Saturday, 31 March 2007

Lecomber - Any Answers?

Tony Lecomber Attacks Eddy Butler

Following on from Lecomber asking a known 'hardman' to bump off members of the government... this raises yet more questions about him.

As - again - debate is stifled, I'm posting this here as no cover-up should be allowed.

Infiltrator? Unstable? Either way - nationalists need to be warned as this man had access to many BNP members details.

Stormfront Closes Debate

Comment was posted on Stormfront yesterday highlighting this Blog and the fact that BNP was, again, taking a proto-Zionist line, engaging in bellicose sabre-rattling of a Zionist bent, and (again) fawning over Melanie Phillips.

The thread was closed after circa 20 - 30 minutes!

No rule was broken. Facts were alluded to. Nothing defamatory was published - in fact discussion was recommended.

The truth is that Stormfront UK seems to be run by those who do not want open discussion of the BNP's increasingly Zionist leanings.

We're often told "modern forward-thinking" nationalists believe in "democracy" and they sure dig at other parties who stiffle debate in their ranks (Teflon Tony, Call-Me Dave etc.)

1. Stormfront UK and its BNP moderators clearly stiffle any debate!

2. Pro-Zionist drivel appears on the BNP website which (I've been told by BNP organisers) has to have top-level clearance... Yet no contradictory opinions are allowed, despite some in the BNP (for example) supporting Hezbollah when Israel invaded and pounded Lebanon, killing untold numbers of innocents.

Friday, 30 March 2007

BNP Supports Melanie Phillips

I couldn't believe it!

What goes 'round comes 'round.

Yesterday I wrote an intelligent, charming, humorous, thoughtful, witty, profound... oh and modest (giggle) piece on Melanie Phillips the main Israelophile in the British print-media and why she should really be supporting the BNP.

Scan down dear peruser of the Truth if you dare doubt me...

Well, this very morning a similarly charming colleague sent me an email containing an OFFICIAL BNP statement.

Remember that when you read this: this is a BNP official on the official BNP website!

Look at his pandering to Melanie Phillips. The obsequious nature of this is ridiculous. Are we reading The Sun? The Daily Mail? Some Zionist rag? No... just an increasingly pro-Israel website.

Remember that the BNP also picked up a key Zionist policy when it asked the EU to boycott payments to the Palestinian Authority when the (anti-Zionist!) Hamas was voted in (democratically no less!) to the P.A. government.

To put it bluntly, I'm no longer shocked.

The BNP is now a Zionist entity.

I know of several ex-BNP organisers (branch and regional - and well-regarded ones at that) in England, Wales and Scotland who have quit and are sick to their back teeth of this fawning Zionoid drivel.

But the BNP seems to be following the shekel trail... and wherever it leads!

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING OFFICIAL BNP STATEMENT. Then read my post below on Melanie Phillips, who she is, how she operates and what the BNP has said about her before...

Melanie Phillips and the British National Party: THE STRUGGLE IS ONE! Oy vey!

Here goes, ready the sick-bucket: [emphasis added by FC!]


29th March 2007

News article filed by BNP defence correspondent

What was once the world's most formidable navy has been reduced to a bathtub flotilla by successive post-war governments with a short sighted approach to the nation's defence.

Last week saw the humiliating act of 15 British sailors and marines being seized by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, with further humiliation yesterday when one of the hostages, Leading Seaman Turney, was wheeled out in front of Iranian national tv to read a prepared script in breach of the treatment of prisoners of war under the Geneva Convention.

What most media commentators are refusing to acknowledge is that the hostages are indeed POWs and the seizure of the British personnel was an act of war.

An exception came in the comments, yesterday, of Daily Mail columnist Melanie Phillips who wrote about the weak-wristed response from the Blair regime:

"Britain seems to be in some kind of dreamworld. There is no sense of urgency or crisis, no outpouring of anger. There seems to be virtually no grasp of what is at stake."

She then adds:

"Some commentators have languidly observed that in another age this would have been regarded as an act of war. What on earth are they talking about? It is an act of war. There can hardly be a more blatant act of aggression than the kidnapping of another country's military personnel."

Economic pressure

The EU is Iran's largest trading partner so a threat of economic sanctions - applied immediately would be the most appropriate and convincing act to ensure the safe release of the British hostages.

Instead of action; economic, military or otherwise which would force Iran to hand over our troops all we hear from the effete Prime Minister and his gang of no hopers is that "the UK is not seeking a confrontation with Iran" and "We are not seeking to put Iran in a corner."

"We are simply saying, 'Please release the personnel who should not have been seized in the first place'."

Pathetic - the Labour regime acts as if this were some of birthday party game instead of an international crisis.

Who is calling for war against Iran? The Neo-Cons and Israel... oh, and the BNP! Zoiks!

1.4% are Homosexual

"The largest random sex survey ever conducted has reported that only 1.4 percent of adults engaged in homosexual behavior."

When the faggot lobby state that 1 in 10 are homosexual - they are lying.

Remember this simple fact.

"Recent reports from Scandinavia indicate that the life expectancy of homosexuals is 20+ years shorter than that of heterosexuals," Christian Newswire reported Friday.

Thursday, 29 March 2007

The Curse of Melanie Phillips

Melanie Phillips (left, hereafter MP) is a strange character.

A Daily Mail columnist, she is perhaps the nearest thing we in the UK have to a fully fledged Neo Con. Of course we have our fair share of would-be Neo Cons, but MP ticks most (if not all!) of the right boxes.

She is verging on the far-right. She wails about immigration. She defends "Western values" even to the extent of occasionally speaking up for Christianity (usually the oxymoronic Judeo-Christianity of course, so beloved of our Masonic politicians). She often defends family values.

