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Diabolical Labour Promotes Homosexuality in Schools: Time to Fight Back

Oh joy. Oh rapture.

As many Labour MPs assume they are on their way out of parliament (this weekend's Tory poll slide aside) -- indeed many are leaving anyway thanks to fiddled expenses -- and a government in decline and internally riven, what do they find time to do?

We have yet another law passed to promote homosexuality!

Just how many laws has this government passed to promote homosexuality?

They always tell us there is a dearth of time for laws that we actually need, yet they seem to find the time to pass law after law after law in favour of homosexuality.

We now find ourselves in a position where homosexuality has to be promoted in schools (from a stance of its promotion being banned under Thatcher, then the ban being lifted in the late 90s), as well as the common "age of consent" (which poof militants are already agitating to reduce - even to the age of nine!).

Right: The Outrage leader Peter Tatchell said that homosexual sex with nine-year-olds is acceptable. The faggots will never stop agitating for more "rights" and have friends in power. We have to be just as forthright in opposing their degenerate liberal agenda. As if proof were needed, this poof is demonstrating outside a Tory pro-poof meeting -- proving that the more you try to accommodate the homosexual agenda, the more "rights" they demand. These people want our children to be faggots. It is we who should be outraged!

We have also had the outrage that is "civil partnership" - already commonly referred to as "marriage" in the media, with heretical and diabolical liberal "churches" lining up to allow homosexual "marriages" (sic).

Britain is on its knees.

There is no morality, we live in a state that is passing from being amoral to being arrogantly immoral. How can a state which demands the promotion of homosexuality to our children hope to gain our obedience? It could be argued that under this immoral state we have a duty of civil disobedience.

Anything goes (except racism, "homophobia," anti-Semitism etc.) is the law of the land . The Crowleyesque "Do what thou wilt" is the mantra of the state. The state tells us what (in their eyes) is acceptable, and as long as we make "informed choices" -- based on their slanted immorality -- then that is fine.

Sex education - now a homosexual-friendly sex ed - is pushed as the answer, yet sex ed has done nothing so far but increase the number of teenage single mums and the number of abortions.

The "do what thou wilt" mentality is at the core of sex ed. Sleep around, as long as you use contraception. Be a poof if it floats your boat. Experiment! You might prefer one form of 'sexuality' over another - and so on, ad so forth.

This kind of sexual chaos and amoral mire results in more children having no sense of right from wrong. And they wonder why more children take drugs, why more children turn to drink, why more young girls get pregnant, and why more girls have abortions.

More amorality and immorality means more sex, means more pregnancies, means more abortions.

We are wrecking the youth of the country. They are being weaned on a code of loveless sex, kill a baby and walk away when you want. Irresponsibility is the watch-word of the "do what thou wilt" era.

The recent report on a sexualised youth told us nothing we didn't already know. The media promotes this liberal agenda, and politicians mimic it through the liberal laws they pass, and the anti-family agenda in schools makes it 'official'.

They create the mess, they create a generation that thinks marriage is passé, or that fidelity is an outmoded norm. Absentee fathers become very close to the norm in more communities, not just in the black urban sub-culture. Young girls either get pregnant to gain a home and live off state handouts for life, or go through abortuaries with all the psychological, mental and metaphysical damage that undoubtedly does (post abortion syndrome being a medically recognised result for many). And more youngsters take drugs to escape reality.

There is a mess born out of 60s liberal individualism (sexual amorality) and moral relativism ("informed choices") which has mingled freely with free market economics (greed is good) and Thatcherite individualism (community is dead).

This mess is worsened every time the government passes a liberalising law such as that which makes it mandatory for schools to promote homosexuality as a valid "lifestyle choice" (sic).

True, they had to add an addenda permitting 'faith schools' (Protestant, Catholic, Muslim and Jewish) from doing so within the remit of their faith/culture (a move that has enraged liberals, faggots and humanists who seek total surrender) but those schools will still have to teach/promote a deathstyle which goes contrary not just to most religions, but to natural justice, healthcare, and common sense.

And they wonder why the growth in immorality, the growth in drug use, the growth in absentee fathers continues apace.

Don't they realise these are symptoms of the amoral malaise born of an anti-Christian worldview?

They clearly cannot realise that 2 + 2 = 4 because they are proponents of that worldview and the current system is their baby. That is why, even as the system, the nation, communities and families worsen as a rule, their only answer is to fling around ever more liberal laws and liberal platitudes.

They cannot fix it because it would mean betraying their worldview. They would have to acknowledge - left and right - that they have been wrong and that, horror of horrors, those who say that homosexuality, drug abuse, sexual promiscuity et al is wrong and that marriage, fidelity, loyalty to nation, duty in the community et al are, and always have been, correct.

As I have said before, the Tories will not fix the problem.

They already say that they support "civil partnerships" and with even groups like the BNP turning a blind-eye to known and practicing homosexuals in their party (because, for one thing, they give a lot of money) is there any political party that can offer an answer?

Perhaps not. Perhaps that is another strata of the problem. The Masonic political party circus, corralled by a media elbow deep in the amoral mess, will never have the gumption to grab the bull by the horns for fear of losing any media support.

The American move towards "tea party politics" may offer us a short term answer. There is little doubt that local activists, local community members, resolved to rid the community of drugs, of the creeps who hang around public conveniences, of council money wasted on gay helplines etc. can have an impact.

The Third Positionist idea of taking power back from the streets, from local areas, can have an impact. Local councillors who reflect community feeling (and not answerable to Islington elites with their liberal, homosexual agenda) can, if backed up by a strong local voice, have the gumption to make areas free of the cancer that spreads from Westminster.

If we are to avoid the UK plc, and its constituent nations, plunging into an abyss then we have to start a fightback, where we can, how we can.

It's St David's Day tomorrow, and the Welsh patron saint had a saying which he spread amongst the people. His message of 'do the little things well'* can be taken for our own in politics, community life etc.

If we take St David's example, he did the little things well, kept Christianity alive (during the Dark Ages), from its days in the Roman Empire, spread to Ireland from the Welsh slave St Patrick, spread from Ireland via St Columba to the Picts and from there into Northumbria.

All these places in turn spread monastacism, learning, agricultural knowledge, care for the poor and infirm and grounded all of Britain in Christianity with a direct link from Roman times to today.

So for us today it could well be that by "doing the little things well" we can, in our communities, in our schools, in our churches, in our youth centres, in our councils... we can keep morality alive, despite the worst efforts of the Westminster traitors and the vested interests they serve.

On the eve of St David's Day, it is a message everyone, regardless of their situation can employ.

If you or I fail to do that, then the enemy has won and will deserve to win, for if we acquiesce as one more child injects their first hit of heroin, as one more child is snared by the homosexual deathstyle, as one more young adult is persuaded to kill its unborn child, as one more child is left fatherless by some degenerate who walks out on it, then we are no better than the people who have created the system that allows all this and much more to happen.

You and I cannot and should not have that on our conscience.

Our willingness to revolt against a rotten system and its liberal agenda by promoting morality and family life however we can is what will save us as people, as communities and as nations.

As G.K. Chesterton said:

“Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions,”

and we should not and cannot tolerate what goes against every grain of decency.

By doing the small things well, we can make a difference, and the larger things may well, God willing, fall into place.

* St David said:
"be joyful, and keep your faith and your creed. Do those little things that you have seen me do and heard about."

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Christmas Underwear Bomber: Mossad Link

What a surprise!

In recent posts we have learnt how Neo-Cons/Masons were behind the Bologna massacre, and how Israelis were arrested attempting one more terror plot in New York on "911" only to be released.

Really, it's getting to the stage where these people can be rightly said to be the state sponsors of terrorism par excellence!

American Free Press Article
Press TV article

The Bologna Bombing: Who & What Was the NAR?

NAR Blamed for the Bologna Massacre

Who and What Was the NAR?

by M. Fishwick

Before arriving at the history of the Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari, NAR, which in turn cannot be successfully explained without presenting a brief outline history of the post-war national struggle in Italy, it would be equally useful to review the general background of Italy in which the history is set.


After the destruction and chaos of the Second World War, Italy found herself to be very much a part of the frontline theatre of a titanic life and death struggle between the Soviet sphere of interest and the Atlantic Alliance.

