who've been blamed for just about everything that's gone wrong for the last couple of millennia.
"So we do have to review banking."

Germaine Greer
Daily Politics (BBC1), 7th November 2011.

Final Conflict Online Shop Up and Running

We've even got toddler's t-shirts
Some great news for everyone who's been asking: the Final Conflict online shop is finally up and running again.

We hope to edit it over the next week or so and bring it up to date, but in the meantime we would like you to make orders to top-up on books, stickers and all the collectibles you've been itching to get.

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Thanks for your support.


A big thanks to our Comrade who solved the problem with the shop (and the others who helped along the way). It's at times of great difficulty you find out who your friends are.

Amat victoria curam

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Video of Lawful Rebellion Against Council Tax Enforcement

Lawful Rebellion, against commercial courts in defence of the Common Law, in action:

Sponsored by the Macpherson Report: Silencing Free Speech the PC Way

This message is brought to you by the Council for Forced Enrichment

Calling all ethnic groups and progressive politicians, pressure groups and their "spokespeople" (proper pc language) out there, especially in medialand.

  • Do the figures show that more racial attacks are against the white indigenous people?
  • Do the facts show most muggers are of an ethnic persuasion?
  • Does immigration bring nothing worthwhile bar more scroungers, NHS tourists, free-school-dinner collectors?

If the buzz word "enrichment" doesn't quell your critics here is the answer!

Please also see our guidelines on the words "bigot," "fascist," "nazi" and "holocaust" especially when discussing planned housing benefit changes or proposals for gay marriage.

NB: These scary words have a diminishing shelf-life so please use them to maximum advantage before their usefulness runs out.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Not Paying the Council Tax in Cwmbran

Council Tax: Won't Pay - to a Law with no justification!

The two security personnel, who were previously door monitors, arrived and approached RL with arms outstretched, ready to take hold of him. RL stepped back, and stated “Do not touch me; you will be committing common law assault in front of these witnesses (RL Pointed to us), to which I will take commercial remedy!” The door monitors advanced again, and again RL stated “Do not touch me! – Sir’s, I must warn you that if you lay a finger on me, I will seek remedy through the courts for a common assault upon my body!” again they moved forward slightly and RL said in a LOUD CLEAR voice “SIR! I DO NOT CONSENT TO BEING TOUCHED!” By this time, the recorder had stepped down and approached, and one of the door monitors asked him if RL could do that!!
See the full story below.

A Day in Cwmbran Magistrates Court for Council Tax

Institutional Anti-White Racism in the Police, Judiciary, Media and Political Classes

This is a superb video which makes most/all of the points raised by FC over the years, including these key issues:

  • Loss of ancient rights viz Double Jeopardy (leading to possible State abuse of innocents). 
  • Ridiculous subjective nature of "racial" incidents in law in favour of "ethnic minorities" and so discriminatory and hence probably illegal. 
  • Media cover-up of racial attacks against whites (meaning an ipso facto racially-biased conspiracy across the media titles/channels).
Something is rotten in this system, and the law, politicians, police and media are involved!

We are the victims of this prejudice and slanted policing, non-reporting of crimes and a badly skewed criminal justice system.

Watch this video. Understand its implications. Tell others. Spread the word.

Discrimination, even against homosexual degenerates, is supposed to be illegal. Yet it is encouraged when it comes to the many white victims of the criminals amongst the guest 'communities' we have in this country.

Spread the word, if for no other reason than to remember the vicious murder of Kriss Donald, the Glaswegian 15 year-old boy tortured, murdered and burnt by Asian thugs. A vicious anti-white murder that the entire media decided we do not need to know about!

The Strathclyde Police admitted to dropping Operation Gadher which had acted against Asian gangs in the area. If it had been left open, this could have saved Kriss's life, but the police feared being labelled "racist" and so shut down the very Operation that could have stopped what is probably the worst racially motivated murder in the UK. The BBC itself admitted to under-reporting Kriss's murder.

These are just two prime examples of institutional political correctness which led to bad decisions which impacted on the crime itself and public knowledge of the crime! Why were these decisions made? Who stands to gain?

It is not illegal to ask these questions. It is not "hatred" to want to stop the murder of white people. It is not "racist" to fight for our streets to be safe from knife or gun crime.

The politicians often tell us we fight (needless and illegal/immoral) wars around the world to "keep the British people safe" and yet we are not safe! Not from "Muslim extremists" in Asia or the Middle East, but from the muggers, drugs gangs and the knife and gun wielding hoodlums that litter the streets of our cities.