She is a comfort to the Daily Mail readership who cling to 1950s values, complain you can't leave your backdoor open anymore (no Martin Webster - that is not a euphamism - for Blair and Co. you can leave that "backdoor" open especially in public parks and public toilets where young kids might wander.... but I digress!)

The thing about Melanie Phillips is, like the Neo Cons, she suckers in a lot of Middle England (as they do with the Bible Belt in America) making many arguments which tug at our heartstrings. They are not idiots, they know what is correct and what works, and they use this 80 - 90% to push their poisonous 10% Israelophile propaganda.

Who can disagree when these people complain about immigration? gay rights? declining Christianity? out of control drugs? liberal education policy? knife and gun crime? etc...

Indeed, a pal in the BNP told me that one of their activists wrote in an official BNP journal (which has to have top level clearance) to the effect of 'why oh why doesn't Melanie Phillips support us?'

Certainly the BNP and MP sing from the same hymn book when it comes to the "Muslim Terrorist Threat." There does seem little to separate them today.

The big but with MP is that she is a raving Neo-Con. She is always wheeled out to support Israel when it commits war crimes, to defend US foreign policy when it breaks international law, to bash (ahem) "pariah states" like Iran.

In short MP pushes through the Israeli foreign policy, the exact line of the Israeli/Zionist lobby in the UK/USA on the back of all her defence of 1950s values (democracy, God save the Queen etc.)

Only this week writing in the Daily Mail, MP asked "Why is Britain being So Craven?" in which she all but screamed for military action against Iran for its "act of war" in capturing 15 British sailors/marines (see my last post for my take on that!).

Of course MP screeched about Iranians being active in Iraq -- if only she took the same line with Israeli operatives in Iraq... or Israeli murderers using London businesses as fronts, or Mossad murderers using Canadian passports, or illegal murders in Lebanon (etc. etc.)

You see for Israel, sorry MP, Iran needs to be taken down a peg or two. Iraq is "only one theatre in a global war which threatens us and in which Iran is a major player."

When she says us she makes out that she means 'the British people.' But you can insert Israel, Zionism in USA/UK, or the Neo-Cons as you see fit.

She'll never say that the Iraqi mess is a result of Zionist interference in world affairs. She'll never admit that "aggression by the Arab and Muslim world" pales in significance to the aggression shown by the Israeli-USA Zionist Axis -- nor that the former is a result and a reply to the latter! Tush! Perish the thought.

MP was wheeled out to scream and shout about Iran when that country "dared" to let a conference on the Holocaust take place! Oh the hatred! Imagine such a thing!

How could they??? The holocaust! All that suffering... Of course that "suffering" is still used to justify and excuse all the mass murder involving Israeli and Zionist policy, including current sabre rattling by MP and her bed-fellows against Iran.

Put it this way: If you were in the firing line from a State which uses some "event" 50 years ago, which had nothing to do with you or your people, to justify this aggression against your sovereign state, wouldn't you be justified in speaking out about it ("nothing to do with us") or in allowing those who say the event didn't happen in the way widely reported to discuss such matters openly and honestly?

The worrying aspect of this is that as the BNP has condemned revisionism and increasingly seeks to publish crap, sorry I mean apologies, for Israel by its own members (again, which have to have top level clearance) I too now wonder why MP doesn't support the BNP.

If we are to believe what we are told Nick Griffin has struck up a working relationship with Barbara Amiel the arch-Zionist columnist who's not in print so much since her husband (Conrad Black) lost the Telegraph newspapers. Yes - that's the same fellow who's up in court in America. Watch the news reports about how he and his wife used his companies money for freebie trips, a lavish lifestyle and an extension on their Welsh farmhouse... oh sorry, I might be getting a bit confused there! ;-)

If the BNP is good enough, as a "bash the muzzies" front for Barabara Amiel, then it should be good enough for MP in all her pristine glory.

Who knows, if the BNP keeps publishing pro-Israel pieces by Barnes, Goodacre and others, and more Jews become members and councillors - then MP may have to change her position, especially if her Mossad handler tells her to! Oy Vey!

The only barrier to MP at least tacitly supporting the BNP is that she still believes that the BNP opposes Zionism or (in her twisted mind it means the same thing!) is "anti-Semitic."

It's hard for her to cling to that line as the BNP parades its defence of Israel, as it becomes more extreme in tying almost all crime, threats, nightmares to "the muzzies," as it condemns or at the very least turns its back on revisionism, and as it boasts of its Jewish membership.

MP can keep refering to the BNP as "nazis" and "anti-Semites" but the truth is somewhere else.

If MP were to finally doff her cap to the BNP it would be a dream come true for the BNP. Think of all the coverage, respectability... It wouldn't quite be the Daily "Hurrah for the Blackshirts" Mail all over again, but it would be a big step in that direction.

It would be the final confirmation that the British National "vote BNP, read the Daily Mail" Party had finally 'fessed up (Yo! getting down with the posse!).

The shekels would flow! And could there be any more justifiable reason for all the Israel-hugging, "muzzy" bashing and scoffing-at-revisionism than that?

Someone, of declining importance in our Freemasonic democratic secular state, once said "money is the root of all evil."

As politicians increasingly bend over backwards (silence Mr Webster! This Finbar Saunders act is too much!) to grab more shekels (ask Mr Blair and Mr Levy), not to mention an easy ride from the increasingly powerful Zionist lobby, it leaves those of us who oppose Zionist policy, power, influence and anti-culture even more out-in-the-cold.

