Monday, 25 October 2010

Bankrolling Nuclear, Spiking Tidal: This Government Ain't Green

Hmmm. Something is wrong in the Bristol Channel. No, Simon Darby isn't birdwatching on Flat Holm in flared chequered strides, with a kipper tie and a sun hat.

The UK government is deliberately halting a project that could give us clean energy for many decades.

They tell us, mere proles that we are, that we don't have the money to build a barrage across the Bristol Channel/Severn Estuary (which has the second largest tidal range in the world) in order to produce electricity, but we have the money to build new nuclear power stations and keep old ones going.

Anyone smell something akin to a Grimsby trawler's hold?

For decades the government [blue and red] has bankrolled nuclear power (yet we have the nerve to point fingers at the Iranians) at huge cost, not to mention risk, yet we have the chance of doing something that is safe, clean and will produce the electricity of two nuclear power stations, and the government says "we don't have enough money."

I thought security of power supply was now of national importance?

I thought we were serious about looking for clean alternatives?

Yet whilst the government of the day [red and blue/yellow] tells us that nuclear is a "clean" alternative to coal, we are about to jettison the cleanest and most cost effective form of power, in tidal.

As trials start of harnessing tidal power off the Orkneys, we must be mad to overlook more tidal produced power.

Tidal is guaranteed power (even the wind can stop blowing and the sun stop shining). Once in situ, such units will continue producing clean, green energy. Furthermore they aren't eyesores like many wind farms.

As we're on an island, the UK government should be leading the way in harnessing tidal power.

While I am sure the government will continue to 'find' monies to bankroll nuclear power and prop up the profiteering private companies who run the nuclear power stations, we can now see how this government's 'green' credentials are phony.

The next time they greenwash one of their new or revamped nuclear power stations, remember they deliberately spiked one of the most promising green power projects for years.

The Real Cost of Nuclear Power: debunking Government myths.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Bankrupt BNP? Why is it Offering its Creditors 20%?

Is the BNP Bankrupt?

With the BNP now offering creditors 20p in the £ against outstanding bills, we have to wonder if the BNP is on the brink of going bust.

As many creditors will be small businesses, 20p in the £ is a paltry sum.

Most small business work on a profit margin of 100% or less, e.g for every £1 they charge, 50p of that will be 'profit' from which they take their wages, overheads etc.

Of course some may make a greater profit, some less.

But to offer 20p against every £1 is basically ripping off these small businesses and asking them to write off a lot of money. In these straitened times when businesses are going to the wall, it is hardly right for the BNP to treat businesses (who as is made clear in the link below, were willing to work with the BNP and may even be 'patriotic') like this.

If this isn't some huge subterfuge or even an outright lie, we must wonder why the BNP is acting like a company in administration.

It raises a lot of questions for an org which said it was raising millions every year, and with two MEPs on the Euro gravy train.

Eddy Butler Blog

Friday, 15 October 2010

The Clash of Liberalisms: The Tate Reels and We Love it

How positively delicious!

No, I'm not talking about Nigella's spaghetti and Marmite recipe: though one wonders if Nigella's Jewish heritage and Marmite's recent political role are just the thin edge of a huge conspiratorial wedge.

Right: A gift from God. The Sunflower seed has anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular benefits due to its Vitamin E content. They can lower cholesterol and have many other health benefits. The Tate Gallery on the other hand is just crap.

Just my little joke.

But part of the same weltanschauung that has given us TV chefs with first name recognition (Nigella, Jamie, Ainsley, Sweeney...), has delivered us the notorious home of carbuncles that is the Tate Modern.

Situated where Black Cabs fear to tread (just saarf of the river), it has housed some real deviancy and fakery, known as modern art (it is art in the same way that Israel's murderous army is a "defence force").

As E Michael Jones has displayed in his tome Degenerate Moderns, much of this anti-culture is born from a generation of degenerates, primarily sexual degenerates, such as homosexuals, bi-sexuals and so forth.

