Friday, 31 August 2007

Princess Diana Memorial

And so the media has been involved with yet another furore over a non story.

As our country falls about our feet, with a crime endemic, a drugs endemic, an immigration endemic - well, you get the idea - what do the media care about?

Princess Di's memorial service and whether Camilla (Duchess of Cornwall) should be there or not.

Now this makes me have several trains of thought:

1. I'm not against the Diana Memorial per se. It is certainly efficacious to pray for the dead and a great act of charity, and it is the most natural thing for family members to do - for if we're forgotten by our loved ones - who will there be to pray for us?

2. The turning of this event into a public spectacle though has me reaching for my vomit bucket. Diana was no saint (which of us is?), but the painting of her as some kind of latter-day secular saint because she was a mate of Elton John and Versace or filled her vacuous hours with work for some charities is more than a bit much.

3. Who gets invited to the service should be up to the family, but then this should be a family affair, instead it becomes some kind of celebrity bash.

4. The hysteria surrounding Diana that gets typically brain-dead Sun readers and Eastenders-watching automatons incanting "she was the peoples' princess weren't she?" is enough to make anyone blow chunks. This media-created myth should be exposed for what it is.

Diana was possibly, (as I believe King Lear said) 'more sinned against than sinning' and what hurt is done by her family and friends praying for her immortal soul?

But this circus, run equally by the media, the Royal Family, and various pressure groups is indicative of Diana's sad life.

The thought of a Christian ceremony (albeit a typically effeminate Anglican one) with a gaggle of homosexuals present (like Sir Elton of John - knighted for services to buggery) is somehow suitable.

It sums up the faggot-hugging, Masonic, non-religion of the monarchy and the ridiculous media-circus that these events inevitably are.

So whisper a prayer for the soul of Diana today.

Chances are that your small private prayer may, if she's not beyond our help, do the poor woman more good than all the public wailing by the preening garish peacocks on display at the ceremony today.

Monday, 27 August 2007

Guns & Crime - More Lies from the Masons

And so 11 year old Rhys Jones (pictured) was killed, shot by another youngster on a bicycle, in Liverpool.

Oh the politicians queued up to denounce this state of affairs, like little plastic (made in China) dolls with drawstrings on thier back.

Roll up! Roll up! Pull the string on Mr (or "Ms") Politician's back and hear the latest denunciations! You'll laugh! You'll cry! You'll throw your tea at the television!

Let me get this straight. The people who rule the country (OK, ignore the Lodges, the Big Businesses, the Bilderbergers etc.) are out there saying "what a mess."

And who then, pray tell, should we blame for this mess?

Dunghill TV? That's not regulated at all is it?

Celebrity druggies and degenerates? Those who seem to stroll through the courts with ease or are pictured hobnobing with politicians (remember Cool Bratannia? Intentional mispelling there).

Rap stars? Promoted by all the big companies who sponsor political party rallies and shindigs.

Yes indeed, and they all play their part.

But the people who are supposedly running this country, the people who pass laws, the people who have slowly but surely undermined everything that makes a society cohesive and stable are the ones who (still) tut tut and promise better things.

How many "wake up calls" do we need?

The rota of dead children, mostly black victims of black hoodlums (but not exclusively so) is ridiculous.

Who was it that opened the immigration flood gates which led to vast areas of our cities being overrun by drug gangs with their knives and guns?

Who was it that thought our working class, rooted, white communities were so bland that millions of aliens should be shipped in and the communities broken up and destroyed?

Who was it that passed law after law to undermine the family, to promote divorce, to promote immorality, to promote single parents, to reward those bringing up children with absentee fathers?

Who was it that passed law after law to remove every last vestige of Christian morality, that left us with a relativist mess wherein the latest fads become the accepted norms (from people crammed into unnatural tower blocks, to trendy lefty teaching manuals)?

These politicians, who fill their boots and get their gold-plated retirement packages, have been at the front of the queue to undermine a once stable society.

Anything that kept the country stable was thrown away, from the family to local communities, from Christianity to indigenous culture.

They wonder why kids brought up with rap music, with no father, with no sense of right or wrong, who only see the inside of a Church when someone gets married (and only then rarely!), who idolise deadbeat drugged-up "celebrities" whose only source of information is the 'tits n bums' Sunday Newspapers, whose idea of home cooking is a microwaved "pizza" and whose idea of a holiday is night clubs, drugs, chips, disease-spreading sex and vomit (a veritable home from home).

These politicians have delivered our land, and our people, to this mess.

