Monday, 3 May 2010

Gordon Brown at Citizens UK: Usurious Liar

Gordon Brown addressed Citizens UK - a group of charitable organisations - today, at central Hall, Westminster.

After his hyperbolic speech Brown the hypocrite [see recent posts] said "Do you know what it says in the Bible about money-changers"?

Hmmm. Thanks Gordon.

Whilst we're on the subject do you know what it says in the Bible about homosexuals? And abortion (baby murder?)

On the former the Bible says "their blood be upon them" and on the latter it says "better they [the perpetrator] had never been born".

No ambiguity there Gordon.

So tell us, Gordon the Bible-basher: Where do you and your regime stand on homosexuality and abortion?

Oh physician heal thyself!

And later the self-same Gordon Brown said "usurious interest rates are not in my moral code."

Puh-lease Gordon!

This same man has cosied up to the usurious City of London financiers for over a decade! He gave them free-rein to charge their rates.

And worst of all he has forced a situation wherein we will be taxed for decades because his own government has borrowed usury-loans instead of simply issuing its own money as a credit.

He is a man, and this is a government, in hock with usury bankers and who used loan-money to bail them out, loan-money which we have to pay back via our taxes!

So don't you dare claim to even have a moral code Mr. Brown!

We will be paying for your errors and friendship with the usury-banksters for many years to come.

You have no moral code. You are a murdering slime ball who has promoted anti-Christian homosexual degeneracy and who has taxed us all to the usury-bankers.

Go preach at your kith and kin. Don't preach to us.


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