Liberals, the Christian Democrats backed by the USA and NATO, held precariously onto the reins of national government against a widespread and militant Communist base consisting of former partisans and their areas of support.

Surviving members of the Fascisti had re-grouped under the banner of the Italian Social Movement, MSI, against a backdrop of persecution directed by the Liberal State allied with the bloodlust of former partisans, and they had begun to rebuild social, cultural and political structures.

Many parts of Italy, if not controlled by Communists, fell increasingly under the power and influence of the Mafia and similar crime syndicates that had been all but wiped out by Mussolini but were now free again to re-exert their dominion.

In similar manner Masonry, all but destroyed as an operational entity by Mussolini, re-asserted itself on an organisational level and spread its tentacles widely throughout the structures of the Italian State and Big Business.

The Atlantic Alliance developed underground guerrilla cells and ammunition dumps as part of its Operation Gladio network, and the Soviet sphere aided Red Terrorist cells throughout western Europe.

From 1945 to the mid-1980's Italy was the scene of a lingering chaos, verging upon civil war. Italy became a pawn in the geo-political machinations and conflict that existed firstly between the USSR and NATO, and secondly between the USSR/Arab nations and the USA/Israeli axis.

Bombings, assassinations, kidnappings, hijackings, and arms-trafficking were a feature of life common to Italy for four decades after the end of World War Two due largely to the geo-political Strategy of Tension instigated by the CIA.

Targetted kidnappings, bombings and assassinations were routinely carried out and claimed by the Red Brigades and kindred groups. Several indiscriminate bombings have never been resolved but were automatically blamed upon 'neo-fascists' - convenient scapegoats who were hated by all the major powers at play. But it made no sense for weak and powerless 'neo-fascists' to engage in such immoral, indiscriminate, killing when they prided themselves on being a movement from, of, and for the Italian people. Such senseless acts of indicrimate horror could achieve nothing except facilitate further hatred towards them and result in their further repression.

The intense investigations into terrorism during the 1980's and 1990's eventually brought various State Secrets to light that explained and made sense of these murderous and indiscriminate bombing atrocities. They were designed to reign in the Christian Democrats to the US-Israeli axis and force them away from agreements made with the Italian Communists and from relationships built with Socialist Arab countries such as Libya.

Amongst other things the Christian Democrats had forged a secret agreement with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine so that the Italian government would turn a blind eye to PFLP related arms trafficking and other activities in return for the PFLP not launching attacks in Italy.

The Bologna railway station massacre was the final act in a series of indiscriminate bombings that shook Italy during those decades. This time, the ramifications of the act spread far beyond Italy due to the high level of casualties and because a number of casualties amongst the 85 dead and two hundred or so injured were foreign tourists. The international outcry was enormous.

As usual, the atrocity was immediately blamed on 'neo-fascists'. Italian Prime Minister of the time, and former Minister of the Interior in charge of the Italian Secret Service organisations, Francesco Cossiga, announced the "fact" to the Italian Senate and it led to a severe persecution of young nationalists that included mass round-ups, long imprisonments without trial, torture, severe beatings and deaths during arrest or whilst in custody. Many of those who managed to successfully escape the persecution found themselves exiled abroad for many years. After the many years of investigation into the bombing Francesco Cossiga now publicly states that he is certain that 'neo-fascists' had nothing to do with the terrorist outrage.

As the investigations into the terrorist activity surrounding Bologna progressed during the 1980's and 1990's the secret agreements of the Italian State with sections of the Palestinian resistance became known, although never officially admitted until 2008. With the benefit of this knowledge, and especially with its official admittance at long last, it is easily understood, for example, why the presence of Thomas Kram, a leading activist of the German Revolutionary Cells and ally of the PLPF, who arrived in Bologna the night before the bombing and left Bologna immediately after the bombing, was hidden from public view by the Italian State investigators for many years.

The obvious conclusion to be drawn is that either Kram had some involvement in planting the bomb or that the bomb was planted in order to implicate Kram, and hence the PFLP, bringing pressure upon the Christian Democrat government of Italy to publicly condemn and suppress the Palestinian arms trafficking network and re-orientate themselves to the United States/Israeli axis.

As always, the fundamental question to be asked is who benefits? When the question is considered it becomes difficult to conclude other than that the atrocity was not the work of a 'neo-fascist' network or a Palestinian network, neither of which had anything to gain from such actions but much to lose, but was typically the work of either the CIA or Israeli Mossad.

War on the Streets: The Years of Lead

In order to trace the origin and development of NAR, the armed gang led by Valerio Fioravanti to which the guilt of the Bologna massacre was attributed by the media and politicians and then upheld by the criminal courts, it is necessary to return to the MSI.

The MSI had been formed in 1946 by former minor officials of the Fascist regime. Just ten years later the ideas and principles of its members and supporters began to be severely compromised and then subverted as its leaders sought to build an alliance with Christian Democrats and conservatives. The MSI began to pursue an Atlanticist orientation and inevitably a number of non-compromising associations formed from within its ranks. A number of groups, such as the Fronte Universitario d’Azione Nazionale, FUAN, stayed under the MSI umbrella whilst pursuing an almost autonomous direction, whilst other groups of militants such as Ordine Nuovo and Avanguardia Nazionale left MSI and went their own way.

By the 1970's the MSI had become an object of derision for the younger generation of Italian patriots. It was increasingly becoming something to be despised and hated. The reason was not merely the ideological sell-out of the MSI leadership but, incredibly, their point-blank refusal to make use their many contacts amongst the Establishment parties and police in order to provide protection for local headquarters and street activists in face of an increasingly frequent level of, often deadly, Red violence against the MSI rank and file.

For example:

7th July, 1972: A typical Red "Commando Raid" was made upon the house of a member of the MSI youth organisation, Fronte della Gioventù. The FdG activist, Carlo Falvella, of Salerno, was stabbed to death.

16th April, 1973: An arson attack was conducted upon the house of MSI member, Mario Mattei, in Primavalle, Rome. Two of his sons, Stefano and Virgilio aged 10 and 22, were murdered in the attack.

28th February, 1975: A Greek student, a member of the MSI's university group FUAN, Mikis Mantakas, was shot and murdered in Rome.

13th March, 1975: FdG member, Sergio Ramelli, was shot dead outside Mass in Milan.

30th September, 1977: Hundreds of Reds violently besieged the local MSI headquarters in Balduina, Rome. The fighting lasted for hours until the small number of FdG activists inside the building found an escape route. Chased by the Red mob, and fleeing for their lives, future NAR activists Christiano Fioravanti and Alesandro Alibrandi fired upon the chasing mob killing one of them, a member of the murderous Communist group Lotta Continua.

7th January, 1978: FdG activists Franco Bigonzetti and Francesco Ciavatta were shot dead in a hail of machine gun bullets whilst leaving the MSI headquarters in Via Acca Larentia, Rome. A third young activist is wounded. The Roman MSI gathered in the street to pay honour to the victims and to protest at the massacre of its young activists. A captain of the Carabinieri, Edoardo Siveri, drew his pistol at the increasingly angry demonstrators and shot dead young FdG member Stefano Recchioni. He lay dying in the arms of future NAR activist Francesca Mambro.

In such circumstances young nationalists were forced to act to provide a measure of necessary safety and protection for themselves, their families, and their comrades. The testimonies of young militants of the time are striking:

"The physical struggle for us had value as a test of strength, but also the problem is that we need to contextualise it and at the time there were something like 5,000 attacks and 600-700 deaths, at least 5 violent events per day, and it was not possible even to affix posters without a physical clash... In Italy between 1973 and 1982, at least, we lived in a condition of real civil war hence it was not possible to reject a fight; it meant giving up going out into the streets.

