Thursday, 30 December 2010

Christmas Day: And the Evil Sodomites Plan Unravels

According to reports the sodomite 'couple' Elton John and David Furnish arranged for "their" baby to be born on Christmas Day.

Some might say this was an ostentatious Christmas present, others might point to a more sinister reasoning. After all, Reg Dwight (John) has publicly said he would like all those opposed to homosexuality put on an island and a bomb dropped on them.

He may be many things, but he's no fool. He knows most Christians are opposed to homosexuality, and he knows that Christmas Day and the birth of Christ is a special Feast Day for Christians throughout the world.

Now every Christmas the 'flamboyant' pair will make the news on the latest extravagance foisted on their spoilt brat.

Our only hope is that the spoilt brat rebels and opposes sodomites with every fibre in his body!

But seriously, why is this issue important to nationalists?

a. Because some nationalists seem to think it is "OK" to have homosexuals in our ranks, thus making us no different from all the establishment lackeys.
b. Because unless we as nationalists make a stand against this kind of degeneracy and rank hypocrisy we will absolutely see the end of 2000 years of "Western", Christian civilisation -- given over to the Masonic powers who want to corrupt our societies completely.

While the media, political parties, Hollywood etc. promote homosexuality, we cannot hope to stop immigration, stamp out drug abuse etc. because all these moral diseases are inextricably linked (if only because homosexuals - especially in the media - are behind attacks on nationalism and Christianity, and behind the promotion of drugs, immigration etc).

We, as a society, are rotting away from within whilst these cancers spread -- destroying the lives of countless victims and ripping apart communities -- and we have a duty to oppose the cancers and speak out for what is absolutely right.

In doing so people will thank us for offering a true alternative devoid of drugs, sodomites, mass immigration and much else besides.

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas to all Supporters

A Merry Christmas to all FC Supporters.

Don't let the sell-outs and cranks grand you down.

Friday, 24 December 2010

Queen Offers us Harmony? Pull the Other One it's Got Jingle Bells on

As is the way of things, we have been told what will be in the queen's speech tomorrow.

For those of you outside of the UK or the parts of the world that used to be coloured in red on the map (that's the British Empire dontchaknow), the queen records a speech which then goes out on BBC1, I think at 3pm. I have to be honest - as a seditious-minded bod I don't watch it.

The modern media likes to tell us what will be said, what is being said, and what has been said by the "great and the good" and so the political class and others get three times the coverage for the same hackneyed speeches offering the world but delivering nothing.

But to return to the queen's speech.

This year, we're reliably informed she will tell us how sport can bring communities together and create harmony.


Now there's a buzz word.

When a family has Sunday dinner and everyone share's the roasties, we rarely hear the word "harmony."

When a classroom in Shropshire works quietly and finishes its work on time, we rarely hear the word "harmony."

When Bristol City play Bristol Rovers and the supporters mix in a friendly atmosphere, we rarely hear the word "harmony."

When scouts from across Scotland hold a gathering and everything goes smoothly with a wonderful atmosphere, we rarely hear the word "harmony."

Harmony is a special word.

Harmony is a buzz word used by those who defend the migration of millions of non-Europeans, non-Whites to the UK.

Harmony is a buzz word used by those who have created the Balkanisation of our cities, who have imported organised crime gangs and drug cartels from around the world.

Harmony is the buzz word used by those who destroyed the harmony of indigenous working class communities made up of British people with a smattering of our European/Christian cousins.

The same forces who purposefully destroyed communities that were perfectly harmonious and created violence, street crime, drugs-riddled areas and much more now have the chutzpah to preach about "harmony."

A few years ago the queen used her speech to wax lyrical about the "joys" of multi-culturalism - joys she and the political class never have to enjoy at their fullest, at the sharp end shall we say?

Over decades the rulers of this land (seen and unseen - but Freemasons almost to a man) have destroyed the harmony we had. And the queen sat over all that chaos, rubber-stamping the obscene laws that allowed mass, uncontrolled immigration which has destroyed the White, Christian character of this land.

Yet they know have the brassneck to tell us that sports can bring "harmony."

As if!

If the political class wanted harmony they could start resettling the non-Whites. Start with the criminals, families who wish to return, professionals who want to help others in their own lands - and let's go from there.

Over the years, who knows, we may even get what the queen falsely offers us now: harmony.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Last Week's Quote: Daily Telegraph on Secularism

"Militant secularists have taken our tradition of tolerance and whittled it down to something quite different: toleration for a narrow spectrum of liberal-approved beliefs. Anyone who falls outside that spectrum runs the risk of being demonised. ."

~ Daily Telegraph editorial,

Will We See the REAL Face of Communism?

BBC1 Scotland tonight 9pm.

The Rise and Lies of Tommy Sheridan.

Might this be a real exposé of the Communist who was defended by the destroyer of the Hess-Peace-Stone (a private monument on private ground), solicitor Mohammed Anwar Aamer, also a Communist activist.

It will certainly be an interesting programme...

Folks with satellite TV can watch BBC1 Scotland live. Otherwise, watch it when it's repeated on BBC i-player on the main BBC website.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Cockneys & KFC Coloureds/Wiggers

This is hilarious. Enjoy the 'busy rudeness' of Londoners, and the ethnic weirdness of the gangs who hang around KFC and its many inner-city imitators. There is some swearing.

Monday, 20 December 2010

BBC Story Repeats Jewish Libel

It's almost Christmas, when Christians celebrate the 2000 year old festivity of the birth of Christ, so as usual we get an attack on the central tenet of the Nativity story.

perhaps unsurprisingly, this story on the BBC repeats the Jewish lie (i.e. Talmudic lie) that the Virgin Mary was a whore:

Daily Express Story

Now I know this comes from the newspaper of a pornographer with an axe to grind against the BBC, but we have to ask whether a full frontal assault on Judaism or Islam would be allowed on the BBC.

For Christians, to question the parentage of Christ is a despicable act, because it undermines the salvific nature of Christ's birth and the Holiness of Christmas itself.

That this 2000 year old Jewish lie against Mary and Christ (repeated on the BBC many times - not least in Jeremy Bowen's series on the history of Christ) should be aired shows that the BBC (known for its gay mafia and Commie-tendency) does not fear to assault Christ and Christmas.

We should all be outraged, because this undermines our European, Christian heritage (what's left of it!) and once Christmas is undermined and gone as a special occasion, there will be nothing left to mark our Christian heritage.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Marcus Brigstocke - Another Champagne Socialist

You can tell an archetypal leftist/socialist/anarchist/communist (delete as necessary) because they liberally diffuse the word "actually" throughout their discourses, like the Dave Spart character in Private Eye.

They also regularly turn up in the media, as rent-a-gobs with a pre-formed opinion on radio shows, or on Question Time, or on comedy panel shows. Funny how socialists (many of whom still secretly admire mass murderers) get such a regular outing on the media. That tells us more about our media -- e.g. when immigration is discussed they will role out an immigrant activist, a businessman (who needs cheap labour immigrants) and a socialist to tell us -- from all their perspectives -- how immigration has bettered the lot of each and every one of us.

A dissenting voice is rarely allowed! We can't be told that the emperor is naked.

