Saturday, 30 June 2007

The Glasgow and London "bombs": Iran in the crosshairs?

Only last Wednesday, we at FC reported on the not-so-subtle attempt at stirring up more "clash of civilizations" nonsense, when Salman Rushdie received his gong from the Queen.

Now we're hearing that Rushdie's "knighthood" may have been the primary motivation driving "terrorists" who allegedly planned to attack targets in London on Friday, and Glasgow today.

This all sounds a bit too cosy. Not surprisingly, the announcement stirred up plenty of anger among the ayatollahs and their followers in Iran. So will it now follow that the "attackers" - whose origins we do not yet know (and who seem to have been pretty poor at their job, despite all that multi-million dollar terrorist training we hear about) - will be miraculously revealed as Iranian agents plotting revenge for the rise of Sir Salman?

Already Brown and his friends are making the most of developments by pushing through more "emergency" legislation to keep ordinary people terrified of their shadow while stripping away their freedoms. And if the word Iran pops up, no doubt Zionist Dave Milliband will be perfectly placed to bang the war drums against the neo-cons' latest target.
Blame us not if we suggest that the events of the past few days are the opening lies in the run-up to Iraq II. Meet the new boss: same as the old boss.

Gordon Brown is a Zionist Too!!!

So we have the "I'd laugh if it weren't so sick" situation of the international war criminal Tony Blair being carted off to a cushy sinecure as 'peacemaker' to the Middle East when he and others won't even recognise the legitimate Hamas government as chosen by the Palestinian people, when Britain has always rushed (and gushed!) to recognise Israel - born out of anti-British and anti-Arab terror.

It's clear from the article below (click on the link!) that Gordon Brown is as slanted and skewed in his approach to Israel and the Middle East as the war criminal who preceded him.

(pictured here: the Banksters Greenspan and Brown: guilty of continuing the biggest fraud in history and keeping our people taxed to death).

Brown may try and placate the left-wing of his party via his foot shuffling whilst Blair suckled on the Neo-Cons teats: but Brown was part of the regime that started the illegal war against Iraq, and it's clear that Brown is as sickeningly pro-Zionist as Blair is.

Don't be fooled. We've swapped one appeaser of Israeli terror for another.

"Will we ever get the chance to have a Prime Minister who is anti-Zionist?" you may ask.

Tut tut oh innocent reader! That's not what their parliamentary democracy is about!

Whatever next? You'll be asking for a PM who isn't a Freemason, or who doesn't defend the indefensible multi-culti nightmare.

Anyway - would we want to elect an anti-Zionist? Look what happened when the Palestinians voted in Hamas or when George W Bush said he would make America more isolationist.

One nation was invaded and suffered civil war, the other was attacked by "Al Qaeda."

Anyone who doesn't see the Star of David behind the wars and terror is a buffoon: or an Israel Firster.

British premier stresses his pro-Israel credentials
"British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has appointed Israel apologists to key positions and has been at pains to reassure British Zionists of his support and affection for Israel"

London Olympics: Multi-Culti Propaganda

Nice to see the London Olympics 2012 are pushing all the right multi-culti buttons.

Their website shows two coloureds with the Union Flag (see pics).

Right on!

Many media and social commentators are moaning that the London Olympics will take multi-millions out of the National Lottery coffers - which would normally go to small local projects.

Have you ever had the misfortune to see the National Lottery form for applying for grants?

You have to show how your project will benefit "minorities." You have to show how many "minorities" you employ. etc. etc.

Now fair enough - I haven't seen the form for a couple of years, but I can't imagine it improving.

At the time the dude whose signature was on the accompanying paperwork was one Oppenheim.

Who are these rich, government-linked, quango-squatting enemies of our nation who decide that grants should be made to "good causes" which benefit "minorities?"

No wonder the Olympic 2012 website has so many non-Europeans on it! It's probably a contractual obligation to the National Lottery kosher-crowd in order to grab all that wonga.

Nice to know our taxes are spent, yet again, on promoting the multi-culti nightmare!

I once wondered when the big businesses would start sponsoring drugs gangs as the next step up from publishing multi-culti race-mixing adverts: but thinking about it, they already are!

The drugs gangs' gangsta rap is published by Sony and all the other big record labels who make millions out of peddling songs glorifying drug violence; and the swaggering tooled-up drive-by hoodlums seem to be sponsored by Nike and all the other sweatshop-labour using multi-nationals...

What a joy to live in the Capitalist age!

Still at least we can enjoy Chicken Tikka Massala. And yes: I am being ironic!

No Explosives in London Car Bomb[s]

From last night's FC e-zine [#2884]:


Early reports state that with no explosives the car bomb[s] in London would
have made a loud bang, but been of no serious damage-making capability.

The fact they did not even ignite speaks of some amateur
terrorist-wannabes, perhaps seeking to give Gordon Brown some kind of
warning and/or to keep Iraq and other issues in the news.

Of course, the idea that agent provocateurs or some secret state agency
[foreign or domestic] could also be at work should not be excluded.

An interesting insight into the London car bomb[s]:
London Bomb--What a Crock of Crap!!

Friday, 29 June 2007

Car Bomb in London

So a car bomb has been found in Piccadilly.

Let us assume that it was the act of "terrorists" and not some security agency (domestic or foreign) nor some copycat nutter(s), nor some disgruntled ex-employee.

(pictured here: more Terror in Lebanon. As Lebanese civilians faced total war from a nuclear power, the British government stayed silent).

Already the talking heads in the media and government spokesmen (sorry - government spokespeople!) are talking about "the threat we face from international terrorists."

Can I cool things down a bit?

Let me, first of all, add some clarifications?

1. I have regularly commuted to and worked in that area.

2. I have regularly lunched in that area; including the club (Tiger Tiger) outside which the car bomb was placed (though more regularly a greasy-spoon cafe down a side street there).

So this event and place isn't an abstract for me. As when I traveled on the tubes and buses during the days of the London bombings (actual and/or prevented/faked) I do know the places and am one of the people "targeted."

Don't get me wrong - I'm not claiming to be an eternal "victim" like so many people of a certain belief-system, nor to be an expert like so many government ministers... but I at least have some connection with the events, and as such hopefully my opinions won't be viewed in a vacuum.