Remember a few years back when the then Home Secretary Jacqui Smith took her armed protection officers with her on the streets of South London just to get a take away? Sadly most of us don't have that luxury, yet from their white-flight plush homes (in the case of Smith the luxuriousness of which was helped along by tax-payers' money she conned out of the MP's expenses system, yet miraculously evaded jail), the people who run the media, political machinery, courts and police, tell us continually how immigration has "enriched" us, whilst the rest of us have to take to the streets unprotected from gangs and suchlike.

If the politicians really want our people to be safe, then they should act here (not in Asia!) to stop attacks on people on the streets of London, Manchester, Birmingham etc.

And if they are serious about "stopping racist attacks" then why not come down hard on the many muggings, rapes, stabbings, shootings and other attacks carried out by "ethnic" criminals against indigenous people, whose only fault seems to be their ethnicity/identity.

Or is Stephen Lawrence more important than the many English, Scottish and Welsh victims of racially aggravated crimes (not treated as such by any layer of the establishment)? If so, why?

I believe we are looking at institutional anti-White racism at every level.

Many thanks to GriffinWatch for putting this video on their blog.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Obama the Satanist? Well...

I don't tend to go for this stuff, even with the old ones like Led Zepellin, even though their occult links are well known.

But take a look. It's interesting...

Jews and Japs: Removal, Internment and War

Germany 1935
The banner reads "Jews are not wanted here" and it hangs in Bavaria, Southern Germany in 1935.

Of course it is now proof that Germans wanted to kill all Jews and were really awful people, who needed a drastic lesson from the "democracies" a la Dresden February 1945.

What we're not told is that world Jewry declared war on Germany in 1933. Five years later, on November 7 1938, Herschel Grynszpan, a Jew, walked into the German embassy in Paris and shot Ernst vom Rath, a German diplomat, five times. This led to anti-Jewish disturbances known as "kristallnacht" -- not unlike when Italian businesses had their windows put  through in the UK when Italy joined WW2 on June 10th 1940 and riots broke out:

The terrified owners, many with British citizenship and having been resident in the British Isles (often for decades), were forced to barricade themselves into back rooms. The worst riots were in Liverpool, Cardiff, Swansea and Newport, all with large pre-war Italian populations.
There was also vicious anti-Italian rioting in Scotland.

England 1933
But back to 1938, after the German diplomat was shot, the leading Jewish activist group in Paris paid for all the legal costs of the terrorist Grynszpan as David Irving explains here. Join the dots...

Now move forward a few years and Japan declares war on America and launches a military strike on Pearl Harbour. 

Were the Americans plotting to murder all the Japanese (including alien, Americanised and mixed race Japanese) men, women and children that it herded into concentration camps?

America 1941
Perhaps if America were bombed into oblivion, had its food supplies and railways cut, then (as in the Confederate-era prison camps) the Japanese internees would also have come out suffering dysentery, cholera and other diseases leaving some of them looking skeletal (whilst others looked completely normal).

We need to put aside many decades of WW2 propaganda, and ongoing Zionist propaganda, and look at the history of the various nations in those dark times. No one has clean hands, all were prone to kneejerk reactions to acts of aggression by "the enemy."

Here we see a headline celebrating the removal of 'Japs' to concentration camps, and yet a similar German headline of the removal of all Jews would stand as evidence of the holocaust.

Photos of American Concentration Camp for Japanese

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Change We Can't Believe in!

This says it all!

Thanks to News From Atlantis

Not so much "Yes We Can" as Yes They Have (Again).

Milibands Show That Politics Remains a Con

There's a few stories floating around today about the Miliband brothers.

One is that David, who wanted to be Labour Party leader but failed, is now working for a City firm, making big money.

Brothers in arms?
The other is that Ed, who won the Labour Party leadership, is pictured getting into a flash sports care carrying a "green" shopping bag.

This all shows a number of things:

  • The political 'leaders' all come from the same mould. 
  • They think they are doing us "a favour" by not taking mega-bucks jobs and 'slumming it' in Westminster for a few hundred grand a year.
  • Their friends and associates belong to the mega-bucks world, so they have no knowledge of normal life, of struggling to pay bills, of living in low-cost housing in the multi-culti hell they have created.
  • That they can walk out of politics to plush jobs and placements. The more bankers etc. they help while in power, the more rewards they stand to get afterwards.
  • These people - as politicos or financiers - jet around the world, yet lecture us on turning off light bulbs to 'save the planet.'
  • They will carry "green" shopping bags whilst using "gas guzzling" super cars.

