Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Tory MP Urges Crackdown on Churches that Refuse "Gay Weddings"

A gay couple, Mike and Dave. Well, they look happy
How quick we have moved, or rather have been pushed, as a society.

It doesn't take long does it for the usual degenerate anti-Christian, anti-family agenda to come to the fore.

Now a Tory MP, Mike Weatherley MP for Hove, wants Churches that refuse to do "gay weddings" (whatever the HELL they are!) to face a crackdown from the State.

Dear God in heaven! Just 15 years ago you would have thought such a thing would be the plot from a book about the advent of the Anti-Christ.

Will "Call me Dave" Cameron brush this aside to look like a "pretty straight kinda guy" [copyright T. Blair] whilst he pushes through yet more pro-homosexual laws? Seems likely. So Cameron looks like he's pro-family and decent, whilst a Brighton area MP picks up more pooftah votes.


As sections of the BBC push "BCE/CE" instead of BC/AD for years as a way to undermine our Christian culture (stupid really as BCE and CE - [Before] Common Era, both take their cut-off point as the birth of Christ) we shouldn't be that surprised.

The BBC hope that be enforcing BCE and CE in more places it will become more widely used, like the accursed "partner" has replaced spouse/husband/wife/fiancee/girlfriend/boyfriend/casual sexual partner/menage a trois/tree with a weird shaped hole in it.

Our culture is being eroded, by the BBC, by mass immigration and by the laws pushed by Rotshchild-rent-boy politicians.


If this MP ever got his way we would be like the Scots in Braveheart being married in the woods, or the Irish in Elizabethan penal times, attending Mass in the wilderness. Given the choice between the "official" State-sanctioned Church (as in the USSR or today's China) or the underground Church that remains loyal to Church teachings, we would have no choice!

Buggered if I'll go to a "gay wedding" church.

MP Calls for Licence Removal

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Goldman Sachs Man Put on the Spot by BBC

I was listening to a "best of Today" podcast, from Radio 4's famous morning news programme. It was on Greece, the Euro and the economy (from last Friday I think).

Lo and behold up popped an "expert" from Goldman Sachs. Now I do not know all the intricacies of the 'Global Downturn' but my failing memory tells me that Goldman Sachs played quite the pivotal role.

So there I was, shaking my fist at my MP3 player, when the interviewer, John Humphries cut in that Goldman Sachs had helped created the mess with Greece by hiding the extent of Greece's debts. He intimated that in lying (fraud surely?) Goldman Sachs had made a bad situation worse, letting monies being poured into a Greek black hole.

The response of the Goldman Sachs man? "I have not come on here to discuss that."

I bet he hadn't! He would rather pretend to be an "expert" on economics, positing his theories for saving us all from catastrophe, whereas in reality he and his other colleagues had helped create the banking crisis and the Euro crisis.

Nice work if you can get it!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

G.K. Chesterton Versus Richard Dawkins - GKC Wins!

What a logo!
Taken from: Blame the 1st blog

"We are machines built by DNA whose purpose is to make more copies of the same DNA…It is every living object's sole reason for living." - Richard Dawkins

"It is as if a man were asked, "What is the use of a hammer?" and answered, "To make hammers"; and when asked, "And of those hammers, what is the use?" answered, "To make hammers again". Just as such a man would be perpetually putting off the question of the ultimate use of carpentry, so...all the rest of us are by these phrases successfully putting off the question of the ultimate value of the human life." - G. K. Chesterton


Inspired by a blog post from True Freethinker: G.K. Chesterton nails Richard Dawkins

Can purpose exist without God?

In order to have purpose, something must have been created with an intended purpose, thus requiring a creator; therefore, in order for the universe (and the life that exists within it) to have purpose, it must have been created with an intended purpose, thus requiring a creator (otherwise known as God). If God does not exist, then nothing created the universe, and therefore the universe and everything within it exists without purpose.

Most atheists try to avoid this dilemma by explaining that, even though God does not exist to give the universe purpose, we can still give the universe (and our lives) purpose. True, but then what is the point? If the universe ultimately has no purpose, then what is the point of giving it purpose other than to hide the fact that it has no purpose?

Still others try to be more creative. For example, biologist Richard Dawkins explains that the purpose of life is to pass our genes to the next generation. While his atheistic clergy might find this explanation satisfactory, to the rest of us, it’s rather shallow, as it implies that the purpose of life is to create more life (and the purpose of that life is to create more life, and so on and so forth until the end of time). He might as well say that we exist for the sake of existing, which is less an explanation and more an excuse.

