Saturday, 31 May 2008

Poll on the BNP Leadership Election

If there was a BNP Leadership election - who would you vote for?

Councillor Colin Auty
2 (8%)
Councillor Richard Barnbrook MLA
3 (12%)
Nick Griffin
2 (8%)
Chris Jackson
10 (41%)
None of the Above
7 (29%)

Food for thought...

Friday, 30 May 2008

Anti-fascists Against Fun (on the Dancefloor!)

A message from Rabbi Robbie the Blink and Shyster Wieselstool of the Irgun Appreciation Society/Community Defence Team/Defamation Anti-Goy Trust:

Oy Voy already!

We're thinking of suing the entire pop music industry for emotional and psychological damage. Not to mention reparations for some manual work a great great uncle once had to do (oh the suffering!).

Imagine our shock.

A report from Dave Spart of the Anti-racist/Anti-fascist Marxist-Lennonist anti-McCarthy/McCartney League for Democracy and Collectivisation:

I'm looking at a mid 1960s record (for younger viewers, they were large black vinyl discs, for readers with tartan blankets on their legs they came after the wax cylinders...). It was a compilation no less of all the latest bands in the charts (hey! groovy!)

So I starting reading through all the dance crazes of the era - helpfully listed on the cover of the aforesaid long playing vinyl record.

I remember the birdie song, the dying fly, the grape pressers' stomp, the pogo, the foxtrot, the military quickstep and all the other dances to dust off at an embarrassed cousin's wedding, but what were these dances?

The locomotion. Oh yes. Very cringeworthy.

The twist. Of course. Many's the uncle with a slipped disc over that one after the speeches...

The chicken back. Hmmm. Not sure... always been more one for the chicken leg or wing myself, with a few crisps and a sausage roll, but sounds great.

The drunkard. OK. One definitely for the end of the night - perhaps lurching betwixt lampposts on the eternal search for the taxi of deliverance?

The Popeye. Now it's getting weirder... and potentially stereotypical against minorities.

The bounce. That'd be handy to learn for when being thrown through the doors by outraged bouncers after another Auntie helps herself to the gin dispenser.

But what's this at the bottom?

The Hitler!?!??

Oh yes! A wee sieg heiling fuhrer is there on the LP cover! Imagine doing that dance at your cousin's wedding evening soiree!

So come on. Heebs of the world unite. The workers' struggle starts here. Let us rid the dance floors of wedding parties across the land of this reactionary anti-workers, anti-Semite "dance" and make hotels and conference centres across the world safe for Zionists and Lenninsparts alike.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Solidarity - The Saga Continues

It has just been announced that the regulatory body responsible for Trade Unions - the Certification Office for Trade Unions - has appointed an Inspector to investigate the numerous allegations of financial irregularities within the Solidarity Trade Union.

This document, sent in by an FC supporter, reproduces the article on the Cert Office webpage and also discusses the background of the Solidarity takeover by Harrington/Griffin:


It has just been announced that the regulatory body responsible for Trade Unions - the Certification Office for Trade Unions - has appointed an Inspector to investigate the numerous allegations of financial irregularities within the Solidarity Trade Union.

The Union was founded as an independent Trade Union and the goals of its founders, Clive Potter and Lee Barnes, was to create a mass nationalist Trade Union that could take on the mass TUC internationalist trade unions.

Unfortunately, the project was dogged by the disruptive behaviour of its General Secretary/Treasurer, Patrick Harrington (appointed by Clive Potter and Lee Barnes) who refused to work as a team member and failed to submit to the principles and goals of the Union. Mr Harrington tried to treat the "Union as a personal pet-project and also as a political object, emphasising 'McCarthyism' and the recruitment of ethnic minorities in line with the liberal-Left agenda of the co-operative socialism of Harrington's own Third Way/National Liberal Party agenda. The founders realised the potential of a mass independent nationalist trade union that could combine a cheap subscription with industrial protection and standing up for the British workers against employers, the Government, the Trans-national Corporations and the left-wing TUC unions. Mass recruitment and mass involvement with British workers was the goal, an industrial goal, instead of a mere BNP-protection society as desired by the BNP leadership. Workers were not interested in 'McCarthyism' or political agendas, only in protection and the advancement of their industrial lives.

Pat Harrington's refusal to work as a team member led to his suspension from the Union last May whilst he was investigated by the Union's National Executive Committee.

However, in a bizarre twist of events Patrick Harrington schemed with a former colleague from the National Front - an organisation that they both helped to destroy - and launched a coup d'etat against Solidarity's National Executive Committee, the Union's authority that had been ratified at the first AGM in February 2007.

Nick Griffin of the BNP decided to support his former NF colleague, Patrick Harrington, for reasons not fully understood but possibly connected with financial reasons stemming from the financial opportunities given from a trade union's subscription-paying membership, or political, Griffin seeing a short-term advantage in joining forces with the tiny Third Way grouplet which has liberal pretensions. A BNP-front trade union which is run by a liberal and who leads a liberalist party could well serve as a platform in which to help Griffin create a more Zionist and liberal BNP in which to persuade BNP members to accept ethnic minority members into its ranks.

Whilst the accounts of the Union for 2006/7 had to be filed with the Certification Office by June, Griffin placed extraordinary pressure on both Tim Hawke (the then Vice-President) and Clive Potter (President) by threatening them, calling them "sociopaths" and claiming that their reputations would be destroyed within the BNP. Meanwhile, the lack of full receipts and financial documentation from Patrick Harrington meant that the accounts could not be signed off. When some receipts had been received it was decided that rather than jeopardise the Union the Executive look after the long-term interests of the project and submit the financial information to the Certification office to comply with the law.

As soon as this was done Griffin and Harrington acted. In an act of pure Stalinist theatre Griffin and Harrington launched a co-ordinated attack on the legitimate authority of Solidarity. Clive Potter was expelled from the BNP, despite years of active service as a candidate and activist (even though the Union was an independent body with its own constitution, subscriptions and ruling body), as a result of his commitment to the long-term strategy of Solidarity and a belief in integrity and the Union's constitution.

This was followed by the hijacking of the Union, with Steve Blake being forced to change the domain to Patrick Harrington whilst the designer and host of the website, Lambertius Nieuwof ("Bep"), a former South African terrorist, went along with Griffin's orders.

Meanwhile, Patrick Harrington froze the Union's accounts preventing the Executive from communicating with its members or taking action against the coup organisers, or even from running the Union for the benefit of its members. The Union had become the personal plaything for political purposes for a group of power-greedy individuals, Nick Griffin and Patrick Harrington. Harrington, however, retained the Union's Paypal account thus keeping its funds from the Executive who were constitutionally entitled access to those funds.