That is the world of the political elite. Just as when they start their foreign wars, sending in troops to Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria (resulting in countless tens of thousands of innocent deaths), they sit safely back in Westminster plotting their non-executive placements. They talk of 'feeling the pain' of ordinary people, yet give knighthoods to usurers that cause debt.

It is all a con.

Of course the Milibands are the offspring of extremist Jewish Marxists, but they have embraced Capitalist greed, Zionist wars and the same old cycle of betrayal and reward.

It is a world of hypocrisy and hyperbole, of do as I say, not as I do, of practicing never ending war whilst preaching 'climate change' and one world humanism. And the Milibands fit in just fine and dandy.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

BBC's Syrian Brainwashing: Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad

How the BBC Works

On the BBC last night there were two news stories.

In one, balaclava clad men were using weapons against the army of the state they grew up in. The army of that state were fighting back against them, sending troops into their towns. The balaclava clad men, who shot at state soldiers, were the heroes for the BBC, who showed them being cheered on, by only a couple of hundred people at most, in a town.

BBC's freedom fighter?
In the next story some balaclava clad men were using weapons against the army of the state they grew up in. The army of that state were fighting back sending troops into their towns. The balaclava men, who shot at state soldiers, were the terrorists for the BBC, who said they 'only enjoyed support in a few enclaves.'

One of these stories was about Syria and the Free Syrian Army which shoots Syrian soldiers (and civilians) and the other was about Northern Ireland and the Real IRA which shoots British soldiers (and civilians).

Yet the BBC tells us one are heroes, freedom fighters, brave patriots fighting occupation and oppression, whilst the others are extremists, terrorists, murderers seeking to upset peace, opposed by the majority and with no justification in their actions. The language in one report is a complete reversal of the language in the other report, which goes to show how the BBC plays the British public, pushing us to support "balaclava men" when it suits them, the Secret State and the political classes, but to oppose "balaclava men" that suits all those vested interests.

Funnily enough, in the latest Private Eye there is a report on how the British Ambassador to Bahrain sent out a statement congratulating Bahrain for putting down its uprising, and stating how Saudi Arabia was correct to send in vehicles and men to help put down the uprising. The same British State is now busy telling us how wrong Syria is to try and put down its own uprising!

Or let's put it this way, when does the BBC think an Arab with a bazooka is good: when he's killing Syrian troops. Would they say the same if he was killing Israeli, Iraqi, Afghani or Saudi troops?

So to recap, it's Syrian armed insurrectionists good, Irish armed insurrectionists bad.

Bahraini/Saudi crushing rebellion good, Syrian crushing rebellion bad.

And what's the news just in: four legs good, two legs bad?

Just so long as the BBC is there to tell us!

Friday, 20 January 2012

When All Seems Lost... Change We Can Believe in

The Spanish did it!

We can do it!

We too, like the Spaniards, must make ours a Holy Crusade.

Like the Spaniards we must root out the Talmudic fifth column.

Let the Reconquest begin.

Time for a Holocaust Musical? We've had Everything Else...

It was Ricky Gervais's and Stephen Merchant's series Extras which ran the episode in which it was stated that a film about the holohoax guarantees an Oscar. Now there's a truism.

Whilst an extremely well made and extremely popular film about Jesus Christ (The Passion of The Christ) was deliberately blocked by distributors and from the main Oscar awards, every big film about the holohoax, in reality war and pro-Israeli propaganda being relived time and time again for various vested interests (which Norman Finkelstein has labelled the "Holocaust Industry"), is a virtual shoe-in for an Oscar.

We have even had a Jewish film maker (Mel 'Brooks' Kaminsky) make a musical comedy (The Producers) about the Third Reich (not to mention Tarantino's "torture porn" and semi-sexual fantasies of Inglorious Basterds). So how far away are we from a musical comedy about the holocaust?

Cue the Evil German and the Avaricious Collaborators
Oh sure the usual people who decry it as "insensitive," but in reality they would love it as it would remind us all of how Jews (and no-one else?) suffered in WW2, how the deliberate industrial-scale mass extermination of Jews was a policy of the Third Reich, and bring the holohoax to a whole new level of people who might never watch The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas or The Reader.

Too low? Really? I don't think it would be too low for them - we are talking of a group of people who insist on the holohoax being a shoe-in on any historical film, whether it is sexual (The Reader), about children (...Striped Pyjamas), a musical (The Producers), violent and retributive (Inglorious...), about "good" Germans (Schinler's List), about rebellion (Defiance) or even about Science Fiction (X Men).