OK, so that's out of the way, let's get some things straight:

1. More people are killed and injured by immigrant street criminals in our cities each year than by "international terrorists" - but no government minister ever makes a public statement about the threat from immigrants or from multi-culturalism.

2. Those of us who lived through he 1970s and 80s (I'm a survivor! can I have reparations?) remember the IRA mainland bombing campaigns, and whilst the Provisional IRA gave coded warnings to forewarn the authorities, there were still many deaths and injuries. Yet still there didn't seem as much spin, as much Orwellian newspeak or as much hysteria.

3. When, during the IRA campaigns, knee-jerk laws were passed they acted as recruiting sergeants for the Irish Republicans and when innocent Irishmen were arrested and/or mistreated it did nothing to stop the IRA (who now sit in government offices!)

The government ministers and the security analysts out in media land today will say that we must be eternally aware, that more laws are needed, that more CCTV is needed, maybe even that ID cards are essential...

Let us ignore the fact that 'our' part in illegal Zionist wars of aggression and 'our' silence at Zionist wars of aggression in Lebanon etc. has stirred up hatred against the UK; the issue here is multi-culturalism.

If our politicians hadn't allowed millions of non-Europeans to enter this country we would have no antagonised or ostracised 'communities': whether that be the Muslim Asians whom the kosher-Tories whip-up fear of, or the nominally Christian Afro-Caribbeans, or the Albanians etc. all of whom add a heavy percentage to the street crime statistics of our major cities (as will, my crystal ball tells me, the Asiatic gypsies flooding in from Romania and Bulgaria).

Many people say that, unlike the IRA, Al Qaeda is a myth. It is an 'organisation' created and kept in the public conscience by the CIA and others who work governments and media.

(pictured: a child victim of "the coalition" of which, to our shame, Britain is a part - does the family of this dead statistic view her killers as anything but terrorists?)

The fact of the matter is, without mass coloured immigration we would not face any kind of threat (real or imagined or some strange combination of the two); just as without the illegal creation of the State of Israel and the Orwellian constant-wars fought ever since for Israel's benefit (all of which carried out under the beneficent mantle of the United States) with Britain's collusion, we would not face any "terror" threat, unless of course (like 911) some kind of big attack were staged to bring us "on board."

Just as more Britons are killed by immigrant and non-European street criminals each year, more Britons die in Zionist wars every year.

Today a criminal act was prevented.

Please let's get that in perspective.

Don't let the government, media and assorted Zionist and Kosher pressure groups push for more draconian legislation, justify illegal wars or cement the real terrorist liason - ours with the USA and Israel!

If the government really felt a duty to protect us they would clamp down on the muggers and drug gangs and make our streets safe once again.

Mind you, if this government really felt that human life was worth saving:

  • They would not engage in unnecessary and unjust wars;
  • They would stop the dozens and dozens of thousands of innocent children being ripped apart or poisoned in the womb;
  • They would even bring corporate manslaughter charges against the big business fat cat train operators for preventable accidents that take lives.
The idea that this government is interested in saving lives is a farce.

They just love to milk any opportunity (whoever's behind it!) to promote their Zionist "War on Terror."

Israel destroy another Palestinian Village
Where is the international outcry for this terrorist act?
Who Are the Terrorists?
forum debate

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Capitalists + Socialists = Slavery

Why is it those born with a silver spoon in their mouth are always so keen to tell the rest of us how "property is theft" and the government should take our rights, our property and our freedom from us (aka Socialism)?

I was chatting to a work colleague today and he brought up the example of a friend of his family. This lad comes from a wealthy family. He has always had everything bought for him, and had his university fees paid.

He became a druggy hippy, doped-up more often than not. He dropped out of uni and now travels around on various "right on" campaigns, most of it bank-rolled by mummy and daddy, backed up by hand-outs via the tax-payer.

Of course these kinds of examples are well known. Little mummy's boys and girls all gunked up and traveling the world to fight Capitalism, whilst all-too-Capitalist jobs and properties pay for their lifestyle via mater and pater.

Of course this mirrors the fact that since its inception, Socialism has been bank-rolled by the mega-rich and Capitalist corporations (which takes us onto the whole Kosher nature of Capitalism and Socialism) e.g. in the run-up to the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.

There was an example in a journal recently of the major writer against "globalisation" being published by one of the huge publishing houses - a typical multinational big business!

Many would say, and I would be inclined to agree, that both Socialism and Capitalism aren't about "the people" - neither give two figs for us proles - but about keeping a group of select few (chosen few?) in power.

Capitalism worships the Dollar, Socialism worships the State - but both are against all natural and normal instincts which provide for well-balanced and peaceful communities and nations.

The family becomes an inconvenience, faith becomes "superstition," race becomes "hateful," nationalism becomes "backwards" and so on - not that Capitalism or Socialism is against misusing any of these in a sentimental way when they need to (the ends always justify the means for the Terrible Twins of Capitalism and Socialism).

Years ago Hilaire Belloc wrote that we were headed for the Servile State.

Capitalism and Socialism, according to Belloc, were both headed for systems whereby the workingman would become little more than a cog in a machine.

Little could Belloc have realised that things would get so bad. The rich, the big businesses, the banks own more and more - and the people are mortgaged and in debt as never before.

Meanwhile Socialism has crept in everywhere with more government control, more needless laws encroaching our basic and ancient freedoms, more anti-national, anti-family and anti-race laws passed.

And who runs this Capitalist/Socialist nightmare which is attacking everything we hold dear?

Gordon Brown's government is up to its eyeballs with the "usual suspects," as well as being in the pockets of all the usual vested interests.

A coterie of Zionists and big businessmen are in this "new government" already.

I already touched upon the role of Sir Ronald Cohen (taking over fundraising from Lord Levy!). Now we find out that Gordon Brown has started a business advisory council - to give the government advice on new laws.

This body is crammed full of big businessmen and corporate fat cats, including Sir Alan Sugar as well as head honchos Rose and Leahy from Marks and Spencers and Tescos respectively. All Jewish big businesses thus far... plus there's Damon Buffini who, like Sir Ronald Cohen, is a multi-millionaire because of asset stripping companies (aka chucking workingmen on the dole for profit).

Just what this country needs! More laws passed for the benefit of the mega-rich, mostly kosherised, big businesses!

Meanwhile Brown's deputy is 'Ms.' Harriet Harman (pictured) - like so many other Labour bigwigs, the product of rich parents, private fee-paying schools etc. She also chose to send her children to private schools.