A campaign of black propaganda and smears issued from Patrick Harrington and Nick Griffin as they sought to legitimise their hostile takeover of the Union. On the BNP website itself news items appeared that smeared the Executive and claimed that the Union had been the 'target' of a 'Marxist plot' and that action was needed by the BNP/Third Way to prevent the plot. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Decent and hard-working nationalist activists had been smeared and abused by the likes of Nick Griffin in a foul campaign that made the Stalinist purges and the Nazi terror trials of dissidents of the 1930s look tame. Reputations were consigned to the rubbish bin of the BNP and the membership of the BNP were treated to a display of historical revisionism and propaganda to ensure that they all accepted the party line that Potter/Hawke had been involved in some imaginary 'left-wing plot' against the BNP to somehow destabilise the Union, despite the fact that Clive Potter had created the Union in the first place and built it up, and that Tim Hawke had spent hundreds of pounds of his own money in helping to build it up. This was a truly disgusting way to treat patriots and those who sought to make sacrifices for the common good of both other nationalists and the British worker.

Patrick Harrington and his fellow conspirators ensured that the party-line was propagated through half-truths and smears on such internet forums and blogs as diverse as the neo-Nazi Stormfront forum (where Harrington himself goes under the name of "Double Think") and the far-Left UAF blogs. Meanwhile, the Solidarity website that had been hijacked from the legitimate Executive issued its own propaganda against Potter and Hawke and sold the line that Patrick Harrington had somehow saved the Union from a 'Marxist plot'. In an attempt to discredit the Executive Harrington claimed that they had failed in their plot and that the Union was now in 'safe hands' since Nick Griffin was in control of the situation and was in agreement with the way that the Union was now being run. Since the majority of Solidarity's members were at that time BNP members (with a few Third Way members) having the backing of the party leader was tantamount to securing the compliance of Solidarity's membership.

Despite the lies and the smears, some Solidarity members refused to tow the party line and were independently-minded and possessed enough personal integrity to realise that there had been a coup d'etat by Harrington/Griffin and that Griffin was simply treading in the same factionalising and conspiratorial footsteps that he had trodden since his days in the National Front. They also realised that the BNP activists who had been running the Union possessed enough credibility and respect not to be acting as 'Reds', and that Griffin had played this tactic on previous occasions (and in fact has recently used it against the BNP's own internal rebels in December 2007). Some members could see with their own eyes that Patrick Harrington had specific allegations placed against him and that the Executive were duty bound to act according to the Union's constitution and to suspend him pending internal investigations. The fact that Harrington neither co-operated with the investigation and did not appeal, nor complain to the Certification Office at the time, was testament enough to his poor conduct and lack of professional integrity as a Union official. As a result of his totally unacceptable behaviour in attacking the Union's Executive, smearing its officials, hijacking its website and conspiring against the Union and its officials and bringing it totally into disrepute the Executive had no option but to expel Patrick Harrington as a member of the Union.

But by then (July 2007) the damage had been done and the Executive had no access to its own funds to continue assisting its members or to communicate with them. It recreated its website using the original template ( and published the results of its investigations into the conduct of Patrick Harrington.

A call for an 'Extraordinary General Meeting' was launched by the bogus General Secretary, an instrument actually unrecognised in the Union's own constitution and which was in itself totally unconstitutional as the new Acting General Secretary, William McLinden, did not call for any such event. The bogus General Secretary, Patrick Harrington, despite having been expelled from the Union initiated a call to the membership using membership data that he had no right to use. The actual mechanics of the call for an 'EGM' were utterly bogus and disreputable, having no independent scrutineer and all of the unnumbered and unstamped 'notifications' being returned to Harrington's personal home address.

The result of this bogus call was never disputed as it produced the result that Harrington/Griffin wanted. The 'EGM' was held in an Essex location where a prominent Third Way official was based and even the Chairman of the BNP, Nick Griffin, himself attended, presumably to ensure that BNP members of the Union would vote the right way. Clearly, the National Executive Committee of Solidarity could not recognise such an aberrant event and refused to attend this farce. BNP and Third Way members were 'elected' on to a new and bogus 'Committee' and the seal had been set for the BNP/Third Way takeover of the independent trade union, Solidarity.

The official Executive responded by issuing complaints and collecting documentary evidence against the unconstitutional Solidarity Executive and began submitting these to the Certification Office. Meanwhile, the Executive could not access its own constitutional funds held with the HSBC Bank, which had been frozen by Harrington just after he had been suspended. However, despite the HSBC account being frozen and the official Executive having placed an inhibitor against Harrington on the account, Patrick Harrington managed to persuade the Bank to allow him to remove £2600 from the account. To date HSBC have failed to provide an explanation for this act of negligence and, despite HSBC having replaced the monies removed from the account (and then refreezing the account because of the dispute) the Executive apparently intend to pursue this matter further.

In November the bogus Solidarity Executive staged elections for its Executive which was now intended to be larger and with all of its members to be either BNP or Third Way appointed, an action apparently contrary to the 1992 Trade Union and Labour Relations Act that governs trade unions since election candidates should not have to members of a political party.

The Executive elections were held in November and overseen by a firm of accountants, Silver & Co, oddly enough the same accountants who are responsible for accounting the BNP finances.

Today the unconstitutional Executive of Solidarity, who hijacked the Union from its constitutional Executive in a coup d'etat when they refused to submit to the decrees and bullying of Nick Griffin, continues to run the Union and issue aggrandised statements of purpose. They have erased the history of Solidarity and how it was founded by Clive Potter and Lee Barnes, and how it was built up from nothing with very little funding from any source. It was built up through the generosity of its members who answered the call for a genuine independent nationalist trade union. Many mistakes were undoubtedly made by its Executive but also many invaluable lessons were learnt and much experience was built up.

One of the biggest lessons gained the hard way was about trust, honesty, integrity and comradeship - all values that are - or should be - from the nationalist lexicon. Patrick Harrington was given a prominent role in the embryonic union on account of his experience in defending himself from hostile trade unions, as was Clive Potter. That trust and responsibility was sorely abused when Mr Harrington refused to work as a team player and then refused to accept the disciplinary protocol that lies at the heart of every organisation. He responded to a disciplinary measure by turning on those who gave him his position in the first place and conspiring with an outside agency to set himself up as the leader of that very Union. Trust and respect went out of the window. Factionalism and conspiracy came in through the back door.