Then again, if you’re an atheist, what else do you have but excuses?

Democracy of Tradition

Tradition is the extension of Democracy through time; it is the proxy of the dead and the enfranchisement of the unborn.

Tradition may be defined as the extension of the franchise. Tradition means giving votes to the most obscure of all classes, our ancestors. It is the democracy of the dead. Tradition refuses to submit to the small and arrogant oligarchy of those who merely happen to be walking about. All democrats object to men being disqualified by the accident of birth; tradition objects to their being disqualified by the accident of death. Democracy tells us not to neglect a good man's opinion, even if he is our groom; tradition asks us not to neglect a good man's opinion, even if he is our father. I, at any rate, cannot separate the two ideas of democracy and tradition.

G.K. Chesterton

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Atheism Killed 100 Million

If there's one thing about atheists it's that they like to blame everything on God - who doesn't exist. Eh? So next they blame those of us taken in by the "god delusion."

We are thick, stupid and ignorant. They are all-wise, forward-thinking and intelligent. We believe in "myths" while they believe in (unproven) "facts" like the Big Bang and Evolution. They weren't there at the "Big Bang" nor have they found the 'missing link' -- it's a leap of faith you see.

They say that religion causes war, whereas atheism will bring peace to all mankind. The Brotherhood of Man. As well as being a cheesy 70s pop quartet that is a Masonic ideal. Like "equality." It sounds all fine and dandy, until you realise what it, and the manifestation of it in the real world, entails.

Atheism has always been the football of the Freemasons. They have sought to destroy Christianity via the promotion of atheism. That's why the French Revolution was followed inevitably by the Terror, the period when umpteen thousands lost their lives because they did not want to be part of the new atheist state, because they would not give up their Faith, they became 'enemies of the State,' as people who live under atheist regimes quickly find out to their cost, if you don't toe the line, they come down on you like a ton of bricks.

You see atheists like to put it about that they are "live and let live" kind of people. Some may think they are! Yet they and their ideal is essentially a negation of Christianity. They may warble on about Animists in Africa, and giggle at Aboriginal tales of creation, but these fireside stories of pagan peoples are brought in to the mix to belittle Christianity - their Public Enemy Number One.

Atheism was born in Europe and is nurtured by European Freemasonry. They were behind the French Revolution. They supported the Bolshevik Revolution (as did the Wall Street Banks run by mega-rich atheists, Masons and anti-Christians). They will always support any movement that seeks to overthrow Christianity, because Christianity is the number one enemy.

On Twitter recently I have been arguing with a band of atheists (I know, pearls before swine), and have said to them that the officially atheist USSR murdered millions of Ukrainian Christians. This is atheism. They will not have it. They argue it's political. They argue not all atheists are Communists.

But they are twisting (or spinning) the facts. An officially atheist state murdered millions of Christians, as policy. Just as they shut down churches. Just as they put Christians in the gulags.

The facts speak for themselves. As does the anti-Christian hatred of the atheists across Europe (all backed by Masonic ideals) whether in Spain, Hungary, France... these atheists forces were spurred on by a hatred of Christianity. Remember the dead bodies of nuns exhumed on the steps of the local church and opened to rot in the sun? That was done by the "democrats" - the Republicans - in the Spanish Civil War. Were the nuns "fascists"? No, they were dead women. The Republicans, democrats or whatever the hell they were did that because they were atheists and hated Christianity!

Can you imagine a Christian army that would dig up dead atheist nobodies, and dump the bodies in the street outside some atheist building, just to make a point? Out of pure hatred? No, neither can I.

Now the atheists always point at religion as being responsible for wars. They ignore that most wars in history were over land, wealth, ascendancy etc. and often between cousins, related peoples etc. Think of the wars between England and France (at the time both Catholic nations) primarily because England was ruled by a Francophone monarchy with a claim (rightful or dubious depending whether you were English or French) to the French crown and lands. It was essentially a family squabble, you might compare it to the War of the Roses.

Yet many atheists will sit and say that the wars like these were caused by religion. How absurd.

The only wars caused directly by religion were those of the Crusades and those following the Reformation, and in those limited cases we should remember that (as with irreligious or 'normal' wars) there are things known as "just wars" and those known as "unjust wars."