With the parties increasingly the same (blacks are Britons, homosexuality is legal, abortion is acceptable, "Brave Little Israel" deserves our support, revisionism is reprehensible, democracy is the god of our age) then the Freemasons have done their work.

The Freemasonic political system, from "far-left" to "far-right" with all its meaningless labels, with its bread and circuses has done its job.

We can complain. We can vote. But they continue to control the show as best they can...

Post Scriptum:

One of the funniest stories to do with Melanie Phillips is when she appeared on Question Time. It was quite some time ago, and Israel was involved in some outrage (they all merge into one don't they - killing children, invading, nuclear weapons etc.)

Well, in this instance virtually the entire audience (black, white, Tory, Labour, Liberal - a mixed bunch) was taking a strong anti-Israel line. Everyone had seen through Israeli terrorism, and MP was doing her best to defend her 'homeland.'

The more she defended the indefensible, the stronger the criticism from the audience. I watched in sheer delight because MP was getting more and more wound up, yet the audience members (to their credit) remained pretty cool, calm and collected - but kept up the pressure with succinct, well thought-out questions and statements against Israel and Israeli actions.

If anything the audience was most civilised, whereas MP let her mask slip somewhat as she blustered her way through one flawed argument after another.

Lo and behold, the newspaper columnist did her usual trick. By the following day, in her column, the audience had become a snarling, hate-filled crowd baying for Jewish blood and the destruction of Israel... only this time, we had seen the truth for ourselves!

You see, when MP makes a statement against the Iranians or their leader, she tells us "they said this..." and "they want that..." but all we have is MP and her Zionist cohorts' words and quotes taken out of context or heavily re-edited.

So next time MP says someone hates Jews, or that they want Israel destroyed, with Jewish blood seeping into the sea.... you'll know better than to take her word for it, anymore than we can believe that Israel is a benefit to us, enhances world peace, or isn't involved in terrorism, domestic and abroad.

BTW - don't forget FC's 'Intifada Worldwide' stickers and badge are still available. Spread the word... and stick one in the eye of the Zionists (oh the hatred!).

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Iran & 15 Sailors

Let's get one thing straight. I want the 15 captured navy personnel returned safely home. They are pawns in a game, sent out to fight an illegal war by Mr. A. Blair.

It's bad enough for their families knowing they've been sent out to fight Israel's wars for it, as cannon fodder in the truest sense, without the added worry of them being captured by Iran.

Right. Caveats out of the way.

Look at this scenario.

Ireland has been occupied by a foreign power. It's been blown to bits and the religious divide has been stirred up leading to a kind of Civil War. Let's say the invading army is a collection of Islamic States.

Millions of Irish have flooded into Britain as refugees leaving almost everything behind in their desperation to escape.

Murder, rape, unjust imprisonment... all this is happening in the newly "free" Ireland, delivered into the Islamic form of government. The Foreign countries involved celebrate Ireland's deliverance from Western decadence and the control of oligarchs and plutocrats. Some Irish have even formed their own government, though Protestant and Catholic parties are in the parliament, some have boycotted it, and those in there are the political wings of the armed militias.

Britain has sent in guerillas to fight the invaders while trying to make out it is not directly involved. A few Brits have even been caught - some say they were just businessmen or Brits with Irish relatives who happened to be in the country.

The Muslim countries now run the United Nations and the UN is based in Saudi Arabia. The invasion wasn't sanctioned by the UN, but the current occupation and "security" regime is.

meanwhile this new UN is thinking of levying sanctions against Britain. Britain doesn't have 'the bomb' but wants to expand its nuclear power stations because of global warming. The Muslim nuclear powers say Britain doesn't have that right and has strong armed the new UN to pass sanctions.

Now - the Royal Navy has found some Muslim sailors in the Irish Seas just a few miles off the Isle of Man.

Would they be in their right to defend Britain? Would we say "oh poor show, leave those brave defenders of Islamic law and government alone?"


Chances are we'd be pouring money, arms and fighters into Ireland to help the Irish (imagine if Ireland was 'united' and the Protestants in Ulster were under occupation -- wouldn't that be kind of like the 'Marsh Arabs' of Southern Iraq whose natural ally is Iran?).

Does anyone out there get where I'm coming from Daddio?

Imagine your country or its near-neighbour were invaded.

Imagine you are an Arab or a Persian (Muslim or Christian) and the invader was acting on the behest of the Israeli-USA axis.

Would you say "oh poor show, leave the poor sailors alone?"

Anyone can produce paperwork, maps, satellite images etc. to justify where they were. The fact is that they shouldn't be there at all! Just as the Saudi Arabian navy has no right to be in Irish waters, let alone British ones.

Sometimes - in the fever-pitch of jingoism, led on by Blair, journalists and idiots - we lose sight of the basic facts.

No-one wants to see a single sailor, pilot or soldier die in the Middle East. But neither do we want to see a single civilian die.

This war, this upheaval, this suffering, this loss, this bereavement, this recruiting sergeant for insurgents has been planned, agreed and executed by Messers Blair and Bush.

We are concerned for the fate of 15 sailors.

But imagine how we'd feel if Dublin were ripped apart, with its civilians murdered. Detention camps set up in Cork and Kerry, with evidence of torture and rape in them. The Irish were now denied work, school and even water and electricity were at best unreliable.


And those same invading murdering bastards were telling us that WE were the evil ones for wanting our own power supply, that WE were the evils ones for organising a conference debating the holocaust of the Armenians, that WE were the evil ones because some of our citizens were helping their Irish cousins, and even some Churchmen were urging Christians in Ireland to resist the invaders.