Their private lives are a mess, their morality is shot to bits, so is it any wonder their concept of art is mindless splodges on canvas, dog turds barely sculpted, unmade beds, flickering lights, cracks in a floor, etc. ad nauseum.

The Tate Modern should have as its logo a very naked Emperor indeed.

So what should prompt me into labelling the Tate Modern as delicious when it is normally as appetising as a cigarette extinguished in a pool of urine? (I'm copyrighting that before Davinia Finkelstein Jr. grabs it and makes a million).

Well, dear reader, the "artist" Ai Weiweihad (imagine the Guardianistas: "how gloriously ethnic Giles.") had porcelain sunflower seeds handmade. 100 million of them. I just hope in the spirit of the liberal art world with is quasi-intellectual "intelligentsia" (should that be quasi-intelligentsia?), that no child labour was used... but I wouldn't bet on it.

The exhibit (to quote Brian Sewell, "but is it art?") was designed to be walked on.

It now seems that 'ealf n safety' have stepped in and, for fear of clouds of porcelain dust, roped off the, urm, 'art.'

So, let's get this straight. The two bete noirs of 21st Century common sense, the two darling children of the politically correct generate, Modern Art and 'Ealf n Safety' have clashed!

Is this the end of the liberal culture? Will the degenerate moderns implode in a flash of self-realisation?


But it mustn't stop us savouring every single delicious moment of this glorious event.

BBC news report

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Eddy Butler Expelled from the BNP

Further to my last post, it is now confirmed that Eddy Butler has been expelled from the BNP.

He says on his blog that he will fight the expulsion.

Civil War is certainly raging in Nu-BNP land.

BFP: Surely Not More of the Same? Nu-BNP Mark II?

The fledgling "British Freedom Party" being organised by part of the 'BNP reformers' group is an interesting departure.

It will go head to head with Nick Griffin's BNP.

Interestingly, a statement on the BFP on the YourBNP site (soon to be handed over to Eddy Butler we're told, who is staying to fight inside the BNP) says that this BFP is made up of "traditional nationalists."

Yet following the link to the BFP's site one finds this picture:

It fills me with dread, for:

  1. Being multi-culti ('more colours than a tube of smarties' as my old dad says);
  2. Being a posed advertising shot;
  3. It's one of those pics that says absolutely nothing, but big business and mainstream politicos like to use because it's mixed race, young and includes 'fruity' girls.

But Points 2 and 3 pale in significance to Point 1.

Things have been rotten in the State of Denmark for some years with race-mixers, pooves and God knows what else being accepted as "nationalists."

Perhaps I'm just jaded because of all the crud over the years, how nationalists can get taken in by honey-traps like C18, whose leaders were meeting with Searchlight, and then by the Nu-BNP who made pooves and race-mixers "OK" in their rush to become a civic patriot, anti-Muslim pressure group.

Nationalism swung from one extreme to the other, all the time orchestrated if not outright controlled by what we can only term 'Masonic' powers.

It's early days yet I would sincerely love to be proved wrong, but the way things look with the BFP, on top of what is already happening with the pro-Israel EDL and the civic patriot Nu-BNP, I really think nationalism is a fading force.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Child Benefit: the Nationalist Response

How fitting that the Tories should seek to stop Child Benefit for top earners.

Right: George Osborne. Chancellor. Friend of the Rothschilds. Will never take action against the banksters. Traitor.

I'm not going to go on about cutting benefits etc., as I've covered all that before (viz attack the banksters who cause the usury-debt bubble before attacking the poor).

Some will argue that the rich don't need the money, that those earning circa £45K p.a. don't really need an extra state hand-out and "in these difficult times" etc. we can save a few bob.

The not dealing with the banksters (who still have us by the gonads, and could bring this and most other countries to our knees in a matter of days) aside, my worry is this.

Child benefit sends a positive message about having children. Taking it away from some people (whatever the criteria) sends the message that families and children aren't important to society.