One thing is perfectly clear though, in the whole history of the wars "caused by religion" (as opposed to territorial or national wars) these pale in significance to the 100 million people killed by Communism in the 20th Century alone.

Dare I remind you that Communism is/was an atheist creed? Some would argue its very raison d'etre is to wipe out Christianity, so that the poor sods left living worship the State and only the State.

If we had a State in the 20th century that was officially theist, and its policy was the spread of Christianity (hint: there are none now, France long has been Masonic, the UK too, as was the USA from its inception), that murdered dozens of millions of atheists in its policy to impose Christianity on the world, then the atheist apologists on Twitter and elsewhere would be screaming from the very rooftops!

Yet we had a State that was officially atheist. It was called the USSR. It murdered many dozens of millions of innocent men, women and children because they were Christians. They were killed because Christians were a threat to their Brave New World, their atheist state, which would export its atheist materialism across the world.

The atheists who like to bang on about the Franco-Anglo wars between inter-related Royalty in which mostly professional soldiers and army conscripts died as internecine squabbles over land and power rumbled back and forth for years, get all defensive when the deliberate murder of millions of Christians is brought up.

They twist, they turn, the squeal, they screech. Oh the usual words such as "bigot" are thrown around willy-nilly and even "conspiracy" as they deny history and the death of millions at the hand of a state machinery (which should be illegal shouldn't it? - it is in Germany!).

You see one of the few officially atheist states in the world carried out the worst and biggest mass murder of men, women and children ever in the entire history of the world.

They can squeal and they can squirm, but no twisting the facts, no denying this holocaust, no misrepresentation, no calumnies against the innocent victims, can undo the horrific crime perpetrated by the officially atheist USSR against Christian victims.

Once again, I ask you: imagine if an officially Christian country (there are none today outside the Vatican City statelet, hardly a serious nation-state) purposefully wiped out millions of atheists as a matter of state policy to get rid of atheists or break their resolve as a thorn-in-the-side of the Christian state. Do you think those same atheists would say "oh no it wasn't a really Christian state" or "it's more complicated than that really?" -- These are people who say countless political/national/territorial/fratricidal conflicts were the fault of Christianity with little or no evidence.

Atheists killed 100 million people in the 20th Century. We can blame the Masons, the Communists, whatever. The fact remains:


So Mr. Beardie in your Hush Puppies, Mr. DJ Funk-master with your line of coke, Mr. City Banker with your house in the Cotswolds or Mr Anarcho-lefty with your black flag and allowance from mummy: accept the cold, hard fact that whatever else you may promise, the Brotherhood of Man quickly gives way to the State of the Gulag.

As GK Chesterton once said, the problem with atheism is not that when men stop believing in God they believe in nothing, rather that they will believe in anything. Even the worn out lies, hatred, spin, and fury of the atheists themselves, who will always push for what is not wanted or needed (gay marriage, legalisation of hard drugs, restriction of border controls, widespread abortion, break-up of the family and so on, etc. etc. etc.) simply because it helps bring about the end of the last vestige of Christianity in our society, cannot disguise these simple facts.

Man always needs a belief system and a moral code. Nature abhors a vacuum (especially when the football's on - sorry, dad joke). So without Christianity we have to have, one way or another, a replacement - that's when we end up with State Socialism, Bankers' greed, homo-rights, mass abortion, rampant usury, criminals' rights etc. etc. etc.

The atheists will promise peace but deliver war. They will promise happiness but deliver fear. They will promise love but deliver hatred. They will promise plenty but deliver want. They will promise freedom but deliver the gulag.

Remember. Atheism killed 100 million in the last century.

Given half a chance they would gladly do the same all over again. Their barely concealed hatred for those who "dare" to defend Christianity and Christian Truth is there for all to see. In 1917 the powerful Wall Street banks bank-rolled the Communist Revolution, because the same anti-God forces were at work in Wall Street. Today the children of 1968 run the EU. "Ex" Communists infest it from top to bottom, as can be seen from the laws their undemocratic executive pass against the family, against decency, for the atheist State etc. etc.

The names, places and means have changed. But the idea, the aim remains the same.

