Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Happy Michaelmas to all FC Readers and Supporters

A very Happy Michaelmas to all FC readers and supporters.

Yes, the 29th of September is the Feast of the Archangel St Michael (and Gabriel and Raphael), traditionally the last day of harvest, so let's hope you got all your crops in!

St Michael's Day was the day on which Forza Nuova was launched - in London, England.

I think it was also the day on which Codreanu launched the Legion of St Michael the Archangel in 1927... though I am happy to be corrected as always.

So raise a beer tonight to St Michael, and just as he cast out Satan and his followers, so we'll continue the fight for all that is right and good to cast out the Masonic Anti-Christs who run our banks, media and political system.

A good rant clears the air ;-)

St Michael's war cry was: Quis ut Deus (Who is Like Unto God?)


Anonymous said...

...reminds me, got to pop into Tesco's on the way home to do a bit of shopping, oops, I meant collect my harvest! cheers FC.

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