The conspiratorial efforts of Patrick Harrington would never have materialised had it not been for the involvement of BNP Chairman, Nick Griffin. His action in this regard made it possible for Harrington to seize control of the Union. His role in this affair was totally repugnant. Conspiring with a non-BNP individual (Harrington) against his own members (Potter and Hawke) was absolutely disreputable and a mark of utter disloyalty. Through this act of treachery Griffin brought the BNP into disrepute, not alone in the fact that his hijacking of an independent entity as Solidarity was contrary to the principles of the BNP and of nationalism in general. It was a black day for the BNP and for British nationalism when the leader of the BNP sought to take over an independent trade union for his own personal advantage and then discredit his own members by resorting to attempted blackmail and smear because they defended their own integrity against the dictatorial whims of Nick Griffin.

Now that the Certification Office has appointed an Inspector to investigate allegations of financial irregularities this may actually lead to some evidence being uncovered to confirm the original allegations that were made.

Furthermore, the Certification Office is considering a number of complaints against the Union for alleged breaches of both its own constitution and of statute, alleged breaches that began with the hijacking of Solidarity in July 2007 by Patrick Harrington and Nick Griffin.

What has been apparent in the Solidarity Affair is the pathetic and revolting spectacle of the BNP smear machine, led and run by Nick Griffin himself, launching attacks on brave and committed patriots, even on its very own members because they refused to submit to the will of its Chairman over the constitution and integrity of an independent trade union. The attacks by Nick Griffin on Potter and Hawke were an attack on all BNP members and all nationalists. It was an attack against intelligence, political strategy, common sense, integrity, honesty, moral values and the law. It was the application of the law of the jungle, the survival of the fittest – or in this case the survival of the most powerful. The only individuals who support Griffin and Harrington in their Darwinian dog eat dog world are the existential ill-informed armchair members who have done nothing for the party except give their cash to a cash-hungry leadership. And those moral-free individuals who are either earning money from the party or Union, or have sold their souls for an illusory title that Griffin knows will keep them loyal as a badge of ownership which the owner will occasionally kick to keep them on-side.

We have a pair of political groups (BNP and Third Way) whose leadership lies to its membership and to everyone else. The dupes, the party vassals and the unthinking within their respective memberships accept and believe the lies and the illusions that parody the world views of Stalin and Hitler, that if they tell big enough lies for long enough people will believe them.

But that world of illusion is beginning to fall apart, as much as the illusory world of liberalism and multiculturalism is falling part. It is not just the public who are beginning to wake up, but also the membership of the BNP, those who joined to oppose those very illusions that confront them in their everyday lives. They have had enough of leadership lies and dictatorship and bent constitutions. They want a return to the rule of law, to integrity and to openness. They are demanding a return to the British sense of fair play and justice. They are no longer content to accept without question the use of their party as a personal plaything and a family possession. Above all, they want truth and a sense of mission so that the maximum set of effort can be applied to the biggest threat now acting against this nation.

All actions have repercussions. The immoral actions of Patrick Harrington and of Nick Griffin may have consequences that reverberate beyond the Certification Office and ensure that the un-nationalist conduct of these two leaders of British nationalism will be counted.

Let all nationalists take heed of these experiences and consider wisely just what values and principles nationalists should hold. How nationalists should conduct themselves both in public and in private life. How nationalists should ensure that they have the best and most moral leaders representing them.

27 May 2008
On 22 May 2008 the Certification Officer appointed Gerard Walker, Assistant Certification Officer, as an Inspector to investigate the financial affairs of the trade union Solidarity. The appointment was made under Section 37B of the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992. The Inspector's terms of reference are to investigate the financial affairs of the trade union Solidarity between 1 November 2005 and 24 November 2007; as regards;

a. the production of receipts for expenditure,

b. the operation of the Solidarity Paypal account,

c. withdrawals from the Solidarity HSBC current account on 20 and 25 September 2007 and a transfer to the Solidarity HSBC current account from the Solidarity HSBC Money Manager Account on 20 September 2007,

d. cheques cashed from the Solidarity HSBC current account between 18 January 2007 and 4 June 2007,

e. payments made to Mr Patrick Harrington from the Solidarity HSBC current account between 1 February 2007 and 1 May 2007,

f. the freezing of the Solidarity HSBC Current Account and Business Money Manager Account in 2007,

g. the opening of a Bank of Scotland account in the name of Solidarity in 2007,

h. the appointment of Accentuate PR Company by Solidarity in 2007,

i. the appointment of the auditors of Solidarity's accounts for the years ending 31 December 2006 and 31 December 2007 and

j. any other matter, with the consent of the Certification Officer, indicating a financial irregularity within the description set out in section 37B(2) of the 1992 Act that may come to light during the investigation of (a) to (i) above.

The terms of reference exclude the Inspector from reaching any conclusion on the legal issues arising out of the unresolved dispute within Solidarity about the application of its rules to its governance, the resolution of which requires either internal agreement or judicial determination.

Sunday, 25 May 2008

Last Week's Quote: Belloc

"The reason men commonly adopt the Distributive form of society, and tend to return to it if they can, is that the advantages it presents seem greater in most men's eyes than its disadvantages."

Hilaire Belloc,
Economics For Helen.

Economics For Helen

BNP Leader in Crisis?

With claim and counter-claim hurtling through cyber space about his backers pulling out and concerning pressure applied to his supporters from the BNP leadership that would make both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown green with envy, Councilor Colin Auty is hitting back.

The latest post on his blog is an enlightening one. It seems that the BNP leader is so distraught at the number of dissenting circles within the BNP (those he hasn't yet expelled!) a Stalinesque communique has been issued to BNP orgainsers and suchlike asking them to swear total loyalty in what (we can only presume) is meant to be a legally-binding contract.

If word is correct that another BNP member lost tens of thousands in court after taking the advice of BNP "legal expert" Lee 'Yarmulke' Barnes one must only hope that the BNP isn't relying on the legal "expertise" (stop laughing) of Monsieur Barnes re. this bizarre document.

These 'contracts' aren't worth the paper they're written on. They are, though a none-too-subtle form of coercion and psychological pressure. let's hope they don't backfire.

BNP Leader in Crisis

Friday, 23 May 2008

Crewe By-Election: See-Saw Politics

So "Call Me Dave" Cameron is set to be the next big thing, just after we got rid of "Call Me Tony" Blair.

Right: We vote in "saviours," then we want to knock them down like bowling pins, only to replace them with the next lot of "saviours." Like hamsters (or goyim) in cages running on wheels and getting nowhere.

I am now convinced that people are dumb. Not individuals, because many individuals you get talking to on the train, bus or (God forbid!) the underground seem to have at least a little awareness. But get "people" as a mass, then they are dumb. They keep voting for "Mr. Nice" presented to them by the media moguls, the party machinery and the Freemason big wigs.

What is it that gets people so dumb en masse?

It's all coreographed of course, despite the attempts by the likes of Gordon Brown to prevent history being made.

