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Narnia, Nick Clegg and Why 70% Need to Fight Back

Offensive? Hardly!
Putting my feet up today, I took the opportunity to watch the latest Narnia film, The Voyage of the Dawntreader. The critics had slammed the film, so I wasn't expecting Braveheart or anything. Yet I was pleasantly surprised.

It kind of reminded me of the pooh-poohing of the original Narnia film, the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. This seemed to have more to do with the film's 'Christian themes' than the quality of the film itself which was pretty good.

While "the critics" heap praise on films that promote all manner of twisted agendas, outright blasphemy, and even the "torture porn" of films like the Saw series (by Eli Roth), we are supposed to join in their contempt for any film that features Christian themes. Not even overtly Christian films like The Passion of the Christ (which they loathed!) but simply films with Christian 'themes.'

They act like Nick Clegg coming across a 'traditional' family, curling his lip and dismissing them as "from the 50s" (does he mean the 1850s, 1550s, 850s or any other century when the family existed and wasn't "same sex oriented etc. etc.?)

Why is that? Is this because we are facing a cultural war by the offspring of the 1960s Marxist 'Frankfurt School'? When the family and Christianity is to be sneered at - but anything that promotes homosexuality, multi-culturalism and atheism is to be cheered from the rooftops.

I read online that a report says that Christians count for 70% of the UK population, whilst atheists and agnostics number 20%. You wouldn't think so to look at the media. The output, especially through the BBC, political, cultural and current event programmes, is vehemently atheist and anti-Christian.

Isn't it time that we all - nationalists, patriots and 'men of goodwill' - started fighting back, in whatever way we can, to undermine the ringleaders of the 20%, the militant atheists and Marxists, who are seeking to further undermine our Christian heritage and removing the family as the bedrock of any sane nation?

Their sneering at our families, and their pouring scorn on anything of value is an affront to decency. We must all fight back, within our families, within our communities.

They are cultural Commissars and like the Bolshevik atheist ones of 90 years ago their goal is to destroy anything decent. Enough is enough.


P.S. The author of the Narnia books, C.S. Lewis, cited G.K. Chesterton as a major reason for his embracing Christianity. If you get the chance read C.S. Lewis's The Screwtape Letters, they are very enjoyable and somewhat informative! To understand GKC's influence, read Orthodoxy a book he wrote before his own conversion.


Anonymous said...

I don't think Eli Roth had anything to do with the Saw series, although he is famous for creating Hostel part 1 and 2, which are also a pile of horse dung.
I think It was Chesterton's book, "The Everlasting Man", that played a major part in Lewis' conversion, albeit he never actually converted to the true faith. In any case, it was still instrumental in him rejecting atheism and I believe a little bit of recognition has to go out to Tolkien who was a good friend to Lewis. No doubt, Tolkien's conservative Christian beliefs were of some influence to Lewis.

Catholic Militant said...

"Isn't it time that we all - nationalists, patriots and 'men of goodwill' - started fighting back"

FC, when are you going to realise that there's a very distinct line between Nationalism and true Christianity in this country? Talking from experience, I can tell you now that most Nationalists actively involved with any given group or party are for the most part Atheist, some claim "Paganism" but it's mostly a fondness of the imagery rather than any real spirtual belief and at best, there are a handful of Protestants that loosely profess belief in "Christian values" (whatever they are today, especially in the COE). This is all based on the meetings I've attended from London to Leeds and the countless gigs and socials I've travelled far and wide for in the past 7 odd years. It's a generalisation but a realistic one. Can you think of any key players in todays Nationalism that are obvious Christians? I can't, quite the opposite if anything! This is why Nationalism has and always will, fail in this country. It's completely Godless! The decent types such as Derek Holland and co realised this a long time ago and concentrate on the spirtual struggle now. Rightly so!

What really needs to happen is that Catholics, who still number in the millions in the UK, should rise up and fight for the Kingship of Christ! Man made, futile politics are dead and they lead to nothing but nothingness.

