Tuesday, 19 March 2013

"The BNP Will Never Have Black Members" - Nick Griffin

Today I picked up an old copy of Spearhead (#357), and flicking in through it I found the article in which Nick Griffin stabbed his erstwhile TP comrades in the back in order to assure John Tyndall and others that he was loyal to the BNP... and we all know how that sorry tale ended: Tyndall kicked out, and Nick able to fleece the BNP membership (materially and ideologically) for many years.

Aside from all manner of outright lies and twisted facts ('twas ever thus) one gem sticks out, which was easy to overlook back then in 1998 amidst the countless then-current lies of the bi-partisan party political smear piece.

On writing about the French FN's "black and Arab members" and their "Circle of French National Jews" he adds that all this is "something the BNP will never emulate as long as I have a say in the matter."

What an almighty fib.

He had to oust JT in an acrimoniousness leadership bid before he could let Asians and others join, write for their paper, and be used to show the BNP was... well non-racist, pro-Israeli - it all very much depends which BNP publication you read, at which time, and pivoted to which audience. This all drove the grass roots away, but whilst the shekels rolled in, the BNP leader was as happy as a pig in the proverbial.

All this ideological shifting and pouring salt in the soup, by the bucketload, happened not only whilst Mr Griffin 'had a say,' but under his stewardship as leader.

If only BNP members knew the truth back in '98. Ho hum.


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