It started when they rounded up the "fascists." I did not speak out because I wasn't a fascist.
Then they rounded up the "pro-lifers." I did not speak out because I wasn't a pro-lifer.
Then they rounded up those opposed to gay "marriage." I did not speak out because I wasn't opposed to gay "marriage."
Then they rounded up those opposed to immigration. I did not speak out because I wasn't opposed to immigration.
Then they rounded up the Anti-EU lobby. I did not speak out because I wasn't in the anti-EU lobby.
Then they rounded up the Christians. I did not speak out because I wasn't a Christian.
Then they came for me...

Think on. 

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Who are the Zionist Front Group? EDL or BNP? or Both?

In recent months the BNP leader has attacked the English Defence League as a Zionist front-group.

To be fair, the EDL is pro-Zionist. Yet so is the BNP as these choice quotes make clear:

Don't forget Griffin used his biggest nationwide media opportunity on the BBC's Question Time to promote the BNP as the one party that had given Israel unequivocal support in its assault on Gaza, Operation Cast Lead:
"There are Nazis in Britain and they loathe me because I have brought the BNP from being frankly an anti-Semitic and racist organisation into being the only political party which in the clashes between Israel and Gaza stood full-square behind Israel’s right to deal with Hamas terrorists."

Lee Barnes (in his days as a BNP legal representative and columnist) wrote on the BNP website:
"As a Nationalist I can say that I support Israel 100 % in their dispute with Hezbollah. In fact, I hope they wipe Hezbollah off the Lebanese map and bomb them until they leave large greasy craters in the cities where their Islamic extremist cantons of terror once stood."
-- as posted by "retread" on the British Democracy Forum.

Ipso facto, the BNP calling the EDL Zionist is more than a little silly. Is the BNP trying to reassure its grass roots (door closed, horse bolted) or merely trying to undermine the credibility of the EDL?

Monday, 19 September 2011

BNP and EDL: Opponent Spells Out His Warped Vision of Current Affairs

Beware: this video contains some bad language:

This makes for an interesting video. The bloke is quite amusing, but twists the facts somewhat.

He knows that the media and the establishment can twist facts. Otherwise why would most Sun readers/Eastenders watchers think that our intervention in Libya was about saving lives and helping a group of people after "democracy."

He also knows that the media can "cover" a story, the equivalent of putting it on page 23, or publicise it by giving it prominence. Ipso facto how many people think that the (pro-Zionist) EDL's boss was in jail?

He is also being more than economical with the facts if he thinks an arrest for assault and then a ban from attending political rallies is not political. As ex-West London NF leader Phil Andrews found out to his cost in the 80s, one can be arrested for violence on little or no evidence. As for banning someone from specific political rallies - that is in reality being a political prisoner.

Don't even begin on the Zionist control of the media. That has been well documented and has nothing to do with the presenters and journalists. The American media especially is almost entirely Zionist owned. Only a fool would say otherwise. Various Jewish individuals have written about this, because they are proud of it (not to have a pop) therefore these facts are not the figment of anyone's imagination, not least people like the EDL boss who is very pro-Israel.

This chap also ignores the minutiae of the British media, in which multi-culti liberalism plays a huge part. So whilst the "Zionists" will appreciate a street movement that pushes the patriotic types toward Israeli policy (a road first trod by Mr Griffin), the liberal media will not want to promote the EDL boss's loss of liberty, just for addressing a political rally (even if it was a pro-Israeli one and he was dressed as a rabbi).

When dealing with the secret state, the media and suchlike, one is not dealing (if you'll excuse the pun) in black and white. This chap knows that of course, unless he is a complete arse. Think of Northern Ireland where the state has assets in Loyalist and Republican groups, even if some might simplify that situation to say the Loyalists were pro-British State and the Republicans were anti-British State. This would not stop the State from having assets in both, saying different things, pushing in various directions. Some may be promoted by the media, some ignored, depending on the ideology of the reporters, depending on the State policy at that time, and 101 other permutations.

So enjoy the video. The bloke is amusing. But don't be fooled. The BNP is likely to fold. It has certainly already collapsed. Another safety valve will come to the fore. It may be the EDL, it may be some other grouping.

The main picture to keep in mind is that the world financial system is usurious and run by the Rothschilds and their lieutenants. The political system is Masonic and the left/right dichotomy is in the pockets of the bankers. The mass media is controlled and will never defend the interests of the people.

Whatever simple idiots like this might say, we are just sheep paying taxes and having our rights taken away and our birth-right ripped from us. Democracy is a sham under the control of international financiers - the New Unhappy Lords that GK Chesterton warned us about and AK Chesterton wrote in-depth about.