The worst type of lefty-rebel is the privately educated, upper-middle class types, who put a punk t-shirt on, swear a bit and then proceed to tell all of us workers what is best for us (this invariably includes open-border policy on immigration, and wholesale "rights" for homosexuals) -- everything the traditional workers were (and many still are, despite BBC brainwashing) against.

Now many would be-anarchos start off school in posh paid-for establishments. One such person I've noticed pushing his ultra-liberal agenda (except when it comes to those who oppose his agenda) is the bloke with the most middle class name of all: Marcus.

yes, on Radio 4's 'The Now Show' over the last two weeks, Mr. Marcus Brigstocke has all but screeched his disapproval of anyone who opposes "climate change" and those who deems "right-wing extremists" (the BNP & EDL).

According to Wikipedia, "Brigstocke attended Westbourne House School just outside Chichester before going onto the independent King's Bruton School in Somerset."

The former is a posh semi-boarding prep school, the latter is another semi-boarding posh school.

Just in case you think Marcus went to a bog-standard school like me (and most of the readers of this blog), here's some facts about King's Bruton school in Somerset (known for its huge population of Pakistanis and Gangsta Rappers - not):

In September 1999, The Hobhouse Science centre was opened, complete with a fully equipped observatory. The School enjoys a purpose built theatre, sports hall and fitness suite and exceptional sports surfaces for rugby and cricket as well as an all weather pitch for hockey.

Oh how lucky we poor proles are -- with our hatred of our country being turned into a Third World dump, distrust of One World agendas -- to have grown up posh kids like Marcus to tell us how we are wrong!

Brigstocke is like all the politicians who went to posh schools who then tell us how great the comprehensive system is; and the politicians who live in rich suburbs who tell us how fortunate those of us who grew up in areas with huge Asian or black populations were!

Reminds me of the 'Londoner' Socialist Billy Bragg who happens to live in whitest Dorset -- but how that's OK because he talks to the Asian who works in his local petrol station (honestly - he said that once in an interview).

Right on!

Brigstocke can wax lyrical about global warming because he can afford the extra taxes. Here's a man who - I dare say - travels on a plane more often the average working-class man, busy preaching to us.

Brigstocke can inform us how great (comprehensive) multi-cult schools are because he went to virtually all-white posh schools.

Another left-wing wannabe-anarcho-socialist from a privaleged background telling us why we should let our country become a non-White/European, non-Christian, UN/EU slave-state no doubt with poofs having full "rights" and buggery taught in schools.

What do I mean "become" - thanks to Marcus and his ilk who entered the media, parliament and the legal profession -- that's exactly what this country has become.

Still, at least we have rich kids like Marcus to tell us how lucky we are, and how "evil racists" are so bad (in that "two legs bad, four legs good" kind of way).

Friday, 17 December 2010

Protest Against the Profiteering Multi-Nationals

Demonstrators are starting to ask why characters (New Unhappy Lords, men with no loyalty to nation, people who use concentration-camp goods from China and child labour sweat-shop clothes from Asia to make millions in profit and undercut European and British-made quality items and local shops) such as Philip Green can tax dodge and get jobs with the government.

Left: Phillip Green chunnels his billions through his wife Tina, based in Monaco, to avoid paying taxes. Meanwwhile he is employed by the British government. Boycott his shops such as Burton, Topshop etc.

People are asking why the government can bail out banksters for muti-billions, wipe out a tax bill (Vodafone) for £6 billion, then chase unemployed people for relative pennies, close down old peoples' homes, shut hospital wards, shut local libraries etc.

Nationalists must take part in, or organise, demos against the banksters, Zionist big businesses and those who first loyalty is profit and not our nation and our people.

If we don't we give ground to the brain dead Anarcho-pinkos and moth-eaten Marxian deadbeats, with no real answers!

Power from Profit - They're buying your souls!
Power from Profit: puts you on the dole.

Uk Uncut

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Wikileaks exposes Zionist Treachery

A Very Middle Class Revolution

The sight of students and lefty-anarchists rioting in London has been accompanied by many stories of the middle and upper class students enjoying the riots.

I find myself torn in two directions.

I cannot overlook the injustice of burdening young people with debt (usury is usury), especially when (as so many people are now forgetting thanks to a compliant media) the bankers caused all this upheaval.

Lest we forget, "our" government bailed out the banksters to the tune of multi-billions of pounds (essentially tax-payers' money as we will repay the usury-debt on the loans) and now it is taking money from the young, the needy and even emergency services (today they announced the closure of coast guard stations).

meanwhile a report from the City of London the other night showed a busy shopping "mall," bustling with City workers busy spending their inflated wages and bonuses.

So whichever way we look at this, as nationalists, we have to say the same old Zionist usury-bankster con is rolling on, and we the battered tax-payers (of today and tomorrow) will pay the bill for the greedy profiteers with no national loyalty, those with "...dead alien eyes" to quote the great patriotic Englishman GK Chesterton or as the sublime Welsh nationalist Saunders Lewis wrote, with their "Hebrew snouts" in ledgers.

Yet at the same time we are seeing the usual "rent-a-mob" circus with flea-bitten anarcho-Marxian causes dusted off and leftist banners raised over the multi-culti, middle class throngs.

The system is creaking and people are disgusted with bankers, politicians etc. and the safety-valve of the soap dodgers is released. Thus we see the middle and upper class idle rich-kids proclaiming anarchist and/or socialist revolution (notably when they and their ilk are threatened with bills - they didn't riot when workers were thrown on the dole).

I recall as a youth in a working class area, the anger when the middle class students came into town to plaster their SWP posters and stickers everywhere, telling us that our City was a "nazi free zone" only to bugger off back to mummy and daddy's suburban des res at the end of the academic year (before going on to work in banking).

I used to (used to?) get irate that the middle classes could descend on the city I grew up in and tell us what to think, go on about "the workers" when they were bank-rolled by mummy and daddy, meanwhile we - from the families of workers they claimed to speak for - were sick to death of mass immigration.

So I find myself in the position of a classic liberal: I defend the right of the students to protest, because I see the injustice of a system that taxes people to bail out multi-billion earning banksters; yet I loathe the sight of the same rent-a-mob, middle class banksters-of-tomorrow claiming to defend "workers' rights."

As ever, we need a third position, a movement of the people, not merely speaking out for the vested interests of the few, but denouncing the usury-banking-Westminster system in defence of the entire nation.

Here endeth the rant. ;-)

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Wikileaks Vs. Paypal and Mastercard: A Political Agenda?

The hackers' attacks on those withdrawing basic commerce systems from Wikileaks has us crying few tears at FC.

Both Paypal and Mastercard have withdrawn payment services from our online shop some time ago (despite us operating within the law), and Amazon has long been a supporter of Zionist Israel.

Paypal and Mastercard willingly supply their services to those selling/promoting Communist, Socialist, overt homosexual and other disruptive anti-civilised agendas.

yet they said FC was not acceptable, presumably because certain people made complaints.

Bowing to pressure for political ends is clearly something they do as a matter of course.

Therefore if Wikileaks supporters chose to assault their systems we can only look on and smile.