As I've said before, why is it those in charge of state schools, the NHS etc. so often choose not to use them? Because they can buy their way out? It is a system built on hypocrisy!

And our new Foreign Secretary is David Milliband, whose rich Marxist Jewish parents "fled Europe" and owned multi-million property in London...

To add to this "Champagne Kosher Socialism" Miliband's brother Ed is also in the cabinet.

Capitalism and Socialism are two sides of the same coin. Nationalists have said that for many decades now.

The thing is, these days, they don't even try and hide their differences in some kind of cold-war-era charade.

Capitalism and Socialism are now bosom buddies, with police state powers going cap in hand with the rule of the bankers.

It would seem this synthesis of our enemies (most acutely observed in the European Union) is hastening the day when they think they will rule all (brushing aside the wishes of whole populations - like France and the Netherlands - as they rush headlong on their way to their nirvana).

Seems like we'll have more Socialist overlords from our moneyed elites for the foreseeable future passing yet more laws which restrict our freedoms...

The Servile State by Hilaire Belloc

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

White Power Shirts!

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For a youth who were used to Marxist teachers pushing multi-cult guilt trips, Skrewdriver were a breath of fresh air: a band prepared to buck the trend and ignore the inducements, bribes, threats and blacklists of the music industry.

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Salman Rushdie - Kosher Plot

Yesterday's FC e-zine (if you don't get it - you should!) had details and a link to an article stating who the people were behind the decision to give the writer Salman Rushdie his gong from the Queen.

Surprise surprise, a gang of people who might possibly have allegiance to Israel sat on the board who made the decision which had people throughout the Mid East and further afield up in arms.

Even countries who are "our allies in the War on Terror" (sick buckets filling steadily?) such as Pakistan were annoyed, to say the least.

Of course, should anyone point to the same link with the "Danish" anti-Islamic cartoons (run by a Jewish editor) - with the links between the Danish secret services and Mossad well-documented - would, no doubt, be labeled an anti-Semite.

Ho hum.

Well, I suppose if I am forced to wear that mantle so be it, arguments about philo-Semitism and the definition of a "Semite" aside (I bear no ill will to Semitic Arabs and their political lobby groups because they haven't tried to take over my government by stealth, or tax my people to death via the banking system, or send my kinsmen off to die in unnecessary foreign wars etc. ad infinitum).

I just find it interesting that whenever these things are stirred up here, in Denmark, in Lebanon, in Iraq, in Occupied Palestine, in America etc. there is virtually always the same hidden hand.

Never mind, I'm sure the (anti-Christian, Freemasonic) Anti Defamation League of B'Nai B'Rith (ADL) will bring out a report stating how more people hate Israel and so more people are anti-Semites - yes, even the Semitic Arabs!

A recent report even stated that anti-Semitism was rife in Israel amongst Russian and East European (Jewish!) emigres who ended up doing the scummy jobs that Israelis didn't want to do!

Oh the hatred!

Blair the Peacenik? Part 4

According to reports on the Beeb the Irish teashop (trans: leader) Bernie Ahern - who bestowed a chair at Liverpool University (to the tune of £5M) for his chum Anthony Blair QC - has said that Blair will take the post of Mid East Peacenik.

What a fantasy world we live in! If I were a Palestinian I'd feel like I'd been shat on from a great height by the USA and its Zionist allies (again!).

Seems the reward for war crimes is cushy, well-paid jobs - as long as you fight wars for the Zionists and not against them (ask Captain Erich Priebke, Kurt Waldheim, John Demjanjuk etc. etc. all of whose alleged "crimes" pale in significance to Blair's actual crimes).

Pictured here: Palestinian officials show their allegiance to anyone fighting Zionism!

Blair the Peacenik? Part 3

Sorry to drag you back there, dear reader, but the more I think about this Blair business the more perturbed I get.

Here at FC Towers there's been much cogitation and deliberation as conspiracy theory buffers against conspiracy theory.

At the moment here's my favourite line of thought (can you hear the cogs whirring?):

1. The Neo-Cons want Blair as their Mid East "Peacemaker."

2. If this happens great (for them!), but they know there's a lot of resistance.

3. If he fails to get this job in such a contentious area, he can then "fall back" on the job of EU President.

4. The EU will like this because Blair is a Europhile, and just surrendered more 'national sovereignty' to the Soviet Union of Europe in what was essentially a new constitution by the back door.

5. The Neo-Cons will like it too - as it'll give them a foot in the door and some influence in the non-Neo-Con EU.

6. So unless something untoward happens, the Neo-Cons will end up with their man - Anthony Blair QC the war criminal - as the kingmaker in the Mid East or head of the EU; either position essential to the Neo-Con war aims.

So unless (please God!) something forces this particularly Kosher train off the rails, it's a case of "heads they win, tails we lose."

Still, all is well. For President Bush gave an interview in which he made it clear that Blair is not his poodle. The interview was in? ......

... The Sun!

Oh! All is well then! Why on earth are we worried? ;-)

The picture above shows exactly why Anthony Blair QC rushed through parliament the scandalous bill to "legalise" civil partnerships. Is he now free to legitimise his tryst with Skull & Bonesman George W. Bush?

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Blair the Peacenik? Part 2

I feel vindicated. I have to drink it in and wallow in my contentment as this is a rare affair!

The talk today is all about Anthony Blair QC being made a peace envoy for the UN, USA, EU and Russia to the Middle East!

I was in the car listening to a phone in show in which a rep of some Zionist group (possibly Labour friends of Israel) ex-MP Lorna Fitzpatrick if I caught the name right said what a great idea it was.

Yet again though the peoples of these islands saw through the spin and it was hilarious to hear the comments coming in about it.

People are as angry, bemused and gobsmacked as I am.

The war criminal and mass-murderer is to be made some sort of "peace envoy?"

You really couldn't make it up!

No wonder America is gung-ho for the idea: Blair has always been their poodle.

Would Israel stand for an envoy responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Jewish people?

Not on your nelly!

Yet the Neo-Cons and Zionists would have us believe that Blair is a wise choice! Those people really do live in a bubble!

Fitzpatrick even had the gall to say that Palestinians in favour of peace and who recognise Israel (Fatah) should now be rewarded and that the Fatah emergency government were people that Israel and "the world community" could now deal with.