Voters. Blame the voters.

They should be politically aware. These are the people who climb off the settee. These are the people who tear themselves away from Eastenders or Emerdale... And yet as a masse they are so easily swayed as the Tweedledum and Tweedledumber politrickians push you/pull me animal fights over the vomit strewn "centre ground."

And so in 1997 "we" vote in Labour when Tory Greed and Corruption gets too much.

And in 2010 "we" will probably vote in the Tories because New Labour Greed and Corruption has gotten too much.

The see-saw goes up. The see-saw goes down. Oooooh isn't it pretty colours?

Never mind, back to East(b)enders for more on how multi-culturalism and sexual inclusivity is so great for "communities."

Placing an X every few years is such hard work! Thank God the politrickians, theirn party machineries and their Masonic system allows us to vote them in or out every four years!

Is democracy the latest golden calf?

Is placing an X every four years for a "leader" in place via corrupt party machinery, via nepotism and back-handers what "democracy" is all about?

Fill yer boots party bosses!!! It seems "democracy" is as real as an East(b)enders plot-line...

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Human-Animal Embryos: Chimeras Are Here.

So "our" parliament voted yesterday to allow the creation of chimeras - part human/part animal unborn creatures.

The fact that this was a fix like our "entry" to the EEC/EU is plain to see. The chimeras were already being produced before the vote took place!!!

And now we have a "legal" situation for this Frankenstein science which is totally unproven, not to say probably highly unnecessary given that adult and umbilical stem cell research is still in its infancy - and could show real results if resources poured into Chimeras were diverted into these sane areas of research.

We have to ask ourselves two key questions:

1. How long before the "strict guidelines" much quoted since this entered the headlines are ignored or forgotten?

After all abortion should only be available where the mother's life is at risk - yet we have abortion on demand for socialites who want to go skiing and for selfish absentee "fathers" who pressurise their "partners." It's easy to forget how easily life rides roughshod over "guidelines" and rules.

A very close friend of mine worked at a laboratory for years and he told me that they would often make up results that fitted known expectations to prevent any fuss, to make the working day easier and to finish early. When he tried to buck this trend a huge volume of peer pressure ensured he buckled and fell into line. How can we know none of these chimeras will go full term? When government departments and agencies are losing invaluable info on millions of people can we be sure a chimera won't get into the human gene pool? Or mixed with human embryos?

2. How do we know we are not entering Thalidomide territory? Mixing animal genes and material with human might (and this is not in the slightest proven!) give a "cure" that creates more problems than it prevents.

With the normal chimera-avoiding alternatives not fully explored this seems another example of big business, big money, red militant atheists and others coming together to create a society which goes against all that is normal (a la abortion, homosexuality etc. etc.)

For those who believe that life begins at conception -- and how can it be otherwise when an unborn child can feel pain early in its development and can sometimes survive birth at roughly half way through its natural cycle, otherwise where does one "draw the line" of non-life/non-human and life/human? -- this moment is crystal clear: our degenerate faggot-hugging, anti-family, socialistic government has just given the green light to creating lives that are part human and part animal.

What consequences this awful and arrogant decision will have for us as a society God only knows!

Sunday, 18 May 2008

FC Poll Result on Repatriation in Local Politics

In Light of Knife, Gun & Drug Crime in Cities Should Repatriation be Openly Promoted?

43 (97%)
0 (0%)
Don't Know
1 (2%)
Don't Care
0 (0%)

So a clear cut message from this Blog's visitors that repatriation still has an important role to play in the politics of today's cities.

Last Week's Quote

"1. For 700 years the people of this nation have been the object of exploitation... Ours is a society which yearns to be free of it...

2. Ours is a small society, intimate, and we believe that every man is of value, to be cherished until the potential in him is unlocked and brought to full flower.

3. Our society has no wish to dominate others. We want to be left alone.

4. Our society is built to human scale. In work and government, each man can take strength from his neighbour and contribute, in turn, to his well-being...

5. It is a society which abhors the isolation and destruction of the human personality through want, ill-health, ignorance or victimisation or manipulation.

6. Therefore it is a society where all the factors of common life are to be controlled for the good of the community. The Christian religion has taught us that man is a moral animal, who can choose to intervene and alter what is bad...

7. Our community, then, is something alive, with a past, a present and a future. It has continuity..."

Derrick Hearne,
The Fulfillment of the Radical Tradition
(in 'Yesterday & Tomorrow').

The ABC of the Welsh Revolution by Derrick Hearne

Yesterday & Tomorrow by Various Authors (inc Derrick Hearne)

Saturday, 17 May 2008

BNP: Barnbrook is No. 3 to Challenge Griffin

Wow, double wow, treble wow!

Richard Barnbrook the BNP's London mayoral candidate is said to be the third challenger to Mr. Griffin's Zimbabwean empire.

Could this be some attempt by the BNP leadership to upturn the election applecart? It seems not according to feedback on the following link...
What interesting times!

Does Nero have his fiddle ready? He's certainly fiddled his way to this point...

For More:

Barnbrook Challenges Griffin

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Gordon Brown, Tax and the Lewes Pound

Despite my offer of help to win the day for Gordon Brown and have him voted in at the next general election as "the champion of the people," he chose to go cap in hand to the banks and borrow £2.7 Billion to pay for a tax concession to try and win votes and cover-up his mess from removing the 10p tax band.

"Gordon the Socialist" shows himself, once again, as Gordon the Banksters errand boy.

£2.7 billion in reality means millions more in interest every single month because the money will be borrowed at interest.

In his Radio 4 (Today programme) and Downing Street press conference appearances today he tried to paper over the cracks by stating that he could do this because the government's debt was now just 38% instead of 44% - I presume of annual income... but whatever, GB said this equates to £100 Billion less debt.

It just goes to show how the national debt is way out of control. What better time to return to the topic of issuing money as a credit instead of borrowing it from the banks as a debt?

Readers in Sussex should be aware that the Lewes Pound will be launched in September. This will be a new local currency that can be used to buy local services and products and is - apparently - one of several local currencies launched in England.

Whilst on a small scale and promoted as a way to help environmental concerns, this is a positive move in bringing about more usury-free money out of the control of banksters.

Nationalist activists and councilors should be promoting such initiatives and asking councils to issue Tax Vouchers as an alternative usury-free local currency which businesses and people can use to pay their Business Rates and Council Tax.

Issuing such Vouchers would save tens of thousands in borrowed money and interest payments for Council Tax-payers.

How much more beneficial to "voters" than Neo Con Israel-First BS that no-one cares about?

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Chris Jackson to stand as Second Challenger

We understand that last year's BNP leadership election challenger Chris Jackson will be challenging for the leadership again this year.