What goes around comes around. C'est la guerre.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Who Controls the World?

Dedicated to my erstwhile Irish friend, who initially spotted the "hidden Jew" in the world... now look who's spoon-feeding them?

What a fulsome conspiracy!

Monday, 25 October 2010

Bankrolling Nuclear, Spiking Tidal: This Government Ain't Green

Hmmm. Something is wrong in the Bristol Channel. No, Simon Darby isn't birdwatching on Flat Holm in flared chequered strides, with a kipper tie and a sun hat.

The UK government is deliberately halting a project that could give us clean energy for many decades.

They tell us, mere proles that we are, that we don't have the money to build a barrage across the Bristol Channel/Severn Estuary (which has the second largest tidal range in the world) in order to produce electricity, but we have the money to build new nuclear power stations and keep old ones going.

Anyone smell something akin to a Grimsby trawler's hold?

For decades the government [blue and red] has bankrolled nuclear power (yet we have the nerve to point fingers at the Iranians) at huge cost, not to mention risk, yet we have the chance of doing something that is safe, clean and will produce the electricity of two nuclear power stations, and the government says "we don't have enough money."

I thought security of power supply was now of national importance?

I thought we were serious about looking for clean alternatives?

Yet whilst the government of the day [red and blue/yellow] tells us that nuclear is a "clean" alternative to coal, we are about to jettison the cleanest and most cost effective form of power, in tidal.

As trials start of harnessing tidal power off the Orkneys, we must be mad to overlook more tidal produced power.

Tidal is guaranteed power (even the wind can stop blowing and the sun stop shining). Once in situ, such units will continue producing clean, green energy. Furthermore they aren't eyesores like many wind farms.

As we're on an island, the UK government should be leading the way in harnessing tidal power.

While I am sure the government will continue to 'find' monies to bankroll nuclear power and prop up the profiteering private companies who run the nuclear power stations, we can now see how this government's 'green' credentials are phony.

The next time they greenwash one of their new or revamped nuclear power stations, remember they deliberately spiked one of the most promising green power projects for years.

The Real Cost of Nuclear Power: debunking Government myths.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Bankrupt BNP? Why is it Offering its Creditors 20%?

Is the BNP Bankrupt?

With the BNP now offering creditors 20p in the £ against outstanding bills, we have to wonder if the BNP is on the brink of going bust.

As many creditors will be small businesses, 20p in the £ is a paltry sum.

Most small business work on a profit margin of 100% or less, e.g for every £1 they charge, 50p of that will be 'profit' from which they take their wages, overheads etc.

Of course some may make a greater profit, some less.

But to offer 20p against every £1 is basically ripping off these small businesses and asking them to write off a lot of money. In these straitened times when businesses are going to the wall, it is hardly right for the BNP to treat businesses (who as is made clear in the link below, were willing to work with the BNP and may even be 'patriotic') like this.

If this isn't some huge subterfuge or even an outright lie, we must wonder why the BNP is acting like a company in administration.

It raises a lot of questions for an org which said it was raising millions every year, and with two MEPs on the Euro gravy train.

Eddy Butler Blog

Friday, 15 October 2010

The Clash of Liberalisms: The Tate Reels and We Love it

How positively delicious!

No, I'm not talking about Nigella's spaghetti and Marmite recipe: though one wonders if Nigella's Jewish heritage and Marmite's recent political role are just the thin edge of a huge conspiratorial wedge.

Right: A gift from God. The Sunflower seed has anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular benefits due to its Vitamin E content. They can lower cholesterol and have many other health benefits. The Tate Gallery on the other hand is just crap.

Just my little joke.

But part of the same weltanschauung that has given us TV chefs with first name recognition (Nigella, Jamie, Ainsley, Sweeney...), has delivered us the notorious home of carbuncles that is the Tate Modern.

Situated where Black Cabs fear to tread (just saarf of the river), it has housed some real deviancy and fakery, known as modern art (it is art in the same way that Israel's murderous army is a "defence force").

As E Michael Jones has displayed in his tome Degenerate Moderns, much of this anti-culture is born from a generation of degenerates, primarily sexual degenerates, such as homosexuals, bi-sexuals and so forth.

Their private lives are a mess, their morality is shot to bits, so is it any wonder their concept of art is mindless splodges on canvas, dog turds barely sculpted, unmade beds, flickering lights, cracks in a floor, etc. ad nauseum.

The Tate Modern should have as its logo a very naked Emperor indeed.

So what should prompt me into labelling the Tate Modern as delicious when it is normally as appetising as a cigarette extinguished in a pool of urine? (I'm copyrighting that before Davinia Finkelstein Jr. grabs it and makes a million).

Well, dear reader, the "artist" Ai Weiweihad (imagine the Guardianistas: "how gloriously ethnic Giles.") had porcelain sunflower seeds handmade. 100 million of them. I just hope in the spirit of the liberal art world with is quasi-intellectual "intelligentsia" (should that be quasi-intelligentsia?), that no child labour was used... but I wouldn't bet on it.

The exhibit (to quote Brian Sewell, "but is it art?") was designed to be walked on.

It now seems that 'ealf n safety' have stepped in and, for fear of clouds of porcelain dust, roped off the, urm, 'art.'

So, let's get this straight. The two bete noirs of 21st Century common sense, the two darling children of the politically correct generate, Modern Art and 'Ealf n Safety' have clashed!

Is this the end of the liberal culture? Will the degenerate moderns implode in a flash of self-realisation?


But it mustn't stop us savouring every single delicious moment of this glorious event.

BBC news report

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Eddy Butler Expelled from the BNP

Further to my last post, it is now confirmed that Eddy Butler has been expelled from the BNP.

He says on his blog that he will fight the expulsion.

Civil War is certainly raging in Nu-BNP land.

BFP: Surely Not More of the Same? Nu-BNP Mark II?

The fledgling "British Freedom Party" being organised by part of the 'BNP reformers' group is an interesting departure.

It will go head to head with Nick Griffin's BNP.

Interestingly, a statement on the BFP on the YourBNP site (soon to be handed over to Eddy Butler we're told, who is staying to fight inside the BNP) says that this BFP is made up of "traditional nationalists."

Yet following the link to the BFP's site one finds this picture:

It fills me with dread, for:

  1. Being multi-culti ('more colours than a tube of smarties' as my old dad says);
  2. Being a posed advertising shot;
  3. It's one of those pics that says absolutely nothing, but big business and mainstream politicos like to use because it's mixed race, young and includes 'fruity' girls.

But Points 2 and 3 pale in significance to Point 1.

Things have been rotten in the State of Denmark for some years with race-mixers, pooves and God knows what else being accepted as "nationalists."

Perhaps I'm just jaded because of all the crud over the years, how nationalists can get taken in by honey-traps like C18, whose leaders were meeting with Searchlight, and then by the Nu-BNP who made pooves and race-mixers "OK" in their rush to become a civic patriot, anti-Muslim pressure group.

Nationalism swung from one extreme to the other, all the time orchestrated if not outright controlled by what we can only term 'Masonic' powers.