She forgot to mention that Hamas were the ones democratically elected.

Or that Fatah were discredited because they were corrupt and seen as "Israel's men."

Would any other situation be tolerated whereby an elected government were overthrown by the ousted corrupt one, with backing from its nuclear-power neighbour and regional bully?

Not that Tony Blair will care.

He's the Zionists' man!

Sunday, 24 June 2007

New Labour: Same Old Same Old

Have the Labour Party learnt nothing?

Has Gordon Brown learnt nothing of Blair's scandals?

Oh today we had a nice speech, carefully crafted, to show how Brown is "new."

And pig's have wings in abundance. This is yet more spin - as Brown spins that this means the end of spin!

How else can he say he understands the concerns of communities facing change (nice words for people swamped by immigrants) whilst saying in almost the next breath how proud he is of the liberalisation of society, and of his commitment against "racism."

This really was the "all things to all men" speech worthy of Tony Blair himself!

Why is it whenever politicians say they're "listening" you know they won't do anything for us - but only for big business, immigrants, homosexuals and all the other special interest groups that tick the right boxes?

Mr. Blair is leaving office. Behind him he leaves the investigations centred around his fund-raiser "Lord" Levy.

As Mr Brown takes office there is fresh unease over the man he has chosen as his fundraiser, "Sir" Ronald Cohen (pictured here).

The more things (so we're told) change, the more they stay the same.

Today's Sunday Telegraph says the Charity Commission are investigating Cohen's Charity (the Portland Trust) set up "to promote peace and stability between Palestinians and Israelis."

Cohen made his millions in Apax, a private equity firm - aka the rampant buy and sell-off arm of Capitalism which makes obscene profits via asset-stripping companies and throwing workingmen on the dole.

Only this week the cream of the asset-stripping Capitalists were harangued by MPs and asked why, in the boastful words of one of them, they "pay less tax than their cleaners."

Interestingly the other Trustees of the Portland Trust are businessman "Sir" Harry Solomon, the "historian" (and kosher holocaust promoter) "Sir" Martin Gilbert and David Freud an ex-banker.

Spot the Palestinian eh?

Yet more sleaze and yet more Kosher dodgy dealings at the heart of this government. Seems New New Labour is set to be a carbon copy of New Labour.

We shouldn't be surprised, but we should be outraged.


Watchdog to look into Cohen's Charity

Ronald Cohen at Yad Vashem bash

Brown and Cohen at Jewish Schools bash

Cohen at Yad Vashem in Israel

Capitalist Asset-Stripper and Tax Avoider at HM Treasury

Puff-piece on Cohen sponsored by Coutts Bank

Saturday, 23 June 2007

Wars on Drugs & Terror

Some may think that events in Afghanistan are (figuratively) a million miles away and - aside from dead servicemen - have no real impact on our lives.

As I was bitterly reminded recently, they are wrong.

I'm not talking about the so-called "war on terror" - a CIA/Mossad joint venture to achieve certain Zionist ends.

I'm not talking about the fact the the British Ambassador in Kabul says our troops will be there for 30 years.

I'm not even talking about the stirring up of anti-West elements who may seek to attack America/Israel and their allies because of the Neo-Con wars.

No, I'm talking about the here and now, of the lives of people in our communities, in our families and of the impact on the rest of us through an endemic crime wave.

I refer of course to the heroin flooding into Europe and North America from Afghanistan.

Remember the days of the "evil" Taliban? The days when Neo-Cons dictated that the Taliban were no longer trusted (talks to build oil pipelines had fallen through)?

We were told that heroin production in Afghanisan was at unacceptable levels. Of course, since Afghanistan became a democracy (the new god of our age) and our forces of "law n order" moved in, with their Afghan puppets in control in Kabul, heroin production has - increased!

Perhaps we misunderstood when the Neo-Cons said heroin production and exportation was at "unacceptable" levels? Were they being frank in hinting that they wanted to see more exported - provided that they had even more of a role in controlling the trade and the profits?

But, to be serious, they certainly intimated that if they took over Afghanistan, and ousted the Taliban, then they would curb this horrific trade.

But surprise surprise, even on this one issue, the "war on terror" has failed. Was it always destined thus in some arcane-style CIA-plot to maximise profits? Or is this just more ineptitude of huge proportions? Or some kind of bizarre mixture?

Regardless. facts is facts.

Our much beloved (I'm being ironic - for any literate Fox News viewers stumbling in here) leaders have lied to us again. As heroin floods out of Afghanistan, it is our communities that are affected.

But why should I worry about this now, when Afghanistan is relegated to the second layer of news, despite ongoing attacks and servicemen deaths?

I had a phone call from an old friend and he asked if I remembered someone from our school days. The name rang a bell and after ransacking my much (and justly!) maligned and rapidly fading memory I did recall the lad. Although not a close friend - he was known to me and my friends and was generally liked.

He died this year from a heroin overdose.

Not having known him since school days I had no idea if he was a long-term druggy. Perhaps he led a life of crime to fund his habit? Perhaps he had been experimenting after smoking pot for years? Perhaps he had been rejected by a love or sacked from one or jobs?

All I know is that a one-time young kid who was no angel, but certainly not that bad, has died.

This is the third person I've known who has died as a result of hard drugs.

One other, a very close friend in the early 90s, disappeared to join the army after a mutual close friend died of natural causes. Then years later I learnt that he too died of a heroin overdose. I had no idea what we turn him, a really likeable fellow with lots to offer the world, into another sad statistic.

The other was a family friend who was killed by a hard-drug addict. Not long married, he had his whole future ripped away from him.

Now you may or may not be interested in those three sad stories. You may think that two of them deserved their fate, or you may have compassion for them. Obviously I don't know and that's not what I'm trying to address.

The issue here is that despite the pre-war propaganda from the Neo-Cons, their ineptitude, guile, stupidity or greed has resulted in more people in our communities becoming victims of drugs and/or drug-induced criminals.

You may not care about Afghanistan - but you should. It could be your house burgled by a druggy desperate for his next fix, or your friend killed by an addict, or turned into an addict.

I also wonder how many other people know of people killed or murdered as a result of heroin? If I personally know three, there must be a lot more out there...

George W Bush and Tony Blair have many faults as we know.

The failure of their "war on drugs" can be equated and directly related to the failure of their "war on terror."