Those are his plans at the moment - and there have been murmurings on the net of a second challenger (as well as Councillor Colin Auty). Whilst some have said it could be Richard Barnbrook, it's likely that Barnbrook will remain a Griffin Loyalist for the time being.

More news as we get it, but look at the NW Nationalist site re. Eddy Butler's email and you'll understand that the spin machine is already very busy - with ugly talk of restricting the rights of the challengers a la Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe.

With other recent posts on the NW Nationalist site confirming that the BNP leader spoke at a Burnley meeting, stating that the BNP should work with other "community leaders" etc. etc.

People shouldn't be shocked because the BNP took a brazen multi-cult stance in the London elections (boasting of its Jewish, Sikh and West Indian support).

It seems the BNP is fast approaching its Yad Vashem watermark as it follows in the footsteps of Fini's "post Fascist" AN and the ultra-Zionist post-Vlaams Blok party.

And for those who protest??? They'll either be "vermin" like Jackson and his supporters; "Neo-Nazis and Searchlight" spies like the Enough is Enough crowd; 'nice but useful idiots' like Cllr Auty; "niggers" like Sharon Ebanks... and so on ad nauseum.

In a Stalinist pastiche of Private Eye's missives from 'The Great Leader' Comrade Brown, the BNP is fast becoming a Stalinist farce wherein today's "comrade" is tomorrow's "vermin" and all manner of party photos must get the airbrush treatment.

Still with recent mail-outs garnering over £100,000 do the New Tory Party care? Probably not, for grass roots nationalist support can easily be replaced by grass roots armchair supporters put in place via the BNP's liberalism and Zionism.

We hope the money's worth it!


Many thanks to all the kind souls who dug deep and sent in donations to our Online Fund 2008 Appeal!

We've had two more donations in, in the last few days, taking us over our £160 target.

So a big thanks to Clive from Leicester and Dave from Nottingham for their kind donations. Two nationalists from the Midlands rode to the rescue at the 11th hour! Well done lads!

So here, in all its pristine glory, is the very final FC Roll of Honour for the patriots who put their money where their mouths are.

They believe in nationalism, undiluted, uncorrupted, unsullied and glorious! They don't want nationalism to become the servant of Israeli interests. They don't want nationalism to be tolerant of homosexuality. They don't want nationalism to be a multi-culti quagmire.

So many thanks again to one and all for their kind gestures.

And remember to bookmark this blog and the FC Site to enjoy our insightful postings, our rantings, our amusing comments, our witty asides, our rapier edged wit, out pithy verbiage, our watchful remonstrating, and most of all be assured of a home for nationalism for 2008 and beyond.

The FC Roll of Honour

Clive from Leicester, for an £11 donation.
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and Harry of Cumbria who made donations totaling £15.

Many thanks from everyone at FC to all of the above patriots.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

FC Poll Result on Usury Banking

Last week's readers poll was:

Is Usury Banking

A scandal - to be outlawed immediately
22 (91%)
An unfortunate necessity.
2 (8%)
Good for economic growth
0 (0%)
An irrelevance
0 (0%)
I don't know
0 (0%)

Good to see common sense prevail...

Usury banking is one of the worst scandals of the epoch that has seen our people forced from the land, crammed into slums, forced into factories, forced down mines etc. etc.

There are plenty of ways around usury banking that do not mean loan-shark rates, endless debt and high taxation.

With all we are suffering - and have suffered - our government should be looking at usury free ways for government, business, local councils and families/individuals.

How many depressions, black Mondays/Fridays, slumps, runs on banks, credit crunches etc. etc. do we need before we curb the glutinous nature of the current banking system and replace it with something natural, and aimed towards the betterment of the nation and the Common Good?

FC Online Fund 2008 - 8th Update

Our old friend Tony from Lewisham, London, made a donation of £10 towards our 2008 online costs.

People like Tony, who can ill afford it, regularly dig deep to help the cause he's served all his life through thick and thin. We hope there's someone out there who can take the price of a round of drinks on a Friday night and instead of giving it to a Big Business and the government, will decide a truly nationalist voice is more important...

Our tally so far is £148, so just £12 more needed to reach our £160 target.

Other donors on the FC Roll of Honour are:

Chris from New Jersey, USA, for a £10 donation.
Stephen from South London
, for a £20 donation.
Chris from SA, Australia
, for a £51 donation.
Piers from
Cornwall, for a £20 donation.
Rob from Walthamstow, London
, for a £11 donation.
Deric from Dublin, for a £5 donation.
Roger of Lancashire who made a £6 donation
and Harry of Cumbria who made donations totaling £15.

You can drop us a line ( - "FC Donation" in the subject box) or you can use the Donations section in the FC Online Shop.

We're almost there.... help us get the last few pounds in and make your mark on the struggle to keep nationalism truly nationalist!

Another Victim of Terror: Jimmy Mizen

So just-turned 16-year old Jimmy Mizen was stabbed in the neck, to death, in Lewisham yesterday...

The BBC say the police are searching for the killer. And yet there has been no description of the killer issued. Was he wearing shorts? Was he 6ft tall? Was his hair short? AND WHAT COLOUR WAS HE???

Is this a search for a killer of an innocent White Londoner? Or a politically correct cover up of another Race Crime?

I honestly don't know the colour of the assailant. The news reports I've seen and heard haven't mentioned it. But I do know the litany of stabbing murders in London in the last 12 months have been carried out - primarily - by Afro-Caribbeans.

Many of the victims have been Black too. Some have been White. Yet the fact remains that murder on the streets of England's capital is primarily a racial crime.

Not Whites, not Muslims (sorry Nick), not Orientals.

So the next time a politician tells you that mass coloured immigration has brought us "great benefits" ask them to tell that to the family of the many people murdered in racially-biased street crimes.

I'll wait for the details of Jimmy's killer. But my guess is he'll follow the demographic pattern of the many other bastards who've stolen the lives of so many innocent kids.

Bugger the laughable "War on Terror" -- this is the real terror on our streets (and not just London either!).

Imagine a 16 year old stabbed in the neck in a bakery in BROAD DAYLIGHT!

Time for the government and the parties to act on this very real terror and the terror of gun crime, drugs crime and muggings.

An organised grant-funded voluntary repatriation to the West Indies and Africa would be a good start!

Or doesn't that fit the Neo-Con "all good Brits" agenda?

Murdered schoolboy remembered

Hunt for Killer: No Race Mentioned

Friday, 9 May 2008

Last Week's Quote

"Every organisation must ensure its unity. This can be done be two means:
1. By Camaraderie - that spiritual strength which unites all fighters in a sacred brotherhood and
2. By discipline - that exterior force which harmonises all wills with a view to the realisation of the same aim.