It's early days yet I would sincerely love to be proved wrong, but the way things look with the BFP, on top of what is already happening with the pro-Israel EDL and the civic patriot Nu-BNP, I really think nationalism is a fading force.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Child Benefit: the Nationalist Response

How fitting that the Tories should seek to stop Child Benefit for top earners.

Right: George Osborne. Chancellor. Friend of the Rothschilds. Will never take action against the banksters. Traitor.

I'm not going to go on about cutting benefits etc., as I've covered all that before (viz attack the banksters who cause the usury-debt bubble before attacking the poor).

Some will argue that the rich don't need the money, that those earning circa £45K p.a. don't really need an extra state hand-out and "in these difficult times" etc. we can save a few bob.

The not dealing with the banksters (who still have us by the gonads, and could bring this and most other countries to our knees in a matter of days) aside, my worry is this.

Child benefit sends a positive message about having children. Taking it away from some people (whatever the criteria) sends the message that families and children aren't important to society.

We live in a country that is dying. We don't have enough workers to pay the taxes that will pay for future pensions as our society 'greys.'

More children are born to immigrants and non-Whites, whilst the indigenous people put 'careers' or holidays and other creature comforts before our existence as European peoples (the 'I'm alright Jack' mentality).

So here's the FC idea:

  • Everyone who qualifies can get a generous child benefit, regardless of income.The idea is to promote families and more children amongst all classes (e.g. It is irrelevant to you if your forefathers were rich or poor - merely that they were indigenous White Europeans).
  • Qualification depends on wedlock and the children being to the same parents. This will promote stability and reduce the "multiple partner" mums getting hand-outs.
  • The benefit is only open to Europeans whose parents (i.e, one or more grandparent on each side) were born here. This will mean a reversal of the decline of the White population.
  • Africans and Asians can receive a similar benefit: one of resettlement to their lands of origin, with funds to help their housing etc. 'back home'.
All will be carefully costed by stopping our involvement in pointless, needless wars and by refusing to pay any more of the ridiculous, scandalous national debt.

What d'you think? It's a vote winner!

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Germany Just Paid Off WW1 Usury Debt


  • Do you think the banks aren't behind wars?
  • Do you think usury is fair?
  • Do you think taxes should go on war/usury debt?
Something is rotten! We are all taxed simply to pay endless bank debts run up by traitor politicians.

Right: Merkel is another traitor politician who puts the banksters profits before the welfare of the German people and nation.

BBC News

Friday, 1 October 2010

Capitalism is a Con Trick: Ask the Irish

We all pay tax as we earn, buy and die. Tax goes into a bottomless pit to pay usury-debt. The banks control the system, nations, governments. The governments collects tax. The tax goes into a bottomless pit...

And so the cycle goes on ad nauseum!

Right and Below: The politicians all try and score points against each other, but the truth is that they will all raise taxes and cut services rather than stop paying usury debt to the criminal banksters and money-lenders. Their first loyalty is to the banking system not the people they claim to serve.

Look at Ireland.

Ooh wasn't the Celtic Tiger the be all and end all? It was billed as a Brave New World for the Irish. Join the Euro, become a modern country, make the big league, be awash in money! Money was the new god.

All their troubles, their agrarian, Christian past - all so medieval, backwards, insular and... er... mono-cultural. All would end.

The new, rich, advanced, progressive, multi-culti and rich Ireland was on the scene. Oh how wonderful it all was!

Yet it was all an illusion. Ireland was being mortgaged by greedy bankers. Their freedoms were being sold to the Stalinist EU. Their very 'Irishness' was being destroyed by waves of immigration.

But all this was OK as long as the money rolled in. Most people are fickle you see. Give them success, money, good times - and they will put up with a lot they normally wouldn't.

A political party can be corrupt, nepotistic, cronyism can run rife, principles be betrayed: as long as elections are won. But take that away and the grumbles start.

Well, the Irish now have plenty to moan about. As taxes rise, unemployment rises and negative equity rises.

What a mess.

It is time that all nationalists in all nations started educating fellow patriots about usury-tax and the con going on.

Almost everything else is a side-show or consequence of this con.

The New Unhappy Lords are ruling over us, taxing us, destroying our lands, bribing our politicians.

The whole rotten edifice must be questioned, otherwise we are wasting our time.

Two Classic 1920s Britons Library Reprints

Two new reprints are just in:

  • The Hidden Hand
  • Jewry Uber Alles
Both are reprints from the 1920s and detail the struggle against Zionism.

They contain much of interest, and show that whilst times have indeed changed, much remains the same.

These two papers, from the well respected Britons Library (aka The Britons/Britons Publishing Society, active in the early part of the 20th Century) are a must for nationalists, patriots, students and researchers.

Along with other historic and informative papers and magazines they can be found at the link at the bottom of this piece.

For info how to order online or other merchandise queries, please email


Thursday, 30 September 2010

Ross Kemp Gangs - Humour

There's some bad language on this, but it is funny:

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Farrage Faces Barroso: You Don't Get It

Barroso is told the true nature of the EU.

If he'd just spell out its Masonic nature, he'd hit the nail on the head:

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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

It's Modern Democracy Jim, But Not as We Know it

Choose Your Poison Dumb Goyim.

Right: Milibandbot 1.2 is made Labour leader.

So a Miliband is now the leader of the Labour Party, having beating a Miliband.

The leader of the labour Party would be the offspring of a Jewish Marxist who "escaped the Nazis" (considering so many did we have to question the total ########### ########### [deleted by the thought police]).

It reminds me of the election in America in which Bush and Kerry ran for the presidency. Both were members of the highly secretive Masonic Skull & Bones society. So whoever the Yanks voted in, they'd get a 'bonesman.'

That's democracy all over.

The party system, media control etc. etc. ensures that elections are usually Tweedledum V. Tweedledee affairs, with the usual Masonic puppets fighting over the "centre ground" and extolling the virtues of multi-culturalism and the dangers of global warming.

Democracy = control by the elites, Masonic parties, plutocrats in control, under the iron heel of international financiers, taxed to the hilt to throw money into a bottomless hole of usury debt.

Just to make you happy on a Tuesday!

Peoples of the World Unite Against the Masonic Powers: You Have Nothing to Lose but Slavery and Debt.

Rant over.

Friday, 24 September 2010

Iran's Ahmadinejad: 911 was an Inside Job

The media are up in arms, and whilst couched in his Islamic terms, we should be free to hear what the Iranian leader has to say about 911 (politically he has been pretty much 'on the ball' with his observations).

Michael Williams: "predatory, manipulative and prolific offender" gets FOUR YEARS!

Yes - another paedophile, whom police say may have abused (directly and over the web) up to 1000 children, gets just 4 years in prison.

Right: Predatory paedophile Michael Williams, jailed for four years.

Liberal democracy is sick.

How can a "man" be jailed for such a ridiculously short term?

You cannot call it justice because it makes a mockery of the term.

But it is the very epitome of liberal democracy, wherein victims are left on the scrap heap and the 'human rights' of degenerate sickos -- who should be strung up or have their knackers cut off and jailed for life -- are foremost in the minds of the legislators and regulators.