Whether by omission or commission - perhaps only they and their secretive spooks know - but the fact remains that our people are suffering these failures, day in day out.

Blair has certainly not been "tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime."

We shouldn't be surprised. But we should be outraged!

Thursday, 21 June 2007

President Blair the Peacenik?

Chutzpah, as I understand it, is a Yiddish word meaning someone who goes way beyond "damn cheek."

It's like someone who smears horse poo on your front door - then has the brass neck to charge you double the price to clean it off, and take you to a small claims court afterwards for his dry cleaning bill for an Armani suit he wasn't even wearing at the time - and goes on the TV and radio to say how he still has nightmares involving the stink of horse poo!

Some might raise a smile that the Jews were the ones to have this special word. There have been plenty of examples of chutzpah in the world of business, politics and 'celebrities' - one thinks of someone like "Robert Maxwell" (Jan Ludwig Hoch) who painted himself as a world leader, socialist and friend to the working man - when in reality he was simply a greedy capitalist, Mossad-agent and one of the biggest thieves of his age (he robbed thousands of pensioners of their Mirror Group pensions, leaving them destitute).

It takes a mix of ruthlessness, smarm and charisma to truly pull off grand acts of chutzpah and there are relatively few who can do it convincingly - and get away with it.

Oh many try - especially in the worlds of business and politics. We all know (or know of!) more than a few fly-by-night cowboys who move from one get-rich-quick scam to the next, the kind of people who would steal a granny's purse, take the money, then hand in the empty purse to much acclaim as a good citizen.

Now we have (perhaps) the greatest living practitioner of chutzpah about to move off to his next scam.

But before I cover that, let's look at what he's done most recently and how he's pulled it off (beginning your pardon ma'am).

I refer of course to the lawyer (why have so many shysters got law degrees in their back-pockets?) Anthony Blair QC.

This is a man who lied his way to one of the most unjust wars in history. You all know about the dodgy dossiers, the dead Dr Kelly, the roughshod treatment of the UN votes, resolutions and weapons-inspectors and so on - ad nauseum.

Yes, St. Anthony of Westminster has a lot of innocent blood on his hands: but not just in Iraq.

Yesterday the media told us that abortions in the UK had risen by 4% last year. I think the figure is now circa 160,000 dead babies each and every year.

St. Anthony of Westminster is rumoured to be converting to Catholicism after he's left his current job (which begs the question - why wait? Surely if you believe something is true, whether Catholicism, Islam or even the Wiccan religion why would you have to wait until you relinquish your present job?)

But let's skip that point. Even if St Anthony doesn't convert (and a priest close to his family claims St Anthony wants to become a deacon in the RC Church!) he still claims to have "strong Christian beliefs" and no doubt there are many Anglicans who feel likewise.

The question here is that should such a person - with his strong Christian convictions who is known to attend (though not partake) in the Catholic Mass - rule a regime in which abortion is increasing (and promoted!).

Moreover, should a Christian have used the Parliament Act to push through changes to the law to promote homosexuality and so-called "rights" for homosexuals?

The Parliament Act has only been used four times, three of them by St Anthony in his Downing Street Vicarage. According to Wikipedia those four times are:

  1. War Crimes Act 1991, which extended jurisdiction of UK courts to acts committed on behalf of Nazi Germany during the Second World War (the only time that the Parliament Acts have been used by a Conservative government).

  2. European Parliamentary Elections Act 1999, which changed the system of elections to the European Parliament from first past the post to a form of proportional representation.

  3. Sexual Offences (Amendment) Act 2000, which equalised the age of consent for male homosexual sexual activities with that for heterosexual and lesbian sexual activities at 16.

  4. Hunting Act 2004, which prohibited hare coursing and (subject to some exceptions) all hunting of wild mammals (particularly foxes) with dogs after early 2005.
Now why would a "committed Christian" use such strong arm tactics to give homosexuals the right to bugger 16 year old boys?

As an aside - look at those four usages of the Parliament Act.

They speak volumes about the abuse of any vestige of real democracy by the politrickians to push their totalitarianism for vested interests against common sense.

According to journalists, St Anthony of Westminster now begins each of his 'Prime Ministers Question Time' session in the House of Commons (each Wednesday) by reading a list of the servicemen who've given their lives in his wars.

This is gold-plated chutzpah for the following reasons:

1. It is an attempt to solemnise the proceedings - which should be about the cut and thrust of debate and the bringing-to-book one of the most sly Prime Ministers ever.

2. He is responsible for their deaths. Would anyone else guilty of murder (or at least manslaughter) dare to be so bold?

3. He has yet to read out lists of the Iraqi and/or Afghan innocents who have died. Let's assume he doesn't know their names - but not even a head-count.

War criminal is not too strong a term. It is what St Anthony is. He embarked on an illegal war, on highly questionable pretexts, on the coattails of the American Neo-Con brigade.

His actions have killed more British people than any "terrorists" (Muslim or otherwise), yet this mass-murderer, this apologist for homosexuality, this leader who acquiesces in mass-abortion of the innocents still tries to paint himself as a "good Christian" and a peace-maker.

So what is next for St Anthony of Westminster?

Well as I said there is already talk of him becoming a deacon in the RC Church. Imagine having a war criminal at your wedding or funeral? And would he, as someone who gave the thumbs up to the abortion of at least a million babies in his 10-year-reign, be barred from communion (an idea promoted by Church leaders in Scotland and Wales).

But there's more (just when you thought your vomit bucket was full, fit to burst).

There have been two further moves for St Anthony mooted.

One is as the new President of the European Union (and don't get me started on the EU liars and their chutzpah in pushing through their new constitution by the back door!).

Imagine Gordon Brown taking over as PM only to find his real boss, at the head of the EU, one Anthony Blair!!! Zoiks!

Imagine Blair the Europhile given this peachy job as a reward for all his years of keeping us in thrall to the EUrocrats?

There's more though. The American media broke a story yesterday that St Anthony might become the peace envoy to the Middle East, acting on behalf of the EU, USA, Russia...

Imagine that?!?!

The man who started an illegal war for Israeli interests which has resulted in hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis being touted in Palestine as a "man of peace."

That really is the cherry on the cake. The fact that the idea is even being contemplated by Bush and Co., let alone leaked to the media as a good idea, just shows us what a bubble these people live in.