Every angle has been covered. On the other hand Communism killed circa 100 million people in the 20th Century, but you'd be hard-pressed to find any major film, certainly any Hollywood blockbuster or Oscar-nominee, which tackled the torture, starvation, death and gulags of Communism (be it Soviet or other).

Is it cos I is Christian?

One might surmise why this is: the victims were Christians, Communism was Jewish (as Winston Churchill pointed out). Indeed, Michael Hoffman has written how the mass murderers of Communism transformed themselves into "holocaust survivors" in one fell swoop.

Meanwhile in America various people, from ADL boss Abe Foxman to actor Marlon Brando have stated that Jews run Hollywood. The difference is that when folks like Joel Stein say it they are cheered, when gentiles like Brando or Gibson say it their careers are attacked.
"The Jews are so dominant," writes [LA Times columnist] Joel Stein, "I had to scour the trades to come up with six Gentiles in high positions at entertainment companies." "But lo and behold," Stein says, "even one of that six, AMC President Charles Collier, turned out to be a Jew!"
"As a proud Jew," says Stein, "I want America to know of our accomplishment. Yes, we control Hollywood."
So if the powers-that-be (aka the you-know-who's) decide we need an all musical on the holocaust - we'll get it, along with a media kerfuffle designed to make it a household subject again.

Jews on Hollywood/Media Control

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Kevan Bleach - A Family Prayer Card

Kevan Bleach was a great supporter of FC, and always took a keen interest in Nationalism, Distributism etc.

FC reported his sad death back last year.

Here is a prayer card produced by his family, who are surely all in our thoughts and prayers now, especially his widow Susan and his children and grandchildren. 

He really will be missed by many. He was a "decent bloke," extremely likable, intelligent and down-to-earth. We all too often write about or come across the clowns, cowards, sell-outs, drunkards and similar who infest nationalism, dishonouring it and dragging it down with their puerile antics.

What nationalism and England lack are the men of goodwill, men of decency, men of probity. Men like Kevan.

Dr Kevan Bleach, R.I.P.

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord,
and let perpetual light shine upon him.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

BBC Exposes Special Forces Role in Libyan Rebellion

Tonight's Newsnight on BBC2 has detailed some of the "boots on the ground" missions of 'special forces' in Libya during its civil war/uprising.

One thing's for sure - the full extent of black ops and other special operations in Libya won't be exposed by the BBC, for fear of showing the world exactly who lead the rebellion, who gave the spearheads to the teams of rapists that descended on Tripoli, who lead the artillery which bombarded towns like Sirte (killing civilians!).

This is just the thin end of the wedge- nevertheless, it does show that the Tories, like NuLab before them have lied when it comes to overthrowing regimes it does not approve of.

When, if ever, will we find out about special ops in Syria to stir up the rebels there...

And All for a Cup of Tea!

"Damn it all Lionel, this beastly Kosher business simply has to end!"

"Calm down dear, two sugars in mine."

Local Politics Versus Party Politics

Cllr Tom Bates
I came across this interesting quote from a Councillor Tom Bates on the interweb:

Too many councillors make decisions they know are not the right choice but do so simply because they have been ordered to by the political parties they happen to represent. I firmly believe local councillors have a duty to put the interests of local residents  before the interests of political parties. 

Sounds very much akin to what Third Positionists have been saying since the 80s.

The whole 'party system' with its whips to keep its members voting on party lines, often to obey vested interests and not local peoples' interests, has long been a con.

As long as objective truth is not turned on its head (e.g. one cannot vote that faggotry is correct, coloured immigration beneficial or similar -- but these shouldn't normally come into local politics anyway), then local councillors should not be parts of political party machinery because keeping local parks open, funding libraries, caring for schools and keeping the streets clean does not require an ideology per se, it requires that local councillors do what local tax-payers ask them to do!

If a Labour Council leader obeys a Labour Party ruling and votes against the interests of local people, then that leaves any pretence of "democracy" dead in the water. If local representatives (who should truly represent) want to join bodies, they should form tradesmen guilds or similar to defend the interests of local businesses etc. Third Positionists have also long argued that local politicians should be recallable if they go against the interests of local communities -- making them truly accountable to the people.

You not only do not need political parties in local politics, but they undermine local politics, setting up voting blocs, covering up sleaze and tit-for-tat decisions etc.

So well done Cllr Bates. If only some Tories, Labour and Libs would follow his example...

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Workers of the World Unite - You Need More Slavery & Bosses

1898 artwork by Caran D'Ache
This artwork is very interesting.

In the first picture the worker is under the weight of the monarchy/rich.

