Friday, 30 December 2011

Child Abuse, Rape and More Covered Up: In the Name of Liberalism

Imagine an organisation which knowingly covers up child abuse.

An organisation which hides serious medicines and surgery (which may have long-term medical and psychological effects) from school children's parents.

An organisation that fails to report rape.

Worse still the organisation makes vast profits from its criminal cover-ups and even gets state funding!

Wouldn't there be a public outrage? Indignation from the media which usually loves exposing scandals?

Not when there's a central tenet of liberalism to protect!.

The money, backing and media-silence will continue because they have a civilisation to wreck and generations to ruin (and lots and lots of money to make!)

Go see: The Mona Lisa Project

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

BOYCOTT TESCO'S Christians Opposed to 'Gay Marriage' are not EVIL

Tesco's head of research and development, Nick Lansley, has said that those Christians who oppose "gay marriage" (sic) are "evil."

Not wrong. Not misguided. Not mistaken. EVIL.

May I suggest that everyone who is opposed to "gay marriage" do not step foot inside Tesco's from now on!

We cannot allow people who are defending the sanctity of marriage to be abused in this way by a head honcho at Tesco's, who would no doubt be sacked if he said homosexuality was disordered and laws promoting "homosexual equality" were evil. As it was, he was not sacked for his perverted views against a majority of Christians, who are still a majority in the UK.

It is time for all of us to make a stand and this is something which everyone of us can do, and we can get our friends and relatives to do it too.

It's no big deal. Even if it's just pointing them towards some other supermarket. It is one single step, not perfect, but it might make a difference. Tell your friends and relatives. If you attend a church, spread the word there too, even ask for a small notice to be put on the noticeboard or in the newsletter.

It may not change the world, but we must empower those people who are sick of the onslaught against marriage, our Faith and our traditions so that we become an army of people who make the money men realise they cannot attack us with impunity.

Every time they speak out: we must be there. Every assault on our way of life: we must repel.

In this times when money is an even more precious commodity for families and businesses, let's hurt these callous scumbags where it hurts - in their tills.

Every family turned away from Tesco's is £80 - £150 pounds per week taken out of their grasp.

SPREAD THE WORD. Shop elsewhere. Get friends, relatives, work colleagues, members of your community to shop elsewhere.

Bring this up in conversations over the garden fence, at the water cooler. Publish it on your blog, in facebook, on twitter and wherever else you can spread the word to as many people as possible.

We will not be attacked. We will not be besmirched. Will will not face the calumnies of big businessmen and the pink mafia.

Will will defend marriage. And we will boycott Tesco's.

Thanks to Integrity and Action blog for passing on this story.

To quote their blog entry:

A study last month showed that only six places of worship out of more than 40,000 across the country want to host civil partnership ceremonies. 

Give it a few years and this will be foisted on more and more churches! That is how the liberal sickness and moral cancer spreads. Unless we draw the line in the sand today.

Monday, 26 December 2011

Stabbings in London's West End

Consumerism, multi-culturalism, gang culture?

Oxford Street Boxing Day crowds - Whites are a minority
What was behind the stabbings and murder in London's West End which started when "two groups of youths" (media/police code for West Indians, usually) argued in the trainer shop Foot Locker?

A fight over the latest fashion of training shoes? An argument over "respect?" Or a post code gang fight?

What's for sure is that the norms of society are falling apart and our politicians are powerless to stop this kind of nonsense. More liberal, 60s failed dogma wll not solve this mess.

Consumerism, multi-culturalism, gang culture -- all have to go if we are to stop more violence and nihilism, whether it's Summer riots or Boxing Day stabbings.

Who the hell goes shopping with a concealed weapon? It's time to end the chaos.

Oxford Street Stabbings

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas

A very Merry Christmas to all FC readers and supporters.

Remember: This is the first day of Christmas. There are another eleven to go. Don't let the Talmudists and their puppets take Christmas from you.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Friday, 23 December 2011

BBC Inside-Job Conspiracy Theory - on 911 or Syria Bombs?

  • Bombs in Damascas: BBC reports they could be a government "inside job."
  • Bombs (airplanes) in New York: BBC attack 'conspiracies' of a government "inside job."
As always, it's not so much as what the facts are, but what suits the ZIONIST agenda.

Open your eyes to media lies.

Narnia, Nick Clegg and Why 70% Need to Fight Back

Offensive? Hardly!
Putting my feet up today, I took the opportunity to watch the latest Narnia film, The Voyage of the Dawntreader. The critics had slammed the film, so I wasn't expecting Braveheart or anything. Yet I was pleasantly surprised.

It kind of reminded me of the pooh-poohing of the original Narnia film, the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. This seemed to have more to do with the film's 'Christian themes' than the quality of the film itself which was pretty good.

While "the critics" heap praise on films that promote all manner of twisted agendas, outright blasphemy, and even the "torture porn" of films like the Saw series (by Eli Roth), we are supposed to join in their contempt for any film that features Christian themes. Not even overtly Christian films like The Passion of the Christ (which they loathed!) but simply films with Christian 'themes.'

They act like Nick Clegg coming across a 'traditional' family, curling his lip and dismissing them as "from the 50s" (does he mean the 1850s, 1550s, 850s or any other century when the family existed and wasn't "same sex oriented etc. etc.?)

Why is that? Is this because we are facing a cultural war by the offspring of the 1960s Marxist 'Frankfurt School'? When the family and Christianity is to be sneered at - but anything that promotes homosexuality, multi-culturalism and atheism is to be cheered from the rooftops.

I read online that a report says that Christians count for 70% of the UK population, whilst atheists and agnostics number 20%. You wouldn't think so to look at the media. The output, especially through the BBC, political, cultural and current event programmes, is vehemently atheist and anti-Christian.

Isn't it time that we all - nationalists, patriots and 'men of goodwill' - started fighting back, in whatever way we can, to undermine the ringleaders of the 20%, the militant atheists and Marxists, who are seeking to further undermine our Christian heritage and removing the family as the bedrock of any sane nation?

Their sneering at our families, and their pouring scorn on anything of value is an affront to decency. We must all fight back, within our families, within our communities.

They are cultural Commissars and like the Bolshevik atheist ones of 90 years ago their goal is to destroy anything decent. Enough is enough.


P.S. The author of the Narnia books, C.S. Lewis, cited G.K. Chesterton as a major reason for his embracing Christianity. If you get the chance read C.S. Lewis's The Screwtape Letters, they are very enjoyable and somewhat informative! To understand GKC's influence, read Orthodoxy a book he wrote before his own conversion.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Support FC - Spread the Word

A great way to support FC, educate fellow nationalists and ensure more of them know there is a sane alternative to the right-wing Neo Con nonsense that's been spread for years, is to distribute back copies of FC magazine.

For £7 we will send you [post included in the UK] 5 copies of an FC issue. For 10 copies it's £13, and for 20 copies it's just £21.

Great for selling or handing out at functions, on activities, to local supporters etc.

If you'd like to help us - and help nationalism - in this way, please drop us a line c/o

Thanks for your support.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Immigration System is Bu##ered

Remember the recent brouhaha over the dodgy illegal immigrant who could stay in the UK?

Let me narrow it down for you - he was a South American of some stripe.

Still not there?

The gent in question owned a cat. It was part of his defence against expulsion. It proved he had a "family life".

Remember now?

Theresa May got into hot water for using him as an example of how pathetic our immigration policy is at the recent Tory Autumn conference (she nicked the facts from UKIP's Nigel Farrage who used the case in a speech to a UKIP conference).

You must recall the illegal immigrant now surely!

What the controlled media and party politicians didn't tell us at the time was that the illegal immigrant who proved his "family life" by the fact he had a cat was a fudge packer! His idea of "family life" is sodomy and buying a cat. Let's hope those two streams don't meet!

And the pc media covered this up, the pc judicial system gave him leave to stay.

How on earth can a sodomite with a cat possibly constitute a "family?" And how on earth can an illegal immigrant stay in the UK because he has a sodomitic boyfriend and a cat???