They have created this generation of ne'erdowells who live on the dole, who demand "respec'," who (if they're not already) mimic coloured modes of clothing, attitude and music.

They then wonder why teenagers get killed by other teenagers.

Years ago I read a piece saying how black men in America had a life-expectancy in their 30s.

I assumed the figure was made-up, or should be taken with a pinch of salt.

As drugs and guns infest our cities (far away from the politicians and their leafy weekend retreats) I now look back and understand the American statistic far better.

As Rhys Jones's death fades into memory, only to be regurgitated the next few times youngsters are killed by gun-totin' morons, the politicians will move onto their next topic on the agenda; probably saving the planet as that sounds all heroic and makes people think they are actually doing something.

As our country is ripped to shreds, as our streets are no longer safe, as more of the next generation get dragged into a world of drugs, degeneracy and immorality... at least the upper classes are having trees planted to "offset their carbon footprints."

More Whites than ever are fleeing these islands for sanctuary abroad. Their places are more than taken by the Third Worlders flooding in.

If you think the streets of London, Liverpool, Manchester etc. are bad now - give it 20 years, when the new tides of immigrants have teenage kids.

Another batch of rootless, fatherless, chip-on-their-shoulder, gangsters killing more of our people.

The politicians gave us lots of sound bytes in the last week. They have to. They have to sound "tough."

And whilst the rest of us are getting taxed-to-death, mortgaged-to-the-hilt and paying the state for our speeding fines, the gangsters rule the streets and make millions from their drug-dealing.

Still, as long as the police can spy on the rest of us, monitor white nationalist dissidents and keep us shackled to the banking system... who cares!

After all, when the next little kid gets shot, all the police have to do is turn out en masse, bristling with guns, after the event... and the politicians will get wheeled out to make more "tough" statements. Stable doors? Horse bolted?

As long as anyone offering real politicial, social, moral solutions is spinned against by the politicians and disrupted or spied upon by the police... all is well for the Masonic coppers and politicos.

It's obvious who they regard as the real threat to their cosy little sinecure.

Saturday, 25 August 2007

ISD Memorial Concert

Sept 22nd is Bilbo Baggins' birthday - so a double celebration/memorial is warranted mayhaps?

Blood and Honour magazine #36 is available to buy now on the FC Online Shop (magazines section).

Friday, 24 August 2007

Software for Jpegs etc.

Can a kind reader let us know of any FREE downloadable software for handling pictures [Jpegs, Gifs etc.] in which you can also re-size pictures.

Many thanks.

Thursday, 16 August 2007

"Pro-Muslim Cranks" of the World Unite!

According to a statement by the BNP's leader-in-waiting, Simon Darby (ex of the MI5 infiltrated/run National Democrats), the departure of another BNPer (councillor Simon Smith) was because he - shock horror! - expressed his own opinions!

Fetch the rack! Get the thumbscrews! Elizabeth I is alive and well!

Darby explains all:

" It was well known that former Black Country organiser Simon Smith was a supporter of Chris Jackson in the recent leadership challenge. This was of course his democratic right and further to this two senior representatives of the challenger’s campaign spoke openly at a Black Country meeting freely promoting their candidate.

" Unfortunately, at this meeting despite being asked to refrain from expressing his personal beliefs, during his own speech Simon Smith once again referred to 9/11 as being “an inside job”. In fact, despite having being told how politically damaging this form of pro-Muslim crankery could be, he emphasised his belief twice stating that “he would stake his life on it”."

Yes, oh seasoned and savoury reader, you read that correctly.

Not only is democratic debate not allowed within the BNP (the BNP leader even labelled those who supported Chris Jackson as "vermin" - even BNP organisers and councillors of good standing!), but if you do not buy the media line that '911' was organised by the CIA/Spook invented/promoted (some might even add "non existent") "Al Qaeda" or that Al Qaeda themselves are run by CIA/Mossad... then you, like me, are an alleged:

"pro-Muslim crank."

Might I add (of course I might - it's my Blog!) that this is despite Mr. Smith and myself finding the death and destruction caused equally reprehensible (I dare say that Mr. Smith also, like myself, is oppsed to Muslim immigration into the UK).

Despite the fact that the BNP now accepts non-Europeans being allowed to live in the UK (inc Sikhs, Hindus etc.) they ridiculously try to silence those of us who won't buy into the CIA-Mossad line as "pro-Muslims cranks."

Frankly I find this kind of Sun editorialising quite offensive.

Is he seriously suggesting that anyone who questions the official version of '911' is some kind of multi-racist? or anti-Christian? or even (cue the sinister music) pro-terrorist?