And we all thought it was bad enough when Blair sent the Jewish Lord Levy (currently at the centre of the 'cash for honours' scandal) as his 'envoy to the Middle East.'

Incidentally, £6K of tax-payers money was used to pay for Lord Levy's leaving party. What a great use of your - and my - money!

So as St Anthony seems to have finished his world tour (while he lectures us about our "carbon footprints"!) and has said his final farewells to his cabinet colleagues we must be prepared to see where he will pop up next.

What juicy directorships will he take? What church will he attempt to fool into forgiving crimes he has never even apologised for, and never sought to right any of the wrongs? What post will he take on the behalf of the EU or Mr. Bush?

Tony Blair QC is a war criminal. Tony Blair QC has the blood of over a million babies on his hands. Tony Blair QC has rail-roaded all manner of anti-family and anti-national laws onto the statute books.

Yesterday he managed to read out more names of dead servicemen in an air of great solemnity.

Never was a man born who more fitted the Yiddish word chutzpah so well.

150th Soldier Killed in Iraq
Book on Robert Maxwell
Finkelstein's book on the ultimate Chutzpah

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Stuck on You!

FC Stickers

reports reach my venerated ears that FC stickers are bringing in some excellent enquiries - with people getting in touch, reading FC mags, visiting the site etc.

The new FC stickers are certainly eye-catching and everyone who's seen them has commented on them, that they're good slogans, eye-catching, highly effective and easy to use.

At 50p a sheet they are ideal to order in batches of 10 or so sheets, but it seems many people are also just adding a few sheets to larger orders.

So whether you're going to the site specifically to order the stickers, or whether you were going to check out some books, CDs, badges etc. and now think you'd like to grab some stickers too - everyone's happy.

With political correctness (in all its guises) still running rampant, but with more people sick of multi-racial, Zionist, homosexual and other liars and traitors there really hasn't been a better time to spread the word in this quick and easy way!

And what more fun way can you think of bringing more people to the nationalist good news that is Final Conflict?

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Yesterday & Tomorrow

All too often the empty vessels make the most noise.

We've all "heard" them, especially on the internet. People with no sense of ideology, people more interested in party politics than ideals, people with 5 minutes worth of experience demanding to be listened to, and people who should know better but end up as know-nothings.

Nationalists must be aware of their past. This is more important in a sense than being aware of current events and geo-politics.


Because without a firm grasp of our history, and the threads that have been woven together to create nationalism, we cannot frame events -- and with no frame in which to place events, or to put it crudely no nationalist filter to block out all the horse crap, then like so many others on the net we'll be making meaningless noise, or worse - play into the hands of our enemies.

Nationalists must understand and study the past, just as we must understand ideology before we try to implement change, if we are to avoid chaos and treachery.

Books like Yesterday & Tomorrow are an excellent starting place, because this book in particular gives a broad sweep of nationalist thought on various matters and from various countries - all coming together to give a pan-European ideal its grounding.

If you are starting out in nationalism, or if you want to know more and educate yourself about nationalism - you can't go far wrong with this book!

Go get Yesterday & Tomorrow - today!

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Families Need Fathers (and Mothers).

Today is Father's Day in the UK.

Some decry such events as American inventions or a means for shops to sell more The Simpsons tat and other made-in-China shoddy items.

To a degree they are right, but despite the fact that I received no breakfast in bed from the sprogs today (in spite of all my heavy-handed hints and prompts), I think that we need Father's Day today as never before.

In an age when more men than ever act like animals, when chivalry is dead in every sense, when feminism and the pc-brigade have degraded the father's role, and when more children are brought up in single-parent households: it's vital that we all get a reminder of just how important (responsible) fathers are.

I make no claim to be the perfect dad (can I hear the sprogs' cries of protest in the background?) but let's face it, this country needs dads, and good dads, as never before.

There was a time when the dad was the moral guiding force of the family, and whilst feminists decry such times as "patriarchal," the fact was that most families were as much matriarchal.

The mother was (and should be!) the bedrock of every family, the one the children turn to, day in day out, with their cuts and bruises, with their problems and joys.

But look at the dysfunctional ne'erdowells and druggie layabouts today and I bet a large percentage of them had no decent male role model, in the guise of a father.

With no dad to lay down the law when it's needed, to back-up mum when there's problems, and to be there for special events, and to take the children off now and then to give mum a break too - the children will be more likely to grow up with no respect for legitimate authority.

We've all heard of this in the coloured communities in places like London - where dads are rarer than hen's teeth. Of course race, displacement and all the rest of the problems of mass immigration and cultural disenfranchisement comes into the equation... but the lack of fathers and as such, authority and a male role model has helped the rise of the drug dealing, mugging and gun-totting teenagers on our city streets.

The family is central to our communities, to our nations and to our very civilisation. Anyone who says otherwise is an idiot.

The family has to be a partnership, it has to have a mother and a father, if it is to effective and be a place where the children can be raised as well-balanced as possible.

Of course there always has been and always will be single-parent families, just as there has always been orphans and adoptions.

But our task, our goal, should be to create a society where solid families, families blessed with children, become the norm and the idea that those who choose to have single-parent "Lifestyles" get rewarded with constant hand-outs and free houses is brought to an end: rather those families who choose to stay together (through thick and thin) and bring more children into the world (our future workers, tax-payers and professionals) get the rewards.

Fathers For Justice and similar groups say that children need dads. They do. They also need mums. This is nothing new - it's as old as the hills!

So as I munch my way through my paternal bag of wine gums (dispensing occasional ones to the sprogs as they beg and plead) this afternoon I will contemplate the role of the father in society and the stability to communities that well-balanced families can bring.

P.S. My favourite ones are the red ones...

(Pictured right: Me, Mrs FC and the sprogs. How we laughed when I found two wine gums I'd dropped in my beard!)

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Events in Palestine

A friend sent me this to put out on the FC Blog, and who am I to disappoint. It might smack of liberalism to some, but what the heck, it's nice to get things from a more laid-back perspective :-)


Just so that nationalist comrades don't get taken in by the B.S. being spread by the Western media on what is happening in Palestine, here are a few of the facts (Lee "Kall Me Kosher" Barnes will no doubt spout Israel's line soon after).