This is the same system that has decided:

  • That millions of non-Europeans should be allowed to settle here.
  • That millions of children could be killed in abortuaries.
  • That Christianity (74% of the population) could be sidelined.
  • That homosexuality (1% of the population) was not a mental illness, but should be promoted.
  • That illegal wars could be "legal" if a government minister changed his mind.
  • That usury banks should be bailed out whilst we are taxed to extremes to pay usury debts.

Let's not even mention membership of the Masonic EU and all the financial and societal costs involved therein (including 'human rights' for paedophiles).

BBC article on Williams

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Degenerate Faggots only 1.5% max

How many of our freedoms and traditions have been jettisoned thanks to the pressure brought by the Pink Mafia?


Gay population much lower than believed, first official figures show

Just one and a half per cent of the UK population is gay or bisexual, far lower than previous estimates suggested, the first official survey on sexual identity has revealed.

By Tom Whitehead, Home Affairs Editor


Published: 2:41PM BST 23 Sep 2010

It is the equivalent of nearly three quarters of a million people and well short of earlier Government estimates that put the proportion as high as seven per cent.

It also dispels as a myth the commonly held belief that one in ten men are homosexual, which stems from research in to sexual behaviour by Professor Alfred Kinsey in America during the 1940s and 50s.

The true picture comes from a survey of 450,000 people carried out by the Office for National Statistics, the largest pool for social data after the Census.

In it's first results, published yesterday, it concluded 480,000 people in the UK are gay or lesbian and a further 245,000 are bisexual.

Gay campaign groups welcomed the study but claimed it will still be an underestimate as many people may not wish to make their sexuality public.

But one MP suggested it raised questioned over the focus given to sexual preference in diversity issues.

The announcement that the survey was to quiz people on their sexual identity was criticised in 2008 as an intrusion in to people's private lives.

Ninety-five per cent of people said they are heterosexual while less than one per cent put themselves in the "other" category, offered for those who did not see themselves as straight, gay or bisexual.

Some three per cent said they did not know their preference or refused to answer.

Ben Summerskill, chief executive of gay charity Stonewall, said: "We warmly welcome these figures as Stonewall’s pushed for this information for some time.

"However this is the first time that people were asked and data collection happened on doorsteps or over the phone, which may deter people from giving accurate responses – particularly if someone isn’t openly-gay at home.

"Stonewall now works with 600 major employers and their experience is that these statistics increase when you regularly ask about sexual orientation as part of general monitoring information.

"We’d expect to see these figures increase over time as people’s confidence in the survey grows and sexual orientation becomes a routine part of data collection."

A Government impact assessment for the 2004 Civil Partnership Act estimated between five and seven per cent of the population was gay.

Estimates in other broader surveys that have included some sort of question on sexuality have ranged between one per cent and 2.4 per cent, but they have all covered much smaller samples.

The proportion is also lower than trends in the USA and Canada which range between two and 4.6 per cent.

Philip Davies, the Tory MP, said: "An awful lot of focus in diversity issues is given to people's sexual preference and this difference is not quite as widespread as believed.

"That said, I do not see what relevance it is to anyone else. Someone's sexual preference is a personal matter and it calls in to questions why anyone is bothered at all."

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Happy Birthday Frodo & Bilbo!

Yes it's the 22nd of September, the birthday shared by the two Hobbits and the last day of Summer.

So to all Hobbit fans out there, raise a jug of ale and don't let the inner-city Orcs or City of London Sharkeys drag you down.

Hail the Shire!

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Plaid Cymru was Distributist...

...before it was transmogrified into something hideously Pinko-Liberal/Socialist.

"[Saunders] Lewis strove for the stability and well-being of Welsh-speaking communities, decried both capitalism and socialism and promoted what he called perchentyaeth; a policy of 'distributing property among the masses'."

John Davies, A History of Wales, Penguin, 1994, ISBN 0-14-014581-8, Page 591

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Last Week's Quote: David Buik on Banking

"[The banks] are not a philanthropic society."

~ David Buik, BGC Partners (City of London brokers),
Newsnight, 03/09/2010

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The UK is a Third World, Pluralist Mess. The Media Storm Proves It

Cardinal Walter Kasper has said that the UK is a Third World country, pluralist with a new militant atheism.

Of course the pink-red media responded with a furious onslaught of (feigned?) shock.

In just a few lines this Cardinal (I do not know if he is a "liberal" or a "conservative") has summed up the problems deliberately caused by the Communist-Talmudic-Masonic forces through their control of government policy, the schools and the media since circa the 1960s.

Let them prove the Cardinal wrong before they howl in protest!

  1. Third World. Yes it is. Whites will soon be a minority and in London (eg Heathrow which the Cardinal referred to) it is already getting that way.
  2. Pluralist. Yes it is. Muslims and Sikhs fight each other in the Thames Valley. Asians and Blacks fight in inner city London and Birmingham. Whites and Asians fight in Lancashire and Yorkshire. From being a virtually 100% Christian country (bar pockets of Jews) we have become a secularised multi-cult mess of Muslims, Sikhs, Jews, Hindus with "equal rights" for all.
  3. Aggressively atheist. Yes it is. Especially from the Communist-Masonic media, big business and government at various levels. Christians lose all rights, whilst degenerate homosexuals have theirs enshrined. All manner of immigrant religions are raised on a par to anything and nothing. The media complains at money spent on Christian events, yet shuts up on the money wasted on "gay helplines" on money-losing homo-festivals and suchlike.

A country that was white, European and Christian for at least 1600 years has been, in a few decades transformed into a multi-culti, multi-racial mess in which Christianity per se is openly attacked if it is anything other than the happy clappy, wishy washy, hug-a-fag, kum-by-ya, gibberish sponsored by the BBC.

The Cardinal has talked about the elephant in the room.

The children of the 60s don't like it and they have thrown their toys out of the pram.

So the Cardinal won't be coming to England.

That's tolerance for you!

Corneliu Codreanu in English

Monday, 13 September 2010

Peter Tatchell Apologist for Paedophiles, Militant Atheist Homosexual

Peter Tatchell likes to pass himself off as a "human rights" campaigner.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Right: Public apologist for paedophilia, and homosexual militant, Peter Tatchell shows his intolerance as he denounces Anglicans who (in his eyes) "dare" to oppose homosexuality. As a militant atheist homosexual he will not stop until every church betrays the Bible and centuries of tradition by "accepting" sodomites and all their baggage.

In essence he is a vile, militant, atheist homosexual with a hatred of traditional Christian values. He has also promoted paedophilia - with children as young as nine-years-old - as an objective of the homosexual movement.

What's funny is that Tatchell paints anyone who holds genuine family-first moral values as totalitarian and hateful, yet the faggotmeister himself is intolerant of anyone who opposes militant homosexuality, proving that the whole struggle for/against "homosexual rights" is not about 'dogma' or 'tolerance' but rather is about right versus wrong.

You are either for homosexuality and the creeping acceptance of paedophilia that accompanies it, or you are against homosexuality and the creeping acceptance of paedophilia that accompanies it.

Regardless of how a liberal enemy media tries to spin it, that is the truth.

Tatchell and his acolytes (including the powerful in the media and government), and a smattering of 'useful idiots' and liberals, stand on one side in favour of degeneracy and the crumbling of the family, hence growing lawlessness, amorality and immorality.

