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Friday, 30 January 2009

70s Nationalists Proved Right

How the National Front was decades ahead of its time!

30-40 years ago Nationalists marched behind banners proclaiming:


The Trade Unions, Labour Party and others attacked them for being "racist."

Since then the political parties have signed up to EU rules and laws that make any kind of national interest in the provision of jobs illegal.

Even the once anti-EU Labour Party went whole hog for the EU, glamourised by "workers rights" and other legislation protecting immigrants, homosexuals and the like.

Last year Gordon Brown lies (not for the first time!) when he said he wanted British jobs for British workers.

This is the man who signed up for mass immigration as a means to allow cheap imported labour for Big Business during the "boom years."

Now the chickens have come home to roost with workers throughout the UK at oil refineries (and rumour has it nuclear power plants about to go on strike too) all under the old NF slogan:


The fact that the logos of the immigrant-supporting, wage-cutting, EU-supporting Trade Unions appear on some of these banners shows that he workers haven't made 2 + 2 equal 4... just yet!

With the Unions ineffectual and the government powerless against EU laws: an EU they both support 100%, how long before the British Workers look elsewhere for someone to fight for their rights?

Let's just hope they're not sold another bunch of corrupt, degenerate, Zionist pressure valves who will betray their interests at the first sniff of EU/Big Business mega-bucks!

What a Difference a Week Makes!


How different this week's (BBC1) Question Time was to last week's when it came to discussing Israel/Palestine and the War against Gaza.

Right: Watching and listening to the BBC's stance on the Gaza charity appeal video, and its response to criticism, has been akin to wincing your way through a badly made trashy B movie. The "plot" is so obvious as to be positively opaque! And the "baddies" out to spoil the fund-raising to alleviate the suffering are such obvious stereotypes of evil personified!

Last week's was in Manchester and there was a disproportionate (sounds familiar...) number of Jewish Zionists in the audience who shouted down any other audience or indeed panel members who dared to even faintly criticise Israel.

This week's programme was in Fort William a quite well-to-do and "touristy" town in the Scottish Highlands.

The audience could be seen to be almost 99% White and Scottish. And it would be fair to say that 90 - 95% of the audience took a sympathetic line on Palestine/Gaza and were critical of the BBC's obviously cowardly decision on the Gaza Appeal Video, so as not to upset the Zionist Lobby and loud-trouser wearing ignorant Americans.

It just goes to show that "normal" people feel angry about the way the BBC has handled this fiasco, and that a loud minority of Zionists (happy to see war crimes committed) have held sway over the BBC.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

ADL Want to Control What the Church Does


Right: Abe Foxman, head of an Israeli-front Zionist Lobbying group, organised by a totally Jewish Freemasonic Lodge (B'nai B'rith) which has illegally spied on US citizens. He thinks he should dictate the policy of Christians!

Understatement of the year:

"The Vatican was not prepared for the firestorm that resulted," Fr. Thomas J. Reese speaking on the aftermath of the Swedish TV interview with Bishop Richard Williamson.

No one has asked if the Vatican should sever links because Israeli Rabbis justify the mass murder of Palestinian Christians, which is very far removed from a mere open debate on history and an individual's opinion!

Meantime award for most brazen chutzpah goes to:

"Given the centuries-old history of anti-Semitism in the church, this is a most troubling setback," Abraham H. Foxman, the Anti-Defamation League's national director and a Holocaust survivor, said in a statement.

Why is that such bare-faced cheek?

Well, let's skip the crucifixion and the Gospel account of the role of the Jewish elders. Let's skip the pre-medieval text of the Talmud and the sheer hatred it pours on Christ, Mary, Christianity and Christians. Let's skip even the role of Jews in Communism and the anti-Christian genocides and mass murders in countries as diverse as the Ukraine and Spain, the Baltic States and Hungary.

No, let's look at the ADL itself.

What is the ADL?

It is an official arm of the Israeli state and has been proven to spy on US citizens on behalf of Israel.

It is the campaigning arm of the entirely Jewish (racist?) Freemasonic Lodge of B'nai B'rith.

Freemasonry is Judaism for gentiles and Jews. Freemasonry has been proven to be behind terror and terrorism in countries across Europe and the world.

Freemasonry is rabidly anti-Christian and especially loathes the Vatican. To be a Freemason is to face automatic excommunication from the Catholic Church, such is the violent hostility from Freemasonry and its totally anti-Christian nature that it was basically "outlawed" in the Church.

Yet this shill, Foxman, who belongs to an anti-Christian, Israeli-sponsored, totally Jewish, 100% Zionist lobbying group dares to lecture a Church that he and his ilk loathe with every fibre of their being, about "anti-Semitism."

Whatever next? The League of Foxes attacking the White Hens Guild for being "anti-foxist?"

"We are stunned that the Vatican has ignored our concerns by welcoming back into the fold a bishop who denies the Holocaust and rejects the seminal reforms of Vatican II," said Mr Foxman.

When a Zionist Freemason, who defends Israeli attacks on Palestinian Christians, is defending Vatican 2 we have to wonder if Bishop Williamson and his "traditionalist" ilk were correct to condemn the liberalisation of historic Church teaching from the very beginning.

No doubt Mr. Foxman and his compadres will expect the Church to run everything past them to get their Masonic stamp of approval first, as he asserts here with weasel words:

“What remains for us is to find mutually agreed structures so that we do not continue to experience the damaging blow-ups in our dialogue as a result of misunderstanding, misinformation and failures to communicate.”

Not content with emotional blackmail, Foxman also issues a veiled threat:

“We hope that the Society of St. Pius X [Bishop Williamson's fraternity] will take heed of the Pope’s words and that Bishop Williamson will publicly apologize and recant his Holocaust denial, a virulent form of anti-Semitism, by acknowledging the historical truth of the Shoah.”

Aye Carumba!

Israel Severs Ties with Vatican

Jewish Fury as Pope...
The ADL on the SSPX's "anti-Semitism"

BNP Allies Marry Frogs

In its headlong rush (a la Animal Farm) to tell us "Muslim Bad, Jews and Others Good" the BNP has tried to make allies with some pretty rum people.

This has included Hindus and Sikhs (and Christian/Secular West Indians) in Britain. They would have us believe that these people pose no threat to us and are simply "salt in the soup" and an asset to multi-culti Britain.

Remember the Negro Zimbabwean son-in-law of a BNP official in Cumbria was a "patriotic Briton" (pictured right in the BNP's party newspaper).


In their rush to make anti-Muslim allies, they have been keen to overlook the religious "foibles" of their bed-mates.

Of course we are aware of their status as "most Zionist party" according to the (Zionist!) Jewish Board of Deputies, but there's more.

At every possible opportunity the BNP loves to quote the Koran to persuade us what an "evil and wicked religion" it is.

Yet it is strangely silent when it comes to the sheer anti-Christian hatred of the Jewish Talmud, the bizarre and discriminatory caste system of Hinduism and the melting-pot ecumenism of the Sikhs.

The BNP claims to be 'defending Christianity' but in truth it is not. It is defending secular Freemasonic humanism and multi-racialism. That is why BNP officials have even attacked those Christians who defend Creationism and don't believe in evolution.

It is no better than the system parties which have milked the blacks ops false flag operation called "911" and used the CIA/Mossad ghost operation called "Al Qaeda" to frighten people into joining their Zionist struggle.