Corneliu Codreanu, The Nest Leader's Manual.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

More Than 60 Years of Zionist Terror

Much was made today (Thursday as I begin writing) of Israel's 60th Birthday.

Imagine the size of the cake needed to accommodate the bodies of all the dead, ethnically cleansed and tortured Palestinian men, women and children?

Did they pop champagne corks at BNP HQ for such an auspicious occasion? US tax payers must be celebrating for all the countless billions they have pumped into the illegal terrorist state. We must share some joy too for the many dead soldiers sacrificed in Zionist wars.

So what should we remember of 60 years ago?

The aftermath of Zionist terror groups torturing and murdering British servicemen? The same army that fought to "liberate the camps" was being bombed and butchered by militant Jews in Palestine!

The Arab villages uprooted en masse? After terror tactics, mass murder, poisoned wells etc. etc.

A whole population made into refugees? Imagine a people turning up in your country, saying they lived there 2000 years ago (whether that is true is a moot point) and then poisoning, butchering and murdering your people on a huge scale.

Then suddenly they declare their new state -- and overnight America (and others on the U.S.A.'s coat-tails) recognises this new state!

Would it make it legitimate? Would you want to take back your country? Your town or village? Your home?

The Zionists being interviewed today bewailed the 1948 war when the Arab armies invaded.

It is my opinion that they were right to do so on numerous counts:

1. They knew "Israel" would be a threat to them and to Middle East peace for decades to come.

2. They knew "Israel" would be a proxy-state for American Jewry.

3. They knew that the murderous Zionists would not rest till they had built a "greater Israel" at the expense of their own security, borders and independence.

4. If they had managed to wipe out the young terror state it would have brought peace to the region. Jews would be safe living in Palestine - as they were before - but the Zionist murderers would be brought to book.

5. The Arab fight-back was justified in the face of a unilateral declaration of independence, because the state of Israel had no intention of honouring any short-term restrictions, and the Jordanian capture of East Jerusalem stopped the Zionists declaring Jerusalem as their capital -- which is still their aim.

We've seen 60 years of ethnic cleansing, terror, child-murder, bulldozing, illegal land-grabs, illegal invasions etc. etc.

Celebrate? I'd rather cartwheel naked down the high street!

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Why Can't We Afford to Defend the Country?

It seems the coast of Norfolk is falling into the sea.

Our government "can't afford" the coastal defences needed to defend the land from the encroaching sea, which is eroding its way towards more and more ancient villages.

This is very interesting, because it was the crumbling and eroding coastline of Guernsey - the very real gradual loss of the island itself! - which led to the government of Guernsey issuing its own debt-free money (see I Can Save Gordon Brown & New Labour).

Our government says the defence of this country ("from terror") is its priority... yet miles of land, homes, villages are falling into the sea and our usury-laden government "can't afford" to defend it!

What a farce! What a disgrace!

I could say what would happen if a Government Minister lived on the Norfolk coast... but then we all know these people are the ultimate "nimbys" with no real knowledge of social justice and absolutely no concern for the Common Good.

If they did they would drop the system that props up the billionaire bankers and put just a tiny percentage of that sum into defending real, English communities.

Robert Mugabe's Electoral Policy Is...

...stand against me and you'll be expelled, vilified, and your supporters will be targeted by my hired-thugs.

That's the way things work in the BNP... er, I mean Zimbabwe!

Ultra-Zionist Barnes has Lost the Plot

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

FC Online Fund 2008 - 7th Update

Chris from New Jersey, USA, made a donation of £10 towards our 2008 online costs.

This raises our tally so far to £138, so we've now raised almost the full amount of the £160 needed.

Come on Racial Nationalists! Just £22 More!!!

There are people out there pumping money into people and parties that want to make Africans and Asians into "patriotic Britons"

All we're asking is for a few decent nationalists to make relatively small donations to help the running costs of the FC site. Is £22 too much to ask to help keep our voice on the net for another year?

Other donors to date are:

Stephen from South London, for a £20 donation.
Chris from SA, Australia
, for a £51 donation.
Piers from
Cornwall, for a £20 donation.
Rob from Walthamstow
, England for a £11 donation.
Deric from Dublin, for a £5 donation.
Roger of Lancashire who made a £6 donation
and Harry of Cumbria who made donations totaling £15.

You can drop us a line ( - "FC Donation" in the subject box) or you can use the Donations section in the FC Online Shop.

Get your name and area in the FC Roll of Honour for those prepared to put their money where their mouth is!

If your situation etc. means you want to be anonymous - so be it, we can honour that. The important thing is to put a few pounds (euros or dollars) into a genuine nationalist cause.

We're almost there.... help us get the last few pounds in and make your mark on the struggle to keep nationalism truly nationalist!

CCTV Ignores 97% of Street Crime

And so Inspector Knacker admits that CCTV cameras only help solve 3% of muggings in London.

Right: Not everyone watching us has our best interest at heart!

Now now - he didn't say "they all look the same." These are the 'Post-Macpherson' days officer!

But all joshing aside. This does prove something.

It proves that CCTV has nothing to do with stopping crime.

1. At best CCTV can only record crime - not prevent it.
At best CCTV can only displace crime away from the cameras - not prevent it.

At best CCTV can make criminals wear disguises, hoods, hats etc.

But we all know that CCTV isn't about stopping crime. A government that claims that "protecting the people" is their first imperative - is lying. Why? Because it fails to protect our people from the very real terror of muggers, drugs gangs, and all manner of anti-social behaviour.

Their first imperative is to protect themselves, to protect their establishment, to protect their power, to protect their whole Masonic infrastructure.

That is what the cameras, the extra police powers etc. etc are all about. It has nothing to do with "terror" nor crime both of which it either indirectly adds to or fails to control.

Wake up White Nationalist and see beyond the lies of the Zionist political parties. Look at the bigger picture!

We are all being watched, listened to, kept on file, ad nauseum.

Our biggest enemy, the biggest crooks, the ones who perpetuate the criminality are the Masonic junta who have ruled this land for hundreds of years.

"Left" and "Right" are just labels of a Masonic regime. Governments change, but the rules continue, and the agenda continues.

Only when we see that the Masonic power structure, the banks, Westminster, the big businesses etc. are the problem and not the solution will we get to any real answers.

And that day, sad to say, is still a long way off because all too many "patriots" are being played by the enemy into putting the interests of Judeo-Masonry first. And in defending "democracy," in defending "human rights," in defending "integration," in defending "Israel's right to defend itself," they in turn are defending the very Masonic establishment that has corralled our people into wage-slavery and usury-servitude for generations.

Here endeth the lesson.