Interestingly we see the Church in the background. Today of course Communists (founded and egged on by Anti-Christ Talmudics) and atheists (ditto) say the Church suppressed the workers on behalf of the rich.

As anyone who has studied history and Church teaching knows, the Church acted as Europe's conscience, pushing the rich to give alms to the poor. The church provided hospitals for the sick and infirm, provided peppercorn rents for workers (who would, post-Reformation be thrown of the land, which the uncontrolled rich enclosed*)

Just as things worsened for the poor after the Reformation, when the King, monarchy and rich were no longer controlled by the Church and its laws,  so after the French Revolution they worsened considerably.

In D'Ache's picture we see the Royalty replaced by the bankers, Freemasons and rich; whilst their daily toil did not improve or worsened under the weight of the new elites.

This is the reality. The rulers had to jettison Christianity's hold over society - and especially its ethical and moral rules on economics and commerce, which allowed Capitalism to rise, with its new elites based on money-power, usury and greed. This in turn was used by the Judeo-Masons as an excuse to organise Communist groups as the "answer" to the slums and poor conditions created by Capitalism.

Communism, of course, does not give freedom, but yet more slavery, more despots, more centralised wealth, and so the con goes on, mirrored today in the Left V Right see-saw of politics. Taxes continue, Usury and Bank-Cons go on, immoral anti-family laws roll on...

And the poor, hard-working people plod on under the weight.

Of course, back in the day I suppose the bankers and reds never had Eastenders to tell the dim-witted what was right or acceptable.

* Read William Cobbett's History of the Protestant Reformation in England and Ireland for a superb socio-economic analysis of these events (btw Cobbett was not a Catholic).

Stephen Spielberg's Big Holocaust Lie- Exposed

Spielberg's The Last Days film got an Academy Award (Schindler's List of course won "best film").

Whereas The Passion of the Christ was, according to the LA Times "shut out of contention for Oscar's biggest honors."

See this wonderful documentary here

It is clear that Hollywood is fighting a (anti) Cultural war for the "holocaust industry" and against Christianity. How else can we explain the fact that "holocaust" films get lauded and given gongs, whereas one single film that tells the history of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ gets brickbats, smears, blockades and attacks by the media, the "experts" and the "hate watchers."

Many thanks to News From Atlantis blog for bringing this to the blogosphere's attention. The video contains absolute proof of the lies told by a minority of survivors as they climb aboard the 'holocaust industry' gravy train.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

75 Years On: Spanish Civil War Martyrs Remembered

With thanks to Thought and Action blog:

Mota and Marin died 75 years ago yesterday,the 13th January 1937, fighting on the front line of the Spanish War for Liberation at Majadahonda, near Madrid.

They were members (Mota was deputy-leader) of Codreanu's Iron Guard who volunteered to fight side by side with the Spaniards, Italians, Germans, Irish and others who went to Spain to fight for Christianity, Nationalism and Freedom.

This video has a lot interesting images of Legionary and Falange activities and actions at the Legionaries' memorial.

When our online shop is back up and running (soon we hope!) we have small frameable prints of the Majadahonda monument which will be available.

Socialist, Communist and Anarchist Slogans Interpretated

"Bigger State! Bigger State!"
The Fourth International is not the latest play-off match for the world cup.

Das Kapital is not Berlin.

No Pasaran - and no it's not Paris either.

Stop the Cuts is not an anti-guillotine retrospective

No war but the class war is not a pacifist slogan of inner city teachers.

You Have Nothing to Lose But Your Chains is it an airport warning notice to S&M deviants?

Such a good slogan he grabbed a few
Lenin lived, Lenin lives, Lenin will live! is not a Dr Frankenstein manifesto promise.

Tax the Rich and everyone else to the hilt to pay for shysters.

LGBT isn't the Lettuce, Granary, Bacon and Tomato sandwich appreciation society?

Troops Out is not a call for new pink uniforms for LGBT soldiers.

Right to Work and the biggest right not to work!

This Comrade was expelled for just not trying!
Capitalism Kills as much as Communism and Atheism (slogan of the Jealous League).

Smash the State because an even bigger State is needed.

No Justice No Peace, Lord Justice No-Peace QC didn't go along with the MacPherson Report which he called a chip-on-shoulder immigrants' charter. Boo.

Property is Theft is why no Anarcho-Reds live in posh houses (Islington, Chiswick, Golders Green etc.)!

Not the Church Not the State, Women Must Decide Their Fate and what's for tea, oh no not egg and chips again?

and not forgetting: More gulags, grey blocks of flats and queues for food, and less nice stuff, which is surprisingly honest.