The problem is also to understand when and where the civil war originated... there were the ex-partisans who were teaching that to kill a fascist is not a crime, and then there were groups like Avanguardia Operaia which first theorised and then practised the elimination of fascists. On a TV programme the other day they said that on the extreme left the armed groups were started in self-defence. However, the first person to be beaten with a bar in Italy, Spano, who ended up in a wheelchair, was beaten up by the student movement, the first person to be killed by a bottle full of sand was Ermanno Vinturini in Genoa, the first person to be shot dead was Mikis Mantakas in Rome. I believe that even the first person to be knifed was Falvella in Salerno... on the left the situation turned really nasty, therefore the taste for civil war was developed by the extreme left.. I mean to say that the left developed a strategy of hatred, this is important... on the left there was a culture of hatred, because if we look at what happened in Italy in 1919-1921, they used to kill in a heinous way, they dismembered alive those whom they took prisoners during the civil war."

Gabriele Adinolfi, former leader of Terza Posizione. .

"In the late 1970's the political scene was even harder and access to weapons became a matter of survival. Naturally we were particularly vulnerable to the slogan 'to kill a fascist is not a crime'. It became impossible to go to school without risk. In addition, we had also been betrayed by the party leaders. That bitter struggle completely ruined the lives of many young people. Some were murdered, others ended up in prison with very serious penalties in comparison to their crimes... From the police we received only beatings and torture whilst leftists acted with impunity."
Massimo Morsello, (Requiescat in pace), former activist of Fronte Universitario d’Azione Nazionale, Via Siena.

"It was a very dangerous period for those who were active in politics, both on the left and on the right. There was a lot of violence. I remember that when we went out at night my mother would wait for us until two or three in the morning and she used to tell us of the many explosions she had heard. It was not infrequent to open a paper and find news of ten bombs which had exploded in one day. Where I lived we had five attacks, at Francesca's house there were two, they put a bomb on the windowsill in the mezzanine room where she slept, aged eighteen and with two younger brothers.... Then there was this episode which she witnessed in person of a captain of the Carabinieri who killed one of ours. He did it in front of all the leaders of the MSI. And the whole MSI pretended not to have seen. And the reactions in the papers the next day were extremely harsh, but when Francesca said, 'We need to report what we saw, we need to go to the police', nobody wanted to go with her, because for the party to lose the votes of the police force was too serious... And so for me, for her, for all the others, this triggered a final revolt against the MSI which had sold us out".
Valerio Fioravanti, former leader of NAR.

"The 1970s were days when left-wing kids were forever beating up right-wing ones and vice versa. At the beginning, I had friends on both sides. But the right somehow always seemed to get the worst of it. I couldn't help identifying with that." And after she witnessed the cold-blooded murder of Stefano Recchioni by a policeman: "I swore I would never go anywhere without a gun."
Francesca Mambro, former leader of NAR

"During the 1970's, in ninety-eight percent of all cases, the radical right played the role of victims... We were victims of the political situation, of the political unrepresentativeness of our community - a community subject to fierce reprisals."
Marcello de Angelis, Italian Senator, former activist of Terza Posizione.

The "fierce reprisals" against young nationalists for daring to oppose the Christian Democrat/Communist Party status quo came from the police and the Secret State as well as from the Reds.

On 10th January, 1979, the first anniversary of the Acca Larentia massacre that saw the murder of two young activists of the FdG by Reds, and another murdered by police, the FdG and FUAN held a protest of remembrance outside the Christian Democrat headquarters in Centocelle, in the centre of Rome. The protest passed without incident and the demonstrators began to quietly disperse and return home. An unmarked police car targetted two stragglers Alberto Giaquinto, of FdG, and Massimo Morsello, of FUAN. After following them for a short distance two plainclothes policemen got out of the car and followed the boys on foot. Suddenly one of them, Alessio Speranza, pulled out a gun and shot Alberto Giaquinto in the head. At first the police claimed that Giaquinto brandished a gun, but the story had to be dropped because there were too many impartial and independent witnesses at the murder scene. There was no gun. Shortly afterwards another GdF militant, Stefano Cecchin, was murdered in a drive-by shooting by whilst sitting at a pavement cafe. The primary witness to the Gianquilo murder, his comrade Massimo Morsello, insisted, despite threats, upon testifying against the police. For Massimino's trouble the policemen were later found not guilty and an arrest warrant was consequently issued against Morsello in revenge for him pursuing the trial against the policemen. Massimo managed to flee Italy and was later found guilty in abstentia of the 'crime' of subversive association and armed gang and sentenced to ten years imprisonment.

It was the murder of the young nationalist, Stefano Recchioni, by the police in January, 1978, that finally drove thousands of young activists completely away from the MSI. The leadership of MSI had even refused to demand the arrest of Siveri. Something was rotten to the core.

At that point most of the former MSI-GdF militants began to engage themselves in political struggle with the radical and innovative nationalist group Terza Posizione. Others gave in to despair and turned their back upon political struggle in favour of a hopeless and nihilistic armed struggle. The reference point of the latter became the embryonic NAR which was built upon a small circle of close-knit friends around Valerio Fioravanti. Fioravanti began to direct NAR actions against everyone and anyone whom they perceived as an enemy, including, before long, Terza Posizione.

Former NAR leader, Valerio Fiorantini explains:

"... in reality our target were not the Carabinieri, our aim was to kill our treacherous father, in a mythological sense, to kill the MSI which had sold us out... it is true that the characteristic of the NAR, even from a criminal statistics point of view, was that of a group which in percentage terms shot at members of the police forces more often than all the groups of the extreme left. But what is really serious, from an ethical point of view, is that in reality our hatred was not directed at the police, our wish was to get the MSI into trouble once and for all. And also to break that mechanism that we had seen also with the radical groups, according to which the big groups use the small ones to acquire more power for themselves and later abandon them when the time is right. This is what was happening with Terza Posizione."

In 1976 an independent student organisation, Lotta Studentesca, was founded in Rome at the library of Walter Spedicato by 17 year old Roberto Fiore, 20 year old Giuseppe Dimitri, and 22 year old Gabriele Adinolfi. It quickly built up a solid activist base amongst young Romans disillusioned with the ideological sell-out of the MSI. Chief amongst them were brothers Nazzareno (Nanni) and Marcello de Angelis. In 1978 Lotta Studentesca broadened its horizons with the help of Francesco Mangiameli, a literature professor from Sicily and former MSI politician, to organise as a national movement. It changed its name to Terza Posizione. TP began to recruit heavily from the hundreds of militants then leaving MSI in droves and soon established itself throughout Italy.

From its beginning TP took an independent line in everything under the slogan "Neither Red Front Nor Reaction". Because of its intransigent ideological stance, its incredible vitality in terms of innovative and miltant activity, and its disciplined and hierarchical structure, it soon became an object of hatred not just for the Italian State and the Reds, but also for the right-wing MSI and the embryonic NAR who preached and practised an anarchic "armed spontaneity".

At one stage Gianfranco Fini, then National Secretary of the MSI's youth wing, even encouraged its militants to physically oppose TP on the streets. It only resulted in more militants turning their backs upon MSI and becoming active with the growing TP.

Whilst, on the one hand, Terza Posizione was hated by the MSI leadership for presenting a militant ideological alternative to their pro-U.S. and Statist orientation, it began to be hated in equal measure by Fioravanti and his close friends who, after leaving FdG, began to publicly use the acronym NAR in specific reference to themselves. For the wild, hot-headed, youths of NAR, Terza Posizione was not militant enough. NAR wanted through its actions to encourage an anarchic form of guerrilla warfare on the streets, directed largely against the police and Establishment figures; a black version of the Red Brigades. To do this they needed to influence the militants but Terza Posizione was successfully orientating them into constructive political, social, economic and community actions aimed at building a living cultural reference in opposition to the moribund and decayed ideas of right and left. The success of Terza Posizione was preventing the nihilistic influence of NAR from spreading to any great degree.

NAR leader Francesca Mambro explained: "We were a thorn in everybody's sides. The political right wanted nothing to do with us. The extra-parliamentary right, the grown-up Fascist bands, thought we were just a bunch of snotty kids. We simply didn't count".

From that moment, from virtually the beginning of Terza Posizione, TP became an object of hatred for NAR. The TP leadership had made clear in its publications that whilst it was always in favour of self-defence against aggressive attacks, it was steadfastly opposed to the immoral "armed spontaneity" called for by the nascent NAR.

Marcello de Angelis, Italian Senator and former TP militant: "With NAR relations were so bad that 'Giusva' [Valerio] Fioravanti had decided to take out our leaders in order to take all the power of the area."

