Monday, 28 June 2010

Eddy Butler Wants to Stand for BNP Leader

Eddy Butler is attempting to stand for the BNP leadership.

We do not know if there is any political difference between Butler and Griffin.

Butler seems to be standing on a "clean up the BNP" ticket just as Griffin did in 1999 against John Tyndall.

In fact, since 1999 the BNP has not become 'cleaner' and accusations of nepotism, corruption and worse run amok.

So far the BNP has reacted with (real low-brow) smear campaigns against Butler, seemingly starting to try and stack the chips against him, whilst failing to acknowledge his leadership campaign to its membership.

And this a party that preaches about democracy in its propaganda against other parties...

It may be that Butler will fail. It may be that Butler would be of no political difference to Griffin.

But a real leadership challenge (as opposed to a constrained one) will be of interest to most Nationalists inside and outside the BNP.

Butler now needs 20% of members of 2 years unbroken membership to sign his nominations. Sounds crazy but there you go.

Could be interesting.

The Debt Bubble or How Usury Works

Who do the bust economies borrow from?

The Rothschilds?

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Poll; Coloured Integration

1 (1%)
49 (96%)
I Don't Care.
1 (1%)

The results seem quite clear.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

20% VAT - We are Being Bled Dry by Banksters!

The Con-Dem coalition has just announced that Value Added Tax (VAT) is to be increased from 17.5% to 20% from the start of next year.

A tax that was brought in as a temporary measure back in the mists of time is now a fixed and growing leech on us all.

We are taxed when we earn, when we spend, when we die - and at various other times in between!

Read The Guernsey Experiment. (available from FC)

It needn't be so!

We could live a zero or negligible tax country.

It would be an easy thing to do. But our politicians do not have the courage to break free of the clutches of the Bank of England and other banking institutions.

We are taxed to keep a few uber-wealthy shysters (the New Unhappy Lords) in the opulence they are accustomed to.

It is nothing short of a national disgrace!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Ich bin ein Palestinian

The Berlin Wall was 154km long.
The West Bank Wall is 700km long.

Where is the outcry?

The Berlin Wall was up to 3.6m high.
The West Bank Wall is up to 8m high

Where is the outcry?

The American President decried the Berlin Wall.

The Americans airlifted aid to those cut off by the Berlin Wall.

Where is the outcry over those cut off by the West Bank Wall? Where is the American airlift?

And let's not forget those cut off by the illegal Gaza Strip blockade by Israel.

JFK declared that we were all Berliners in the face of Communist tyranny that sought to block off human beings against international law.

Why doesn't Obama declare that we are all Palestinians in the face of Zionist tyranny that seeks to block off human beings against international law?

Why does Israel get carte blanche to break so many international laws on invasions, acts of war, illegal nukes, mass imprisonment, mass expulsions, land-grabs and so much more?

To ask the question is to answer it.

Publicise the Illegal West Bank Wall

Friday, 11 June 2010

Your BNP Blog Smears NF Activists

Internet Smears

There is an article on the Your BNP blog which condemns Nick Griffin as a sociopath.

Part of the article, referring to the 1980s NF, reads:

He developed “The Radicals” into a core of trained activists, the “political soldiers”. This group was a forerunner of today’s elite in the BNP – the party within a party whose leaders skim money and make themselves rich.

Now that can be read in a number of ways, but the ideal of the 'political soldiers' within the 80's NF (and after it) was never about "making money."

In fact the Cadres - the educated militants, the 'political soldiers' - of the NF paid monthly dues into the NF as well as being expected to carry out activities on an ongoing basis.

As such many cadres gave both of their time and money, many of them way beyond the bare minimum expected.

Thus it is a groundless smear on the many activists of the National Front from circa 1986 to 1989 to make out that they were all 'on the take.' As with BNP and other militants today, they were, on the contrary net contributors to the cause.

When Nick Griffin quit the NF in 1989 (over, amongst other matters, 'selling out' to Zionists and homosexuals) in the video made to explain his motives he attacked one NF leader (now back in BNP circles and on a wage/commission from its Trade Union) he said was taking a wage for collecting Cadre dues.

In that video he said that taking a wage from the cause was counter-productive and should not be tolerated.

How times have changed.

The honour and good name of the NF cadres and militants of 1986-89, many of whom went on to be active with the ITP, needs to be defended from those who speak out of ignorance (wilful or misguided).

Just because the BNP has turned into a multi-million pound scheme that enables a handful of people to cream off hundreds of thousands of pounds, does not give the right for those who seek to clean-up the BNP to cast aspersions about nationalist militants from another era.

By all means criticise the NF for working with racial separatists, for standing against Zionism, for promoting Distributism, for seeking to educate militants, etc. etc. but please don't fabricate outright lies about the many good men and women who gave of their time and money over many years fighting for the nationalist cause.