We live in a country that is dying. We don't have enough workers to pay the taxes that will pay for future pensions as our society 'greys.'

More children are born to immigrants and non-Whites, whilst the indigenous people put 'careers' or holidays and other creature comforts before our existence as European peoples (the 'I'm alright Jack' mentality).

So here's the FC idea:

  • Everyone who qualifies can get a generous child benefit, regardless of income.The idea is to promote families and more children amongst all classes (e.g. It is irrelevant to you if your forefathers were rich or poor - merely that they were indigenous White Europeans).
  • Qualification depends on wedlock and the children being to the same parents. This will promote stability and reduce the "multiple partner" mums getting hand-outs.
  • The benefit is only open to Europeans whose parents (i.e, one or more grandparent on each side) were born here. This will mean a reversal of the decline of the White population.
  • Africans and Asians can receive a similar benefit: one of resettlement to their lands of origin, with funds to help their housing etc. 'back home'.
All will be carefully costed by stopping our involvement in pointless, needless wars and by refusing to pay any more of the ridiculous, scandalous national debt.

What d'you think? It's a vote winner!

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Germany Just Paid Off WW1 Usury Debt


  • Do you think the banks aren't behind wars?
  • Do you think usury is fair?
  • Do you think taxes should go on war/usury debt?
Something is rotten! We are all taxed simply to pay endless bank debts run up by traitor politicians.

Right: Merkel is another traitor politician who puts the banksters profits before the welfare of the German people and nation.

BBC News

Friday, 1 October 2010

Capitalism is a Con Trick: Ask the Irish

We all pay tax as we earn, buy and die. Tax goes into a bottomless pit to pay usury-debt. The banks control the system, nations, governments. The governments collects tax. The tax goes into a bottomless pit...

And so the cycle goes on ad nauseum!

Right and Below: The politicians all try and score points against each other, but the truth is that they will all raise taxes and cut services rather than stop paying usury debt to the criminal banksters and money-lenders. Their first loyalty is to the banking system not the people they claim to serve.

Look at Ireland.

Ooh wasn't the Celtic Tiger the be all and end all? It was billed as a Brave New World for the Irish. Join the Euro, become a modern country, make the big league, be awash in money! Money was the new god.

All their troubles, their agrarian, Christian past - all so medieval, backwards, insular and... er... mono-cultural. All would end.

The new, rich, advanced, progressive, multi-culti and rich Ireland was on the scene. Oh how wonderful it all was!

Yet it was all an illusion. Ireland was being mortgaged by greedy bankers. Their freedoms were being sold to the Stalinist EU. Their very 'Irishness' was being destroyed by waves of immigration.

But all this was OK as long as the money rolled in. Most people are fickle you see. Give them success, money, good times - and they will put up with a lot they normally wouldn't.

A political party can be corrupt, nepotistic, cronyism can run rife, principles be betrayed: as long as elections are won. But take that away and the grumbles start.

Well, the Irish now have plenty to moan about. As taxes rise, unemployment rises and negative equity rises.

What a mess.

It is time that all nationalists in all nations started educating fellow patriots about usury-tax and the con going on.

Almost everything else is a side-show or consequence of this con.

The New Unhappy Lords are ruling over us, taxing us, destroying our lands, bribing our politicians.

The whole rotten edifice must be questioned, otherwise we are wasting our time.

Two Classic 1920s Britons Library Reprints

Two new reprints are just in:

  • The Hidden Hand
  • Jewry Uber Alles
Both are reprints from the 1920s and detail the struggle against Zionism.

They contain much of interest, and show that whilst times have indeed changed, much remains the same.

These two papers, from the well respected Britons Library (aka The Britons/Britons Publishing Society, active in the early part of the 20th Century) are a must for nationalists, patriots, students and researchers.

Along with other historic and informative papers and magazines they can be found at the link at the bottom of this piece.

For info how to order online or other merchandise queries, please email


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