George Dubya eat your heart out!

I would state that to accept the theory pushed in the media that a handful of second-rate "terrorists" could plan an attack that would take serious planning, serious capabilities and an unlikely level of security (let alone the theories from professional aircraft pilots that the planes were remote-controlled etc.) is more damaging.

Damaging because it let the Neo-Cons (conveniently!) waiting in the wings to launch their wars in which British servicemen have been used as pawns and sent off to die for Israel.

Prior to 911 Bush was even calling for the USA to become more isolationist and withdraw forces (and monies) from foreign wars. Alarm bells were already ringing in Tel Aviv.

In reacting like this, Darby shows the true Neo-Con Kosher-Tory face of the BNP!

They may bandy about occasional statements to the contrary, and after much pressure even did an about turn and came out against the Zionist wars, but the Muslim-mania of Darby and his cohorts is playing into the hands of the Neo-Cons.

We would ask Darby and the BNP to make similar statements against the Hindu religion with its ridiculous paganism and obscene events such as women throwing themselves on their husbands funeral pyres.

Of course we daren't even mention the obscenities in the Jewish religion (such as Christ boiling in excrement in Hell and his mother Mary being a whore) or its in-built racial supremacism...

But don't wait for that religion (which has brought the world to the brink of WW3 via Palestine) to be condemned quite so strongly (if at all!) by the newly Kosherised BNP...

No. Mr. Darby and his ilk would rather go on (a la Bush) bashing the easy targets of "terrorism" and "Islamofascism" than tackle the real issues of the day.

The band of brave souls prepared to rock the boat is growing, and it seems the BNP is now clearly on the Kosher side of the fence, prepared to expel those who don't toe the official Neo-Con line on the Twin Towers.

Pro-CIA/Mossad cranks of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your racial nationalist supporters!

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Viva Le Crusties

I support "the crusties" at Heathrow.

Now now - Harry in Glasgow, put that wok down!

Let me clarify my stance.

As you may know a coalition of dole-ite crusties and middle class Guardianistas with too much time and/or money have converged on Heathrow to set up a Camp to campaign against carbon emissions and the British Airport Authority (BAA) who want to expand Heathrow Airport already easily the largest in the UK.

Why do I support them?

Because I believe in the media-presented Global Warming conspiracy? Er... no.

Because I like their heady brand of liberalism, anarchism and socialism? Er... no.

Because I have ambitions to don an Afghan jacket, smoke pot and grow dreadlocks? Er... no.

Now Paul in Birmingham - put that snooker cue down this minute!

No, dear and faithful reader, I'm supporting this mobile circus of the weird and the (hmmm) wonderful because I think the idea of another runway at Heathrow is out of order.

The middle class and government ministers who nod sagely at Global Warming conspiracies are the first to jump on a plane to go skiing or zip off to the Bahamas.

The government promised no extension at Heathrow - and yet it's now going ahead.

The people I feel most sorry for are those who live and work near Heathrow. They have to put up with the noise, the traffic jams and much more.

I think BAA are just out to increase profits by building yet more shops and arcades around another runway and terminal, and no thought is given to the locals who suffer the noise and congestion.

If another runway is really needed, why not look at airports further afield? Let's spread the infrastructure around a bit...

In a recent debate on Stormfront one of my colleagues got into an argument with a typical nationalist... but who was taken in by the kind of propaganda the Guardianistas at Heathrow will espouse.

He said (after someone attacked homosexuals for not being normal and procreating) that there were "too many people in the world."

Nonsense of course. Our people and continent iare slowly aging and DYING!

The truth is that there are too many people crammed into the cities - especially the huge conurbations in and around the M25, in the Midlands and in the ex-industrial Lancs/Mancs area, plus in the Central Belt of Scotland.

Of course there are also millions of immigrants flooding in - and these tend to head to these large conurbations too.

And so we have people crammed inside the M25, with immigrants being poured into that area, and now they want another runway to add to the traffic chaos.

Anyone who's sat in the car park known as the M25 in the West London/Heathrow area anytime between 8am and 10am or 4pm and 6pm will know that the infrastructure there is almost at bursting point.

So I hope the crusties at Heathrow give BAA a bloody nose (BAA can afford it!) and if in the meantime it rains a little heavier on the Guardianistas and the "security forces" dealing with this "threat" then no harm done...

