Thursday, 4 March 2010

Labour Peer Promotes Poof Marriages 'in Church'

The drip, drip, drip of Chinese Water Torture proportions of laws and bills promoting sodomites and undermining marriage continues apace.

Right: A sickening sight we may see more of in local churches as trendy vicars promote the liberal agenda. How long before a poof sues a church for not allowing them to "marry" -- and will the fear of such law-suits force the hand of worried vicars?

Lift your heads out of the sand. Our society is being socially engineered, with millions of Third World immigrants allowed to flood in, and homosexuality being promoted to our children.

A hard-line Communist social agenda is being followed by traitors who are in the pockets of international financiers.

What a sodding mess!


Civil Ceremonies to be Held in Churches


Anonymous said...

Which one is the giver? lol

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