When you reverse the situation like this it becomes clear how the Iraqi and the Iranian people feel.

Thanks Tony Blair. Thanks George W. Bush.

Thanks for being murdering Zionist bastards.

The blood of innocents is on YOUR hands.

Now bring our troops home. Not a single one of them should have to die for your Zionist policy.

Don't blame Iran. Don't blame Iraqi resistance fighters. They are only doing what we would do if WE were invaded.

Time to stop the war now.

Friday, 23 March 2007

Tax Rip-Off

Those of you eagerly awaiting the appearance of FC mag #38 (hold fast hardy souls - it's out very soon!) may know that there's a partial theme to this new issue on the subject of taxation - with a feature exposing the immorality of local taxation and another exposing the role of the international banksters/usurers.

It's a subject that cannot be ignored by anyone - let alone anyone claiming to be a patriot or nationalist. Anyone willfully ignoring the subject has been bought and sold by the enemy... or may as well be!

In this matter of illegality (usury banking was illegal for centuries) ignorance should be no defence... because usury banking has caused more wars, resulted in more closed hospitals, and more repossessions and suicides than any other factor/cause out there.

Well, this week was budget day in the UK, and so we witnessed the dour Gordon Brown get to his feet and waffle on about tax. He cut the bottom layer of tax, meaning the poor would pay income tax at the higher rate.

He then went on to cut income tax from 22p in the pound to 20p.

It was a con-job. A juggling act. He robbed Peter to pay Paul. Some will be better off, some will be worse off. It didn't stop The Sun from running with a front page spread praising a "tax cut" as Rupert "The Dirty Digger" Murdoch continues to prop up the Neo-Con Blair/Brown axis that is Nu-Labour.

As usual all the newspapers, other media, politicians and pundits totally ignored the bigger picture.

We are taxed to the hilt!

Gordon Brown daren't take tax out of one source, e.g. put it all on VAT, or put it all on income tax.

If he did we'd all realise - in an instant! - just how taxed we are!

I read somewhere some time ago that the working man works the first 5 or 6 months of the year just paying his tax bill, i.e. the tax burden on the working man is circa 40 - 50%.


We all know Westminster is a giant sponge, that umpteen bureaucrats and acolytes are on the take - free transport, glitzy does, free meals and so on - ad nauseum.

Then there's the wasted billions. Trident, Olympics, Millennium Dome, NHS PFI schemes... etc.

But these, sad to say dear reader, pale in sigificance (is that a racist saying? I hope so...) with the biggest con of all, which runs into multi-billions and multi-trillions.

I won't spoil the next FC mag for you (it's more than my life's worth, a certain Mr. R. Ron would come a-callin'), but take a quick look at the budget figures given to us mere mortals from the gods in their Westminster and City ivory towers.

Look at this graph.

Gordon Brown is borrowing more and more to prop up an economy that would otherwise be heading downwards following on America's coat-tails.

Some talking head on BBC News 24 yesterday said that Gordon Brown had stated he wanted to borrow circa £20 Billion, but ended up borrowing circa £120 Billion - I didn't catch the time-frame but I think it was over the last three years or so...

If my personal finances were run like that I think Mr. Bailiff might come a-callin' (just after Ranting Ron!)

The difference is that Gordon Brown is playing with all our lives, all our homes, all our jobs...

Here's another graph (you can't have too many you know!). This one is from HM Treasury's Pre-Budget Report 2004. You'll see that debt interest is repaid at £24 Billion. This graph is more honest than most. You see, they usually mention "repayments" or some-such nomenclature in place of the more honest "debt interest."

This is worse than any personal finances... this is akin to the Chancellor paying less than the minimum repayment amount on his own Credit Card... and so the percentage charged goes up.

Don't think that the £24 Billion is the debt repaid, nor even that it is the entire interest bill of the debt -- it is just what Gordon Brown saw fit to pay off.

In the figures given to us for yesterday, we were told that Mr. Brown borrowed £34 Billion last year. At the same time he repaid debt interest to the tune of £30 Billion.


He borrowed £34 Billion (at interest!) and repaid £30 Billion.

The repayments are going to go on and on, and the banks can bring this country to its knees whenever they like by foreclosing on the loans.

Read the next FC mag. Read the booklet The Guernsey Experiment (available from FC) and you'll understand clearly that the government DOES NOT NEED TO BORROW ANY MONEY!

With no debts and no borrowing the government of the UK - like the government of Guernsey - can carry out more public works, can vastly reduce income tax... and break free of usury banking.

Put it this way - last year the government raised £23 Billion thru Council Tax, to repay £30 Billion to the banks.

Stop the swindle and hence stop the repayments and there's no need for Council Tax!

How many pensioners would appreciate that?

The problem is that Mr. Brown puts the rights of the banks to make Billions in absolute profits (it costs them NOTHING to issue bits of paper) before the rights of pensioners to live free of debt.

Everytime a pensioner freezes to death - Gordon Brown and the banking swindle bear the blame.

Remember that simple fact and you can't go wrong.

Meanwhile the BBC, The Sun and Westminster continue to juggle the figures like a Titanic deckchair attendant arguing over his rates-per-hour.

Usury Banking: The Swindle that Dare Not Mention its Name!

For more info on the banking swindle, those behind it, and how it relates to local politics and councils - see Final Conflict mag #38 - out very soon! Reserve your copy today!

"What is the difference between Gordon Brown and Robert Maxwell? Maxwell at least intended to give the stolen pension money back." Peter Lilley, Tory MP.

Thursday, 22 March 2007

The Eureka Flag

The Eureka Flag is the symbol of Australian Nationalism.