The watershed in the short, but legendary, life of Terza Posizione came late in 1979. Some of its members, including one of the founders, 'Peppe' Dimitri, began to leave TP and gravitate towards the orbit of NAR. Dimitri and two others were arrested, in December 1979, in the act of transporting boxes of machine guns, rifles and hand-grenades.

Although Terza Posizione publicly disassociated itself from the incident the Italian State were presented with the excuse that they were looking for in order to destroy TP. Even though Peppe Dimitri confirmed that his clandestine action had been unknown to TP, the State set to work and launched an 'investigation' attempting to establish that there existed two levels of Terza Posizione: one level being militant and extra-parliamentary but above board, the other clandestine and involved in acts of terrorism. Nothing could be established but the State seized its opportunity in September 1980 whilst the nation was in a mood for "fascist blood" in wake of the Bologna atrocity. Arrest warrants against TP leaders and militants were issued on 23rd September, 1980, under the pretext of the peculiar Italian 'catch-all' crime of 'subversive association and armed gang'.

Dozens of young people were rounded-up in a series of brutal raids, whilst dozens more received warning just in time and managed to evade the dragnet. Some, including Roberto Fiore, Gabriele Adinolfi, Walter Spedicato and Marcello de Angelis managed to flee abroad and spent years, even decades, in exile. Others, such as Nanni de Angelis, were caught before they could leave the country and suffered severe beatings and, in many cases, five years in jail without trial before being released after being found not guilty of what they were charged with. Nanni de Angelis was murdered inside a police-cell on 5th October, 1980, after having being arrested and beaten senseless by the police earlier that day.

In January 1981 members of the Italian Secret Military Intelligence Service, SISMI, directed by P2 Masonic Lodge 'godfather' Licio Gelli, attempted to conclude the State operation against TP by planting a suitcase containing weapons and the same type of explosive that was used in the Bologna massacre, on the Taranto-Milano Express train along with a fabricated paper trail implicating Terza Posizione leaders Roberto Fiore and Gabriele Adinolfi. This set-up, by using the same difficult to obtain explosive, was intended not just to implicate Fiore and Adinolfi in terrorist activity but also to fabricate a link between NAR, who had already been blamed by SISMI for the August 1980 Bologna massacre, and Terza Posizione.

Two very high-ranking SISMI officers, General Pietro Musumeci and Colonel Giuseppe Belmonte, SISMI officer Francesco Pazienza, along with a SISMI operative, Massimo Carminati, who was working within both NAR and the Magliana mafia organisation, as well as P2 godfather Licio Gelli, were all later found guilty and jailed for preparing and instigating the black operation.

Interestingly, a phone-call received by the Italian press agency ANSA a little over three hours after the Bologna explosion, and greatly publicised at the time, claimed the Bologna bomb on behalf of NAR. The phone-call was later found to have originated from the Florence office of SISMI.

The State persecution of Terza Posizione in wake of the mass round-up of nationalists provided just the opportunity that NAR had been looking for in order to destroy TP for their own purposes. A series of murderous attacks were launched against TP by Fioravanti's gang which first resulted in the cold-blooded killing of Terza Posizione leader Francesco Mangiameli in Rome on 9th September, 1980. Hatred of the TP leadership was so intense, and so insane, that Fioravanti had even planned to travel to Sicily in order to murder Mangiameli's wife and young daughter at their home. Fioraventi was prevented from doing so by the early discovery of Francesco Mangiemeli's hidden body. The discovery foiled Fioravanti's plan to eradicate the Terza Posizione leadership before they realised what was going on, allowing defensive measures to be taken. Knowing this, Fioravanti and Mambro then made public their intent to kill Fiore and Adinolfi. Several young TP militants such as Luca Perucci and Marco Pizzaro were also murdered by NAR.

The State show-trial against Terza Posizione for 'subversive association and armed gang', concluded on 12th March, 1985, with NAR leaders such as Valerio Fioravanti and Francesca Mambro being falsely presented by the Court as members of Terza Posizione in order to keep up the State-fabricated appearance of a TP-NAR 'link'. Fiore, Adinolfi and de Angelis, who were all safely in exile at the time, were sentenced to 9, 8 and 6 years respectively, in abstentia. The sentences were later reduced by the Court of Appeal and timed-out.

Although the fabricated sentence has not yet been overturned, or the TP men officially pardoned, the President of the Parliamentary Commission of Enquiry on Terrorism in Italy clarified on public record during its 77th Session, 17th January, 2001, that their conviction, and that of Massimo Morsello who was later convicted of the same charge in a trial against NAR, was on the basis of 'subversive association' and not membership of an 'armed gang'.

Massimo Morsello's inclusion in the NAR trial, which was held after the TP trial had concluded, was an act of revenge for him daring to become an official witness against a policeman in regard to the cold-blooded murder of Alberto Giaquinto. His inclusion in the NAR trial was based solely on the 'strength' that he was a member of the FUAN university group that was based at the MSI'svia Sienna headquarters in Rome. The same MSI premises had been frequented by the Fioravanti brothers, Francesca Mambro, and other members of the FdG circle that would later evolve into NAR. Not-with-standing the fact that literally hundreds of other people also regularly frequented the same MSI headquarters in Rome, Morsello was targetted on this 'evidence' and received a ten year sentence in abstentia for this extremely tenuous guilt by association.

The official request for the trial of Terza Posizione submitted to the Roman Judiciary by State Investigators actually explains the basis of 'subversion' that Terza Posizione was considered 'guilty' of.

Firstly, in Chapter B3 it is made clear that: "The subversive aims and conduct of members of the Third Position in propagating the ideology of the movement through the dissemination of newspapers, written hand-outs, collection of memberships and building sympathy in the neighbourhoods, must be fully considered and understood as the normal archetype of the movement."

Then in Chapter B4 one reads that TP should be suppressed because it presents a potential danger to the personality of the Liberal Democratic State!

"It is clear here that, within the penal code, the association is facing charges precisely because of the particularly dangerous nature that it presents... with the result that the commission or consumption of unlawful acts that fulfill the purpose of the movement are not necessary. The indictment, in fact, seeks to avoid determining conditions for perpetration of crimes against the personality of the State."

And then:

"The Third Position is a clearly functional organisation in respect to achieving its subversive end. As already mentioned, the associations of the neighbourhood and those that exist in schools are, for Third Position, the appropriate structures from which the avant-garde transmit their values and embryonic structures to form an alternative to the constitutional development of the people... The task of these associations is to serve as centres of reference and proselytising activity in the name of the principles of which the members conduct themselves. But also to create the awakening of a popular consciousness. The end is clearly to transform civil disobedience into popular organisational education and to build a stable and decisive alternative that completes the organisation as a statelet."

In other words, the persecutions and trials directed against Terza Posizione by the Italian State constituted a politically-motivated repression launched to protect the Liberal Democratic State against subversive ideas and a growing network of alternative and self-sufficient counter-power structures within communities that increasingly rejected the Liberal Idea and the Liberal Regime.

A Short History of NAR Activity

The Armed Revolutionary Nuclei was founded in 1978 by a small group of friends belonging to the youth organisation of the MSI: Valerio Fioravanti, his brother Cristiano Fioravanti, Francesco Anselmi, and Alessandro Alibrandi. Several others, such as Francesca Mambro and SISMI agent provocateur Massimo Carminati, would later become central to its criminal activities.

Excluding the 85 deaths resulting from the Bologna railway station bombing, which all the former members of NAR deny involvement in even to this day, the NAR reign of terror claimed more than 30 lives during its four year operational period from 1978 to 1982.

According to the testimony of Cristiano Fioravanti, who in return for the dropping of charges gave evidence against his brother and former friends upon being arrested in 1982, the first organised action of the group took place on 28th February, 1978, when they ambushed and shot dead a member of the Communist terror group Lotta Continua, and injured another.

6th March, 1978: NAR raided an armoury to acquire more weapons, an action that resulted in the death of Francesco Anselmi. In 1975 Anselmi had spent three months in a coma that resulted in a severe loss of eyesight after one of many attacks upon him by Communists. At the armoury he was unaware that a guard had managed to free himself and he was consequently shot in the back.