FC Online Fund 2008 - 6th Update

Stephen from South London, made a donation of £20 towards our 2008 online costs.

This raises our tally so far to £128, so we've now raised over three quarters of the total £160 needed.

Come on Racial Nationalists!

One last push and we'll be there!!!

There are people out there pumping money into people and parties that want to allow homosexuals and Zionists to be activists!?!?!?!

All we're asking is for a few decent nationalists to make relatively small donations to help the running costs of the FC site.

Other donors to date are:

Chris from SA, Australia, for a £51 donation.
Piers from
Cornwall, for a £20 donation.
Rob from Walthamstow
, England for a £11 donation.
Deric from Dublin, for a £5 donation.
Roger of Lancashire who made a £6 donation
and Harry of Cumbria who made donations totaling £15.

You can drop us a line ( - "FC Donation" in the subject box) or you can use the Donations section in the FC Online Shop.

Get your name and area in the FC Roll of Honour for those prepared to put their money where their mouth is!

If your situation etc. means you want to be anonymous - so be it, we can honour that. The important thing is to put a few pounds (euros or dollars) into a genuine nationalist cause.

But still we have to ask...

Where are our American comrades?

What about our European supporters?

There is still a deafening silence from across the Channel and across the Atlantic...

Let's get the £160 in and move on!

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Colin Auty BNP Challenger Interviewed

BNP Leadership Challenge Blog

The official Blog of the BNP Leadership Challenger.


BNP Councilor's Election Challenge Blog

BNP Leadership Election Challenge Hopeful

Interesting news of another challenge to the BNP leadership, which means not all are convinced by the current BNP direction.

Despite more watering down, officially becoming multi-cultural and transmogrifying into the "most Zionist" party of them all, the BNP has still fallen from its 2004 high.

Will Olmert... sorry, I mean Griffin survive - probably. Will the election be very interesting - most certainly!

BNP Councillor Announces Leadership Challenge

BNP Councillors Local Authority Page

I Can Save Gordon Brown & New Labour!


If you're standing, take a seat.

If you're eating or drinking, put down your vitals.

If you are of a temperament prone to anger, leave the room.

If you have a weak constitution have the nurse standing ready.

I think I can save Gordon Brown. I think I can keep New Labour in office.

Yes! It's true. They haven't phoned me yet... but let me explain how I can do this and I'm sure Ed Balls, his wife Ms Yvette Cooper or one of the Milliband brothers will be on the phone by sunset.

I've told my nan to keep off the phone just in case they're trying to get through later. And I've set up the motion alarm system around the phone to keep all the sprogs away from it (not for any special reason that, I do it anyway to keep the bills low... 'a penny saved' etc.)

So after this preamble I'd better explain my plan and my reasoning.

On so many news and political programmes since Thursday night Gordon Brown has said he's going to start listening. What was he doing up until now? Ruling via arrogance?

Equally as aired via the Electronic Talmud was one Tessa Jowell. I guess as Minister for London she had to answer the media queries over Boris Johnston's election for Mayor (did every candidate have to have an ability to crush all notions of fidelity and sexual self-control?).

She mirrored the comments of her boss and said the people were "hurting."

10 years of New Labour rule. 10 years of (variant) Socialism. 10 years of tax and spend. 10 years of New Deal, Minimum Wage, Tax Credits... and yet still we are hurting!


Well despite forking out oodles of cash on initiatives to help the poor, the cost of living has risen so much these could even be said to be negated in the last year or so. With mortgages fast rising too, people are starting to feel let down.

Part of this equation is the first part of New Labours Mantra "Tax and Spend."

It's all very well spending (with cronies and big business creaming off their own profits naturally!) but it's the tax part that hurts.

If only there were some way to NOT Tax and STILL Spend.

It's surely not possible! Harriet Harman earlier today said that people wanted the money being spent on schools, the NHS, Tax Credits (etc.) and so they had to realise that if these outgoings were to be continued (for the betterment of "all") then the people would have to continue paying taxes.

That's all very well, but tell that to any family whose wage-income has fallen in real terms, whose mortgage has risen, whose fuel and heating bills have risen, whose food bills have risen, whose Council Tax has risen, who has more chance of being fined for traffic violations, and who still (after umpteen years) face nuisance "low level" criminality - that they should be paying so many forms of taxation (hidden and unhidden).

To give just one example, Americans would find it hard to believe that we poor sods in the Colonial Power pay over £1.20 for a litre of diesel.

That's just 1 litre! To get the price of 1 gallon use the rough figure of four and a half litres (that's not exact, just me using comprehensive school maths). That gives us a rough figure of £5.40 for a gallon of diesel.

Answer me this. If Americans were paying $10.80 for a gallon of diesel fuel for their cars do you think they would accept that? Or would they strike, riot, or carry out civil disobedience?

Yes, our regular readers from California to Maine will be gobsmacked. Add to that the fact that circa 60% of what we pay goes straight to HM Treasury (that's the government's coffers) by way of VAT and fuel taxes. Yet still the government plans (they may well drop it after their total drubbing on Thursday) to add another 2p in tax to fuel in October.

What a bunch of wimps we all are to sit and take this BS from people who went to expensive private schools, who fiddle their expenses, who employ their family and friends, and who leave office to sinecures in oil, banking, arms and other multinationals and big businesses.

What do we do in protest? Vote for another bunch of treacherous, spoilt, Masonic-Zionist hirelings in the hope that anything will change. Fat Chance!

But let me return to my idea of how I can save Gordon Brown's current career (before he - officially - moves onto the books of Rothschilds or Goldman Sachs).

It's quite simple really, and certainly anyone who claims to understand economics and politics should follow my thesis quite easily.

Gordon: STOP borrowing money from the banks. STOP paying back the billions in loan interest every year. START issuing the government's own money (instead of borrowing or taxing it into your coffers) and soon you will have no national debt.

No national debt means more money to spend from much reduced taxes. The NHS and schools will benefit. The tax-payer will hail you as their saviour.

Of course you, Gordon, will have to break your subservience to the banks - but what have they ever done for you? They created the "credit crunch" via their usurious greed. They put their own greed and self-interest before that of the nation of the government as the recent fiasco has proved.

Who do you serve Gordon (the "Socialist"): the people or the banks?

Who do you put first Gordon? The nation or a relative handful of self-serving, greedy, Masonic money-grubbers in the City of London who have fed off a debt bubble that is bursting right now?

Just imagine Gordon! You can pump money into schemes to benefit the Common Good. You can keep funding the NHS and schools. You can pay for more bobbies on the beat. You can help local councils get out of debt to the banks and so lower their taxes too.

You will be hailed as the hero of the people for decades if not all of history!