1. Abu Mazen (Abbas) (pictured), the pathetic puppet President of the Palestinian Authority, has almost no control in the country since his Fatah party lost dramatically in the democratic elections to Hamas. He is, in fact, apart from being a willing puppet of the United States government and Israel, a puppet of Mohammed Dahlan, the head of the so-called Presidential Security Service. Dahlan, in fact, is simply a warlord using Abbas as his cover.

2. Dahlan has a force of around 1,500 men who were armed, months ago, by America and Israel and which has been training in Israel. Dahlan is keen to link up the neo-cons and Israel because he fancies himself in Abbas's shoes. Now that his force has been humiliated in Gaza, perhaps his paymasters will find another dog to bet on?

3. It is Dahlan's forces which have been causing trouble in Gaza for a long time now. Hamas have been remarkably restrained until now. They then decided that Dahlan - a traitor-Judas for Palestinians - had to be taught a lesson. In spite of the fact that Fateh had 70,000 armed men at their disposal in Gaza, Hamas overran them with just 10,000 men. Why? Because they have a vision, they have an ideology and they have the support of most Palestinians. Too many of the Fateh men - which has more factions than Tony Blair has scandals to his record - are simply corrupt, brutal and clueless.

4. Hamas is not a terrorist organization. It is anti-Israel and it is anti-American because of American support for Israel. It was elected not merely by Muslims but by large numbers of Christians too, many of whom could not take the corruption and incompetence of Fateh anymore after 40 years of failure.

5. A friend told me that the Christian religious leaders in Palestine have not only a great respect for Hamas, they have extremely cordial relations with them. That is not an anecdotal story, it was one heard from one of the most senior Christian leaders in the country. Hamas is Islamic as a movement, but wholly Arab nationalist in its outlook. Christian and Muslim Palestinians are, for Hamas, brothers in struggle - and anyone who has bothered to study the day to day work of Hamas will know that the Church is more than happy with the treatment that they have received; treatment that contrasts markedly with the blasphemies, cruelties and infidelities of Fateh gunmen.

6. The new "government" announced by Abbas is a joke. That Mr. Fayyad is another joke is beyond doubt. Educated in America, and a so-called technocrat and modernist, Israel has welcomed him as a real partner for peace. Can it be any plainer that the whole thing is yet another ploy by America and Israel to keep Arab nationalists divided: Iraq, Lebanon and now Palestine.

7. Conclusion: Hamas is genuine, the leadership of Fateh has been bought and paid for (years ago, I might add). The Arab League (better called the "Arabs on their Knees before Israel and America League") is dutifully playing its role: traitors and cowards all, the Arab street will one day pay them all back in coin.



Celebrity Degeneration

Imagine if a celebrity (an actor, a musician or a TV presenter), was exposed in the newspapers as stating that the repatriation of all coloured immigrants would be a huge benefit to all concerned, i.e. that mass coloured immigration had been an unmitigated disaster for the English, and for all the nations of these isles and Europe.

There would be a media-instigated uproar. They would have to make a swift retraction with suitably contrite excuses.

Now look at the media today. George Michael (pictured) and Boy George are just two homosexual "pop stars" well-known for their drug-induced and debauched "lifestyle" who've seen the inside of more than a few courtrooms.

Yet their music and their presence in the media is still promoted by the likes of the BBC.

George Michael even wrote a song about his experience of being arrested for flashing his genitalia in a public toilet at a stranger who turned out to be a policeman... and the BBC (and others) continue to play this song: never mind that it celebrates illegality, never mind that it offends many people.

Or look at the example of Kate Moss, another drug-addled loser - given multi-million pound contracts like that of the Zionist high street Top Shop-owner "Sir" Phillip Green. She's exposed in all manner of dodgy cocaine dealing and using... but retains huge media coverage and vast contracts.

There are any number of degenerates and political extremists promoted and helped by the media. Yesterday on Sky News I noticed that their spokesman on foreign affairs is one James Ruben (pictured) - an American Neo-Con, and his spin on the events in Gaza was crammed full of Zionist claptrap - but incredibly presented as "news."

It seems Sky TV in this country is as twisted and spun as its mother channel, Fox News in America which is a blatant propaganda channel.

So we can have:

Communists and ex-Communists on talk shows and game shows;
Zionists wheeled out for news programmes and late-night discussions;
perverted drug-addicts pumped out of our radios' speakers day-in, day-out;
Europhiles out to hand over what few remaining freedoms we have to an ever-growing power-hungry Socialist bureaucracy;
but state that immigration is a disaster and that immigrants must be resettled... and you won't get a look in!

Democracy gives us the freedom to rattle our chains - and with the BBC, ITV, Sky and the rest of them in charge of 'moulding' public opinion it's no wonder that the country has descended so far, so fast.

Yes we are free: we are free to be as debauched, as degenerate, as drug-addled as we want, as long as we don't rock the boat baby!

Just don't mention the system's sacred cows of immigration, or the Holohoax, or homosexuality.... and you can do virtually whatever you want!

The Romans used bread and circuses to placate the proles.

Our Freemason politicians have their Freemason mates in the media to achieve the same, and with the current plethora of anti-heroes to choose from, no wonder a generation is growing up with no decent role models to turn to.

(right: Mr Smithers-Jones thought the interview for the post of sports-reporter on the Maidenhead Advertiser a little strange...)

Friday, 15 June 2007

God Bless the New World Order?

It was in the reign of George Bush Sr we first had the slogan 'New World Order' bandied around, though - of course - the Novus Ordo Seculorum (dear God, I hope my Latin and my memory haven't let me down, though I suspect both have) as a worldview, as an ideology, as rhetoric had been around for a few hundred years.

Conspiracy boffins will be salivating by now, if not shouting at their computers. Calm down oh researchers of the obscure and the hidden, I won't miss out the obvious.

You see, this New World Order (NWO) was a dream of the Freemasons, the "illuminated ones" who sought to overthrow tradition and stability (painted by them as superstition and slavery) and create this New World Order, a series of States and conglomerations bound to and by Freemasonry wherein people who had "thrown off superstition and slavery" embraced the "freedom" of Socialism, of European Union bureaucracy, of Big Brother-style policing and embraced the "freedom" of putting an X in a box every 4 years to elect one of a few Freemasons and 'democrats,' of having their old ways and communities ripped away from them, and of being drowned under a deluge of filth, depravity, drugs, crime etc.