That's how mad the world is! What a farce.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Vote for Nobody

Slightly nihilist - but worryingly near the truth as far as the party political system is concerned.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

David Cameron's Christianity is a Facade

So David Cameron is against moral relativism and for Christian values is he?

There speaks the moneychanger in the temple! There speaks the man who is pushing through "gay marriage" (sic). There speaks the man who has backed unjust Zionist wars.

Perhaps his conscience is bothering him, but he better start putting words into action, otherwise his lack of praxis (i.e. putting this theory into action) will smack of more twisted hyperbole acted out for the cameras and media editorials.

"Theology without action is the theology of demons."
Saint Maximus the Confessor

Friday, 9 December 2011

Mission Accomplished!

"We've done Iraqistan, Afghanland... onto Irania!

"For democracy, Lehmans and illegal settlements!"
George Dubya.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

BBC: Revisionists!

As it is illegal in so many countries to question the holyhoax (unlike the numbers who were massacred/wiped out by the Talmudic Communists), then the BBC must be hoping they don't get jailed for this bit of barefaced chutzpah:

Oh yes FC reader! Didntcha know that sub-Saharan negroes were champion knights in Romano-Celtic Britain.

Haven't you heard of the brave negro warriors who defended Britain from the influx of Saxon heathens?

This is Saturday night fodder for a brain dead generation who think Hitler was the goalkeeper in the 1966 world cup, or that Nelson was the name of the last space shuttle to orbit the earth. Let's not even try anything over 500 years old. (The Council of Trent was the Midlands local authority that started Winterval?)

Come on BBC! A negro as a Arthurian knight? Puuuuurlease!

Friday, 2 December 2011

Loyal to Whom? MP Attacked for Asking Fox/Werritty Questions

Paul Flynn MP is in trouble.

He has been central in asking why Fox, Werritty, Ambassador Gould and others met Israeli secret services in secret meetings, not covered by (top civil servant) Sir Gus O'Donnell's investigation into the Fox/Werritty affair, which picked just a couple of other less embarrassing meetings to look into.

The worry is that the Neo Cons, Fox and Werritty, with the Zionist Gould, were pushing behind the scenes for war with Iran and/or giving assurances to Israelis they had no right to give, re. attacks on Iran.

Just recently we've heard of explosions in Iran, which it is being hinted that "external forces" are behind. Given that the UK has invaded and changed government in Iran quite a few times (e.g. in 1940 - a war crime if Germany had done it), and that we are making noises against Iranian nuclear power aspirations, it is little wonder that Iranians attacked the British embassy.

Imagine if Iran had changed our government a few times, had illegally invaded us, had invaded our neighbours (either side) in the last decade and was now backing a terror state [Israel] (which holds illegal nukes) when it makes noises about bombing our sovereign soil?

Wouldn't we be more than a little peeved?

Yet because we are a "democracy" (in which we get to pick from Masondee and Masondum, choreographed by an oligarch media, in which 30% of the 30% who vote - work that out! - choose the government, and even then it breaks down to a few key marginals) we think we have the right to interfere with, attack and invade whoever doesn't do as we say (and no, democracy doesn't come into it as even by our warped standards, Saudi Arabia is a worse offender than Iran, and Iran treats all its subjects fairly, whereas Israel treats an ethnic group as virtual criminals).

So when an Ambassador is caught with his political trousers down in the Werrity/Fox Neo Con scandal (which involved a lot of Israeli money finding its way into their Atlantic Bridge grouping), why shouldn't an MP be free to ask questions without the old canard of "anti-Semitism" being thrown.

It is a scare tactic designed to silence all criticism, especially used against those who are not "anti-Jewish" but simply want answers when it comes to Zionist and Neo Con shenanigans which are trying to tip us into yet another needless and unwanted war, for Israeli interests.

Paul Flynn Accused of Anti-Semitism

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Bishop Williamson, Consumersim and the Gulags

This blog has an interesting video of an interview with a friend of Bishop Williamson.

He deals with that interview (the holocaust one), but also consumerism, Communism (inc the gulags) plus abortion, homosexuality and many modern evils.

He is clearly a well-educated author and his argument and views are very interesting.

Dr White Interview - 20 minute clip

Monday, 28 November 2011

Police Arrest Woman for Croydon Bus "Racist" Rant

On the BBC London News tonight, there was a story of an English woman on a bus in Croydon ranting against immigrants/non-whites.

Of course we are not shown the provocation, but were told by the police that this was unacceptable, that the woman would be found and arrested. Indeed at the end of the report they gloated that a 34-year-old lady had indeed been arrested.

Now few people will find her language acceptable in front of children, nor are her arguments particularly succinct and thought-through, but I repeat: what was the provocation?

Being a regular user of public transport in the Capital I can state as a fact that most foul language and aggressive behaviour against fellow passengers does not come from, let's say 'English' people (wouldn't want to break any laws!). "Gangsta" of every type (even in school uniforms!) regularly sprawl across the gangways, throw things at passengers, use foul language with impunity and so on.

Such is the boring monotony of travel in the capital, which working people usually put up with, for fear of the occasional but well publicised stabbings that take place.

How lucky we are that the police have the resources to track down, arrest and hold a lady for such crimes against humanity as ranting against immigrants. Luckily for Londoners (especially the real ones, the English ones) there are no muggings, knife crimes, gun crimes etc. to worry about and they can finally walk the streets in absolute safety now that a young mum at the end of her tether is under lock and key!

Lucky for her they have done away with capital punishment.

"Racist Woman"

Video of her rant (please beware it does contain a lot of bad language):

Friday, 25 November 2011

Everything That's Wrong in One Picture

One day they'll discover the clinical name for white liberal guilt.

To loathe ones own race and even to loathe the family, "sexuality" call it what you will.

This kind of self-hate must be all consuming.

Very, very sad.

Now all the mixed pooftah offspring needs is a Jewish 'boyfriend' and everything will be a total mess.

Mossad/CIA Death Squads Stirring up Syrian rebels

Mossad and CIA active in Syria:

Tip of my deerstalker to Maurice Pinay Blog

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Who Remembers the Other Millions Who Died?

Who Remembers the Millions KIlled by Talmudic Reds?
Remembrance Day has been and gone. Do the Socialists remember those dead who died in the Korean War fighting Communism? Do we think that WW1 was fought "for freedom"? Or that Iraq and Afghanistan were worth the losses, all for a Neo-Con fantasy?

Next up is Holocaust Day in January. We were sold this political event on the grounds it would remember all genocides. Really?

  • Who remembers the Ukrainian Christians and Nationalists forcibly starved by the Communists circa 1933?
  • Who remembers the Irish forcibly starved by the British State circa 1845?
  • Who remembers the Bengalis forcibly starved by the British State circa 1943?
  • Then there's the Armenians (the first Christian nation), robbed of their statehood and massacred by Turks.
  • Then there's the Palestinians, robbed of statehood, exiled, put in camps etc.

All told these peoples vastly outnumber the "6 Million Jews" - the same figure Zionists said were being massacred, we should always remember, at the time in news reports during WW1.

Let's not forget the hundreds of thousands of Germans who died in criminal Allied Firestorms, nor the PoWs deliberately starved in 1945-46.

But hey, don't worry you Ukrainians, Irish, Bengalis, Armenians, Germans and Palestinians - we can all have yet another pantomime based on the Holohoax as the collection tin for B'nai B'rith is passed around. It seems your innocent dead don't count because they are gentile... How many Hollywood films about your dead are there? How many history lessons in schools? How many museum exhibits? How many govt organised memorial days? And how many laws making discussing the facts of their deaths an actual crime?

Ukrainians, Irish, Bengalis, Armenians, Germans and Palestinians: second class one and all!

P.S. If you are in any doubt as to the disdain you are held, think of the Poles who died at Auschwitz. Not only did they lose their freedom in 1945 to one of the countries that invaded them in September 1939 (which brings into doubt the whole ethos of WW2), but when Carmelite nuns erected Crosses at the site of their death, militant Zionist Jews poured vessels of urine over them. The latter demanded that the Crosses be taken down. Not even the dead of Auschwitz count... if they are not "chosen."