A latter day Robin Hood beating the largest robbers of all time to help the poor.

Of course the vested interests will attack you because they will lose multi-billions. The newspapers, the banks, the media-pundits hired by big business... all these will bay for your blood.

But again I ask: who do you serve Gordon - the people, or financiers? Voters or media moguls?

You could even use some of the money raised to start national construction schemes to pay-off some of the businesses and keep them happy... it wouldn't really matter in the big scheme of things.

If you think it can't be done, read The Guernsey Experiment.

The government of Guernsey faced the problem of a population over-taxed, a population fast emigrating, crumbling infrastructure, huge debts to the banks. Sound familiar?

So their solution was not to increase taxes. Their solution wasn't to borrow more money and so increase their debts.

Their solution was to issue their own currency, free of debt, and use it to pay for public works, use the income to reduce taxes, and even use the money to pay off their debts (though I would argue that there was no more moral duty to do so than to pay every last installment to a door-stepping loan shark!)

If the government of Guernsey could do it - can't the government of Westminster?

When we have only recently repaid the Napoleonic Wars debts and only just repaid the debts incurred to the American government alone from WW2, we have to ask why our successive governments feel the need to be eternally in debt to a handful of super-rich (no, obscenely rich is more apt) financial institutions?

Again, I have to ask who Gordon serves? Or whom does he wish to serve? The people? Or the banks?

I can ask the same question of all the other parties too... yet if none of them are willing to grasp the nettle and face up to the banking elite -- then none of them can ever claim to have the best interests of our people at heart.

Anything else is empty gesturing.

Anything else will not prevent another "credit crunch" or financial crisis.

Anything else will not stop the incessant rise in taxes.

Anything else will eventually see public expenditure curtailed.

Anything else will be a total and utter betrayal of the working people of these islands.

So, Gordon - or one of your minions - feel free to give me a bell today. I shall be standing by to rescue your government and secure the next general election for you as the voters and (ex!?) tax-payers hail you as their saviour.

When you cut the taxes from fuel duty the haulage industry alone will pay for your retirement villa (I hear the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia is particularly charming).

So come on Gordon!

Just think... you will outshine Tony Blair! He had rewards from the warmongers, the Neo Cons, the bankers, the industrialists. You will get the rewards of a relieved people!

You will even light the beacon of hope for other governments across Europe and the world to free their people from taxation and usury-debt insecurity.

Gordon! Your destiny, your legacy and your party's future is in your hands.

I have a good supply of pork pies and a couple of cold beers lined-up, so I won't be going far for the rest of the day. I'll be in ear shot of the phone.

The rest is down to you...

Buy The Guernsey Experiment by O & J Grubiak

Saturday, 3 May 2008

London Assembly No Gravy Train?

With the BNP getting their first seat on the (Greater) London Assembly (GLA) there are a number of interesting issues.

A foreign comrade suggested that the BNP saw this as a 'pot of gold' to the tune of £100,000 pa. However according to the following link from the Voice of Change's Matt Single the £100,000 has to be closely accounted for. Furthermore the BNP aren't allowed to bring their own staff into the assembly. So "doing a Conway" albeit with toadies and cronies won't be an option.

Another site (NW Nationalists) is pooh-poohing talk of the BNP breaking the 100 councilors mark. It says many of the new councilors were unopposed parish councilors (think of the 'Vicar of Dibley') .

The BBC picked up on the point that the BNP has still not caught up with its highlight of voting percentages in 2004, with the lower rates of 2007 being replicated in 2008. This in spite of the attempt to become uber-Zionists and Israel-Firsters, plus promoting the support the BNP gets from coloureds, Sikhs and the rest of our multi-cult citizens - patriotic "Brits" to a man no doubt.

There are a couple of interesting posts. The first is Matt Singles, see the first link below. The second is 'Mr Potters' reply to a post on the NW Nationalist site, see the second link below.

With Richard Barnbrook already in the media for his sexual indiscretions, as well as his status as the face of the BNP in London, one wonders how long before the episodes in Burnley, Birmingham, the Black Country, Leeds etc. are repeated.

Plus ca change...


Voice of Change London Article

NW Nationalists BNP Article

FC Poll Result on Israel's International War Crimes

Was Israel Right to Bomb Syria?

Yes: We should believe what the CIA/Mossad Tell us.
4 (12%)
No: It is an act of terror to bomb another country
28 (87%)
I Don't Care
0 (0%)
I Don't Know
0 (0%)

Glad to see common sense prevail with this Poll with just a few trolls deciding tom back the Zionist Terror State.

Last Week's Quote

"Importance of unity of means and ends - the man who cannot uphold his principles when he is powerless and has nothing to lose is hardly likely to maintain them when he does obtain power and have everything to lose."

Derek Holland, The Political Soldier Vol 1.

Friday, 2 May 2008

FC Online Fund 2008 - 5th Update


Unfurl the Southern Cross, the spirit of Ned Kelly is alive and well.

Chris from SA, Australia, made a very generous donation, a whopping £51 towards our 2008 online costs.

This raises our tally so far to £108, so we've now raised over two thirds of the total £160 needed.

Come on Racial Nationalists!

One last push and we'll be there!!!

There are people out there pumping money into people and parties that want to promote race-mixing!?!?!?!

All we're asking is for a few decent nationalists to make relatively small donations to help the running costs of the FC site.

Other donors to date are:

Piers from Cornwall, for a £20 donation.
Rob from Walthamstow
, England for a £11 donation.
Deric from Dublin, for a £5 donation.
Roger of Lancashire who made a £6 donation
and Harry of Cumbria who made donations totaling £15.

You can drop us a line ( - "FC Donation" in the subject box) or you can use the Donations section in the FC Online Shop.

Get your name and area in the FC Roll of Honour for those prepared to put their money where their mouth is!

If your situation etc. means you want to be anonymous - so be it, we can honour that. The important thing is to put a few pounds (euros or dollars) into a genuine nationalist cause.

Where are our American comrades?

What about our European supporters?

There is still silence from across the Channel and across the Atlantic...

Let's get the £160 in and move on!


Support Independence for White Australia by flying the Eureka Flag. Available to buy now from FC.

Election Night Zzzzzzzzz

At this stage of the electoral circus everyone is predicting a swing to the Tories with them gaining seats (even in the North) and councils in various regions.

Of course this is part of the cyclic effect of party politics.

We'll be rid of Tony Blair to see David Cameron (eventually) get in and the rot, the betrayal and the demise of England (and the Celtic nations) will continue.

Will the BNP's transference to the most Zionist party see them grab some crumbs off the table? Possibly. Will it make any difference? Probably not.

And so the whole Masonic Circus carries on apace.

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