18th March, 1978: NAR ambushed and shot dead two Communist activists at a social centre.

17th May, 1978: the Rome armoury was attacked in an act of revenge for Anselmi's death.

Valerio Fioravanti then enlisted in the army and managed to supply NAR with 144 hand-grenades stolen from the armoury before being drummed out and jailed for eight-months for dereliction of duty and stealing an army truck.

9th January, 1979: NAR set fire to the premises of a small left-wing radio station and raked it with machine-gun fire, injuring four employees.

15th March, 1979: an arms raid was conducted at Omnia Sport in the centre of Rome.

16th June, 1979: the Communist Party headquarters in a district of Rome was attacked with two hand-grenades and several rounds of gun-fire. 25 people were injured.

17th December, 1979: an innocent man, Antonio Leandro, was murdered due to mistaken identity in the attempted targetted killing of a lawyer.

6th February, 1980: a young policeman was murdered in cold-blood in order to steal his machine-gun.

30th March, 1980: a raid was conducted upon a small military post to steal weapons. A sargeant was wounded.

28th May, 1980: a policeman was killed and two colleagues badly injured in an ambush.

23rd June, 1980: NAR killed the Deputy Prosecutor of Rome.

2nd August, 1980: 85 civilians were murdered by a bomb at Bologna railway station. A phone call was received by a news agency claiming the action on behalf of NAR, resulting in a wild mass persecution of nationalists by the Italian State. Many innocent young men and women were forced into exile or imprisoned, sometimes for several years, without being convicted of any offence. An official investigation later traced the phone-call to the Florence offices of the Italian Secret Military Intelligence Service, SISMI.

9th September, 1980: Third Position leader Francesco Mangiameli was targetted and killed by NAR.

5th February, 1981: three NAR activists were challenged by two carabienieri whilst collecting weapons from a secret arms dump near Padua. The two policemen were killed and NAR's leader, Valerio Fioravanti, was badly wounded in both legs. He was taken to an address in Padua by Francesca Mambro and Alessandro Alibrandi and captured later that night after phoning for an ambulance.

8th April, 1981: NAR founder Cristiano Fioravanti was arrested and testified against his colleagues in exchange for immunity from prosecution.

30th September, 1981: NAR killed Third Position militant Marco Pizzaro.

21st October, 1981: NAR ambushed and killed a Digos (General Investigations Division and special Operations) police captain.

5th December, 1981: NAR founder Alessandro Alibrandi was killed in a gunfight with police.

5th March, 1982: Francesca Mambro was injured and captured by police after a shoot-out during an attempted bank robbery.

5th May, 1982: George Vale, the last remaining fugitive of Fioravanti's close circle of murderous companions was tracked down by police and killed during a siege.

Despite NAR leaders Fioravanti and Mambro readily acknowledging NAR's involvement in the murderous activities above, and many more besides, they have always denied that they or their organisation had any involvement in the massacre at Bologna railway station. They continue to deny it to this very day despite having been convicted and having served two decades of their lives in prison for it.

Mikas Mantakas, Rest In Peace Comrade

Mikas Mantakas
Murdered by Reds, 28th February, 1975

Terza Posizione - Inno - Nè fronte rosso nè reazione

Bologna Bombing "Not Work of Fascists" -- Investigation to be Re-Opened

Quote from later Corriere Della Sera:

Carlos the jackal for the first time before an Italian judge, said the response in the French language: "The massacre of August 2, Bologna, is not the work of fascists."

According to Carlos, the August 2, 1980 massacre (85 victims) was ... "organized by the CIA and Mossad" in order to "punish and subdue Rome."

"We have always been convinced that it was organized by the American and Israeli services, they are the true "lords of the black terror" in Italy."

Will Searchshite magazine now apologise for 30 years of lies, defamation and subterfuge?

Former left-wing activist, and current spokesman for the Pdl government coalition in Italy, Daniele Capezzone, publicly called for the investigation into the Bologna Bombing to be re-opened on the 29th anniversary of the horrific massacre that shook Italy and the whole of Europe on August 2nd, 1980.


Capezzone expressed what many people of all political persuasions believe about the terrorist atrocity and the events surrounding it when he stated that there are still "serious doubts" relating to the facts surrounding the massacre, and the guilt of those convicted for directly carrying out the bombing.

Capezzone stated that "The reconstructed in judgments leaves doubts heavy, and I think justified, in many of us. The 'dogma' of the fascist massacre seems rather an assumed ideological convenience for many, but certainly does not seem a convincing truth."

The call for the investigation to be fully re-opened comes at a time when Valerio Fioravanti, the leader of the armed gang that was immediately blamed for planting the bomb, has just been released from prison after 29 years.

Fioravanti and fellow NAR activist Francesca Mambra, whom was also convicted on the same charge and whom he later married in prison, have always denied any involvement in the Bologna massacre whilst at the same time readily admitting to a number of killings and robberies of banks and arms depots.

In April 2007 Luigi Ciavardini, who has always stated that Fioravanti and Mambro were with him in Treviso when the bombing took place in Bologna, was also given final sentence, after a long appeals process lasting many years, to 30 years imprisonment for planting the bomb in Bologna. Incredibly, the conviction is based on absolutely no evidence other than hearsay. [our emphasis - FC]

The Bologna massacre became the climax of a period known in Italy as "the years of lead".

After the destruction of Italy during the Second World War the United States found that they had created a situation where Italy was in serious danger of becoming a Communist satellite State allied to the Soviet Union.

In a long-term strategic response known as Operation Gladio, the US and NATO began to organise underground guerrilla cells and secret arms depots facilitated by the P2 Masonic Lodge and Italian crime syndicates.

A destabilisation campaign was orchestrated that resulted in kidnappings, assassinations and bombings involving the Red Brigades on the one hand, and CIA/P2/crime syndicate sponsored cells on the other, which were blamed generically on 'neo-fascists'.

The 'Strategy of Tension', as it has come to be known, also resulted inevitably in widespread tit for tat violence on the streets and in the schools between young anarchists/communists and nationalists.

A few of these street groups, from both sides, degenerated into little more than armed criminal gangs. It is to one of these groups, Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari (NAR), to which the blame for the Bologna Bombing massacre was immediately attributed by the powers-that-be.

The result was a vicious mass round-up of hundreds of young nationalists, the vast majority of whom had been engaged in purely political actions opposed to both left and right wings of the System. Beatings, tortures, imprisonments without trial and murders in custody were the order of the day.

The investigations and trials relating to the Bologna massacre and the surrounding events of those years eventually determined that the head of the P2 Masonic Lodge, Licio Gelli, and General Pietro Musumeci, Second-in-Command of the Italian Military Intelligence Secret Service (SISMI), as well as SISMI operatives Francesco Pazienza and Giuseppe Belmonte, had fabricated evidence against a number of young nationalists in order to tie them in with the Bologna terrorist outrage and similar atrocities.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Ron Paul, Fox TV, Twitter, Iran and the New World Order

The other evening I was pottering. That's an ancient right of the Britons to shuffle around in a seemingly aimless way.

I used to do it by choice of a quiet evening, but as I get older I find it is more of an involuntary (in)activity. Mayhaps it is genetically built into our DNA.

Certainly Belloc saluted the way the country lanes of England meandered their way around, as opposed to some brisk Teutonic efficient motorway.

Certainly the Anglo-Celtic peoples of the Black Country and its environs were a model for Tolkien's hobbits, and what could a hobbit best be described as other than a professional potterer.

Had the ancient Celts got into their 40s, 50s etc. (and I know debate rages as much as debate can "rage" about such matters) maybe they pottered too... amongst the skulls of their vanquished enemies or around the tribal cauldron.

I don't have a tribal cauldron, but I was doing the next best thing. Sad to say the fridge was bereft of pork pies (always handy to fend off alien invaders into the homestead), but nestled in the oven was a plate of nutrition left by one of the sprogs from an earlier meal.

Knowing that this would be recycled the next day; to the compost, through an animal or via the council's waste food collection (waste cooked meats, bones etc. - I think the Celtic tribesman would feel at home) I decided, as is so often my want, to be the human recycler busy saving the planet, and I took the plate of foodstuffs to a suitably comfy chair and settled down for a munch.