In so doing you undermine your own position.

Purging the Dross

Friday, 4 June 2010

Show Everyone Where You Stand!

In the light of Zionist aggression against charitable souls and peaceful deliverers of aid to the besieged Palestinians, it is vital that all true nationalists show whose side we are on!

No other State would dare to act as the bandit state of Israel does, illegally cutting off millions of people, denying them food, medicine, building materials and even water (read the leaflet on this in the range we have).

It then goes on to send airbourne armed commandos swooping in against peace activists when any other country would (if it dared to blockade anywhere!) send the police, coast guard or standard navy patrol.

In the face of such naked aggression against peace-makers and aid-givers from around the world, it is vital that nationalists side with the cause of justice; lest plastic patriots and bought-and-paid-for Tories (on some 'Islam is guilty of everything') attempt to portray Zionism as the afflicted party.

When Israel strikes out like this against those they perceive as "cattle," then: we are all Palestinians!

Anti-Israel badge

Bumper Palestinian Solidarity Set

Intifada Worldwide badge
Intifada Worldwide stickers

Palestinian Flag
Palestinian Leaflets

Former BBC Mid East Expert on 911

Alan Hart Goes Public

Eyewitness to Israeli Terror Attack

Unlike the USS Liberty terror attack, this cannot be hushed by the Zionist Lobby.

Irish Ship Heads to Palestine

Israel's Ultimate Chutzpah

Mark Steel: Of course, they were asking for it
Wednesday, 2 June 2010

They Were Asking For it

It's time the Israeli government's PR team made the most of its talents, and became available for hire. Then whenever a nutcase marched into a shopping mall in somewhere like Wisconsin and gunned down a selection of passers-by, they could be on hand to tell the world's press "The gunman regrets the loss of life but did all he could to avoid violence." Then various governments would issue statements saying "All we know is a man went berserk with an AK 47, and next to him there's a pile of corpses, so until we know the facts we can't pass judgement on what took place."

To strengthen their case the Israelis have released a photo of the weapons they found on board, (which amount to some knives and tools and wooden sticks) that the naive might think you'd expect to find on any ship, but the more astute will recognise as exactly what you'd carry if you were planning to defeat the Israeli army. It's an armoury smaller than you'd find in the average toolshed in a garden in Cirencester, which goes to show the Israelis had better destroy Cirencester quickly as an essential act of self-defence.It's a shame they weren't more imaginative, as they could have said "We also discovered a deadly barometer, a ship's compass, which could not only be frisbeed at someone's head but even had markings to help the assailant know which direction he was throwing it, and a set of binoculars that could easily be converted into a ray-gun.

That would be as logical as the statement from the Israeli PM's spokesman – "We made every possible effort to avoid this incident." Because the one tiny thing they forgot to do to avoid this incident was not send in armed militia from helicopters in the middle of the night and shoot people. I must be a natural at this sort of technique because I often go all day without climbing off a helicopter and shooting people, and I'm not even making every possible effort. Politicians and commentators worldwide repeat a version of this line. They're aware a nation has sent its militia to confront people carrying provisions for the desperate, in the process shooting several of them dead, and yet they angrily blame the dead ones. One typical headline yesterday read "Activists got what they wanted – confrontation." It's an attitude so deranged it deserves to be registered as a psychosis, something like "Reverse Slaughter Victim Confusion Syndrome".

Israel and its supporters claim that Viva Palestina, made up of people who collect the donated food, cement and items for providing basic amenities such as toilets, and transport them to Gaza, wanted the violence all along. Because presumably they must have been thinking "Hezbollah couldn't beat them, but that's because unlike us they didn't have a ballcock and several boxes of plum tomatoes".

One article told us the flotilla was full of "Thugs spoiling for a confrontation", and then accused them of being "Less about aid and more about PR. Indeed, on board was Swedish novelist Henning Mankell." So were they thugs or about PR? Did they have a thugs' section and a PR quarter, or did they all muck in, the novelist diverting the soldiers with his characterisation while the thugs attacked them with a lethal spirit level?

But some defenders of Israel are so blind to what happens in front of them there's nothing at all they wouldn't jump to defend. Israel could blow up a cats home and within five minutes they'd be yelling "How do we know the cats weren't smuggling semtex in their fur for Hamas?"

If this incident had been carried about by Iran, or anyone we were trying to portray as an enemy, so much condemnation would have been spewed out it would have created a vast cloud of outrage that airlines would be unable to fly through.

But as it's Israel, most governments offer a few diplomatic words that blame no one, but accept the deaths are "regrettable". They might as well have picked any random word from the dictionary, so the news would tell us "William Hague described the deaths as 'hexagonal'", and a statement from the US senate said "It's all very confusing. In future let's hope they make every effort to avoid a similar incident."

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