Bengal 1943/44 - The Forgotten Holocaust Killed Millions
Ukraine 1933 - Atheist Reds Organise Mass Starvation
Ireland 1845 - Free Trade Dogma of UK Means Millions Die

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Sepp Blatter, Racism in Football and Degenerate Druggies

Never mind 'Kick Racism Out of Football' what about a campaign to kick druggies, rapists and degenerates out of football.

A bunch of overpaid prima donnas swan about the pitches on wages each week that most spectators (those who can afford the inflated ticket prices) can only dream of as an annual wage.

Are they saying WHITE is beautiful?
Meanwhile, these 'heroes' of so many schoolkids go about on the pitch 'effing and blinding' using choice words of a lady's anatomy, pouring abuse on refs with little or no control by any authority.

Compare that the rugby world where no dissent is tolerated and the men who put the feeble, whinging, whining Premier League top-earners to shame, do what they are told, obey the rules and even a slight talk-back to the ref results in a penalty or a sin-binning.

All the money wasted on pc anti-racist mumbo-jumbo, hasn't stopped all the drug-taking, girl-raping, foul-mouthed, prissy behaviour of a bunch of over-paid jerks.

And they want us to think that this bunch of wife-cheating, coke-snorting, Tourette's soundalikes can teach us about being all "moral" just because some are black and some are white? Sheesh.
Following the example of his heroes

Meanwhile the head of FIFA is a corrupt dictator, like a Third World despot shoving bulging brown envelopes in his pockets so fast the $100 notes are floating about his shoes, and we are supposed to demand his resignation because he thinks some degenerates cussing who may also thrown in the word "black" should apologise and that be an end to it?

The modern world is topsy turvey. Corruption, greed, cronysim, drugs, abuse, dissension... all and more and we are all supposed to treat these people like national heroes?

Yet throw in an allegation of "racism" and.... whoa! The whole world falls apart.

Talk about beam me up Scotty.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

EDL = Zionism, Jewish Lobby and Israeli Firsters

A picture paints a thousand words.

No argument. No debate.

The EDL are Zionist.

Nationalists. Patriots. Pay attention.

The BNP sold out on Zionism and it went downhill all the way - because betrayal begets betrayal.

Have no truck with the groups who softsoap, excuse or turn a blind eye to Israel and its crimes.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Who Runs Our Government? Lessons from Greece and Italy

Who Does Our Government Serve?
"[Goldman Sachs is] a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jabbing its blood funnel into anything that smells like money"
- Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone magazine

What have recent events concerning the collapse of the Euro and Bankers' greed taught us?

  1. That the Greek people weren't allowed to have their say.
  2. That a former European Central Banker is the new boss of Greece.
  3. Greece will now be forced to strip workers, pensioners etc, via "austerity measures" to pay back bankers.

  1. The Italian people haven't yet been allowed to have their say.
  2. A former Euro-Commissioner (unelected) is being lined up to take over.
  3. The Italian parliament has rubber stamped "austerity measures" as per Greece.

  1. Tax-payers will give billions to the IMF which will bail out the Euro (i.e, pay back bankers).
  2. We will get no (promised!) referendum on the EU.
  3. "Austerity measures" continue as bankers line-up to make billions out of Euro transactions.
  4. The Church of England appoints a free-marketeer banker to its body to look at banking.
Our governments are run by and for bankers! Not for the people who pay their bills.

Addressing city bankers before he became PM David Cameron said:
“My father was a stockbroker, my grandfather was a stockbroker, my great-grandfather was a stockbroker”. 
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Meanwhile Goldman Sachs, the bank at the centre of the US credit crunch was also the bank that fiddled Greece's books, enabling it to join the Euro in the first place, and it carries on doing what it does best - practicing usury to fill its own coffers, profiting as those dumb goy tax-payers suffer, yet again.


Read this amazing article by Alex Brummer. Replace "Anglo-Saxon Capitalism" with what it is - "Anglo-Jewish usury/Capitalism" and this article goes some way to nailing what is wrong:

Goldman Sachs Caused Crunch Then Profits from It
"[Goldman Sachs employees fill] the top jobs in the Treasuries, central banks and stock exchanges around the world where, like members of a secret society, they are able to ensure the wealth of the next generation of Goldmanites"

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Tesco Drops Cancer Charity To Fund Homosexual Rally

From Integrity and Action Blog:

Tesco drops sponsorship of cancer research to fund London Gay Pride

By Deacon Nick, on November 9th,2011

The Tesco supermarket chain has ended its ten year partnership with Cancer Research to join Smirnoff Vodka as the headline sponsors of London gay pride.

Before looking at the details of Tesco’s sponsorship of London Gay Pride lets look at some basic facts –Tesco has stopped funding research into the treatment and cure of cancers that effects 1 in 3 people in the UK to sponsor a two day gay jamboree that directly effects 1.5% of the UK population.

Marketing Week reports:

‘Tesco has signed a deal to become a major sponsor of London Pride,the UK’s largest gay festival,as it outlines plans to host its biggest ever event in the capital.

Tesco will also host a family area designed to provide families attending the event with a ‘safe,relaxed and chilled out’ place with family-friendly entertainment and activities aimed at younger children.

The supermarket will also contribute to funding the free-to-attend event,which is organised by volunteers.

Tesco joins Smirnoff as headline sponsor for the annual event and builds on Tesco’s presence at the 2011 festival.

The news comes shortly after Tesco ended its 10-year partnership with Cancer Research’s Race for Life fundraising event.

Pride London is already the largest Gay Pride event in the UK and it is extending its carnival route and adding a second day to the festival for 2012,when it will host the global festival WorldPride 2012.

Andrew Higginson,CEO of retailing services at Tesco,says,“Tesco is the UK’s largest private employer,and a very diverse international organisation where everybody is welcome. Our Out at Tesco team will be working closely with Pride London to ensure next year’s event is even more fun.”

Francis Philips of The Catholic Herald writes:

‘Why on earth is Tesco promoting an event like this? Tesco is a supermarket;its remit has been to sell good-quality food and other items at very reasonable prices,and in this it has been hugely successful.

Why has it now aligned itself with an aggressive political organisation such as Pride London? Why has it given up its sponsorship of Cancer Research? Or at least,if it has given up this sponsorship,why hasn’t it taken up with another mainstream charity such as the British Legion or Age UK? There are thousands of ex-servicemen and wounded soldiers needing help in this country,and millions of elderly people in danger of neglect. They are a fundamental part of the fabric of our society – the kind of fabric that Tesco should be reflecting.Why,why,why?’

David Skinner of Anglican Mainstream wrote to Andrew Higginson and Philip Clarke,the CEO,in protest.

“I understand… that Tesco is sponsoring London Pride and setting aside ‘family areas as safe places where children can go’. For Tesco to sponsor a tiny homosexual minority (according to the Office for National Statistics) that amounts to little more than one per cent of the population…[it] will be showing the utmost contempt for a large proportion of British society that still adheres,more or less,to the morality and values of the Ten Commandments.”

Apparently he received a stock response to this,merely saying that Tesco’s is “inclusive” and that “everyone is welcome”.

He now urges as many people as possible to write direct to:

Sir Richard Broadbent,Chairman,Tesco PLC,
New Tesco House,
Delamere Road,
Cheshunt,Herts EN8 9SL

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Journalists in Sarkozy's Israeli Comments Conspiracy

NB: Journalists agreed not to report this. That is a CONSPIRACY.

Sarkozy to Obama: Netanyahu a Liar

Watch this great video.

The voice watching the TV and making comments is that "voice of moderation" we all so rarely really hear: a full-blooded Zionist.

And boy oh boy is he angry.

Obama is toast as far as this Israeli-Firster is concerned. And if the chosenites and their followers think this in America, you can be sure they do in Israel too.

It's funny really because if the President of France weren't Jewish, and if the Israeli journalist who broke this weren't Jewish they would be a cacophony of "Anti-Semitism" -- and this despite the fact that the French media (according to BBC reports) agree to cover-up the remarks - obviously thinking to their masters' bidding.