Now send in your leftie slogans and possible interpretations. And make them fun, fun, fun!

(no swear words please)

And for some real fun look at this lefty forum site Urban 75 to see how even lefties argue amongst themselves about their "No Borders" slogan and policy. Should the proles get wound up by lefties shouting "no borders" before returning to mummy and daddy's white-flight rural retreat for the holidays or should they cover up their beliefs and go for something more populist and so not frighten the genuine workers?

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Mitt Romney: Another Neo Con, Zionist, Israeli Lobby Puppet

Zionbot 4.0 Kisses Arse Meets War Criminal
You wonder why Mitt Romney is being promoted? You wonder why someone with no clear ideas, only meaningless soundbites, is ahead in the polls:

Mitt Romney's Ties to Israeli Intelligence

Thanks to Thought and Action Blog for this. Click on the link to see his Israeli handler - my God but she's ugly!

Seems Israel want to control their "allies" and bomb their enemies. Schoolyard bully buying their friends and bullying their foes.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Homosexuals "Good" - Paedos Next...

Decades of media and school brainwashing in the USA
News in that in Greece (under an IMF autocracy) that paedophiles are to get some sort of disability allowance. How  long before they get 'disability rights?'

Queers are already agitating for a younger age of consent. Meanwhile (excuse the pun) the judiciary treat paedo's with kid gloves.

I would argue in an age in which homosexuality is considered 'normal' (by those who make the laws and run the media) it is obvious that, sooner or later, paedophilia will also be normalised, perhaps on a sliding scale.

On the BBC News at 6 there was a report of how a 13 year old boy went onto some website (Bebo?) and wrote that he was a pooftah. Right away an older man was arranging meet-ups for sexual reasons. He said he was in his late 20s. The police said he was in his 40s.

There have been many people who have spoken up, daring to say that most paedophilia is, in the vast majority of cases, a homosexual offshoot. Sadly, instead of looking into the facts and seeking to root out the scourge of paedophilia, all we get are excuses and cover-ups... because nothing is ever allowed (be it personal, societal, medical or other evidence) to undermine the degenerate campaign of the homosexual lobby and their political 'fellow travellers' who have even succeeded in shutting down Christian adoption agencies!

That is where we are as a society. Even in times of cutbacks, tax-payer money is poured into supporting pro-homosexual initiatives, but adoption agencies who refuse to acknowledge homosexuals as if they are married couples get shut down.

Absolutely bloody crazy!

Graph from Dusk in Autumn Blog
Huffington Post Exposes Greek Stance on Paedophilia.

Bob 'TV Nazi' Holness, St Stephan Lawrence and Murdered Arabs

Bob "Der Fuhrer" Holness
It is a little known fact that some people made official complaints to ITV (or whatever it was called back then) about the (recently deceased) Blockbuster host Bob Holness. It seemed on greeting new contestants he would fling his arm up in the air and they said this was "nazi".

Can I Have a P Please Adolf?

Is there nothing more absurd in this world?

Just the other day I saw a tweet from the Holocaust Educational Trust babbling on about Stephan Lawrence, and how terrible his murder was etc. etc. These are the same people who treat the mass murder, concentration camps, torture, expulsion and discriminatory laws used against the Palestinian people for over half a century as perfectly fine, and any attempt to equate that or the murder of millions by the Communists with their HolyHoax is itself a "hate crime" and proof of "anti-Semitism."
Ed Balls on his Blackbusters policy

Yet the wily old Zionoid was free to equate St Stephen Lawrence with his aged hoax, because he chose to do so, and he no doubt thinks this will 'lift up' his HolyHoax. Heaven forbid that we European-Whites should ever treat the non-European guests in Europe as badly as the Jewish "Israelis" treat the indigenous Arabs of those parts! And yet we patriots are lambasted for our "racism" when we say we are against coloured immigration by the very same vested interests who come out with the old canard that Israel is an "island of democracy." You couldn't make it up!

Isn't it funny that millions of Rwandans and Ukrainians can be wiped out, or an entire nation like Armenia obliterated, and the HolyHoax always retains it's topmost place, being taught in our schools (when we had no role other than to "liberate" Jewry). To try and equate their Holyhoax with anything else (even the 100 million killed by Communism) has been condemned by St Deborah Lipstadt as a form of anti-Semitism. 