The rest of us stand on the other side, defending the family, standing against immorality and trying to prevent society crumbling.

Nationalists should all stand against homosexuality and crumbling standards or we have, as a movement, already lost.

Peter Tatchell exposed

Friday, 10 September 2010

Osborne: Target the Bankers before the Dole Bums

The Chancellor of 'our' government, George Osborne, is targeting dole bums.

Right: Nat Rothschild is No. 2, George Osborne is No. 7 in Bullingdon Club pose. How worrying for everyone that Osborne is wearing the most foppish attire of them all!

As soon as I heard this it reminded me of one of the best books I have read delineating a Nationalist worldview. It was written by the Irish pro-lifer Justin Barrett, and is called The National Way Forward.

Albeit, from an Irish perspective, the book tackled many political problems we face across many states and nations in Europe.

One of the key things that stuck in my mind was how Barrett explained how the government (of Ireland -- but this is true of the UK, USA etc.) was in hock to the international bankers and financiers, yet instead of tackling usury debt they would go for the small fry -- i.e. dole bums.

No one denies that there are dole bums, this subclass do exist, in Ireland, Britain and elsewhere, but the point is that whilst it is wrong for anyone to live on what was supposed to be a 'safety net' for the working man, the real criminals are the bankers.

Billions, if not trillions, are poured into the endless black hole of the national debt (regardless of credit crunch, crashes etc.) but the government will never act against the real criminals, because they are the same breed, they went to the same schools, they leave office to work for them, the bankers pay their political office costs, etc.

Now, in the shadow of a crisis created wholly and solely by the banks, George Osborne, pal of the Rothschilds, targets... dole bums.

By all means target them, Mr. Osborne: but do not do it to take our eyes from the truth.

The New Unhappy Lords, with their "bright dead alien eyes" have delivered us into penury, into debt slavery, and thrown hundreds of thousands of working men onto the dole in Ireland, Britain, America etc. etc.

George Osborne will end his time in government four, nine or however many years from now and walk into a job with one of the bankers that have caused this mess, because whilst in office he has been their poodle.

Rather than protect the workingmen of this country, by making us self-sufficient and free of usury-debt, Mr. Osborne continues our slavery, continues raising taxes and slashing services to pay off his banking buddies.

They are the real criminals!

They have given us into the hands of the new unhappy lords,
Lords without anger and honour, who dare not carry their swords.
They fight by shuffling papers; they have bright dead alien eyes;
They look at our labour and laughter as a tired man looks at flies.
from The Secret People by GK Chesterton.

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Lepanto by GK Chesterton

The Neo-Cons and dullards flying Israeli flags at anti-Mosque demos on both sides of the Atlantic would do well to get acquainted with GKC's Lepanto.

The forces who finally stopped the expansion of the Ottoman Empire were primarily led by Spain and her satellites/allies, the same forces who expelled the Jews from Spain and led the Inquisition to ensure the 'converted' ones who stayed behind did not continue their Talmudic practices.

Christians then fully understood that those opposed to Christianity had to be stopped or Christianity would be destroyed.

Sad to say that most Christians, especially in America, no longer realise that Judaism is directly opposed to Christianity.

That is why the "useful idiots" of the West are being used in Zionist conflicts.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Burning the Koran? Let's Burn the Anti-Christ Talmud!

If American Christians want to burn the Koran - can we get some American Christians to burn the Talmud?

Some of the choice exerts of the Talmud:

Gittin 57a. Says Jesus is in hell, being boiled in "hot excrement."

Sanhedrin 106a. Says Jesus' mother was a whore: "She who was the descendant of princes and governors played the harlot with carpenters."

I would urge everyone to read the following sites as they reveal the truth about the terrible, anti-Christian, anti-gentile, genocide-promoting hate texts in the Talmud.

The problem is that most American Christians (of all denominations) are so dumb, they think that Jews are on their side, whereas Judaism openly opposes Christ and His Church.

The Talmud Unmasked

The Truth About the Talmud

What About Israel's Illegal Nukes Mr Blair?

As Mr Blair makes his appearances before tough interviewers like BBC liberal Andrew Marr (ha ha), he not only fails to see how he is responsible for giving 'American' Neo Con war criminals a fig leaf of "legal" coverage for their illegal war, he is already promoting war against Iran on the subject of... WMDs!

Pinch me - I'm dreaming... albeit a dark nightmare.

Mr. Blair - please tell me why you aren't concerned about illegal Israeli nukes.

After all, whilst Iran (like Iraq before it) lets the weapons inspectors in: Israel doesn't.

Why is Israel a different case? Why does the USA give Israel cover at the UN against resolutions?

Mr Blair, you know that Israel already threatened Russia with nukes. Are you really happy with a belligerent state run by loose cannons that have started wars with neighbours in recent years having nuclear weapons?

If we started a war with Iraq over non-existent WMDs and are now getting wound up against Iran when they say all their development is for nuclear power; why is the elephant in the room -- illegal Israeli nuclear weapons -- being ignored?

Bob Diamond New Barclay's Boss is a CFR Lifer

Multi-Millionaire "Casino Banker" Bob Diamond is, according to his page on, a:

Life Member of The Council on Foreign Relations

The CFR is one of the world government bodies that decides how we plebs should have our lives run.

Right: You can bet that every PM will put the agenda of the globalists first.

According to the same site:

Barclays Capital opened an office in Tel Aviv, Israel's main financial centre, in 2008.

Even the Dark Lord of the Sith, Peter Mandelson, described Mr. Diamond as the "unacceptable face of banking" (a veritable sibling left v. right squabble).

How comforting that as we suffer because of bail-outs to gambling banksters, those who profited like Mr. Diamond get further rewards.

In the shadow of Mr. A. Blair having 8 homes and becoming a multi-millionaire on the back of illegal wars, we have to ask why those who do the most to risk our security (actual and financial) seem to reap the reward... whoops. Answered my own question.

Oh. By the way - Blair met with the head of the CFR and the President of Georgia, just weeks before Georgia instigated a war with Russia in another oil-rich region.

Here's the details from the Yes Ukraine website:

Karl Rove
Former Deputy Chief of Staff to George W. Bush and Chief Strategist for Bush's Presidential Campaigns

Richard Haass
President, Council on Foreign Relations

Tony Blair Prime
Minister of the United Kingdom (1997-2007)

Mikhаil Saakashvili
President of Georgia

Victor Pinchuk
Founder of EastOne, Founder and Member of the Board of YES [and Soros buddy]

Klaus Mangold
Chairman of East–West Committee of German Industry;
Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Rothschild & Cie, Frankfurt

All chums together, 10-13 July, 2008, one month before Georgia staged this war.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Last Week's Quote: Kapner on Judaism

"...the Star of David is an occult symbol that was popularised by the Kabbalists of the 13th Century.
"...we were forbidden to even mention Jesus Christ's name unless we used it as a curse word."

~Brother Nathanial Kapner, (Jewish convert)

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Funky Richard Barnbrook: Dance to that Groovy Beat Baby

"The Office" sitcom series is famous for the David Brent dance.