The whole world knows that Israel is a terrorist state and the whole Israeli machinery is based on lies. But for us (mere goys that we are) to hear that world leaders know this too has broken all the taboos of the modern media.

You will note on this video that the Israeli-Firster gets all personal about Obama ("Muslim") and yet Sarkozy, the Jewish President of France who made the comment, escapes his approbation.

Oooooooh. Jewish racism?

Fr. E. Cahill on Freemasonry

The Popes charge the Freemasons with occult criminal activities, with "shameful deeds", with worshipping satan himself (a charge which is hinted at in some Papal documents), with infamy, blasphemy, sacrilege and the most abominable heresies against the State, with anarchical and revolutionary principles and with favouring and promoting what is now called Bolshevism; with corrupting and perverting the minds of youth; with shameful hypocrisy and lying, by means of which Freemasons strive to hide their wickedness under a cloak of probity and respectability, while in reality they are the very "synagogue of satan", whose direct aim and object is the complete destruction of Christianity.

Freemasonry and the Anti-Christian Movement,
Fr Cahill, S.J, 1930.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

From Levy to Rosenfeld: Labour Do Not Represent British Workers

Spot the Spiv
  • Who exactly is the "Swiss based" Mr Rosenfeld?
  • What is his background?
  • Where do his loyalties lie?
  • Why does he give mega-bucks to Labour? Cui bono?
  • Like the Werrity/Fox backers - is their a Mossad/Israeli angle?
  • Is Labour wise to appoint him as head fundraiser after the media implied his involvement in Lord Levy's 'Cash For Honours' scandal?
  • Why did Labour accept his cash after the Tories rejected it?
  • Does British politics need another shady "ex" tax-exile running things?
  • Does Mr Miliband's ethnic background cloud his judgement?
With Mr Miliband taking the role of "chief opponent" to the Tories, the cuts, and seeking to air discontent over the banking swindle etc., this clearly shows (as if we didn't know better already!) that Miliband's Labour will be no different and subject to the same vested interests as the pro-banking, pro-Israeli Tory Party.

From Levy, to Werrity to Rosenfeld: why are the political parties in the pockets of the same Zionist vested interests? What exactly is Mr Rosenfeld buying? And for whom?

Mirror's politics-man "sceptical"
Daily Mail Investigation
Rosenfeld in Lord Levy's Cash-For-Honours Row
Rosenfeld Appointed Chief Fundraiser

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Puncture the Lies of Big Business

There's an interesting film available on satellite TV called 'Puncture'.

It's well worth a watch. It shows how big businesses put obscene profits before the health of nurses and the poor overseas. It also shows how they buy silence, bankroll politicians, threaten opponents and even bump off those who refuse to back down.

It's not a "pretty" film and the hero is a (Jewish?) junkie working with a Jewish lawyer (hey - what do you want, a full Rothschild exposé starring Hugh Jackson?).

It is a very interesting film and in the shadow of Mr. Werrity's dubious lobbying exploits on behalf of shadowy Mossad agents and American Neo-Cons, it shows why the system needs cleaning up. If the medical industry can buy loyalty and silence - how much more can the bankers buy?

Liberals Want Blasphemy - French Students Say Non

Bravo to the Thought and Action blog for publicising the French Catholics who are fighting against the Marxist/Talmudic filth attacking Christ.

It's interesting that the Muslims are supporting the Catholic students - even though they know that the students want France to be 100% Christian. It is the usual Judeo-Masonic forces that approve of attacks on our traditions (remember Jerry Springer the Musical?) especially because they hold Christ in utter contempt.

Isn't it amazing that we are supposed to allow all manner of filth in the name of 'free speech' and yet as soon as someone suggest that, for example, homosexuality is an evil, or that multi-racism is wrong -- they face arrest, the sack, and the hatred of those who claim to be liberals.

GK Chesterton said that in a topsy turvey society the traditionalist is revolutionary, and so it is today. Those who sculpt "art" out of faeces get polite applause from media luvees, those who say England should be Christian and, er, English - face blind hatred.

C'est la guerre.

Degenerate Moderns: The London 2012 Olympic Posters - the Best of British Art?

Degenerate Modern: Ruth Davidson - Tory & Homosexual.
In his seminal work Degenerate Moderns, American author E Michael Jones says that modern artists are a product of their dysfunctional personal lives, and especially their degenerate sexual activities. To break that down and over-simplify it we could say that pooftahs and the like make "art" that is filth. Their lives are mired in filth so their output is mired in filth. Simples.

Think of the BBC. The dumbing down. The soaps pushing faggotry. The news output that pushes 60s liberalism. Why are we surprised when so many pooftahs are involved in the BBC? Just yesterday a former-BBC bod, Ruth Davidson, was announced as the leader of the Scottish Tories, and the BBC news crowed that she was the "first openly gay party leader in the UK" as if this was a pivotal moment, a landmark for freedom, and something to be embraced.

In medialand it probably is, but in the real world where we struggle to pay bills, work every hour God sends and try to bring our kids up to know right from wrong, against a deluge of liberalism.

Martin Creed -- "Work No. 1023"
Was it coincidence then that the day the 'Gay Tory' took control of the Scottish Tories, that the posters for the London 2012 Olympics were unveiled? Ruth McKenzie, the leader of the Cultural Olympiad (sounds like a Soviet Commissar) defended the posters on yesterdays media - clearly used to the gushing praise from luvvies and shocked that so many "normal" people were saying "what the....?"

Ms McKenzie (she has to be a Ms!) is pictured above. Look at the people sponsoring this mess. BP, BT - all the usual big businesses pouring in their vast profits from people like us who can ill-afford their inflated bills. And their money goes to "art" that is just shite. Sorry, but I tried to be all high-brow, but it just pure unadulterated, absolute shite with few, if any, redeeming features.

Funnily enough, many of the great Degenerate Modern cultural events (one thinks of the crime-ridden Notting Hill Carnival or the various Gay Pride rallies where pooftahs illegally walk around with their backsides hanging out) could not take place without big business sponsors (and tax-payer money put in by councils) underpinning the loss-making events that 'celebrate' all that is wrong with Modern Britain.

Gary Hume -- "Capital"
The people 'celebrating' these new Olympic posters, the modern art promoters and collectors, do not live in the real world. They want to kid us that these child-like scribblings offer something "exciting" or "vibrant" or "enriching," the same buzz-words they use to inform us plebs that multi-racism is so beneficial to us! This from the people who only mix with rich 'coconut' ethnics (black on the outside, white on the inside), whose sole idea of "mixing it" with ethnics is which au pair they employ (isn't that a modern form of slavery?), which restaurants they go to, and pay Abdul at the 24-hour petrol station. You think that last one is far-fetched? Billy Bragg actually used that ('I get on great with the Asian at the local petrol station' or somesuch) to justify multi-racism when he lives in hideously White Dorset, not his native London (now very "native").

These people live in their one bubble of luvees, Guardianistas, Islington-types and suchlike whose idea of slumming-it is to fore go their Starbuck's Choca-Mocha Double Grande Vanilla Latte. They live in their gated communities or their white flight enclaves, and tell us that all the degenerate modern world has to offer from inner city London drugs gangs to the output of Tracey Emin is "enriching".

Sorry chaps but it isn't.

It is all soulless and degenerate. Since the 60s the world of art, politics, religion, culture, education, communities etc. etc. have all been ripped apart. The very soul of these building blocks of our society have had their innards ripped out by the Frankfurt School 'Degenerate Moderns' - the Commissars of the New Age.

I'm not saying everything was "perfect" before the 60s, because it so clearly was not, but the answer to that world was not the uber-liberalism of the 60s, which has delivered us a society wherein every gangsta knows their "rights" but so very few know their duties.

Ruth McKenzie of the "Cultural Olympiad" - Degenerate Modern?
The London riots were interesting insofar as it was possible, if only for a short time, that the world of the ganstas might infringe on the Degenerate Moderns... but whereas the police were content to stand back and watch the multi-culti gangstas rip apart the homes and businesses of 'ordinary' people in London, I wonder how fast they would have moved in (even with the army!) if the same rioters had marched on Westminster (or even worse - for them) Islington, Chiswick or Kensington and impinged on the 'bubble' of the likes of our political and cultural "leaders."