In the years in between things have worsened.

Mass immigration, homosexual "rights," out of control abortion, war after unjustified Zionist war, drugs rampant, usury that has put billions out of work, taxation that is rapacious (mostly to pay uncontrollable usury-debt), an EU into which money is poured as in into a bottomless pit, and many other evils in which none of us had a say.

Democracy is a joke. Were our fathers asked in the 40s if millions of non-Whites should be allowed in? And on all the other issues above, we've been lied to, facts have have been twisted, and the controlled mass media has been used to con us all.

"Anti-racists" are like the peaceniks of the 60s. They are today's "useful idiots." But instead of being the 'useful idiots' of the USSR with its gulags full of Christian Russians, Ukrainians etc., they are the 'useful idiots' of those who wish to enslave the world because they are set out to destroy all nationality, all national pride that allows peoples to stand as-one in defiance of destruction and slavery (whether the native Indians of the Americas or the white Christian communities of Europe).

Once we lose our nationalism, our sense of patriotism, our belief that we are rooted in the land (blood and soil) that our forefathers worked, defended and lived on, then we lose the will to defend that land from the New Unhappy Lords: the EU Commissioners, the Rothschilds, the media moguls and all who seek to turn us into coffee coloured, brain-dead, tax-slaves too busy singing 'One World' anthems to see that we are mice in the laboratory of the mega-rich banksters who own the world through the creation of usury-debt.

Remember your traditions. Hold fast to the Faith of your fathers. Stand firm on the soil on which they toiled and bled. Defend the family with all your might.

We all have a duty to fight. We can fight in our daily lives. Fight in the way we bring up our children. Fight in the way we spread our ideas and educate others.

To not fight is to accept slavery and join the unthinking drones who do not see the Rothschild puppet masters controlling the rent-boy politicians.

Freedom or slavery? The choice is quite easy isn't it?

Sunday, 18 September 2011

This Week's Quote: Tony Soprano on the Talmud

Shlomo: "As the Talmud Says..."

Tony Soprano: "I don't give a s##t what he says."

~ The Sopranos

More Zionist War, More Homosexual 'Rights', It's NuLab 2.0

The Rothschilds create money so buy politicians
Like NuLab before them there seem to be two preoccupations with the ConDem government. As with Blair, so with Cameron (Blair 2.0)

They are:
  • The onwards march of the Neo-Con/Rothschild agenda via unjust wars.
  • The onwards march of the liberal/Masonic agenda via the promotion of homosexual "rights."

It seems bizarre (or would do if we didn't know the real agenda of, and the matters of real importance to, this and previous governments) that Cameron, like Blair, would waste so much time and money on these two prongs of government policy, when that time, effort and money could be used to help those battling to make ends meet following the tax-payers' multi-billion pound bail-out of the banks.

  • Do unjust, highly questionable and morally bankrupt foreign wars help those who have lost jobs?
  • Do more highly questionable "laws" promoting the agenda of the morally bankrupt pink lobby help those whose businesses are teetering on bankruptcy?
  • Does spending billions on yet more overseas Rothschild 'adventures' help OAPs struggling to pay heating bills?
  • Does wasting parliamentary time on yet another "law" to promote sodomy help workers who have to choose between paying bills or buying food?

It is my view that the Neo Con and homosexual agendas show where the loyalties, interests and perceived duties of the politicians lie.

In a recent article I was reading it described the politicians as the rent boys of international finance. This seems so apt, on so many levels!

Another quote I read from a Rothschild matriarch many, many years ago went along the lines of "If the Rothschilds didn't want any wars, there would be no wars."

Remember these people own a huge bulk of the world's wealth (I read a recent estimation that it was half), that they can buy, bribe, cajole and bankroll all the political rent-boys they want, and that is why we have had so many dodgy wars, justified in the most ridiculous ways, and so many laws promoting homosexuality - hardly a matter of national importance.

When our government should be protecting our people from rapacious usury, when our government should be putting money into helping crumbling communities, and when our government should be using parliamentary time to remedy so many social ills and economic woes - we must ask why they are pushing for needless, unjust wars and so many pro-homosexual laws.

In a week when alleged cocaine usage by a very senior member of the government is being touted by a call-girl, it is not wrong for many of us to ask why those with so many peccadilloes, with so little backbone, and with such a willingness to go gung ho for an agenda that undermines the good that is left in Britain, are the ones leading our country.