Will the BNP become famous for this:

All politics aside this perhaps the best example of embarrassing 'dad dancing' at a wedding I have seen since my friend (who shall remain nameless, let's just call him the Archbishop of near Canterbury) did star jumps whilst dancing at my wedding back in the mists of time.

Enjoy this wonderful cultural experience.

Monday, 30 August 2010

War Propaganda Dehumanises Germans and Arabs

How war propaganda works.

How Germans were dehumanised - years later.

How German civilian victims were airbrushed out.

Right: How children were taught all Germans were evil.

The question is, why are we still suffering WW2 war propaganda and spin all these years later? The sole beneficiary seems to be Israel (i.e. that they can mistreat the Palestinians because of all the alleged actions of the "evil Nazis").

Fisk hints at the end of this article at the dehumanising of the enemies of current Zionist conflicts.


We've all seen how thousands of dead Arab men, women and children are stats, excused away by Israeli spin doctors as a legitimate result of war, whereas a handful of dead Israelis get copious media coverage and media columns on state-sponsored terrorism.

Left: 50 years on and the machinery is more sophisticated, but the war propaganda is still being churned out.

I see no difference between Commando-style comics portraying all Germans as murderers, war criminals and bayonet fodder for (American and Soviet led) democracy and the garbage that gets pumped out of Hollywood portraying all Arabs as murderers, mad Mullahs, terrorists and bullet fodder for (American and Israeli led) democracy.

Yet again we witness how the powers-that-be treat us all like sheep, to be led and cajoled into pens, where we are spoon fed propaganda and spin.

The Power of Nightmares.

Robert Fisk

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Liberalism, Homosexuality, Paedophilia and a Zionist Media

Richard Ingrams used to be the editor of Private Eye, prior to the present incumbent Ian Hislop. I recall him being interviewed on TV once, in relation to Private Eye, when the interviewer said that he had been accused of 'anti-Semitism.' Ingrams replied with words to the effect that if you were investigating corruption in business you would run into Jews.

As Zionist blogger Robin Shepherd quotes Ingrams:

“I have developed a habit,” he said, “when confronted by letters to the editor in support of the Israeli government to look at the signature to see if the writer has a Jewish name. If so, I tend not to read it.”

Such outspokenness is of course beyond the pale for Neo-Cons, Zionists and the like.

For them, Ingrams uncovering shady Jewish businessmen is proof of his 'anti-Semitism' rather than proof of the businessmen in question being wrong 'uns.

They don't, conversely, point out the many European, British and/or White businessmen he uncovered as being corrupt (to borrow their verbiage that could make him a self-hating gentile!).

The controlled media will always fire a broadside against anyone who stands up against certain interests, and refuses to back down. Should that person or group continue on their course they will, sooner or later, face an all out assault employing the greatest lie machine the world has ever know.

Historically, nationalists have seen this for themselves!

Now I sincerely believe that the sudden uproar about paedophile priests in the Catholic Church has more to do with the current Pope moving towards traditionalism, than it has to do with genuine newsworthiness.

After all, this was news some years ago when the liberal pro-Jewish John Paul II was in power, and JPII was in power when much of this was knowingly 'hushed up.'

Needless to say, the news media won't lay the blame on those (like JPII) who opened the doors of the seminaries to homosexuals; ironically you see the media attacks the church whenever it attacks homosexuality - a clear case of wanting to have your cake and eat it.

Much of the uproar ensued after the episode of the removal of the questionable "ban" on Bishop Williamson and his confreres. The media suddenly discovered the Bishop had an historical opinion (which he hadn't hid) and the paedophile scandal reached a crescendo.

You really think the Zionists don't have that kind of mentality, to cover-up homosexual abuse to save it for a rainy day? Remember they cheerleaded (!) the invasion of Iraq after "911" on the back of non-existent WMDs. This was sheer revenge for the scudding of Tel Aviv!

These people have long memories, and anyone who moves against their interests will be attacked.

John Paul II was a liberal so they let the faggot priests go unreported, swept it under the carpet. Benedict XVI is, in their eyes, undoing JPII's liberal changes, so they come out via a complicit media, all guns blazing.

I am sure Ingrams, an Anglican btw, knows the score too. His first piece in his column in today's Independent deals with the example of the "terrorist" priest in Northern Ireland:

The distinguishing mark of modern society, G K Chesterton once wrote, is a hatred of religion. If that was the case more than 100 years ago, you could magnify it 100 times over for today. Hatred is the crucial word. Not apathy or indifference, but a violent reaction of the type that can lead to intemperate, illogical language even from clever people...
The forces ranged against faith in today's society, from Zionist Jews to atheist Reds (often from the same lineage) both with their own useful idiots in the shape of Neo Cons and liberals, are out to target every last vestige of Christianity that they cannot transmogrify into a faggot-hugging, Jewish-worshipping bastardised form of kum-bay-ya happy clappiness which goes against the central tenets of Christianity.

A friend gave me a clipping concerning a report about America and the paedophile scandal, which showed that the scandal also infected most other churches (obviously - as homosexuality infects them all), some with far higher percentages, but of course the Jewish authorities do not see these others as a threat, so to Joe Bloggs the 'paedophile scandal' is a Catholic problem.

Of course it is worse for the Catholic Church because it does take a hard-line (sorry, correct line) against homosexuality; but that is exactly why the Catholic Church must practice what it preaches and cast out all the homosexual priests, just as it used to, and bring back its stringent entry codes.

Being happy clappy and putting an "I luv Jesus" sticker on the Popemobile is not the answer.

The example of the Church should be an example to Nationalists.

As I have said for years, we too must practice what we preach. If we try to uphold nationalism as something morally superior to the degenerate Capitalist everyone-for-themselves world and the Communist lowest-common-denominator world, then what does it show when sordid homosexual tales, allegations of sexual misdemeanours and other morally worrying reports occur?

The same is true of drug use and much else besides.

Those of us who lived through the scandals and dirty-laundry-washed-in-public of the 80s will well recall the sex, homosexual and drugs scandals of those days from the NF.

It is obvious that any organisation which claims to be against that kind of mess, must keep its own house in order before it can try to bring the world back from the brink.

The media isn't going to kick up a fuss over a paedophile scandal involving the Orange Order. The media isn't going to kick up a fuss over umpteen Jewish/rabbi paedophile scandals. The media isn't going to kick up a fuss over the many parliamentarian paedophile scandals. the media isn't even going to link together all the many paedophile scandals in the police (I have noticed a plethora of unconnected cases in one fairly small area in the last 2 years).

The media certainly isn't going to point the finger at the fact that the spread of homosexuality in all these bodies, and society at large, is the reason for the growth in the utter cancer and evil that is paedophilia because the media are responsible for making homosexuality "acceptable" despite what common sense and medical evidence tells us.

It is ironic that in liberalising both nationalism and Catholicism (and I'm sure the same is true of other Christian denominations) that the very enemies of both have been able to get inside and, although a tiny minority, have sown the seeds of chaos.

The resulting pain, betrayal and hurt destroys the belief of many, and enables the enemies of both to rub their hands with glee, and use the results -- should Nationalism or the Church want to move back to its traditional stance (against Zionism etc.) -- to come out on full attack mode.