By the way, some ask what the Third Positionist answer is to the urban sprawl of London and similar places, so here's how I see it:

1. Let the many immigrants there sell their homes and keep the proceeds, to use in resettling them overseas. The country (free from usury-debt) can easily afford to let them do this - and if a glut on the market happens, local authorities or government can buy the houses. It will certainly help our children and grandchildren actually afford homes (coupled with non-usurious loans).

2. The large agri-business and absentee landlord estates (owned, for example by huge multi-national insurance companies and the like) can be bought up and/or seized (dependent on circumstances etc.). Then, bit by bit these can by split into small holdings with a house and a few acres for crops/orchards/livestock etc.

3. No new housing estates should be built. No more Lego homes sprawling across our land, in "green" or "brown field" sites.

4. People who want to live in the cities and towns can buy the homes left empty by the immigrants who are free to pocket the money.

5. A programme of demolishing hideous housing estates or breaking them up to include more parkland and allotments within them, plus building farmhouses and outbuildings for small holdings will inject money and work into the economy.

6. With more families back on the land, with their own land to raise food, animals etc. the nation will become far more self-sufficient (this can, of course, be supplemented in the modern world by the promotion of "work from home" initiatives - further cutting congestion, and greenhouse gases for Friends of the Earth commissars looking in).

7. This will also revitalise the market towns of the Shires, and reduce the need for juggernauts shifting chemical crap from one end of the country to the other. More local produce at local farm markets, shops etc. will please the greens.

With the cities cleaned up and more parkland and clean public transport made available, and the countryside brought to life by a network of small holdings accompanying existent working farms, will bring back the balance to the land: with people back in touch with the land, healthy food readily available, and far healthier families and children as a result.

I think with financial reward given to those who chose to raise larger families and incentives to farm the land, we will see a healthy growth in rural schools and rural communities, real communities not half of the houses empty holiday homes and not most of the land owned by agri-businesses and absentee landlords.

Some will call it a dream. It is. But it's no utopia... it will mean hard work for all involved, but the rewards personally, for the families, for the communities and for the nation will be huge.

We either aim to achieve our dream or we dread to live in their nightmare.

On the news today it says schoolkids in London are having uniform bought for them, by worried parents, which include the anti-knife material Kevlar.

Anyone who saw Panorama last night on the BBC (showing the knife and gun crime amongst Blacks in London) has no excuse anymore. There is no burying your head in the sand.

The nightmare is just around the corner as our people live in towns and cities where more of this crime, if not already present, is fast spreading...

Which future would you rather?

Blog Layout

One FC supporter got in touch to say he's having problems reading the FC Blog because the black side bar that highlights readers' comments is cutting into the main text.

If anyone else is experiencing this problem - can you let us know?


Sunday, 12 August 2007

Capitalists McNabbed!

I've just started reading (after taking it from my pile of "waiting to be read books" - there, I won't mention my piles anymore) The Church and the Land by Fr Vincent McNabb.

I wasn't sure what the book was going to be like... I kind of half expected lots of heavy economic or theological diatribes and/or dialogues, heady stuff and disturbing, but like trying to wade through treacle.

Still, I plucked up the courage and opened the book. After all, I knew McNabb had been a key figure in the world of Chesterton and Belloc and had a profound influence on the entire Distribiutist movement of the 20s and 30s (he died in 1943).

Indeed, if you get the book and read the intro's by Dr William Fahey and Hilaire Belloc you'll realise just how important McNabb was (and is!) and furthermore how central to things Belloc believed him to be.

I needn't have worried.

The book is split into essays (rather it is a compilation of essays and articles) and so it is quite easy to pick up and (if so inclined) put down.

At present I am about 10 essays into the book and a few things shine through:

1. McNabb's undoubted intellect. The copious footnotes are perfect because they allow the modern, uneducated sorts (hey - no finger pointing) to understand his many examples and quotes.

2. McNabb's undoubted outrage at Social Injustice. Read his piece "The Voice of the Irish" on social conditions in major Irish and British cities and you will be shocked.

3. McNabb's deep-seated Christian faith. His outrage is for those made in the image of God being treated like cattle, like cogs in a machine to be used, abused and cast aside.

4. McNabb's common sense. He doesn't plead for paradise on earth (like some kind of Masonic/Communist Revolutionary), but merely asks for people to be treated with Charity (in its true sense). In fact he is a true humanitarian whilst not only failing to eschew, but actively attacking all the false values of today's humanitarians. I think it was Fahey who said that McNabb understood the Truth that we are Children of God instead of the Masonic 'Brotherhood of Man' (I never liked their 70s hits anyway). When you read McNabb you understand how Capitalism is intrinsically evil, pushing our folk off the land into single room "apartments" with no running water, never mind a toilet!