Their subservience to the bankers, the Neo Con war-machine, the pink lobby, the Israeli lobby... shows where their loyalties lie.

Just this week news leaked out that the British state has tweaked the rules so Israeli war criminals can now come to the UK without fear of being arrested.

Do you still think we live in a "democracy" -- or an oligarchy that does what is told by the Rothschild elite and their hirelings?

Various Nu Lab people used to say that the most important role for a government is to protect its people, as they led us into expensive, illegal wars. Yet what protection do any of the hirelings and rent boys offer us from the bankers, the war machine, the tidal wave of drugs and the homosexual agenda?

Very little.

And so the rot continues. Not in spite of the government, but because of the government.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Happy Owain Glyndwr Day!

A very happy Owain Glyndwr Day to all our Welsh readers and all true patriots everywhere.

If their is a lesson of Glyndwr's rebellion it is surely that the leader of a rebellion against those who would deny national freedom can come from the most unlikely of places, and that freedom can be within our grasp sooner than we think.

Cymru Am Byth! (trans: "the saucepan is on the fire").

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Shocking Pic of David Cameron's NF Past

Entering tabloid media mode:

Yes! Shock Horror!

It's David "Call me Dave" Cameron's secret "Nazi" past.

Whilst other Tories were buggering each other before Monday Club meetings, or pocketing thousands via lucrative bank placements and non-executive roles in arms manufacturers before voting for wars, Mr. Cameron was known as "Nazi Dave" down the Fleece n Ferkin, Smethwick.

"Oh yeah," recalls the old landlord Steve Bloke "He'd come in here giving it large, doing 'Itler salutes and suchlike, saying as how all them black fellas needs to shove off 'ome. Fair upset Leroy off of the darts team. Now can I have that tenner?"

His headmaster, Gerald Huffington-Poshly, has vivid memories: "Damn and blast his eyes. Cameron Junior had his whole life ahead of him. He could play a decent round of polo, and was a half-decent fag for that Rothschild chappy, then he blew it all by getting with these oiks and turning up for classes with a false toothbrush moustache. By Jupiter, what a daft cove. Terribly upset young Crown Prince Leroy from Zimboozooland (formerly Rumbababawe)."

A close friend of Mr Cameron's, Stanley Madeupname, said "This will rock the government to its foundations. Thank Allah we have the Daily Moron to bring us the truth."

More tomorrow in your super soaraway Daily Moron.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

BNP Panorama Update

According to some reports the BBC Panorama programme on the BBC will air on 26th September.

More news when we get it.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Monday, 12 September 2011

New BBC Panorama Programme on Nick Griffin's BNP

BBC Reporter investigating the BNP
So the BBC Panorama team are putting their final touches to the programme about the BNP.

Whilst we cannot celebrate an attack on nationalism by the enemies of the nation, by the products of the Frankfurt School, Marxists promoting liberalism; it is still the case that the BNP has sullied nationalism, through greed, nepotism and cronyism.

The BNP was happy to use the enemy media when it was promoting the idea of a "changed" BNP and a changed nationalism, when it was reaching out for Jewish votes, when it was defending Israeli democracy, when it was embracing civic patriotism and the idea of coloured members, and so on ad nauseum.

Now the chickens are coming home to roost.

Some say the BNP in its current form needs to die for nationalism to grow. Some say its death is part of the long term plan of our enemies, just as they built up C18 and used their assets to rip apart nationalism before consigning it to the dustbin of history. Who knows the real facts, who knows who are the assets, who are the ones motivated solely by greed and ego?

As the punk band Conflict used to say, we'll all need our 'Bull###t detectors' when the programme does air: but the sad thing is that the train wreck the BNP has become financially, which no doubt the BBC will be fixated upon, is as nothing to the political damage already done to nationalism.

The quasi-Zionism: it's all the fault of the "muzzies."
The civic nationalism: Sikhs, Zimbabweans.
The councillors who did nothing or were left without any back-up or resources.

It's all left nationalism in a weaker state, because the next sell-out or snake oil salesman who comes along will fool enough of the people for enough of the time to do untold damage yet again.

Perhaps that's a failure of nationalism. Perhaps it's a failure of human nature.

The sad thing is that whatever muck the BBC rakes through they won't be attacking nationalism for being nationalist, there will be real dirt, real slime and real degenerates. And even with our BS-detectors on maximum filter, we know that a good lot of it will be palpably true.