The Catholic Church is at fault for turning a blind eye to homosexuals and ignoring its own traditional teaching on such matters. It will take a lot of cleansing and hard work to build up trust again.

What lessons for nationalism?

Richard Ingram's column

Robin Shepherd's attack on Ingrams

Cardinal says homosexuality and paedophilia linked

EDL Vs BNP: Who Will Win the Zionist Dollar?

The 'anti-Muslim' EDL, like the 'anti-Muslim' BNP before it, is Zionist.

Here is a quote taken direct from the EDL's own site:

We went to counter-protest in favour of the Israeli shop Ahava, which is based on Israeli land, and to expose these ignorant protesters’ lies, their deceit, their racism and fascism, which is always very well evidenced in every single word they utter, despite the fact that they desperately attempt to use deceitful propaganda to convince the ignorant public of their anti-racist views.


We wish to state hereby that although we were protesting jointly with the Zionist Federation headed by Mr. Jonathan Hoffman, we were not asked by the ZF to protest alongside them. This was our decision and we imposed our presence upon them. The ZF had no choice but to share the space with us.
We the EDL will continue to attend and organize as many rallies and demonstrations as we wish and we will be strong in exposing the lies of those who have nothing better to do other than repeat their pathetic and deceitful mantra of calling us racists and fascists when in truth they are these things they accuse us of. The evidence is clear. They are singling out Israelis time and time again, and this, my friends, is pure and utter racism. Make no mistake about that.

When the BNP rejected nationalism to become a single pressure group on Muslims, many of us (for want of a better term) traditional nationalists felt that they were craving Zionist support, Zionist money and an easy ride from sections of the Zionist media.

Is it possible to determine that the 'anti-Muslim' banner has been stolen from the BNP by the EDL, thus the Zionists looking for a white working class street presence to promote their objectives have decided that the BNP are no longer useful?

It is certainly one of many possibilities.

What is shameful is that the Nationalist cause, which always opposed Zionism and Zionist power, was eroded by Nick Griffin and the BNP for short term headlines and benefits; a situation which has allowed the rise of the even more openly Zionist EDL!

We have gone from agit prop demos organised across the country by the NF against ABTA travel agents, after ABTA chose Israel for its annual conference, to a situation where "patriotic" football supporter types are being corralled by an organisation which is turning out to oppose pro-Palestinian rallies.

It is a shameful situation!

Nick Griffin must shoulder his share of the blame because he made the BNP a "bash the muzzies" org in the shadow of "911" when anyone with any sense knew that this was nothing more than a CIA/Mossad black-op/false flag clandestine mission to force Bush Jr's hand, to move him away from his isolationist foreign policy towards an interventionist and positively Zionist foreign policy.

Quid Pro Quo.

The BNP became 'bash the muzzies' and even put out leaflets in London declaring that only it could protect the Jews from Muslim extremists; simultaneously the leadership of the BNP was pushing for dropping repatriation and allowing black members.

The BNP wanted to become what the EDL is (albeit a posher, electable version) but now the EDL is on the rise here and the BNP seems to be splitting and in financial trouble.


Time will tell.

Press Release from EDL's Jewish Division

Friday, 27 August 2010

Rome 410AD - Lessons For Today

On Wednesday morning the BBC Radio 4 news programme 'Today' did a feature on the sacking of Rome in 410, the event that started the decline and fall of the Roman Empire, an event that would have repercussions down the Centuries.

Right: Alaric the King of the Visigoths.

It has long been accepted that the "barbarians" were in fact Christians and Roman-allies, but it was interesting to hear the view of a German historian based in Rome on the events of 1600 years ago.

Furthermore when he related the events, I couldn't help think of events closer to home, in relation to both Zionist wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and recent internal events in the BNP.

Some people aren't aware that the Visigoths, led by Alaric I, were Roman allies and Christians, nor that they had fought many battles against the "Western Romans" on behalf of the "Eastern Romans" nor that they ran a virtually autonomous region of the Roman Empire.

The German historian on Today said that the reason the Visigoths sacked Rome was that the Roman Emperor had not paid them. They had earlier besieged Rome, only to leave once paid. But this time they sacked it. The German historian (whose name I forget!) said the sacking could well have been taking treasure, as opposed to burning the city to the ground.

As virtual-Romans we might think the Visigoths wouldn't destroy Rome, but then Medieval armies would often burn down towns in their own country and often even attack churches, when you might think their sensibilities would dictate otherwise.

Anyway, back to the Visigoths.

Did the Roman Emperor at the time think that by not paying an army that was essential to the security of the Empire (it's frontier against other Germanic tribes) he was doing something that would go unnoticed? Clearly his eye was taken off the "bigger picture" -- perhaps he was greedy, perhaps he was a betrayer, or maybe he was just careless and stupid.

Either way, a people that he should have ensured were looked after and kept (to use the quaint analogy) in the tent "piddling" out, were forced out of the tent, "piddling" in.

As Captain Alberto Bertorelli might have said in the 80's TV series 'Allo 'Allo: "What a mistake-a to make-a."

So why the relevance to Zionist Wars and the BNP.

Zionist Wars:

In Iraq it wasn't until the Americans learnt to employ (pay) former insurgent enemies that relative peace happened. Should the pay stop - which some now hint at - the violence could easily start again.

In Afghanistan, many pundits are now admitting that relative peace will not come until the Taliban are brought into talks, ultimately to share power, run swathes of the country and suchlike, which will mean giving them either semi-autonomy (like the Visigoths) or paying their wages.

To those who rant that we cant work with Islamists, others point to Northern Ireland and the example of former IRA people being paid by the British State - i.e. employed by the Stormont devolved government. I suppose if these positions et al were withdrawn the small band.

All this teaches us that one-time enemies (Germans to the Romans) can become allies, and one-time close allies doing an important job in keeping the peace, the machinery, running smoothly (Visigoths to the Romans) can become the very force that brings the whole structure crumbling to the ground.

If the Americans and their puppet regimes try to assert their power against the new allies, the whole power structure of Iraq could unravel very rapidly. At the moment they are still trying to assert their power in Afghanistan, ignoring the elephant in the room, i.e. that the Taliban will either win via long term erosion, or will have to be brought on board a la Iraq.


Well, nationalism per se down the decades has been awash with similar examples, yet if we are to believe reports, the Nu-BNP recent fractures and fratricides have had more to do with finances and the changing of stipends, the way wages flow etc. It makes the accusations in the 1989 NF split in which the scourge of political wages were raised (ironically by Nick Griffin) look like child's play.

All this seems to have begun when Nick Griffin and Mark Collett fell out, the latter having once been presented to the world as the person who would be the next BNP leader. Collett accused Griffin of financial skulduggery, and griffin went to the media with a story of Collett plotting murder (the police later dropped its investigation for lack of admissible proof).

Despite many councillors, and power-bases come and gone, and even two MEPs, might the BNP's Rome be sacked by former loyalists initially riled by Collett's accusation of misappropriation of funds?

If Collett were kept loyal and paid his wages, he would have stayed in place and not, like Alaric, let vent to his feelings of injustice, opening the flood gates for all the other "barbarians" and the downfall of the BNP?

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