In their headlong rush to screech "Muslim bad..." etc. they have knowingly overlooked these other alien religion which threaten our culture and heritage.

In India 7 year old children have married frogs!

Yes, frogs!

This is the sick religion called Hinduism, with its "good" and "bad" gods and goddesses, with its reincarnation and caste system which excuses the mega-rich from having to care about the slum-dwellers (who are getting their "reward" for bad former lives).

This is the bizarre cult that the "modern BNP" has allied itself with in a bid to carry out its Zionist paymasters' bidding.

Indians marry frogs!

Poll of the Week: Response to Israel's War Crimes

After the Onslaught in Gaza, Should Israel:

Face War Crimes Trials?
20 (71%)
Have Import/Export Bans?
10 (35%)
(and its supporters) Be Boycotted
10 (35%)
Pay Reparations for the Murders and Destruction?
12 (42%)
& Nick Griffin Get Our Full Support
1 (3%)
Enough Already! More Holocaust Films on TV!
3 (10%)

An interesting response. Clearly the feeling that Israel should face war crimes trials is quite strong amongst our readers.

It's nice to see Lee Barnes took the time to vote too.

Almost half those who voted also thought that Israel should pay reparations. As the foremost "squeezer" of reparations from countries, businesses and banks - including Axis and neutral powers in WW2! - it would be most satisfying to see Israel pay back for all the land they've stolen and all the suffering they have inflicted.

With Israel blockading gaza because it dared to choose it's own government, might a blockade of Israel be in order because of the actions of their government? Is that how it works in international law?

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

The New Statesman Caves In & Surrenders

Read this fantastic blog post:

Palestine, Pilger, Kosher Conspiracy

With the BBC News at Ten reporting on Bishop Williamson's revisionism and Israel cutting ties with the Vatican, can anyone think any of this is pure "chance."

We have to wake up from our slumber and see the bigger picture.

The events in Gaza were planned months in advance. They stopped as Obama got into office.

Israel released the "revisionist" TV tape as the Pope moved to mend bridges with "traditionalists."

Pilger is shown the door after publishing perhaps the most incisive and brave material on Israel seen in the mainstream press.

Chance? Happy coincidence?

Think on buddy!

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Unseen Gaza Documentary Exposes Israeli Media Conspiracy

The following show is worth a watch.

It shows how the Israelis isolated Gaza and kept the truth from the viewing public in an effort to manipulate the news:

If this link gets taken down, just search u tube under 'dispatches unseen gaza'

Or go to Channel 4 Watch Online and in the Free catch-Up section use the drop down menu to find Dispatches: Unseen Gaza.

It is a very interesting film which shows how agencies like Reuters water-down the news and spoon feed it to the media; it shows how the Israeli state machinery was entirely tilted towards control the news output; and it shows how weak the Western coverage, of what were war crimes, was.

The Israelis were involved in a massive conspiracy.

They conspired to control and influence the news output. They conspired to take out Arab and non-Arab journalists in Gaza. But the saddest point of it all is how the BBC and others caved in, in a most craven fashion.

And as an after thought, despite obeying Israeli guidelines and covering-up the worst excesses of Israeli war crimes, look at how a Jewish family in England think the BBC is "biased" over a matter of semantics, whilst the Arab bodies pile up!

Last Week's Quote: The Talmud on the Role of Gentiles

“When the Messiah comes, all will be slaves of the Jews”

- (Erubin 43b)
The Talmud.

Oh the hatred!

Surely time for a TV documentary... maybe called "The Longest Hatred?"

Monday, 26 January 2009

When are Red Cross TV Appeals OK?


I found a wonderful comparison for the BBC-Charity-Gaza debacle going on.

Right: The West Wing, Zionist propaganda dressed up as "entertainment," which had no problem with a Red Cross appeal.

Tonight as I pottered and worked (yes, I know, what I really meant was overseeing the FC sprogs as they carried out the various chores I had assigned them before handing them a shilling each and sending them to bed) I put on the third volume of The West Wing.

This was filmed circa 2001/2 and the first episode of the series was a special edition, all about terrorism, Islamic extremism, American democracy, secularism, Nazis and the whole caboodle.

As a lesson in shoving the whole American democratic anti-Islamic extremism and Zionist "dream" down the viewers thought it is an excellent piece. Inasmuch as it shows the whole outlook of the Judeo-masonic media, political and business-world.

Oh the KKK were compared to Islamic extremists. There was talk of the Taliban being like the Nazis invading Poland (not the Soviets mind you). The cosy, comfy nature of the love-in as immature high school students (read you and me - dumb goy viewer) were informed of the facts by the politicos and even the President himself. The concentration camp survivor even got a mention (Jewish, obviously), as did the daily fear of murder lived through by the Israelis (not the Palestinians, obviously).

It really was like a lesson in Zionist brainwashing.

At one point one of the characters (a Jewish advisor to the president) says he doesn't believe in the death penalty but he wishes these people (Islamists) would be locked in a tiny room and made to watch home movies of all their victims.

I wonder if American TV would be brave enough to have a character air the same viewpoint about the Israeli soldiers, settlers and others who have killed, tortured and exiled so many Palestinian men, women and children. I guess not.

So, despite being stomach-churning mind-rot, what has this to do with the BBC's refusal to show a charity appeal for the people in Gaza?

Well about 10 minutes or so into this specially made episode of The west Wing they stop to flash up a charity appeal for donations to the American Red Cross.

Left: A Red Cross poster issued in America during WW2. The Red Cross has always been impartial and helped combatants and civilians of all sides. It seems the BBC is the only impartial service, only allowing appeals the Israel has no problem with.

No qualms about "impartiality." No disgust at the Red Cross raising money to help the bereaved and the wounded after a politically motivated attack (we can argue the why's and who's). No problem about pulling heart strings.

Funny really, because when the International Red Cross tried, with others, to raise funds to help not just the bereaved and the wounded, but also the maimed and the homeless, the hungry and the freezing of Gaza - the Zionists behind the scenes, the columnists, the editorials, and the Zionist letter-writers all showed their disgust.

Wounded in Zionist nations good, wounded in anti-Zionist nations bad.

Red Cross Appeals in Zionist nations good, Red Cross Appeals for anti-Zionist nations bad.

Four legs good, two legs bad.

Come on sheeple!

Join in the merry dance they are leading us on.

British Red Cross

Revisionist Catholic Bishop Interview is Three Months Old


Never once having renounced their beliefs on Jesus Christ or removing any of the anti-Gentile, anti-Christian or indeed anti-Christ parts of their "holy books" - let alone any sort of an apology for Deicide, or their role in Freemasonry, the French and Russian Revolutions, crimes against Christians in Spain, Hungary and many other places. - the Jewish authorities (this time in Germany) are once again demanding that the Church acts to please them.

Right: Freemasonry infects the media, the justice system, the churches, the political system, the banking system and much more besides. Those who face up to it can expect foul treatment from an enemy media.

With the Zionist State (which occupies Palestine) busily murdering Christians and stopping clerics from visiting their flocks and saying Mass long before these events when, according to the Jews the "dialogue" between them and the Church was strong, one has to wonder what the Church has to lose.

The realpolitik answer would be favourable media coverage (in itself revealing the hold Zionists have over the "Western" media and in turn betraying the motivation of the pro-Zionist leanings of some "patriots"). Certainly the series of events surrounding this latest uproar, which has displeased so many Jews, proves that the media is already being swung into an attack position viz the Church and "anti-Semitism.