It has long been used by the Australian workers against the colonial regime.

It is a symbol of nationalism and of social justice.

It embraces the labour tradition of Australia which brought about the White Australia Policy, to protect Australian workers from coloured immigration.

It embraces the Nationalist tradition of Australia which sought to be free of Westminster rule, to find their own Australian destiny, on the anvil of the Australian people with their heritage of pan-European descent.

The Eureka flag is now available to buy from Final Conflict for just £7 [plus postage]. 5 x 3 feet with brass eyelets for your flag pole!

For more info e-mail [inc details of how to paypal or how to mail order].

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Afro-Caribbean Violence

Multi-Cultis are up in arms [every pun intended].

They so often tell us how much we've benefited from mass coloured immigration. Oh the wonderful cultures! Oh the vibrant music! Oh the tasty foodstuffs!

...As if none of those could have been seen, listened to or tasted from afar or via visiting cultural exchanges that returned home afterwards... WHAT NEED FOR MILLIONS OF IMMIGRANTS?

The truth is that multi-cult to Blair, Brown and others means choosing what restaurant to go to.

They have never lived in streets where you have to lock-down after dark. They have never lived in areas where blues parties carry on around the clock, where the boom-boom of rap music from cars outside make your windows shake or where drug dealers stand in the street.

I have to walk home through the streets at night and one night there were some police standing around - very weird. Anyway I soon discovered that they had raided a drug dealers house. I often wondered why so many coloured youths ['hoodies' in today's non-racial parlance] hung around there oft times staring at me as I passed by in all my Whiteness.

The locals I knew told me they knew the drugs den was going on and they'd complained.... but nothing was done for months.

Would Blair and Co. have to put up with a den of vice, drugs, violence etc. in their street for more than an hour?

In multi-cult London the watchword is respect. The police have to respect the rights of muggers, gunmen and gang members or they'll be accused of 'institutionalised racism.'

Meanwhile the same Afro-Caribbean hoodlums will kill anyone [with gun or knife - take your pick lucky recipient of multi-cult's legacy] who they think doesn't show them 'respect.'

It really is unbelievable.

Perhaps if Blair and Co. had to walk home through such streets and had 'black youths' walking up to them and making threatening noises etc. they would realise what's going on.

Perhaps if Blair and Co. had grown up in a street with a Mosque in the next road with Asians fighting local kids in the streets and in their school they might have known multi-cult is a failure -- many years ago.

That's the problem. The politicians - from every party and of every nuance - never went to schools with lots of immigrants, didn't live near to streets full of Asians, and never have to walk home through areas blighted with Afro-Caribbean drugs, muggings etc.

Name me one! Posh schools, posh houses, posh neighbourhoods...

The people who tell us that multi-cult is great DON'T LIVE IT!

Even prats like Billy Bragg the anti-fascist lefty who sings and preaches about why we should all love multi-cult UK has chosen to live in a big posh house in Dorset. When questioned on it he said he gets on great with the Asian in his petrol station! What a response! How quaint... how colonial! I bet Blair gets on great with the waiter at his nearest posh Tandoori too!

The politicians tell us how to appreciate multi-cult don't live amongst it.

Just as they run the schools but don't send their kids there.

Just like they run the NHS but always go private.


And so we return back to the current violence.

How upset the Neo-Cons must be. These coloured criminals aren't Muslims... which shows the problems we have with Black and Asian [Muslim, Sikh, Hindu etc.] 2nd and 3rd generation immigrants is one of race and culture.

These people don't belong.

The politicians that brought them here are criminals.

In a few decades they have torn apart the country.

We already had and enjoyed cosmopolitan life. We had Italian shops, Greek neighbours, French restaurants, Irish workmates... We could have increased this with more tavernas, more pavement cafes.

The influx of coloured immigrants was a stitch-up job, designed to plug holes in the workforce and undermine wages. A short term 'fix' by idiot politicians instead of training, education, promoting large indigenous families etc.

And as the sons and grandsons of these immigrants take to the streets they chose to don knives and guns, to imitate the tribalism of their forebears.

In Africa, we're told, these people lived in peace until the White men [the Portuguese at first] came and took them as slaves...

That's being drummed into us with the whole Wilberforce and banning of slavery anniversary upon us. Our schools and media are flooded with items all about it. The 'White guilt' mantra continues - even as our lands are colonised (should two wrongs make a right?)

Well, I have only two indirect examples of Africa and its problems.

The first is a friend who used to be a policeman in Southern Africa in colonial times. He said that the tribes there were like children. As long as there was a visible authority at hand [him!] they behaved and lived peaceful lives. But take the authority away and they would soon launch bitter conflicts, butchering each other over an argument about something as trivial as a chicken.

Liberals would moan that the authority was "racist" -- but the vast majority of locals approved because it stopped the tribal slaughters (Darfur anyone?)

There was a BBC report a while back about schools in Africa. There the black boys - who even liberals acknowledge are the problem here because of rap 'culture' and this 'respect' BS - were made to wear uniforms, sit separately, stand when a teacher enters the room, line up regimentally at the start of each lesson etc. etc.

In short those schools work because there is authority, strict uniform codes and a no-nonsense approach to misbehaviour.

Now look at schools in London where there is no authority [where teachers get accused of racism if they do assert themselves!] where the dress code is lax, and where young [black] boys know they cannot be touched.

The liberals - Blair and his cohorts - cannot solve this because they will not look at seperate black schools and strictness in schools ["it's me 'uman right innit"], just as they will not look at repatriation - for the good of the British peoples as much as the rootless sons of immigrants.

The streets of London are a mess. Lawlessness reigns. Parts of England are no longer English.