Please note that I do this without media attention, without Green Party plaudits and without the recognition I so richly deserve for saving the planet just as (in the metaphysical footsteps of my father) I switch off all the lights after the sprogs have been through every room in the house.

Having finished my work for the day and having the rare treat of a sit-down (half-eaten) meal at a relatively late hour, I decided to switch on the goggle box and catch up with some news.

BBC News 24 had a documentary about drug mules in South America. Switch. Sky TV (ptuh, ptuh - that's me spitting on the ground) was running adverts. Switch.

Now usually I flick straight through to Al Jazeera or perhaps the Hitler... sorry! - History Channel. But for some reason I saw the name "Fox TV" in the wee blue box on the screen and I thought "why not?"

Some moons ago I used to get up at 4am for commuting and used to put on Fox TV at that early hour to catch the American evening news and have a good laugh at a world filtered through (six-pointed, star shaped) Zion-Goggles.

Just seeing the name Fox TV on the screen sent a shudder down my spine, with a small tingle of anticipation added for good measure.

What rant would I see against the "enemies of democracy?" What talking head would be preaching against liberalism but in such a way that it would defend the rights of banksters and war-mongers to make their 'fair share' (don't they call that "free market" - when it is really stacked against everyone but the Judeo-WASP-bankster clans)?

I clicked the button and Fox TV lunged into view in all its air-brushed, neon splendour (kind of reminds you of an entrance to a Soho strip joint - all sickly shining glamour out front, but inside you know there's a lot of sludge, sickness and suffering all backed up a rich man - probably of a certain breed - profiteering from offending and undermining public morality).

I forget - forgive me in my dotage oh faithful and forbearing reader - the name of the show, but four talking heads were sat discussing a Republican Party gathering of some sort. Unlike the highly orchestrated presidential ones (or the party conferences over here) this was more of a grass-roots affair. If memory serves me right I think it was a Republican Student or Youth conference/rally.

Amidst my quick shoveling action with carbohydrates flying in every direction... sorry I mean I took another carefully measured Kate Moss-esque fork of lettuce... I discerned a veiled panic amongst the trained monkeys of plastic, polyfilled, highly coiffured Fox TV panelists.

They were perturbed and it was a joy to behold. Then all became clear. My fork hovered betwixt plate and mouth (and that is a rare event!).

Ron Paul.

The name immediately had me paying attention to every syllable and on-screen graphic.

It seems the young Republican meeting had been voting for their favourite to run for the White House. The Fox TV pundits were clearly shocked that Ron Paul - famous for being a traditional American libertarian and anti-banker, anti-Zionist and, in short, against everything the Bush Whitehouse was for when it came to foreign and economic policies - had been their number one choice.

How dare they! Do they not pay attention to the media?

Sarah Palin (who I assumed was the love of the small-c conservatives in the Republican Party) garnered a mere 7% against Ron Paul's 31% haul. The ex-centrefold. Mitt Romney, who recently stole Ted Kennedy's ex-stomping ground (and whom the media are playing up as the great white hope, if you'll pardon the pun, against Obama) came second with 22%.

What was funny and had me giggling into my cold stodge (sorry, I mean crisp healthy option 99% fat-free diet special) was that the anchor of the Fox show went out of his way to ignore the poll.

He kept saying things such as 'out of the mainstream candidates, who do you think poses a serious risk to the Obama Whitehouse.'

It was a real media whitewash, going on right in front of my eyes! The Zionist media was rushing to pour cold water on the fact that an anti-Zionist, anti-bankster candidate had come out on top of all the other party flunkies and media-luvvies (of a sort).

In America of late there has been a phenomenon, borne of the credit crunch, lost jobs, failed banks, billions poured into Wall Street, millions thrown on the dole, the idea of socialised healthcare and so on. That phenomenon is known as tea party politics; in the sense of the Boston Tea Party (not polite late afternoon cakes with the vicar).

Tea party politics is all about bottom-up politics. Local people going to town halls and shouting down system politicians.

As a Third Positionist, it is something I and my ilk have been promoting since the 80s: the idea of local communities taking back control of their areas - indeed of their streets! - from the party political machinery.

Left: Ron Paul was seen as an "outsider" in the 2008 U.S. Presidential elections and OK, he may not be the man to completely sort out Aegean Stables that is Washington DC, but he is certainly independent and against many vested interests.

Why does the person in charge of clearing dog crap from the pavements or taking local council taxes away from the people have to belong to Lib, Lab or Con?

Why are the powerless people, defecated upon from a great height by politicians in the pay of the banks, powerless?

They are only so because the media tells them that an X in a box every 4 or 5 years is the only say they get.

A non-choice in Tweedledum Tweedledee politics, choosing from a range of multi-culti, pro-Israel, pro-homosexual candidates that the media tell us are "safe" to choose from, and their appointed safety-valves, is not democracy!

Sadly there is no tradition of tea party politics in this country. Every now and then we march, if a socialist or right-wing backer can get the money in to bus people to London, such as the millions who marched against the Iraq War or against the ban of fox hunting.

Yet even when millions are mobilised, the politicians ignore them and return to their hallowed (sic) halls of Westminster to strike their deals and shape public policy for their vested interests.

So the powerful (Goldman Sachs, Rothschild et al) know that pouring money into lobbying groups, paying for campaigns, chucking wads at constituency offices, gets them more input than a million voters marching.

Those who saw Peter Oborne's documentary on the Israeli Lobby in Britain (NuLab and ModCon) are left in no doubt of the sheer power of that lobby. Of course it is even more powerful in America, so that (like them or loathe them) when opposite voices like Ron Paul or David Duke are voted in or become internet hits they are all but ignored.

Meanwhile when anti-government voices are raised on Twitter against the sovereign government of Iran, the media in Britain and America are very excited and report it as a victory for "the people " and "democracy" -- even when it has been proven that much of the Twats, er Twits, or Twitterers actually sat at their keyboards in America and Israel; not Iran.

Compare that to the huge internet upheaval and response to to the Ron Paul presidential campaign a couple of years back. Only those clued up would be aware. Certainly the BBC didn't mention Ron Paul in any serious way. It may seem to the suspiciously minded (sorry Elvis!) that the sole criteria for new-media mentions on the news bulletins is whether it supports the New World Order's agenda. But hush! That's foolish conspiracy talk.

Having finished my nutritional intake for the day I returned the plate to the kitchen (I am, if nothing else, house trained) and climbed the wooden bridge to Bedfordshire with thoughts of grass roots politics, media cover-ups and a New World Order agenda in full flow.

Yes, another end to a perfect day in Codreanu Towers.

The Guardian on Ron Paul's Poll Win


Anybody who was even near the room Friday night during Paul's address could hear the audience roaring at a pitch not really matched by any other speaker at CPAC.There were loud chants of "End the Fed!" and people managed to cheer a remarkable downer of a speech. Paul predicted financial ruin because of America's failed fiscal and military policies.

The Inglorious Hollywood Basterds: Why the BAFTA Awards & Oscar Nominations?

This video is a corker!

It shows who is undermining our Western, Christian morals and civilised ways.

Hint for Messrs Griffin, Cameron, etc.: it ain't "the muzzies."

In this video original footage and quotes are used to leave no-one in any doubt who is behind the foetid forces destroying the mindset of all generations.

Copy the link, tell your friends. This was already pulled from You Tube.

This is the truth that Tory, Lab, Lib, Nu-BNP, Green, Commie: none dare speak it, to quote the New Testament "for fear of the Jews."


Friday, 19 February 2010

NF on Yorkshire Politics Show, BBC1 on Sunday 21/02/10


BBC Yorkshire - The Politics Show on Sunday Feb 21st which is be aired at 12 noon features an interview with Tom Linden, NF Press and Publicity Officer and also with Steve Smith, NF Burnley Organiser. On Friday 19th Feb, Radio Leeds broadcast hourly news bulletins throughout the day mentioning the increasing number of patriots leaving the BNP and coming over to the racial-nationalist National Front. The Politics Show will be available nationally on BBC iPlayer one hour after its transmission.

[From NF News e-zine #42].