News reports came out over the weekend that a Catholic Bishop had "denied the holocaust" (a crime in some countries and the worst sin imaginable to the Zionist media). It then appeared that this Bishop and three others were being welcomed 'back into the Church' after being excommunicated in the 80s (it's a long story but suffice to say they openly fought back against the Freemasonic leanings of the "modern" church.

Cue a media uproar with talk of an anti-Semite and even some sort of Nazi sympathiser being allowed 'back into the fold. Some even questioned the wisdom of the Bishop making his statements at such a crucial time (with conspiracy theorists claiming he wanted to scupper Rome's moves for his own quasi-fascist "extreme right" reasons).

As usual there is more to this than meets the eye and yet again shows the Judeo-Masonic control of the media.

In truth the interview was conducted some three months ago and sat on. The Pope allegedly signed the paperwork on the four 'Traditionalist' Bishops last Wednesday or thereabouts (for it to be released on Saturday) only for the Swedish TV channel to suddenly remember this ground breaking interview...

So here's the first lesson for anyone interested.

If you do anything the Zionist disapprove of, they will use their media to hound you. Those of us who oppose the Freemasons and Zionists should take this as a badge of honour, otherwise we will always "hide for fear of the Jews."

The media will always fawn over and pour praise on those who weaken and betray the bodies it wishes to bring down and/or infiltrate from the Church to patriotic parties. So anyone who says homosexuals can be admitted or that the Zionists are our allies will be painted as brave, intelligent, forward-thinking, worldly wise etc. etc.

The video of Bishop Williamson denouncing the holocaust was a response to specific questions, to which the Bishop gave his personal insight - as he might on WW1, the French Revolution, the American Civil War or the Credit Crunch.

When an Israeli Rabbi says that 100 dead Palestinians aren't worth a single dead Jew it barely raises an eyebrow in the world media, let alone any coverage.

If brave men in the realms of religion, culture, politics, the arts, sport, communities and every aspect of our lives, are to stand up for what is right as opposed to what is wrong they should expect the brickbats and dirty tricks of an enemy media.

We would be immature to expect anything else.

German Jews Condemn Pope

BBC Cowardice Gives Green Light to Murdochrat Zionists

Rupert Murdoch's Sky TV has joined the BBC in not showing the Gaza Disaster Emergency Committee film.

Right: Murdoch's Fox News is easily the most rabidly Zionist news channel in America - quite a feat!

Hardly a big surprise, because once they saw the BBC cowed into this form of moral cowardice by a boisterous and aggressive Zionist Lobby (within and without the BBC), this part of the Zionist Murdochracy was bound to decide against the charitable film.

If Israel weren't involved then this film would be shown.

If Israel were not blockading Gaza as a form of collective punishment then such appeals may not even be necessary.

Yet bizarrely this "blockade" of the charity film (produced to raise fund for bodies as well-respected and beyond reproach as the Red Cross and Christian Aid) is an extension of that same collective punishment.

On various phone-ins and net forums, Zionists have made comments such as 'it serves the people of Gaza right for voting in Hamas and this suffering will make them think twice' and 'if we help them we are helping Hamas and the people there will not learn their lesson.'

The Zionists want to use the suffering of innocents to pressurise their political enemies and to try and threaten the Palestinians (in Gaza and the West Bank) to vote the way Israel likes!

The BBC thinks it can play its part and do what the Zionist Lobby dictates, but (as ever!) the Zionists have shot themselves in the foot with this mean attitude, coming so soon after the various war crimes and their disproportionate and indiscriminate massacre of Palestinians.

Now more and more people are seeing how the BBC is under the thumb of the Zionists (remember the BBC cravenly kept its journalists out of Gaza when ordered to do so by the Israelis, it has no such qualms about sending people into Zimbabwe where it is banned).

They are also witnessing how cruel and vindictive the Zionists are to not only cause all the suffering in the first place, but agitating to stop the aid that could alleviate it afterwards.

All of Murdoch's media empire takes a heavily Zionist line so the cowardice of the BBC gave a green light to just one more branch of his media empire; but there's yet another angle. Murdoch and all his outlets hate the BBC, because the BBC is a ostensibly nationalised body that blocks the way to privatisation across the board, which could map the way to bigger profits and a bigger market share for Sky TV.

The fact that Sky was prepared to "back up" the BBC shows that Sky and Murdoch's Zionist agenda over-rides any animosity and opposition it may have viz the BBC which will, for the short term while this charity promotion is top of the agenda, be put on the back burner.

The one hope for the maimed, hungry, homeless and cold in Gaza is that all this publicity will mean more donations and more charities turning their attention to helping those under the Iron Heel of the Israeli Bandit State.

100% Fascist Shirts: Reduced to £7

This week we will be reducing existing stock of the 100% Fascist shirts (black and red) to just £7.

These will only be available whilst stocks last: so watch this space.

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Gutting Our Heritage: When Trendy Vicars Should be Gutted!

There seems to be a craze these days for ripping out the interiors of the Norman stone rural churches. Today's Countryfile on BBC1 waxed lyrical about the "advantages" of ripping out pews to put in "comfy seating" and inserting coffee shops and similar in ancient churches.

Left: A modern church, which trendy vicars think is "relevant" to people and "in tune with the times." Am I alone in finding it soulless, non-inspirational and having nothing to offer the interiors of our Celtic, Saxon, Norman and later churches.

One only has to read Piloti's column in Private Eye every fortnight to read how our ancient buildings (secular and religious) have their hearts ripped out. Piloti argues that listed buildings should, in many/most occasions, have their interiors listed too.

How many times do trendy vicars, "priestesses," councils and busybodies go into buildings and rip out Victorian, Gothic, Medieval and other internal architecture and fittings simply on a whim?

I may be an old-before-my-time fuddy duddy, but it seems to me we are repeating the mistakes of the 1960s, when fixtures and fittings of churches, public buildings and homes were ripped out to be replaced by formica surfaces, sliding doors, serving hatches and flat roofs - none of which have served the test of time.

20 years from now we will wonder why on earth the beautiful pews, sanctuaries, choir stalls and pulpits were ripped out of our Medieval churches to be replaced by plastic tat which does not last.

We often chide Americans for many things - culture, diet etc. - but when it comes to their heritage, being a young "nation," they have learnt to be appreciative of artifacts and buildings even just 2-300 years old.

If you "discovered" a 1000-year-old stone church with buttresses, beautiful stone pillars and interiors that are often 2-300 years old (or older!) themselves, not least some of the awe-inspiring flooring that is often ripped up in the cause of "modernity" would your first act be to rip out its insides?

Right: This building is modern, yet it isn't an eyesore. Read on to see where it is and who built it, with a minimal amount of materials.

Chesterton said that modernism disenfranchises our ancestors and is a form of arrogance by the living, and one has to wonder what the many millions who passed through our grander city and town churches, but also the many thousands that lived their lives in and around the small, semi-forgotten country churches, would have to say at the sight of some buffoon deciding to tear out everything they knew and one more link to our past, to our forefathers and - very often - to the communities our people were ripped from in order to provide the indentured slave manpower needed to man the factories and mines that made the merchant classes their fortunes.

E Michael Jones wrote a book about modern architecture reflecting the degenerate nature of modern man and I think that is intrinsically true, because they seem to either create awful buildings, or do what they can to gut and ruin existing ones, even those that have stood for generation after generation!