But Blair and Co do not care as they drive through them in their chauffeur-driven cars to their white enclaves. They see policemen all the time! They are surrounded by them. They should try living on a South London estate with all the cohesiveness of the Balkans circa 1995... It's not so much the police that's needed as the blue helmeted UN peace-keepers!

I was reading a book recently called Pilgrims Progress. It was the first volume in a history of America and in that book it gave a brief overview of how the slaves were taken from Africa.

It seems that before the Europeans arrived the African tribes were selling their defeated enemies as slaves to the Arabs in North Africa. As the Portuguese established trade bases for the exportation of gold from Africa it became easier for the Africans to sell their defeated enemies to these newcomers.

So black slavery was caused by black men. It started before the Europeans got there, and evidently carried on afterwards - because there is still slavery [people trafficking] today via the Arab North and also via their own black people into Europe, with much suffering and even torture connected to it.

I'm not seeking to excuse the White role in slavery [though we all remember the facts of the slavery ships being, at least in large part, owned by Jews ] because this was a precursor to the mass immigration which has done so much damage today, merely to quantify it and make it clear that Arabs and coloureds started this long before the Portuguese landed!

Let's not forget that Whites also sold other Whites as slaves, to the West Indies and the New World... as well as keeping White slaves in factories, down pits, in slums and so on ad nauseum.

And so, returning to the tribes selling their enemies into servitude, we begin to see the roots of the 'gangstas' and 'souljas' in London, Birmingham, Manchester etc.

There is no authority or discipline [of course the black 'culture' of have no father living with the kids plays a large part in that!], and so these youths have free reign to form their murderous gangs.

The people who would sell their compatriots into slavery are now happy to kill anyone [white or black] who doesn't show them 'respect.'

And my second example of Africa and how it relates to today?

Another friend who worked for many years as a missionary abroad once told me that the coloured people were - taken as a mass or as a mob - children. Hence their need for authority, and [as we see in London] their love of big shiny objects, funny clothes and boom-boom music.

If treated with authority [there we go again] and led properly they could behave and even excel. But given no authority they would run riot. As with the Southern Africa policemen [I mentioned before] this missionary was no 'hater' - he lived amongst the coloured peoples for years, he made friends out there and loved the continent.

No, to state the truth isn't 'hate' but an act of charity.

We can all stick our heads in the sand and blame all sorts of things. Certainly money can be thrown at the problems [as it has before] but the whole mess can only be sorted by taking difficult decisions - for the betterment of of all races and peoples.

To mouth multi-cult platitudes won't stop the murder of more kids by coloured gangstas who are out of control.

Something for Tony Blair to think about as he sits down for his three course plush dinner tonight. Who knows.... he may even be served by a person of colour!

Oh God bless mass immigration. What an absolute boon to the ruling class....

Saturday, 17 March 2007

Gordon Casey R.I.P.

More sad news.

Gordon Casey, the father of Violent Storm bass player Paul Casey died recently.

Gordon was a good man, working class, Christian, with a great sense of humour and was worldly wise.

Spare a thought for the Casey family.

Rest in Peace Gordon.

Happy St Patrick's Day

A very happy St Patrick's Day to all FC supporters in Ireland and of Irish descent.

Of course, St Patrick is perhaps the most celebrated Saint in the world - thanks to the Irish diaspora, but a brief intro to the man may still be handy (see link below)

What this bio misses out on is that St Patrick is believed to have been a Welshman (an ancient Briton) who was captured by Irish pirates.

He used the shamrock to teach the Irish the essence of the Holy Trinity: Three People in One God, and the shamrock is still used today throughout Irish institutions.

Anyway, wherever you are today raise a glass to St Patrick!

Thursday, 15 March 2007

Illegal Wars, Friendly Fire.


The Americans are our allies right?

So why have they - at every turn - blocked information, unedited texts, video footage etc. from the Coroners Court in the case of the 'friendly fire' British soldier, Matty Hull the 25-year-old Lance Corporal of Horse who died at the hands of a US A-10 "Tank Buster" plane in southern Iraq.

Seems we do everything for them - including making up (or 'sexing up') dodgy dossiers, sacrificing soldiers like Matty Hull (pictured), and backing illegal Zionist wars.

What do they do in return? Cover-up, obfuscate, and block legal procedures continually!

As the old saying goes: With friends like these - who needs enemies?
It's high time that Westminster PLC stopped being the plaything of Washington DC.

When will our leaders have the cajones to stand up to the Yankee regime?

And no! - American promises of returning to the (stop laughing) "roadmap" for peace in Palestine ain't worth squat.
America continues to bankroll, arm and protect Israel from international law. Do not forget that Operation Desert Storm - the first war against Iraq - was initially called Operation Israel Shield. Kind of lets the cat out of the bag doesn't it?

Our people go off to fight and die in US/Zionist wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and this is how America pays us back:

# Covering up for its servicemens' acts of criminality (or poor practice at best!)

# Keeping the Palestinians in the gunsights of the Israeli terror-machine.

Still, Mr. Blair is clearly learning the lesson... by earmarking BILLIONS of pounds to pay to American big business for the replacement for the Trident nuclear missile system ( at a time when many people are dying because our hospitals aren't clean enough!).

What a way to repay the Americans for dragging us into illegal and costly wars... of course the idea that Mr. Blair is greasing palms for his highly lucrative lecture tour of the USA after his stint in office is not to be entertained at all: what are you, dear reader? Some kind of conspiracy buff?

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Global Warming?

Does anyone else out there feel that Global Warming is a bit of a con?