Israel Lobby Challenges Rule of Law in America

Why are American politicians so obsequious with Zionist interests when Israel spies on America, plans terrorism in America and gets American troops to die in its wars?

Israel is the biggest threat to American freedoms on every level.

America was founded to break free of Imperial interference from the super power of its day.

How ridiculous that Americans have been programmed, in the last 50 years, to become the world's policeman on behalf of Zionist interests.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

911: Missing Links

Please be patient whilst waiting for this 2 hour video to load.

The BNP claims it was for views like this that Cllr Simon Smith was expelled.

It is views like this that the Neo Cons want to hide away or condemn.

It is commentary like this that the BBC has tried to disprove and besmirch.

Open your eyes. It all began long ago!

Show of Hands: Arrogance Ignorance And Greed (AIG) Anti-Usury Anthem for 2010

This is surely the song of 2010!

It grabs the national feeling, and when council workers across the country are being thrown on the dole, when factory workers are still suffering 4 day weeks or frozen wages, the banksters are now handing out multi-million bonus packages.

Why don't the banksters pay back the debt? Why does the debt fall upon us and our children (and our children's children)?

The injustice is stifling, yet because the political class are bound up with the banking class, they will not do anything about it! As in years gone by, they would rather bind us up in usury debt and serfdom to the banking swindle than look out for the interests of the people (the 'Common Good') and reducing the burden of taxation.

As with mass immigration, immoral laws on abortion and homosexuality, illegal wars and much else besides: the politicians serve other interests.

This is no "democracy" - at best it an elected oligarchy, with the media barons deciding who is elected, with the money and power of the big business oligarchs and banksters backing the Tweedledum and Tweedledee parties.

Who decides the outcome? Who decides what is news? Who decides who are the candidates? Who has the power to bring down an MP or a party or a parliament?

Hint: it ain't "we the people" to borrow an Americanism.

Show of Hands - as with their superb song 'Roots' - has hit the national consciousness.

But don't expect the politicians to act against the banksters, because if the banksters fall, the politicians fall.

The whole, sordid, grubby system is greedy, corrupt and arrogant.

'Nuff said.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Israel is a Lunatic Country That Wants War With Iran

Israel is a "lunatic" country.

When it was proven that Iran had no nuclear weapons programme, the whole world sighed in relief: except Israel!

How prophetic were those words?

Even in the recent Iraq War enquiry, when the war criminal, Neo Con and profiteer Tony Blair refused to apologise for the many dead and injured, he was pushing for another war - this time with Iran.

The same spurious grounds, the same spurious 'evidence,' the same spurious lie-machine, the same spurious Neo-Con/Zionist hucksters.

Do they really think we are so dense? Do they really think, to quote Daltry et al, we won't get fooled again?

Perhaps they think a long buttering-up by the media, on top of a Sun-reading, Eastenders-watching, non-educated moronic base of support (with the help of all those who seek to profit via Muzzie-bashing and all the Al-Qaeda Power of Nightmares B.S.) will deliver them the war they so want.

Even as the body bags still flow from Afghanistan...

There is a breed of politician who thirsts for war. We know them as Zionists.

Palestine: It's Not Hate Stoopid

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Michael Gove: No Answers for a Failed Education System

The drippingly wet frighteningly Zionist Tory shadow education minister Michael Gove was on the Andrew Marr show this morning promoting another Tory education policy.

Right: Michael Gove, the Tories' education action man.

He attacked "fundamentalist" schools (and he specifically said non-Muslim ones) and stated that schools would not be allowed to teach 'Creationism' because they must stick to "what we know to be scientific fact."

The Zionist Gove might like to present his thesis then. Can he show us the missing link?

How interesting that the Tories are putting forward a state-sponsored credo that we must all adhere to.

So we can't question the evolutionary theory (not fact Mr. Gove).

Can we question any aspect of history? Was the Gunpowder Plot a government conspiracy? Was 911 an inside job? Why didn't we declare war on Russia for invading Poland (twice!) in WW2? Was the Pearl Harbour attack known in advance? Did the Communists kill 100 million? Did the Nazis kill 6 million Jews?

Or will we have a state-sanctioned version of history that we are not allowed to question?

And what of social studies? Will we be able to question the validity of the homosexual "lifestyle?" And what of immigration and multi-racism? Will teachers be forced to extol all the many benefits (sic) of mass coloured immigration?

I thought the Tories were supposed to be about small government, yet here we have a clear example of how the socialist germ, the nanny-state infection, has entered the political class, and they are seeking to control what our children are taught so that they become "model citizens" in the modern multi-racial, consumerist, Zionist, bankrupt Britain.

But what was Gove on Marr's show to promote other than his scientific expertise and Bolshevik style of education-policy?

This time they want to give parents the powers to open new schools.

Schools are failing you see in the much-improved, vastly enriched (thanks to immigration) modern Britain.

So the Tories, rather than grab the bull by the horns and sort out a failing society and a crumbling education system want to give parents the power to open new schools!

Less children are being born (no idea to tackle the abortion crisis) and despite the vast number of immigrant families and their offspring, numerically we don't need new schools.

This is the Tories ignoring existing problems and trying to be "exciting" and "innovative."

What it really is, is moral cowardice in the extreme.

They won't give schools a Christian ethos (that is why parents bend over backwards to get their kids into Anglican and Catholic schools). A very simple matter to fix.

They won't tackle our immigration/multi-culti crisis which has seen the character of many inner city schools change, with white flight leaving many schools under-performing. A simple resettlement programme with funds for schools and colleges in host nations would resolve this.

They won't tackle the violence and chaos in some schools by insisting on a return to respect for teachers, a strict uniform code, and giving teachers the powers to deal with unruly children (the "I know my rights" generation, who know nothing of duty).

We don't need new buildings, new ideas, new expenditure.

It is typical Tory cowardice. They are so busy papering over the cracks of what they termed Broken Britain, they should know that when the cracks are so deep they need proper treatment!

Furthermore, if the above 3 issues are tackled (Christian ethos, Resettlement of migrants and their offspring, and discipline in schools) alongside good resources and ideas such as targeting school leavers to needed industries and skills, we won't have to put up with the nonsensical idea that we need to import the workers with the skills our economy needs.

Instead of insisting on near 50% university attendance and whooping over better GCSE results, why aren't we targeting school leavers for the economy?

Those in university would be pushed towards courses that will benefit the economy - the doctors, engineers, mathematicians, scientists and other trained professionals that we need.

For those who leave school with GCSEs, why on earth aren't we teaching them the skills the economy needs on a local basis? Mechanics, plumbers, plasterers, builders, electricians and so forth. Skills that can give a steady and healthy income.

A good education, as well as preparing a young adult for the wide world, should primarily be looking at the skill level of the individual and preparing that person for a role in the economy that will benefit the individual, the economy, the community and the nation.

If we have 50,000 people leaving university this year with first class degrees in media studies the government will look on it as a success. More youngsters achieving, more people in university and more people achieving their educational goals.

In reality it is a huge failure.

Taxes have been spent (and the students put in debt) to get a pretty meaningless piece of paper which doesn't help them get a job (or better still, start a business) and they will for the most part be over-qualified factory workers, office workers or shelf-stackers.

Tony Blair offered "education, education, education."

But without tackling the ethos, racial-character and discipline of schools it is meaningless. And unless education is targeted to achieving results for the individual and society, we will always have the ridiculous scenario where billions of our tax pounds are poured into schools to give us more over-qualified unemployed graduates whilst the politicians say we "need" skilled immigrants.

Don't they know how to deliver the skilled school and uni leavers that we need?

Unless they do "education, education, education" is just another empty NuLab slogan, and the Tory idea of opening new schools will achieve absolutely nothing.

Without the ability to see the problems, and moreover the resolve to tackle and solve them, all the sloganeering, all the imported ideas, and all the empty gesture politics in the world will not solve the crisis in our schools.

It is a cliché, but the youth are our future. That is self-evident.

The sad thing is that generation by generation the UK plc is getting worse. The education system is a large part of the problem - and the politicians do not want to fix it, because by fixing it they would help create a better generation - a generation that might see through their lies, corruption, greed, cowardice, betrayal and treachery.