But it needn't be this way!

Left: One of the beautiful group of historic Churches around Lastingham in North Yorks. It includes a former Celtic monastery from the 7th century and a Norman Abbey, but this church is from the 19th Century Gothic revival when the 'Oxford Movement' was at its height. For more info click here.

Why can't we have a government that puts our heritage at the forefront of communities? Let the Church(es) put the local buildings at the forefront of local history, start tours and visitor days. Let the local community and others use them for guest speakers, suitable conferences and suchlike. Then there are the various community groups... but you get the point.

If the will is there, on the part of politicians, clerics and community leaders then there is no need to wreck our heritage for short term "gain."

And that is the nub of the matter: if the will is there.

It is not the fashion, and hasn't been for at least four or five decades, to protect and defend our heritage nor to keep and conserve our historical buildings (outside of castles and manor houses), and it is a stain our national character that this is the case.

60 odd years ago a small group of brave men proved it doesn't have to be this way, and sad to say it took 'foreignors' to prove this point. They weren't rich men, they weren't powerful men, they weren't - believe it or not - even free men!

Yet these brave band of men, ripped away from their homeland, forced to carry out back-breaking manual work in a very unforgiving climate, created - out of the most basic of materials available to them - something of such intrinsic beauty that people flock there from right across the world to visit their creation (despite it having a lot of competition in the guise of natural and man-made wonders throughout the 'region' where it is based.

If you ever have the opportunity to visit this breath-taking place I would strongly urge you to do so. I refer, of course, to the church known as the "Italian Chapel" on Lambholm, one of the Orkney Islands. Located just south of one of the (anti-U Boat) Churchill Barriers which the Italian PoWs were made to construct, the Chapel is made of two corrugated "Nissan Huts" - commonly used for air-raid shelters, yet inside the men created such a beautiful altar, altar rail, sanctuary and even a sanctuary light made from a "bully beef" tin that it is known worldwide.

The craftsmanship and beautiful paintings adorning the Chapel make it feel as if you might be in Renaissance Rome rather than a metal hut on the windswept Orkneys.

Just outside the chapel is a statue of St George slaying the dragon, again created by the Italian PoWs.

Such things of beauty, of workmanship, of faith and of such an inspirational nature are still achievable! After all this was only 20 or so years before the "swinging 60s" when Masonic and Marxian thought and social trends brought about grey Soviet style tower blocks and flat-roofed modernist monstrosities (including churches that look more like doctors surgeries or roller-discos) as those controlling things sought to be "more relevant" but in effect ruined hundreds if not thousands of years of culture and heritage (which just a couple of generations before had undergone the Pugin-era Gothic revival).

Right: The truly breathtaking altar and sanctuary of the Italian Chapel on Lambholm, Orkney. Created just 20 years before the 1960s and the barbarianian reign of the "modernists" who ripped out altars, sanctuaries, pews and statues. For more images visit here.

If those Italian PoWs can create something of such beauty out of nothing, is it really beyond us to merely conserve - internally and externally - the buildings our forefathers have left to us before some trendy vicar called Brian (or, male or female, called Tricia) decides to rip it all out to put in a coffee shop and a disabled toilet.

The sad fact is that if we are not careful, buildings created a thousand years ago and used continuously before and since the Reformation, could be ruined in just a few years in a short-sighted attempt to make them more "relevant."

Who's Profiting From the Holocaust?



The Reader up for lots of Oscars, including best film, best director and best leading actress!

Right: Why don't they just go the whole hog and have a special Oscar for Best-Holocaust-Promotional Film?

Kate Winslett widely tipped as a front-runner for her first ever Oscar!

It seems making Holocaust films really does pay off!

Yet again we have to wonder if Kate Winslett's character in the BBC series 'Extras' was prophetic when she said if you make a holocaust film you are guaranteed an Oscar!

But, dear much-maligned and over-worked reader, let us step back for a moment and address the bigger issues.

Ready? Cup of tea and a biccie to hand?

OK, let's do it:

Scenario 1:
The Holocaust happened and 6 million Jews dies in German gas chambers.

If you believe in the Holocaust as presented by Hollywood, officially sanctioned (some say 'court') historians, the Zionist lobby and Israel then why is it acceptable for so many people to gilt-edge their careers by making holocaust materials?

I believe this is roughly the line taken by Norman Finkelstein in his book The Holocaust Industry wherein he outlines the millions/billions made by Israel and creamed-off by professional hucksters.

Finkelstein states that much of the money raised (coerced, threatened, bullied) from government, industry, banks as well as via Hollywood and other professional Holocaust profiteers doesn't even find its way to the Jewish families who did lose relatives in the war.

Remember we are not talking about the Millions - always a capital M! - of Russians, Poles or Germans murdered, killed, displaced (the latter included the many millions as Russia, the Ukraine, Poland, Germany etc. were moved westwards by a Communist Terror State) and dare I mention the countless Poles killed in 1939/40 and in 1944/45 onwards by the Bolshevik murder machine, fearful of a resurgent/nationalist Poland? The murdered included many of the Polish resistance and army that fought the Germans in occupied Poland.

There has never been reparations for those killed or dispossessed of land and property in 1944/45, something bizarre when you think we were told we were going to war for Poland, only to see Poland delivered into slavery and oppression. This lack of interest in their plight must bemuse and annoy Poles.

So it strikes me that if you believe that 6 Million Jews died in WW2 in gas chambers (regardless of the others Killed by Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia or even by the RAF/USAAF terror raids) it must make you stop and think that so many people are profiting from a people's misery.

Furthermore, if the Holocaust is constantly promoted in films and awarded in ceremonies, mentioned in parliaments, debating it banned in some countries, used to excuse Israeli excesses and so on: it adds fuel to the fire because it gives "anti-semites" the 'proof' they need to show there is some kind of 'conspiracy' involving governments, the media, Hollywood etc.

There is also an addendum here. Even if you are Jewish, Communist, banker or committed war veteran: you have to wonder why the actions of Germany in WW2 are used to excuse actions against Arabs in and around Palestine who played no role at all in 'the Holocaust.'

Scenario 2:
The Holocaust didn't happen and there were no German gas chambers.

Then what needs to be said?

We have a huge machine constantly pushing the holyhoax whilst consistently ignoring the suffering of other peoples (allies or axis). We have a machinery which seeks to make as much money and garner as many awards as possible to ensure the 'holyhoax' remains the 'suffering par excellence' - to put other massacres and atrocities in the shade (even wiping out nations, like Armenia, or the organised murder of 30 million plus, like the Ukraine).

It is a machine which, perversely, is used to give a backdrop and hence a green light to Israeli illegality (WMDs and bombing other countries), ethnic cleansing, torture, concentration camps and massacres committed against civilians.

Quite what the Arabs must feel to see their dead men, women and children "excused" by the actions or non-actions of Europeans 60 years ago, and if you are a Palestinian who believes the Holocaust is a huge hoax, how much more embittered would you be?

The idea that there is this huge machine used to make billions, used to excuse Israel and its excesses, and milked for all it is worth by historians, actors, directors, politicians, charities and more is sickening.

It really is 'the holocaust industry' in every sense and despite everything else going on in the world, the industrialists involved in this con, this hidden tax, have no intention of letting up the pressure.