Some (notably American Neo-Cons) will queue up to call McNabb a Communist, at once betraying their lack of understanding of Communism, of Christianity, of Distributism and of Capitalism.

Yet ignorance is no defence, especially when defaming and slandering someone (dead or alive) especially when the smallest amount of reading (mayhaps that is beyond their attention span) will dispel any clouds of doubt they may have.

McNabb didn't want families moved from Capitalist slums into Communist grey tower-blocks.

McNabb didn't want the family farm turned into either an agri-business absentee-landlord churning out chemically soaked fodder to give profits to insurance conglomerates or Communist collective "farms" with all produce going to the State.

To make McNabb into a Communist is to go against everything he believed in, just as the Reds might want to turn McNabb into a Capitalist... For when a man attacks Capitalism and Communism, or when a man proposes an alternative which is diametrically opposed to Capitalism and Communism, it is not good enough for proponents of either Materialist creed to point the finger and fabricate twisted strands of "logic" to state that he was in reality one or
other of the things he opposed.

In closing, though as I stated I still have a further 130 (or so) pages to go in this absorbing book I would ask anyone fortunate enough to obtain a copy (fingers crossed we can get a few to sell through FC) to read the essay: St Thomas Aquinas on Town Planning.

In this essay McNabb shows himself to be acutely aware of problems before his time, having read the classics and applying their lessons to the modern age.

After advancing arguments for self-sufficiency and that towns-folk would be better suited to being farmers outside the city walls, rather than traders within them, McNabb states that Aristotle, in Politics, asserts that:

"...the fellowship of foreignors greatly corrupts the morals of citizens. The reason is because it must happen that foreignors, having been brought up on other laws and customs, act in ways very different from those of the citizens. Thus their example will draw the citizen to imitate them; and the good estate of the commonwealth will be disturbed."

So far each of McNabb's essays - even the seemingly frivolous such as the one about ladies treating their dogs as babies (and this was 80 years before the current trend for lap-dogs dressed up and molly-coddled by the vacuous, the idle rich or wannabe-"celebrities") - has had the power to make the reader stop and think.

Belloc says that after being in the presence of this devout Dominican and feeling his
"holiness" that "all other qualities sink away into nothingness."

Even one of his Hyde Park Corner adversaries (E.A. Siderman) wrote of McNabb:

"...he at once impressed his listeners with his personality, and with his appearance Sunday after Sunday, he became a great favourite."

Certainly, from what I've read so far, McNabb can be counted as one of the great Crusaders for Social Justice for our people.

Would that our age would throw forward such intellects and spokesman. As our people live on
dole handouts, or in insecure dead-end McJobs... as more people have their homes repossessed or are forced to pay obscene mortgage payments to the banks (who always announce billions in profits): we need another Vincent McNabb.

As our land is occupied, as the air and soil is polluted, as wage slavery continues and urban "existence" continues, let us hope and pray for more McNabbs to raise the banner of National Freedom, Social Justice, Widespread Property and a Return to the Land.

It's not an easy message. It has none of the glamour of adverts for Coca Cola. It has none of the ease of Yuppies, Dinkies and Yummies driving their 4x4s around Chelsea en route to another dinner party.

But since when has the Truth been pretty, easy or fashionable?

Certainly not in living memory...

The Vincent McNabb Society

Look out for this poem about McNabb, written after his sermon at the funeral of Cecil Chesterton:

A poet heard you preach and told me this:
While listening to your argument unwind
He seemed to leave the heavy world behind;
And liberated in a bright abyss
All burdens and all load and weight to shed;
Uplifted like a leaf before the wind,
Untrammelled in a region unconfined,
He moved as lightly as the happy dead.
And as you read the message of Our Lord
You stumbled over the familiar word,
As if the news now sudden to you came;
As if you stood upon the holy ground
Within the house filled with mighty sound
And lit with Pentecostal tongues of flame.

P.S. Which other blog would have the social writing of Fr McNabb followed by the politically astute warblings of Stiff Little Fingers? What value for money!

Chinese Water Torture

Neo Con BS, Multi-Racism, Money-Making Cons...

Is it all taking its toll?

Another Leading BNPer quits

Saturday, 11 August 2007

The New World Order by SLF

The other day I came across a CD I hadn't listened to for ages. Actually, it was a boxed set called Anthology by Stiff Little Fingers.

back in school I'd liked SLF. A friend of mine who lived round the corner was madly into them (I think she had SLF written on her pencil case - it was that serious!).