Traditional Catholicism is on the up in many European countries. Even though we in the UK suffered heavilly during and after the Judeo-Masonic reformation, with faith, action and prayer, we can enjoy a rebirth here too! God willing.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Final Conflict. May your New Year be happy and White!

You are correct about the militant athiests and Marxists. Unfortunately, we encounter these pretenders, many who are probably not White at all (and if they are, so many of them are not truly White-minded). Most are probably more attuned to Marx than they are to White people, and many probably are Talmudic hasbarats.

Even assuming that they are "whites" who are trying to impose athiest agendas, we are not being allowed our Christian traditions in our secular way of daily living, and we don't agree to either SECULARISM or ATHIESM being imposed in a superior position within and upon our life.

I encountered one particularly irksome pretender to athiestic "Whiteness" at an American site, and was able to quiet his pretenses, or at least expose his agenda, with the following response.

I’m very suspicious of all of these jews who try to blanket the White man’s Christianity with the cloak of jewish hatred. There are many things about the jew’s so-called “religion” which are more worthy of attack than real Christianity.

Why are they not attacking them? The so-called satanists who parade as Christians, but who support the jews (who Jesus Christ branded as being of their father, satan), and who call themselves “christian-zionists”, are certainly worthy of being attacked. More than that, however, are the jews themselves with their hypocrisies which try to hide the true nature of the jew system, which is not religious at all. The jews are who it is who would attempt to cloak true Christianity in the guise of being jewish, and there is no secret that they do try to do that.

I suspect heavily that there are many jews who try to infiltrate among White groups, and attempt to remove unaware Whites from the religion which the White race has, during it’s long history, found to be a source of unifying strength against the crafty treasons of the jews.

That preaching against American traditions and Christianity is what jews do, too! They have been very successful in not only subverting the churches, but in subverting people’s memories of what Christianity really was. In America, at least, Christianity was always veiwed as being a White man’s religion, and similar to American government. That is – of, by and for Whites, who WERE the Americans in the White American minds, although there was room for others (in their own places) who wanted to participate in Christianity as a religion, so long as they didn’t interfere with, or try to join White churches. I didn’t see any major changes in attitudes that way until the sixties, though I’m now aware that subversions began much earlier.

The jews operate primarily based on the Babylonian Talmud. It’s called that because it has been the guide, adopted by those pretenders of judaism, since Babylonian days. The jews attempted to co-opt the Bible and convert it into propaganda for jewry through the “adoption” of the first five books of the Bible, which they refer to as the Torah.

For some reason, many of these newly discovered (who call themselves various names as if they are White people) haters of Christianity hate the Bible and Christians, but preach against the jews “religion” and “religious books” so very little, if at all.

[I'll continue in a comment to follow since it is longer].

Anonymous said...


Christianity is always an individual’s choice, since no one can compel him to a relationship of faith to Christ. The jews teach secularism so that man’s only hope of “salvation” on earth is through the state, which is, of course, controlled by them.

It is a crafty strategy. It catches many people, I’m sure, very unaware. All I can say is use your instinct and your reason before deciding to jump onto another jewish bandwagon.

Another commenter had this response when he encountered some of the more persistently vocal “Baptist preacher” types of Christian haters:

“…some of your stuff is very good amigo but if you bash christianity openly like you know something then you are no better than the irgun red terror murder machine that demolished russia …..germany….and world morality

i’ll keep my religious beliefs to myself if other ignoramises will shut the fuck up with their anti christ regimes on here…..”.

Happy New Year to you, FC.


Anonymous said...

FC, There are some videos and comments at the link below which I think you will want to see, and which will be informative.

"Want to wake up some Zionist Christians? Show them a few of these videos. I don't care if you are a Christian or not as bad as these creatures hate Jesus he must have really been telling the truth about something. Because Jews sure seem to hate the truth, they run from it like vampires from the light. Devout Jews often literally spit upon hearing his name."