Whichever side of the debate you find yourself on, Kate Winslett's Oscar nomination stinks. Actors and actresses are milking past events (one in particular) to get tacky awards and bolster their careers.

As time goes by the overt promotion of the holocaust, especially when there is other suffering in the world (and particularly when it is used to excuse that suffering!) will make people either holocaust-weary, or start to question why this one single event should over-ride all others involving the mass murder of Christians, Muslims, Slavs, Arabs, Africans etc.

It might even begin to smack of some kind of inverted 'racism' wherein the suffering of others before, during and after WW2 is deemed of negligible importance.

Perhaps if Kate Winslett's awards hasten that day then they may be no bad thing!


Harvey Weinstein pushed The Reader into the Oscars

Will Kate Finally Get Her Oscar?
FC on Winslett's "Holocaust-Oscar" Quote

Saturday, 24 January 2009

BBC's Gaza Shame

The BBC won't show a relief Fund appeal for Gaza organised by internationally renowned and well respected charities because it fears it will lose it's reputation for "balance" and "impartiality."

Is this the same BBC that has IDF B.S. statements about "Hamas Militants" being in UN schools and shelters when the UN has stated that the Israelis are lying, and when the Israelis have even admitted to diplomatic personnel that their line is not true?

The BBC should be ashamed of itself!

First of all for allowing those partaking in War Crimes to have their apologists come on air in a most brazen fashion, often having the last word in the "debate."

Then for "obeying" the Israelis in not sending in journalists to the Gaza to see the Israeli war crimes for themselves. One of the videos on our side bar on this blog shows how the "Big Three" news channels in America has all similar footage "cleared" by the israelui Army before airing it. The job of journalists and reporters should be to uncover unpalatable truths, not to do whatever Israel tells them!

Now we have the BBC failing to allow charities to raise funds for shelter and medicines -- obviously in the hope that Israel will "allow" those much needed essentials through their almost 2-year-old blockade.

Yet more evidence of whose tune the BBC dances to.

Red Cross Appeal

Valkyrie: Lessons from Another Anti-Nazi Film

You might be shocked, dear reader, but I actually opened my wallet today.

Oh yes.

I had to bust the padlock off, it was so rusted (plus I'd forgotten the code of the safe buried in the garden which held the keys).

The King on my paper money blinked at seeing daylight for the first time in decades.

The sheer volume of moths that burst out was like something off a vampire film.

If you heard a loud screech circa 11am (like rusted hinges and ancient leather being forced open), now you know what it was.

So I've painted the picture.

Talk of this single event ending the "credit crunch" and the recession are said to be unfounded.

So why, you may ask (being an astute sifter of news and current events with an eye on the plutocracy and monetary reform), was my wallet opened?

Well, the elders of the FC Sprogs (as opposed to those of the protocols of Zion) had twisted my arm, blackmailed me and applied pressure via 'she who must be obeyed' to force me to take them to the cinema.

So, reluctantly I found myself at a till opposite a spotty teenager (like a Simpson's character) who insisted on taking part of what was to be a family heirloom (my money) to get some tickets to get into what they now deem to term a "theatre."

Though theatre seems a grandiose term for a setting in which, for the most part, any kind of culture is about as present for as long as a £10 note on the pavement outside a synagogue.

Mind you, they call McDonalds "restaurants" so I suppose anything is possible...

But back to the cinema, we settled down in a row and readied ourselves (by getting out the vitals we'd brought from home (see, I'm not that rich, dumb or gullible to buy any of their brightly coloured offerings from the "foyer").

Right: The queue waiting for the cinema to open was full of more fan-boys in full costume than the Lord of the Rings or Star Wars!

The film: Valkyrie, wherein a diminutive Church of Science Fiction Hollywood-luvvee plays an anti-Nazi German Staff Officer (I'm sure you've all read the reviews so I won't detain you for too long).

It's an enjoyable film and the sprogs certainly enjoyed it and we talked long and hard about it afterwards. There were bits that felt unreal (I think he mentioned closing the concentration camps in the first minute of the film) when most of those involved were probably German conservatives annoyed that the war was being lost. But hey - I don't know enough about the history of it to comment in-depth (I know! A blogger admitting ignorance: pinch yourself, it's happening daddio).

So why this long and meandering river of a preamble (leaving plenty of bizarre anecdotal ox-bow lakes in its wake!) you ask, demanding your reading time back like an irate father standing in the foyer wagging his finger at the price of hotdogs and popcorn?

Because all of us there from the FC-fold gasped in awe at the pool-bottom logo at the point when we meet the Major (or General, I can't recall) in charge of the reserve battalion responsible for taking/defending the government quarter of Berlin (a strangely bomb-crater free - for 1944 - area of Berlin) as his swims lengths. It was almost identical to the logo on the bottom of our paddling pool back at Codreanu Cottage!

So if and when you see this film (at the "theatre" or on DVD) look out for the swimming pool, and think of the sprogs and I jumping in and out of the paddling pool this coming Summer, much to horror/amusement [delete as applicable] of the neighbours.

Before I leave this most bizarre of posts to go and have a long lie down, all I will say about this film is this: as time goes by, more and more Germans during WW2 will be seen as 'normal' or 'patriots' or 'heroes' or 'cowards' or 'Christians' or maybe even just mums, dads, sons and daughters... i.e. they are and were just like us.

We can have our doubts, disagreements, differences or whatever with the German regime of 1933-45, but as the wartime hysteria and propaganda dissipates (helped by brave souls who stand up and denounce the 'gas chamber' myth) we will be left with a far more honest and open view of WW2, with the good and bad on all sides, 'warts n all.'

That can't be a bad thing.

Friday, 23 January 2009

Creepy in Crawley: Why Question Time is a Stitch-Up

Last night's Question Time was a regular who's who of the system's sycophants.

Liam "Friend of Israel" Fox MP waffled on about Guantanamo on a complete Neo Con line. If there are innocents in Guantanamo - let them go. If they guilty, then try them in an open court. But the defence of torture and all kinds of dodgy Zionist dealings by the likes of Fox and his ilk have added yet more fuel to the fire, which is what they want as it excuses all kind of Israeli excesses.

Homosexual TV personality Matt Lucas (left) and Neo Con Daily Telegraph columnist Janet Daley (above right). Never seen in the same room...

Caroline Flint MP and government minister (a hideous defender of the worst excesses of Blair and Brown) blurted on defending bonus payouts to Northern Rock staff, ignoring the fact that bosses would get more than counter staff; so yet another ridiculous measure by the government which seems so keen to dish out money to the failing banking system.

Is it me or is Flint a typical squirmy, Blairite of the lawyer-class who just bluffs her way along, talking over anyone else and defending the indefensible with prepared party lines?

The Spooks were represented by Sir Christopher Meyer, former British Ambassador to America and current head of the Press Complaints Commission.

And, before I forget, there was a Liberal Democrat, David Laws MP (just for balance, naturally).

Last but not least, Janet Daley, a columnist for the Daily Telegraph the ex-plaything of Zionist priestess -- and friend of Nick Griffin -- Barbara Amiel, the paper that is not Ms Daley, was present. She has the most annoying trans-Atlantic drawl. It's the kind of accent that makes Loyd Grossman (of "through the keyhole" and various food sauces fame) sound like a chirpy cheeky cockney.

Either that or it's Loyd himself in a rather bad drag act outfit putting on an even 'hammier' accent (or perhaps Matt Lucas from Little Britain in a bad wig doing his American accent).