Anyway, many moons ago I saw the boxed set in a shop and as all my SLF stuff was on vinyl (circa 1745 for anyone in their teens looking in!) I thought "why not?"

And so it was this morning I slipped the first disc into the player in the car and journeyed along accompanied by the Northern Irish punkmeisters.

Some years ago I'd read how Jake Burns of SLF and Joe Pearce (below left) of the NF had been on some radio station slagging each other off (SLF were allegedly the anarchist kind). Yet afterwards they went off for a beer and some grub and became friends.

The gent who told me that swore it was true, though obviously this friendship (or maybe mutual respect) could never by publicly acknowledged.

But to return to the CD the first song was Suspect Device. The production was a bit tinny and rough - like much of early SLF. Their later material would have more depth and better production - yet that early stuff does capture a kind of raw energy.

You can imagine four leather-clad herberts in a Belfast church hall or garage blasting out their punk anthems on 5-watt amps.

It's funny with SLF but, even as a teenager going through the growing pangs of getting involved with the NF, I found it very hard to listen to their songs and find a lot to disagree with.

There was one section in Suspect Device which stood out a mile this morning and reminded me how good this band were (or are... I don't know if they're still going):

They take away our freedom
In the name of liberty
Why don't they all just clear off
Why won't they let us be
They make us feel indebted
For saving us from hell
And then they put us through it
It's time the bastards fell

How apt is that in this age of the New World Order, the Power of Nightmares, etc.? The Bushisms, the Rummyisms... they all ring with fairness and freedom, anyone would think these people (with their cluster bombs) were the caring sharing type. if they'd taken a leaf out of David Cameron's book they could even have coined the phrase "hug an Iraqi."

From 1977 to 2007... it seems the more times change the more they stay the same, rings true.

We are still being shafted from on high!

The main difference is that in 2007 the power of the Judeo-Masonic elite has grown. Their control of the media, their control of governments... has grown.

Concurrently there seem to be more people (and you'll ask if is this possible) who are taken in by their lies, and more people who have seen through their lies: in other words, more people are politicised and aware - whether the brain washed supporters of the Neo Cons or those who see obscene Zionist power for what it is.

And that, to me, seems one of the major political struggles of our age.

We must stand against Zionist power (and its influence) in politics, in the media, at government level, at local level, and especially within the nationalist movement.


p.s. Surfing the net and it appears SLF are still going. I caught a concert of theirs circa 1987/88 and they were still excellent... whether that holds true today I could not say.

Suspect Device lyric
SLF's MySpace Page

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

How to Win Friends...

Another promising BNP activist quits.

Comments can be read at this link.

Fuel protester Quits BNP
Nationalist Comments on Fisticuffs

Sunday, 5 August 2007

The Liberal Disease

I think that Liberalism is a disease.

It wasn't always so: or at least not universally so.

In days gone by (read this in sepia tones) the liberals included a radical element, that sought to offer an alternative to the landed gentry, and thus offer some basic freedoms to the people.

Thus (before he saw through the charade and wrote his fascinating book The Party System - available from FC) we see Hilaire Belloc, the well-known Distributist author, Christian Social Teaching propagator and patriot, as a Liberal MP.

I suppose you might compare the situation 100 years ago with the early Labour Party which did contain some patriotic genuine anti-collectivist "socialists" who were sickened by the social injustice of Capitalism.

Such a thing would be unthinkable today as (socialists as well as) liberals (both the party political type and the other) are more likely to be found carrying banners for homosexual rights, free narcotics usage, abortion on demand and countless other policies of great detriment to the individual, the family, the community, the nation and (to use the old fashioned term so out of favour today) Christendom as a whole.

But do not, oh faithful and true reader, be fooled into thinking that liberalism is a cancer that dwells solely in the ranks of the Liberals Democrats and sister parties across the world.

Tut tut.

Were that it were so.

We might have some kind of self-contained asylum. We might point at liberals through the bars and laugh at their nonsensical gibberings and sudden anarchic movements of limb - as the monied idle rich used to tour Bedlam 150 years ago in some kind of morbid fascination.

Oh look at Menzies Campbell tweaking the straps on Charlie Kennedy's straight jacket! Oh yes. Hours of fun.

No, oh fellow beacon of fidelity in these tiresome and treacherous times, sadly the liberal canker has entered the entire body politic to some degree or another.

We have seen this in recent times with the Labour and Tory Parties moving evermore to the quagmire of the Centre Ground and the ejection of ideology in favour of Presentation Politics.