One thing is clear, yesterday's news output with its 'Gay Scottish Tory' and its Olympics Modern Art shows just how bad things have gotten in Modern Britain. Will it get even darker before the dawn?

Friday, 4 November 2011

Time for White Nationalists to Fight Back - Against the Masonic Powers

Many "white nationalists" will sneer at blacks and Muslims. But I tell you what, if so many white Christian patriots were as honest and forthright as some of the patriots from those cultures - we would have won already! Not to mention the way other races help each other out, or the number of children they have! We think we are so "superior" yet we can't even hang on to what we have got, defend our traditions, keep our homelands for ourselves...

Do we accept a Oriental looking down on us? No. Yet they are probably "more academic."

Do we accept a Jew looking down on us? Hell, no. Yet they are certainly more educated in laws and suchlike.

Do we accept a Pakistani looking down on us? Dear God, no. Yet they put family first, have large families, push their children to get educational achievements and help out each others' businesses.

I believe in racial separation. Not because I think my people are any worse or better than any other (I have enough common sense to know we may be better than some, and may be worse than some, in various aspects, but that's academic). No, I simply love my people, my nation, my race. It is perfectly natural. I fully accept that other peoples in other races will feel likewise. It is as natural as the air we breathe.

I do not hate others. I loathe those criminals, from any races, whether they be the predominantly black muggers or the predominantly white paedophiles, the shyster lawyers and banksters or the ASBO louts wrecking estates; we need to put aside all political correctness and come down hard on such degenerates, for the betterment of all peoples.

It is my sincere belief that mass migration of peoples has had a hugely detrimental effect on society. This can be solved by resettling peoples into their own homelands (if necessary with financial support and so on). Is it a mere coincidence that mass immigration has coincided with the loss of faith in the UK? Certainly the 'creation' of a multi-cult mess has been used by the red atheist commissars (who push for more immigration) to force through a sickening secularism that suffocates us all and destroys much of our heritage and traditions. It seems that the politicians who defend this "enriching diversity" choose to live in white enclaves, where the only immigrants they see is their au pair and perhaps the waiters at the restaurants they frequent.

Anyway, let us return to the nationalists and patriots from other races, those who fight for their own people and not to subjugate their neighbours. I believe it was GK Chesterton who once said that a patriot fights for his people, whereas an imperialist fights to put others down. The arch imperialists of today are obviously the Zionists (in Israel, America and Britain) out to impose their distorted worldview on everyone, by guise or war, bribery or threat.

There are some Islamicists who try to ape Zionist means (in a not so subtle way) but most of those are Mossad/CIA led puppets anyway, creating the bogeyman that the Zionists need to keep the sheep backing their never ending "war on terror" (sic).

Yet what happens to the nationalists who stand up against the "New World Order" (new name for an old enemy)? Invariably the NWO declares war on them. This may be financial, it may be character assassination, but when they get the chance (or if the nationalist poses a threat to their power) they move in for the kill.

One thinks of Nasser in Egypt, Saddam in Iraq, the WW2 "fascist" powers, even Blanco in Fascist Spain in the 70s. To a lesser extent one might even (at a stretch!) put JFK in there, if only because he threatened the military-industrial might of America.

Nationalists in Britain need to wake up. Back in the 80s when the NF said Gaddafy was a 'good man' all too many were waiting to boo and jeer (doubtless egged on by same paid-up assets). "He's a wog/lefty/Marxist" were some of the base comments.

As today we get the old 'terrorist' canard flung, when Pan Am, the German disco and WPC Fletcher are hardly cut and dried cases. Even his giving explosives to the IRA, though a mistake, is kind of understandable when you see that Libya was being attacked by the British left, right and centre. We even funded "Islamicists" to try and kill him - which resulted in innocent bystanders dying. Are we surprised then that Libya chose to "hit back" using those that told him they would "bomb Britain?" They were wrong (two wrongs never make a right) but it is almost understandable.

Imagine if Gaddafy had funded 'Muslim extremists' to kill a British PM, which killed innocents. The UK/NATO etc. would have levelled Libya! Or imagine Libyan jets had bombed the US President's home (on a flimsy pretext) and killed one of his family?

Who are the terrorists?

Ask yourself how many Iraqis died after America illegally invaded that country, partly as revenge for Saddam daring to fire Scud rockets at Israel years before. yet America is all about democracy and freedom right? And Iran is all about hate and evil? Who has Iran killed? How many? Sure they hang terrorists, homosexuals etc. as part of their justice system - but have they invaded other countries like America? Have they napalmed villages as in the 60s? Dropped Uranium weapons on European soil as in the 90s? Brought a firestorm holocaust to at least two European cities as in the 40s? Or illegally invaded a country resulting in many tens of thousands of innocent civilians dying, as in this decade?

Freedom? Democracy? Cheap buzzwords bandied by media puppets and gullible idiots to disguise a Masonic regime drunk on power and out to destroy anyone who may stand up to that power, now known to be overwhelmingly Zionist.

Watch this first video on Gaddafy. It is a bit schmaltzy in parts (dig those groovy beats baby), some of the language is a bit too Muslim for my tastes, and even Nelson Mandela gets a look-in. But look beyond all that. Look at what the man did. He freed his country from foreign army bases. He gave his people freedom from usury-debt. He gave his people free education and healthcare. He gave his people cheap/accessible housing, work, land, education and healthcare.

As for his Islam, it was a product of his birth. If there is a fault it is with those who apostatised hundreds of years ago or were forced to convert by the sword. One cannot blame most Arabs for being born Muslim anymore than one can blame most Indians for being born Hindus. What excuse to our compatriots have who worship at shopping malls on a Sunday, whose idea of a pilgrimage is to Ibiza or whose idea of a Saint is Stephen Lawrence? We point the finger so readily at others, yet it all seems so "splinter versus log" sometimes.

Meanwhile, in "civilised" America so many people have lost their homes, jobs, land. So many people have little or no healthcare. Many people have a shoddy or worthless education. Let's not even mention the crime, drugs, gangs etc.

Land of the Free eh? Free to lose their jobs and homes whilst their government taxes them to pay the usurers' interest! Freedom seems all about who can afford it, and the biggest cheques will always be written by the bankers.

It is a scandal of gargantuan proportions, and only the controlled media kid most people into thinking otherwise, i.e. that they are really free because they can choose between Masondum and Masondee.

We get freedom. Freedom for our kids to drown in a sea of drugs, crime, porn, violence, debt, job insecurity, third-rate education. But it's all apparently OK cos we get to put a cross in a box every 4 or 5 years when the controlled media tell the vast majority to vote for the Mason with the Blue rosette or the Mason with the Red rosette.

Where are the white, Christian, nationalist voices against this con? Oh we had our day - we used to have heroes, men right across Europe from England to Serbia, from Spain to Sweden, from France to Poland - men who defended Christian traditions, men who exposed Communism for the sterile hatred it was, men who exposed Capitalism for the slavery it is.

Where are that breed of well-educated, thoughtful, forthright and brave men today? "Our" people are too busy excusing homosexuals, playing footsie with Zionists, pushing a kosher-liberal agenda to "fight the muzzies" and win the Eastenders-watching generation.

We may not agree with everything they have said, and everything they have done - but people like Gaddafy and Farrakhan ("bloody wogs" tm) at least have the strength to name names and defend their people, to expose the debt swindle, to point at the Zionists as the enemies of civilisation.

What nationalist leader in Europe or the UK would dare to stand before the media's cameras and chide them for hiding the Truth? Who would dare say to them that the people who control banking also control the media! It takes someone like Farrakhan to do it. Oh there have been brave Whites in America too (one thinks of people like Joe Sobran, Michael Hoffman, David Duke and Michael Piper Collins), but where are our political leaders in Europe? More specifically in the UK?

