Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Black Footballers Association - Great idea!

Think of suitable Maggie's got balls caption!
Now we need a White Footballers Association.

We also need the freedom for White footballers to say "stuff you" to the 'Kick it Out' campaign and tell them where to stick their silly t-shirts, without being fined by the person who runs the FA, Bernstein!

John Terry was found not guilty by a court. The FA still found him guilty because the word "black" is unacceptable (the words f###### and c### are acceptable because they are used on pitches every week and not one player is fined for them). The FA say regardless of context, the world "black" is a crime as far as they are concerned.

Yet big corporations out there make millions out of gansta rap acts who use the "N-word" (are we so lily livered that we can have the word f### and all sorts of swear words and blasphemies thrown at us on TV after 9pm and on every football pitch at 3pm, yet we have to call it the "N-word" to avoid persecution).

So gangsta rappers and whiggers can use the N-word ad infinitum, yet to use the word black is worth a huge fine to the FA, regardless of context?

The sooner we get a White Footballers Association to protect White players against this kind of pc nonsense the better! The FA should not bend the rules and overturn/ignore the law of the land simply because the man in the dock is White.

Or would they fine/ban a gangsta rap team player from calling "yo n###a pass me da ball?" to a team-mate, when it offends no-one?

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Ed Milliband, David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Nick Griffin: the Struggle is One

So Ed Milliband is just a 'normal guy'? Kind of reminds me of Tony Blair - remember his "I'm a straight kinda guy" b.s.?

It's Conference Season and all the parties are out spinning, lying and spreading the b.s. pretty thick.

NuLab (One Nation Lab?!?), Tories (Green Cons???) and Lib Dems - none of them can be believed. All of them lie. Whoever takes over next time the same old agendas will be followed: more faggot rights; more Zionist war; more money to financiers; more cuts to public services.

Any party that says it will do any different is lying. They are lying to grab your vote. They are lying to con simpletons.

All the Tory/NuLab/LibDem leaders are posh; all went to posh schools; all come from monied backgrounds; all favour betraying our country; all favour rights for homosexuals and undermining marriage; all want to bash our Christian heritage and all will keep the floodgates open to Third World immigrants

The sad thing is that, at the moment, nationalism is no position to offer any alternative as many years ago. The  BNP sold out years ago. The EDL is in the pockets of the usual crowd.

The state know they can buy off nationalism by offering its leaders crumbs from the table; they also know they have enough plants and stooges in nationalism to rip it apart at the drop of a hat.

We're in a perfect storm. Corrupt MPs; corrupt coppers; corrupt media; corrupt bankers - the whole rotten system has been shown to be rotten and the people are sick of them all! Yet still nationalism rots. Voters are turning to UKIP!

Nationalism was betrayed some years back when the BNP turned into a one-issue party (on Muslims) when it could have built an ideological base with a legion of members educated on banking, family issues, nationalist economics etc.: but as it all became about muzzie-bashing and grubbing for money - it lost its heart and soul, it lost the trust of its activists: so now there is a 'perfect storm' the BNP is left (politically) rudderless and out of its depth, pushed aside by a right-wing Tory style UKIP mopping up the angry and betrayed voters.

It's very much a tale of what could have been...

Over 10 years ago Third Positionists put out a leaflet saying why the BNP were wrong to support the (Zionist) war in Afghanistan. Those days seem like a lifetime ago (many lifetimes ago if you are doing a body count), yet the mess this country is in and the pitiful results for nationalism can be traced back to those days.

We live in an age of betrayed ideologies and politicians in it for themselves. The sad thing is that thanks to the BNP, people think that nationalists are exactly the same and just another bunch of the same liars and thieves as the Westminster shysters.

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