Yes yes... I know Bill Clinton was a philandering degenerate who could barely keep his pecker under wraps - but didn't he have lovely well coiffured hair?

OK. I'm being the ultimate pedant, but you understand what I mean. How often have you heard some brain dead moron say about (as just one example) Blair:

I don't like what Tony Blair did in regards to Iraq - but he comes across so well and looks like "a pretty straight kinda guy."

As if any of that means anything. Blair appeared in shirt sleeves with a mug of tea and somehow we're all supposed to think that illegal wars, mass murder and conspiracy to loot a nation is acceptable because he tells us he's "a pretty straight kinda guy."

If he is "a straight kinda guy" then Peter Tatchell should be the next Archbishop of Canterbury!


So we have a situation where most of the three main parties are moving to this grey mishmash "centre ground politics."

People lose interest in politics as they all rush to defend multi-racism.

Oh yes "gay rights" (sic) are the order of the day!

Abortion is an accepted part of society.

The banks and debt are not to be debated.

Social control, big brother, police state... all are implemented by fits and starts.

The EU - with all its larger scale corruption, nepotism, missing accounts - is accepted.

There is no real debate any more.

The only difference is the speed of change on various issues, from immersion in the EU to rights for degenerate faggots.

All we get is smoke and mirrors, bread and circuses... TV sound byte news is proffered to us and we are all meant to clap, moan or tut tut quietly whilst resolving to put another X in a box next time around.

As if putting another politician, chosen behind Lodge doors in the den of treachery (to mirror the den of iniquity that is the Bank of England) in the palace of Westminster, in the place of a similar one will make the blindest bit of difference!

The politicians wonder why the voters are losing interest! We are aware that they are all the same: all treacherous money-grubbing, treacherous, selfish, arrogant scumbags surrounded by their cronies and filling their pockets while they can.

And so we get elections were the man with the best suit or haircut wins the seat.

And so my third vomit bucket nears the rim!

And what of nationalism?

Sadly nationalism isn't free of this festering sore.

I was reading someone's post on a forum the other day. Yes an internet forum, where the keyboard warrior reigns supreme and the faeces-stirrers employ all their double-meaning verbiage to excuse the inexcusable and employ character assassination against anyone just and true.

I caught one short post by one chap against one liberal poster and I thought it most apt.

In two short sentences he said (and this isn't verbatim):

'Your language defending homosexuality and your posts defending race-mixing speak volumes. You are not a nationalist and you don't belong on this forum.'

The forum is supposed to be or Racial Nationalists, and the 'liberal' in question is oft seen defending the Kosher-Tory policy as dictated b y the pocket-filling upper echelons of the BNP.

Seeing so-called nationalists repeating the lies of the faggot lobby, of the Zionist lobby, of the integrationists and so on ad nauseum really is incredible - and sometimes you have to pinch yourself because it all seems so unreal.

And why? For votes?

And so we end up with another party under the control of the bankers, the Freemasons, saying the same old lies about homosexuality, the same old lies about Israel, the same old "power of nightmares" CIA/Mossad lies.

A friend sent an e-mail to me the other day. It came from a comrade who, until recently, was in the leadership circle of the BNP but who had, quite frankly had enough of the Chinese water Torture of liberalisation: drip, drip, drip...

He sent a poem which went along the lines of:

First they came for the Tyndallites,
And I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Tyndallite.

Then they came for those who wanted account transparency,
And I didn't speak out because I wasn't asking for account transparency.

Then they came for the Skinheads,
And I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Skinhead.

Then they came for the Revisionists...
And I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Revisionist.

Then they came for the Anti-Zionists...
And I didn't speak out because I wasn't an Anti-Zionist.

Then finally they came for me...

OK, it's a fun piece, but it does go some way to show how creeping liberalism is infecting every part of the political process.

Just a few years ago if someone said a nationalist org would have a leading member publicly making excuses for homosexuals, Zionists etc. I'd think him mad.

Third Way tried it in the late 90s to no avail. I remember one article they wrote about a by-election count when they poured scorn on the BNP officials present for staying clear from an Asian woman. The Third Way writer said he, unlike the BNP, would be more likely to chat her up...


and so we see Liberalism come full circle within nationalism.

The NF all but split in 1989 over nationalists making overtures to Zionists. Nick Griffin and others were having none of it and left the NF.

The pro-Zionist remnant became Third Way. Now Third Way have linked up with the (Nick Griffin led) pro-Zionist BNP and so there seems a meeting of the ways with those elements who believe that Jews and non-Whites are "Britons" or who want to take a more liberal line on homosexuality and Zionism...