Anyway, I digress (what's new you cry?).

The panel chewed the fat on the economy, on crime, on politics and more (no mention of proven Israeli war crimes) but as usual all within the parameters of a failed system, of failed economics, of failed politics...

It's all a pressure valve, with Lib-Lab-Con soundbytes and a few lackeys/non-entities thrown in at the side.


P.S. If you get the chance on the BBC's I-Player watch 'This Week.' Although presented by a Murdochrat, Andrew "Brillo Pad" Neil (and featuring idiots like Will Hutton), it is much more a programme for the politicos, as opposed to one for 'Joe Soap' (like Question Time) and so you get the odd glimpse of some truths, a taste of what's known behind the scenes. On yesterday's show there was talk of debt (bank and government), the Zionists around Obama, how the "bank bail outs" could become monthly affairs, how financiers (George Soros's friends) are trying to wreck the pound (trying to force us into the Euro) and so on.

Oh yes, dear reader, you have to have your BS-Meter turned up high to find your way through the faecal mine-field (pats ahoy! - as they say in Third Way, along with Bonjour Matelot), but it can be worth it for the rare nugget that can be gleaned...

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Obama Swearing In, Zionist Jews & The Missing Bible

So Obama fluffed his swearing-in as the 44th President of the USA!

Right: Obama - "Yo ho' I'm wearing the trousers in dis White House!" Hillary - "Just get rid of that damn Bible would you."

And he repeated the procedure the next day behind closed doors in the White House without the Bible!!!

Is this a sign of things to come as yet another US President cloaks himself in "God Bless America" whilst sanctioning needless wars, promoting homosexuals' "rights" and sticking the knife in on American families, and anti-Zionist nations?

Oooooh! Conspiracy websites and blogs must going ballistic!

Whilst on the subject of the Bible, hands up who saw last Thursday's Question Time on BBC1. If you missed it it's still on the BBC's watch-again facility today.

When on the subject of Israel, Jewish members of the audience (surely there in bigger numbers than their percentage of the population???) couldn't help but keep shouting down Baroness Tonge (sp?) who, to be fair, took a pretty good line, though she missed the fact that Israel have - and continue - to blockade Gaza (stopping food, aid and medicine getting in) because they disagree with democracy for the Palestinians (that is, when the Palestinians choose an anti-Zionist party as opposed to one hand-picked for them by the Israelis).

At one stage an Asian gent in the audience (who said he wasn't anti-Israel, anti-Jew etc.) spoke up against Israel's disproportionate actions only for some hideous Zionist to shout him down with the classic line "have you read the Bible lately."

His inference was that the Bible somehow justifies the actions of murderous Zionists.

Let's look at that:

Has the Zionist in question read the Bible lately? He will find umpteen quotes against the Jewish authorities and rabbis, denouncing them as sons of Satan. If he were a theologian he might understand that by killing the Son of God any and all "agreements" are null and void, and the Bible makes it clear that the Christian Church now constitutes "God's people."

Or is he one of those twisted Zionists that uses lip-service to the Bible whilst ignoring by far the most important part of it: The Passion and Death of Jesus Christ?

I just found it amusing that this twisted Zionist "just back from Israel" dared to use the Bible in his defence of atrocities committed against Christians and other Arabs in Gaza.

Now that's Chutzpah!

Left: The Bible, before it entered the flames. This damage was inflicted just by Hillary's fiery breath!

Perhaps Obama sneaked the White House Bible away to look up Christ's denunciations of the Jews?

More likely he, Hillary Clinton and Rahm Emanuel burnt it, whilst dancing naked in the woods at Bohemian Grove, over an effigy of Baphomet and Mother Earth bonking!

That's some nasty imagery right there! Oh dear, loyal reader: you'll be having nightmares tonight.


Cleric "Denies the Holocaust"

Catholic Bishop says that circa 300,000 Jews died but not in gas chambers.

The German authorities are looking into comments by a Catholic Bishop that there were no deaths caused by "gas chambers" in WW2.

Right: Bishop Williamson, an Englishman, says re. the Holocaust “If anti-semitism is bad, it is against the truth. When something is true, it is not bad. I am not interested in the word anti-semitism”.

If the Bishop is correct it undermines yet another plank of those who use "events" 60 years ago to justify using illegal weapons and shooting innocent children at point blank range.

The Bishop's priestly fraternity (Society of St Pius X) is "traditionalist" and opposes liberalism in the modern church, freemasonry, homosexuality, ecumenism etc.

With the Church of England seeking to kick out any vicars that are BNP members, perhaps they might go to the seminary mentioned in this report (which isn't Muslim!), but with "holocaust denial" going on maybe the BNP vicars will be outside it with the reds and rabbis demanding that totalitarian laws (such as the race laws here) be used against a Bishop who has merely given his point of view...

What a strange world we live in!

No gas chamber deaths?

Bishop Williamson's Priestly Fraternity

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The Sun on Another Zionist Rant

Something else for Zionist stooge Griffin to complain about!

This comes from the tits-n-bums Murdoch rag, The Sun:


RADIO 1 big mouth Chris Moyles left listeners shocked yesterday after joking about Auschwitz concentration camp.

Moyles, 34, was telling on his breakfast show how he had delved into his family history for a spot on the BBC1 hit Who Do You Think You Are?

The star, whose parents are Irish, said: “I went off to Ireland and other places to film and unlike a lot of the Who Do You Think You Are? shows I didn’t go to Auschwitz.

“Pretty much everyone goes there whether or not they’re Jewish. They just seem to pass through there on their way to Florida!”

Auschwitz was the Nazi’s largest concentration camp. Around a million Jews were murdered there.


A few comments if I may crave your indulgence:

1. How many Jews died there? Hasn't that total changed a few times?
2. How many Poles died there? We don't know do we dear readers because Poles are Christians and dead Christians don't count! (remember when the nuns went to Auschwitz and -primarily NYC- Jews went in to kick over their crosses and force them out?).
3. The Scum - sorry, The Sun (Liverpool's best-loved newspaper) - has already been exposed for Zionist scare tactics in creating a "Muslim hit list" of "top British Jews" which never existed. Indeed the only person agitating for 'direct action' against "the Jews" (albeit legal direct action) on the forum was traced back to... The Sun journalist who broke "the story" which was smeared across their front page!
4. Finally, Moyles is right in a sense. There have been a helluvalot of "survivors" on the BBC1 series, disproportionate to the percentage of the population surely?

Should we pay any attention to what Zionist dross like the Sun journalists, BNP leadership etc. "inform us" of?

Most of their Neo Con rants are so slanted, so pro-Israel and so devoid of substantive truth as to be little more than Chinese whispers and third hand gossip (via Tel Aviv).

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

BNP Cover Up Israeli War Crimes

Nick Griffin is now using the "race laws" to defend "Jewish businesses on the high street."

I'm sure M&S and Tescos are thrilled!

What is crazy here is that Mr. Griffin glides over White Phosphorous (i.e. "chemical weapons) and depleted uranium usage by Israel.

He also - despite the footage of whole streets ruined by Israeli terror tactics - continues the Israeli line that Israel's strikes were "targeted" (and so, somehow, limited).

How much more evidence do we need?


Griffin's Letter

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Last Week's Quote: Zionist Spokesman on Neo-Con BNP

"The BNP website is now one of the most Zionist on the web - it goes further than any of the mainstream parties in its support of Israel."