Having their Kosher-Cake and Eating It

Yet when it suits their aims and they want to look "all inclusive," instead of practising racial separatism and having some of the strictest racial laws in their own artificial homeland (their ownership of which is based on a covenant they broke when Christ was murdered; not including the many Jews who converted to Talmudism of the Pharisees and Kabbalistic Black Magic since then), then they are happy to equate their Holyhoax with the murder of a single individual or the strange arm greeting of a TV gameshow host!

Killing time until Blockbusters was on
But don't ever say to the self-chosen few who run the Holocaust Industry (who will even call Jews who question what they do "anti-Semitic") that the wanton murder of a single Palestinian by racist Jews, or the bizarre behaviour of anyone (let along a TV show host) could be equated to the HolyHoax, for then you too will be an "anti-Semite."

It's all so very two legs good, four legs bad... Two legs good, four legs bad... Four legs good, two legs bad...

Isn't it?

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Distributism: A Movement Whose Time Has Come

This says it all.

When usury-bankers have created a huge financial mess.

When politicians care more about their own benefits than the Common Good.

When the police let criminals rule the streets whilst building a Police State.

When media hacks make up stories and spy on people to make a quick buck.

When the family collapses under immorality, amorality, a culture of death and government tactics.

When centralisation of government and banks in Euroland results in debt and slavery.

When plurality and moral chaos replace Christianity and tradition.

It's time for Common Sense.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Liberals & Socialists Don't Care About White Victims of Racial Attacks or Black Victims of Gangstas

Richard Everitt, long forgotten
So two men have been found guilty of the murder of Stephen Lawrence. Did they do it? I don't know. What I do know is that it would be almost impossible for them to get a "fair trial" given the trial by jury over the years. But leaving that and the huge police operation to spy on them detailed in some of  today's media, the chief victim in all of this, is English justice.

Double jeopardy is a long-established part of the justice system. Or rather it was. The idea was that it stopped a person being tried again and again for the same crime. I like to think of its overturning as the "EU approach" - i.e. if the system doesn't get the result it thinks is right, it goes for trial again, and again... until it gets the result it wants.

This could lead to someone whom the system opposes being tried over and over and over. The English were sensible enough to know that this could lead to tyranny and victimisation. Dumbed down by Eastenders and Fleet Street editorials, the establishment has now destroyed hundreds of years of protection from tyranny.

Dobson was previously tried and the chief witness's evidence collapsed and it was found to be so unreliable.

I do not know if the two men are murderers, but English justice has been hacked to bits. Close on a thousand years of rights and defences against tyranny have been discarded on the say-so of a team who put together the MacPherson Report (MR) - and listening to them in the media, they are the usual White-guilt, White-flight liberals and rich idiots who have probably never lived on a mixed-race estate and who always rip apart our traditions to "make things better."

When overwhelmingly coloured (Ooops, they don't like that term, I'd better say COLOURED) rioters took to the streets of London one of the MR bods wept how blacks were still being mistreated by the police. That's how these idiots work. Criminals riot and it's "oooh. poor criminals." Muggings go on, shootings go on, knifings go on.

Bizarrely enough quite a few of the people killed by black knife and gun carrying hoodlums (as well as the white victims of racist attacks, few of whose names are known by Lord Liberalpants or Quentin Whiteguilt QC) are themselves blacks.

Many blacks in London cry out for help when their sons and brothers are killed by "gangstas" and want the police to act against the "gangstas" yet when they do the white liberals and black political agitators stir it up by calling stop and search a 'racist' modus operandi.

How else do they expect the knives and guns to be taken off the streets? Do they think the "gangstas" will voluntarily hand over their weapons and stop carrying out racial attacks, or murdering black kids, or pushing drugs, or mugging the innocent?

More innocent black teens have been murdered in London by black "gangstas" than by "white racist gangs" yet where are the political agitators, socialist rent-a-mobs and white-flight liberals, Lords and QCs demanding action against the "gangstas?" Is it cos they is black?

Yet if we wonder at these peoples' kid-glove treatment of the gangs that commit the vast majority of gun and knife crime across London (not to mention sell the drugs that create so much misery and cause so much crime, e.g. robbery and muggings), we should be dumbstruck at their treatment of the White victims of racial attacks by coloureds.

They quite frankly do not care. They do not even know their names. Nor the numbers of Whites murdered by non-Whites. Nor the fact that many/most of these crimes are not treated as racial attacks. Nor the fact (see link below) that most victims of racial attacks are WHITE.

As a test I went onto Twitter yesterday and sought out a suitable twit. There was one, a tweet sent between two users, one with 'socialist' in his user-name, twittering about the terrible murder of Stephen Lawrence and hurrah for the guilty verdict.