Catholic Militant said...

What the hell is "white man's Christianity" Flanders? Is that some kind of Christian Identity rubbish. True Christians don't love and worship Christ because modern Jews hate him? We fight for his reign because he is the light and the truth and offers salvation to all of us. Including Jews and non whites that are willing to wholly accept the truth. That doesn't mean that non-Christian, non-whites should be in White-Christian lands but unless
those that claim the title of "Christian" get a grip on basic theology such as the saviour of souls and the forgiveness of sins etc, we're doomed.

Anonymous said...

That is White man's Christianity, Catholic Militant. It's clear that you don't know what it is about. It existed before your country and ours were turned into garbage dumps. There was nothing about a claimed superiority, because we Whites lived peacefully among each other on a daily basis.

That was at a time previous to the indoctrination into Marxist humanist social thought which so many seem to have no problem regurgitating, as if it actually is Christianity.


Catholic Militant said...

Whilst I'm a Racial Nationalist, the idea that Christianity is non-racial and available to all souls, no matter the host's colour, is basic theology. Prove to me otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Race is my religion!

...and the Pagans want their Winter Solstice back.

Yeshua was born in June anyway.

Anonymous said...

grow up. if your race is your religion then your religion is full of traitors, sell outs and lazy bums.

you dont even know what the pagans did! pagans fought other pagans [Romans V Celts, celts V Germanics etc] and believed different things.

Modern paganism is a construct that can be traced back to one man in the 1940s who took over Alisteir Crowleys org [Ordo templi Orientis?] after the latter's death.

Now grow the hell up. Either this country reverts to Christianity or it will die in a bloodbath of Talmudo-consumerist masonic-equality.

Anonymous said...

Just because some of my race are "traitors, sell outs and lazy bums" does not in anyway dilute my belief in my race, I am not a traitor, sell out nor a lazy bum and I do not associate with any who are, I do not indulge in the 'numbers game'.

And yes, Pagans fought each other, not so much 'in the name of Paganism' but for their respective tribes.

Do not tie in Crowley with Pagans he was not and neither are his Satanic fellow travellers.

Anonymous said...

Yes but your race is your religion. All of it. You dont associate with the druggies, braindead etc. so are they no longer part of your worshipful race?

The only other people who worship their race are the heebs. It's all a bit self-worshipping.

Similarly just like all the tw@ts who say 'might is right' - I suppose they support USSR Communism... as they were stronger than the Nazi Germany they tend to worship wholeheartedly???

Crowley WAS a pagan. His writtings are in the major Wiccan book used at ceremonies. The bloke who invented modern paganism took over Crowley's 'OTO' when he died in 1947.

All the links are there my friend.

And as for pagans, i bet you the Pagan Celtic Druids HATED the pagan Romans who wiped them out! Or was it a love-fest that genocide on Anglesey?

Anonymous said...

"Whilst I'm a Racial Nationalist, the idea that Christianity is non-racial and available to all souls, no matter the host's colour, is basic theology. Prove to me otherwise."

Catholic Militant, just call yourself a Universalist Romanist, and get it over with!

Clearly, as Hilaire Belloc noted, 'EUROPE is the Faith; the Faith, EUROPE.' Something the post-Vatican II trolls don't want the laity to know, believe, or practice.
My series on the Incarnation of Christ is a needed corrective to skewed beliefs that universal jurisdiction is valid, just as universal salvation is either desired, or ordained by YHWH God Almighty. And don't know Christian Identity, when the patristics and Europe's finest saints held to just such views, before the Pope apostatized in 1054 AD.

- Fr. John+

Anonymous said...

Talking of Atheists, I hear that top God Mocker Christopher Hitchens croaked just before Christmas. This is great news, hopefully he'll be followed to hell by Dawkins some time soon.

I hate them with a Psalm 139v 19-22 hatred.

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