Let's see Farrakhan tearing a strip from the media. The words 'pearls before swine' spring to mind. "You don't know what it's like to be a free white person" - Amen to that! Watch the dumb goy look on.

The enemies of civilisation know their power is crumbling. The terrible crimes of the bankers, the politicians, the media. The scandals of the needless wars. The crumbling of the Euro. The debt slavery of America.

Yet here we are, with a complicit media talking about Greece, about pensions in the UK, about fat cat's bonuses rising,without dissecting the real level of debt or our unending slavery to the banks. They waffle on about this and that, about crusties sitting outside St Paul's Cathedral, about that Cathedral being shut for the first time since 1942, about rising fuel bills and all the rest of it - but the boil is never lanced. They dance around the edge of the problem, never daring to wade in and get amongst the dirt and grime.

Meanwhile we are supposed to be thrilled that our planes were used to level Sirte, to provide cover to the rapers of Tripoli's women and that usury-free Libya will now be "democratic."

God help the Libyans, if they get even half the problems America has today they will be begging for the return of Gaddafy, even with his faults. Yet, America - mired in debt, terror and corruption - was behind the destruction of Libya:

People in this country are sick and tired. Sick and tired of lies and half-truths. Sick and tired of political correctness. Sick and tired of the pigs at the trough. Sick and tired of the working man being taxed to the hilt to pay for the millionaires. Sick and tired of needless foreign adventures. Sick and tired of corruption covered up again and again. Sick and tired of MPs who put the interests of oligarchs and the powerful ahead of us.

The house of cards is shaking.

Communism has failed. Capitalism is failing. Where is the Nationalist Alternative?!!! Whilst this goes on and the whole system stinks, the main (whether we like it or most likely do not!) "nationalist" party, the BNP, is still waffling on about Muslim gangs grooming white girls in English cities.

Now I'm not saying that's not a terrible thing that should be stamped out, but so is heroin addiction across our white communities. So is mugging in our inner cities. So  are guns and knives being used against the young. So are the never end stream of paedos that seem to pop up everywhere.

But these are symptoms!!! They are mere symptoms of a sick, corrupt and degenerate post-Christian society that is crying out for sane economics, sane politics and sane morality.

We have a duty to defend the Truth. This was once a Christian land. Christ said "the Truth will set you free" and in this world where a miasma of lies, the smoke and mirrors of the controlled media, where war, fear of war and rumours of war are meant to keep us in our place -- we all have a duty to speak out, name names, and defend the Truth.

We need nationalists. We need patriots.

If we do not present a valid alternative to the system as it crumbles, they will cobble together some half-baked get out clause and things will worsen and worsen. We, and all the peoples of the world, will face a slow agonising death.

The Communists have no answers,. No-one is interested in collectivisation. People want freedom, they believe in the family, they want work. The media with its 'talking head' experts tries to convince us that White is Black and Black is White. The Agony Aunts of 101 themes spout their Neo-Liberal 60s crap to tell us that homos can get married, that families can manage without dads, that "human rights" are vital in schools where lawlessness reigns and when most of the children are frightened of the walk home, that drugs are just fine and dandy -- but smacking a naughty child is  a heinous crime deserving of a custodial punishment and putting the child into a 'secure environment' (like the council homes where paedophilia, prostitution, drugs and alcohol addiction are rife).

We must present an answer to all this insanity. The banking crisis. The moral mess. The endemic crime. The corruption in the media, politics and economics.

People are crying out for answers. They can see that everything is a dreadful mess.

Do we, as white, Christian patriots have the courage to stand our ground, face down the enemy, and educate and defend our people in this hour of need? Or will we all wave our little Union Jacks, moan about Muslims, down our beers and moan about "the Pakis having huge families" and read the emails saying "donate now to save Britain" a dozen times sent out by some grubby, shyster-politician out to line his pockets?

One road leads to struggle and freedom, the other leads to obscurity, defeat and the mentality of the bunker.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

MP Calls for War Crimes Investigation into Libyan Rebels

From Killing Libyans to Cuddling a Dog. Ahh.
A Scottish MP has called for War Crimes Trials over the illegal actions and criminal gangster tactics of the "National Transitional Council" rebel troops in Libya.

Thomas Docherty MP, a member of the House of Commons defence select committee, has - according to a report in The Scotsman - "written to the Foreign Secretary William Hague challenging the UK government to ensure a full, impartial and credible investigation takes place."

He cited the killing of PoWs in Sirte, the city destroyed by NATO planes and rebel troops, after NATO was sent in to (don't laugh) "defend Libyan civilians." He might ask that the torture of military and civilian prisoners and the mass-rapes that occurred in Tripoli by the 'gallant forces of democracy' (sic) also be seriously looked into also.

Speaking of war criminals, the last Tornadoes flew back to Britain from their bases in Italy from where they had been attacking loyalist cities such as Sirte and Tripoli, all in the name of "defending civilians" of course! Quite how one stops civilians being killed in Benghazi by killing civilians in Sirte is anyone's guess! I guess it all depends on whether those civilians were loyal to Libya, or the Rothschild/Islamic cabal, or not.

Friday, 28 October 2011

The French Front National Surrenders to Freemasonry

Nationalism loses before it's even begun!

Ru Tube video

Why do political parties have to become Masonic in order to get even the crumbs from the top table?

As the young reporter Leon Degrelle - aka Tintin - might have uncovered in the interwar years, democracy is rule by a shadowy oligarchy in which all the main players have to surrender to their worldview.

We live in an oligarchy, a Masonic oligarchy.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Libyan Rebels Commit War Crimes

The BBC is reporting that the "NTC" rebel forces in Libya (preparing to be the new government) has carried out a war crime against prisoners.

Just the sort of affair Kampfgruppe Peiper was accused of in Normandy, 1944. So will the Libyan rebels chief face similar war crimes trials?

As the rebels committed war crimes against fighters and civilians alike, in places like Tripoli and Sirte (but it's all OK, cos they will have elections!), who was providing the cover that allowed them to raid homes, rape the women, cart off men to torture centres and murder PoWs? Why it was NATO - under the pretext of "protecting civilians" they even bombed civilian areas themselves!

It really does beggar belief doesn't it?

Friday, 21 October 2011

Australian Police Obey the Bankers - Against the People

And it's not just in New York.

The police in what were once civilised lands are protecting the usury-bankers and NWO elite.

"The people" come at the bottom of a long list.

NYPD: To Protect and Serve - Who???

Yes. We should ask that question: who do the state forces protect?

Our politicians tells us the first duty of government is to protect the people, yet they deliver us into the clutches of international financiers who bleed us dry, who embroil us in needless wars.

Who are they protecting? Not us.

Who are they serving? Not us.

Might we suggest: the "you know whos?"

Top cops have to be Freemasons. They do what the Freemason politicians tell them. The politicians are placemen of the Masonic bankers.

The few men who own the earth like to think we are "cattle" and they treat us as such, even using their Orwellian buzzwords to corral us, words like "Democracy," "Racism," "Fascist," "Rights" etc.

Even when thousands of people in the UK will die this winter because they cannot afford to 'heat and eat' whilst we funnel multi-billions into the clutches of the faceless bankers that keep us in relative penury.

All the while they will reward their placemen. Virtually every top politician leaves office and gets well-paid jobs (for doing almost nothing) as a reward for their treachery.

And that is why they will always pour money into the coffers of the bankers, whilst squeezing the rest of us until the pips squeak. So look at this video. Who are the police protecting? Who's giving the orders? Who do they protect and serve?

It sure as hell ain't "us."

Gaddafi Executed as New World Order Warning - Talmudic Revenge?

The execution designed to silence Gaddafi.

This looks like what Michael Hoffman calls the "revelation of the method" - in other words, the Neo Cons, the NWO, the Zionists are warning others, and showing their "power" by the public murder of a patriot.

Mussolini? Streicher? Saddam? All murdered in the most painful and heinous ways - as a means to get ultimate revenge on the enemies of the bankers and their puppets; and give a warning to those who "dare" to stand against them.