Reports of a Medieval "warm period" are expunged from official graphs to avoid anyone asking why the world was warmer back then - with no Ye Olde 4x4s roaring down the Fosse Way.

Even in recent history we have reports of the Thames icing over, with people skating on it. If that happened this Christmas the men in white coats would be on News at Ten prophesying doom and gloom.

On a trip to ancient stone monuments in the far North of Scotland I read how in the days the Cairns were used - circa 3000 years ago - the area was far warmer, with crops being grown etc. When I was there it was very cold, with poor soil, with only forestry and sheep grazing possible.

How come it changed? Were the Picts leaving their TVs on standby? Or perhaps we are simply reverting back to the temperature then?

And most worrying of all? We're told that India and China are going to churn out the most global warming gasses... yet our brand of Capitalism ensures that our own global mega-businesses go to India and China for their production: just so we know, if this is really happening and if anyone's to blame -- who is to blame: the same breed of profiteers who throw our own people on the scrap heap by exporting production, and importing cheap labour.

Of course, the Tescos and Wal-Marts of this world don't care about sweat shops in India or Concentration Camps in China churning out cheap items any more than they care about mass immigration under-cutting wages. Why should they? They grow exceedingly fat off the profits whilst our school-leavers become shelf-stackers par excellance.

Still, the answer to all our "Global Warming" blues (aside from more nuclear power scarring the landscape for generations) is to -- ta-dah! -- tax people!

Let's tax the poor out of the skies. Let's tax the poor off the roads. Leaves more room for the Tesco tycoons and their pet politicians to drive and fly to their hearts content!

A government is never happier than when taxing and controlling the people.

This government must be ecstatic!

Avalon CD - at last!

After many delays - the Avalon CD, 'THIS IS WAR' is out now!

Order yours from Final Conflict.

New list of CDs available by e-mail.

CDs should be on shop soon... watch that space!

Sunday, 11 March 2007

Mark Cotterill - More than Strange.

Strange things are happening in Blackburn!

Mark Cotterill will (sadly) be well known to many FC readers and supporters.

See past FC mags for full details of his campaign of subterfuge, lies and two-facedness against FC and many others, even in his own circles.

Some pertinent details may also be found at:
NB: This site has no connection to FC.

Well, it seems now that Mark Cotterill has resigned as a councillor in Blackburn.

His reason? He's moved home just over 10 miles from Blackburn to Preston!!!

Oh yes - we're told that he decided he can't be a local councillor if he doesn't live locally. Very noble.

But the plot thickens:
His fellow councillor the quarter-caste Michael "anyone born here is English" Johnson (pictured here) has also resigned! Has he moved 10 miles down the road too?

But the plot thickens further:
Cotterill has resigned as the leader of his own political party! The reason: their activity is in East Lancs... and he can't do everything whilst working full time from ... 10 miles away!

Can we believe that?

As with so much else with Mr. Cotterill: no.

There is much more to this than meets the eye.

An FC reader who recently quit the BNP was at last year's Red White and Blue festival and said he saw the ex-BPP south coast organiser Sid Williamson in the Trafalger Club tent scoffing canapes with the posh sorts. Nothing wrong with that.

But who was also in the tent? Messers Cotterill and Johnson! Been paying their monthly subs to the Trafalgar Club have they?

How did the pair - especially Cotterill who uses his personal rag to slag off so many BNP people (the good and the "mad") - get into the Trafalgar Club shindig, never mind the RWB itself? This at a time when they were plotting a press conference during the BNP's Blackpool conference to announce BNP defections (inc Sharon Ebanks who then decided not to join Cotterill but to form her own party - the NNP).

We'll have to wait and see how this pans out.

But as with the American Friends of the BNP, the BNP proper, the NF, the WNP, the BPP, and the EFP... Mr. Cotterill leaves behind more questions unanswered, merely confirming what FC has always warned against before, during and after Cotterill stole the name of England First.

News report on Cotterill and Johnson's resignations from the council:

P.S. See this local letter. Cllr Johnson, on being elected, attacked his own party's manifesto!

P.P.S. Here you'll see Cllr Johnson saying that his EFP supports English Nationalism -- then says if there was democracy in the BNP 'we would all be members of it' - i.e. he's happy to leave a seperatist party for a unionist one... seemingly not making any distinction!

P.P.P.S. Cllr Johnson seems to "agree with most things" with the BNP leader:

P.P.P.P.S. More Cllr Johnson news on his race and his denouncing of EFP policy on the Politics Show:

Thanks for VS Gig

Thanks to everyone who attended the Violent Storm Memorial Concert up the Rhondda yesterday.

Two great sets from Blackout and Celtic Warrior. Good to see so many locals there, as well as FC readers, the South Wales BM, and B&H supporters such as the Birmingham NF lot, etc.

£150 was raised for the VS comrades' kids via a collection on the night: a big thanks to Lee for doing the rounds with the tub. As it was quite late in the evening and some people had already left to make their way back home the amount raised was particularly impressive.

Anyone who missed the collection or couldn't make the gig can donate via FC as we're passing the money onto the families.

Violent Storm: Forever in our Hearts.

Paul Casey, Darren Sheeley, Brian Sheeley, Jason Oakes. Rest In Peace brothers.

Saturday, 10 March 2007

Violent Storm Concert Today!

07909 711090 / 07851 550300

Do make it along to the concert if you can and support the families of our fallen friends and comrades.

Altogether now: Bore Da! ;-)

Thursday, 8 March 2007

Nils Monaghan RIP

I had some very sad news the other day.

A very close friend who collaborated with FC and related Third Positionist and Nationalist initiatives passed away.