I asked the sender what about the White victims of racial attacks. despite stating that they campaign on all victims of racial attacks, @markwrightuk88 ("Socialist Party member") could not name a single, solitary White victim of a racial attack, let alone one that he (in all his hideous whiteness) had campaigned for justice for, or campaigned against the coloured criminal murderers.

And that speaks volumes. That is the reality on da streets innit.

Even Liberals Admit: Most Race Victims are WHITE

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Tesco's Back Down on Poof-Fest - Keep Up the Pressure

Plenty to lose...
After a concerted campaign, Tesco's have backed down from an ongoing sponsorship deal with the London Walking Around with Our Arses Hanging Out, Leather Clad Degenerate Scumbags and Pierced Butch Dykes Rally (aka London "Pride").

This followed their decision to stop sponsoring events by a cancer charity, and the remarks of one of their head honchos that Christians opposed to "homosexual marriage" [sic] were extremists.

As the commentator Francis Phillips explains, they will still back sodomite groups, they will still back the poof rally this year and (to my knowledge) they have not sacked their R&D boss who made the comments against Christians.

So at the very least all decent people should continue boycotting Tesco's during 2012 - and if you get the chance tell them why.

Even more reasons to "send 'em back!"
They could have pulled the plug on the homo-fest this year (which breaks the law on public decency and blasphemy every year), but have chosen to stand by it.

So whilst this is a great victory, and shows what can be done with some well concerted pressure by the majority against a shrill but bank-rolled minority of degenerates, we must not be complacent.

Keep up the pressure and keep up the boycott, at least during 2012, and be ready with the next campaign. The next business that thinks it can promote sodomites and undermine our values must feel the wrath of the "men of goodwill" via pushing our message out on friendly blogs, websites and all the usual social media channels (not to mention sending emails to the companies in question).

It's a battle won. But the war goes on.

Change We Can Believe In? Obama's Betrayed Turn to Ron Paul

After being betrayed by (more war, more banks, more Israel, more welfare) Obama, how many "radicals" searching for answers as the banking crisis forces billions into welfare dependency, will come across the anti-usury, anti-fractional reserve banking message of patriots?

The media hate Ron Paul in reality because he is anti-interventionist in the Middle east and far from being a rabid Zionist (a must-do stance for all US Presidents), but again, to the young, idealistic voters and activists this can only be a good thing, and even most "right wing" republicans know, in their hearts, that America needs to be far more isolationist after the disasters of Iraq and Afghanistan.

of course because he is not a Zionist and has real answers to the banking crisis, the media and the parties will paint Ron Paul as "dangerous" but in the internet age, enquiring youngsters will only be spurred on to read for themselves what he has to say on the banks and Israel, and then wonder why this is so "dangerous" after all.

No one is suggesting Ron Paul has all the answers, but he is several steps down the right road.

What a shame that "patriots" in the UK are so consumed by "muzzies" that the perfect storm of the banking crisis has found them in a position unwilling or unable to 'capitalise' on the crisis - a sin of commission or omission?

Young people in 'the West' are looking for answers. They won't find it in a movement which, from the outside looks like a reactionary right-wing defender of the State (and status quo) and a drum-beater for Israel.

Change We Can Believe In? Maybe in America... not yet in Britain.

Young Flock to Ron Paul's Message

Monday, 2 January 2012

Advertising with Otto Skorzeny

In the style of an M&S advert:

This isn't just a daring rescue. This isn't just a daring behind the lines secret mission.

These are heroic, tantalising, breathtaking, inspiring Otto Skorzeny ventures brought to you by the Waffen SS!

Advert Man Promotes Skorzeny

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Ex-NF Activist Who Says He Worked for SB and Mossad

Druggie, traitor and weirdo
Ex "hardman" Carl Clark, of unnamed "Irish terrorist loyalist groups" (?) and the National Front, worked for the Special Branch and Mossad according to this happy clappy site: Network Norwich and Norfolk

The media has us think that the secret state and Israeli spies are not interested in "fringe" groups on the "right wing" in the UK.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

If anyone out there knows the story of this charming gent or his trail of connections please let us know.

What's particularly interesting is that he was involved in drug-running. He doesn't mention for whom. The syntax, grammar and names in the article are especially bad and in a few places make little sense.

As we have said time and time again, drugs have no place in nationalism and if you see "nationalists" involved in drugs, we advise you very strongly to steer well clear.

It is more than likely this Walter Mitty character was feeding info to the enemies of nationalism for his drugs money, or to escape a sentence for drug pushing. Who knows...

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