It may appeal to those voters who like a nice short back and sides, and appreciate canvassers in nice suits: but it doesn't sit well with nationalists who actually believe in nationalism.

Whoever said the more things change the more they stay the same?

Seems as though, for the moment at least, we'll still have to watch the antics of the liberal inmates.

Just don't stick your fingers through the bars!

Saturday, 4 August 2007

Guantanamo & Extraordinary Renditions - Next Time: It Could be You!

The FC E-zine published a report this week that the UK did take part in the extraordinary renditions of the ZOG of America.

We, you and I dear reader, should no longer be surprised.

Muslims today because some of them oppose the NWO and Zionism.

Nationalists tomorrow...

Oh yes, yes. I can hear the Kosherised, Masonic cannon-fodder and Neo-Con wannabes screaming at me.

But always remember, dear reader, that whilst I and my colleagues oppose all coloured immigration and integration (inc. Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and even nominally Christian) these scumbags speak of getting these people to integrate!

"A little more salt in your soup Monsieur?"

I see an Asian in a Man Utd top and jeans as much more of a danger to my nation than one in 'pyjamas' preaching against Israel.

The former will integrate, undermine our culture and heritage, and ultimately outbreed us as we (collectively) abort the next European, Christian generation.

Anyway, to return to my point (yeah, stop cheering) what they do to today's opponents of the NWO (even the CIA-sponsored ones) in the shadow of CIA/Mossad inspired terror, could be turned against you and I in the years ahead.

Far fetched?

Not as far fetched as you might think given our politicised police, given the huge moves to a total control police state, and the ultra-Zionification of all the political elite.

What would happen if another repeat of the 1990s C18 phenomenon reared its head - no matter how spectral or media-created. A state-sponsored 'extremist' group, given the "power of nightmares" treatment, with staged attacks etc...

One big event (staged like 911) and do you think for one moment "neo-nazis" (however unjustified the nomenclature) would be safe from the dawn raid?

What's more if the attack were against something American, how would you fancy wearing orange jumpsuits for 10 years with no trial?

Opposing American foreign policy and Israel could well be enough!

And would the Kosherised Quasi-Neo-Cons protest? Or clap politely as these "political dinosaurs" are unjustly rounded up?

Back to now.

Blair went. Brown came in. Again, FC E-Zine readers will have read how Brown is also a Firm Friend of Israel pressing all the right buttons and greasing all the right palms with the same breed of Ultra-Neo-Con hot heads who now want to take us to war against Iran.

The British Army complains. 'We're overstretched' shouts general after general.

Daily reports of servicemen dying in Afghanistan and Iraq, trying to prop up more failed Neo-Con policies that have succeeded only in the Israeli aim of destabilising possible opponents of their Terrorist State (they really don't care about the goyim dead - White or Arab).

But these reports, and the constant flow of flag-draped coffins back home won't do anything to shut up the Neo Cons. They want Iran "bombed back into the stone age" a la Rumsfeld's charming Neo-Con vision of the ancient civilised culture and modern, advanced nation of Iraq.

So ignore those who waffle on about "muzzies and ragheads" because, oh patient and loyal reader, it is these people who are led into their little cul-de-sacs by the men behind the Lodge Door.

1. The Masons want the Asians to be "moderate" and to "integrate."

I say no! No Asians! Muslim, Sikh, Hindu - whatever.

2. The Masons will use these laws and the precedents set (even if "illegal") one day against others who oppose their New World Order.

So I say oppose them now! No matter who they are used against... remember that one day (to go all National Lottery): IT COULD BE YOU.

May the fleas of a thousand camels infest the armpits (yes I cleaned that up) of those who:

a. want Asians to integrate;
b. want war with Iran;
c. applaud more State Powers.

Wake up nationalist! Wake up patriot! See the bigger picture...

Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Bashing the NWO-Masons

Are these two of the best items we've had at FC?

I think so!

This same design, on a badge and a keyring convey so much.

They speak the international language of disdain for those who would rule over us.

The profiteering bankers; the absentee landlord insurance conglomerates; the political and law-enforcement Freemasons; the mass media moguls and their brain-washing outlets; the anti-Christian One Worlders...

All this and more is encapsulated wonderfully in this simple and clear design!

Spread the word...

Nationalists of the world unite: You have nothing to lose but your Masonic Chains!

Get busy!

Anti-NWO badge
Anti-NWO keyring

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