Ruth Smeed,
The Board of Deputies of British Jews.

Gaza: Phosphorus, Uranium, Occupation and Blockade


Right: Do you think the parents of dead children, the orphans or those with stylish new mutilations, and those whose homes are now piles of rubble are sending their kindest regards to Israel for their ceasefire?

Should we surprised at Israel's "ceasefire?"


I'll tell you why:

1. They still have troops in Gaza, still illegally occupying more Palestinian land.

2. They still encircle Gaza (an illegal war-like act) not allowing in adequate food and fuel.

3. They needed this to 'end' (i.e. to be seen to end in the Western Zionist media) before Obama's inauguration on Tuesday (further proving Israel's dependence on America - this is no conspiracy "theory" folks).

In short, this is Israel's two fingers up to the civilised world.

They are dictating the terms, after all their war crimes and atrocities.

They are insisting on still criminalising the entire people of Gaza for "daring" to vote in a government Israel disapproves of. They are trying to say to America "see we are thinking of you" whilst in reality they did this to humiliate the Palestinians and grab votes in their own election. They are trying - unbelievably, but this is Israeli Chutzpah in its truest sense - to look like instigators of peace after illegally using White Phosphorus and Depleted Uranium in a densely populated area, thus breaking the Geneva Convention.

Could any other country get away with this? A highly dubious "ceasefire" -- as if the Arabs should somehow be grateful that the war criminals who still encircle and blockade 1.5 million people should stop on their own terms.

War crimes were committed. The Israelis admitted privately to diplomats that there were no "Hamas militants" in the UN buildings bombed, shelled and attacked by Israeli forces. Children were left alone with dead parents for days on end. Paramedics were targeted as they tried to save lives. Illegal weaponry was used. Yet still Israel blockades the people in Gaza because of how they voted two years ago!

When will Israel answer for these war crimes?

Will America demand the war criminals are given over to international tribunals? Like the Serbs and Croats? Or will America house some of the Israeli criminals in Guantanamo?

Or don't the standards America demands from every other country in the world apply to Israel?

Israel is a state built on anti-British and anti-Arab terror from the very start. A state which continues to illegally occupy Arab land. A state which continues to wall-in whole communities from their farm land, their neighbours, their workplaces. A state which continues to ignore UN resolutions. A state which continues to expel Arabs from their own land and refuses them the 'right to return' to their homes and villages. A state which continues to possess illegal nuclear weapons, gained by illegally spying on America. A state which continues to put Palestinians in concentration camps and torture centres. A state which continues to illegally blockade Gaza.

American silence over the illegal assault on Gaza has been as sickening as its blocking countless UN Resolutions against Israel.

The Zionists themselves view the UN with utter disdain, an act of sheerest hypocrisy when they constantly cite the UN when it comes to invading or bombing Arab and Asian countries.

Barbara Amiel (wife of criminal Daily Telegraph owner Conrad Black), the harridan of extreme-Zionism and (some say) personal contact of BNP leader Nick Griffin, asserts that without America, the UN would be nothing but Marxist states, woolly liberals and corrupt Africans.

Yes Barbara, never mind all the European nations with their various political stances. Never mind Japan, Australia, South Africa, South Korea, India, Russia, Argentina - and all the other nations whom we may not find totally tasteful, but hey Babs! Ain't that "democracy?"

To the Zionists you see the only state that matters (outside of Israel) is America, the state whose banking, media and most of whose business and government they control.

Who cares what anyone else says or thinks, as long as America has their back!

Hence Israel's "ceasefire."

Imagine the Soviets invaded here, killed our children, shelled our hospitals, police stations, food and medical warehouses, schools full of refugees and churches, then announced a "Ceasefire" whilst they left troops south of Birmingham and continued to blockade the UK, stopping food, fuel and drugs coming in?

Would we be "grateful?"

But back to this ridiculous "ceasefire:"

They will give Obama time to "bed in" free from the headaches of Palestinian children having their skin seared off by White Phosphorus bombs in contravention of the Geneva Convention.

Even now as we speak (?) Fox News is undoubtedly pumping out Grade A bullshit detailing how "brave" Israel is, how "magnanimous" Israel is, and how twisted and evil Hamas is.

It's all as predictable as the next atrocity that will force Obama to send more troops to fight for Israel's goals.

It's ironic really that the greed of Zionist financiers and crooks - such as Ron Sandler - almost led to the usury-banking system in America collapsing. That very collapse could well have stripped the Zionist financiers who run that system into losing their grip on America.

In that melee we learned two lessons:

1. That governments will use tax money and future debts to bail-out the greed-ridden banksters: in essence giving those who leech from the people free rein to make obscene profits with no risk.

2. That if it ever came to the point where the Zionists and Masons who run the whole usury-banking scam were going to lose their power, they would rather take down the whole system (they claim to serve and protect!) with them, than let those with non-Zionist, non-Masonic and the 'national interest' at heart, take over.

So what can nationalists do in the face of all this obscene power? is everything hopeless with even the "alternatives" offered to us already bought and sold by the Zionists thus again ensuring that "democracy" is just a word for supporting Israel and America?

We can:

1. Do what is right as opposed to what is popular. That is in our own lives (the creed of the "political soldier") and also in bringing up our children.

2. We can educate! Even in small ways, through the net, through individual contact, through books, through music. Keep informing people, keeping them on the straight and narrow path of nationalism.

3. We can support good initiatives in various fields. Support anti-Zionists in nationalism. Support traditionalists in religion and the arts. Support radicals in the pro-life movement. Support local initiatives in farming, community etc. Support small businesses locally and nationally.

Our enemy sometimes shows its power as a means to silence opposition and rub our noses in it ("revelation of the method" Hoffman calls it), but we should never forget that we are free as individuals, that our enemy is a mass of self-centred and greedy conflicting interests, that there are any number of issues and fronts we can fight on, day in day out.

Wherever we work, whatever our skills, whoever our contacts and friends... we can fight, and as long as we fight - in whatever intelligent and thoughtful way, then we remain free of their control.

And as long as we remain free of their control, we are free to undermine their lies at every opportunity.

And no Fox News spin, Israeli double-speak and crippling usurious debt from the whole banking system can stop that: as much as the people in the Masonic Temples may wish otherwise.

Life in a democracy, er... Murdochracy... er Masonocracy (whatever nomenclature you want to give this bankers' paradise) isn't always easy, but as long as we stay true to ourselves and our beliefs there is little they can do to stop us!

To quote (from memory so may not be verbatim) from Oliver Stone's film JFK:

"People are suckers for the truth, and the truth is on your side Bubba."

Or to quote Jesus Christ (whom the Zionists of the day got the Empire of the day to kill - nothing changes!) John 8:32:

"You will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free."

Obama: Could he Usher in Another 911?


Obama is coming in to office and announcing "change" despite appointing a key Jewish Zionist in his 'cabinet.'

Above Right: Obama made promises to AIPAC and other Zionist Lobby groups, which they will expect him to deliver on. The fact that both candidates were heavily pro-Israel makes a mockery of America's "democracy." In the 'best democracy money can buy' the power of the Rothschilds and other Zionist bankers mean there can never be any real "choice" -- yet America still dares to lecture the world (except Saudi Arabia!) about "democracy" which translates as "be pro-America, pro-Israel and allow the usury-bankers control. Wake up and smell the coffee!