With Gaddafi we also have to ask if people like Blair wanted him silenced for fear he would show all the dirty deals and subterfuge "our" leaders undertake when dealing with African and Arab countries.

This is a very interesting and informative news broadcast (would that the BBC with MI6's John Simpson would do such a thing!). How long before Ofcom do to Russia Today what they have done to Iran's Press TV and ban it from our airwaves?

Welcome to the New World Order - where "our boys" can bomb a city to "protect civilians." It all seems so.... well, Israeli!

With thanks to: Thought and Action

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Gadaffy Dead? Now the Suffering Starts for Libya

Mobile phone footage broadcast on the BBC
If the reports are correct and Colonel Muammer Gaddafy is indeed dead, then Libya can now look forward to years of suffering as Islamicists battle with those in new York's pocket. Usury banking and strangulation-force taxes are a joy the Libyans are yet to embrace, but which we in the "international community" enjoy from cradle to the grave.

The NATO bombing of civilian areas gave the lie to the UN resolutions used as an excuse to launch military attacks on the government of Libya. UN resolutions against Israel, with its concentration camps, child prisoners and illegal nukes, sit gathering dust in the meantime.

What tomorrow holds for Libya is as unclear as the CIA spin put on recent events, which including NATO commandos on the streets killing Libyans. As for the people of Tripoli and Sirte... their loyalties will be long remembered by those with Talmudic-style memories when it comes to retaliation and revenge.

No doubt the news media will wax lyrical about Lockerbie and WPC Fletcher, both crimes for which Libya had no blame, whilst covering up British funding of Muslim terrorists who had tried to kill Gaddafy in the past (and killed innocent by-standers) and the American terror air raids on Tripoli.

You see the "bad guys" are always the "terrorists" whereas the 'international community' (CIA, MI6, Mossad) when it bombs, kills, maims etc. usually just brushed it under the carpet.

Will Libya be one country under the heel of the Rothschilds? Or will it split into its component parts? Will it become a 'hardline' Muslim country? Or will it become a Western vessel state with all the endless debt, poverty and hunger that invariably follow?

Two things are for sure:
  • The truth about recent events in Libya has yet to be told.
  • The future for Libyans will be "interesting" to say the least.
The West will now screech for "democracy" knowing that they will be on-hand to pour in their money to ensure their place-men have a key role, if not outright control.

Now, regardless of the chaos, terror or retribution in Libya, the Neo Cons will turn their faces to Iran.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Marranos and the Role of the Enemies of Civilisation

War propaganda and lies started way before WW2
History often gives us examples we can use to our benefit. Warnings from history, if you like, of how certain forces behave.

Put your crash helmet on. This is a bit of a rant...

The Borgias are often used as the example par excellence of Catholic corruption, treachery, gluttony, murder, lechery, greed, cronyism, nepotism and worse.

What the 'modern world' choose to forget is that the Borgias were Marranos, the "secret Jews" of Iberia* whose very scandals against Christianity (secretly continuing their Talmudic and Khabbalah wickedness) caused the Spaniards to embrace the Inquisition.

The Inquisition - which, remember could only act against professing Catholics - was used to seek out heresy in Catholicism, in particular those who continued their Talmudic ways and/or sought to undermine Catholicism out of some sort of Talmudic hatred.

As a result, historically speaking, the Reformation by-passed Spain as the Spanish church was free of corruption, hypocrisy, heresy and those who would destroy it from within.

The fifth column within Christendom published Protestant polemical works and "six million hysterical-style" works against the Inquisition, not because they were Protestant Christians, but because they hated the Catholic Church for rooting out hidden Talmudism via the Inquisition, and open Talmudism in 1492 when the Jews were expelled from Spain.

Even non-Catholics must wonder why Spain remained a bastion of Catholicism (even providing the "shock troops" of the Counter Reformation that won back Austria, Poland, Hungary, Bavaria, etc. for Catholicism) when so much else of Europe shuddered and split (even countries such as Poland, Hungary and France).

And historians must also wonder if it is sheer coincidence that the terrible example of the Borgias, the Marranos that crept in and took the Papacy via guile, treachery, blackmail and worse, gave the ammunition to those who would attack Catholicism, split Europe and bring about chaos and bloodshed for many years.

There is a lesson here for patriots of every kind.

Those who turn a blind eye to the (actual or spiritual) Marranos of today, those who let them rise to the top without questioning their loyalty or defending the Truth, deserve all they get.

In England in 1717, the Marranos of that era formed the Freemasons, who would worm their way into rich and even royal circles. They would embrace revolution, murder and intrigue across Europe to bring down countries, to help their worldview and to destroy Christianity or make it subservient to their aims.

Liars and subverters
Is nationalism today wise to Freemasonry? To Freemasons and their nefarious ways?

When nationalism starts defending "Western democracy," homosexuality, feminism, Israel etc. etc. we have to wonder whose side we are on. Have 'we' been "flipped" by the Marranos of today? Certainly there are accusations being flung around that would make it seem as though the Borgias are alive and well and living in Britain.

If the corruption, cronyism, betrayal, sexual degeneracy etc. is as bad in nationalism as many think, then these evil days will be flung back in the face of nationalists many years from now, just as the example of the Talmudic Borgias are against Catholics even today some 500 years later.

The BNP have a Uruguayan candidate for the Mayor of London with the name of Carlos Cortiglia. NW Nationalists have unearthed someone posting on the Jewish Chronicle (official Zionist paper and Mossad disinformation outlet) website using that name (here). He heaps praise on the bandit State of Israel which is no ally of the UK, has illegal nukes and continually breaks UN resolutions with impunity.

Now maybe this is a troll who's out to make the BNP candidate look bad, but given that BNP London candidates have previously put out leaflets defending Israel and saying that Jews must support the BNP, that "only the BNP" can defend Jews against 'Islamofascists' and all the rest of the Murdoch-press style editorialising, we are left (as in the case of Peter and the Wolf) of putting the evidence together and coming to one realisation.

In the 1960s Freemasonry brought about changes in the Catholic Church, just as they carried out revolution on the streets, took over more political and media circles etc. via their Frankfurt School. They were out to change society, to put Marxist ideas in place of traditional Christian ones.

Just one of their lines of attack has been to put homosexuals in positions of power, in the media, in the church and in politics. That is why the population has been brainwashed into thinking that "homosexuality is OK" when even just a few decades ago it was an unthinkable abomination.

For the church itself this "homosexualisation" resulted in the paedophile scandal, and with Masonic-liberal placemen at or near the top of the Catholic church, they wanted to find excuses for the queers and move them around, cover-up the abuse and disguise their own ineptitude and mistake in allowing the queers into the seminaries in the first place (the rules pre-60s used to be VERY harsh against any sexual proclivities).

Viva Torquemada and Swazis? Zionists at work
To expose the queer-paedos was to expose the liberalism of the church under the heretical John Paul II, whose New Age happy-clappy ecumenical hog-wash had destroyed Catholicism and emptied the pews. The enemies of the Catholic church knew what was going on, but stayed quiet. They helped the cover-up. (Today they campaign to get more queers into the church).

Then, when Benedict XVI took over, the deluge began. What had been disparate whispering and micro-scandals broke, via the enemy/controlled media, into a global tidal wave. The church was crucified by the forces of Marxian-liberalism, who were the very ones who created the situation that allowed the abuse to take place in the first instance - just as a Pope started to make some noises that the liberals did not like!

You see, the enemies of civilisation, whether it is the church, politics, business or any other sphere of civilisation, will enter within, create a scandal - then scream from the outside that there is a scandal and use it to strengthen their position, usually via weakening or destroying the institution they entered in the first place, and usually once their placemen have moved on.

This is the lesson for nationalism, whether it was the forerunners of the Zionists creating the scandals of the Borgias, of the Pinko-Marxists putting queers into the church and creating the paedophile scandals of the 70s/80s.

Nationalists need to be aware. The Zionists, Freemasons and homosexuals, the spiritual heirs of these examples that history has given us, would love to undermine and wreck nationalism (from within and without). Some would argue they already have.