Nils Monaghan was a student at St Andrews University (in Scotland) when I first met him in the early 90s. He was active there in distributing ITP materials, and from those days onwards he helped FC in various ways.

He was always willing to attend meetings, seminars, activity weekends when he was in the country (his work often took him to Europe and America), and whenever funds were needed he'd put his hand in his pocket for the cause.

Nils was an amiable character, larger than life, very serious and well educated, but with a great sense of humour and fun which led to some great stories and anecdotes which would have many of us in tears of laughter.

It's always sad to lose a good friend and comrade, but with Nils it's a loss that really does leave a large hole, with a good friend gone - not just a comrade. What's more with all his knowledge of computing, culture etc. the world's a poorer place without him.

He was particularly proud of his family's links to Finland and his grasp of Finnish was just one other aspect of a man who had so much to offer.

So it was that when I heard Nils had died from a mutual friend I really was at a loss for words. Even members of my family who knew him had nothing but good memories of an immensely likeable man.

In this world (of yes-man, shysters, chavs and grey-suits) Nils was what we need the most: a real character, sure of his heritage and culture, confident in his beliefs and always ready to help out when his busy schedule allowed it.

Nils was one of those people behind the scenes at FC. He never asked for any reward. He never asked for any plaudits. He never asked for any gratitude. He just did what he could when he could: would that there were more people like Nils.

So spare a thought and a prayer for Nils Monaghan.

Rest in Peace, dear friend.

Monday, 5 March 2007

Happy St Piran's Day


St Piran is the patron Saint of the Celtic Nation of Cornwall (Kernow).

His feast day is celebrated by the Cornish at rallies, cultural events etc. just as the Welsh have their Eisteddfods etc.

Indeed the flags of St David and St Piran are closely linked (the former has a gold cross on a black background, the latter a white cross on black). There is also a Breton flag which is not widely used today which is a reverse of the St Piran flag (wikipedia shows the flag: ).

The three languages, Breton, Cornish and Welsh are strongly linked. A report on the BBC on the Cornish language had a class counting one - ten in Cornish and it was almost identical to the Welsh. Indeed, for some time Cornwall was known as 'South Wales' which may have included more of Devon as a recent genetic map of the UK showed Celtic genes strong in Devon (as in Cumbria).

In Brittany one of the Breton-speaking dioceses was Cornouaille - a clear similarity to the anglicised name Cornwall...

So a very Happy St Piran's Day to all our Cornish friends.

St Piran's Bio:

P.S. The St Piran's Flag, as well as the St David's flag, can be bought from FC.

Saturday, 3 March 2007

Remember Violent Storm.

March the 13th will be the 15th anniversary of the death of Paul, Jason, Brian and Darren, three of them members of Violent Storm and one of them a friend of the band.

Mark the date in your calendar.

Also: On March the 10th, Blood and Honour Wales will be hosting a fundraising concert for the families of our fallen friends. For more details drop us a line at FC. All nationalists are cordially invited.

Also: The official repress of the Violent Storm CD 'Celtic Warrior' is available from Final Conflict, as is the official fundraising Blood & Honour Wales shirt.

Get in touch for more details.

Gagging the BBC

So let me get this right.

Tony Blair is being investigated by the police.

The media find out something juicy.

And Tony Blair's good mate and appointee, the attorney general Lord Goldsmith blocks the BBC reporting some facts...

The same Lord Goldsmith who changed his opinion so that the Iraq War could be labelled "legal?"

The same Lord Goldsmith who stated he would not be swayed by political consideration, but who (after being ordered by Tony Blair) ordered the dropping of the Saudi arms trade corruption investigation?

The same Lord Goldsmith who can't even be trusted to keep an oath he made to his wife on their wedding day?

But Tony Blair has made a massive error of judgement, because in stopping the BBC reporting its findings, he has stirred up the public interest and created an even greater climate of mistrust in this woefully inept government and corrupt Westminster regime.

What interesting times.

Friday, 2 March 2007

Advisory Councils: Then and Now

I was reading the BBC History magazine the other month and there was an interesting feature on Oliver Cromwell.

Here was a man who overthrew a "despot" king, a man who defended parliament etc. etc.

Yet here too was a man who became Lord High protector, all but king except for the title.

He was crowned as such - in all but coronation in name.

His title was handed down to his son... further proving he was all but king in name.

Who do we know in nationalist politics who overthrew his erstwhile boss - in the name of democracy, the people and all that [to quote Xaphod Beeblebrox!] - who he painted as a tyrant... only to take the same powers and rule with the same iron rod?

But the similarities deepen dear friends.

For Cromwell, like the latest patriot Lord Protector, also had an advisory panel set up.

This was the interesting part that I learned from the BBC History mag, for it was clear that whenever things went well Cromwell - as THE big cheese - took all the glory. Yet when things went pear shaped it was his wont to blame the advisory panel with the usual excuses.

The advisors were all yes-men and sycophants and anyone who went against the Big Yin would, of course, be out on their arse... and so the advisory council did whatever Cromwell told them to do, what was essential for the good of the realm etc.

Yet whilst the council's decisions were Cromwell's - he was able to step back and blame them, or blame being held back by their decisions if things didn't go well.


Whoever said the more things change, the more they stay the same...?

Thursday, 1 March 2007

Happy St David's Day

A very Happy St David's Day to all the Cymro out there.

Would Owain Glyndwr accept the rule of Westminster or Brussels?

Would Hywel Dda accept the "hooman rights innit" culture so beloved of Cherie Blair and immigrant hoodies?

Would either of them recognise their homeland?

Food for thought...

For a brief bio on St David:

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