Mr. Gove might mislabel me a fundamentalist. Only in the sense that I am fundamentally right, and he is fundamentally flawed. Unless he tackles the fundamental flaws in his outlook and in the school system, we will continue to have parents desperate to get their children into Christian schools (parents like the Millibands no less!) to try and escape the nightmare that more and more state schools are becoming.

I have long said that politicians are not fit to pass laws that effect the bulk of us. They are the lawyer, privately-educated class (ModCon, NULab and all the rest of them!).

They use private schools and private health-care whilst dictating to the rest of us what our schools are like and what our hospitals are like.

Mr. Gove is typical of this class, and he and his ModCon party will offer nothing substantially different from the failure of NuLab which had the advantage of huge tax income during the boom years (the years when Gordon Brown assured us he had done away with 'Boom and Bust').

Whatever Mr. Gove promises us will be more wasted opportunities that fail to address the underlying problems because, as with the banking crisis, usury, taxation and the like, the Tory Party is tied into the system that creates the problems in the first place.

National Revolution anyone?


P.S. New members of the Conservative Friends of Israel get a free copy of Michael Gove's 'Celcius 7/7.' Gove is part of the loose conspiracy that spans most parties from NuLab to the NuBNP which says most of our problems arise from militant Islam, a convenient/created fig leaf for the real culprits, the NWO Masonic elite.

Iran and the Rush to War: A Quick Quiz

Subject: How much do you really know?

For those who are eager to send other people's sons to kill and be killed in yet another senseless war, please consider this quiz.

How much do you really know about current events?

  1. In which of these countries are Christians permitted to pray or wear religious symbols in the schools?
    1. France
    2. United States
    3. China
    4. Iran
  2. In which of these countries do Christians enjoy the most religious freedom?
    1. China
    2. France
    3. United States
    4. Iran
  3. During the past 20 years, which of these countries’ governments have killed the most civilians of other countries?
    1. Syria
    2. Iraq
    3. Iran
    4. United States
  4. In which of these countries have the most people died for their religious faith?
    1. Syria
    2. United States
    3. Iran
    4. China
  5. Which of these countries possesses the least number of weapons mass destruction?
    1. United States
    2. Britain
    3. China
    4. Iran
  6. Which of these countries possesses the most weapons of mass destruction?
    1. Iran
    2. China
    3. Britain
    4. United States
  7. Which of these countries does not possess the atomic bomb?
    1. United States
    2. Britain
    3. Israel
    4. Iran
  8. Which of these countries’ governments is not conducting a campaign of ethnic cleansing?
    1. China
    2. Sudan
    3. Israel
    4. Iran
  9. Which of these countries’ armed forces have not attacked another country for the past 29 years?
    1. United States
    2. Israel
    3. Britain
    4. Iran
  10. Which of these countries’ armed forces have not attacked another country during the past year?
    1. United States
    2. Israel
    3. Britain
    4. Iran
  11. In the past 30 years, which of these countries has killed the most Americans?
    1. Syria
    2. Pakistan
    3. Iran
    4. Israel

(The answer to each question is d.)

P.S. There are Christian monasteries throughout the middle east and in Iran that have been in continuous operation for 1500 years.

Saturday, 13 February 2010

New Fascist Hats, Shirts & More @ the FC Shop

We have a new range of items at the FC Shop including a few limited edition Forza Nuova t-shirts, linked with militant camps and suchlike.

Other limited edition shirts include El Alamein Memorial shirt, The Gladiator's Way Duce Shirt, and lots of other great designs, including this one here for Fascist Artists (see pic right).

New wallets include many WW2 regiments and we also have hats from Fascist-Era World Cup winners Italy (1934).

New in we also have a desk/table-top WW2 Battle Flag.

Does it get any groovier?!

Upset the politically correct, anti-fascist, limp-wristed whiners of the left and right with these fantastic items.

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The logo of Italy's 1934 World Cup winning team. A great way of sticking two fingers up to the multi-culti world capital of murder and rape (South Africa) chosen to host the World Cup this year.

Many of these items are limited stock. Go fill yer boots!

FC Shop

Friday, 12 February 2010

Channel 4's BNP/NF Documentary: Young, Angry & White: A Response

The Young, Angry and White documentary on Channel 4 tonight was interesting.

The young man - Kieran - came across as intelligent, well-humoured and (dare I say?) "normal."

Unlike Channel 4's previous offerings (especially Young Nazi and Proud) there were no semi-naked posing, no half-mental "I wish I lived in Hitler's time" meanderings or other nutty offerings from a wannabe fuhrer.

The voice-over tried to justify the protagonist's 'racism' via all sorts of psycho-babble (you see the militant left see anyone who is "racist" or "anti-Semitic" as quite literally mad) because in their world they simply cannot see that any people - let alone European, White Christians - wish to simply live in peace amongst their own kith and kin.

It's not about hatred, superiority or inferiority on any side.

It is purely about being with our own people and not having to mop up the mess of a failed multi-culti experiment which has not "enriched" us in any way!

Are Cornish fishermen culturally destitute? Is the Highland crofter poor in his life experience? Was the Berkshire small-holder bereft of any self-fulfillment? Is the Welsh cafe-owner robbed of a heritage, of a sense of belonging? Has the Lancastrian mother been denying her children a birthright?

I see this idea of immigration "enriching" us not only materially wrong (it has enriched the bosses who use immigrants to undercut wages), but culturally, spiritually and in almost every other feasible way. It is trying to say that our own culture(s) are poor, are weak, are malnourishing our children and offer nothing for the future.

And if (as most politiocians opine) it is just about food and music can't we import that? Can't we watch that on TV if that is our desire?

Why did we have to give over our land to millions of non-Europeans on order to eat an occasional curry or listen to African music - if that is what is being sold to us?

I think Kieran has it right in this TV programme. We simply want what is ours. We had a healthy European multi-culturalism before and it worked fine, the cultures of Europe mixed well and we had Italian cafes, we had German churches, we had Irish pubs, we had French restaurants, we had Polish centres and much more besides.

The cultures of Europe can provide us with all we need, without being swamped by millions of people who do not share our European ancestry, our common faith and heritage, our core ideals.

A smattering of European settled communities worked well because there was just the right amount of assimilation, and just the right amount of traditional culture.

The non-Europeans meanwhile have come in their millions and separate or "assimilated" it is not working. The offspring, second and third generation, have no sense of their own identity and that breeds contempt, lawlessness and worse to the detriment of all. The multi-culti, multi-racial and multi-faith miasma is ripping away the innards of our identity, our sense of community, our sense of right and wrong, our sense of belonging.

Besides which, as I have always said to any rabid multi-racialist or red -- if it was right for the Indians to take back their country in the 1940s, why is it wrong for us to want to take back our own country in the 2010s?

If the enemies of nationhood say one is right and one is wrong then that shows their racism - that they are biased against us for being White, European and Christian and wanting our own land.

Is the Indian in India more deserving of his birthright than the Englishman in England?

Towards the end of the programme Kieran did, imho, come to the correct conclusion about the BNP.

If he wants to join a party that is opposed to race-mixing how can he join one that is now promoting integration and assimilation? That is simply counter-intuitive and counter-productive.

As for the hooded figures part way through the programme - I have to say I empathised with their view. It was clear and principled - with a solid anti-Capitalist stance (cosmopolitanism, consumerism et al) and a healthy anti-Communist position too.

My sole criticism would be the hoodies and scarves, I would say either ignore the enemy media, or if you must use it - put up a spokesman that is clean-cut, normal and doesn't need to hide. But each to his own, as I said what they actually put across had a resonance which appealed. It had the social-justice angle so often missing from those trying to ape right-wing Tories.

As a final point, near the end Kieran seemed to be questioning his future in nationalism, though I think this was more to do with the BNP's betrayal of any racialism, and he seemed to be settled more with the NF activists.

If he is still unsure - and maybe he will read this or a friend will pass it on - I would simply say, stick with it. There will always be times when you are defecated upon. There will be traitors and hypocrites. Parties will come and go - and let you down.

But remember that our cause is greater than any of those and you will also meet some of the most genuine people in our cause - who will remain friends for life beyond this or that organisation.

In short, to quote a certain long-haired gent from the 1980s: don't let the bastards grind you down.

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