We, as Nationalists, have long known the the NWO of the Freemasons - which they promised would be some sort of 'brave new world' - would be nothing more than a replay of their previous revolutions, in France, in Russia etc. albeit with more glittering garbage to placate the proles and bubblegum TV to keep people brain dead automatons.

Of course the eternal enemy of Freemasonry has always been Christianity, an obvious statement if you take Albert Pike's word that Freemasonry is basically worship of Lucifer (Pike was Freemasonry's head honcho).

The implications for theology, history and geo-politics are immense when you then consider that many researchers also state that Freemasonry has much of the symbolism, aims and objectives of Judaism.

So it is that in the 20th Century the main country to wield the power of Freemasonry was the United States. Whilst most patriots were pointing at the Soviet Union, what some might call the "Zionification" of America carried on apace, with the result that virtually every strand of Christianity in America has become bastardised, and most American Christians believe that Israel is their "brave" ally and that it is somehow the Christian thing to do, to support Israel!

Much of this is an originally Protestant off-shoot called premillenial dispensationalism. It was this false belief that made American Christians throw off 2000 years of Truth, that the Jews had rejected Christ, to become sycophants of Israel.

Some have called this move to an Israel-First worship of all things American (right or wrong) as "Americanism."

The analogy that best sums up the events of the 20th Century is that of the music world today. Christians and normal people point and shout about people like the losers of Satanist Metal bands with their whacky outfits and over-the-top lyrics, whilst the real degenerates like Madonna and George Michael have their music played on national radio.

In the 20th century too many patriots were so worried about the Soviet behemoth, they took their eyes off the ball and America became a huge force for Zionism, Freemasonry and the power behind the move to a New World Order.

And so we come to the reign of George W. Bush. Like his father before him an acolyte of the New World Order.

It wasn't always guaranteed that this would be so though. Originally this past member of the secretive Skull and Bones society (interestingly the democrat he beat was also an ex-'Bonesman: all hail democracy!) took some quite good lines:

He took a good pro-life line, he was obviously against giving more "rights" to homosexuals, and he also took America on a much more isolationist path. He made it clear that he didn't want to be part of the historic "Pax Americana" movement which saw America involved in wars around the globe.

Anyone who saw the film JFK can just imagine how well GW Bush's call for less war and more isolationism must have gone down in the big businesses, the war profiteer circles, amongst the Freemasons, and most of all amongst those who thought America should pump in money, technology, arms and even go to war if it helped "brave little Israel."

This brings us to "9/11."

The Twin Towers attack was a coup d'etat designed to bring Bush to the Neo-Con crusade. It was designed to reignite the cause of the Pax Americana.

Look at Bush's face as he sat in that primary school trying to read that book (as the kiddies helped him grasp the mix of vowels and consonants) . He realises "Oh crap, this is it!" The powers that he tried to rein in were fighting back. This was their big gamble, their big "terrorist atrocity" to justify constant war for Zionism. This would create the "big bad enemy" that should be fought, the weaponry and the wars would cost multi-billions.

At first I just felt that something was "wrong" with all this. I read some of the conspiracy theories about the Bin Ladens and Bushes; about the planes and the buildings. But this was just something deeper and yet something superficial too.

When viewed from 'above' it just seems all too perfect - from the point of view of the Neo Cons - that 9/11 happened what it did. It paved the way for everything the Neo Cons wanted to happen.

Which brings me to the crux of this blog entry (OK, stop cheering). The Freemasons, the Neo-Cons - all those fighting for their New World Order must have thought that after 9/11 this was "their time."

All they did was giving automatic 'sanctification' by 9/11 (and don't they know it - they still do it to this day, despite everything that has happened). Yet in a way this was their downfall. Drunk with the heady mixture of absolute power and a carte blanche to do virtually whatever they wanted... they began with an obvious and "easy" target of Afghanistan (forgetting that no foreign power has ever come out of that country covered in glory).

Then they twisted events and the facts (just ask Tony Blair the war criminal!) to invade Iraq, also believing this would be "easy" and they rolled into Baghdad relatively quickly without stopping to think this would be a quagmire that would prove their undoing.

Now they are after Iran. Will they? Won't they?

Some of the upper echelons have blinded themselves into thinking that they can repeat the lies and subterfuge of Iraq and get away with it.

History and events can often unfold in ways we never foresaw. They certainly have for the Neo Cons. Right now the New World Order never seemed further away, and I haven't even mentioned the bloody nose the Israelis received when they attempted to steamroller Lebanon.

Years ago I met a very unassuming man, who had brought the fight to Zionists around the world in defence of his own beleaguered ethnic group. To look at him you'd never think he could be such a threat to the powerful elite: yet history has shown that they hated and feared him so much as to bring about his extradition and imprisonment: I'm talking about the courageous and heroic German-Canadian Ernst Zundel of course!

It was in a small café in Toronto enjoying a break after a long time in the 'Zundelhaus' doing interviews and seeing all the workings of a struggle to defend the most defamed diaspora in history (Germans in the 20th Century!) that this man who has a gift for stating the most profound insights in the most simple of language said something which stuck in my mind and which still strikes a chord today.

He said "You know, sometimes the devil can't help but do some good" and in those words were the germinating seeds of what we've lived through after 911 and the wars for Israel.

Drunk on power the Neo Cons have made the American, British and Israeli governments, but especially the Zionist elites that control them, the most despised powers in the world.

Of course we will still suffer their lies, their calumnies, their spin and their self-delusions.

But how many people today will openly speak out against the Zionist policies of Britain and America compared to in the shadow of 9/11? And to a large degree that is the result of the snobbery, of the arrogance, the hatred and the vitriol of the Neo Cons themselves.

Today their dream of a New World Order seems further away than it did 6 years ago.

No doubt these people will reinvent themselves as they have done countless times before, but they have created a generation of people who will never trust the British-American-Israeli Leviathan ever again.

Half-witted Americans fooled by decades of Zionist propaganda and clerics who seem to think God supports the Israeli Christ-Killers will always provide the backbone (and the tax-dollars) to keep Israel afloat but millions of others have had their eyes opened.

Perhaps we'll have another 9/11? The Neo-Cons certainly need one, and that's all the justification they need; certainly some kind of 9/11 with an Iranian-connection would be everything they ever wanted... but will people see through the lies?

I'd like to think that, this time, we might actually understand the lyric of The Who classic song 'We Won't Get Fooled Again' and... erm... not get fooled again.

Time will tell.

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