In the shadow of the Fox-Werrity scandal and the Mossad-front pressure groups who poured money into the shadowy groups behind their "friendship," we have to be aware that these people work in all manner of circles and in creepy ways, using greed, sex and ego to destroy their enemies.

Nationalism is not immune.


* Whilst being corrupt and degenerate, the Borgia Marrano Pope Alexander VI, according to his Wikipedia entry ..."distinguished himself by his relatively benign treatment of Jews. After the 1492 expulsion of Jews from Spain, some 9,000 impoverished Iberian Jews arrived at the borders of the Papal States. Alexander welcomed them into Rome, declaring that they were "permitted to lead their life, free from interference from Christians, to continue in their own rites, to gain wealth, and to enjoy many other privileges." He similarly allowed the immigration of Jews expelled from Portugal in 1497 and from Provence in 1498.

So we can see that sexual degeneracy, liberalism and favouritism to those who embrace the Talmud ("their own rites") are the hallmarks of the fifth column against Christian civilisation - from that day to this!

Monday, 17 October 2011

Ofcom Move Against Press TV: Neo-Con Pressure?

It seems Press TV, the Iranian English language news service, is to be taken off British TVs.

Yet we are told we have "freedom of speech" by the few Masons who run the media in the UK.Unlike Channel 4 and 5 Press TV doesn't put out porn. Unlike the Zionist Richard Desmond, Press TV doesn't publish hardcore porn. Unlike BBC1 and BBC2 Press TV doesn't undermine public decency and morality by promoting homosexuality, blasphemy or using foul language.

Still, if a channel does not publish porn, filth, blasphemy and crudities it can still be pushed out of the UK, on a technicality, if it is opposed to the Neo-Con and Israeli interests.

What is it the system fears? Aren't we allowed to watch an alternative to BBC/ITV/Sky News?

Watch Press TV this week (on Sky channel 515) while you can. If they push out Press TV, Nationalists should also check in from time to time on Russia Today (Sky 512). It's a good way to get an alternative view to the Pinko-leftist and Neo-Con Capitalist views of the "establishment" channels, whether it's their headline news programmes or in-depth features, interviews etc.

Ofcom's move against Press TV

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Mother and Father Deemed Irrelevant or Offensive?

There is a piece on Griffin Watch, which deals with a media story on the EU putting "Parent 1" and "Parent 2" on passports so's faggots can put their details with a clear conscience (!). I felt a rant coming on (apologies to Ranting Ron) so here's my response:

We Need an EU Law so Sad Gits Can "Marry" Foodstuffs*
This is the ultimate reality for the Masonic and Red enemy. In a world where there is no OBJECTIVE TRUTH, but wherein everything is subjective to our whims, where "democracy" extends to the family and 'sexuality' (i.e. where parents have no rights to control their children, and where men can "decide" they are 'really women'), why is this so surprising?

In an age when nationalists attack Muslims for being opposed to homosexuality (one of their very few redeeming features) itself a remnant of the fact they are a Christian Heresy, why are we surprised that the EU is now dictating that a mother and father begetting children is no longer the accepted norm?

An OBJECTIVE TRUTH: a child has one father and one mother is replaced by relativist nonsense, viz that a child can have two mothers, two fathers, and no doubt one mum and one section of the Berlin Wall - or whatever crazy notion infects the body politic in the near future.

The modern world is, quite literally crazy. At the centre of it are the immoral degenerates called homosexuals. They seem to [if you'll pardon the pun] have a vice-like grip on this and the previous government and seem intent on pushing their (very) queer agenda, at a time when real parents have very real worries, and it isn't about "mother and father" being on a passport!

The EU is Masonic, Socialist - dare I say Satanic?

They have an agenda which is to destroy the family and destroy every last vestige of Christian civilisation.

There can be little doubt in an age when they tax us to the hilt to give billions to bankers, and at a time when families have rights stripped away, and homosexuals get "rights" left, right and centre.

We've been dealt a bum hand!


*As long as it is a loving, caring relationship, of course.

Libyan Patriots Fight Back in Tripoli Against the Terrorists

A "NTC" rocket launcher being used against Sirte civilians
So "Gadaffy Loyalists" (not "brave Libyan Resistance fighters defending civilians from roving gangs of terrorists intent on rape, beatings and looting") are fighting back in Tripoli.

After "the West" told us all it was super-safe, and everyone except Lady Gaga had made whistle stop tours there (usually only to the inside of some nondescript building that could have been in Slough!).

Don't believe the lies of the media:
  • NATO were not "protecting civilians" or else they would not be bombing civilian areas.
  • NATO forces HAVE been on the ground killing and maiming.
  • The Rebels have committed atrocities against civilians, including rapes in Tripoli.
  • And much worse will probably come out in the weeks, months and years ahead.
  • Is going house to house in Tripoli and Sirte any different from Benghazi - used an excuse to drag us into the conflict?

We should not be taking sides in a Libyan conflict.
We should not be enforcing Rothschild-backed regime change.
Nationalists should back the anti-usury Green revolution, whatever its minor failings.

Gadaffy's Green Book may not be pitch perfect for us, but it is a Libyan solution to Libyan problems and as much as it is based on the Fascist Corporatist/Medieval Christian Guild structures as espoused by Nationalists from the 19th Century to WW2 and beyond, we should give it our support and learn from its positive lessons and its mistakes.

Interestingly, one of the few outlets for some truth in all this - Press TV - is, so it is being Tweeted, being attacked by 'Ofcom' (the communications watchdog) and could well be taken off Sky satellite/digital TV. their reports clearly have the British State and its Zionist backers worried.

It is up to Nationalists to spread the truth about these world events, even if inbred, deadbeat morons in the BNP say we are "muzzie lovers" (as they did to FC when we were forthright in defending the Palestinian cause). The cheap labels thrown by those so keen to take the shekels of the enemy mean nothing to us Third Positionists.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Quote of the Week: Codreanu on Democracy

Tip of my Charles I-era foppish wig to Thought & Action for this one.
I normally plonk quotes of the week in the side column, but this one is just too darn big, so here goes lifted straight from the aforementioned blog of good repute... Rumour has it this is going to be the foreword for the next BNP manifesto. Kerching!

Codreanu wrote the following with Romania in mind but it can be applied to your Nation also:

“Democracy breaks the unity of the Romanian people, dividing it into parties, stirring it up, and so, disunited, exposing it to face the united block of the Judaic power in a difficult moment of its history.

This argument alone is so grave for our existence that it would constitute sufficient reason for us to change this democracy for anything that could guarantee our unity: namely our life; for our disunity means death…
Democracy is incapable of continuity in effort. Divided into parties that govern one, two or three years, it is incapable of conceiving and accomplishing a long range plan. One party nullifies the plans and the efforts of another. What was conceived  and built by one today is demolished next by another.

In a country in need of construction, whose historical moment is that very construction, this drawback of democracy constitutes a threat. It is as if on a farm the owners would change yearly, each coming with different plans, doing away with what the predecessors did, their work only to be done away with by the next owner coming tomorrow.

Democracy makes it impossible for the statesman to do his duty. A statesman of the greatest good will becomes, in a democracy, the slave of his supporters; he either satisfies their personal appetites or they destroy his backing. The statesman lives under the tyranny and permanent threat of the electoral agent.

He is placed in the position of choosing either the renunciation of his lifetime’s labour or the satisfaction of his supporters. And then the politician satisfies their appetites; not out of his pocket, but out of the country’s pocket. He creates jobs, positions, missions, commissions, sinecures, all of them loading down the national budget which burdens more and more the ever more bowed backs of the people.

Democracy is incapable of authority. It lacks the power of sanction. A party, for fear of losing its supporters, does not apply sanctions against those who live through scandalous business deals running into the millions, through thievery or embezzlement; nor does it apply any sanctions against political adversaries lest they expose its own shady deals and incorrectitudes.

Democracy is in the service of high finance. Because of the expensive system and the competition among various groups, democracy needs a lot of money. As a natural consequence it becomes the slave of the great Jewish international finance which subjugates it through loans and subsidies.”

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