That the BNP got away with so much for so long without the disparagement of our enemies (bar some minor shots across the bow) in the BBC and mass media spoke volumes. Some say this was because the work of making nationalism a quasi-Zionist force in the shadow of the false-flag op known as "911" was ongoing. Those who think that way may now think that the BNP is no longer needed for that role, especially with the rise of the even more pro-Zionist EDL (even the BNP knew it would political suicide to wave Israeli flags!).

Whatever the truth of the matter, things are changing. With the bailiffs knocking on an MEP's door and a lot of court cases bringing further debts to the door of the BNP, we have to wonder  what will be the real legacy of Nick Griffin's BNP.

Political betrayal, cronyism and nepotism, corruption and thievery, degenerates and (granny) pornography, wasted opportunity... it's not a pleasant picture and we can expect the BBC to wallow in the mire. The truth is that dogs will always behave like dogs, so we should expect no different from the media hirelings: but we should expect better from nationalists!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

More Interesting Facts About Gaddafi and Libya

Nationalising oil and banking meant Libya was free, something that must have irked the Rothschilds. Moving oil funds to gold (away from the US Dollar) was a direct threat to America. This is why war was inevitable -- and why the "allies" are not so bothered about other countries' affairs.

After all, they backed the dictator Mubarak, for DECADES because he supported America and Israel -- even when he tortured and killed many civilians. The Rothschilds' news agencies and governments kept quiet.

Mubarak kept Egyptians in poverty, whereas Gaddafi helped the poorest in Libya. Yet the unforgivable crime is to reject false Rothschilds paper-money created out of thin air and grounded in usury.

No-one is suggesting Gaddafi is/was perfect or that his regime was perfect; but we can see that overall his regime's aim was the betterment of Libya, for the rights of Libyans, and for the freedom of his own continent from the control of international big business.

How much better than the corrupt despots kept in power by the CIA, who starve their people while they squander resources for their own profit?

911: Cannot Justify Zionist Wars

It's "911" and let's suspend our critical faculties for a moment.

Al Qaeda was not a CIA construct. Osama was not a created bogeyman. America was not in the middle of changing its Mid East policy to be isolationist. There was not a Mossad hit squad in NYC with a van stopped by sniffer dogs for having traces of explosive...

No. Let us be unthinking Sun readers and be more interested in Eastenders plot-lines than the kind of events that impact on global socio-political events.

So, after all that, we can say these Islamicists killed circa 3000 people in NYC that fateful day. A terrible event. 3000 innocents. Many,many families effected.

Yet even if we accept the Rothschild-News agencies' line on the events, I am forced to ask why is 911 seen as the most dreadful event of the last 10 years when it is generally agreed that the insidious, questionable, indeed illegal invasion of Iraq is generally agreed to have resulted in the deaths of circa 100,000?

Even if one takes out the "nasty" Iraqis, the "terrorists" such as those who followed the plans laid out by Winston Churchill in 1940 in the event of a German invasion, we are left with dozens of thousands of innocents. Many, many families effected.

It is a sign of Americanism, of a myopic worldview, that today so many people will dampen their hankies in memory of 3000 innocents who sadly lost their lives (at the hands of CIA/Mossad - no, no... I mustn't) and there will not be a single thought of the American criminals who orchestrated a war that was downright illegal and butchered so many more innocents.

I am reminded of the constant barrage of holocaust memorials and history lessons, whilst the 30 million Ukrainians wiped out by the Bolsheviks are a footnote of history, or the millions of Christian Poles who died in the war are also a footnote.

One might be forgiven for erroneously thinking that the fate of innocent Americans and Jews takes precedent over the fate of the many more innocents who just happened to be Iraqis, Ukrainians or Poles.

I could forgive the Americans their 911 day events, if they in turn did not use those events to kill so many others, and still think those events can be used to justify all manner of stupid decisions (even the Patriot Act which impacted upon the freedoms of Americans themselves!).

I suppose my concern is that 911 Day will become like Holocaust Day, a highly politicised event used to justify Neo Con/Zionist atrocities and illegalities across the world, and every time someone points the finger, we'll have 911 dangled in their face, like the holocaust, designed to mollify any criticism.

You don't think anyone would be so underhand as to use the death of innocents to further political ends? What exactly do you think the invasion of Iraq was?

Friday, 9 September 2011

Libya: Will There be Chaos or Slavery?