It is a similar situation (believe it or not!) to George Dubya's first days as President. Despite being a high-level Mason, Dubya announced that his presidency would be insular and almost-isolationist (including less involvement with Israel).

Then 911 "miraculously" happened forcing America into all manner of unnecessary Zionist wars and ensuring that the "war on terror" gave Israel a free-hand to launch wars against Lebanon, Gaza and anywhere else it wants to assault with impunity and that funds and armaments flowed freely to Israel.

Many say the only question to ask is Quid Pro Quo: Who Benefits.

911 was a direct result of Dubya's intention to focus on American issues and pull back from foreign wars.

As such, with Obama seeming to be another President with semi-isolationist intentions, we can expect another "terrorist" outrage courtesy of Mossad and the CIA-front ghost outfit "Al Qaeda."
Left: America under Obama will be no different than under Bush in foreign policy. Sure, they will tweak the language, be less belligerent in their stance. But expect no action against illegal Israeli nukes, no action against the illegal Israeli blockade of Gaza, and no prevention of Mossad black ops and false flag attacks.

Israel thinks it has to stop the Gaza onslaught before Obama's inauguration. Obama promoted a Zionist Jew to a key post. Obama made election promises to AIPAC and the Zionist Lobby.

Get ready for a behind the scenes tug-of-war followed by a terror attack, followed by Obama's conversion to fully fledged War on Terror!

Of course the role in the meantime of the Neo Con columnists and Zionism's "useful idiots" in the political parties (US and Europe especially) in ratcheting up the pressure will be essential. When Mossad carry out their next false flag black op, it will be those columnist and political useful idiots who lead the cry for the next strike "against Islam" (I've no doubt), all for democracy no doubt, perhaps against Syria or Iran (never against Saudi Arabia, naturally!).

In Obama we have the worst of all possibilities: more pro-homosexual and pro-abortion legislation; more integrationist and positive discrimination initiatives; yet at the same time the whole pro-Israel and 'War on Terror' will - by fair means or foul - continue apace.

Anyone who thinks Obama's "Change" means otherwise needs their head read.

In the meantime (pre or post Mossad attack) beware the Neo Cons and Zionist-mouthpieces who ratchet up the pressure.

By their fruits shall ye know them.

Friday, 16 January 2009

US Airways Flight 1549, Heroism & Hollywood


Today on the radio a New York journalist, retelling the story of Flight 1549, the downed US Airways just moments out of La Guardia airport, made a telling comment: I can't wait for the Hollywood film.

And that's the issue isn't it?

As brave as the pilot was, as wonderful a news story as the saving of 150 lives is, why is it Hollywood would look at making a film of that, when a film about the mass murder of over a thousand people - circa a third of them children - in little more than a shanty town closed off from the outside world for circa 2 years, all murdered by a nuclear power bristling with American military hardware?

Left: A true hero. Dr Mads Gilbert, a Norwegian doctor who works in Gaza City's beleaguered Shifa Hospital. Busily trying to patch-up the shattered and burnt bodies sent to him courtesy of the Israeli army, he has become an outspoken critic of the naked and illegal Israeli aggression and their targeting of innocent civilians. This enraged the Neo Cons at Fox News, who cited Gerald Steinberg from Jerusalem, alleging Gilbert's characterization of the situation in Gaza is "in the form of incitement of hatred."

Zionists have accused Dr Gilbert of mimicking Hamas's language, just as they did when Cardinal Renato Martino, president of the Vatican's Council for Justice and Peace, delivered the Vatican's toughest criticism of Israel since its offensive in the Palestinian-ruled enclave, calling Gaza a "big concentration camp." Saying someone uses "the language of Hamas" is akin to calling someone an "anti-Semite" or a "holocaust denier." All are designed to silence criticism of mass murder.

Would a film showing infants with their skin burnt off by illegally-used Israeli White Phosphorous bombs not make for intriguing viewing?

Would a film showing the heroic work of paramedics - Palestinian, Arab and European - fighting through the rubble as the Israelis fire on them be "boring?"

Or would a film showing the doctors - again, Arab and foreign volunteers - working in hospitals that are being shelled, and using almost non-existent drugs and medical supplies (as the largest depot of them is burnt to the ground by the Israelis be "dull?"

Or would a film showing the UN workers of all levels under Israeli fire in their clearly-marked convoys or shelled in their clearly marked and mapped out food and medical distribution centres be "tedious?"

Purely from the point of view of making an exciting, interesting, compelling, action-packed film with plenty of emotional moments with the suffering of families, with great heroism, with lives teetering on the edge and being saved...

Left: The very epitome of heroism. Surrounded by flames and billowing clouds of acrid smoke, a Palestinian fireman tries to put out flames in a refuge camp building, risking death from further Israeli air strikes and shelling to save as many lives and properties as he can. When he finishes his work he can look forward to scant food, the threat of instant death as he sleeps, and if he's not worrying about his family's safety surely the nightmares of burnt and dying men, women and children must haunt his very dreams.

It could be a Hollywood blockbuster with all the ingredients of geo-politics, personal suffering, death, heroism and sacrifice...

It's a winner!

The only problem for Hollywood is that the baddies of the film would be the nuclear power, American-armed bully boy of the Middle East: Zionist Israel.

Steven Spielberg made the blockbuster Munich about a handful of Israeli athletes murdered in the 70s and the Mossad group that killed those responsible (and others!).

Might we ask that an Arab (or sympathetic European) director be given the means, the backing and the freedom to make a film detailing all the above.

Right: Whilst an effort is being made, at the moment it's minnows against sharks. Not until the distribution networks are opened up to a film that deals with issues that the Hollywood grandees are uncomfortable about will a serious anti-Zionist film come about.

After all, despite the relative drama of 150 (mostly) Americans getting wet for 45 minutes, the images of badly injured Palestinian children, forced into sharing hospital beds already smeared with blood of previously badly injured (or dead!) children as the doctors cope with Israeli shelling and a truly desperate lack of medical basics would be far more cinematic and enthralling.

But no...

What am I thinking?
Left: Despite an obvious "liberal" lean (which even saw many of its denizens part of the McCarthyite anti-Communist arrests and interrogations) the Hollywood machinery has never made a Blockbuster dealing with the plight of the Palestinians and the terrorist, hateful and illegality of the tactics used by Israel. Does the racial-loyalty of the Hollywood bosses mean they leave their "liberal" credentials at the door when it comes to Israel?

I know what we need! Another Holocaust film!

After all... we really could do with another one those -- couldn't we?

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Bumper Palestinian Set - available from FC


It's time to stand up and be counted, so that our enemies know the powerful and corrupt Zionist lobby cannot buy our support nor our acquiescence in their war crimes.

The Zionist War Machine has always enjoyed deliberately killing innocent Palestinian men, women and children -- and anyone else who sides with them, be they peace activists, paramedics or journalists.

Want to show your support for the Palestinian people?

Want to "show your support for the Palestinian cause, at home, at work, to friends and family, to fellow patriots and to the public?"

Then grab our "Bumper Palestinian Set" which contains flags (large 5 x 3 feet and table top), a bundle of leaflets, stickers, a badge, 3 colour posters, a magazine and more...

All this for just £15!

So go on! Fill yer boots!

Stick two fingers up to the Zionist money men, their Masonic apologists, their Neo Con warmongers and their "useful idiot" hangers-on.

FC's Bumper Palestinian Set

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