This video contains some bad language:

Why have our special forces been used to push the Libyan rebels into 'power'?

What chaos will ensue? Will there be a battle now between those who want a Muslim State and those who want a Western vessel bankrolled by oil companies? Will Libya become pro or anti Zionist?

Is this the end of the beginning? Or the beginning of the end?

Furthermore, as the 'rebels' (SAS/Seals etc.) storm those cities/towns still loyal to the Libyan government, will NATO now bomb the rebel forces to "protect civilians" or was that Illuminati smokescreen always a sick joke from day one?

One thing's for sure - some people have made billions out of this war. And the Rothschilds aim is to have another country under its complete control, millions more as debt-slaves from the cradle to the grave.

What was it Christ said about the love of money? Kerching!

Nick Griffin's BNP, Corruption, the Courts and the KKK Example

To those watching the gradual, slow death of the BNP we hate to say "we told you so," but we did. Many, many years ago. So did John Tyndall, coming from another genre of nationalism, but the message, warnings and guidance was much the same.

The stabbings in the back, the lies and ideological flip-floppery were there for all to see. Sad to say it will probably be the embezzlement that will finally 'do for' the BNP and some of the other lessons may not be remembered five years from now.

A businessman who had his car seized would be considered a cowboy. Questions would be asked. Employees would be worried. Customers would be concerned. His peers would put some distance between themselves and him.

Yet now we have the leader of the BNP -- whether we like it or not, the main vehicle for nationalism in the UK, and therefore for most the public face of nationalism -- is seen by many as no better than a cowboy builder; who might if he were totally scurrilous, for example, earn money by getting kids to handle asbestos sheeting with no safety breathing apparatus etc. Perish the thought.

I was thinking on this earlier today as I went about my daily toil. Aside from wondering how much money I would have to give to someone to take my car away (it's a magical machine - you never know which doors will work on which days!), the whole episode reminded me of a TV film I watched many years ago.

Cross of Fire (I have it on DVD in some cupboard somewhere here in Codreanu Towers), was a 'made for TV' mini-series. It told the story of the 1920s KKK leader David 'Steve' Stephenson, who due to his charismatic style led the KKK to become very popular and a household name. He led hundreds of thousands to march on Washington DC and had a membership of millions. According to the above Wikipedia link in his home-state of Indiana the KKK had 250,000 members, that's a third of the white male populace! It was a by-word for Christianity, clean-living, American values, the family, and segregation.

Hard to imagine with today's media-image of the KKK as a bunch of inbred clowns or trailer trash with ne'er a brain cell between them, but the KKK back then was a powerful force defending traditional values if you were a White, Anglo-Saxon Protestant ('WASP') American.

Then the truth came out that this KKK leader was a bully, a drunkard and a rapist-murderer. The whole KKK fell apart overnight.

Now I am no expert in American politics of any kind, so I do not know how faithful to the truth the film is. I also know that the Stephenson example is an extreme one, for the BNP is not the KKK and griffin is not Stephenson. Yet there are similarities, and this is what we Third Positionists warned about so many years ago, like voices crying in the wilderness.

It is all very well to turn a blind-eye to the moral, political and financial short-falls of someone you choose to be leader, because he is charismatic, promises great victories, flip-flops to win victories, waters-down to woo the press etc. etc. -- but when those weaknesses come to the fore, as they surely will, you had better watch out!

Why? Because you are not jeopardising that one person, or that one party. You are jeopardising the whole nationalist, patriotic movement for years to come! The public (egged on by an enemy media) will not differentiate for one moment. "We voted/supported/donated to you lot once and you are all crooks - never again" will be the comment on the door steps when the truth comes out - as it surely will, in all its heinous technicolour detail.

And so any "victory" is purely phyrric as we are all tarred with the same brush. Any patriotic upsurge will be painted as led by the corrupt, the money-grubbing, the nepotistic and the cronyist.

How events play-out from here on in will be interesting. Will the end come suddenly? Will there be a long, slow death rattle? The main thing is that the explosion of scandal will effect us all whether we warned against this before 1999 or were "internal dissidents" in the BNP since then. The scatter-gun will catch us all.

Will we learn the lessons this time? It's hard to be optimistic and be a realist.

Link: After SkodaGate, another Court Case

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Bailiffs at Nick Griffin's Home

It seems someone needs an "Affordable Car"

Bailiffs Take Nick Griffin's Car

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